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November 11th, 2006
    "Where Demons Dwell" CD

    New album of this well-known Brazilian Evil Death Metal band. With such a vast experience on stage (3 European Tours) and several releases out, IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE presents us now an extremly brutal and musically mature work.
    12 tracks of pure Evil Death Metal. The CD still includes a CD-Rom track video of the song "Arquiteto da Destruição"

    1. Excruciate
    2. Divine Disease
    3. The Christcrusher
    4. We Evoke Thee
    5. Everlasting Hell Damnation
    6. Midnight Bleeding Death
    7. Pure Infestation of Evil
    8. Firestorm
    9. From Flesh To Nothingness
    10. Icon of Filth
    11. Adventus Caligo
    12. Where Demons Dwell
    13. CD-Rom track video "Arquitetos da Destruição"

    One more greatly awaited release of Evil Horde Rec!


  • AXEMASTER signs record deal for re-release

    I'm proud to announce that the band just signed a contract with the Greek label Burning Star Records to re-release their debut album "Blessing in the Skies" on CD!!!!!!!!! It will be a remastered version of the entire release and will include 3 bonus tracks (which will make a total of 12 songs, 6 of which have never been available on disc) as well as a video for the song "Slave to the Blade". It will be released as a digipack and feature new & improved artwork along with a 12 page booklet which will include vintage pictures from 1986-1988 (some never before seen), liner notes, and song lyrics. The release date has been set for December.

    Please see www.burning-star.net/
  • DARK REMAINS New vocalist

    DARK REMAINS is proud to introduce vocalist Erwin to the line up. He will be replacing RSD Xul who decided to leave DARK REMAINS after recording "Planet Earth Scourged". With Erwin joining forces, DARK REMAINS is ready to play live in order to promote their sophomore record "Planet Earth Scourged" which will be released on September 16th by Burning Misery Records!

    Website: http://www.darkremains.tk
  • Open Grave Records signs A.W.A.S.

    Open Grave Records is please to announce the signing of German Death Metal artist A.W.A.S.. A.W.A.S. was founded in 1999 as 'Torment'. After rehearsing and a first gig, Ruben Wedel left and Martin Epp stepped in behind the drums. But then A.W.A.S. had a break for about one year. But the war got started again in 2001.

    A.W.A.S. did their first "real" show in Aarau (Swizerland) as support to Sacrificium. After that they decided to record their first offical demo "Time to Choose", which was released in January 2003.

    During 2003 - 2005 they had two of their songs released on the German "Deathophobia" sampler. During that time they underwent other lineup changes. Stephan Dyck (2nd Guitarist) and Matrin Kuhn left the band. In came Eddy Littau on Bass.

    The next step was to record their debut album "Hope". "Hope", was independtly released in early 2006. In a short time Open Grave Records took interest in the band and signed them on to give "Hope" a proper world wide release.

    "Hope", will be released via Open Grave Records in early 2007. You can download the track, “Damned to Death” from the album “Hope” via the Open Grave Records website (http://www.opengraverecords.com).
  • Locomotive Records To Release GRAVE DIGGER And VICTORY Recxords On October 10
    New York, NY – Spain's powerhouse Locomotive Records is set to release two major metal statements on October 10:  Yesterday by Grave Digger and Fuel To The Fire by Victory.
    Victory is the respected Hanover, Germany, Power Metal band that in its 20-year career has elicited raves from critics and fans alike. Now, for the first time, it adds fuel to the fire by actually re-recording some of its greatest songs to add modern day studio techniques in an effort to make them sound better than ever. Totally rearranged, remixed, remastered, newly performed, newly sung, these 12 tracks represent the zenith of Power as an artform. And, as a bonus for its fans, one brand new track, "I Felt It Coming, brings the proceedings up to an unholy 13.
    The biggest news for the band, though, has to be that guitarists Tommy Newton/Hermann Frank, bassist Peter Knorn and drummer Fritz Randow have now been augmented by a new singer, Jioti Parcharidis, who debuts on these recordings as the third Victory frontman in its illustrious history (after Charlie Huhn and Fernando Garcia). The former Human Fortress vocalist truly adds a new dimension to the Victory attack. Fuel To The Fire was produced and written by its two guitarists in the Area 51 studio in Celle, Germany.
    Yesterday, by Grave Digger, is the new maxi-single from the German metalists.

    Vocalist Chris Boltendahl, guitarist Mani Schmidt, bassist Jens Becker, drummer Stefan Arnold and keyboardist HP Katzenburg took the song from the cult favorite Heavy Metal Breakdown album, of which it was part. They have put it with a new song, "The Reaper's Dance," and its cover of "No Quarter" from a Led Zeppelin tribute album that they were proud to be part of. An orchestral version of "Yesterday" rounds out the CD portion of this double-disk.
    Packaged within this ambitious project is a special DVD, taken from the band's wild'n'wooly performance at Spain's Rock Machina Festival in 2001.
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  • VEHEMENTER NOS Ready to Release First Self Titled Album on Osmose Production

    Vehementer Nos is very proud to announce the release of its first self-tilted album on Osmose Productions late 2006. Featuring french written lyrics and progressive/dramatic Black Metal music, the album is the result of 5 years of hard work. Performed only by real instruments (drums, guitar, bass, violin, cello, doublebass, flute), the music produced by the 2 heads band tends to narrate a dark and peotical journey through long and well crafted songs.

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  • SIGH finish recording of Hangman's Hymn; Guest appearances revealed
    Groundbreaking Japanese act SIGH have finished the recording of their 7th studio album titled "Hangman's Hymn" at Studio Moopies with engineer Takamichi Osada. The album, still in the mixing stages, is due out in 2007 on THE END RECORDS.
    SIGH frontman/leader Mirai Kawashima provides an update on the album:
    "SIGH have finished recording the new album "Hangman's Hymn" and have started the mixing process. Hopefully it will be done in a month or so. The album has 10 tracks, but all the songs are connected to each other so closely that this can be taken as one track that lasts for 45 minutes."
    He adds, "It is turning out to be a very heavy, fast and symphonic album. It is a fusion of sophisticated theories of classical music and the primitive power of heavy metal rhythms!"

    The album features various guest appearances as well. They are:
    Aurielle Gregory (Giant Squid) - Female vocals on the track -The Master Malice
    Tim Conroy (ex-Giant Squid) - Trumpet used/manipulated on various tracks
    Steven Sagala (Enforsaken) - Vocals used/manipulated on various tracks
    A few more guest appearances are being planned for the album. The final tracklisting for the album is:

    Hangman's Hymn
    -Musikalische Exequien-

    1 Introitus/Kyrie
    2 Inked in Blood
    3 Me-Devil

    4 Dies Irae/The Master Malice
    5 The Memories as a Sinner
    6 Death with Dishonor
    7 In Devil's Arms

    8 Overture/Rex Tremendae/I saw the World's End
    9 Salvation in Flame/Confutatis
    10 Finale: Hangman's Hymn/In Paradisum/Das Ende

    Click below to preview a pre-production quality medley of material from the forthcoming album: http://media.theendrecords.com/Sigh7Preview.mp3

    Official Sigh website: http://sigh.gospel-virus.net/
    Official Myspace.com site: http://www.myspace.com/sighmirai

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  • MONSTER MAGNET Members Launch New Band; First Show Announced

    MONSTER MAGNET guitarist Ed Mundell has formed a new band with fellow MONSTER MAGNET bandmembers Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino, tentatively called THE ULTRA ELECTRIC MEGA GALACTIC. The group's first show will take place on Tuesday, October 3 at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, New Jersey.

    Mundell is currently in Los Angeles writing and recording demos for a solo project.

    MONSTER MAGNET cancelled its European tour in March after the group's mainman, Dave Wyndorf, was hospitalized following a drug overdose.

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  • DEICIDE Unveil New Logo And Are Poised For A Death Metal Take Over!

