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September 26th, 2000
  • BLIND GUARDIAN have nearly 70% of their next album written. Lyrically, there will be a topical issue for each song. The music is reportedly a straight progression of Nightfall In Middle Earth and Imaginations From The Other Side, though the band ensures that there will be some surprises, of course. At least one song (the longest they have written so far: 12 minutes) will be dedicated to author J.R.R. Tolkien. The band start the recordings in October and the album will be produced by the band and Charly Bauerfeind. The album won't be released before the end of May next year and definitely no later than October 2001. Hard Radio

  • ICED EARTH plan to release their rare Melancholy EP in Europe. Originally released as a five-song EP in the US a couple of years ago, the new European version features the following seven tracks: 'Melancholy', 'Shooting Star (BAD COMPANY cover), 'Watching Over Me', 'Electric Funeral' (BLACK SABBATH cover), 'I Died For You', 'The Ripper' (JUDAS PRIEST cover), and the live version of 'Colours' that never made it onto their Alive In Athens live release.The band are currently working on their next studio effort, Horror Show, due out next spring... Hard Radio

  • VIRGIN STEELE and HAMMERFALL will be touring Europe this fall or in January 2001. Check out www.metalmeltdown.com for an interview with David DeFeis where he discusses The House Of Atreus Act II and a box set called The Book Of Burning. DeFeis is taking the Klytaimnestra - The House Of Atreus opera to Europe, with the Memmingen Opera House company, from September 26th through October 24th... Hard Radio

  • SEPULTURA are still working on tracking their upcoming new album "Nation" in Rio De Janeiro with producer Steve Evetts, here's the latest batch of confirmed tracktitles for the album:
    "Ways Of Faith"
    "Border Wars"
    "One Man Army"
    "Vox Populi"
    "Saga" Pimp Rock Palace

  • PRO-PAIN have set the tracklisting for their upcoming new album "Round Six" which is planned for an October 17th release date through Spitfire, it is as follows:
    01 - "Fed Up"
    02 - "Desensitize"
    03 - "Substance"
    04 - "All Or None"
    05 - "Status Quo"
    06 - "Fuck It"
    07 - "Psywar"
    08 - "Take It Personal"
    09 - "Make Some Noise"
    10 - "Let Live"
    11 - "Thou Shalt Not"
    12 - "Draw Blood"
    13 - "Down In Flames" Pimp Rock Palace

  • WILL HAVEN have overhauled their official website, http://www.willhaven.com. Along with the new design comes the announcement that the band are almost done writing new material for their next album which they plan to hit the studio next month to begin recording. The new material is described as "very ambient and very metal" and it's expected out in February through Revelation Records. The group then plan to launch a U.S. tour in January with Soulfly and then embark on a U.K. tour in February. In other news, a new side project featurining members of the band alongside members of Tinfed and Red Tape is expected to be announced shortly. Pimp Rock Palace

  • PUYA are currently in Los Angeles working on more new material for their upcoming new album which is tentatively set to be released through MCA Records on January 23rd. The band had previously hit the studio earlier this summer in Vancouver, B.C. with producer GGGarth Richardson, but it now seems as though they will be tracking some more material for the forthcoming effort. Pimp Rock Palace


    Evil. Terrifying. Ghastly. These are all words that much of humanity may use to describe Suffolk, England's Cradle Of Filth. Peel away the Gothic Horror image and you will see that they are more than just a frightening image, that dark essence seeps through their music as well, which culminates in a vibrant yet horrifying package ushering in a new era in extreme Shock Rock.

    Cradle Of Filth, a name that has become notorious in recent years, both as a harbinger of corruption and a detriment to society. One can recall the name mentioned numerous times in the political debates in attempt to have 1999's Milwaukee Metalfest cancelled (which ultimately failed). Who can forget the controversy spawned a couple years back when a Florida teen was arrested for merely wearing on of the band's trademark debaucherous, explicitly imaged t-shirts? Even their video for "From The Cradle To Enslaved" was swiftly banned from daytime MTV. The massive company's decision only served to further prove the truly deserved reputation Cradle have built up over the years, of being the most controversial band in the world.

    The future is all that COF have left to conquer, for the past 10 years have spawned the new metal princes. There has been nothing but success for the new sorcerers of Suffolk, which brings us to now!

