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March 30th, 2005
  • SALEM has received an official report from the Russian TV channel "Music Box" that states that the band video of their song "Act of War" taken from their fourth album "Collective Demise" was chosen by Russian viewers as the top video of January, the count in the Russian video parade is daily and the video was number one the entire month.

    During February the channel states that the video was among the top ten videos of the month.

    This achievement is astonishing as the channel features thousands of videos by artists such as Britney Spears, Madonna, System of a Down and Metallica.

    More info and footage of the video : www.salemband.com


    21/06 Fucecchio (Fi), Buca S.Andrea
    22/06 Ascoli Piceno, Piazza Del Popolo
    23/06 Stra (Ve), Villa Pisani

    LABYRINTH and Angra have been confirmed as the support acts for DREAM THEATER on their upcoming Italian tour.



    New York, NY –Ozzy Osbourne's first ever 52 song, four CD retrospective box set is already packed full of mind-blowing music, but now fans of the Prince of Darkness are getting even more. The initial shipout of Ozzy's acclaimed box set will feature a precedent setting promotion allowing fans to buy one General Admission Ozzfest ticket and get one free. Prince of Darkness will be released on March 22 on Epic Records.

    Upon purchasing Prince of Darkness, fans can attain the free ticket to OZZFEST 2005 by going to ozzynet.com/freeticket. At the site, fans are prompted to enter one of the CDs from the box into the CD Rom drive. Once the CD is verified, a pass code is delivered. Fans then log onto Ozzfest.com with their pass code to obtain their free General Admission ticket.

    Prince of Darkness is a testament to the iconic rocker's 25-year solo career which chronicles Ozzy's biggest hits and most memorable collaborations while including a separate disc with 10 newly recorded versions of his favorite songs by other artists, including the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil," Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" and Mott The Hoople's David Bowie-penned " All The Young Dudes."

    ON APRIL 5, 2005


    The musical ideas percolating within vocalist James LaBrie are endless. His new solo album, 'Elements Of Persuasion,' will be released on April 5, 2005, via InsideOut Music America. Three East Coast tour dates are scheduled shortly after. These are the only U.S. dates planned at the moment.

    'Elements Of Persuasion' is the first one the Dream Theater vocalist is releasing under his own name. Using the moniker MullMuzzer, LaBrie has actually released two previous solo albums, 1999's 'Keep It To Yourself' and 2001's '2.'

    The 12 songs on 'Elements Of Persuasion' are "Crucify," "Alone," "Freaks," "Invisible," "Lost," "Undecided," "Smashed," "Pretender," "Slightly Out Of Reach," "Oblivious," "In Too Deep" and "Drained."

    LaBrie has earned worldwide success with Dream Theater's updated style of progressive rock, but 'Elements Of Persuasion' finds him taking on a more straightforward rock direction. The songs are challenging and intricate while still allowing LaBrie to expand his musical vision. His unmistakable, distinctive voice ties the songs together, making 'Elements Of Persuasion' a fully realized, cohesive work.

    LaBrie is scheduled to perform a few select U.S. concerts in spring 2005 before embarking on an extensive European tour. Schedule permitting, he will then return for more U.S. dates. LaBrie's touring band includes keyboardist Matt Guillory and guitarist Marco Sfogli (who both played on 'Elements Of Persuasion'), bass guitarist Andy DeLuca (Symphony X) and drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force, Ark).

    For more information, visit www.jameslabrie.com and www.insideoutmusic.com.

    U.S. tour dates include:

    Thursday, April 14th Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
    Friday, April 15th Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    Saturday, April 16th Farmingdale, NY The Downtown


  • DEVILYN - "11" - CD Out Now!!!

    Devilyn comes back in colours Conquer Records from incredibly screwed off, technical, brutal, aggressive, diabolical, fine and expression 9 tracks death metal CDe entitled "11". This CD commits every sins, it shows new and very interesting face. Melodious extreme sound, fraternization from devil, which hisses moment subconsciously: Devilyn or perish!!! The destructive paces of drums, ill-boding vocal crawling out with precipice, the spicing about goosefleshes guitars and this ubiquitous angre which breaks the walls of churches. In name of perfection the Devilyn from CD "11" of storm the walls, column of bone.

    1. The Counting of Quartered Heavens(intro)
    2. The Eenemy Within (mp3)
    3. Faith/11
    4. The List
    5. Degrade Flower
    6. God Eater
    7. Charming Maidens With No Skin
    8. The Seven Virtues Of Divine
    9. Searching For The Beaty

    Upcoming DEVILYN shows.
    26.04 (PL) LUBLIN - GRAFFITI - (+ Requiem, Interior)
    27.04 (PL) SANOK - RUDERA - (+ Ingenium)
    28.04 (PL) TARNÓW - PRZEPRASZAM - (+ Ingenium)
    29.04 (PL) RZESZÓW - REJS - (+ Neolith)
    30.04 (PL) WARSZAWA - PROGRESJA - (+ Whichheven)

    DEVILYN Eastern Europe tour in May. Dates coming soon...

  • OZZFEST - the king of festivals - triumphantly returns this summer to celebrate its hard-earned 10th anniversary with the staggering line-up of BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, ROB ZOMBIE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SHADOWS FALL and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY.

    The summer's premier concert festival - which has propelled many of today's rock bands to superstardom while paying close attention to its discerning fans - will roll out July 15 in Boston and visit 26 cities by the time it reaches West Palm Beach on September 4. The Hot Topic Second Stage will be headlined by ZOMBIE and feature a preview of rock's rising stars, including AS I LAY DYING, MASTODON, THE HAUNTED, IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BURY YOUR DEAD, SOILWORK, TRIVIUM, IT DIES TODAY, A DOZEN FURIES and more.