     DEICIDE are sinfully proud to present their new logo! After many years of the DEICIDE logo many have come to know and love, DEICIDE have unveiled a new design, as seen below. "The Stehc of Redemption" has also turned many heads and has garnered much respect and is even being featured as a top 5 Heavy Metal pick for August on About.com. Check out

    "The Stench of Redemption" on About.com:

    DEICIDE are preparing for a fall US tour in full support of "The Stench of Redemption" and are sure to bring their brand of darkness to a city near you! Get your copy of "The Stench of Redemption" at the Earache US and UK web store today!

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  • JESSE PINTADO's Family Comments On Guitarist's Passing

    The surviving members of TERRORIZER, late TERRORIZER/ex-NAPALM DEATH guitarist Jesse Pintado's family and Century Media Records have issued separate statements regarding Pintado's tragic loss.

    Jesse Pintado passed away at Holland's Erasmus MC hospital on Sunday, August 27, 2006 due to liver failure.

    TERRORIZER: "Words can't describe the loss we feel for our close brother. We feel deeply honored to have shared the last creative moments with him and are greatly appreciative that the hands of fate allowed him to leave us with a final masterpiece. We promise to sustain his memory loudly in the world of the living.

    "You'll always live on in our hearts, Jesse!

    "Thank you to all the fans for sharing your thoughts and offering support. Below are the words of those who were there with him until the end, his family."

    Jesse Pintado's family: "It is with great regret to announce the passing of our son, brother, and uncle Jesse. We are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy and would like to thank those of you around the world for your kind thoughts and words. Jesse passed away at Holland's Erasmus MC hospital on Sunday, August 27, 2006 due to liver failure. He was a son, a brother, an uncle and a great friend to us all. He was a free spirit and was loved, adored and admired by many around the world; he loved them. He was a man of integrity and only spoke good words of his friends. Through him, our lives were enriched with different cultures from around the world. Through his music, he touched our hearts and our minds. His physical being has left us but his spirit will live forever in and through us.

    "Thank you to Mitch, Shane, Danny, and Barney of NAPALM DEATH; to Anthony, Pete, and the TERRORIZER family; to the RESISTANT CULTURE collective, and his close friend Carlos Reveles. Especially many thanks to all the fans worldwide you truly inspired him. He loved you and was always a brother."

    Century Media: "We are deeply saddened to have lost such a talented musician from our family of bands. Without a doubt Jesse was someone who had so much more to give to the world, not only musically but in his easy-going demeanor and likeable character. Your legacy will continue to live on, but your absence personally is something which is simply irreplaceable. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, as well as to his bandmates." [SOURCE: BLABBERMOUTH.NET]

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  • New release on DFL Productions out now

    ...TRIUMPH... (Bra) - The Beginning Of Chaos - CD official

    New release from the great brazilian band. This is not a new recording but a compilation containing all demo stuffs since 99 officially released on DFL Productions. Hateful and extreme black metal. Killer release ! Exclusively distrbution on NUKTEMERON PROD. Available in U$ 10,00 (Included Postage. Trades are welcome, but write us firstly.
    check the cover art at: www.dfl-production.com
  • BLIND GUARDIAN- A Twist in the Myth charts worldwide!

    BLIND GUARDIAN's new album "A Twist In The Myth", which got in stores last week, has obtained fantastic chart results worldwide so far:

    # 04 Germany
    # 10 Sweden (# 2 Rockcharts)
    # 19 Austria
    # 21 Japan (# 11 international artist album charts)
    # 27 Switzerland
    # 30 Finland
    # 33 UK (Indie Albums Charts)
    # 09 Italy Media Markt Charts (official charts next week!)
    # 38 Norway
    # 15 Spain
    # 03 Greece

    More chart notations to be announced soon!
  • MNEMIC new video directed by patric ullaeus again

    MNEMIC are preparing to shoot the video for their first single, "Meaningless", with director Patric Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, LACUNA COIL) of Revolver Film. The video will be shot in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Revolver Studios.

    In other news, the album cover will be done by Asterik Studios (Anthrax, Unearth etc.) and the title and tracklisting for the new album will be announced next week
  • BLEED THE SKY guitarist leaves band

    Kyle Moorman has left US Metalcore hopefuls BLEED THE SKY. Singer Noah Robinson states: "[Guitarist] Kyle Moorman has officially left the band to pursue other elements of the music business. He has plans to be involved in studio production and engineering and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

    We are in the midst of looking for a new lead guitarist, and are accepting open submissions. If you would like to audition, we will need some vital information. We require:

    -A at least three full songs (mp3 formats preferred)
    -Pictures (both live and personal), and
    -Personal goals for your future in music.

    You can send all of this information to [email protected]

    Do not attempt to contact us any further on the matter after the initial submission. Each submission will be thoroughly looked into, and those that qualify will be notified of further auditions. Also we are currently working on pre-production for our follow-up record on Nuclear Blast. We're set to hit the studio in December to record [with producer Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory] and shooting for early summer for our release date.

    We will see you guys all soon and thank you all so much for the love you've shown our band over the last solid year of touring.
  • THUNDERSTONE album update

    Thunderstone has begun the recordings of their fourth album. The recording takes place at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The band is currently working on eleven yet-untitled original tracks and two cover songs which will be included as bonus tracks for special editions. Like with the previous albums, band's guitarist Nino Laurenne will handle the producing.
    You can read the studio diary and check out pictures from Thunderstone's website.
  • DEW-SCENTED live updates!

    Everybody`s favourite German Thrashers, DEW-SCENTED, have announced some more touring activities! Apart from a bunch of one-off shows, the guys will also support shooting stars TRIVIUM on three dates in Germany!!! Don`t miss out!

    Dew-Scented, Noise Forest & Fallen Yggdrasil:
    16.11. Zürich (Switzerland) – Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo
    17.11. Graz (Austria) – Orpheum

    18.11. Bochum (Germany) – Matrix "Brainchrusher Festival”

    Dew-Scented supporting Trivium in Germany:
    Presented by Rock Hard magazine
    04.12. München (Germany) – Backstage Werk
    06.12. Frankfurt (Germany) – Batschkapp
    09.12. Köln (Germany) – Live Music Hall

    08.12. Hannover (Germany) – Faust “X-Mas Metal Meeting”
    + Ingurgitating Oblivion, Desolation, etc.

    16.12. Freising (Germany) – Lindenkeller
    + Prefume, Obscura & Dead Emotions
  • Joey Vera's Solo Record OUT NOW!

    Hi All,

    Dropping you a line to let you know I’ve just released my new solo project A Chinese Firedrill, the record is titled “circles”.

    It’s available now at my website, just visit the A Chinese Firedrill page for more info.

    Here’s the blurb from my news section:

    A Chinese Firedrill is Available NOW!

    Just released is my new solo project A Chinese Firedrill "circles". I know I said it wasn't available until Sept. 26 but I just couldn't wait another week! So, here it is and available now. And through October I am selling the CD at an Early Bird Discount of $8.00! So git it while it's hot! Please visit the A Chinese Firedrill page for ordering info.

    I had time off from touring between May 2005 until June of this year and I thought it was time for me to make my follow up solo record which has been on my back burner for quite some time. A few of the tunes I had written between 1997 and 2005 but most of it was written during the last year. I made a point to write music that didn't reside in my old hat of tricks as I really felt like branching out a little. I don't really care for describing my music or putting a label on it unless I absolutely have to and since this is my own website, I don't have to do anything I don't want to. So there, I'm not putting my music in a neat little box for you. You'll just have to hear it.

    The new CD is available here TODAY at my site and in one week it will also be available at www.cdbaby.com

    In other news: I've begun playing bass with Pearl Aday at her weekly residence at the House of Blues in Hollywood, upstairs at the Foundation Room. Pearl is a singer songwriter that does an acoustic set every week playing her own tunes from her record Broken Thorny Crown mixed with some cover tunes by Bonnie Raitt, SRV, Allman Brothers etc. Yep, it's a blues rock acoustic assault and we're joined by Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Snake Sabo (Skid Row) on guitars! If you're in the area, come on by cause it's FREE! Yeah, just tell them you're there to see Pearl and they'll let your wonderful self in. Check the club for set times.

