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May 31th, 2005

    ORIGIN has been confirmed as the headlining band at OHIO DEATHFEST 2005, as the group brings their decidedly punishing brand of technical death metal before an audience with an appetite foe skull-crushing extreme music at one of the premier metal festivals in the United States.

    OHIO DEATHFEST 2005 will be held at the PHANTASY CONCERT CLUB in Lakewood, Ohio on June 24th and 25th. Other acts slated to appear include SUMMON, (who are fresh from a European Tour with GOD DETHRONED), New York's PYREXIA, MORTAL DECAY, PROPHECY and the ever entertaining MEAT SHITS. This extreme form of entertainment, with themes of horror and the macabre has been enjoying a definite resurgence as of late, with recent books such as Albert Mudrian's CHOOSING DEATH and prominent print publications such as METAL MANIACS and REVOLVER paying particular heed to the intense musical movement.

    OHIO DEATHFEST 2005 was assembled by CASTLE BLAKK RECORDINGS, EXTREME MILLENIMUM ENTERTAINMENT and DFP PRODUCTIONS. "ORIGIN are such a powerful addition to the show and we are extremely glad to have them be a part of the fest!" exclaimed Sandi Newton, CEO of CASTLE BLAKK. Newton has been very active in concert promotions for the past fifteen years. On August 11th, 1990, "Metal Mom" brought MORBID ANGEL to Michigan for the band's very first appearance in that particular state during the Altars of Madness tour. When asked how she goes about discovering new talent for the festivals that she promotes, Newton responded, "First, I try to make it to as many shows as I can and look at the openers for major acts. A lot of it comes from recommendations from other people. If someone says, 'Check this guys out, they are awesome,' I usually do!" The show's final schedule will be announced closer to the date of the event. Watch for details to follow.

    For more information about OHIO DEATHFEST 2005 tickets - [email protected]

    The Official web presence of OHIO DEATHFEST 2005 - www.ohiodeathfest2005.homestead.com

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  • SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE offer exclusive track download

    Subterranean Masquerade has made available a second track from the upcoming album Suspended Animation Dream. The song, "Six Strings to cover fear" is the heaviest track on the album and deals with X's personal oblivion from Tara (X's second half).

    This is exclusively available from the band's profile on purevolume.

    Just click here to check out: www.purevolume.com/subterraneanmasquerade

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    A brand-new FLOTSAM AND JETSAM track, entitled "Parapsychic, Paranoid," has been posted online at this location, www.crashmusicinc.com/index2.htm

    "Parapsychic, Paranoid" comes off the group's upcoming album, Dreams of Death, due on July 26 via Crash Music, Inc. The CD was engineered by Tom Giatron and produced by FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and Tom Giatron at Genesis Studios in Phoenix. Travis Smith did the cover art.

    Dreams of Death track listing:

    Requiescat in Pace
    Parapsychic, Paranoid
    Childhood Hero
    Straight to Hell
    Bathing in Red
    Nascentes Morimur
    The Look in his Eyes
    Out of Mind

    FLOTSAM AND JETSAM was formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1984 by bassist Jason Newsted , who eventually left the band to join METALLICA. The group currently consists of Eric A.K. (vocals), Craig Nielsen (drums), Jason Ward (bass), Mark Simpson (guitar) and Ed Carlson (guitar).


  • Metal Maniacs

    Attention, purveyors of All Things Danzig: Il Demonio Nera (The Black Demon), a brand-new DVD collection of videos, video outtakes, alternative versions and previously unreleased material from DANZIG's Danzig 4 (2000) and Danzig 5 (2002) projects, will be in stores on Tuesday, June 14.

    Personally combing through the Danzig vaults, Glenn Danzig chose the tracks for the Il Demonio Nera DVD which offer a variety of versions of Danzig classics such as "I Don't Mind The Pain," "Serpentia," "Cantspeak" and "Until You Call on the Dark." Danzig's choice of directors for these videos was certainly inspired: Dean Karr, who directed the video for "Until You Call on the Dark," went on to direct Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" video and Iron Maiden's Rock in Rio concert full-length; and the never-before-released video for "Serpentia" from Danzig 5, was directed by E. Elias Merhige who helmed the feature film Shadow of the Vampire starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe.

    Il Demonio Nera is just the latest project from Glenn Danzig, arguably one of the most versatile talents to emerge from hardcore's first wave. His most current Danzig album, Circle of Snakes, was released last fall; his Black Aria 2 CD will be released later this year, and he is getting ready to direct Gerouge, his first feature film for Rainstrom Productions.

    Il Demonio Nera will be Danzig's second DVD collection of vintage videos-Danzig - Archive De La Morte, which features videos from Danzig 3 and Thralldemonsweatlive was released in 2003.

    A complete track listing and details for Il Demonio Nera is as follows:

    Until You Call on the Dark - MTV Version (Danzig 4)
    Until You Call on the Dark - Glenn Danzig Performance
    (directed by Peter Christopherson)
    Cantspeak - Clean Version (Danzig 4)
    Canspeak - Filter Pass Version
    (directed by Fred Stohr)
    I Don't Mind the Pain - MTV Version (Danzig 4)
    I Don't Mind the Pain - Glenn Danzig Perfrmance
    I Don't Mind the Pain - Band Performance
    (directed by Dean Karr)
    Sadistikal - B/W Version - Unreleased (Danzig 4)
    Sadistikal - Color and B/W Version - Unreleased
    (directed by Glenn Danzig)
    Sacrifice - Director?s Cut - Letterboxes (Danzig 5)
    (directed by Glenn Danzig)
    Serpentia - Regular Verson - Unreleased (Danzig 5)
    Serpentia - Alt. Verson - Unreleased
    (directed by Elias Merhige)
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  • FURYFEST is set to rock France with a sound explosion unrivalled in Europe; from Megadeath to Motorhead, Slayer to Sick of it all, Anthrax to Arch Enemy - 97 bands, 3 stages, and 3 days of metal mayhem in sunny France.

    FURYFEST is the place to be this 24th, 25th and 26th June 2005.

    For any self-respecting fan of hardcore and metal, this lineup is orgasmically tantalising, at the Parc des Expositions du Mans in Le Mans, France the trip would be worth it for the bands already mentioned - but Jello Biafra, Fantomas, Turbonegro, Madball, My Dying Bride, Dimmu Borgir, Pennywise not to mention the other 80-odd acts, make the trip compulsory!

    For the full lineup go to:

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    Dark Horizon Records is proud to announce the recent signing of October Falls Described as minimalist dark folk played with acoustic instruments. When thinking of other bands, there are similarities with names such as Ulver (Kveldsjanger), Empyrium and even Tenhi. Tuoni presents a collection of eight instrumentals, with music composed primarily on the acoustic guitar, flute and piano...This is Highly recommended! Metal Maniacs


    Dark Horizon Records has signed the US band DYSPERIUM. An extreme metal band that invokes the nature of classical and folk in fluences with darken chanting doom like melodies while never loosing a harsh and powerful edge. DYSPERIUM Is Self described as classically inspired Thrash/Black/Doom Metal. DYSPERIUM are in a league of their own, setting standards instead of following trends. This band will be praised! More information soon, release date etc...coming later. http://www.dysperium.com/

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  • BOLT THROWER rehearsing for new record!

    Bolt Thrower is currently in final rehearsals for their 8th, as of yet untitled, studio release. In mid May the band will enter Andy Faulkner's Sable Rose studios where they will spend the next three months recording the new album. The untitled album will be released on Metal Blade Records around October/November 2005.

    In other news Bolt Thrower finally have an official website! Check it out!


    The Mars Volta will be Special Guests on All Dates

    What will undoubtedly be a "must see" tour this summer, SYSTEM OF A DOWN is confirmed to headline its first major U.S. tour in three years, it is announced today. While specific dates are being confirmed and will be announced shortly, the band will kick off a two-month trek in early August that will see them playing arenas in major and secondary markets throughout North America. It is also announced that The Mars Volta will join System of a Down as Special Guests on all of the tour dates; a third act, yet to be announced, will open the shows.

    "We're very excited about getting out on the road this summer," said System's vocalist Serj Tankian. "It's been a long time since we've done a major American tour, and with The Mars Volta on the bill, I think we're giving our fans a terrific show."

