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June 30th, 2006
  • WINTERSUN begin recording new album

    WINTERSUN, the band led by former ENSIFERUM singer Jari Mäenpää, have posted the following message on their official web site:

    "We entered the studios [on May 2]. The day went setting up the drums, changing the drumheads, miking the drums, making the basic drumsound and Kai playing too fast all day long (and driving Nino crazy). Jiiiihhaaaaa! [On May 3] we [started] the actual recordings.

    "In this studio session we will be recording only the drums, rhythm guitars and bass. I [Jari] will continue recording the vocals, solos and synths/samples at my home 'studio'/rehearsal place during the summer. The melody/acoustic guitars I will be recording with Teemu. The mixing will take place in autumn and the release is scheduled for the end of this year.

    "The album will be called 'Time' and the track titles are:

    01. Sons of Winter and Stars
    02. Land of Snow and Sorrow
    03. Time
    04. Fire
    05. One with the Shadows
    06. Storm
    07. Silver Leaves

    "Seven epic songs and quite long ones, over 65 minutes of material. It's a theme album. The music has some new dimensions, but has also the recognizable 'WINTERSUN style.' So hopefully you will stay patient, the wait will be worth it!"

    WINTERSUN's music has been described as a mix between early AMORPHIS, CHILDREN OF BODOM, FINNTROLL and ENSIFERUM.
  • HYPOCRISY will not be touring this fall

    Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, HYPOCRISY will NOT be part of the fall North American tour with FEAR FACTORY, SUFFOCATION and DECAPITATED, according to a posting on the band's official web site.

    HYPOCRISY recently completed a North American tour with NILE, SOILENT GREEN, RAGING SPEEDHORN, DECAPITATED, and WITH PASSION in support of their 2005 acclaimed release, "Virus".

    Upcoming HYPOCRISY shows:
    Jul. 22 - Metalcamp Festival - Tolmin, SLO
    Aug. 11 – Party.San Open Air Festival - Bad Berka, GER
  • SOILWORK new guitarist hasn't yet been confirmed

    SOILWORK vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid has posted the following message on the band's official web site:
    "It's been ages… Anyways, had a good tour with HYPOCRISY, SCAR SYMMETRY and ONE MAN ARMY in Europe. We also did our first festival for this summer last weekend (yes, the summer has actually arrived in Sweden...). We played among the fjords in Norway (unfortunately it was a indoor festival), still a cool place though.

    "Something unexpected happened that day: I got sick as a dog when we arrived and performed on stage with 40 degrees of fever (which is how much in Fahrenheit?... Hmm… no clue... it's hellish, though!!). Back home from the festival I had to go straight to the hospital from the airport and they made me stay the night. They found a virus value of 130 in my blood (the value is normally below 8, in a normal condition...) I really don't know what kind of virus that was, but I tell you it was pure hell. I'm glad it wasn´t a normal tour (for example the one we did with HYPOCRISY), then probably Peter Tägtgren would invite me on the bus for some straight-whiskey-northern-Swedish-fever-cure and I'm sure I wouldn't say no, since I enjoy drinking with that guy. The only thing is that I would probably be dead by now.

    "I'm on the heaviest possible medication right now and I'm starting to feel good enough to pick up the guitar and write some shit.

    "Let me also clarify some things about the [second] guitarist situation: I know that some of you people have seen on some website (take a guess where...) that we have confirmed Daniel Antonsson [DIMENSION ZERO, PATHOS] as the new guitarist of SOILWORK. It's true that he's been touring with us and we like him very much both as a human and as a player, but we have NOT confirmed his spot in SOILWORK. We have decided to go slow with this and really take our time before we make any decisions. We'll keep you updated on that story, nobody else."
    Brazilian black metal band SPELL FOREST have signed a deal with B.T.O.D. for the release of CD titled Lucifer Rex. 9 tracks for about 40 minutes of intense, fast, aggressive yet atmospheric black metal.

    Track list: When only vengeance and hate prevails, Pride in Lucifer's worshipping (Lucifer Rex), Throne of skulls, Ritual on the mountain's forest, Marching over the weak disgusting one, Blessed by Satan dark sword, Full moon over profane souls and Dominus Satanas - Ave Lucifer.

    Lucifer Rex will be marketed and distributed worldwide by B.T.O.D. and MASTERPIECE DISTRIBUTION, except in Brazil, distributed exclusively by the band.