    That's it for now but more to come soon..........

    Take Care,

  • Pacific Northwest act AGALLOCH's video for "Not Unlike The Waves" is now being streamed at mp3.com

    The video for the song – which is from their critically acclaimed new album Ashes Against The Grain (on THE END RECORDS) – was directed by Nicole Phillips, DP Richard Stark, and camera operators Richard Stark and Juan Mosqueda.

    The stunning video – shot in three days with the band in remote areas -- calls to mind the work of Ingmar Bergman, Mario Bava, and the German Expressionist movement.

    To watch the video for “NNot Unlike The Waves,” go http://www.mp3.com/agalloch/artists/339158/summary.html

    Official Site: www.agalloch.org
  • Santa Cruz, California's eclectic and unclassifiable musical group ESTRADASPHERE recently released their fourth album - and debut for THE END RECORDS - titled 'Palace of Mirrors.’ The album was released in digipak format. Within their music ESTRADASPHERE brings together elements from a wide-range of styles (gypsy metal, 60's foreign cinema rock, jazz arrangements, expansive orchestrations) with such perseverance and major focus on the aesthetic of their sound. About the material found on the new album, bassist Tim Smolens commented, “The new album by Estradasphere distills the elements in the group that are clearly the strongest, while trimming the fat of our previous efforts.” Guitarist Jason Schimmel adds, “’Palace of Mirrors’ took us several years to complete and it is a musical representation of our new directions in composition. This album will exceed our current fans’ expectations, while appealing to a wider audience.” ESTRADASPHERE are scheduled to embark on a full North American tour starting in October. The band plans to perform the entire album ‘Palace of Mirrors’ live with a full multi-media presentation. The confirmed dates are below.

    Official Site: http://www.estradasphere.com/
  • Norwegian act GREEN CARNATION’s ambitious and very successful A Night Under the Dam (www.underthedam.com) concert is coming to DVD. The band notes that enough work has now been done so far to give people a glimpse of what to expect of the final product. Follow the link for a teaser-clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmrp83to9ko

    “This was my best night ever when it comes to music and I am looking forward to the finished product,” says singer Kjetil Nordhus reminiscing. “I remember that even during the concert I sometimes wanted to go off stage to see and hear what the audience did. Soon enough I’ll have the chance to do just that.” The release-date for the DVD is still to be decided.

    Official Site: www.greencarnation.no
  • Austin, Texas-based eclectic doom rock band GIANT SQUID made the long haul to South Park, Colorado this weekend to play the Pure Volume.com showcase at this year’s South Park Music Festival. More than 120 bands from all over the world are converged on the tiny town of South Park, which sits at 10,000 feet elevation, and is the real life city that inspired the infamous cartoon of the same name. Upon their return the band opened for noise architects ISIS. Says the guitarist, “GIANT SQUID are excitedly preparing their next tour for February of 2007, which if all goes as planned, will be a lengthy trip that takes them all around the country. Till then, keep an eye out for dozens of upcoming GIANT SQUID shows in the South and Midwest in the next several months.” On the subject of the most recent lineup change: “Giant Squid, recently completed a quick jaunt across the US including select dates with new label mates, Stolen Babies, as well as meeting up with The End Records veterans, Agalloch, for their CD release show in Portland, OR. Unfortunately the band couldn’t come out of it with out losing a few tentacles. In the last days of the tour, Giant Squid’s drummer, Mike Conroy, and keyboard/trumpet player, Tim Conroy, both decided to leave the band, though they did stay on to play the last mid-West dates. It seems they found little enjoyment in the adventurous yet harsh ways of tour life. Living out of a van, truck stops, and dank, dark clubs isn't for everyone. The ability to rock fifteen kids one night after a 12 hour drive, the same way you rocked the four hundred people at the show the night before, is something that most people don't have in them. It’s a rough life and the band understands their desire to leave and wishes them the best. But in true cephalopod fashion, Giant Squid grew back it’s missing limbs in the form of Kimberly Freeman and Scott Sutton, otherwise known around Austin, TX as the bubblegum, glam rock outfit, Ghetto Princess. Sutton is highly regarded for his acrobatic and explosive, yet scientifically precise drumming, and Freeman is all ready infamous around town for her larger than life stage presence as front person and heavy-handed guitar player in Ghetto Princess. Her obvious musical ability has carried over perfectly to the keyboards in Giant Squid, and Sutton’s amazing dynamics and ability will remind long time Squid fans of the monster drummers of the band’s old days. Giant Squid’s debut record on The End Records is out now and was engineered by legendary heavy music guru, Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Melvins, High On Fire) and was produced by the highly eccentric, Jason Rufuss Sewell, owner of Nebulost Productions recording studio in Austin.”

    He adds, “The first waves of reviews on Metridium Fields, GIANT SQUID’s debut release on THE END RECORDS have rolled in, and it’s pretty overwhelming the amount of praise they’ve washed up.”

    Official Site: www.giantsquidmusic.com
  • Chicago’s NOVEMBERS DOOM have scheduled dates for their first headlining European tour this November. Support will be from label mates AGALLOCH and THURISAZ from Belgium. Denmark's own SATURNUS also joins the tour for select dates.

    Official Site: www.novembersdoom.com

    Earlier today MTV Europe announced that MOONSPELL are nominated for Best Portuguese Act. This is the first time that a hard rock group has been included in this category. MOONSPELL are thrilled to have been granted such an honor. The award show will be held November 2nd in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information visit http://www.mtveuropemusicawards.com

    MOONSPELL's latest album, "Memorial", was released in April via SPV Records. The CD was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (LACUNA COIL, TIAMAT, GRIP INC.). Their first video from the album, 'Finsterra', recently made it's debut on MTV2's Headbangers Ball. There is currently a second video in progress for the song "Luna" which is scheduled to be available in October, just before MOONSPELL hits the road on their headlining tour with Katatonia and Daylight Dies. The "Nocturnal Mourning" tour kicks off October 20th in Poughkeepsie, NY and will wrap up on November 19th in Hartford, CT.

    w/ MOONSPELL, Katatonia, Daylight Dies
    11/11/06 San Antonio, TX -White Rabbit
    11/12/06 Houston, TX -Warehouse Live
    11/13/06 Ft. Worth, TX -Ridglea Theater
    11/15/06 St. Petersburg, FL -State Theater
    11/17/06 Springfield, VA -Jaxx
    11/18/06 Latham, NY -Saratoga Winners
    11/19/06 Hartford, CT -Webster Theatre / Underground

    The new album "MEMORIAL"
    --- IN STORES NOW!!! ---
  • UNLEASHED North American Midvinterblot 2007 tour

    World Management and SPV USA announces this week that the mighty Unleashed are coming back to North America early in early 2007 after an absence of 10 years! The Swedish Death Metal masters are touring In support of their eighth Studio release Midvinterblot, out on October 10 in North America, and the bands' first release with SPV.

    Supporting acts for the North American tour include Krisiun, Belphegor and labelmates Hatesphere; the dates listed below. The band will continue their world wide touring throughout 2007 with tours for Australia, Japan, South America and Central America to be announced shortly.