    System of a Down is currently on a 10-date "guerrilla club tour" playing small venues and debuting a couple of brand new songs from their forthcoming release, "Mezmerize," Disc One of the 2-disc set "Mezmerize/Hypnotize," due out May 17. Disc Two, "Hypnotize," is expected to be released late this fall. "B.Y.O.B.," the first single from the new album, is already a Top 10 track at Rock/Alternative radio, and the band will perform the song when they appear as musical guests on "Saturday Night Live" May 7.

  • BLOOD TEARS - Line-up changes

    Malthus (drums) and Conatus (bass) left Blood Tears, which is now a trio, formed by Myth (vocals, guitars), Arntor (keyboards) and Earth (vocals, guitars).
    Blood Tears - Full length news

    The band finished the re-recording of drums and began the recordings of guitars for "Nothing but Sorrow", which will be the first full length of Blood Tears, to be released still in 2005, only in digipack. bloodtears.net

  • News from DISILLUSION

    Hello everyone,

    As you might know, Disillusion have locked themselves up in the new building of Salvation Recording to write and record the follow-up to Back To Times Of Splendor since march of this year. The latter surely is not an easy job to do, but things and material are coming along very well, making the pressure appear less, day by day. Anything more about the new songs would simply be too early.

    Instead we have other news: It is very special for us to announce that the search for a bass player that has been continuing since 1996 has finally come to an end – meaning Disillusion have found the right one! His name is Ralf Willis; coming from Brooklyn / New York Ralf decided to be part Disillusion after he heard about the band and our vain search for a fourth member when he was in Germany some months ago. We actually did only one rehearsal together and things were settled – Ralf moved to Leipzig and now is with us since March. By now, he already knows all songs.

    Willis: “Not being a person of many words, to put it simply, this shit can be finger-breaking AND sensitive in the same song. This is expressing what I want to express.”

    Unlike with the last record, Disillusion will not take a live break this time. So, the band will appear at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig on May 15, being headliner of the Metal Stage at the Anker / with Dark Suns, Autumnblaze and Klimt. The show will include the first appearance of Willis on Bass and a special Back To Times Of Splendor Video and Dance Performance by the dancer Natalie (www.natalietanzt.de). Unfortunately, there are no tickets available for Sunday only.

    More upcoming dates are to be found at the Disillusion website www.disillusion.de, among them 3 dates in the Netherlands and a show in Switzerland!

    So far so good, back to song writing!

    Talk to you soon,


  • DISSIMULATION – Prakeikimas LP/CD

    Friday, May 13th is the release date of new DISSIMULATION album. Much anticipated second full length LP/CD of Lithuanian blasphemous thrashing black metallers spits forth poisonous sonorities up thy throat as unexpectedly as never before.

  • OBTEST finish up the third album

    No less in wait, third full-length record of OBTEST is reaching its final stages, after a scrupulous work on song structures, harmonies and primeval energy. It is time to lift up the Heathen Heavy Metal into higher plane, and Lithuanian warriors are very close to put it into practise. Expect the furious comeback with immensely improved sound and simply overwhelming soundscapes later in 2005, along the European tour with LOITS to follow.

  • DAYSEND confirms summer tour with Otep!

    Aussie metallers Daysend have confirmed their addition to a US tour with Otep, Gizmachi, and DevilInside. This will be the bands first ever US tour so please make sure you check them out! More dates will be coming in if you don't see the tour coming to your town.

    Here is what bass player Meredith has to say about the upcoming tour: "After traveling up and down the highways of Australia for the last couple of years, we are stoked to have the opportunity to hit America and show you guys what we are all about. It's what we have always wanted to do, what we were built for! Van ass, here we come!"

    "Grab an earful of lightning-fast lead work, jarring chromatic flourishes, and relentless riffage on the bands debut album Severance." Guitar Player

    "Daysend have that 'heavy with melody' thing down to a science." CMJ

    "Mixing Swedish-style neo-thrashery and prog-style guitar noodling with stomping grooves and melodies reminiscent of Faith No More circa-Angel Dust, they certainly stand out from the crowd. Compared to the hordes of faceless In Flames/Arch Enemy clones chucked your way on a monthly basis, vocalist Simon Calabrese can actually sing as well as growl. This way, Daysend are equipped to satisfy both fans of crossover metalcore's new school as well as those who've always enjoyed nü metal, either as a guilty pleasure, or... as a pleasure without the guilt. Ahem." Lollipop Magazine

    "Daysend play fast, melodic metal with a combination of harsh/clean vocals and some very memorable choruses. If you want to hear a less hardcore version of Killswitch Engage with a bit of Soilwork added, then check out Daysend." Snaggletooth Magazine "Newcomers DAYSEND offer the best of Metalcore and Melodic Metal. The music contained within is both smooth and harsh. Simon's voice on "Born Is The Enemy" is soft, clean and catchy and at the flick of the switch he can be one mean motherfucker like Howard Jones of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE fame...This is nothing short of a strong debut." MetalObserver

    "I'm such a fan of originality in music that I'm not easily impressed. Given that, I never thought I'd hear any 5 star worthy bands. Daysend is an Aussie import that has come out of the chute screaming, so to speak, with a stunning debut album that raises the bar on the the metal scene. Daysend demonstrates on this album that they possess skills, originality, and a comfort with each other & the material that some, more experienced bands, lack." 5 out of 5 on RockNWorld

    "Combing thrash, melodic death, a bit of metalcore and some good old hard rock, SEVERANCE is a stunning debut from Daysend. The Aussie press have already heaped praise and awards upon this release and it's time to make another notch in the bedpost from Metal-Rules.com, too." Metal-Rules

    DAYSEND Tour w/ Otep, Gizmachi, and DevilInside
    5/12 Pomona, CA Glasshouse
    5/14 Bakersfield, CA Montgomery World Plaza
    5/17 San Francisco, CA The Pound
    5/19 Spokane, WA Big Easy Concert House
    5/20 Boise, ID Big Easy Concert House
    5/21 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Café
    5/22 Colorado Springs, CO Navajo Hogan
    5/24 Omaha, NE The Ranch Bowl
    5/27 Edgerton, WI Big E's
    5/28 Springfield, MO Rockwell
    5/30 Davenport, IA Quad City Live
    6/01 Columbia Heights, MN Star Central
    6/02 Lincoln, NE Royal Grove
    6/03 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
    6/05 Chicago Heights, IL Mr. Kelley's
    6/07 Bellefontaine, OH The Blue Cat
    6/08 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
    6/10 New York, NY The Knitting Factory
    6/12 Hartford, CT Webster Theater
    *More dates coming soon!

  • NOCTA are proud to announce that our debut album "Wicked Woman" is currently available on most record stores of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece & USA (many other countries soon)! Album is also available to buy online.


  • PAINSTRUCK has broken the contract with Paranoid Records.

    After many years of work together and 2 albuns the band decided to end the contract with label.

    " We are in the progress of finding a new label to release the new album, and we hope to have a contract on this soon "

    " However we continue preparing musics for the new album "



    **Co-Headlining Sounds of the Underground Tour Beginning June 24**

    April 23, 2005, New York, NY -- DRT recording artist Clutch are set to release their sixth studio album titled, Robot Hive / Exodus, on June 21, 2005. The album was produced by J. Robbins (Jawbox, The Dismemberment Plan), recorded at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY, and mixed at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ.

    The follow-up to the acclaimed Blast Tyrant, Robot Hive / Exodus firmly plants Clutch as one of the most talented hard rock bands making music today. With wildly creative songs that feature amazing musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics, Robot Hive / Exodus solidifies Clutch’s hard rock legend status. The band will showcase their new material on the upcoming ‘Sounds of the Underground’ tour which they are co-headlining along with Lamb of God. The tour begins June 24th in Lowell, MA, and will cross the entire country through the first week of August.

    Clutch recently performed on Bam Margera's show “Viva La Bam” on April 10 on MTV2, and the first single from Robot Hive / Exodus, “Mice & Gods,” will appear on the forthcoming Bam Margera CD compilation, as yet untitled. A huge fan of the band, Margera directed the video for "The Mob Goes Wild" off of the Blast Tyrant album.