    "I'm most proud of the success of Ozzfest," says founder Sharon Osbourne. "Everyone said it would never happen and 10 years later we are still in business." In fact, 125 bands, 238 shows and over 4 million fans later, the all-day extravaganza of music and deranged merriment is roaring louder than ever. History in the making, 2005 marks the first time metal legends
    BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN have toured together and also represents IRON MAIDEN's first Ozzfest appearance.

    IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson said, "This summer's MAIDEN touring is based on the recent 'Early Days' DVD and all the songs we do at Ozzfest will be from our first four albums - 'Iron Maiden', 'Killers', 'Number of the Beast' and 'Piece of Mind'. We will be bringing over our full European show, naturally including as special guest Eddie in various appropriate guises!! The stage sets, production and backdrops will recreate aspects of the shows on the tours around those albums - only bigger... much bigger!!! We don't know if anyone has done anything like this before but we think it's something the fans will really appreciate both in the choice of songs and in the production values."



    GZR, the quartet led by legendary Black Sabbath bass guitarist and lyricist Geezer Butler, will release its new studio album Ohmwork through Sanctuary Records on May 10, 2005. Ohmwork is Butler’s first album in eight years.

    The 10 songs on Ohmwork are "Misfit," "Pardon My Depression," "Prisoner 103," "I Believe," "Aural Sects," "Pseudocide," "Pull The String," "Alone," "Dogs Of Whore" and "Don't You Know." "I Believe" is the first single.

    Butler is joined by vocalist Clark Brown and guitarist Pedro Howse, his longtime collaborators, and new drummer Chad Smith. Ohmwork is Butler's third solo band release. His first project under the GZR banner was 1995's Plastic Planet while 1997's Black Science was credited to Geezer. Howse has worked on all three albums. Brown performed on Black Science.

    "I feel that this album is more like our first album, Plastic Planet. On this album I wanted to strip everything down to the bare essentials, so every song would have a live band feel, which I think we achieved.”

    The band went hurtling into the studio with a hectic 10-day recording schedule. “There’s a spirit of spontaneity and freshness that can only be achieved when you approach a record in that manner,” recalls Geezer. “It’s the way the first two Sabbath albums were done. Black Sabbath was recorded in two days and Paranoid took a week and that’s what I wanted with my new record – 10 days done ‘n’ dusted.”

    A potent, tangible band dynamic is crucial for Butler. He does not ever want an album credited to "Geezer Butler" when it is a true band effort.

    "It's important to me that we have a band identity, because the album is a band collaboration. Everyone brings their own specialties to the songs, and we all know our capabilities, and we all work extremely hard together," Butler says.

    Butler is proud of the fact that GZR's music appeals to both young metal fans as well as Black Sabbath fans. He attributes this fact about cross-generational appeal to heavy metal's very essence.
    GZR touring plans are being put together for Fall 2005.


  • According to an online posting by NEVERMORE frontman Warrel Dane, the singer completed "the main vocals [Friday night, March 11] for a song called 'Final Product'. All the drums and rhythm guitars are done, just doing vocals, bass, and acoustic guitars at the moment."

    NEVERMORE are currently at Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, U.K. recording their brand new and highly anticipated studio album, entitled "This Godless Endeavor", with producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, ARCH ENEMY, EXODUS, OPETH), who has previously worked with the band on their "Dead Heart In a Dead World" CD. Other songtitles set to appear on the album include "This Godless Endeavor", "The Psalm of Lydia", "Killing Time for the Pretty Ones", "Sentient 6" and "Bittersweet Feast". NEVERMORE are also recording a cover version of OZZY OSBOURNE's "Revelation (Mother Earth)". A summer release is expected.

  • Swedish experimental extreme metallers MESHUGGAH have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Catch 33", due on May 16 in Europe and May 31 in the U.S. via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Nothing" is being described as one continuous 47-minute song divided into 13 parts and is said to be "musically the opposite" of the group's 2004 EP, "I".

    "Catch 33" track listing:

    01. Autonomy Lost
    02. Imprint Of The Un-Saved
    03. Disenchantment
    04. The Paradoxical Spiral
    05. Re-Inanimate
    06. Entrapment
    07. Mind's Mirrors
    08. In Death - Is Life
    09. In Death - Is Death
    10. Shed
    11. Personae Non Gratae
    12. Dehumanization
    13. Sum

    The artwork, which was designed by MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake, is "a visual compliment of sorts to the album title, i.e the paradoxes/negations/contradictions of life and death (as we see it in our finest moments of unrestrained metaphoric interpretation) that the lyrics [on the new album] deal with!" according to Haake.

  • BOUND IN HUMAN FLESH debut CD out now!

    Bound in Human Flesh-Sick Lust For Revenge CD on BAPHOMET RECORDS, through RED STREAM. 12 blistering tracks of black/death metal, shrouded in silent omen, from the war-sick mountains of Canada. Check out the band's website: www.boundinhumanflesh.com

  • Forever Underground News:

    BLASTCORPS master is in! Some good old fashioned dirty old school death metal here. This exceeded everything I had hoped for. A very good release that fans of old school death will appreciate. An MP3 has been posted for the song Megalomania. Aad Kloosterward's (Houwitser, Sinister, Infinited Hate) newest side project. Expect a May/June release on this one.

    SCARS OF CHAOS has been sent off to be pressed. Look out for some shows in France in May to promote the release of this Symphonic Black Metal masterpiece. Show dates will be posted on the website when they are available.



    Philadlephia: Candlelight Records with Rise Above Records announces the first confirmed dates on DEBRIS INC's forthcoming tour. Beginning April 13, the month-long tour will conclude with their second appearance at the annual Emissions of the Monolith Festival in Youngstown, OH. The tour will be in support of the band's self-titled debut set to hit stores nationwide on April 5. Some venues are still confirming in their locks on the tour; with noted additions available at the band's official website, www.debrisinc.com

    Since their fated demise, the mournful cries of Saint Vitus have continued to echo from a distant cave of cult obscurity and the doom scene has never really been quite the same since their passing. DEBRIS INC is the new band featuring Vitus alumni Dave Chandler with long-time Trouble bassist Ron Holzner. Outlaws who on occassion join in the drunken bedlam include Trouble’s Barry Stern, Eyehategod/Superjoint Ritual/Crowbar skinsman Jimmy Bower, and Goatsnake/Obsessed-famed Greg Rogers among others.

