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March 20th, 2008

    - Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Killswitch Engage, Sonata Arctica etc.
    - Separate Nightwish-concert on 26.6.

    The eleventh annual Tuska-Festival in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finland on June 27.-29. once again offers a variety of international and domestic metal acts.

    It’s been a long time coming but now they’re here; on Sunday 29.6. the almighty Slayer takes the stage as the final act of the festival.

    Friday 27.6. will be concluded by Norwegian symphonic black metal –giants Dimmu Borgir.

    Other additions to the 2008 –line up are Killswitch Engage, Dying Fetus, Nile, Primordial, Sonata Arctica and Kalmah.

    A total of 32 bands on three stages will perform at Kaisaniemi, Helsinki over the course of three days. In addition to this, a couple of dozen bands will be appearing at the infamous evening clubs.

    Current Tuska 2008 –line up reads as follows:

    Dimmu Borgir
    Killswitch Engage
    Sonata Arctica
    Amon Amarth
    The Sorrow
    Dying Fetus


    The hottest Finnish commodity on the music market at the moment, Nightwish, will be playing a show on June 26, the day before Tuska at the Kaisaniemi venue. Nightwish are being supported by Amorphis and Epica.

    Tickets for Tuska 2008 will go on sale on Monday 3.3. through www.tiketti.fi and www.lippupalvelu.fi. Tuska 2008 is an all-ages event. One-day ticket costs 42e and 3-day ticket 85e.


    Tickets for The Nightwish-show will go on sale on Monday 3.3. through www.tiketti.fi and www.lippupalvelu.fi. The concert is an all-ages event. Tickets cost 44e.

    Additional Info on TUSKA & NIGHTWISH-CONCERT:


    Outi Alander +358 40 510 26 71, [email protected]
    Jouni Markkanen +358 500 574 636, [email protected]
    Niklas Nuppola +358 40 552 74 94, [email protected]

    Additional info on NIGHTWISH:

  • Metalcamp new acts

    Dear Metalcampers,

    Some years ago an idea about metal holidays was something many of us secretly fantasised about but no one really said it out loud. Sure, there were many cool open air festivals, but the fun only lasted one weekend and because all wanted more, you had no other choice but to travel many miles to visit another open air festival and had another weekend of great fun.
    With Metalcamp Holidays everything changed. Now you have unique chance to spend your holidays just the way you always wanted to! In a small city of Tolmin, Slovenia, you can live your metal dream! Metalcamp holidays offer you a whole week in heavy metal heaven!

    ARCH ENEMY are the newest addition of 2008 Metalcamp line-up. This Tyrant on the Rise is for sure one of the bands you just cannot afford to miss this summer! Born from the Black Earth this extreme Swedish act was soon Stigmatized by the metal crowd and accepted as their own. The strong musical bond of Amott brothers delivers flawless guitar techniques and their signature mixture of aggression and melody. By Burning Bridges and perfecting their musical skills with each new album their success was a guarantee. The all star line up was complete when Miss Angela Gossow took over Their Wages of Sin as a singer in 2001. Their Anthems of Rebellion never before sounded so loud as masses of fans joined this almighty Doomsday Machine on their march to new Revolution. Make sure you don’t miss their aggressive performance at Metalcamp’s main stage…or blood will be on your hands.

    The Finnish forest clan most known for their loud polka parties where everyone - the band and the crowd - goes a bit pagan crazy, will present their new album at Metalcamp festival. Their unique mixture of Finnish folk music and metal secured them a special place among today’s popular folk metal acts. The forest people love to be a part of Metalcamp festival once again. Of course it seems only natural that they feel best when surrounded by mountains and forest. This will be one hell of a humppa, when the Korven Kuningas (kings of the woods) take over the stage. Prepare for some crazy dancing yodels!

    Eluveitie from Swiss are one of those bands who presented themselves to a larger audience for the first time at Metalcamp festival. They are also one of the bands who managed to grab their chance, do their absolute best and in the end succeeded to anchor their name in today’s massive folk metal scene. This folk metal band with a modern twist will present their newest masterpiece ‘Slania‘ at Metalcamp festival.

    These crazy lads from UK clearly don’t care about other people’s opinion. Their only concern is to play their music and have fun while at it. Perhaps this is the secret ingredient to deliver something new on today’s overcrowded music scene. Since they don’t worry about categorising their musical style - we leave it up to you. What we can say for sure is that this will be one hell of a ride when they hit Metalcamp stage!

    Is one of top death metal inspired bands from today’s UK scene. In a relatively short period from 2001 till today they have come a long way. Their traditional metal oriented sound mixed with thrash and modern metal parts delivers a satisfying listening experience for old-school metal fans and modern metal enthusiasts who like Judas Priest or Pantera.

    Another presenters of “the Swedish metal inspired” Germans will present their newest Catalogue of Carnage at Metalcamp. The great album reviews and response from their fans promise another cool act you should check out during your Metalcamp Holidays!



    The 7 day full festival ticket is valid
    from 3rd to 9th of July 08.
    Camping included.
    Price: 114 €

    The 3 day ticket is valid from
    4th to 6th of July 08.
    Camping included.
    Price: 84 €

    The 1 day ticket is valid for any choosen day between 3rd to 9th of July 08.
    Camping included.
    Price: 49 €


    Metalcamp fan package includes:
    - 7 day full festival ticket,
    - Fan package TS,
    - Metalcamp car sticker (80 x 14 cm).
    Price: 124 €

    Metalcamp fan package includes:
    - 7 day full festival ticket,
    - Fan package Girlie TS,
    - Metalcamp car sticker (80 x 14 cm).
    Price: 124 €

    Metalcamp fan package includes:
    - 7 day full festival ticket,
    - Fan package TS,
    - Metalcamp wooly hat.
    Price: 124 €

    Metalcamp fan package includes:
    - 7 day full festival ticket,
    - Fan package Girlie TS,
    - Metalcamp wooly hat.
    Price: 124 €


    7-DAY full festival parking ticket is valid from 3rd to 9th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 20 €

    3-DAY festival parking ticket is valid from 4th to 6th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 15 €

    FRIDAY parking ticket is valid from 3rd to 4th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 8 €

    SATURDAY parking ticket is valid on 5th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 8 €

    SUNDAY parking ticket is valid on 6th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 8 €

    MONDAY parking ticket is valid on 7th of July 08.Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 8 €

    TUESDAY parking ticket is valid from 8th to 9th of July 08. Ticket applies for 1 vehicle. Price: 8 €

    SLOVENIA: www.masterofmetal.net
    WORLDWIDE: www.metalcamp.com

    PILGRIMZ (DK) will attend MTV HEADBANGERS BALL TOUR 2008 along with MECENARY, RAUNCHY + 1 more band TBC! The launch of the tour is scheduled 8th August in Copenhagen, Amager Bio where OBITUARY (US) PILGRIMZ and AS WE FIGHT + 1 special guest will help kick off the tour!

    Last week PILGRIMZ (DK) announced that they will attend Roskilde Festival ’08 with bands such as AT THE GATES (S), BAND OF HORSES (US), CLUTCH (US), ENTER SHIKARI (UK), JOB FOR A COWBOY (US)

    We’ll announce record label and release date for PILGRIMZ debut album within a few months – but expect the album to be out during the spring of 2008.