    October 31st, Halloween...what more suitable a day for Cradle of Filth to make their grand return to America with the release of 'Midian', the band's most ambitious release to date. KOCH Records, the only label daring enough to release this monster of an album to the American masses, is spearheading the marketing campaign that will surely solidify the band's unique imagery and sound to musical immortality. Produced by John Fryer (renowned for his work with Nine Inch Nails), featuring an extraordinarily talented & versatile lineup and a guest narrative by Doug Bradley ('Pinhead' of the Hellraiser films), 'Midian' is guaranteed to become an appropriate soundtrack to any late-night romp through the cemetery. Cradle Of Filth IS that "thing that goes bump in the night!

September 22nd, 2000
  • New York Cult Heroes Reunite For London Gig And New Album Of Old Classics

    New York-based '90s cyber metal punk rock n' rollers WARRIOR SOUL will reunite September 28th for a 10 year anniversary show at the London Astoria 2. There are still tickets available for the show so act now. In addition, the band will be releasing an album of re-recorded Warrior Soul classics. The track listing is: Love Destruction, Downtown, Punk And Belligerent, Song In Your Mind, Superpower Dreamland, The Losers, We Are The Government, Cargos Of Doom, Blown Away, Trippin' On Ecstasy, The Wasteland, The Drug, Let's Get Wasted, Rotten Soul, I Wanna Get Some, Blown. No word yet on what label or when this will be released. More info to come. There will be a Warrior Soul party in New York to kick off their reunion. Go to singer Kory Clarke's website for more info. KNAC

  • Beginning November 13th, VH1 will countdown the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" as chosen by a panel of music critics, industry insiders, and artists. It will air for an hour each night for five consecutive nights. The show features tons of new interviews with some of the biggest names in rock, and some great performance footage and photos from the heaviest and hardest bands in rock history. Wondering where your favorite band ended up ? Tune in to find out. Check your local listings for more details.
  • METAL MANIACS and RELAPSE RECORDS Want You To WIN Limited Edition EXHUMED CD's!!!! ---

    Coagulating the extremes of goregrind and death metal, San Francisco's pathological pus grinders EXHUMED deliver dead heavy, dead evil, Death Metal!!

    Relapse Records and Metal Maniacs have teamed up to offer 25 Metal Maniacs users the chance to win limited edition promotional copies of Slaughtercult, EXHUMED's latest body (!) of work. Simply answer the skill-testing question to win what Metal Maniacs has called "the soundtrack to a botched postmortem procedure".

    Good Luck!!


  • CRADLE OF FILTH prepares their next full-length attack...

    UK-based twisted metal freaks Cradle Of Filth have completed the recording and mixing of their forthcoming full-length album, 'Midian.' Though the band have been through several confusing lineup shifts since the release of the previous full-length, 'Cruelty And The Beast,' the 'Midian' lineup is, according to vocalist Dani Davey, in a word, "perfect." The lineup is: Dani Davey (vocals), Robin Eaglestone (bass), Gian Piras (guitar), Paul Allender (guitar), Adrian Erlandsson (drums), and Martin Powell (keyboards). Dani and Robin have been in the band since its formation, while Gian joined for the 'Dusk And Her Embrace' album (he departed briefly last year, but has since returned full-time). Paul, having left after the band's 1994 debut, 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh,' makes his return with 'Midian,' while ex-At The Gates/-The Haunted drummer Adrian and ex-My Dying Bride member Martin make their debut in C.O.F. with 'Midian.' The album will include the following song selection, though not necessarily in this order: "Her Ghost In The Fog," "Saffron's Curse," "Amor E Morte," "Death Magick For Adepts," "Lord Abortion," "Tortured Soul Asylum," "At The Gates Of Midian," "Cthulhu Dawn," "Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors," and "Tearing The Veil From Grace." As a Japanese bonus track, the band have recorded a Sabbat cover, "For Those Who Died," which features Dani trading vocals with original Sabbat and current Skyclad frontman Martin Walkyier! Stay tuned to this website and Metal Maniacs magazine for more developments... Metal Maniacs

  • C.O.C. are back!!! North Carolina's foremost heavy groovers COC release their new album, 'America's Volume Dealer,' on October 10, 2000. The band are choosing to be known only as COC these days (no periods, not pronounced "cock," but just see-oh-see). The album features the same lineup as the 'Deliverance' and 'Wiseblood' albums, being Pepper Keenan (vocals/guitar), Woody Weatherman (guitar), Reed Mullin (drums) and Mike Dean (bass). The full track-listing is as follows: Over Me / Congratulations Song / Stare Too Long / Diabolo Blvd. / Doublewide / Zippo / Who's Got The Fire / Sleeping Martyr / Take What You Want / 13 Angels / Gittin' It On (Got The Heavies) Metal Maniacs