    Lucifer Rex CD (catalogue number BTOD0623) will be out june 2006.


    Metal Maniacs

    In support of their latest release Black Wings of Destiny (Escapi Music), the San Francisco-based black metal band DRAGONLORD which features Eric Peterson (guitar, vocals; TESTAMENT), Gian Pyres (guitar; ex-CRADLE OF FILTH), Derrick Ramirez (bass), Lyle Livingston (keys) and Jon Allen (drums; SADUS, ex-TESTAMENT) have confirmed a string of new tour dates which include:
    June 23  Bourbon Street - Concord, CA
    June 24   Kennel Club - Sacramento, CA
    June 27  Iliff Park Theater - Aurora, CO
    June 29  Mr.Kelly's - Chicago, IL
    June 30  I-Rock Nightclub - Detroit, MI
    July 1   Topcats - Cincinnati, OH
    July 2   Vamp's - Toledo, OH
    July 3   Pirate's Cove - Cleveland, OH
    July 6   Crazy Donkey - Long Island, NY
    July 7   Jaxx - Springfield, VA
    More U.S. shows to be added, check www.enterthedragonlord.com for daily updates.

    Metal Maniacs

    9/15/06 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (USA) - Culture Room - (only Kamelot)
    9/16/06 - St. Petersburg, FL (USA) - State Theatre - (only Kamelot)
    9/19/06 - Springfield, VA (USA) - Jaxx Nightclub
    9/20/06 - New York, NY (USA) - B.B King
    9/22/06 - Poughkeepsie, NY (USA) - The Chance Theater
    9/23/06 - Rochester, NY (USA) - The Penny Arcade
    9/24/06 - Montreal, QC (CA) - Le Medley
    9/25/06 - Quebec, QC (CA) - L'Imperial
    9/27/06 - Toronto, ON (CA) - The Opera House
    9/28/06 - Cleveland, OH (USA) - Agora Ballroom
    9/29/06 - Detroit, MI (USA) - Harpo's
    9/30/06 - Chicago, IL (USA) - The Pearl Room
    10/02/06 - Columbia Heights, MN (USA) - Star Central
    10/04/06 - Denver, CO (USA) - BlueBird Theater
    10/06/06 - Seattle, WA (USA) - Studio Seven
    10/07/06 - Portland, OR (USA) - Rock N Roll Pizza
    10/08/06 - San Francisco, CA (USA) - Pound SF
    10/10/06 - Santa Ana, CA (USA) - Galaxy Theatre
    10/11/06 - Los Angeles, CA (USA) - Key Club 

    Metal Maniacs
    From 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning onward, the members of LEAVES' EYES attempted to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD - and did! In connection with the release of their upcoming Legend Land MCD - scheduled for North American release on July 18th - in one day, the band members personally signed 5,000 limited-edition booklets ( blue cover artwork) for a total of 30,000 autographs!

    The limited EP will be available in stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland only.  Die-hard fans worldwide may order a copy via our online store: www.napalmrecords.com

    Metal Maniacs

    September 12th marks the official release date of THE SICKNESS WITHIN from Danish assailants HATESPHERE!  This is the band's full length debut for SPV / Steamhammer and follows "The Killing EP" which was released May 2005.  Having been released in the band's native country last year, "The Sickness Within" won both the award for "Album of the Year" and "Best Production" at the Danish Metal Awards. 

    Metal Maniacs
  • Project: Storm on July Guitar World CD-rom

    Hear True Gemini Recording artist, Project: Storm on the July Guitar World CD-Rom. Their song, 'Disturbance' from their latest release STRATAGEM is included on the CD-rom that comes with the magazine each month. Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, John Frusciante is on the cover.

    Check out the tour photos taken by Chad Lee (www.rockconcertfotos.com) posted here. The group just finished playing several dates in the Midwest.Visit Project: Storm and the band's myspace. STRATAGEM is available online now... order yours here!

    Project: Storm

    After several months away from his drumming duties in Opeth Martin Lopez has permanently decided to leave the group. After being plagued by illness and anxiety attacks Lopez decided he wanted to concentrate fully on his own project, currently unnamed. His replacement will be Martin "Axe" Axenrot who's been filling in for the last 5 tours and who also recorded with the band during the recent BBC sessions.