    Sounds Of The Underground:

    24-Jun Paul E. Tsongas Arena Lowell, MA
    25-Jun Paul E. Tsongas Arena Lowell, MA
    26-Jun Festival Pier/Penn's Landing Philadelphia, PA
    28-Jun Phoenix Plaza Amphitheatre Pontiac, MI
    30-Jun Dixie Classic Fairgrounds Winston-Salem, NC
    1-Jul Harbor Center Pavillion Portamouth, VA
    2-Jul Starland Ballroom Lot Sayreville, NJ
    3-Jul Stade Uniprix Montreal, QC
    4-Jul Arrow Hall Mississauga, ON
    5-Jul The Scene Pavilion Cleveland, OH
    7-Jul US Bank Theatre Minneapolis, MN
    8-Jul Tweeter Center Parking Lot Tinley Park, IL
    9-Jul Pop's Lot Sauget, IL
    10-Jul Brady Village Tulsa, OK
    12-Jul Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre Lot Atlanta, GA
    13-Jul Tinker Field Orlando, FL
    15-Jul Smirnoff Music Center Lot Dallas, TX
    16-Jul Concrete St. Amphitheatre Corpus Christi, TX
    19-Jul El Paso County Coliseum El Paso, TX
    20-Jul Mesa Amphitheatre Mesa, AZ
    22-Jul Los Angeles Sports Arena Los Angeles, CA
    23-Jul Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot Mountain View, CA
    25-Jul Qwest Field Event Center Seattle, WA
    26-Jul Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC
    28-Jul Rexall Place Edmonton, AB
    29-Jul Saskatchewan Credit Union Centre Saskatoon, SK
    31-Jul Universal Lending Pavilion Denver, CO

  • SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM join the Crucial Blast roster

    We're pleased to announce that New Jersey's SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM will be entering Atomic Studios in Brooklyn to record "Alpha Males And Popular Girls", their debut full length and first release with Crucial Blast. The band will be working with veteran engineer Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, American Nightmare). "Alpha Males..." will be released on November 22nd, 2005.

    SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM specialize in a schizoid conglom of frantic No Wave meets metalcore wreckage , brain-peeling power violence|grindcore blurts, catchy-as-ebola pop punk anthems, and seizure-inducing rock debauchery. We'll post more info on this newest addition to the Crucial Blast family soon...stay tuned.

    "...barbed-wire metalcore riffs, dancey go-go beats and breakneck grindcore; handclaps, sassy female vocals and death metal screams. They appropriately call it "sex metal", and it'll light your loins on fire - they rule!"
    - Village Voice, Editor's Pick

    "This is pretty operatic, and heavy, so I ask the reader, 'Are you a fan of Racebannon?' Me thinks these cats are too. It's a highly schizophrenic ride not unlike the aforementioned, but New Jersey's SoIHadToShootHim...add a touch more pop and pure rock elements. Hooky, but buried keyboards and the actually-sung female vocals round out some of the pop aspects, while blues riffs and arena-rock power chords fill out a touch of rock features. There's even a hint of a 'show tunes'-type chorus...goes from nowave rock to grindcore and off to some 60's garage...Think Can kicking Velocity Girl around, or Today Is the Day meeting up with Faust for drinks with Queen. Eh - not even close, but it'll have to do."
    - Feast Of Hate And Fear



    GENGHIS TRON has been confirmed for a week-long tour of portions of the Northeast and Ohio with shred nutz BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS (on Troubleman Records, and featuring Colin from Infidel?/Castro!) and Tzadik Records avant-pop outfit TIME OF ORCHIDS:

    6/25/05 - Baltimore, MD @ TBA
    6/26/05 - New York, NY @ The Knitting Factory: Old Office
    6/27/05 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub (3 Harvard Ave.)
    6/28/05 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber
    6/29/05 - Binghamton, NY @ Club Ranelle's (73 Court st.)
    6/30/05 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House
    07/1/05 - Toledo, OH @ The Underground
    07/2/05 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks

    Full US tour to follow immediately - dates will be available in May.

    "Genghis Tron is here to shove an abacus up the ass of trendy mathcore...sideways."

    "This band and the label on the whole are definitely ones to watch, and if Genghis Tron can perfect their already ambitious formula through a full length follwing this teaser EP, we've on the verge of the first truly groundbreaking group in metal in a long time."


    06/02/05 The Vogue Indianapolis IN
    06/03/05 Harpo's Concert Theater Detroit MI
    06/04/05 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH
    06/05/05 Madison Theater Covington KY
    06/08/05 Buffalo Icon Buffalo NY
    06/09/05 Recher Theater Baltimore MD
    06/10/05 Irving Plaza New York NY
    06/11/05 Trocadero Philadelphia PA
    06/12/05 Norva Theater Norfolk VA
    06/13/05 Marrz Wilmington NC
    06/16/05 Stella Blue Asheville NC
    06/17/05 Ziggy's Winston-Salem NC
    06/18/05 House of Blues North Myrtle Beach SC


    The new AFTER ALL album "The Vermin Breed" is out. The album is available as CD (Dockyard 1 Records) and limited LP (Killer Metal Records - blue vinyl). Produced by Harris Johns (Helloween, Kreator, Voivod).

    Check www.afterall.be for artwork, audio samples and more. Order your copy now from www.afterall.be

    Europe Tour 2005

    LOST SOUL **

    5.09 POL Warszawa / Proxima
    6.09 POL Lublin / Graffiti
    7.09 POL Rzeszów / Akademia
    8.09 POL Kraków / Extreme
    9.09 POL Katowice / Mega Club
    10.09 POL Opole / MOK
    11.09 POL _ód_ / Dekompresja
    12.09 POL Toru_ / Od Nowa
    13.09 POL Olsztyn / Come In
    14.09 POL Gda_sk / Parlament
    15.09 POL Szczecin / S_owianin
    16.09 GER Salzgitter / Forellenhof
    17.09 GER Osnabruck / B51
    18.09 GER Hamburg / Headbangers
    19.09 SWE Gotheborg / Henriksberg
    20.09 NOR Oslo / Betong
    21.09 NOR Trondheim / Blaest
    22.09 SWE Stockholm / Club 666
    23.09 DEN Kopenhagen / The Rock
    24.09 HOL Sneek / Bolwerk
    25.09 HOL Haarlem / Patronaat
    26.09 BEL Gent / Eland
    27.09 GER Wuppertal / LCB
    28.09 GER Darmstadt / Goldene Krone
    29.09 GER Ludwigsburg / Rockfabrick
    30.09 A Graz / Explosiv
    01.10 A Vienna / Music Planet
    02.10 ITA Codevilla / Thunder Road
    03.10 FR Paris / La Maroquinerie
    04.10 FR Lyon / Le CCO
    05.10 FR Limoges / CMM John Lennon
    06.10 SP Tarragona / Golfus
    07.10 SP Madrid / Ritmo & Compas
    08.10 POR Mangualde / CC Santo Andre
    09.10 SP/FR tba
    10.10 FR Ramonville / Salle des Fetes
    11.10 CH Geneva / L’Usine
    12.10 CH Pratteln / Z7
    13.10 FR Strasbourg / La Laiterie
    14.10 GER Trier / ExHaus
    15.10 HOL Katwijk aan Zee / Scum
    16.10 HOL Eindhoven / Effenaar
    17.10 GER Paderborn / Kulturwerkstatt
    18.10 GER Munich / Titanic City
    19.10 CZ Prague / Black Pes
    20.10 CZ Ostrava / Tancirna
    21.10 GER Lipsk / Hellraiser
    22.10 GER Berlin / K-17
    23.10 POL Pozna_ / Eskulap

    * Divine Empire - only Europe
    ** Lost Soul - only Poland

    There are very few metal bands that have survived and kept going strong until today. Who knows this Polish monsters and has followed their ideas over the last 15 years, knows what to expect: mostly ultraspeed, bloodthirsty death metal with a technical brilliance that rarely is encountered in this genre. Their upcoming MCD "The Art Of War" is just a demonstration of ultra-power and pure brutality, without remaining band's roots.

    Hailing from Greece ROTTING CHRIST are one of the originators of the second wave of black metal. Their great charisma and faith in the power of what they're doing have consistently infected people around the world. Released by Century Media in 2004 band’s latest opus “Sanctus Diavolos” is one of the best albums that came out of Greece and probably the darkest and most devilish ROTTING CHRIST album ever.

    Within a few last years ANOREXIA NERVOSA has managed to become one of the most important and significant sympho black metal acts on the planet Earth. With their unique, dark and bombastic music formula these Frenchies have achieved the highest level of extreme art. The band established themselves with their latest superb album "Redemption Process", released through Listenable Records in 2004.