    DEBRIS INC. write classic anthems for the depressed, the stoned, happy and angry punkers, metalheads and lazy scumbags alike. Tracks like “The Old Man and His Bong” and “Pain” bring to mind classic Vitus with an even heavier shadow of doom lingering over the sombre proceedings. The album’s storming chant-a-long punk anthems, "Full Of Shit" and "You're The Reason I'm Medicated," are sure to be instant favorites whilst the the band’s raucous cover of Fear classic "I Love Living In The City" comes across sounding more akin to early ‘Flag on crack!

    Already extremely active, DEBRIS INC have toured the US with labelmates Orange Goblin, have made appearances at Templars of Doom, Emissions of the Monolith and Milwaukee Metal Festivals (with European sightings at the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival). The band recently collaborated with Los Angeles-based Crisis for a reworking of X’s “Nausea.”

    Dates and planned cities as of press time include:
    04/13/05 TBA Madison/Milwaukee WI
    04/14/05 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis MN
    04/15/05 Hairy Mary's Des Moines IA
    04/16/05 TBA KC/Lawrence KS
    04/17/05 Larimer Lounge Denver CO
    04/19/05 El Corazon Seattle WA
    04/21/05 Hell's Kitchen Tacoma WA
    04/22/05 The Brickyard Vancouver BC
    04/23/05 Ash Street Saloon Portland OR
    04/24/05 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA
    04/25/05 TBA Los Angeles CA
    04/26/05 Hollywood Alley Mesa AZ
    04/27/05 TBA Albuquerque NM
    04/28/05 The Conservatory Oklahoma City OK
    04/29/05 TBA San Antonio/Austin TX
    04/30/05 TBA San Antonio/Austin TX
    05/01/05 TBA Houston TX
    05/02/05 TBA New Orleans LA
    05/03/05 Downtown Music Little Rock AR
    05/04/05 Way Out Club St. Louis MO
    05/22/05 Mac's Bar Lansing MI
    05/23/05 TBA Cleveland OH
    05/24/05 Speakeasy Upper Darby PA
    05/25/05 TBA Brooklyn NY
    05/26/05 TBA Balt/Philly/DC
    05/27/05 Rex's West Chester PA
    05/28/05 Bug Jar Rochester NY
    05/29/05 Emissions @ Nyabinghi Youngstown OH


    ::::KING DIAMOND::::
    on tour with

    4/14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
    4/15 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
    4/16 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
    4/18 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
    4/19 New York, NY BB King’s Blues Club
    4/20 New York, NY BB King’s Blues Club
    4/21 Baltimore, MD Fletchers The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth and Misery Index only
    4/22 West Springfield, VA Jaxx
    4/23 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    4/24 Worcester, MA The Palladium New England Hardcore and Metal Fest
    4/26 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
    4/27 Chicago, IL House of Blues
    4/28 Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Music Theatre
    4/29 Sauget, IL Pop’s
    4/30 Minneapolis, MN Quest Club
    5/01 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
    5/02 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
    5/03 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
    5/04 Boise, ID JD and Friends
    5/05 Seattle, WA Fenix Underground
    5/06 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
    5/07 San Francisco, CA The Pound
    5/08 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues Sunset Strip
    5/09 Anaheim, CA House of Blues Anaheim
    5/11 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
    5/12 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
    5/13 El Paso, TX Club Xcape
    5/14 San Antonio, TX Sunset Station
    5/15 McAllen, TX La Villa Real
    5/16 Corpus Christi, TX El Palacio Ballroom
    5/17 Dallas, TX Gypsy Ballroom
    5/18 Houston, TX Engine Room
    5/20 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
    5/21 Tampa, FL Masquerade
    Metal Maniacs


    3/25/05 Kansas City, MO United States El Torreon w/ Truth Cell, Evermourn, Diskreet
    3/26/05 Denver, CO United States The Ogden w/ Cephalic Carnage
    4/21/05 St. Louis, MO United States Hi-Point w/ Cephalic Carnage
    4/22/05 Cincinnati, OH United States Sudsy Malone’s
    w/ Cephalic Carnage
    4/23/05 Harrisonburg, VA United States Captain Tee's
    4/24/05 Worcester, MA United States Palladium
    as part of the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest w/ Cephalic Carnage, Premonitions of War
    4/25/05 Wilkes Barre, PA United States Cafe Metropolis
    w/ Dysrhythmia
    4/26/05 New York, NY United States Knitting Factory
    w/ Unsane, Dysrhythmia
    4/27/05 Baltimore, MD United States The Mojo
    w/ Antiaudio, Force Fed Flesh
    4/28/05 Columbus, OH United States High Fives
    4/29/05 Chicago, IL United States Cafe Lura
    4/30/05 Des moines, IA United States Hairy Mary's
    5/01/05 Lincoln, NE United States Royal Grove
    w/ Cremotorium, Vehemence, The Esoteric, The Red Death
    Metal Maniacs

  • ROB BARRETT rejoins CANNIBAL CORPSE for Northwest Death Fest!

    "We'd like announce that Rob Barrett, who as you all know played guitar with Cannibal Corpse from 1993 to 1997 and appeared on The Bleeding and Vile albums, will be rejoining the band for our performance at the Northwest Death Fest in Seattle on April 3rd.

    Whether or not Rob will be staying with the band permanently after that show is still not certain, but so far we're very happy to have Rob back in the fold. We'll post an update when we know for sure if Rob is permanently rejoining or not.