September 19th, 2000
  • HAMMERFALL will release their third album, Renegade, on November 14th. The album was recorded at Wireworld Studios in Nashville with producer Michael Wagener. Says guitarist Oscar Dronjak, "Recording in Nashville, TN with a big time producer was a bit scary at first thought. We were worried that the great Michael Wagener would try to interact and interfere with the musical side of things too much and change the sound of what fans have come to look upon as the 'Hammerfall' sound. But he proved to be the greatest guy you could ever meet and a perfect producer to boot! We had written and arranged the complete material before we left Sweden virtually down to the last note. Michael recognized this and didn't start to tamper with the songs at all, which gives this album a decidedly Hammerfall feel." "Musically we have taken it to the next level," he describes. "Artistically, I truly believe we have composed the most complete heavy metal album Hammerfall has made so far. I like to compare our progress to that of the Star Wars movies: it contains everything you can expect and have gotten used to but improved according to the increasing capabilities and experiences of the people involved." says Dronjak, "A couple of new twists and turns have been added to create the feeling of a completely new adventure." Hard Radio

  • The new album from YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN's RISING FORCE, War To End All Wars, features 14 tracks, clocking in at over 65 minutes. The tracklisting: 'Prophet Of Doom', 'Crucify', 'Bad Reputation', 'Catch 22', 'Masquerade', 'Arpeggios From Hell', 'Miracle Of Life', 'Wizard', 'Prelude', 'Wild One', 'Tarot', 'Instrumental Institution', 'War To End All Wars', and 'Black Sheep Of The Family'. As reported by his website, Malmsteen's management is in discussions with legendary artist Frank Frazetta to have Frazetta supply some special artwork to grace the cover of Yngwie's new album, War To End All Wars. Frazetta's unique style set the trend for heroic/fantasy art decades ago and continues to inspire new artists today. The artwork proposed for Yngwie's album cover is in the grand "Conan" style and perfectly illustrates the title song. Hard Radio

September 17th, 2000
  • The DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have replaced former bassist Jeff Wood with new member Liam, the split was amicable and Jeff will be pursuing other projects. The group are also planning to release a new 7" through Escape Artist in the near future featuring 2 brand new tracks as well as an Aphex Twin cover. Pimp Rock Palace

  • Here is the latest from DIMMU BORGIR

    There have been some changes in the line-up the last couple of months.

    First off was the firing of Astennu from the band, this came as an surprise on everybody I think and since he had been in the band for such a long time there was some concerts among the fans regarding his departure. But the band felt the this was the right decision, and they explained it like this: "Basically we decided to release Astennu from all duties because it became apparent over the past 7-8 months that he was in the band or all the wrong reasons and had lost all of his passion and dedication, enthusiasm and 100% commitment to Dimmu Borgir and what we stand for".

    Simen (ICS Vortex) was already a committed and permanent bass player of the band but he was also the singer of fellow Norwegian band Borknagar. In late august 2000 Simen left (or was released from his duties) Borknagar to fully concentrate on his duties with Dimmu Borgir and work on their forthcoming new album. Although its sad that I will not hear his brilliant work as a singer in Borknagar again, I must say that I'm thrilled about him committing 100% on his duties in Dimmu Borgir.

    The third change in the band I think came as a total surprise on everybody, Dimmu Borgir announced that the new replacement after Astennu would be Archon a then (and now) unknown guitar player. But as it turns out there was made a few hasty business decisions due to pressures regarding the new album and time- schedules. And unfortunately, it didn't work out with Archon the way both parties expected.

    A short time after this Dimmu Borgir was very proud to announce that no other than Galder (Old Man's Child) is Astennu's permanent replacement on guitar and will feature on the forthcoming, STILL yet untitled Dimmu Borgir-masterpiece. Galder should be known to most of you, he is the driving force of Old Man's Child. He can be given credit for most of the music, lyrics and arrangements on all the bands albums. His former nickname was Grusom, but changed it to Galder just before the release of "The pagan prosperity" in 1997. Galder have participated on all Old Man's Child albums, and besides his dark and evil vocal capability he is also playing the guitar, synth and bass.

    And that concludes the Dimmu Borgir line-up of today, and what a line-up it is, its no other than amazing and the strongest line-up ever. I think we can await an awesome product from the band in early 2001.

    Information on the studio and new album:
    The forthcoming, STILL yet untitled Dimmu Borgir-masterpiece, to be recorded in Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden with Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, In Flames etc.), starting October 16th 2000.