    Formed by ex members of mighty MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIVINE EMPIRE has been famous of their blood-spilling savagery and great technical abilities, transformed into brutal and intelligent form of metal. So far the band has recorded four full length albums. Their latest one, released through Century Media and entitled “Method Of Execution” is going to be the strongest and most destroying death metal blow of 2005.

    Favoring a high intensity delivery built around ferocious technical structures and a true devotion to Death Metal's uncompromising formula, LOST SOUL are one of Polish premier Death Metal exports -- one of an elite, extreme crew of world-class crushers. Lost Soul are now the newest signing to Earache's Wicked World imprint and their latest effort “Chaostream” proves to be a landmark release in the Extreme Music genre.




    Legendary EXODUS guitarist, Gary Holt, released a statement on the recent events that led to drummer, Tom Hunting stepping down from the kit.

    "This has been another dreadfully difficult time here in the EXODUS world...this is one of the most depressing moments of my musical career...

    "I'm saddened to announce that Tom Hunting has fallen very ill, he's been hospitalized several times over the course of the last two months.

    "First things first! I need to be very clear about this before any rumors arise....this is in NO WAY associated to drugs... Tom had conquered his drug addiction well over a year ago and we are all very, very proud of him for the unbelievable amount of strength and desire that it took to get and stay clean..

    "Our unfortunate reality at the moment is, the recording of the new album has been delayed due to Tom's illness and recently it became evident that he would be unable to resume his duties behind the kit for us. .... Tom and the band both know he cannot continue as our drummer and his health must come before any obligations to the band. We have and will continue to support Tom in any way we can so he can regain his health. We all love and care for Tom dearly and will continue to help him in every way that we can....by no means was Tom fired or nor did Tom quit the band ...the sad fact is that Tom is not able to play drums at this time....and we (EXODUS) have got to carry on without him....

    "On a brighter note I'd like to take this time to welcome to our ranks as the newest member of EXODUS, Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, FORBIDDEN). We could not be any luckier than to have as awesome a drummer as Paul available and living in our own backyard. I am stoked about working with Paul as he is, bar none, one of the best drummers in the world, and we are fired up to have someone with his ability coming g aboard. Obviously, the tracking of the new record will be delayed, but we are committed to hitting the studio ASAP. The songs are fuckin' savage and a perfect fit for Paul's style of drumming.

    "As soon as we get into the studio and start tracking I will keep everyone updated on how things are going via the EXODUS message board.....my goal will be to give a daily studio report.....and before you know it maybe a few sound clips will be made available to hold you over until the September release..."

    EXODUS will be entering the studio San Francisco later this month with assistance from Andy Sneap (Killswitch Engage, Nevermore, Kreator, Arch Enemy) to record the follow-up to Tempo Of The Damned, released on Nuclear Blast in March of 2004.


    "Exactly what heavy metal should sound like." - Kerrang Magazine

    "The ultimate heavy metal band" (BW&BK), Seattle's NEVERMORE, are set to deliver This Godless Endeavor July 26th during their mainstage summer appearance on Megadeth's Gigantour. Creating metal's most progressively innovative, insidiously addictive, and blazingly entangled music, mesmerizing vocalist Warrel Dane, backed by guitar virtuoso Jeff Loomis and the jackhammer rhythms of bassist Jim Sheppard and drummer Van Williams are now joined by guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-Testament/Dragonlord) who marks his NEVERMORE recording debut. Smyth toured extensively with the band throughout 2003 and 2004, including a U.S. tour with Dimmu Borgir and Children of Bodom, and performance at Germany's prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival.

    Traveling to England's Backstage Studios (Arch Enemy, Kreator), the band reunites with production wizard Andy Sneap (Opeth, Machine Head) who "provided an atmosphere conducive to creativity," says Dane. "This album contains the trademark NEVERMORE songcraft you have either come to love or hate," he continues, "and some of the most ripping guitar work we've recorded." Stark artwork by Hugh Syme (Rush, Megadeth) incorporates the "theme we've developed over the last few albums of everyone wearing a mask," he explains. With the title, This Godless Endeavor, being a discussion on, as Dane sees it, "the on-going struggle between science and religion." Psyched to be part of the Gigantour, "an alternative to what has become a corporate endeavor," Dane is ready to let fans experience the immediacy and urgency that have played such a huge part in their songs "mind boggling sophistication" (Terrorizer). Megadeth mainman and guitarist Dave Mustaine commented about including the band on Gigantour's mainstage, "Having produced Sanctuary's album Refuge Denied, it's obvious that I would appreciate anything that Warrel and Jim were doing. The fact that Shawn and Glen Drover (Megadeth/Eidolon) are also their friends and huge NEVERMORE fans made it an easy choice."

    In 1994, NEVERMORE rose from the ashes of cult metal band Sanctuary, catching fan's attention with acclaimed early releases Nevermore (1995), the In Memory EP (1996), The Politics Of Ecstasy (1996), and Dreaming Neon Black (1999). The four releases were recorded by celebrated producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Queensryche), and the band was joined by guitarists Pat O' Brian (Cannibal Corpse) on the two 1996 releases and Tim Calvert (ex-Forbidden) for their 1999 conceptual masterpiece. Dead Heart In A Dead World (2000), produced by Andy Sneap, moved Loomis' "skin-flaying" guitar work to the production's forefront, and while touring tirelessly, songs "Narcosynthesis" and "Inside Four Walls" became anthemic fan favorites. Followed by Outburn Magazine's "must have album of the year," 2003's opus Enemies Of Reality further showcased their mature musicianship. Containing "opuses that often reach dark symphonic peaks" (Guitar One), the album was recently remixed and remastered by Andy Sneap.

  • AGHORA News

    We finished all the drum tracks for the "Mock Recording" Dan is going to start mixing the pre production so we can begin shopping.

    We are booked to go to the studio and cut the "REAL" Drums and the "REAL" guitars for the album in the beggining of June. No more mock sessions. Its time for the real tantric magik to occur.

    We had an amazing night yesterday we all went to see Strapping Young Lad at the culture room. GO SEE THEM PLAY IF THEY ARE IN YOUR TOWN!!!!!!!! They where awesome live. We got to meet Danishta's Vocal Guru and Ian's Grandmaster!

    We spoke with Devin Townsend about vocal production and about working with Danishta. It seems he is interested. He sat in my piece of shit Kia and listened to some of the new material along with the old album (I will never wash my passenger seat again! It now has Devin Culture growing on it!!!) Anyhow looks Like Danishta will be at vocal bootcamp in Vancouver. This may set back our schedule once again for a release date from September to possible February.....But I think its well worth the wait. If it does set us back with schedules than we will most likely tour the east coast in September as we wait for Devin's schedule to free up and for Neil to be ready Mix & Master. We shall keep you posted. www.aghora.org

May 30th, 2005

    They get home from tour, they leave for tour, they get home from tour, they play shows the whole time, then go back out on the road again...... They're unstoppable.

    Cursed have a few killer one-off shows going on around their home turf for a few weeks, then go back out for another tour of duty with Bane, Evergreen Terrace and Verses.

    06/14/05 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
    06/15/05 – Nashville, TN @ The Muse
    06/16/05 – Memphis, TN @ The Complex
    06/17/05 – St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl
    06/18/05 – Rock Island, IL @ UAW Hall
    06/19/05 – West Dundee, IL @ Clearwater Theatre
    06/20/05 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
    06/21/05 – TBA
    06/22/05 – TBA
    06/23/05 – TBA
    06/24/05 – Vancouver, BC @ Video In Studios
    06/25/05 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
    06/26/05 – Portland, OR @ Solid State
    06/27/05 – San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
    06/28/05 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
    06/29/05 – San Diego, CA @ The Epicenter
    06/30/05 – W. Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour
    07/01/05 – Henderson, NV @ The Roadhouse
    07/02/05 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
    07/03/05 – TBA
    07/04/05 – Denver, CO @ Rock Island
    07/05/05 – Kansas City, MO @ El Torreon
    07/06/05 – Indianapolis, IN @ Buddas Bowling Club
    07/07/05 – Detroit, MI @ Alvins
    07/08/05 – Cleveland, OH @ Pirates Cove
    07/09/05 – Charleroi, PA @ Charleroi VFW
    07/10/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church


  • DEADLOCK's new album Earth.Revolt will be released on June 28th, 2005.