    We also would like to say thank you to Jeremy Turner for doing an amazing job playing guitar with us on The Wretched Spawn tour in 2004. Jeremy really helped us out in a tight spot, and we wish him the best in his future musical endeavors."

    Metal Maniacs


    Green Carnation are currently working hard to get confirmed a number of shows to promote the album The Quiet Offspring. Singer Kjetil Nordhus can reveal there has been negotiations with promoters "all over the world" and are desperate to go public with some of the dates very soon.

    "The planning and negotiations have taken a lot of time, but it seems like the first dates are about to be confirmed by all parts within the next couple of days. We are working on a mini-tour in Europe, festivals on two different continents, and another mini-tour in a much warmer place than Norway"

    The Norwegians have again been blessed with rave reviews on their new record, from all over the world, and the band are increasingly actively looking for a management or booking agency to help dealing with the growing interest from promoters.

    "This is something which we have been wanting for a while, but we haven't got the right offer yet. The interest from people wanting to do gigs with us has been big lately, and to have someone working for us, so we could concentrate on making music, would be a great thing," he says, and adds that interested parties (management, booking, promoters) can contact him: [email protected]

    The only confirmed gig until now is the Inferno Festival in Oslo the coming Easter, Saturday March 26th at Rockefeller Hall.

    "We are really looking forward to that, and we're spending some days next weekend on the rehearsal room, to be fully prepared to impress," Kjetil Nordhus says. Metal Maniacs

  • THE OLD DEAD TREE in Stage One Studio

    THE OLD DEAD TREE will enter the Stage One Studio, Germany, by the beginning of March 2005. The band will again work with producer Andy Classen, who was very enthusiastic about their latest release The Nameless Disease: "All in all I like the result, I think it's a great album, which doesn't sound like anything I've heard so far, so I hope the band will come back again to Stage One Studio to do some more beautiful albums." Metal Maniacs


    Just made the announcement on their official site.
    Metal Maniacs


    PHOENIX, ARIZONA - The World, The Flesh & The Devil will be released on June 28th. Consisting of 9 tracks of heretical doctrine, comprised of absolute contempt, this will be Kult ov Azazel's most diverse and blasphemous release in their 6 years of existence.

    Crash Music is distributed in the US by Caroline Distribution and has offices in France that handle the European territories through Crash Music Europe.

    Metal Maniacs


    British Metallers Exhibit A will now be playing the following UK shows to promote their current 'A Safer Place' mini-album:

    06/04/05 - Jailhouse, Coventry
    08/04/05 - Berkhamsted Civic Centre, Hertfordshire [with i-Def-i]
    22/04/05 - The Attic, Northants
    25/04/05 - The Limelight, Crewe (Rescheduled from 29/03/05)
    01/05/05- The Archer, Newcastle-upon-tyne
    05/05/05 - The Alma, Bolton
    07/05/05 - Little Civic, Wolverhampton
    19/05/05 - Topspot, Wigan
    04/06/05 - Hark to Towler, Bury, Lancs
    17/06/05 - Winnington Rec, Northwich

    'A Safer Place' is currently available from all good record stores in the UK or for worldwide purchasing visit www.fulminationrecords.co.uk/store.htm

    Check out the Official Exhibit A Website at www.exhibitamusic.com


    Hailing from "la belle France", Wormfood is a shifted and eclectic band, performing a grim, unforeseeable, declining and immersive music.

    The band takes a malicious pleasure to disconcert the listener, using provocative topics, advanced classical arrangements,
    and cinematic atmospheres, with a squeaking humour...

    The vocal register, in french and english, follows this tendency, alternating in a theatrical way between death, black, gothic, punk or french variety...

    An ironical and serious reflexion on the metal genre itself. Their shocking new album is scheduled for autumn 2005 on code666.

    website: www.wormfood.com2.com


    Transilvanian Black Metallers Negura Bunget Decided to postpone the release of their new album "OM" until autumn 2005 due to delays with the composition and recording.

    The album will be released by in a limited edition with very special package, containing beside the CD with the album a full DVD, featuring a brand new clip for a track of the album, live footages from Negura Bunget gigs, a detailed media gallery, interviews, presentation, making-off, and lots of other extras...

    To compensate somehow the delay of the album, the band prepared a mini-album, entitled "Inarborat Kosmos", which will be released by code666 at the end of May as digipak-mcd in a strictly limited edition. You can expect more than 30 minutes of exclusive music, as well as a multimedia part.

    website: http://www.negurabunget.com


    UK Noise Metallers Mine(thorn) are in studio to record their Debut album for code666 titled "JunkHive Noir ".

    The band will spend most part of the spring and summer to complete the recordings and mix the album, scheduled for late september 2005.

    Here's some finalized track titles: "Density", "Haas Effect", "Forever Failing Icons", "Left Over Scraps of Life" and "JunkHive Noir".

    brand new website: www.minethorn.moonfruit.com


    The Axis of Perdition are taking you further in, whether you like it or not, in a more conceptually structured nightmare than before, following a sole character imprisoned in and navigating the dark labyrinth of the "Transition Hospital" (first alluded to on the previous mini-album “PHYSICAL ILLUCINATION IN THE SEWER OF XUCHILBARA"), drawn inexorably towards his own ultimate revelatory terror. A more expansive, epic and vivid journey into their own unutterable darkness than they have attempted before, "Deleted Scenes..." sees the band more drenched in dark ambience than ever, the guitars more abstract and warped into unpleasant shapes, the vocals as cathartic and painful as ever. You have been warned: It just gets worse, and it's NEVER OVER...

    first edition in Deluxe 8-panel Digipack-cd

March 25th, 2005
  • INCRUST - “Baptized in Unholy Gore” CD

    Total old school death metal from Brazil in the vein of SADISTIC INTENT, IMMOLATION, INCANTATION and early DEATH. This is savage death metal not for the trendy at heart!!