    *Contact Dream Fire Agency for questions regarding Pilgrimz and this press release.



    HOLLYWOOD – PEARL, a name all together fresh and rooted in rock ‘n’ roll history, is flying onto the music scene breaking the social traditions that have become the U.S. rock norm. Headed up by the whiskey soaked voice of Pearl Aday, daughter of music icon Meat Loaf, this album will smash through the anonymity and secure her rightful place in rock history.

    Pearl Aday has an innate talent capable of conveying powerful emotion through heart-stomping, primal, rock-and-roll singing. “There is no real female rock anymore,” states Aday. “I will be the chick to bring it back.” In the veins of Janis Joplin, Aerosmith and all great hard rock blues filled artists, PEARL’s debut album is explosive, crushing, real and soulful with it’s natural fusion of blues and rock.. Aday’s vocal intensity proves a perfect match for the high-energy music of PEARL. “I grew up surrounded by rock ‘n’ roll, soul, blues, funk, and country. It’s what I love. It’s what I’m made of. It’s in my blood.”

    PEARL was produced and engineered by Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age). Aday is backed by the musical talent of Scott Ian (Anthrax), and Jim Wilson (lead Guitar/vocals), Marcus Blake (bass/vocals), and Matt Tecu (drums) of the band Mother Superior, with special performances by Ted Nugent on the blistering track “Check Out Charlie”, and Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) on the dark and beautiful track “Anything”. All the songs are of a very personal nature for Aday in speaking of her lyrics. “Check Out Charlie is about the lessons I’ve learned with sex drugs and rock n roll.” She goes on to say, “The song is so rockin’, and it’s got Ted Nugent and Scott Ian going back and forth on guitar.”

    Coming from a musical background and being the daughter of Meat Loaf led Aday into music from an early age. “I don’t remember when I discovered I could sing. I was always singing. As a little girl I was singing all the time putting on shows for everyone.” Eventually, Pearl was singing on stage with her father, Meat Loaf, touring the world for 9 years. Pearl also joined Motley Crue on their Maximum Rock world tour in 2000. Shortly after, she stepped out on her own, and began recording her solo original material.

    PEARL will be joining Velvet Revolver on tour in the UK this March 2008. "I'm really looking forward to coming to the UK”, exclaims Aday. “Especially with such an iconic band as Velvet Revolver. I’m ready. I am so ready. Let’s go! We’re gonna tear it up!”


    Fri. March 21 London Barfly (headline show)
    Sat. March 22 Wolverhampton Civic Hall with Velvet Revolver
    Sun. March 23 Birmingham Academy with Velvet Revolver
    Tue. March 25 London Brixton Academy with Velvet Revolver
    Wed. March 26 London Brixton Academy with Velvet Revolver
    Thu. March 27 Brighton The Brighton Centre with Velvet Revolver

    For more information www.myspace.com/Pearl
  • SOUL STEALER – new name on Ledo Takas roster

    Lithuanian heavy metal band changes the name and signs the deal with Ledo Takas Records

    Soul Brothers, traditional heavy metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania, active since 2003, which has caused a new wave of interest in pure undiluted harmonious and spine-chilling metal as a genre to Lithuanian public, aims for new heights. For a few years their gigs keep packing clubs and halls with a solid devoted fanbase, due to excellently arranged and executed material, able to make walls vibrate.

    The ambitious five-piece has yet stirred a massive interest this winter, after their much promising frontman Jeronimas Milius has won national Eurovision contest and will represent Lithuania in European competition in Serbia, later in May 2008. Not the least, the guitarist Enrikas Slavinskis has been a part of OBTEST line up for a few years already.

    Finally, it‘s time for a breakthrough. The band returns with the new SOUL STEALER moniker, a deal with Ledo Takas Records and the debut album, to be unleashed literally in no time. Self-titled full-length record, scheduled for release yet this spring, contains to the gig goers already well familiar songs. As we speak off, this upcoming SOUL STEALER album is being intensively mixed at Thrigger Sound studio in Vilnius.

    Along with the album premier, SOUL STEALER promise to renew their live activities, starting with the album presentation fiesta later in the year.

  • VINTERRIKET - Gebirgshöhenstille CD 2007

    - the new official full-length album
    - mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio Studio (Oslo/ Norway) in autumn 2007
    - incl. mpeg video-clip of "Gipfelpforte"
    - feat. 4 tracks of bleak and desolate mountain-soundscapes
    - feat. 2 tracks of grim and frosty avantgarde winter-music
    - also available: Black "Gebirgshöhenstille" T-Shirt (L/XL) & Longsleeve (XL) incl. front-, sleeve- and backprint

    1. Gipfelpforte / 2. Im Dunkel des Höhenzuges / 3. Felsmassiv / 4. Bergesland / 5. Steig in die Ungewißheit / 6. Gebirgshöhenstille / 7. Gipfelpforte (mpeg-videoclip)

    A 2 min promo excerpt of the video can be downloaded here
    (please note that the sound-quality of this teaser does not reflect the real sound-quality of the actual CD)

  • VINTERRIKET - Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen - DIGI CD 2005

    - the 4th official full-length album now finally available again
    - mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio Studio (Oslo/ Norway) in January 2005
    - DIGIPAK format incl. 16 pages booklet

    Cold chords and stirring hypnotic riffing paired with haunting and cold synthetic soundscapes evoking an chilling atmosphere full of bleakness, coldness, desolation, solitude, emptiness, melancholy, darkness and nothingness,... The bleak mourning of desolate idleness within eerie and misty sonic landscapes.

    A tribute to the darkest side of nature...

    1. Herbststürme / 2. Tannenmeer / 3. Nachtgeflüster / 4. Vergänglichkeit / 5. In den unendlichen Weiten der weißen Trostlosigkeit / 6. Winterreise – Wege in die Einsamkeit / 7. Winternacht – Kalte Schwärze im Bann der silbernen Sonne / 8. Winternebel – Graue Schleier der Ewigkeit / 9. Heimgang der Seelen

    "Vergänglichkeit" video clip
    (please note that the sound-quality of this video clip does not reflect the real sound-quality of the actual CD)

    - Saturday sold out
    - 5000 visitors over 2 days
    - Nightwish and Mokoma took home the Finnish Metal Awards

    The fourth annual Finnish Metal Expo took place at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland during the weekend of Feb 15 & 16. Saturday tickets were sold out well in advance and the 2500 capacity venue was packed with metal enthusiasts. Almost equal number of people visited the world’s premiere Metal Expo on Friday. This year the fans were treated with live performances by the likes of Soilwork, Turisas, Municipal Waste, Mustasch, Korpiklaani etc.

    In addition to the live shows more than 50 exhibitors such as record labels, instrument brands, merchandisers, media etc. displayed their latest offerings in the expo area.

    International Metal Meeting, industry event within the FME, gathered about 100 International and local Finnish delegates from the metal music industry.