    UNLEASHED “Midvinterblot” North American Tour 2007”
    02/07/2007 Mark’s Place, Bedford, NH
    02/08/2007 BB Kings Blues Club, NYC, NY
    02/09/2007 The Chance, Pounkeepsie, NY
    02/10/2007 Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
    02/11/2007 The Pearl Room, Molena, ILL
    02/12/2007 Station 4, St. Paul, MN
    02/13/2007 off
    02/14/2007 off
    02/15/2007 Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
    02/16/2007 Roseland Grill, Portland, OR
    02/17/2007 The Pound, San Francisco, CA
    02/18/2007 Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
    02/19/2007 The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
    02/20/2007 The Clubhouse,Tempe,AZ
    02/21/2007 Launch Pad, Albuquerquee NM
    02/22/2007 Texas Avenue Live, El Paso TX
    02/23/2007 Sanctuary, San Antonio. TX
    02/24/2007 Ridgles Theater, Ft Worth, TX
    02/25/2007 Jave Jazz, Houston, TX
    02/26/2007 tba
    02/27/2007 tba
    02/28/2007 tba
    03/01/2007 tba
    03/02/2007 Jaxx, West Springfield, VA
    03/03/2007 The Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
    03/04/2007 Fou Founes Electriques, Montreal, QC
    03/05/2007 The Opera House, Toronto, ON

    One of the true legends of death metal have stormed back into action!

    Sweden's UNLEASHED have forged an untouchable legacy since their 1989 inception, and have been hailed and celebrated the world over as a groundbreaking flagbearer of pure uncompromising extremity of the very highest order. Led into battle by mastermind Johnny Hedlund, UNLEASHED have earned their heralded reputation as undeniable masters of their craft via seven classic studio albums and nearly two decades of global touring, with an ever-loyal armada of headbangers behind them every step of the way.

    With their eighth studio album and SPV debut, 'Midvinterblot', UNLEASHED has further refined their nearly unmatched ability to craft uncompromisingly heavy material that crackles with infectious creativity while never resorting to the speed-by-the-numbers routine that has marginalized too many of their counterparts. Forged with the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors and tempered with the bands patented razor-sharp attack, 'Midvinterblot' storms the shores brandishing a smoldering, ferocious intensity that instantly vaults the album into the realm of death metal's very best. Searing speed burners such as "Blood of Lies" are skillfully tempered with headbanging bone-crushers like the pounding title-track to yield one of the absolute finest extreme metal creations in recent memory.

    Like a fire raging atop the hallowed walls of Valhalla, 'Midvinterblot' stands proud as a beacon that shall summon all true warriors towards their ultimate destination. All hail the masters return!

    Johnny Hedlund * Tomas Måsgard * Fredrik Folkare * Anders Schultz

    LIVE IN VIENNA ´93 (1993)
    VICTORY (1995)
    WARRIOR (1997)
    new: MIDVINTERBLOT (2006)

  • SKID ROW...

    Yeah that's right, Skid Row... SPV has the bands' new album Revolutions Per Minute coming at North America on October 24.

    The world would lack many a positive surprise if rock groups were to give up whenever an important band member leaves the fold. During the Nineties, Skid Row the band, were considered by some to be the medium of their frontman of that time. When they parted ways, many experts predicted the end of a superb act. Now, over ten years later, it is clear that this band always contained an inner substance characterized much more by its songs and guitarists, Scotti Hill and Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo, and bassist Rachel Bolan than even insiders had realized. Together with their current vocalist, Johnny Solinger, and new addition, Dave Gara (drums), Hill, Sabo and Bolan make up a tight unit, continuously refining their typical style without denying their roots. Their latest album, Revolutions Per Minute, presents Skid Row as a highly topical act who expertly present their typical trademarks, allowing for new influences at the same time. Revolutions Per Minute is sheer, concentrated power - pure energy – and the perfect example of dynamic songs, driven by wild guitar attacks at the interface of hard rock and heavy metal. While fans all over Europe are eagerly awaiting the new material, Skid Row will be demonstrating their fierce determination night after night during their American tour. These guys have never led a life of leisure.

    The twelve new songs on Revolutions Per Minute see Skid Row pull out all the stops. Bolan, Hill and Sabo play their guitars with a vengeance, firing off power chords by the second, turning their amps to the max and apparently knowing but one direction: straight ahead! Whether on the hook-oriented opener, ‘Disease’, the aggressive ‘Another Dick In The System’, the catchy ‘White Trash’ or the programmatic ‘Shut Up Baby, I Love You’ - their unadulterated vitality seems to practically jump out at the listener. The three string magicians expertly throw the bait to vocalist Johnny Solinger, who skillfully elaborates on the theme, refining the material further. Solinger pulls all the compositional strings, the material is constructed around him, he is at the epicenter of a soundquake that shakes the audience with full force. It is the power of a track named ‘Strength’ that marks Skid Row in general and Revolutions Per Minute in particular. And it is the close attachment of the five band members to their home country that continues to shine through and that Skid Row express on their country rock number, ‘You Lie’.

    Skid Row were founded in 1987 in a garage in Toms River, New Jersey - the band name referring to American inner city Ghettos and symbolizing the closeness of the musicians to the roots of heavy metal. Having been discovered by Jon Bon Jovi, Skid Row signed a management contract with McGhee Entertainment and a recording deal with Atlantic Records. Autumn 1988 saw the band ensconce themselves in the studio for the first time to record their debut album with the support of renowned producer, Michael Wagener. Skid Row arrived at the stores in 1989, immediately selling over five million copies in the U.S. alone, accompanied by a celebrated tour around the globe. Their second album, Slave To The Grind, came out in 1992, making it to No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Skid Row were the first metal act ever to achieve this feat. Slave To The Grind also sold several million copies, followed by another worldwide tour. Although there were a number of internal problems by 1995, the group returned to the recording studio to produce their album, Subhuman Race, which had the press suspect that it would be the last in Skid Row’s career as the vocalist position was emptied, calling for an organizational restructuring phase.

    In 1999, founder members Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo decided to infuse Skid Row with new energy, refusing to have their band drift off into the land of rock memorabilia. Vocalist Johnny Solinger from Texas was suggested by a good friend of the band. The musicians visited Solinger’s website and were immediately interested in what they heard. A few e-mails later, the vocalist found himself on a plane to New Jersey. “As soon as he walked through the door, he came across as confident and pleasantly low-key at the same time,” Snake remembers. Rachel adds: “We knew after the first half of a song during that rehearsal that Johnny was our man. Great voice, amazing presence, and he knew exactly what this band is about.”

    In 2000, Skid Row scored the sought-after opening slot for Kiss’ Farewell Tour - the mother of all tours, which brought Skid Row’s music back to the starving masses. Since then, they have traveled thousands of kilometres on tour buses, played well over 400 shows and released their comeback album Thickskin. Revolutions Per Minute is another highlight in Skid Row’s career. Who would have thought so ten years ago?

    SKID ROW (1989)
    SUBHUMAN RACE (1995)
    THICKSKIN (2003)

  • ANGTORIA-VIDEO finally online

    The video is finally up on:


    ANGTORIA's video for the song "God Has a Plan for Us All" is now distributed worldwide to most metal and rock TV stations.

    ANGTORIA frontwoman Sarah Jezebel Deva (CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, MORTIIS) had the following to say about the song and the accompanying video: "The song covers two subjects but they are both linked. Written about a man who preaches gods word yet finds it acceptable to sexually abuse children. Also this song describes the pitiful chilché used by many religous people who can´t offer any other explanation as to why people suffer in their life. Rape, murder, poverty, whatever it may be, the only excuse that can be offered is: 'God Has A Plan For Us All!'

    "The video was filmed at two locations, a very impressive and beautiful church (Njurunda Kyrka) and an abandoned deteriorated building, over a three-day period and due to the lyrical theme of the song it was filmed as a 'short movie.' It contains footage of as well the band as Chris' [Rehn] five-year-old daughter Saga who played the child, Toni Davey (wife of Dani Filth in CRADLE OF FILTH and covergirl on the [ANGTORIA] album) who played the child as a grown-up to a 35-piece church choir and a priest played by Pierre Ragnehag!"

    ANGTORIA's debut album, "God Has A Plan For Us All", was released in Europe in April via Listenable Records.