  • FUNERUS is proud to announce that they will be doing their first European tour. The tour will include dates with INCANTATION, CATASTROPHIC and JUNGLE ROT and will be booked by BRUCHSTEIN TOURS. The tour will take the band to France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and more.FUNERUS is the latest international acquisition to the superb bill for Steel Warrior VIII Fest in Barroselas Portugal on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2005. The fest also includes:INCANTATION [USA] - NARGAROTH [GERMANY] - DESECRATION [UK] - GOREROTTED [UK] - SUMMON [USA] - CATASTROPHIC [USA] - JUNGLE ROT [USA] - CORPUS CHRISTII [PORTUGAL/SWEDEN] and many more

    There are a few limited edition tour shirts still available. Visit the FUNERUS website for ordering info at: www.funerus.com




    CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, the Grammy-nominated heavy rockers from North Carolina, will release 'In The Arms Of God' through Sanctuary Records on April 5, 2005. It's the band's first studio album in five years.

    Lead vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, guitarist/vocalist Woody Weatherman and bass guitarist/vocalist Mike Dean are joined on the album by special guest drummer Stanton Moore, a member of the highly respected jazz/funk band Galactic. He is a longtime friend of Keenan's, and both men are natives of New Orleans.

    The 12 tracks on 'In The Arms Of God' are "Stone Breaker," "Paranoid Opioid," "It Is That Way," "Dirty Hands Empty Pockets/Already Gone," "Rise River Rise," "Never Turns To More," "Infinite War," "So Much Left Behind," "Backslider," "World On Fire," "Crown Of Thorns" and "In The Arms Of God."

    The first video is for "Stone Breaker." Directing was Rio Hackford, son of 'Ray' director and Academy Award nominee Taylor Hackford.

    COC's latest work reflects the band's long tradition of evolution. "We started writing songs, and they somewhat had the vibe of 'Blind,' 'Deliverance' and our earlier material," says Keenan. "We started thinking from that perspective, and it evolved into a heavy, classic sound but with a modern wisdom to it."

    "We really got back to our roots with this one, listening to old records that we all grew up on and headbanging at Woody's farmhouse," he adds. "It was a good time putting it together."

    The result, Keenan says, is a "bombastic, epic record, staying clear of the three-minute formula. It's not a nostalgic record by any means; it's big and ugly and heavy. Thematically, there's a lot of disgust, directed inwardly and towards society in general, reflecting these times we all live in. A lot of people will be able to relate."

    Producing was COC's longtime collaborator and knob-twisting, speaker-blowing genius, John Custer. Besides working on four of the band's previous albums, Custer also produced COC bassist Mike Dean's track "Access Babylon" on Dave Grohl's 'Probot' project and COC's contribution to 'Nativity In Black,' the Sabbath tribute compilation.

    The band was very excited to work with Moore. Over the past year, COC found themselves writing intense material and needed a drummer who could not only handle it but take it to another level. Keenan, who had since moved back to his hometown of New Orleans, called his old friend Moore to ask him if he knew any drummers up for the task.

    Moore laughed. "Yeah, me, " he said.

    Within four days, COC was in New Orleans undertaking a musical adventure without a map. It's the type of creative situation in which the band thrives and distinguishes itself as an original force in heavy music. Though COC's onslaught represented a departure for Moore, he was more than up for the challenge.

    "His performance was totally original and category-crushing," Weatherman says. "He stepped right into it full-throttle."

    "He's one of the most progressive drummers I know," Keenan says of Moore. "In the heavy metal world nobody really knows who he is, but after they hear this they will. He's an accomplished jazz drummer playing manic heavy music — I've never heard anything like it."

    'In The Arms Of God' is musical statement from men who care about the world.

    "It's disturbing and full of ugly power, but ultimately there's a shred of optimism," says Keenan. "It was worth the wait."

    To promote 'In The Arms Of God,' COC is embarking on a major North American tour this spring with Motorhead. Keenan, Weatherman and Dean have recruited longtime friend and former Cry Of Love member Jason Patterson as their touring drummer. Schedule permitting, Moore might sit in occasionally with COC. For more information, visit www.coc.com.

    Confirmed dates with Motorhead so far include:

    Friday, March 25th Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium
    Saturday, March 26th Kearney, NE Pavilion
    Sunday, March 27th Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
    Tuesday, March 29th Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
    Wednesday, March 30th Scottsdale, AZ Venue Of Scottsdale
    Friday, April 1st Los Angeles, CA Wiltern
    Saturday, April 2nd Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
    Tuesday, April 5th Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
    Friday, April 8th San Francisco, CA Warfield
    Saturday, April 9th Portland, OR Roseland
    Sunday, April 10th Seattle, WA Showbox
    Tuesday, April 12th Spokane, WA The Big Easy


  • An official press release from THE ETERNAL

    Melbournites, come down and celebrate our new line-up and new songs!

    The Eternal will play their first show since they returned from Europe at the Duke of Windsor (179 Chapel St. Windsor) on Saturday 30 April with Tailbone, Alpha State and Nitidus. They will be unveiling two new members (Marty O'Shea on drums and Lincoln Bowen on guitar).

    Their debut album ('The Sombre Light of Isolation') has recently been licensed for release in Brazil, Russia & Asia, and was named 2nd best Australian release of 2004 by Triple J's Andrew Haug, and voted 5th best Australian release of 2004 by listeners to his show, Full Metal Racket. The band was also listed in Kerrang! magazine's '50 Most Wanted bands' at the end of 2004.

    Since their return from foreign shores, The Eternal have written material for their second album, which they are currently recording in Palm Studios with Endel Rivers. The album is tentatively titled 'Everlasting' and is due to be completed in April. It is scheduled for a September release through Firebox Records.