    Finnish Metal Awards once again awarded the best Finnish Metal of 2007. The people cast their votes to select the winners:

    Album of the year: Mokoma – Luihin ja Ytimiin
    Band of the year: Nightwish
    Rookie of the Year: Ari Koivunen
    Cover art of the year: Mokoma – Luihin ja Ytimiin
    Musician of the year: Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish
    Vocalist of the year: Marko Annala of Mokoma

    Additional information:


    WORCESTER, Mass. - This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the largest and most successful metal festival in the United States.

    This year's show, presented by ESP, Randall, EMG, and exclusive magazine presenter Metal Maniacs, will take place the weekend of April 25-27 at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass., its home since its inception. Sumerian Records will sponsor the Summer Slaughter Tour second stage.

    The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will present Gigantour featuring Megadeth, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Job for a Cowboy and High on Fire on Friday night. Saturday will be headlined by Dimmu Borgir, Shadows Fall, and Behemoth. Ministry, Meshuggah, and Nevermore will close out the festival on Sunday night.Other bands scheduled to perform include: A Life Once Lost, The Acacia Strain, After the Burial, Animosity, As Blood Runs Black, Belay My Last, Born of Osiris, Briandrill, Classic Struggle, Cockpunch!, Cold World, Dead to Fall, Demiricous, Dillinger Escape Plan, Disfear, Eluveitie, Elysia, Embrace the End, Emmure, The End, Ensiferum, First Blood, From a Second Story Window, Full Blown Chaos, The Ghost Inside, God Forbid, Hate Eternal, Hemlock, High on Fire, Impending Doom, Job for a Cowboy, Keep Of Kalessin, Kid Deposit Triumph, Ligeia, Mensrea, Monstrosity, Municipal Waste, On Broken Wings, Overkill, Recon, Red I Flight, Rhinoceros, Shai Hulud, Shipwreck a.d., Since the Blood, Skeletonwitch, Sleeping Giant, Soilent Green, Sons of Azrael, Stick to Your Guns, Stray from the Path, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganze, Trap Them, Turisas, Tyr, Unexpect, Unholy, Vanna, Veil of Maya, Vital Remains, Waking the Cadaver, Winds of Plague, Withered, Xtyrantx, and more.

    The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is also sponsored by Metal Edge, Monster Energy, All In Merchandise, 518 Prints, The Syndicate, Mazur PR, Heavy Hitter, Scott Lee Clothing, JeremySaffer.com, DefyUnlearn.com, ReturnToThePit.com and many more to be announced.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, February 15 at 10 a.m. EST. The cost is $47.50 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, $45 for Sunday, or $129 for a three-day pass. Tickets available at all Strawberries / FYE Stores, by calling (800) 477-6849 or online at tickets.com

    Visit the festival website at metalandhardcorefestival.com or myspace.com/metalandhardcorefestival

  • ORIGIN has completed work on their brand new album, Antithesis.

    Antithesis, the follow-up to 2005’s Echoes of Decimation, brings what is widely considered to be the band’s strongest line-up back together (Paul Ryan – guitars / vocals, Jeremy Turner – guitars / vocals, James Lee – vocals, Mike Flores – bass / vocals, and John Longstreth – drums) since the band’s Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas album. Antithesis was engineered by Rob Rebeck at Chapman Studios, mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound, and it’s complete track listing is as follows: “The Aftermath”, “Algorithm”, “Consuming Misery”, “Wrath of Vishnu”, “Finite”, “The Appalling”, “Void”, “Ubiquitous”, “The Beyond Within”, and “Antithesis”.

    Antithesis is set for an April 1 North American release date, April 7 internationally and its album art can be previewed here.

    ORIGIN will embark on a European headlining tour at the end of May with support from IMPALED and HOUR OF PENANCE. Additionally, ORIGIN have been confirmed as one of the headliner’s at this year’s Central Illinois Metalfest in July. A complete listing of ORIGIN tour dates will be announced shortly.

  • W:O:A 2008 - Actual Billing

    Confirmed bands:

    3 inches of Blood, As I Lay Dying, At the Gates, Autumn, Avantasia, Axel Rudi Pell, Axxis, Before the Dawn, Carcass, Children of Bodom, Corvus Corax, Crematory, Destructor, Dream of an Opium Eater, Enemy of the Sun, Ensiferum, Evocation, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Exodus, Girugämesh, Gorerotted, Gorgoroth, Grave, Hatebreed, Headhunter, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, Kreator, Krypteria, Leaves´Eyes, Lord Belial, Lordi, Machine Men, Mercenary, Nifelheim, Nightwish, Obituary, Opeth, Powerwolf, Primordial, PsychoPunch, Sabaton, Saltatio Mortis, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Sturm und Drang, The Bones, Van Canto, Warbringer, Watain and many more!

    Further infos about all bands are following constantly at www.wacken.com

    Tickets at Metaltix ( www.metaltix.com ), +49 (0)4627-18 38 38 für EUR 99,00 (incl. EUR 20,00 für Full Metal Service) plus VVK-Gebühr EUR 10,00 (zahlt nicht mehr an den VVKstellen!) + Porto bestellen.

    This includes for example:
    > free parking (for any verhicle equaly if car, bus, motorbike, or camper) > free camping - directly at your vehicle for the W:O:A Feeling (as far as the weather allows it). > Like before there is no limitation for drinks or any food on the parking- and camping area > only greenfields and direct ways to the fesivalarea (as far as the weather allows it). > Shuttle to the Wacken or Schenefeld swimming-bath. > Garbage will be collected from us for free - No garbage deposit > Festivalstickers > free CD > many little suprises = Full Metal Bag > and many more...... Tickets: www.metaltix.com
  • Grind Minded's "Domestic Violence" available for streaming

    Open Grave Records has made available to stream via their website as well the Grind Minded myspace page the entire new Grind Minded album titled, "Domestic Violence". "Domestic Violence" was originally to be released back in late December of 2007, but due to complications at the manufacturing facility it wasn't available until the end of January / early February 2008. "Domestic Violence" is Grind Minded's follow up to their 2004 album titled, "9mm Facial". "Domestic Violence" was recorded between August 20 and August 29 at Soundlodge Studio (GOD DETHRONED, DEW-SCENTED, OBSCENITY) in Germany, and was produced by Jörg Uken and GRIND MINDED.

    Open Grave Records website: http://www.opengraverecords.com
    Grind Minded Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/grindminded
  • MERCENARY confirmed to tour Europe with Death Angel!

    MERCENARY fans take heed! The Danish metal act will be direct support for legendary Bay Area thrashers Death Angel on their European tour in April 2008 and will use the opportunity to present you their new album “Architect Of Lies” live! The follow up to 2006’s “The Hours That Remain” will be available on the following release dates:

    DENMARK: Monday, March 17th, 2008
    UK, FRANCE, NORWAY, REST OF EUROPE: Monday, March 24th, 2008
    SPAIN, PORTUGAL: Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
    SWEDEN, FINLAND, HUNGARY: March 26th, 2008

    The brand-new track “Embrace The Nothing” has also been posted lately on the band’s MySpace site, listen to it now! www.myspace.com/mercenarydenmark

    To find out more about the work on the new album a studio report has just been posted on YouTube, watch it by clicking HERE! The second part will be uploaded very soon, so stay tuned!