    Some tracks of the new album are as follows:
    "Blessings upon The Throne of Tyranny"
    "Maelstrom Mephisto"
    "Architect of A Genocidal Nature"
    "Kings of The Carnival Creation" among others.

    Also featuring a re-recording of the ' 96 classic track "Devil's Path" for the Japanese version of the new album.

    I had the pleasure of listening to the new material a couple of days ago and believe me they are not compromising on anything it's still Dimmu Borgir its still melodic, but its also a bit rawer and harder and some may say that they have added a little "Stormblåst" or "For All Tid" to their new songs. One thing is for damn sure the new material is killer and one more time Dimmu Borgir will deliver the goods!!!

    Short note from Silenoz: "the band have all the songs finished for the new album now, ready to be recorded on October 16th. We're going to use a 12-man orchestra as well, conducted by the Norwegian celebrity Gaute Storås. It's going to be so fucking killer!"

    The new album is expected to have release date in early 2001 (February) but that is entirely up to Nuclear Blast to decide, but as everybody else I hope it will be out as fast as possible in 2001!!! Dimmu Borgir

  • CLUTCH are currently finishing up the mixing of their upcoming as of yet untitled new album and hope to have it mixed and mastered by the end of October. Its slated to hit stores early next year through Atlantic, while tentative tracktitles for it include:

    "Red Horse Rainbow"
    "Easy Breeze"
    "Cactus Mountain Blues"
    "Oh Yeah, The Great Outdoors"
    "Bass And The Final Frontier"
    "Four Lords" Pimp Rock Palace

September 12th, 2000
  • SIX FEET UNDER - new release!

    Be on the lookout for an interesting item from Six Feet Under entitled 'Graveyard Classics.' It's a 12-song album, all covers, done in the signature SFU style, travelling various heavy music styles, from classic rock to thrash to heavy metal to punk. The track listing for the album is: "Holocaust" (Savatage) / "TNT" (AC/DC) / "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath) / "Piranha" (Exodus) / "Son Of A Bitch" (Accept) / "Stepping Stone" (Sex Pistols) / "Confused" (Angel Witch) / "California Uber Alles" (Dead Kennedys) / "Smoke On The Water" (Deep Purple) / "Blackout" (Scorpions) / "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix) / "In League With Satan" (Venom).  Metal Maniacs

September 11th, 2000

    SAN FRANCISCO - Members of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot are bringing their vision of a fiercely independent record company into full realization with the launch of Neurot Recordings, and a host of new releases and reissues of out-of-print Neurosis titles.

    The label was founded on the principle of furthering the members’ musical vision while controlling their own destiny. “We have always wanted our own label but never had the resources to do it,” said vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till. “After 15 years of hard work we have finally earned that opportunity.“

    Neurot Recordings will not only serve as an outlet for the founders’ ideas as a whole and individually on solo and side projects; the label is also open to other artists who share a passion for original and emotional sound, be it soundscapes or rock music. It is the intent of Neurot Recordings to release some of the most interesting and inspired pieces of music that exist.

    “Neurot Recordings allows us not only to release our own material, but also to reach out and release music from an extended community of artists we feel share a musical and spiritual kinship,” Von Till said. “We get to define our own context and decide who we feel our peers are without any regard for the inane, narrow-minded categories music is being divided into these days.

    “We are looking for kindred spirits who feel the fire of inspiration. We find the most value in music that is honest, emotional and original. There is also a sort of unspeakable indefinable spirit connecting certain artists, and this is ultimately what we are concentrating on. This energy or spirit transcends all genres and categories and represents the true spirit and purpose of music.”

    The first new releases from Neurot Recordings are "As the Crow Flies," Von Till’s solo album; "Dancing With The Sun," shamanistic space rock from Hungary’s Vágtázó Halottkémek (loosely translated to Galloping Coroners); and Tribes of Neurot’s "Grace," the companion disc to Neurosis’ "Times of Grace" album. “These releases hint at the many different directions our label will expand to represent within the common aesthetic of being spiritual and intense,” Von Till said.

    The label has also reissued Neurosis’ 1993 release "Enemy of the Sun" and 1992’s "Souls at Zero" (both with previously unreleased bonus tracks), as well as "Pain of Mind," reissued with the original cover art and a bonus CD of highly sought-after demo material.

    “Our back catalog needed a home, so the logical place on which to build a foundation for Neurot Recordings was the re-issue of ‘Souls At Zero’ and ‘Enemy of the Sun,’ both with bonus tracks from that era,” said Von Till. “The release of ‘Grace’ by our experimental sonic entity Tribes of Neurot was the first new release on the label and the response and enthusiasm toward that sound experiment and to the label was incredible.”