    ANGTORIA-Official NorthAmerican releasedate for "God has a plan for us all" is set to October 17, distributed by KOCH Entertainment Which is the market leader among independent labels and distributors in both the U.S. and Canada and its record labels had the largest number of Billboard charting albums among independents in 2002/2003.
  • NECRODEMON’s new album, “Ice of Hyperion” available to stream online

    Necrodemon’s third album and their first for Open Grave Records, “Ice Fields of Hyperion” will be released on September 26th. The full album is currently available for streaming via Open Grave Records (http://www.opengraverecords.com) website.

    The track listing is as follows:

    1) The Abominable
    2) Terror in the Arctic
    3) Funeral in the Snow
    4) The Deep Freeze
    5) Avalanche!
    6) Frozen Sorcerer (Chant of Making V)
    7) Mesopotamia - Warriors of Ice
    8) Empire of Winter
    9) Benumbed Suffering
    10) So Cold, So Evil
    11) Hordes of Hyperion

    Here is what critics have to say thus far:

    "This album utterly annihilates most of the stuff I've heard this year."

    "Prepare to feel the pain!"
    -Metal Core Zine

    Necrodemon is: Rob Elliot (ex-Lordes Werre) (Guitars/Vocals), Chuck Feldman (Drums/Percussion), Jeremy Montgomery (Bass). Necrodemon will also be hitting the road at the end of the October for a mini-tour in support of “Ice Fields of Hyperion”, including a stop at the Chicago Metal Devastation Festival.
  • Earsplit welcomes LUDICRA to the compound

    Formed on Halloween, 1998, Ludicra surfaced from the minds of John Cobbett, the guitarist of Hammers of Misfortune, and former Hickey drummer Aesop. Ludicra was envisioned as a raw and primal black metal band. With the addition of bassist / vocalist Jesika Christ (formerly of Sangre Amado) and guitarist / vocalist Christy Cather, Ludicra was realized.

    The first Ludicra line-up debuted in February of 1999 to critical and fan praise, creating a following in the San Francsico Bay Area. Several months later, Jesika left Ludicra. Bassist Ross Sewage of Impaled and lead vocalist Laurie Sue Shanaman, formerly of Tallow, joined with John, Aesop, and Christy to complete Ludicra version 2. They evolved their sound beyond the usual confines of black metal to emphasize elements of harsh reality and modern despair

    Ludicra recorded their first album, “Hollow Psalms,” and saw its CD release in Spring of 2002 on the Life Is Abuse label (Dystopia, Tarantula Hawk). Sharing the stage with High On Fire, Damad, Amber Asylum, Agalloch, and Kylesa, the group went on to headline the 2002 SF Tidal Wave Festival and won the prestigious SF Weekly Best Hard Rock / Metal Band Award in 2003. Other festivals included 2003’s Seattle LadyFest and the fifth Stoner Hands of Doom festival. Numerous national magazines and web ‘zines covered the rise of Ludicra, including Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, and Maximum Rock & Roll

    In early 2004, shortly after selling out of the first pressing of “Hollow Psalms,” Ludicra entered the studio to record their sophomore effort. Bay Area recording veteran Billy Anderson (Melvins, Mr. Bungle, and the Swans) took the helm for “Another Great Love Song,” (Virus 321) Ludicra’s first record for Alternative Tentacles. Recognizing the band’s appeal beyond black metal's confines, critical love flowed for "Another Great Love Song" around the world. More shows ensued up and down the West Coast with the likes of Yob, Grey, Aldeberan, Drunk Horse, Exhumed, the Enablers, Wolves in the Throne Room and Acid King as well as primetime placement on the 2005 Three Days of Darkness and headlining the 2006 Juxtapoz Gallery Show

    A self-titled EP featuring three unreleased songs from the "Another Great Love Song" session was released by Life Is Abuse in 2006 and features exclusive show footage and a studio slideshow as bonus CD-ROM tracks. Headed back to the studio, the group has at last produced a new album for Alternative Tentacles entitled "Fex Urbis Lex Orbis." With this new full-length, Ludicra is set to take listeners on a damaging journey through the forest of a dead city. This album threatens to finally put the Bay Area on the metal map, sealing the deal with a combination of metal bombast and remarkable restraint, colliding screamy sludge with operatic ambition.


November 4th, 2006

    Open Grave Records is now making their releases available to purchase in MP3 format (320kbs) from the Open Grave Records online store. Included with your MP3 purchase you will receive a high quality cover and tray card.

    Currently available via MP3 download are albums from Morbid Sacrifice & The Everscathed. Along with EPs from Downlord and Mournblade. The average download ranges in price from $4.00 - $6.00.

    All future Open Grave Records releases will be made available via Mp3 download on their release dates. For more information please visit http://www.opengraverecords.com.
  • Paragon Recs News: Eyes of Ligeia OUT NOW

    OUT NOW!

    EYES OF LIGEIA -A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever CD
    $12North America, $15elsewhere

    The fourth full-length, A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever, by "cult" Doom Metal act, Eyes of Ligeia, continues where their previous album "What the Moon Brings" left off. Continuing a transformation from a Death/Doom metal band, to an eerie Black Metal band with prominant Doom parts. A bit of a cross between Xasthur, Thergothon, Unholy, and early Ancient Wisdom, while giving a nod to the unique and memorable riffing of the first two Eyes of Ligeia albums. This is an album that promises to be one of the standouts of 2006.

    click here for sound sample


    Fueled by smash hit single "Original Fire," new AUDIOSLAVE album REVELATIONS has rocketed onto Billboard's Top 200 at 2, with sales of more than 141,000 units. The blockbuster debut marks the second straight big bow for the Grammy-nominated quartet (vocalist Chris Cornell, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk), following 2005's Out of Exile, which entered the chart at No. 1.

    "Audioslave are a Led Zeppelin for our times," wrote Blender in a 3-star write-up. Giant gave the record 4 stars and called it "one of the most formidable rock albums this year." Entertainment Weekly praised Morello for "returning to the guitar-as-turntable style he patented with Rage [Against the Machine]" and Rolling Stone praised "Original Fire" as "three and a half minutes of high expectations fulfilled: a fierce, greasy parade march with Cornell singing in a near-rap cadence, like a Seventies rock god fronting a power-trio P Funk."

    "Revelations," the groove-laden title track, which appears as a marquee cut on the mega-popular video game, EA Madden NFL 2007, will be the second single off the album and hitting airwaves later this month.

    Audioslave recorded REVELATIONS at Henson Studios in Los Angeleswith acclaimed producer Brendan O'Brien. O'Brien, whose myriad credits include Pearl Jam and Bruce Spingsteen, mixed Audioslave's Out of Exile record and the Live in Cuba CD and DVD. His history with the band goes back even farther, as he produced Rage Against The Machine albums Evil Empire (1996), The Battle of Los Angeles (1999) and Renegades (2000) and mixed Soundgarden's Superunknown (1994).

  • 1x1 Music Signs Oh, Sleeper

    Oh, Sleeper has lived and breathed perseverance individually for as long as their musical careers have spanned. It has only been a matter of months since the group's inception, but make no mistake about it, Oh, Sleeper are seasoned vets. The members individually have left their mark on music underworld. With this new project, fans everywhere have been longing for some news of a release. The day is here. Oh, Sleeper has signed to New Jersey based 1x1 Music and will release the "The Armored March" on November 21st, 2006.

    Get the first song off the album "We Are The Archers" here

    1x1 Music Media RSS/Podcast Feed:

    Here is a statement from the band!