    See MERCENARY live at the following dates:
    10.03.2008 (D) – Munich @ Zenith / direct support for Megadeth
    11.03.2008 (D) – Neu-Isenburg @ Hugenottenhalle / direct support for Megadeth
    20.03.2008 (DK) – Herning @ Kulturellen
    21.03.2008 (DK) – Aalborg @ Studenterhuset
    22.03.2008 (DK) – Aarhus @ Voxhall
    23.03.2008 (DK) – Copenhagen @ The Rock
    05.07.2008 (SI) – Tolmin @ Metal Camp Festival 2008
    31.07.-03.08.2008 (D) – Wacken @ Wacken Open Air

    presented by Rock Hard (D)
    02.04.2008 (NL) Utrecht @ Tivoli
    03.04.2008 (D) Osnabrück @ N8
    04.04.2008 (NL) Rotterdam @ Baroeg
    05.04.2008 (NL) Eindhoven @ Dynamo Club
    06.04.2008 (B) Vosselaar @ Biebob
    07.04.2008 (D) Lindau @ Vaudeville
    09.04.2008 (HUN) Budapest @ A38 Ship
    10.04.2008 (AT) Wien @ Planet
    11.04.2008 (CH) Pratteln @ Z7
    12.04.2008 (IT) Piacenza @ Fillmore
    13.04.2008 (IT) Rome @ Alpheus
    15.04.2008 (UK) London @ The Underworld
    16.04.2008 (UK) Nottingham @ Junction 7
    17.04.2008 (UK) Glasgow @ Ivory Blacks
    18.04.2008 (UK) Wolverhampton @ Civic
    19.04.2008 (D) Essen @ Turock
    20.04.2008 (D) Leipzig @ Hellraiser
    23.04.2008 (D) Hamburg @ Markthalle
    24.04.2008 (D) Berlin @ K17
    25.04.2008 (D) Adelsheim @ Livefactory

  • TURISAS Lisko missing; step in accordion player for Spring tours!

    Warlord Nygard, vocalist of Finnish battle metal warriors TURISAS, has issued the following statement:

    “We hereby announce that we have been forced to hire a step-in accordion player to replace Lisko on all announced upcoming tourdates. We have an important show this Friday at the Finnish Metal Expo (FIN) and two lengthy tours in UK/Europe and USA just around the corner - but no accordion player.

    The thing is, we played a cool show in Groningen, Netherlands on January 11th and everything was cool. Then the next day, before the flight, some of us decided to check out Amsterdam really quickly and went by train. Lisko had behaved in a bit hazy way during the trip, but it was nothing that weird (considering he is Lisko); however, he never showed up back at the airport. We got an interesting phone call, where he told that due to "special" reasons he wouldn't take the same plane. This alone was pissing us off a bit, but we decided he could do it on his own expense. However, after returning to Finland, despite our attempts, there has been practically no communication with the guy, apart from a couple of interesting SMSs (so apparently he's alive): no rehearsals, nothing. We don't even know if he's back in Finland at the moment.

    This puts us in a difficult situation: with a lot of pre-arrangements like flights and visas to be done, and with all our upcoming responsibilities we have no other option than to release Lisko from his duties for an undetermined time period, starting from today. Luckily for us, we already managed to get a replacement for him on such a short notice: the step-in accordionist for the Spring 2008 will be Netta Skog, who also helped us out with the latest European tour in October-November. No permanent accordion player will be added to the current line-up at this point. TURISAS also wants to point out that NO shows will be affected by the small change in the line-up.”

    So, be assured that TURISAS will lay to waste clubs in your neighbourhood from March to May 2008! To get yourself in the right mood for such shows give yourself your daily dose of battle metal @ www.myspace.com/turisasofficial!

    TURISAS on tour:

    Special guest: Norther (FIN)
    Support on UK-leg: Alestrom (SCO)
    Mar. 01 - Northampton, UK @ Soundhouse
    Mar. 02 - Sheffield, UK @ Corporation
    Mar. 03 - Aberdeen, UK @ Moshulu
    Mar. 04 - Edinburgh, UK @ Studio 24
    Mar. 05 - Liverpool, UK @ Academy 2
    Mar. 06 - Norwich, UK @ Waterfront
    Mar. 07 - Peterborough, UK @ Park
    Mar. 08 - Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
    Mar. 10 - Exeter, UK @ Cavern
    Mar. 11 - Cardiff Clwb, UK @ Ifor Bach
    Mar. 12 - Southampton, UK @ The Brook
    Mar. 13 - London, UK @ Electric Ballroom
    Mar. 14 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
    Mar. 15 - Haarlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat
    Mar. 16 - Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Doornroosje
    Mar. 18 - Hamburg, Germany @ Marx
    Mar. 19 - Karlsruhe, Germany @ Substage
    Mar. 20 - Munich, Germany @ Metropolis
    Mar. 21 - Winterthur, Switzerland @ Salzhaus
    Mar. 22 - Bochum, Germany @ Matrix
    Mar. 23 - Berlin, Germany @ Kato
    Mar. 25 - Vienna, Austria @ Planet Music
    Mar. 26 - Bratislava, Slovakia @ Randal
    Mar. 27 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Rock Café
    Mar. 28 - Lichtenfels, Germany @ Ragnarök Festival
    Mar. 29 - Osnabrueck, Germany @ Tomahawk Festival
    Mar. 31 - Malmö, Sweden @ KB
    Apr. 01 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Musikens Hus
    Apr. 02 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ The Rock*
    Apr. 03 - Oslo, Norway @ John Dee*
    Apr. 04 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubben*
    *) = Without Norther

    TURISAS Live
    Apr. 12 - Moscow (RUS) - Tochka
    Apr. 13 - St. Petersburg (RUS) - Roks

    PAGANFEST USA 2008 - North American Tour
    With Ensiferum, Tyr and Eluveitie
    4/25 - Toronto (CAN), ON @ Opera House
    4/26 - Montreal (CAN), QC @ Medley
    4/27 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
    4/28 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
    4/29 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
    4/30 - Detroit,, MI @ Harpo's
    5/01 - Chicago, IL @ The Pearl Room (Chicago Power Fest)
    5/02 - St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
    5/03 - Denver, CO @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
    5/05 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
    5/06 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
    5/07 - Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
    5/08 - Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
    5/09 - San Francisco, CA @ Fat City
    5/10 - Long Beach, CA @ The Vault
    5/11 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Cell Block
    5/12 - El Paso, TX @ Chics
    5/13 - Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad
    5/14 - Tulsa, OK @ Crush Lounge
    5/15 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theater
    5/16 - San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
    5/17 - Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
    5/19 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
    5/20 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
    5/21 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
    5/22 - New York, NY @ BB King's

  • ICED EARTH “Slave To The Dark – The Century Media Years” box-set & album reissues out in February 2008!

    As various false information has been spread concerning the ICED EARTH reissues and box-set due to be released via Century Media this month, it is time to set the record straight.