    Germany's Vegan XStraight EdgeX Power House returns to decimate the masses with their newest opus of sheer metal bliss!

    Superb musicianship with a true sense of urgency. Highly recommended for fans of IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, PRAYER FOR CLEANSING or LACUNA COIL.

  • After the success of FEAR FACTORY's latest release, ARCHETYPE, which sold over 122,000 copies within its year of release, the world has no choice but to eagerly anticipate the next FEAR FACTORY creation. Fear not, the wait won't be long. FEAR FACTORY are already working on their next release entitled Transgression tentatively due out August 23, 2005 on Trillion Records. Trillion is the new imprint from Liquid 8 Records and Entertainment founder and CEO, Mike Cattain, has created Trillion as a home for FEAR FACTORY and new bands seeking a creative haven grounded in growth. http://liquid8records.com

    FEAR FACTORY will enter Track Record Studios in North Hollywood, California on May 5th, 2005 joined by Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Metallica) who will produce along side with FEAR FACTORY this highly anticipated musical offering. "We are all very, very excited about the collaboration with Toby," says singer Burton C. Bell. In addition to Toby Wright there will be a list of all stars collaborating on Transgression such as bass player, Billy Gold of Faith No More fame. Burton explains, "Billy brings a different vibe to the music the way his bass lines move around the beat and drive the songs with a unique element" Billy will contribute to two
    songs; "Echo Of My Scream" and "Super Nova." Other working titles for Transgression are:

    New Promise (co-written with Mark Morton of Lamb of God)
    540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit

    "It's really cool to be writing a new record. We are all feeling very positive and it's moving quickly since we have overcome some major obstacles. Now we can work on a fucking great album. 2005 is the year of Transgression for FEAR FACTORY!" say Burton on the current outlook of the band.

    You can get a preview of what's to come of Transgression when you play the new game, RAINBOW SIX LOCKDOWN, which features a track from Transgression entitled, "Lockdown", as well as scores created by FEAR FACTORY throughout the menus. Apart from contributing music to RAINBOW SIX LOCKDOWN, drummer Raymond Herrera's production company 3volution Productions, has produced the soundtrack to the Tom Clancy RAINBOW SIX LOCKDOWN game, which will include FEAR FACTORY tracks, and many other songs from various bands, to be released on Calvin/Trillion Records on August 3, 2005.

    Fans will get to hear some of the new FEAR FACTORY tracks this summer on Dave Mustaine's GIGANTOUR. Christian Olde Wolbers, who will be slaying fans on the GIGANTOUR tour this summer with his new JACKSON signature series guitars and Krankenstein amps, states, "We're really excited about doing a big summer tour - we haven't done that since we headlined the side stage of Ozzfest in '98. I'm happy to convert the older and young metal fans of the GIGANTOUR. Once again Dave has put together a slamming summer tour!" For more information on tour dates, you can visit www.fearfactory.com.

May 28th, 2005

    Universal Music has just signed their first 80ies influenced hard rock band for international release. The band is CRASHDIET from Stockholm, Sweden.

    The first single "Riot In Everyone" has been a huge success on radio and TV. The video for the single was A-listed on ZTV along with Jennifer Lopez and 50 Cent for many weeks. The band is currently on a Scandinavian tour. The band will be at Download UK Festival on June 10th. Universal Music will release the album world wide after the summer. For more info go to www.crashdiet.org

  • CORROSION OF CONFORMITY To Headline Stone Breakers And Hellraisers Summer Tour With Crowbar And Alabama Thunderpussy, Sponsored By Revolver Magazine

    COC Supporting New Release In the Arms of God Through Sanctuary Records

    First Studio Album In Five Years Features Special Guest Drummer Stanton Moore Of Galactic

    CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, the Grammy-nominated heavy rockers from North Carolina, has released the critically acclaimed In The Arms Of God through Sanctuary Records. It is the band's first studio album in five years.

    Lead vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, guitarist/vocalist Woody Weatherman and bass guitarist/vocalist Mike Dean are joined on the album by special guest drummer Stanton Moore, a member of the highly respected jazz/funk band Galactic. He is a longtime friend of Keenan's, and both men are natives of New Orleans.

    The 12 tracks on In The Arms Of God are "Stone Breaker," "Paranoid Opioid," "It Is That Way," "Dirty Hands Empty Pockets/Already Gone," "Rise River Rise," "Never Turns To More," "Infinite War," "So Much Left Behind," "Backslider," "World On Fire," "Crown Of Thorns" and "In The Arms Of God."

    The first video is for "Stone Breaker." Directing was Rio Hackford, son of 'Ray' director and Academy Award nominee Taylor Hackford.

    COC's latest work reflects the band's long tradition of evolution. "We started writing songs, and they somewhat had the vibe of Blind, Deliverance and our earlier material," says Keenan. "We started thinking from that perspective, and it evolved into a heavy, classic sound but with a modern wisdom to it."

    "We really got back to our roots with this one, listening to old records that we all grew up on and headbanging at Woody's farmhouse," he adds. "It was a good time putting it together."

    The result, Keenan says, is a "bombastic, epic record, staying clear of the three-minute formula. It's not a nostalgic record by any means; it's big and ugly and heavy. Thematically, there's a lot of disgust, directed inwardly and towards society in general, reflecting these times we all live in. A lot of people will be able to relate."

    Producing was COC's longtime collaborator and knob-twisting, speaker-blowing genius, John Custer. Besides working on four of the band's previous albums, Custer also produced COC bassist Mike Dean's track "Access Babylon" on Dave Grohl's Probot project and COC's contribution to Nativity In Black, the Sabbath tribute compilation.

    The band was very excited to work with Moore. Over the past year, COC found themselves writing intense material and needed a drummer who could not only handle it but take it to another level. Keenan, who had since moved back to his hometown of New Orleans, called his old friend Moore to ask him if he knew any drummers up for the task.

    Moore laughed. "Yeah, me, " he said.

    Within four days, COC was in New Orleans undertaking a musical adventure without a map. It's the type of creative situation in which the band thrives and distinguishes itself as an original force in heavy music. Though COC's onslaught represented a departure for Moore, he was more than up for the challenge.

    "His performance was totally original and category-crushing," Weatherman says. "He stepped right into it full-throttle."

    "He's one of the most progressive drummers I know," Keenan says of Moore. "In the heavy metal world nobody really knows who he is, but after they hear this they will. He's an accomplished jazz drummer playing manic heavy music — I've never heard anything like it."

    In The Arms Of God is musical statement from men who care about the world.

    "It's disturbing and full of ugly power, but ultimately there's a shred of optimism," says Keenan. "It was worth the wait."

    To promote In The Arms Of God, COC is heading out on the road with fellow New Orleans natives Crowbar and Alabama Thunderpussy. Keenan, Weatherman and Dean have recruited longtime friend and former Cry Of Love member Jason Patterson as their touring drummer. Schedule permitting, Moore might sit in occasionally with COC. For more information, visit:


    Stone Breakers and Hellraisers Tour dates include:


    Thursday, June 2nd Indianapolis, IN The Vogue
    Friday, June 3rd Detroit, MI Harpo’s
    Saturday, June 4th Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
    Sunday, June 5th Covington, KY Madison Theater
    Tuesday, June 7th Buffalo, NY The Buffalo Icon
    Thursday, June 9th Towson, MD Recher Theater
    Friday, June 10th New York, NY Irving Plaza
    Saturday, June 11th Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
    Sunday, June 12th Norfolk, VA Norva Theater
    Tuesday, June 14th Wilmington, NC Marzz

  • NEKROPOLIS tour bus stolen / for helpful infos 1000 Euros!

    Hi my dear friends

    On 28th April we started on our first East Europa tour. Last sunday between 3 and 6 pm our tour bus has been stolen in Brno (cz) at the lake straight by the side of a busy street, 50 meter away from a police officer! Everything is told to the police now and our things are being searched also by them and by Interpool!

    We guess that the thiefs want to sell our stuff. I and the whole band am so fucking angry, I absolutly don't want that this sons of a bitch are able to sell one only damned item of us! Most of the things are usual sold things, but we hope that they sell it soon and maybe some of you find something suspect in a shop, in the internet or someone has suddenly a guitar, a bass or something else what you never expected that he could buy it! Then please inform asap the police, send an email to me or an sms to +41 79 279 66 30.