    Production of a DVD centered on their Australian, Hong Kong and European tour is also nearing completion. Some concert footage and audio, as well as film-clips for the songs 'Down' and 'Crimson Sacrifice' is currently available for download from The Eternal's website - http://www.the-eternal.com

  • Subcrush working for a new full-lenght

    SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER are currently in the recording studio to begin working on their yet unnamed first full length record, tentatively due on late spring. The track list counts 11 tracks, and some of the track names are "Unfertile Suggestions", "A Poetry", "Slavery", "Fuck-simile". A cover version of a Testament classic will also be recorded, to be included as a bonus track at the end of the album.



    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records is proud to continue its worldwide promotion for the highly regarded French extreme band BLUT AUS NORD. The expanded promotion is set to include the exclusive stateside reissue of the band's most recent record, The Work Which Transforms God, the long-awaited availability of the band's previously unavailable back catalog, and the launch of the newly agreed worldwide cooperation with Appease Me Records - the label owned/operated by the band.

    The Work Which Transforms God was released in the US May 2004. Since that time the record has found a solid stateside audience with growing curiosity as their name and profile slowly grow. Now Candlelight will enhance the record, adding to it the band's amazing new mcd, Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Mutiplicity. This 2cd version of The Work will replace the original version and is set for release April 19. This special pressing is exclusive for the US market. Following its release, Candlelight will issue for the first time in the US the band's back catalog, namely Ultima Thulee and Memoria Vestusta. Both are scheduled for release June 28.

    Formed in 1994, BLUT AUS NORD have amassed a sizeable recording history that still remains out of reach of most US audiences. Signing with Candlelight Records in early 2004, this impressive Avignon-based band finally found their portal to reach American music fans. The Work Which Transforms God is a harrowing epic that is as equally bleak as it is grandiose. It is a challenging record that is sinister to its blackened core; bleak in all manner of speaking. Serving as the musical equivalent of Mayhem sodomizing Neurosis with a Godflesh joystick, the band redefines music as any extreme music fan (metal or otherwise) knows it. Their macabre creations throw ardent fists in the face of mainstream and mediocrity, resulting in a nightmarish voyage of sonic disharmony. England’s SonicDeath says it best when noting, “listening to Blut Aus Nord is like watching your own funeral in slow motion... a great sucking veil of endless, foreboding darkness.” Live4Metal adds “Blut Aus Nord march out of the shadows and blow our minds with true innovation.”

    The first releases through Candlelight and Appease Me Records will also hit stores June 28. Planned are the debuts from Overmars and Monolithe. Regarding the cooperation, BLUT AUS NORD founder/vocalist Vindsal says, "It's a great evolution for us. Candlelight's experience in all the domains - artistic development, production, distribution, promotion, etc - will be very precious for us. We want to present an ellitist vision of extreme music with Appease Me being a label of artistic explorators. All the bands signed are unique in their style and we'll always work in this way. Extreme quality not quantity."



    To Release WHAT THE MIND PERCEIVES Through

    Screaming Ferret Wreckords/Escapi Music

    On March 29, 2005

    The new breed of metal has arrived. Rocketing out of New Jersey with a devastating sound and an impressive local fanbase, Beyond The Flesh have quickly gained a foothold in the heavy music scene of today. After their 2001 debut, Spawned From Flesh and Bone, the band became legendary in the Garden State, drawing curious metal fans from far and wide and leaving a trail of converted followers in their wake. With a sound that not only borrows from all that is and once was great in metal, while still standing well on their own eight feet, Beyond The Flesh have carved an upwards swathe through the metal scene.

    The lineup of Justin Leary (vocals, guitar), Senen Solis (drums), Rick Flanegan (lead guitar) and Brian Gawaski (bass) recently signed a deal with Screaming Ferret Wreckords/Escapi Music. With a true metal label behind them in 2005, Beyond The Flesh are now prepared to release What the Mind Perceives, a brutal assault of original melodic death/thrash.

    The band’s newest effort is already winning much fan and media praise. BW&BK listed What the Mind Perceives as one of the Top 10 Indie albums of the year. Expect to see the band on the road soon, tearing the roof off of a venue near you.

  • DARK MOOR will shot a video for “Beyond The Sea” from their new album “Beyond The Sea”. The band has confirmed their participation as second headliner in the Italian festival Scaliero Metal Party on 7th May.

  • LABYRINTH have announced the first leg of dates in support of their new album, Freeman, released through Arise Records on March 4th. They are as follows:

    25 in Genova, Italy at Logo Loco

    1 in Pavia, Italy at Thunder Road
    2 in Firenze, Italy at Ministry
    9 in Reggio Emilia, Italy at Tempo Rock
    14 in Casagiove, Italy at Oddly Shed
    15 in Palermo, Italy at Biergarten (Rock Tv Tour)
    16 in Scordia, Sicily at Krossower (Rock Tv Tour)

  • SINISTHRA will release their debut album "Last Of The Stories of Long Past Glories” on 13.05.2005

    1 – Coming Up Roses
    2 – Ice Cube Sun
    3 – Fearless Under The Falling Sky
    4 – To The One Far Away
    5 – Unrevealed
    6 – My Sweet Nothing
    7 – Fucking Fragile
    8 – Completely Incomplete
    9 – Innocence… Is a Sense

  • SALEM uploaded 24 new pictures from the recording sessions of their upcoming album "Strings Attached". The pictures includes the band members, the ICSQ String Quartet and special guests.

    See pictures: www.salemband.com


    Ottawa, Ontario, February 28, 2005

    Classic heavy metal band Ivory Knight is proud to announce its new full-length CD, titled Unconscience, released in mid January, 2005. Ivory Knight is also proud to announce that they have been chosen out of several other bands to open for Finnish power metal sensation Sonata Arctica in Ottawa, Canada. The show is on April 15th, 2005, at Ottawa’s premier music venue, Barrymore’s Music Hall.