    Next up for Neurot Recordings is a new release from Neurosis, "Sovereign," including a technologically intensive CD-ROM. “We were fortunate to secure the rights to release the upcoming ‘Sovereign’ multi-media CD here in the United States, which will continue to allow us to build the label around our own efforts,” said Von Till. Along with “Sovereign,” Tribes of Neurot will release "60-Degrees," a compilation of re-mastered tracks from rare vinyl-only releases, obscure compilations, and unreleased material. The Neurot Recordings release schedule for 2001 includes the long-anticipated Tribes of Neurot insect project "Adaptation and Survival."

  • WOLFEN SOCIETY will be heading into the studio to record their upcoming EP "Conquer Divine" on Septmeber 15 for MOONLIGHT RECORDS.

    Former Lead Vocalist Jeff Gruslin (ex-VITAL REMAINS) has decided not to be a part of the project, so Bass Player Vincent Crowley (ex-ACHERON) with be taking over the duties of Lead Vocalist. Thomas Thorn (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB) will also be doing some vocals for the project.

    As for the cover artwork for the "Conquer Divine" EP, Satanic artist Miguel  Melendrez, who also designed the WOLFEN SOCIETY logo, will be doing it.

  • PANTERA are planning to embarking on another U.S. tour in which they plan to hit the major cities again in January/February. Pimp Rock Palace

September 5th, 2000


    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, September 1, at 10 a.m. PDT for November to Dismember, the Los Angeles-area Metalfest scheduled for November 10 and 11.

    British cult band Venom will headline the show in its first American appearance in three years. The bill will feature more than 120 bands.

    Among those already announced: Mayhem, D.R.I., Nile, Yellow Machinegun, Hirax, 40 Grit, Vader, Dying Fetus, Hellion, Incantation, Impaled, Cephalic Carnage, Deeds of Flesh, and Machine.

    The festival will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 10 and at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 11 at the Orange Pavilion in San Bernardino, Calif. Tickets are $55 for a two-day pass or $35 for single-day admission, plus applicable charges. The price of the ticket also includes a professional wrestling card on Friday night, autograph signings with bands and adult film stars, and the Vendorville Marketplace, featuring vendors from all over selling rare CDs and vinyl, t-shirts, and more. Tickets may be purchased at TicketMaster locations, www.ticketmaster.com, Charge By Phone (213) 480-3232 or (714) 740-2000; Relapse Records (800) 303-0606, www.relapse.com; Night Fall Records in Minneapolis (612) 724-8166 and Chicago (773) 725-3530; or by sending a check or money order to payable to "Jack Koshick Presents" and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Jack Koshick Presents, 1626 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 1801, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

    The Milwaukee Metalfest is part of the KNAC.com-sponsored Metal Mania Series. Bands, vendors, and labels wishing to take part in any Metal Mania Series event should contact: Jack Koshick Presents, 1626 N. Prospect Avenue, Suite 1801, Milwaukee, Wis. 53202 Tel: 414/225-9026 Fax: 414/225-9025 E-mail: [email protected] or Don Decker at Nightfall Records, P.O. Box 6022, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Tel: 612/724-8166 E-mail: [email protected].

    Updates may be obtained by calling the Metalfest Hotline at (414) 225-9060 or visit www.metalfest.com for updates, schedules, hotel information, and directions.

    All talent is subject to change.

    For more information, please contact:
    Michael Mazur or Debbie Sellnow / Mazur Public Relations
    Tel: (609) 426-1277 Fax: (609) 426-1217
    E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

    For radio inquiries, please contact:
    Dave, Marc or Eric / The Music Syndicate
    Tel: (201) 864-0900 Fax: (201) 864-3380
    E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.thesyn.com

  • Net rumours suggest that PAUL DiANNO's forthcoming tour was canned due to a warrant for his arrest back in England for allegedly beating up his wife... Hard Radio

  • ANNIHILATOR's next album, Carnival Diablos, is the first to feature new vocalist Joe Comeau. It will feature the following tracks: 'Time Bomb', 'Battered', 'The Perfect Virus', 'Carnival Diablos', 'Shallow Grave', 'Denied', 'The Rush', 'Insomniac', 'Liquid Oval', 'Epic Of War', 'Hunter Killer' and 'Chicken And Corn'. The album is due out through Metal-Is on November 7. Hard Radio

  • IN FLAMES will return to North America following a headlining tour of Europe that begins in the first week of September. In November or December the band will return, depending on the opening act for the tour... Hard Radio