    “Slave To The Dark – The Century Media Years” is the title of the luxurious ICED EARTH box-set containing everything the legendary power metal act released via its former label home. Garnered with marvellous artwork by Leo Hao (Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites etc.) and ennobled with glossy print and embossing, the set consists of 14 CDs plus one DVD and offers you a total of 145 tracks (!!!) including all original album tracks as well as rarities and previously unreleased material.

    CD 1: “Iced Earth”
    CD 2: “Night Of The Stormrider” (+1 live bonus track)
    CD 3+4: “Burnt Offerings” (plus entire album as alternative mix)
    CD 5: “The Dark Saga” (+ 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks)
    CD 6+7: “Days Of Purgatory”
    CD 8: “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (+ 3 bonus tracks)
    CD 9+10: “Enter The Realm Of The Gods”
    (“Enter The Realm” Demo + “Tribute To The Gods” album)
    CD 11-13: “Alive In Athens” (+1 bonus track)
    CD 14: “Horror Show” (+ 1 bonus track)
    DVD: “Alive In Athens”

    All CDs have been redesigned as lavish gatefold-vinyl replicas with enhanced artwork and thus “Slave To The Dark – The Century Media Years” is the best chance to get all the classic ICED EARTH albums in one comprehensive box.

    To allow you to purchase only certain albums from this collection, Century Media will also separately release all of the aforementioned albums including the particular bonuses.
    The “Slave To The Dark – The Century Media Years” box-set & all reissues will be released on the following dates:

    GERMANY / AUSTRIA / SWITZERLAND / BENELUX / ITALY: Friday, February 22, 2008.
    UK / FRANCE / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, February 25, 2008.
    SPAIN / PORTUGAL: Tuesday, February 26, 2008.
    SWEDEN / FINLAND / HUNGARY: Wednesday, February 27, 2008.

    To find out more about this stunning set & all other reissues on Century Media, you will be able to access our newly designed reissue-tool online at www.centurymedia.com from Friday, February 15th, 2008 on! This highly functional tool offers you the chance to flip through the booklet pages, listen to samples as well as order each reissue directly. All re-releases from ASPHYX over GRAVE, MOONSPELL, NEVERMORE, SENTENCED to TIAMAT and UNLEASHED have been integrated into this helpful tool, so make sure you visit it once it has been launched!

March 16th, 2008
  • My Fate: UPSTREAM music video released!

    The new music video by My Fate is finally done and can be viewed at the bands website (www.myfateband.net), YouTube or Last.fm. The video was directed, shot and edited by Mikko Soukkala and Matti Pekkanen / Bottomland Pictures.

    The video will also be viewed at the Tampere Film Festival! This takes place on March 7th at the traditional show of Finnish music videos. More information can be found at www.tamperefilmfestival.fi.

    Direct links to view the video:



    We are still looking for more dates to complete the bookings for this extensive tour
    to begin in Finland on the 18th April.. Any interested promoters/venues who think they
    can help,please get in touch at - Adrian / [email protected]

    16-april-Wed -Finland-Tampere,Hellä,Confirmed.
    17 april-Thur -Finland-Helsinki,Semifinaali,Confirmed.
    18 april-Fri -Finland-Turku,Klubi,Confirmed.
    19 april-Sat -Finland-Seinäjoki,FIREBOX FESTIVAL Confirmed.
    20 april-Sun -Holland-Zierikzee/Brogum,Confirmed.
    21 april-Mon -Available.
    22 april-Tue -Available.
    23 april-Wed -Spain-Bilbao,Confirmed.
    24 april-Thur -Portugal-SWR Festival-Mar de Grises,Confirmed.
    24 april-Thur -Spain-Aviles/Gijon-Saturnus/Thurisaz,Confirmed.
    25 april-Fri -Portugal-SWR Festival-Saturnus & Thurisaz,Confirmed.
    25 april-Fri -Spain-Aviles/Gijon-Mar de Grises,Confirmed.
    26 april-Sat -Spain-Palencia/Carabel,Spain,Confirmed.
    27 april-Sun -Spain-Madrid,Ritmo Y Compas,Confirmed.
    28 april-Mon -Spain-Barcelona,Venue TBA,Confirmed.
    29 april-Tue -Available.
    30 april-Wed -Available.
    01-may-Thur -Available.
    02-may-Fri -Czech Rep-Prague/007,Confirmed.
    03-may-Sat -Available.
    04-may-Sun -Available.
    05-may-Mon -Available.
    06-may-Tue -Available.
    07-may-Wed -Available.
    08-may-Thur -Available
    09-may-Fri -Holland-Rotterdam,TBA.
    10-may-Sat -Belgium-Voselaar/Biebob,Confirmed.
    11-may-Sun -France-Paris/Le Klub,Confirmed.
  • GODHATECODE - Free MP3 & Release Date announced!

    On April 4th 2008 GodHateCode will release their debut album "aeons" via Maintain Records.

    None less than Pelle Ekegren, being the drummer of COERCION and erstwhile GRAVE, handles the sticks. With Wolfgang Rothbauer (THIRDMOON, IN SLUMBER, EISBLUT) one of the most go-getting and creative personalities in the scene assumes responsibility for the song writing and the guitars.

    Armin Schweiger at the mike spreads the grind core affinity of his Band DISTASTE, while with Tana form the Spaniards AVULSED at the bass recently even the Live-Line-Up of GodHateCode had been completed by another international delicacy.

    As an fortaste of this masterpiece of brutal death metal, the opener "Crawl Down To Zero" is available a free download from today at the band & label myspace profile and the maintain records website.

    1. Crawl Down To Zero
    2. Deathlike God Complex
    3. Slumbering Sickness
    4. Seelenkalt
    5. The Odium Inside
    6. Hypnagogic State
    7. Survive Pain To Survive Hate
    8. Incinerated
    9. Torrent Of Hatred
    10. Narcoleptic Wrath


    mp3 Download:
  • VENOMOUS CONCEPT sign worldwide deal with Century Media!

    Century Media are glad to welcome hardcore/punk outfit VENOMOUS CONCEPT aboard its worldwide family. Featuring such illustrious members as Shane Embury (guitar) & Danny Herrera (drums) of Napalm Death fame, vocalist Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) & bassist Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault), you can expect a furious and violent sonic assault with the release of the band’s second album “Poisoned Apple” in April 2008. Shane Embury comments on the band’s new label home as follows:

    "VENOMOUS CONCEPT are extremely happy to release our new album "Poisoned Apple" on Century Media. After the great support the label has shown Napalm Death since the band signed with them we can only look forward to good things in the coming future!"

    To already get a glimpse of what is to be expected from their scathing new effort, check out two brand-new tracks @ www.myspace.com/venomousconcept

    The history of VENOMOUS CONCEPT can be dated back to 1989 when Shane Embury and Kevin Sharp first met in New York City when Napalm Death were asked to play their first show as part of the city’s annual music/arts festival week at legendary club CBGB’s. By chance Kevin happened to be the tour driver of Napalm Death on “The Art of Noise” tour w/Nile, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Tranquillity and The Bezerker in 2004 and though Shane & Kevin had lost touch in the years between, some beers, some pizza and old vinyl classics by Poison Idea, Black Flag, Systematic Death renewed their friendship and all these great bands seemed to unite the pair in a realization: “Why hadn’t they ever started a band together?”, they looked to each other bemused – time to put right to wrong.