    Oddly enough, failure is the binding fabric that held the members of recently formed Oh, Sleeper together and kept them from slowly embedding themselves further in defeat. “Everyone in this project refused to continue on with our lives until we’ve made the difference we are supposed to make in music” says drummer Ryan Conley. Scattered in different corners of the USA something bigger brought Oh, Sleeper together in April of 2006. With the majority of its members coming from short-lived rock outfit “Terminal” (tooth and nail) it’s no accident that they met up with long time friend Shane Blay of Between the Buried and Me and local guitar legend of chaotic metal band Evelynn. Aided by bassist Lucas Starr, who at the time of inception was touring with As Cities Burn, they began to piece together their vision. ‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’ is an understatement for guys that’s been there, done that and never got the T-shirt. Although they aren’t looking for fame; they’re trek to stardom was re-directed when Oh, Sleeper had its first practice. Pledging to bring more than music to the masses, Oh sleeper now had that voice. The untried vocal talents of previous bass player Micah Kinard gave the beast a shape, the guys felt a new sense of confidence and purpose. As the 4 members began sledging through all the normal problems of a band start-up (no place to practice, no money and different schedules) the biggest obstacle was finding the last and final member. Countless awkward auditions with strangers and some fruitful auditions that gained the band new friends still fell short of the missing fit, until the resurface of long time friend and previous guitar player and band mate of the guys in Terminal, James Erwin. The addition of James added a gallon of fuel to the fire and proved that there is nothing that can stop them.

    Oh, Sleeper brings a full plate of heavy and dark guitars with thought out lyrics that refuse to shy away from truth. Music is a weapon and oh, sleeper plan to fully utilize this divine appointment for nothing other than a purpose greater than themselves, Starr explains: “At the end of the day, a song is nothing more than a bunch of chords strategically thrown together. Don’t get me wrong, music is awesome but I feel there is something more to this life than writing a hit song and selling a million records. Anyone can learn how to play an instrument, but what good is it if you only use that talent for self-gratification?”

    Oh, Sleeper is on the //radiotakeover "Take it Back Tour"
    2-Nov Colorado Springs CO The Black Sheep
    4-Nov Wichita KS Eagles Lodge North
    5-Nov St. Louis MO Cicero's
    8-Nov Cedar Lake IN Cedar Lake Knights of Columbus
    9-Nov Carmel IN Carmel Peforming Arts Center
    10-Nov Roseville MI Myspace Internet Café
    11-Nov Akron OH Orange Street

  • INDIGO CHILD on Tour

    Indigo Child will be performing as a support band on TO/DIE/FOR's upcoming Wounds Wide Open tour in Europe.
    Also supported by:
    + SINAMORE (Fin)
    + DAS SCHEIT (D)

    First confirmed dates are:

    15 Nov Germany / Hamburg (Markthalle)
    16 Nov Germany / Berlin (K17)
    25 Nov Hungary / Budapest (Gothica festival)
    30 Nov France / Paris (Espace curial)
  • Polish heavy metal band MONSTRUM

    Monstrum the Polish heavymetal band, has just finished the work on their secound album.

    The band relased their first CD "Za horyzontem ciszy" in 2004, the style,of the new album is, just like the first classic hard rock - heavymetal, with polish texts, and use of 3 guitars. Soon will be relased a single, with 3 songs, witch will promote the new album. For more information about the band look at www.monstrum.pl.

    Monstrum has in 2005 recorded the Song "Fallen Idols" which was released on the compilation "Tribute of Cirith Ungol", and the hymn for Polish extra league speedway team

  • JUDAS PRIEST: Work On New Album Is 'Going Incredibly Well'

    JUDAS PRIEST Management Co-Ordinator Jayne Andrews has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

    "As usual when the band are working on a new album, the website will be very quiet. The guys do not want any information being given out at this time. As soon as they are ready to announce anything, I will do so for them!! They are taking a very short break just now but will continue working on the album next week. It is going incredibly well!! So please, be patient and as I always say... it will be worth waiting for!!!"

    In a June 2006 interview with MTV.com, JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford said about the group's upcoming concept album about the legendary 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus, "Nostradamus is all about metal, isn't he? He was an alchemist as well as a seer — a person of extraordinary talent. He had an amazing life that was full of trial and tribulation and joy and sorrow. He's a very human character and a world-famous individual. You can take his name and translate it into any language and everybody knows about him, and that's important because we're dealing with a worldwide audience."

    In addition to digging new lyrical ground for JUDAS PRIEST, the album will contain musical elements that might surprise their fans. "It's going to have a lot of depth," the singer explained. "There'll be a lot of symphonic elements. We might orchestrate it, without it being overblown. There may be a massive choir at parts and keyboards will be featured more prominently, whereas they've always been in the background before."
  • DORNENREICH - "Durch den Traum" out 24.11.2006

    Ten years after founding the band in 1996, Dornenreich are completing their fifth studio album "Durch den Traum". This album - much like its predecessor, "Hexenwind", largely originating in the exceedingly prolific "Sharrketim" sessions - holds special importance for Evíga, the band"s sole artistic authority since Valnes, Dornenreich"s co-founder, left the band in spring 2006. "To me, Durch den Traum" is a timeless expression of both artistic passion and spiritual quest. Lyrically, it is an existentialist, nature-mystical journey, while musically, it is a vision beyond Black Metal, (Neo-) Folk, and Ambient. ‘Durch den Traum" represents the essence of Dornenreich"s music both musically and conceptually."

    To this point in Dornenreich"s discography, "Durch den Traum" surely is the band"s musically most mature album. Every instrument, every sound, every musical change was used consciously, always corresponding with the lyrics that are set to music. Thus, "Durch den Traum" becomes something of a classic tone poem."Durch den Traum" has a very vital relationship with the previous album "Hexenwind" that, after a long wait of nearly five years, was released only twelve months ago. "While the music and lyrics of ‘Hexenwind" try to bring the ‘human being" closer to its most essential nature, often by hypnotic and meditative means, ‘Durch den Traum" confronts objective events in nature with the subjective passion and perception of the human being, in order to take it back home into the essence of being, into nature, even more urgently and deeply. In the end, everything is intertwined - as in a dream."

    Already now, "Durch den Traum" takes a key position in Dornenreich"s discography, since its concept marks the conclusion of the all-encompassing awakening of the ‘human being" that started on their debut album "Nicht um zu sterben". What"s more, the constant progress of Dornenreich"s musical abilities places great hopes in the band"s future. Evíga is confident as well: "The journey will continue, the necessary consciousness has been created."

    A first pre-listening is available here.

    Ready the new album for FEAR OF ETERNITY titled "Ancient Symbolism" whose tracks-list is:

    01. Intro (Passing)
    02. Fragments Of Wisdom
    03. Tale Of Prophecy
    04. Throne Of The Gods
    05. Malignant Spirits
    06. Ancient Symbolism
    07. Human Weakness
    08. Golden Columns
    09. The End Of The Times
    10. Outro (Irae)

    The recording-company is as usual MORIBUND RECORDS (www.moribundcult.com).



    The New CD Of Corpsedecay, The Band From Raw Country (Colombia-South America), Has 10 Tracks Full Of Perversion And The Most Sick And Dirty Thoughts Ever Exposed In The Human Mind..

    CR36 #5B1-36 SAN FERNADO

    [email protected]

  • Some news from the Belgian death metallers PREJUDICE:

    "We are in full writing mode as we speak for the upcoming recordings [at Excess studio in Rotterdam, Holland] in January 2007, so far things are going pretty smoothly. We have some surprises up our sleeves for this one. So far the material is a mixture of the last two records, adding a notch of brutality, groove and diversity. More news to come about who's going to do the layout and mixing duties."

    Also CHRISTOPHE (drums) recently announced us that he quited "Mothra" to get more time free for Prejudice and to focus on the future goals of the band! He still plays the skins in "Solipsist"!

    Grind on \m/

    After months of heated speculation, ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA, the all-star band featuring Motley Crue drummer TOMMY LEE, former Guns N' Roses guitarist GILBY CLARKE and ex-Metallica bassist JASON NEWSTED have embraced Toronto native LUKAS ROSSI as their lead vocalist.