    4 Ibanez 7-string guitars
    1 Ibanez 5-string bass black
    1 Bass Status Empathy
    1 Korg Trinity Pro Workstation silver
    1 Perl Masters drum set black (normally it isn't black)
    1 Dell Inspiron 8600

    and more

    Also there were 150 Nekropolis digipac-CDs and 100 thin promo-CDs, as well as Nekropolis pull-overs and shirts. Nobody except in Switzerland, has such cloths from us.

    Ford Transit 100 for 12 persons. The last seats were took out. Behind the last seats was a fince, so we could fill the space with our equipment.

    Dark gray with darkened windows in the back

    On both sides was written Nekropolis in Greek in orange color

    On the backside it was written www.nekropolis.ch But we think that the written things are already took away.

    The light on the right frontside is a little bit destroyed and repaired by adhesive.

    The numbershield was be-311733 with the cross of Switzerland

    Please spread this message around the world. For the person who gives us the final tipp to find this motherfuckers will get 1000 Euros from us! We hope that every musician everywhere will help us. This tour was a dream for a unknown band and it was 4 months of work to organize this tour by our own. No the dream is destroyed! I anathematise this criminals!

    Thanx for helping me!

    Marcel Roesch


    ABOMINATOR (AUS): The Oz black/war metal troopers return from the South! Right after leaving Osmose Abominator signed with Displeased Records. Expect the band's new album later this year. Carnage metal!

    AGATHOCLES (BEL) : The Masters of Mince Core signed with Displeased Records! The upcoming album is almost completely written and rehearsed, and will soon be recorded in a decent studio in Belgium. Expect a new classic-to-become from these grinders, in fall 2005.

    SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (THA): Black Fucking Blasphemous Metal straight from Bangkok, Thailand! After their (only locally released) debut the band is ready to spread their Siamese desecration world wide via a new full length on From Beyond Productions. Essential for fans of Blasphemy, Impiety and Morbosidad! Available in fall 2005.


    Philadelphia: Carlsbad, New Mexico-based Kryoburn announce the first dates in support of their recently released debut album, Enigmatic Existence. The tour starting May 26 will see them across the US through the month of June.

    Together for past three years this metallic four-piece have braved their way from sea to sea, making stops and friends along the way. It was during a performance in El Paso that the band would would make introduction and impress Eddy Garcia of Pissing Razors fame. Numbers exchanged and months later, the five men would regroup to lay down sounds that would ultimately become Enigmatic Existence - the blistering debut album from a band that won’t stay small much longer.

    "This is one band that plays it like they want to and damn the rules. KRYOBURN plays with a Pantera-like fury but their songwriting is so different that to compare the two is almost impossible," says Roughedge.com. Vocalist/guitarist Todd Brashear says, "we have only begun to create. We have a vision and will continue to pursue that." Pooling the sounds and styles of Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and the early power and might of Pantera, KRYOBURN are a young band with a world of possibility.

    Featuring Les and Chris Huber, Todd Brashear and Derrick Richards, KRYOBURN are finding early support by way of college/loud rock radio. Enigmatic Existence currently nestled in Music Choice's top album's for the month of April.

    Confirmed dates as of press time include:

    05/26 - The Hole, Clovis NM
    05/28 - Purgatory, Oklahoma City OK
    05/29 - QC Live, Davenport IA
    06/02 - IRock, Detroit MI
    06/04 - Wild Spirits, New York NY
    06/08 - The Hideaway, Johnson City TN
    06/10 - MI WUK Club, Ft. Smith AR

    More dates to follow.

  • Spawned from the depths of Staten Island, ARTHURKILL has risen to become one of NYC's best kept little secrets. Personifying modern rock by drawing on influences from U2 and Bruce Springsteen to Rage Against the Machine and Metallica, Arthurkill delivers market-friendly guitar driven songs that carry the torch of rock 'n' roll into the post-alternative era. Arthurkill's latest album "Addiction" is available either online or through Tower records. Arthurkill is currently in the studio recording "Frozen in Time" the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2003's "Addiction".

    The official Arthurkill website can be reached at: www.arthurkill.net

May 25th, 2005

    The exciting news that Bloodbath is to play their first-ever live show at Germany's gargantuan Wacken Open Air, has only been surpassed by the announcement that Opeth's Mike Akerfeldt has returned to the microphone for the performance. Vocalist Peter Tagtegren (Hypocrisy), who sang on Nightmares Made Flesh, sited scheduling conflicts not allowing him to perform. For those not lucky enough to see the band in Germany this summer, the show will be filmed for a future DVD release. www.bloodbath.biz

    Metal Maniacs


    Hate Eternal have completed the next benchmark in the history of extreme music. With dizzying musicality and creativity, Hate Eternal's third album, I, Monarch, propels metal into the next dimension.

    The fearsomely talented and broad-minded musical trinity of guitarist/vocalist Erik Rutan, drummer Derek Roddy and bassist Randy Piro unites in new and transcendent ways on I, Monarch. Torrential blastbeats (perhaps truly the fastest yet recorded) meld with inhuman polyrhythms whilst lyrical firestorms rain down with unmatched rage - yet the groove underlying the chaos is of collosal proportions. Amidst shredding guitar leads and warp-speed drums, strange and unexpected sounds lie lurking - Tibetan drums, tabla, didjeridoo. With I, Monarch Hate Eternal have struck a groundbreaking balance between groove and chaos, soul and precision, focused aggression and open-minded musical vision.

    I, Monarch was recorded and mixed by Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan (Soilent Green, Into The Moat) at his own Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida. Artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium) is handling the cover art. The confirmed I, Monarch tracklisting is as follows:

    Two Demons
    Behold Judas
    The Victorious Reign
    To Know Our Enemies
    I, Monarch
    Path To The Eternal Gods
    The Plague Of Humanity
    It Is Our Will
    Sons Of Darkness
    Faceless One

    I, Monarch will see a June 28 release in the US and June 27 in the UK and Europe. Metal Maniacs


    The Sounds of the Underground lineup will feature a wide array of metal and hardcore's heaviest hitters, while still maintaining a fan friendly ticket price. Veterans Clutch and GWAR both have legions of die-hard fans that were fortified through years of relentless touring. The bill also features hardcore and metal notables such as Poison the Well, Chimaira, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, Every Time I Die, Unearth, Norma Jean, Throwdown, From Autumn To Ashes, High On Fire, Devildriver, A Life Once Lost, All That Remains, with regional appearances made by Madball and Terror (West coast), Fear Before The March OF Flames (Midwest and Southeast), Full Blown Chaos and The Red Chord (East Coast).

    The initial funding for this colossal summer touring event was provided by independent labels Ferret Music, Prosthetic, Metal Blade and Trustkill. The recent partnership between House of Blues and Sounds of the Underground has both sides believing this tour will become a viable/credible franchise for many years to come. Fellow Sounds of the Underground team members: The Syndicate, Jagermeister, Hot Topic, Music Choice, Revolver Magazine, Pure Volume.com have all played a vital role in launching this tour.


    Sounds of the Underground:
    6/25 Lowell, MA - Paul E Tsongas Arena
    6/26 Philadelphia, PA - Festival Pier Penn's Landing
    6/28 Pontiac, MI - Phoenix Plaza Amphitheatre
    6/30 Winston-Salem, NC - Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
    7/01 Portsmouth, VA - Harbor Center Pavilion
    7/02 Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom Parking Lot
    7/03 Montreal, QC - Stade Uniprix
    7/04 Mississauga, ON - Arrow Hall
    7/05 Cleveland, OH - The Scene Pavilion
    7/07 Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Theatre @ Target Center
    7/08 Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center Parking Lot
    7/09 Sauget, IL - Pop's Lot
    7/10 Tulsa, OK - Brady Village
    7/12 Atlanta, GA - Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre Lot
    7/13 Orlando, FL - Tinker Field
    7/15 Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Music Center Lot
    7/16 Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Ampitheatre
    7/19 El Paso, TX - El Paso County Coliseum
    7/20 Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre
    7/22 Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Sports Arena Lot
    7/23 Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot
    7/25 Seattle, WA - Qwest Field Event Center
    7/26 Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
    7/28 Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
    7/29 Saskatoon, SK - Saskatchewan Credit Union Centre
    7/31 Denver, CO - Universal Lending Pavilion
    Metal Maniacs

  • BRUCE DICKINSON: New Solo album Tyranny of Souls Released May 24th 2005 on Sanctuary Records

    Bruce Dickinson is an artist who has influenced thousands of singers, musicians and fans alike in his outstanding role as the front man of legendary band Iron Maiden. He has achieved great success as a solo artist, and is also acclaimed as a Radio DJ, TV presenter, pilot, author and voice of modern music.