    They recruited Buzz Osbourne from The Melvins on guitar and Napalm Deaths’s Danny Herrera on drums and recorded their first album “Retroactive Abortion” in Los Angeles for Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.

    Due to busy commitments the band only managed to play one show live at The Double Door in Chicago, Shane decided to switch to guitar as Buzz’s schedule with the Melvins was a little hectic, although Buzz will remain in the band for the inevitable live shows. So Shane asked close friend Danny Lilker of Brutal Truth/Nuclear Assault to step in on the bass duties. After releasing a Split EP with Japanese Grinders 324 on HG Fact Records the band entered the studio to record their second album “Poisoned Apple”.
  • NORTHER premier “We Rock” video clip online!

    Before unleashing their new album “N”, Finnish metal act NORTHER present you the video clip for their massive metal anthem “We Rock”, which was filmed with Helsinki-based production team Tunne Productions. You can watch the clip now by clicking HERE!

    Their stunning new effort sees NORTHER perfecting their mix of ripping riffs, aggressive vocals and epic melodies and will be premiered live at the well-known Finnish Metal Expo on February 16th, 2008 in Helsinki. Furthermore, the band will support their country mates Turisas on their UK & European headliner tour in March/April 2008!

    “N” was recorded and produced by long time partner Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, etc.) at Astia Studios, mixed by Fredrik Nordström (Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, In Flames etc.) at Studio Fredman in Sweden, mastered at Cutting Room Studios, and will be available as CD & limited edition Media Book including 3 bonus tracks at the following release dates:

    FINLAND: Wednesday, February 13, 2008.
    GERMANY / AUSTRIA / SWITZERLAND / BENELUX / ITALY: Friday, February 22, 2008.
    UK / FRANCE / GREECE / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, February 25, 2008.
    SPAIN / PORTUGAL: Tuesday, February 26, 2008.
    SWEDEN / HUNGARY: Wednesday, February 29, 2008.

    And, don’t forget to see NORTHER live!

    TURISAS UK & European headliner tour
    Presented by Rock Hard (D), Myspace.com (D), Heavy (D), Orkus (D), Metal.de (D)
    01.03.2008 United Kingdom - Northampton @ Soundhaus
    02.03.2008 United Kingdom - Sheffield @ Corporation
    03.03.2008 United Kingdom – Aberdeen @ Moshulu
    04.03.2008 United Kingdom – Edinburgh @ Studio 24
    05.03.2008 United Kingdom - Liverpool @ Academy 2
    06.03.2008 United Kingdom – Norwich @ Waterfront
    07.03.2008 United Kingdom – Peterborough @ Park
    08.03.2008 United Kingdom - Leeds @ Cockpit
    10.03.2008 United Kingdom – Exeter @ Cavern
    11.03.2008 United Kingdom – Cardiff @ Clwb Lfor Bach
    12.03.2008 United Kingdom - Southampton @ The Brook
    13.03.2008 United Kingdom - London @ Electric Ballroom
    14.03.2008 United Kingdom – Brighton @ Concorde 2
    15.03.2008 Netherlands – Haarlem @ Patronaat
    16.03.2008 Netherlands – Nijmegen @ Doornroosje
    18.03.2008 Germany - Hamburg @ Marx
    19.03.2008 Germany – Karlsruhe @ Stadthalle
    20.03.2008 Germany - Munich @ Metropolis
    21.03.2008 Switzerland – Winterthur @ Salzhaus
    22.03.2008 Germany - Bochum @ Matrix
    23.03.2008 Germany – Berlin @ Kato
    25.03.2008 Austria – Vienna @ Planet Music
    26.03.2008 Slovakia – Bratislava @ Randal
    27.03.2008 Czech Republic – Prague @ Rock Cafe
    28.03.2008 Germany - Lichtenfels @ Ragnarok Festival
    29.03.2008 Germany – Osnabrueck @ Tomahawk Festival
    31.03.2008 Sweden - Malmoe @ KB
    01.04.2008 Sweden – Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus
    02.04.2008 Denmark – Copenhagen @ The Rock*
    03.04.2008 Norway – Oslo @ John Dee*
    04.04.2008 Sweden – Stockholm @ Klubben*
    *without NORTHER

    NORTHER live
    16.02.2008 Finland – Helsinki @ Finnish Metal Expo
    22.02.2008 Finland – Tampere @ Hellä
    23.02.2008 Finland – Tuiskula @ Nivala

    Visit NORTHER on the following websites:
  • MERCENARY comments on Wacken 2008; post studio report!

    Danish metal act MERCENARY has been confirmed to play at the legendary metal festival No.1, Wacken Open Air, which will be held from July 31st – August 2nd, 2008 in German town Wacken. Guitarist Jakob Mølbjerg comments:

    “It's a privilege for MERCENARY to be able to return to Wacken this year. Playing there in 2005 was a great experience and we're certain that the festival will have a blast again this year, especially because of the amazing bill so far! Of course we're also looking immensely forward to bringing the songs from our coming album out to the hordes of German metallers!”

    Previous to the release of their highly anticipated new album “Architect Of Lies”, the band will also share the stage with the mighty Megadeth in February/March 2008. See below for the exact dates. The follow up to 2006’s “The Hours That Remain” (which subsequently was awarded the Danish Metal Award in the category “Best Album”) will be available on the following release dates:

    DENMARK: Monday, March 17th, 2008
    UK, FRANCE, NORWAY, REST OF EUROPE: Monday, March 24th, 2008
    SPAIN, PORTUGAL: Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
    SWEDEN, FINLAND, HUNGARY: March 26th, 2008

    The brand-new track “Embrace The Nothing” has also been posted lately at the band’s MySpace site, listen to it now! www.myspace.com/mercenarydenmark

    Garnered with artwork by Niklas Sundin (Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity), “Architect Of Lies” will be released as CD and Limited Edition incl. the bonus track “Death Connection” & bonus DVD offering live footage filmed at Bang Your Head festival 2007 & Summer Nights festival 2007, a detailed studio report and the promo video for “My World Is Ending”. The first part of the studio report has just been posted at YouTube, watch it by clicking HERE!

    To not miss the opportunity to see MERCENARY unleash their new material live, have a look at the dates below & be there!

    MERCENARY live:
    07.02.2008 (DK) – Aalborg @ Eskildsen Musik
    08.02.2008 (DK) – Copenhagen @ KB Hallen / supporting Megadeth
    10.02.2008 (D) – Berlin @ Columbiahalle / direct support for Megadeth
    11.02.2008 (D) – Dortmund @ Westfalenhalle / direct support for Megadeth
    10.03.2008 (D) – Munich @ Zenith / direct support for Megadeth
    11.03.2008 (D) – Neu-Isenburg @ Hugenottenhalle / direct support for Megadeth
    20.03.2008 (DK) – Herning @ Kulturellen
    21.03.2008 (DK) – Aalborg @ Studenterhuset
    22.03.2008 (DK) – Aarhus @ Voxhall
    23.03.2008 (DK) – Copenhagen @ The Rock
    05.07.2008 (SI) – Tolmin @ Metal Camp Festival 2008
    31.07.-03.08.2008 (D) – Wacken @ Wacken Open Air
    …more dates will follow soon…

  • IGNITE touring with Terror and Strung Out!