    The new quartet will immediately head into the studio with producer Butch Walker (Avril Lavigne, Pink, Bowling For Soup) to record their Epic Records debut. The highly anticipated album is scheduled for a November 21st release. Fans can pre-order the record through the band's official site, www.intothesupernova.com.

    "Lukas is the real deal," says Lee. "He proved that he's got the voice and swagger to front this band. He's gonna tear it up in the studio and then we're taking the show on the road. Wear a cup, kids."

    "This is the gig of a lifetime," says Rossi. "That I'll be singing in a band with Tommy, Gilby and Jason-guys that I've always respected-is just surreal. Can't wait to get started."

    The first two singles from the band's much-buzzed-about debut album are "It's All Love" and "Be Yourself & 5 Other Cliches," both of which will be available for purchase at Yahoo! Music Unlimited (www.music.yahoo.com) on Thursday. Rossi and the other three finalists from the the hit CBS series, "Rock Star: Supernova"(Dilana Robichaux, Magni Asgeirsson and Toby Rand ) each went into the studio with the band before the show's final taping to record the tracks.

    Rossi joins the group after their exhaustive lead singer search, a quest that spanned 25,000 entrants, 22 cities and 6 continents. The band spent the summer assessing 15 finalists on everything from songwriting skills to live performance.

    In January 2007, Rock Star: Supernova will hit the road for their first worldwide tour. Supporting will be The Panic Channel, which features three former members of Jane's Addiction and "Rock Star: Supernova" co-host Dave Navarro. Also on the bill will be fan favorites from the show, backed by the House Band. The tour kicks off with two inaugural shows in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, then moves on to the Hard Rock in Miami, Florida on January 16th for a 27-city trek, culminating at the Long Beach Arena in Southern California on February 27th.

    Tickets for the tour are available for purchase now at http://rockstar.msn.com/ or by going to www.livenation.com. A complete list of dates is as follows

    12/31/06 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
    01/01/07 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
    01/16/07 - Hollywood, FL - Seminole Hard Rock Live
    01/17/07 - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
    01/19/07 - Norfolk, VA - Constant Convocation Center
    01/20/07 - Buffalo, NY - Shea's Performing Arts Center
    01/23/07 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
    01/24/07 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
    01/26/07 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
    01/27/07 - Wallingford, CT - Chevrolet Theatre
    01/28/07 - Worchester, MA - DCU Center
    01/30/07 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Spectrum
    01/31/07 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall
    02/02/07 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
    02/03/07 - Chicago, IL - Rosemont Theatre
    02/05/07 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre
    02/07/07 - Des Moines, IO - Wells Fargo Arena
    02/08/07 - Minneapolis, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium
    02/09/07 - Fargo, ND - Fargodome
    02/11/07 - Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie
    02/13/07 - Loveland, CO - Budweiser Events Center
    02/16/07 - Portland, OR - Memorial Coliseum
    02/18/07 - Everett, WA - Everett Events Center
    02/19/07 - Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
    02/21/07 - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena
    02/22/07 - Oakland, CA - Oakland Arena
    02/24/07 - Phoenix, CA - Cricket Pavilion
    02/25/07 - San Diego, CA - Pala Casino
    02/27/07 - Long Beach, CA - Long Beach Arena

    Soulfly bassist Bobby Burns suffered from a mild stroke today and will remain in a doctors care until such time as full recovery.

    No word as to who will take the place of Burns for Soulfly’s upcoming U.S. tour. He is expected to have full recovery and will rejoin the band for their Australia tour at the end of October.

    To wish Bobby Burns well, please email at [email protected]

    Philadelphia: Dead Man in Reno will film their first video for the song "From Here I Can See The Shore" from the band's recently released self-titled debut for Abstract Sounds/Candlelight Records. Conceptually scripted and directed by Ramon Boutviseth from StudioOrb (Daylight Dies/Seemless) filming will take place Sunday, September 17 in St. Matthews, South Carolina with post-production expected for completion in early October.

    Guitarist Chris Penuel says, "this video is going to be a high energy, action packed experience for everyone. It is performance based with a unique narrative to go along with it. It is very different from anything we've ever seen done before which is why we are very excited about it. I think it'll be a breath of fresh air for everyone who watches it."

    Kerrang! calls the self-titled album from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based band "ten crunching numbers of venom-laced, top-shelf, heavy fucking metal with little room for respite...monsterous." Digital Metal says, "2006 has actually been good for metalcore - Ligeia, Rosesdead, The Hope For Change, Parkway Drive, Serapis, The Human Abstract, War of Ages, Misery Signals and others. Dead Man In Reno should be added to that short list. England's Big Cheese Magazine adds," the fantastically named ten-legged rock monster would sooner crush your skull than look you in the eye."

    Dead Man In Reno have played every show allowed them since their genesis three short years ago. Diehards to the core, they epitomize the blood, sweat and tears/DIY ethic. Teaming with producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Through the Eyes of the Dead) at Basement Recording Studios in Rural Hall, North Carolina, the band meticullously laid down their self-titled debut in a quick but intense 10-day session. The results showcase the quintet’s complex duel guitars, double bass drum fills, hardcore growls and screams with classic hardcore/metal breakdowns captured to perfection.

    Dead Man in Reno will tour the UK supporting Sikth beginning September 28. The band will return to the US on October 20 where more stateside shows are planned.

November 3rd, 2006

    DITCHWATER SEEKS NEW VOCALIST after singer Mike Meadows decision to leave the band in late August. "I'll miss it, and them. But, I hate feeling like I'm the one letting people down. Thanks to everyone's support over the years." Meadows said. "We had 4 1/2 years together and made some great music. I wish him well in whatever he does" said guitarist Mark Anderson.

    Meadows decision to leave the band comes as the band continues to battle in the "Living Room Live" contest on the CBS TV "The Early Show" and coincides with the release of the bands first ever full length CD release titled "Going Foward Looking Back". "The CD now turns out to be a nice ending chapter for that last 4 year period of the band" said Anderson. Going Foward Looking Back includes the radio hits "It's Over" and "Have You Ever" (Top 10 in Feb/Mar of 2006 on 106.9 FM in Pennsylvania).

    Ditchwater has toured all over the midwest with many national and well respected acts (Mudvayne, Soil, Brand New Sin). Including headlining spots at Chicago's famed Metro and House Of Blues. They have almost 20,000 fans in their Myspace community with over 80,000 total plays.

    "We look foward to finding a replacement soon and touring the rest of 2006 to support the CD, then head directly into the studio in early 2007. That's our plan" said Anderson.

    Interested Vocalists should send a MP3, photo, and quick bio to [email protected]

    Swedish melodic death metal band Blinded Colony are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, "Bedtime Prayers" which is to be released November 10 in Europe and November 14 Worldwide. Vocalist Johan Schuter writes from SoundPalace Studios:

    "Hey! This is Johan Schuster writing from the house next to the studio. Finally my throat feels a lot better, and any day now I will do the last scream of the record. I had a 7 days break from recording since my voice got really hoarse, and that really paid off well. Got really scared when I heard of a friend that had the same symptoms and had to use surgery to have a cyst removed from his vocal chords. In worst case, if I had continued screaming, I might have had to rest my voice for months, which means no gigs. So better safe than sorry.

    "Now all the songs have come together and sound really, really good. I can't fucking wait to let all you people listen to it. The response you guys gave us when we had the pre-production of "Heart" online for 36 hours was incredible! If you liked that, then the rest of the songs won't dissapoint you! For those of you who didn't like "Heart" we got some really heavy tunes on the album too. We're not that cheesy all the time hahaha! For all of you who lives in Germany, our neighbours with sooo cheap beer, we've got gigs confirmed in December with Ektomorf. That will really kick some major ass!

    "In November your ears will bleed but your mouth will smile! Don't miss our album, Bedtime Prayers!"