    It has been seven years since Dickinson released his last solo album, The Chemical Wedding, which received massive critical acclaim while exploring intriguing and dark themes. The intervening years have seen him make a highly successful return to Iron Maiden, with two huge albums and record breaking live shows and tours. Tyranny Of Souls, Bruce's new solo venture, sees him return once again to collaborate with guitarist/producer/writer Roy Z. The album's cover is adorned with a 15th century depiction of Hell by Hans Hemling and the music continues along this path to explore dark, apocalyptic themes. Delving into science, theology and of course, his love of flight, with thought provoking, intelligent and menacing lyrics that are sure to leave the listener's mind unsettled, Tyranny Of Souls is pure Dickinson. Heavy riff-laden songs and explosive virtuoso guitar work from Roy joined with the definitive Dickinson soaring vocals, makes this ground breaking album a tour de force of modern Metal. It was following on from the end of the last Maiden tour that Bruce saw an opportunity to work alongside Roy again.

    "With Maiden, once the band has finished up on the tours, we all tend to go our separate ways and do our own thing for a while until it's time to saddle up again for the next album. I knew I could seize the chance to work with Roy in between his work on the new Judas Priest album. We both work quickly together which I like and the recording is very organic so it came together quite easily. I'm very proud of it." Metal Maniacs

  • GREEN CARNATION's Light Of Day... pre-production themes posted onlineGreen Carnation invites all fans to listen to the first themes of Light of Day, Day of Darkness as it sounded in the pre-production.

    By logging into www.purevolume.com/greencarnation and click on Light of Day preproduction, it will - for the first time - be possible to hear some of Tchort's original thoughts behind the start of the 60 minute epic.

    On www.purevolume.com you can also hear some of the most straight and groovy songs from Green Carnation's latest album, The Quiet Offspring, including the possibility to download the track "Between the Gentle Small and the Standing Tall" from the same album. Metal Maniacs


    The upcoming release by Subterranean Masquerade entitled Suspended Animation Dreams has been scheduled for June 21st, 2005. An ambitious project this is definitely not your typical Metal album as the eight tracks link together many genres and styles, from Urban Jazz to Folk, Classical to World Music and Progressive onto extreme Metal. This unity of multiple genres creates a adventurous mix to sink into and explore the vast soundscapes of music.

    Release Date: June 21st, Cat#: TE055 | UPC: 654436005520 | CD | The End Records

    1. Suspended Animation Dreams
    2. Wolf Among Sheep
    3. No Place Like Home
    4. Kind Of A Blur
    5. The Rock N Roll Preacher
    6. Six Strings To Cover Fear
    7. Awake
    8. X

    No Place Like Home

    Metal Maniacs


    On May 17th, Katatonia's long out of print mini album Saw You Drown from 1998 that collectors regard as the most rare and wanted item in Katatonia's discography. The 10" vinyl version is limited to 1000 copies, all hand numbered and will come in blue colored vinyl. It'll also feature an unreleased band photo, lyrics for all songs, plus personal liner notes from the band. Metal Maniacs


    LAMB OF GOD -- the Headliner for 2005 SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND TOUR!

    Lead singer D. Randall Blythe proclaims: "Lamb of God are very pleased to be included as the headliner for the Sounds of the Underground tour. The tour has a very diverse lineup, including many of our old friends and showcases established acts as well as many excellent up and coming bands to watch for. Corporate politics had no part in the formation of this tour -- this one's for the bands and the fans, not some executive's paycheck. The party is coming your way this summer -- show up with your dancing shoes and help us bring the ruckus!"

    Joining LAMB OF GOD on this history making tour will be:


    Sounds of the Underground:
    6/25 Lowell, MA Paul E Tsongas Arena
    6/26 Philadelphia, PA Festival Pier @ Penn's Landing
    6/28 Pontiac, MI Phoenix Plaza Amphitheatre
    6/30 Winston-Salem, NC Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
    7/01 Portsmouth, VA Harbor Center Pavilion
    7/02 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom Parking Lot
    7/03 Montreal, QC Stade Uniprix
    7/04 Mississauga, ON Arrow Hall
    7/05 Cleveland, OH The Scene Pavilion
    7/07 -Minneapolis, MN US Bank Theatre Target Center
    7/08 Chicago, IL Tweeter Center Parking Lot
    7/09 Sauget, IL Pop's Lot
    7/10 Tulsa, OK Brady Village
    7/12 Atlanta, GA Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre Lot
    7/13 Orlando, FL Tinker Field
    7/15 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center Lot
    7/16 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Ampitheatre
    7/19 El Paso, TX El Paso County Coliseum
    7/20 Mesa, AZ Mesa Amphitheatre
    7/22 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Sports Arena Lot
    7/23 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot
    7/25 Seattle, WA Qwest Field Event Center
    7/26 Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum
    7/28 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
    7/29 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan Credit Union Centre
    7/31 Denver, CO Universal Lending Pavilion


    Metal Maniacs


    As first reported here on March 30, Dutch death metallers SINISTER have now officially reformed, according to a statement issued by Nuclear Blast Records. "Fact is that after numerous letters and e-mails of fans around the world we reconsidered to revive the band again," the group said in a statement, "but drastic measures were needed in order to keep true to ourselves and to our fans that supported the band from the beginning."

    What this means is that SINISTER decided to alter the group's lineup in an unorthodox way: Aad Kloosterwaard, drummer and founder of the band, will be the new vocalist. "This role is not new to him, since he is already handling the mic some time with his other bands BLASTCORPS and INFINITED HATE," the group write. Additionally, bass player Alex Paul will switch to guitar while newcomer Paul Beltman (ex-JUDGEMENT DAY) shall be the new SINISTER drummer. A (session) bass player will be added when the band hits the road again.

    Plans for a new album are currently underway, as Alex, Aad and Paul explain: "Our vengeance to those we hate start at the end of this year when we will record our new album in the Stage One studio in Germany. The new album will be released again through Nuclear Blast Records, our brothers in crime, to whom we have the deepest respect for believing in SINISTER for all these years. As for our fans who supported us throughout the years and hopefully will again in the future!"

    SINISTER re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records back in 2002 after a one-album stint with the now-defunct Hammerheart Records. The group's last studio album, Savage or Grace, was released in 2003. [Sourced: Blabbermouth] Metal Maniacs


    Full-Length LEGACY Fall 2005

    Ferret Records is proud to announce the signing of Madball to their family of artists. Madball, the pinnacle of New York hardcore will record their upcoming album in May with production from Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Throwdown). The album will be released later this year after the band finishes The Sounds Of The Underground tour this summer (alongside Opeth, Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die, High On Fire and others). Madball, who have carved their own place in the hierarchy of hardcore features Freddy Cricien on vocals, brother of Roger Miret (Agnostic Front). Originally the group was Agnostic Front with Freddy in the front spot, all at the ripe age of twelve years old! The group re-tooled with new members including mainstay Hoya on bass and released classic albums on Roadrunner Records such as Set It Off and Demonstrating My Style while in their teens. The band's last full-length Hold It Down was on Epitaph Records and marked the band's most mature release combining their previous fury with a more tempered attack.

    Label Pres, Carl Severson says of the band: "I remember skating back from Vintage Vinyl in NJ with Mike Olender (future vocalist of Burnt By The Sun) after picking up the first Madball EP on vinyl. I couldn't wait to get home and play it, I've bought every album since and I still feel the same, I can't wait to hear the new album! Ferret is a young, aggressive label and Madball is still a young, aggressive band ready to take over the world."

    Cricien echoes this sentiment, "For the first time I feel like we are on a label that gets the band. Ferret comes from the same scene we do, they are fans and they have a lot of passion for what they do."