    Orange County’s IGNITE will be back on a European club tour in April, the tour will be supported by Terror and Strung Out. Also, it will be a short break while the band is already busy writing material for the follow up for their acclaimed and successful album “Our Darkest Days”.

    Bassist Brett Rasmussen on the upcoming tour:
    "We are very excited about this upcoming tour in April with Terror and Strung Out!!! This is going to be our only European club tour of 2008 and I have a feeling these concerts are going to be some of the best club shows ever for Ignite. After the tour we are going to be working on the next album, in fact we hope to play a couple new songs live during these shows!"

    Hence, don’t miss the chance to see one of the most exciting live-bands in European clubs:

    IGNITE, Terror, Strung Out, Death Before Dishonour, Burn The 8 Track
    Presented by: Ox Fanzine, Livegigs.de, Slam Magazin, partyausfall.de, peta2, Stardust
    08.04. (D) Mannheim – Feuerwache
    09.04. (NL) Tilburg – O13
    10.04. (NL) Haarlem – Patronaat
    11.04. (D) Cologne – Essigfabrik
    12.04. (B) Ham – Riorock Festival
    13.04. (D) Saarbrücken – Garage
    14.04. (D) Munich – Backstage/Werk
    15.04. (A) Vienna – Arena
    16.04. (D) Stuttgart – Kulturhaus Arena
    17.04. (D) Nuernberg – Löwensaal
    18.04. (D) Berlin – SO36
    19.04. (D) Berlin – SO36
    20.04. (D) Leipzig – Werk 2

    IGNITE, Death Before Dishonour, Burn The 8 Track
    Presented by: Ox Fanzine, Livegigs.de, Slam Magazin, Stardust, Fuze
    22.04. (F) Paris – Gibus
    23.04. (E) Durango – Plateruena
    24.04. (P) Lisbon – Tuatara Lisboa
    25.04. (E) Madrid – La Sala Live
    26.04. (E) Barcelona – Sala Apolo *
    27.04. (F) Nantes – Le Ferrailleur
    28.04. (CH) Biel – Gaskeller
    29.04. (I) Bologna – Quememeo
    30.04. (I) Rome – Forte Prenestino
    01.05. (I) Padova – La Gabbia
    03.05. (BG) Sofia – tba.
    04.05. (RO) Bucharest – tba.
    26.05. (UK) Plymouth – White Rabbit
    27.05. (UK) Newcastle – Trillians
    28.05. (UK) Glasgow – King Tuts
    29.05. (UK) Peterborough – Met Lounge
    30.05. (UK) London – Underworld
    * w/ Sick Of It All

  • HEAVEN SHALL BURN conquered German charts on position 21

    Germany’s HEAVEN SHALL BURN have just hit the German Media Control Charts at position number 21 upon the release of their acclaimed album “Iconoclast”!

    If you haven’t done yet check out HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s unique video for the song “Endzeit” that was directed by Philipp Hirsch for www.film-m.de click HERE!!!

  • ABORTED on tour with HEAVEN SHALL BURN; finish songwriting for new album!

    Sven Dé Caluwe, vocalist of Belgian purveyors of modern death metal brutality, ABORTED, has posted the following statement:

    “It is with great pleasure that we announce the ICONOCLAST Part I tour, where we will be supporting Germany’s finest HEAVEN SHALL BURN.

    Furthermore, writing of the new album is nearly completed, we are putting final touches to the material & are hitting the studio to record from the end of February until mid-March. Eric Rachel will mix this slab of brutality right after & it should see a summer release on Century Media Records. Stay tuned for more & see us at the following dates!”

    - ICONOCLAST Part I Tour -
    Special Guests: Aborted & Misery Speaks
    presented by Rock Hard, Slam Zine & MySpace.com

    28.03. Brugge (B), Entreepot
    29.03. Lingen (D), Alter Schlachthof
    30.03. Hellendorn (NL), De Lantaarn
    31.03. Cologne (D), Werkstatt
    01.04. Sheffield (UK), Corporation
    02.04. London (UK), Underworld
    03.04. Den Bosch (NL), W2
    04.04. Paris (F), Le Nouveau Casino
    05.04. Ravenna (I), Rock Planet Club
    06.04. Zurich (CH), Abart*
    07.04. Stuttgart (D), Röhre*
    08.04. Prag (CZ), Rock Café
    09.04. Berlin (D), Columbia Club*
    *with Special Guests Neaera, Aborted, Misery Speaks

    ABORTED Live
    14.03. Wien (AT) - Szene, Metal For Fairness Festival
    15.03. Salzburg (AT) - ARGEKultur, Spring Metal Festival
    22.03. Namur (B) - Expo

  • New killer bands have joined My Kingdom Music roster.


    The first band is THANATOSCHIZO and come from Portugal with an Avantgardish form of Death Metal that through the years has put them just behind MOONSPELL as best Portuguese band. Expect a pure masterpiece of music titled "Zoom Code" out on March 21 and ready to be a pure masterpiece for you who love bands like Pain Of Salvation or Ayreon. (www.myspace.com/thanatoschizo)

    A great surprise come from Mexico and it is the devastating creature of Jacobo Cordova already known for his great work in Antiqua and Project Firestart. The name of this bulldozer is TICKET TO HELL and the album will be titled "Man Made Paradise". It will be released on April 18 and I'm sure it wont leave survivors under their Skullcrushing Extreme Metal in pure Slayer, The Haunted style. (www.myspace.com/tickettohellband)

    And the last act to join My Kingdom Music family is for sure what we consider as the next big thing from Poland after acts like DECAPITATED and the great legends of VADER and BEHEMOTH. They are SARATAN and will shock you on April 18 with "The Cult Of Vermin" and its aggressive Apokalyptic Thrash Death, a music that will annihilate you who are fans of bands like Testament, Slayer and... Nile. (www.myspace.com/saratanband)

    more info at: www.mykingdommusic.net
  • HOD signs to Ibex Moon Records

    Ibex Moon Records are proud to announce the signing of HOD from San Antonio, TX. HOD features vocalist Beer Reebs (ex-Pillcrusher, Rancid Vat), Bjorn Haga (ex-Necrovore) on guitars, Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder (ex-Thornspawn) also on guitars, Dirty Derick Rivers (past GG Allin) on bass and Dennis Sanders (ex-Exculcerate) on drums.

    John McEntee Owner of Ibex Moon Records:
    “HOD is a real blasphemous power house. I have known Carl and Bjorn for a long time now and jumped at the opportunity to work with them. They play aggressive and twisted black/death metal and bring in the best of the original black/death metal fundamentals without being outdated. They will forge a new standard on the future of extreme metal. I look forward to a monstrous debut album. HOD will for sure be a metal force to be reckoned with!”

    Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder HOD guitarist comments:
    “We are pleased to announce our signing to Ibex Moon Records. Ibex Moon is the label that is right for HOD. Working with a label that is run by people that are actually fans of extreme metal was a major consideration for us. So this makes a perfect union. Prepare for annihilation...You have been warned!"

    Check out their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/hodtheband

    Upcoming shows:

    April 12, 2008 @ Red Seven, 611 E. 7th St., Austin, Tx 78701
    w/ Hod, Gates of Enoch, Sakrefix, Adumus, Golgotha, Nosferion

    HOD - "You Cry And Piss Yourself" (Promo)
    The 3 songs on this promo offer a hellish mixture of raw, blackened Thrash with some elements of classic Speed Metal (the latter perfectly reflected in the song 'Demoralizer'), while the vocals are in an extremely convincing, Nocturno Culto type grim style. More variation / diversity is the major keyword here. Because of the overall high quality of this promo (let alone the reputation of the members involved), I bet we will get to hear a full length by Texas' newest unholy horde pretty quickly!


    Die Crawling Media:

    Ibex Moon Records:
  • ENSIFERUM to headline Paganfest USA 2008

    After completing this year's European Paganfest, Finland's folk-metallers Ensiferum will be rowing towards American shores to headline Paganfest USA 2008. Joined by brothers of the riff Turisas, Ty´r and Eluveitie they'll trample North America for 26 dates of triumphant Pagan metal.

    For tour info and coverage requests on Ensiferum contact Earsplit. Tour posters are available for contests, advertising, etc. upon request.

    Paganfest USA
    w/Ensiferum, Turisas, Ty´r, Eluveitie
    04/25/2008 The Opera House - Toronto, ON
    04/26/2008 Medley - Montreal, QC
    04/27/2008 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
    04/28/2008 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
    04/29/2008 Peabody’s Down Under - Cleveland, OH
    04/30/2008 Harpo’s - Detroit, MI
    05/01/2008 Chicago Powerfest (Pearl Room) - Mokena, IL
    05/02/2008 Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
    05/03/2008 Cervantes Masterpiece - Ballroom Denver, CO
    05/05/2008 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
    05/06/2008 Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
    05/07/2008 The Boardwalk - Sacramento, CA
    05/08/2008 House of Blues - Hollywood, CA
    05/09/2008 The Avalon - San Francisco / Santa Clara, CA
    05/10/2008 The Vault - Long Beach, CA
    05/11/2008 The Cell Block - Phoenix, AZ
    05/12/2008 Chics - El Paso, TX
    05/13/2008 The Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
    05/14/2008 Crush Lounge - Tulsa, OK
    05/15/2008 Ridglea Theater - Fort Worth, TX
    05/16/2008 The White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
    05/17/2008 Java Jazz - Houston, TX
    05/19/2008 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
    05/20/2008 Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
    05/21/2008 Crocodile Rock - Allentown, PA
    05/22/2008 BB Kings Blues Club - New York, NY

    www.paganfest.net | www.myspace.com/paganfestusa
    www.ensiferum.com | www.myspace.com/officialensiferum
    www.candlelightrecordsusa.com | www.myspace.com/candlelightrecordsusa

    Hard Attack // Sirius 27
    MAXimum Cavalera Week

    Starts: Monday, March 24th @ 6am ET / 3am PT
    Ends: Tuesday, April 1st @ 3am ET / 12am PT

    Hard Attack couldn't be happier that brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, founding fathers of thrash legends SEPULTURA, are back together again after more than 10 years apart.

    Tune in to hear our week long party celebrating their mighty metallic return with their new "apocalyptic" project, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, also featuring Marc Rizzo from Soulfly and Joe Duplantier from Gojira.

    Every hour for seven days straight, you'll hear something from a Cavalera... whether it's new Cavalera Conspiracy (entire album!) or music from Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Probot, RoadRunner United, Mixhell (Iggor's DJ project), and any other collaboration featuring one of the brothers (Clutch, Deftones, Snot, Ill Bill, A.N.I.M.A.L. and more!).

    Plus, Max and Iggor pick out a bunch of their favorite metal tunes from Morbid Angel, Kreator, Pantera, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Dark Angel, Napalm Death, Incite, Metallica, Sacred Reich, Ministry, Megadeth, North Side Kings, Fudge Tunnel, Agnostic Front and more!

    Don't miss this week long tribute to two of the most influential figures in heavy metal music!

    Do yourself a favor and pick up the new Cavalera Conspiracy release, "Inflikted," out in stores March 25th. You will not be disappointed!

    Un, dos, tres... GO!!!
  • BEHIND THE SUIT AND TIE Metal Recording Industry Documentary Issues Update

    Energy Music Producer Robert Bolger Jr. has issued the following update regarding the upcoming metal record industry documentary, Behind The Suit and Tie:

    "Production was started in full on Nov. 1, 2007 in NYC and things are moving along as planned. We just got back from covering NAMM in L.A. as well as a short trip to France to cover MIDEM. For the next month we will be going sifting through all the footage that has been captured so we can piece together a kick-ass trailer for all of you, as well as finalizing all art work. Thanks for all your support."

    Through a series of interviews with players from both indie and major labels, Behind The Suit and Tie will showcase the truth of how the music industry is being affected by the downward spiral of CD sales and how new and up and coming artists must learn to adjust to changing times. The film will also contain insight from Doug Keogh (Roadrunner Records), Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records), Al Dawson (Earache Records), Pat Egan (Relapse Records), Ray Harkins (Century Media), JC (The End Records), Paul Conroy (Ferret Records), Missi Callazzo (Megaforce Records), Rayny Forster (Moshpit Tragedy Records), OZZY OSBOURNE Bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, Ex-MEGADETH and current F5 bassist David Ellefson, Radio DJ Eddie Trunk, Adam Watson (Plastic Head Distribution), Ged Cook (Demolition Records), Ralph Graupner (Indevent Music), Mark Nawara (Crash Music), Gary Susalis (Music Choice), and Heavy Artillery Records.

    Behind The Suit and Tie pulls no punches and features some of the prime movers in the heavy metal industry drawing back the veil of mystique surrounding the music business and addressing tough questions about the industry itself, how it's run and where labels see their role in a digital future. There has been a lot of bad blood shed throughout the metal recording industry for many years now and it's time we seperate fact from f iction.

    For more info visit www.myspace.com/behindthesuitandtie.
  • NEW ATTACKER SONG and Interview with Bob Mitchell!

    HARD ROCKER MAGAZINE Issue Number 4 (February/March 2008) is now in newstands, and in it, is a featured interview with ATTACKER vocalist Bob Mitchell.

    The current issue also includes a free CD, which features the brand new ATTACKER song "Condemned".



    Let's not forget the free bonus CD with not only ATTACKER but these great artists; HALLOWEEN, DEJA VU, CRYSTAL VIPER, SPECTRAL, BLOODWRITTEN and others.

    HRM is one of three biggest Rock/Metal magazines in Poland. The rock music publication is also licensed to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Each issue is in circulation of 10,000 copies per issue with more than 80 full colour pages.