    The new album was mixed and mastered by the Jeff Waters of the great Canadian metal act Annihilator, and features artwork by Gyula Havanscak, who also did the artwork for Annihilator’s last album.

    During the late 1980s, Ivory Knight was a name familiar to metal fans who witnessed the bands exciting live performances at venues including Ottawa’s Barrymores, Porter Hall, and (now-defunct) Roxannes in Hull. The band shared the stage with many great acts including Sword and Blackstar (featuring John Ricci and Jacques Belanger of Exciter). The band recorded a demo “Voices In Your Nightmare” which received excellent reviews from all over the world. The band broke up in 1990 due to musical differences. Founding member John Devadasan Perinbam reformed the band in late 1999 with drummer George Nesrallah, bassist Steve Mercer, and guitarist Rob Gravelle. The band, featuring the soaring, powerful, passionate vocals of Perinbam and the virtuosity of Gravelle, recorded an album ‘Up From The Ashes’ which received excellent reviews from fans and critics throughout the world. The band has played many shows in the Ottawa area including the Rainbow and Café Dekcuf.

    Here’s what the critics are saying:

    Indie-Music.Com (USA):

    "Ivory Knight embrace the crucial elements of rhythm and melody that put the blister and bruise in melodic rock...This is really good stuff, which leaps out of the speakers, especially the vocals of founder and multi-instrumentalist John Devadasan Perinbam. His performance, especially, just flat out lays it all out there, and the reverence that Perinbam, along with band members Rob Gravelle (lead guitar), George Nesrallah (drums), and Steve Mercer (bass), pin down with exploding points of passion is truly inspiring. There is something really special about this band, and I feel I’m not alone when saying so…. - Heidi Drockelman

    Transcending The Mundane (USA) - Issue #21:

    "Another great Canadian band...They write catchy songs, have professional musicianship, and have a very good vocalist....Perinbam reminds me of a cross of Barren Cross' Mike Lee and Bruce Dickinson. There's a lot to like on Up From The Ashes… they will gain loyal fans because they are obviously all about quality...83/100 - Brett Van Put

    There are many more reviews on Ivory Knight’s Web site: http://www.ivoryknight.com




    Fifteen years after the release of their last studio album (Painkiller), a reunited Judas Priest has returned with skyscraping ambition and thunderous sound to match. Fueled by blistering lead single "Revolution," new release ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION rocketed onto Billboard's Top 200 this week at # 13, the highest debut in the band's illustrious 30-plus-year-career.

    The album is drawing rave reviews from ravenous fans and critics alike, including Rolling Stone, who gave it 3 1⁄2 stars. "This is what Judas Priest fans have been waiting for," wrote Revolver. "Hallelujah!" praised GQ, "Judas Priest screams again." The Associated Press wrote, "Judas Priest seems primed to reclaim their perch as the most dominant band in heavy metal."

    Co-produced by Roy Z and Priest, ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION follows the 2004 release of the band's acclaimed career-spanning boxed set Metalogy and their headline-grabbing stint on last summer's Ozzfest tour. The album is available in two configurations: the first is a DualDisc set featuring the full album and an action-packed DVD. The 30-minute disc amplifies the album with behind-the-scenes documentary footage and classic live tracks filmed last summer during two speaker-shattering shows in Spain. ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION was also released as a limited edition double-disc set featuring the new tracks and a long-form DVD bundled in special hardcover packaging. The total running time of the DVD is 1 hour, 12 minutes, highlighting the seven live cuts and 40 minutes of documentary footage.

    The legendary Priest—vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis—is currently tearing up stages across Europe and gearing up for a U.S. tour.

  • Candlelight Records in association with Continental Entertainment proudly announces the premiere of "Atman Project," from KRYOBURN'S debut album, Enigmatic Existence. The label will make the song available for download beginning 9am EST on Saturday, March 12. Bring your brower to the label's US site, www.candlelightrecordsusa.com to download the MP3.

    Pooling the sounds and styles of Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and the early power and might of Pantera, Carlsbad, New Mexico-based KRYOBURN are a young band with a world of possibility. For the past three years the four-piece have braved their way from sea to sea, making stops and friends along the way. It was during a performance in El Paso that the band would would make introduction and impress Eddy Garcia of Pissing Razors fame. Numbers exchanged and months later, the five men would regroup to lay down sounds that would ultimately become Enigmatic Existence.

    "This is one band that plays it like they want to and damn the rules. KRYOBURN plays with a Pantera-like fury but their songwriting is so different that to compare the two is almost impossible," says Roughedge.com.

    In the coming weeks, Candlelight Records plans upcoming premieres that will include the first sounds from ProPain's new album, Prophets of Doom (in stores June 14), the debut album from Norway's Octavia Sperati and England's Dam.

    Kryoburn's Enigmatic Existence is scheduled for release on April 5.


  • NEVERMORE Enter The Studio; New Re-mixed "Ambivalent" Posted Online

    Seattle's own NEVERMORE are currently in Backstage Studios, Derbyshire/UK, recording their highly anticipated album, This Godless Endeavor, with legendary producer Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, Testament, Opeth), who already successfully worked with the band on their Dead Heart In A Dead World release. To see a video clip from NEVERMORE's studio activities, please go to: www.andysneap.com/nevermore.mov

    NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane called in to comment on the current activities:
    "Hello from the snowy hills of Derbyshire. The recording is going amazingly well! We already tracked 3 songs and it's sounding great! Heavy as fucking hell and we are very, very excited to be working with Andy again!"

    This Godless Endeavor, which marks the group's first album recording with guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-Testament), is tentatively set for a late summer release and some of the new songs included on the album will be "This Godless Endeavor," "The Psalm Of Lydia," "Killing Time For The Pretty Ones," "Sentient 6" and "Bittersweet Feast." The group will also record a cover version of Ozzys "Revelation (Mother Earth)."