    The full studio report can be found on the bands Official Myspace Page (http://www.myspace.com/blindedcolony) or on the bands Official Website (http://www.blindedcolony.com).
  • ZOROASTER - a tumultuous, cerebellum-roasting doom celebration

    "...is the sound of doom buried in LSD-drenched cotton and imploding like a black hole. In headphones, with the sound turned to 420, the indecipherable vocals become almost percussive weapons, pounding like the battering ram of the music against the gates of your sanity."
    - Rebel Extravaganza

    The debut EP from this soon-to-be infamous Atlanta doom trio is out now on Battle Kommand Records, the first non-black metal release of the labels' to date, with distribution via Southern Lord. This is just the beginning; the full-length is lining up for release in the coming months, and massive touring is in the works for the US and onward.

    Bullwhip MP3

    "Like the tentacled leviathan depicted on their debut mini-album's front cover, the music created by Atlanta, GA's Zoroaster rises up from unfathomable depths, propelled by tsunamis of doom, submerged in viscous sludge." - All Music Guide

    "They do not reach the heady heights of Sleep or Electric Wizard but this release shows that they have the potential to rise up to meet those sonic titans." - Brainwashed

    "Heavy on the "Proceed the Weedian" vibe, Zoroaster loves drawing out their dirges with repetitive, downtuned riffs." - StonnerRock.com

    www.thezoroaster.com | www.battlekommand.com

    CINCINNATI – Ohio death-thrashers Estuary will enter the studio this weekend to begin recording their sophomore release, to be titled “The Craft of Contradiction.”

    The album will be tracked and mixed in Cincinnati at Audioasis Studios and is due for release January 23 through Ibex Moon Records.

    “The Craft of Contradiction” will feature an onslaught of thrash-tinged death metal laced with punishing melodies, sheer neck-breaking precision and jaw-dropping vocals of pure destruction. Lyrically, “The Craft of Contradiction” takes on a thematic approach, theorized from a “timeline” perspective of humankind’s manipulated origins to its material plight and ultimate return to truth.

    Estuary’s skillful mixing and molding of traditional thrash and heavy metal with the immortal force of death metal ensures that fans of the band’s debut, “To Exist and Endure,” will not be disappointed.

    Extensive touring is planned for 2007 in support of “The Craft of Contradiction.”

  • DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER chart entry in germany

    Reitermania over Germany! DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (="The Apocalyptic Riders") shoot forward and conquered # 31 of the German Media Control Charts with their new album "Riders On The Storm". This is the highest chart entry of the band EVER!
    Congratulations towards Weimar!
  • HYPOCRISY guitarist quits

    Peter Tägtgren, frontman of legendary Swedish Death Metallers HYPOCRISY, has tuned in on the band`s official website to reveal some surprising news: "We're getting ready to go to the USA and Canada soon and are looking forward to meeting all the people again and also to tour with fear factory again, the last time was 14 years ago…..swooooshhh … time flies.We will have a stand in guitarist for this tour, Klas Ideberg from Darkane. Andreas Holma decided to quit the band because: "i'm not motivated anymore and want to concentrate on my own project and don't wanna tour anymore" See you all out there!" HYPOCRISY will tour to promote their latest album, "Virus".
  • CASSIUS sign to Lifeforce Records America

    Lifeforce Records America is pleased to announce the addition of Richmond, VA's Cassius to the label's growing roster!

    LIFEFORCE RECORDS AMERICA president Drew Juergens about the signing "I am very pleased to welcome Cassius to the Lifeforce Records America family, as their debut album "I Am Jim Jones" showcases a remarkable grasp on the current state of metal and hardcore while expressing amazing growth and potential to think outside the box that is the ever-consuming stale state of Metalcore today! I am confident that Cassius will turn a lot of heads and will be out on the road slaying night after night."

    Myke Terry, vocalist, speaking on behalf of CASSIUS:

    "We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Lifeforce Records America and are excited about the the prospect of taking our band to the next level. We appreciate everyone who has helped us get to where we are today and can only hope to meet more positive influences on our travels in the months, and even years to come."

    Cassius was formed in the winter of 2003 in Richmond, Virginia. Drawing members from previous local bands, the band began writing new material and playing regional shows. After many setbacks and line up changes, Cassius decided it was time to buckle down and get serious. After recording their debut full length "I Am Jim Jones" with Chris Dowhan from Red Planet Studios (Scarlet / Twelve Tribes / Black Dahlia Murder), Cassius cancelled the lease on their apartment, bought a van and trailer and began booking whatever tours they could. Hard work and strong friendships brought them to their current position and with focus and determination, Cassius are hell bent on making themselves a house hold name within the metal and hardcore community. Despite not having a record to tour on previously, Cassius has already completed successful tours with bands like Ed Gein, Misery Signals, Ion Dissonance, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, and Despised Icon to name a few. Nonstop touring and constructing thought provoking music are Cassius's only ambitions, so expect to see and hear a lot about them in the days to come!

    Cassius's full length endeavor "I Am Jim Jones" is set to street January 9th, 2007. Be on the look out!

    www.cassiuscult.com | www.myspace.com/cassiusva
    www.lifeforce-america.com | www.myspace.com/lifeforceamerica


    The members of The Old Dead Tree are happy to introduce their new guitarist Gilles Moinet (Lux Incerta). Gilles joined the band last July, and quickly found his place. « Gilles has a deep sense of melody and brings the band new influences that foretell an even richer and more varied music than before. His will to come forward and his involvement in The Old Dead Tree give us the highest hopes regarding our forthcoming third album », comments frontman Manuel Munoz. Gilles is to debut on stage with the band next September 23rd in Geneva (CH), then in Lyon (FR) the next day.

    THE OLD DEAD TREE on MySpace !

    We are pleased to inform that THE OLD DEAD TREE now has its own MySpace page : http://www.myspace/theolddeadtree
    MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos. MySpace also features an internal search engine and an internal e-mail system.

    The Old Dead Tree Official Website
  • Goodfellow Rec's welcomes PASSION

    PASSION "The Fierce Urgency Of Now"
    Release Date: October 10, 2006

    Please welcome the newest members of the Goodfellow Records family, the formidable hardcore quintet PASSION.

    Born and bred in Philadelphia, PA, PASSION is set on a goal that surpasses playing music. That goal is to bring their own brand of furious, metal-driven hardcore to the masses, while leaving no one behind. They strive to write songs that cannot be easily dismissed and hope to leave those listening wanting more.

    The five members bring along a furious aural onslaught of power, emotion and conviction. The band's lyrical content strives to do more justice than simply dwelling on girls and broken hearts. Vocalist Kenny Harris' lyrics are more geared towards increasing awareness of sensitive, taboo topics that range from child molestation to the overwhelming amount of censorship found on the airwaves. Such topics are touched on in hopes of encouraging more people to speak their mind, and not keep their feelings to themselves. Musically, the pace ranges from frantic to slow and droning, but it is always loud and extremely powerful. They may be treading on well-worn ground, but there is a certain unique flavor that is Passion's own.

    The band is certainly more than simply the sum of its parts, with each member bringing his own specified musical taste to the table to create something that sounds all its own. Passion may be the only metal/hardcore band that is as much influenced by the sheer talent and inspiration of Kanye West and Dream Theater as the underground integrity of NOFX and Bane.

    With a live performance that has often been described as simply "intense" for lack of a better word, the band brings all they have to every show and holds nothing back. With a philosophy that any day could be their last, they show an unparalleled sense of urgency and desire every time they plug in.

    PASSION is more than just a band. To its five members and the audiences that care, it is quite simply a way of life.

    Passion live:

    11/18 Wilkes-Barre, PA @Cafe Metropolis

    www.thisispassion.net | www.myspace.com/passion
    www.goodfellowrecords.com | www.myspace.com/goodfellowrecords
  • Disillusion News September / 2006

    The time is right, things get into motion.GLORIA, the second Disillusion album is finished. For some insight go to www.disillusion.eu now and weekly.
    click. now.

    Greetings from Leipzig,