    Cricien, who took time off from Madball to exorcise his musical demons with Hazen St. (feat members of H20 & New Found Glory) is back spreading the hardcore reality with Hoya, Mitts (guitar) and Rigg Ross (drums). Speaking of the new Madball material, Cricien says, "To the fans, personally I feel like it's our best material. It's still heavy, it's still in your face and talks about real life, but it also has groove and really heavy production." Metal Maniacs

  • ARCH ENEMY Announce New Agreement With Century Media Records, Set Release Date For New Album and Prepare For Ozzfest

    Metal titans ARCH ENEMY - whose dynamic mixture of melody and aggression has earned them massive critical acclaim, a rabid worldwide fan base and a slot on this summer's Ozzfest -- have officially signed a new agreement that sees Century Media Records, in conjunction with band leader Mike Amott's Savage Messiah Music label, become the home for the group's future albums worldwide outside Southeast Asia.

    The band is currently wrapping up work on their highly anticipated new full-length album Doomsday Machine, which is set for a July 26 release in North America (July 25 in Europe). "We have all been working hard in the studio to make the ultimate metal album," Mike says. "The drums sound totally amazing, as Daniel (Erlandsson, percussion) has excelled himself yet again and the grooves he's created are catchy but powerful as hell. People will be stunned when they hear what he has done.

    "I think all great metal needs that killer mix of classic riffs and ripping solos, something that has been a bit of a dying art recently," he continues. "We are doing our best to recreate that mix on this new album, and one thing I can guarantee is that there will be tons of guitar for fans to headbang to. All in all, I am really happy with the songs and I believe we have found the right balance of melody and brutality - the Arch Enemy trademark! Welcome to the Doomsday Machine."

    ARCH ENEMY, featuring the all-star lineup of Mike Amott (guitars), Chris Amott (guitars), Sharlee D'Angelo (bass) and Daniel Erlandsson (drums), first garnered praise with the metal milestones Black Earth (1997), Stigmata (1998) and Burning Bridges (1999). These albums were fueled by flawless dual guitar technical execution and a previously unheard of mixture of melody and aggression, which helped them quickly solidify their reputation as one of the genre's elite. However, ARCH ENEMY really began to develop their true potential once vocalist Angela Gossow joined the fold on 2001's critically acclaimed Wages of Sin.

    The band's 2003 effort, Anthems of Rebellion, was immediately hailed as a metal masterpiece. It was their second offering with Angela, touted by Metal Edge as "one of the most promising talents in years." The record proved to be a landmark release for Century Media, as it delivered the label its then-highest first-week US SoundScan sales ever on the way to becoming one of its 10 best-selling albums of all time. Press raves continued to pour in, as Anthems scored an unprecedented 5/5 in both Alternative Press and Kerrang! while going on to land the #1 album of 2003 in Metal Maniacs Readers' Poll, earning them staunch recognition and high-profile US tours with such acts as Slayer, Hatebreed, Cradle Of Filth and the legendary Iron Maiden.

    All of this high praise, along with the undying support of MTV2's Headbangers Ball (including the program's most recent affiliated tour), continues to attract an ever-expanding audience to the band's unique style of metal. Expect their stellar musicianship and unparalleled live shows to continue garnering them new legions of fans throughout Ozzfest.

    On July 26, ARCH ENEMY are poised to deliver the album of their career and redefine the genre they helped to create. Metal Maniacs

  • WITHERED signs to Lifeforce Records!

    Lifeforce Records is extremely proud to announce the official signing of Atlanta, Georgia's very own Withered!

    "We are really excited to welcome Withered to the Lifeforce family! Imagine if you will, a band that finds the crippling medium between early 90's Death Metal, Blackened Swedish Death and Sludge/Crust-metal! Withered encompass everything I would want out of a brutally grinding / sludgy Metal band of today!" – Drew Juergens - Label Manager / President of Lifeforce Records America Corp.

    Formed in the early summer of 2003 and consisting of founding and current members of the grindcore/crust punk band Social Infestation as well as ex-members of Leechmilk, Withered have shared the stage with the likes of Mastodon, Exhumed, Lickgoldensky, Weedeater, Herod and Misery Index to name a few.

    "We're very happy, on a musical and personal level, to be working with Lifeforce Records. It's exciting to be part of what is sure to become one of the world's premier metal labels." - Withered

    Withered's full-length release Memento Mori (produced by Michael Green of Light Pupil Dilate-fame) is set to come out September 6th, 2005. Paul Romano (Trivium / Mastodon / Dead To Fall / Death By Stereo) will be handling the graphic design duties for Memento Mori, so expect nothing but the best visual eye-candy imaginable!

    Withered are:

    Chris Freeman - guitars / vocals
    Mike Thompson - guitars / vocals
    Greg Hess - bass guitar
    Wes Kever - drums

    Site: www.withered.net


    BESEECH the heavy swedish male/female fronted gothic metal band will released their highly acclaimed album "DRAMA" in South America through Haunted Records the 24th April. "DRAMA" were released in Europe and USA in 2004 through Napalm Records and gained alot of great chartpositions allover. Right now are BESEECH in the studio and putting the last touches on the 5th album "SUNLESS DAYS" that will be released in September this
    year and will contain a Danzig cover and re-make of the song Manamde Dreams from Beseech 2nd album "Black Emotions".



    NEW YORK CITY (MAY 2, 2005) – Commencing late July 2005, BLACK ZODIAC, a metal band based out of Southern Florida, will be departing Florida, motoring their way out way west performing in clubs and festivals in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas – and then back to Florida playing additonal dates in those states.

    A highlight of the tour, will be BLACK ZODIAC's performance at the US Indie Band & Film Expo in Beaumont, Texas, and performances in several venues in and around Beaumont from August 19-23, 2005. BLACK ZODIAC will have a "meet & greet" booth during the entire five days at the Expo where you can purchase their merchandise, say "hello," and get their autographs.

    During the afternoon of Saturday, August 20, designer Tracy Robertson of Houston-based Azrael's Accomplish Designs (www.azacdesigns.com) will host a fashion show at the US Indie Expo featuring Azrael's collection of unique and alternative fashions. Azrael's Accomplice Designs has been featured in many magazines, fashion shows, and websites all over the world such as Gothic Beauty, Marquis, Skin Two, Blueblood.net, etc. Tracy Robertson has also won many awards for her work. Among the model's appearing on the catwalk will be heavy metal goddess, Mayelin, lead vocalist of the band BLACK ZODIAC.

    For further information on the US Indie Band & Film Expo, please visit their website which is located at www.usindie.com. To buy tickets for this event, call InHouse Tickets at (866) 384-3060 or through the web at http://usindie.inhousetickets.com.

    BLACK ZODIAC's website is located at www.blackzodiac.net.

  • The new LEAVES' EYES album "VINLAND SAGA" in stores: 30.05.2005!

    A romantic journey into the realm of myths, fjords and Vikings! Order VINLAND SAGA

    Tracklist Jewelcase
    1. Vinland Saga
    2. Farewell Proud Men
    3. Elegy
    4. Solemn Sea
    5. Leaves' Eyes
    6. The Thorn
    7. Misseri (Turn Green Meadows into Grey)
    8. Amhrán (Song of the Winds)
    9. New Found Land
    10. Mourning Tree
    11. Twilight Sun
    12. Ankomst
    13. Elegy Video Clip

    Tracklist Limited Edition Digipack:
    1. Vinland Saga
    2. Farewell Proud Men
    3. Elegy
    4. Solemn Sea
    5. Leaves' Eyes
    6. The Thorn
    7. Misseri (Turn Green Meadows into Grey)
    8. Amhrán (Song of the Winds)
    9. New Found Land
    10. Mourning Tree
    11. Twilight Sun
    12. Ankomst
    13. Heal (Bonus Track)
    14. For Amelie (New Version) (Bonus Track)
    15. Elegy Videoclip
    16. Interview (Video)
    17. Making of a Saga (Video)


  • MYSTIC SHADOWS - Epic Black Metal

    The epic black metal side project of Blood Tears members (Arntor and Myth), Mystic Shadows, is already working in new songs that will be part of a second full length. The band's debut, ...Over Old Hills, which has some influences from bands like Summoning, Bathory, Moonsorrow and Falkenbach, is available at the band's website, www.mshadows.com where the fans can also find some full songs for download.

    Here is the debut's track list:

    I - Under The Red Sky (5:04)
    II - Ode To The Braves (8:28)
    III - Home Of The Gods (9:47)
    IV - Into The Mist (4:18)
    V - Pagan Memories (4:31)
    VI - Our Kingdom Is Rising Again (8:13)
    VII - Lake Of Ice (9:34)
    VIII - Tears Of An Ancient Brave (2:29)