    In other news, due to overwhelming demand, the group's critically acclaimed 2003 album, Enemies of Reality, was remixed by Sneap and repackaged with altered cover artwork, two promotional video clips (the title track and "I, Voyager") and a live video of the title track performed at Germany's Wacken Open Air festival this past summer.

    The remixed Enemies of Reality will replace the existing version of the album in stores beginning late March. Fans who have already purchased the record and want to hear the new edition can special order it from the CenturyMedia.com web shop in the coming weeks, where the CD itself will be sold individually (i.e., without jewel case and artwork) for $5, including shipping. The disc will be mailed in a CD sleeve; a link to a special website containing the downloadable revised artwork will be included in order confirmation e-mails.

    Follow this link to hear the re-mixed and re-mastered track "Ambivalent" to get an exclusive taste of what the new and improved Enemies Of Reality sounds like.

    Metal Maniacs


    IN AETERNUM have just recorded their new album DAWN OF A NEW AEON for Agonia Records. The recording took place at Abyss Studios with Tommy T?gtgren at the end of December. Nicklas Rudolfsson from Magick Sound Studios mastered the album.

    Mike Wead from King Diamond / Mercyful Fate is doing a guest solo on the track "Pactum Diaboli," it's was an honour to have him on the album.

    Joe Petagno has done the artwork for the album and can be viewed at this location www.inaeternum.com

    Track list for the album is:
    2.A new dawn
    3.Poison the holy
    4.Pactum Diaboli
    5.Devil in me
    6.Seven storms of doom
    7.Unholy sons awakened
    8.Ultimate extermination
    9.No salvation
    10.Spawned by the fires below

    Sound clips will be available soon.

    (35 minutes of satanic death metal)

    IN AETERNUM will also be hitting the road with BELPHEGOR and ARKHON INFAUSTUS during April. Dates are as follows:

    European GOATREICH - FLESHCULT Tour Chapt. I
    14.04.2005 - D - Schweinfurt Stattbahnhof
    15.04.2005 - D - Hamburg Headbangers Ballroom
    16.04.2005 - D - Leipzig Hellraiser *
    17.04.2005 - D - Muenster Dieburg Live Arena *
    18.04.2005 - BEL - St-Niklaas The-Starz Club *
    19.04.2005 - D - M?nchen Backstage Club *
    20.04.2005 - HU - Budapest Kultiplex *
    21.04.2005 - A - Graz Explosiv *
    22.04.2005 - A - Vienna Planet Music *
    23.04.2005 - A - Innsbruck Hades *
    24.04.2005 - IT - Porto D Ascoli Shining Club *
    25.04.2005 - IT - Milano Codevilla/ Thunder Road Club
    26.04.2005 - off
    27.04.2005 - D - Heidelberg Schwimmbad
    28.04.2005 - D - Aalen Rock it!
    29.04.2005 - FR/NL - tba tba
    30.04.2005 - FR - Paris Nouveau Casino
    01.05.2005 - NL - Hengelo Metropool
    Metal Maniacs


    Florida-based heavy metal band the Ben Jackson Group is set to release its new album 'All Over You' on March 29, 2005, via Screaming Ferret Wreckords. 'All Over You' is the band's second album.

    Vocalist/guitarist Ben Jackson created his own band to further expand the musical direction explored by his previous bands Crimson Glory and Parish.

    Joining Jackson on 'All Over You' are guitarist Mark Borgmeyer, bass guitarist Dano Binz, drummer Rich Tabor and backing vocalist Rose Sexton. Special guest Midnight, who worked with Jackson in Crimson Glory, contributes backing vocals. Binz left the band after the album was completed. His replacement is Fabrizio Fulco, a Crimson Glory fan who read about the band's bass guitarist vacancy and moved to Florida from Rome, Italy, to accept Jackson's invitation to join.

    "The mood was electric while we recorded 'All Over You.' The creative sparks were flying and the attitude and emotion are very evident in the finished work," says Jackson. "With the release of 'All Over You,' this feels like a fresh start for me and I have an amazing band backing me on this project."
    The 10 songs on 'All Over You' include "Turn It On," "Mean Machine," "All Over You," "Falling Down," "Ghost In The Mirror," "Eyes Of Ice," "Far And Away," "Heavy On My Mind," "Break It" and "Rock 'N' Roll Heaven."

    "The record kicks ass from start to finish. I would have a hard time choosing a favorite track as I love all the songs," Jackson says.

    'All Over You' was recorded in Tampa, Florida, at Morrisound Studios, owned by brothers Jim and Tom Morris. Crimson Glory and Parish recorded their albums at Morrisound.

    "The reason I formed my own band in the first place is so that I could step up as the singer. When a singer leaves a band, I believe the band loses something creatively and the fans are disappointed too. After about four years of work, that's what happened with Parish. So much relies on the singer I thought the best way to avoid that problem was to become the singer!" Jackson says.

    Jackson compares his musical role to that of Metallica's James Hetfield and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine.

    2001's 'Here I Come' was the first Ben Jackson Group album. Jackson was pleased with the results, but he is much happier with 'All Over You.'

    "That first album was recorded as a power trio. It was really cool and really raw, but I missed having another lead guitarist in the band like it was in Crimson Glory. We're definitely a better band now, especially with Mark and Rose on board," says Jackson.

    " 'Here I Come' was kind of an experiment and I was a little unsure of myself. 'All Over You' was not as nerve-wracking to make. Everything just exploded. I was more confident and aggressive. I just envisioned what I wanted to do."

    "We are pumped over this new record and I believe the fans of my work with Crimson Glory will love this one as well. For the Crimson Glory fans who have been waiting a long time for someone in the band to put out a record of this style and dynamic again, your wait is over!"

    For more information, including updates on touring plans, visit www.benjacksongroup.com.