    Mikael Åkerfeldt: "However sad I and the rest of the band feel in light of Lopez departure I want to thank him for his incredible work with Opeth and immense dedication to the band. We recorded some classic stuff together and he obviously had an enormous impact on our sound. I now feel very excited to hear the material of his own band. In the meantime Opeth fans can rest assured that we'll continue jamming it out with Axe and we all have high expectations about our coming musical ventures"

    Roadrunner will issue a special edition deluxe version of "Ghost reveries" on the 25 th of July.
  • STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mainman Devin Townsend Comments: "The recording process went amazingly well, and STRAPPING as a whole is really excited about this effort. We were very inspired with the idea of doing Ozzfest, and the concept we are running with on this record is really based around abhorring the current music scene, yet being a part of it in some weird way. SYL is ready to be a subversive product for the unwitting 14-year-olds to scream along with. We also intend to sprinkle a little ugly around all the pretty bands this year. You can think of us as the proverbial pubic hair in the cheesecake of this year's festival. We are ugly, large and angry. We have also been around longer as a band than 90% the other bands. Most of all, we're just really excited to be a part of Ozzfest and this summer is going to be crazy."

    source: www.opeth.com
  • Open Grave & Red State Records to release Morbid Sacrifice's long unreleased full length album on 5/30/06.

    Morbid Sacrifice started in 1995 when Devilkill (Guitar) and Chris Auman (Vocals/Bass) came together with the understanding that they wanted to create a Death Metal band along the lines of their favorite bands like Crimson Thorn, Vengeance Rising, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel amongst many others. Hailing for a little town in Central Pennsylvania it wasn't exactly easy to come across like minded musicians. After having played with many drummers and guitarist they finally found band mates with Nate Davis (Guitar) and rounding everything out Tom Klinesmith (Drums). In the 7 years Morbid Sacrifice was together they played their fair share of shows with artist from Antithesis to Alethian and even artist like Sam Black Church. Their claim to fame however comes on two separate occasions, they where supposed to play with both Hatebreed and Madball, and both shows the headliner ended up backing out for personal reasons.

    By the time 2002 came around Morbid Sacrifice entered the studio to record what is now being released, their debut album "Severed Death". However it wasn't long after the album was recorded the band members decided to go their own separate ways, which meant few copies of the album ever got released to the public. So here we are today, the year 2006 and Morbid Sacrifice's debut album is just now finally getting the release it has deserved for many years.

    After the break up Tom and Chris went on to form progressive death metal band Nightsbane (still together with an EP release), Tom is also the current touring drummer for Royal Anguish. Devilkill went on to form punk band Anti-Hell Society (self released one album - no longer together), and nobody is to sure what happened to Nate Davis.

    Sample tracks can be downloaded and listened to at http://www.myspace.com/officialmorbidsacrifice or http://www.myspace.com/opengraverecords.
  • DeadStar Assembly’s “Unsaved” to be released by PURE Records & The A Label

    The violent industrial mayhem of DeadStar Assembly is about to set the anti-mainstream ablaze for a second arson with the release of their sophomore record, Unsaved. The troupe of musical avant-gardes has returned with 15 new tracks of sonic mastery and electronic combustion to deliver a testimonial of struggle, devotion and finally perseverance. Like demented seraphim, DSA’s poisonous blend of death-pop/industrial rock is inscribed with no apologies, and as heard on Unsaved, they don’t intend to start.

    Unsaved was written, recorded, and sweated over as an entirely collaborative band effort. The album of chaotic synths and havoc-reeking melodies features all live instrumentation with additional electronic percussion and digital effects weaved amongst it. Produced by DSA themselves and Jeremy Staska (Poison the Well, New Found Glory, Remembering Never), Unsaved is a drastically personal album; ensuing the perfect combination of therapeutic lyricism, razorblade vocals striving to end cultural assimilation and surgically crafted melodies performed to bleed rather than stitch. It’s a middle finger to the mundane and a red light to ignite your inner deviance.

    Tracks such as the commanding “Dejected” feature attention-demanding guitars, swirling synths and authoritative vocals that are determined to raise a de-generation of jaded and misguided to their spike-heeled feet. It’s having sex on an induced high and its wandering home alone through desolation as the sun is rising. The track “Pure Blue” could easily serve as the theme song for Unsaved, as its menacing guitars and powerful drum loops envelope into nightmarish choruses and sonic twists, provoking chills from the fear of the unknown. The song is entirely paralyzing in its fullness and angst-ridden lyrics, providing the anthem for an album laced with crimson substance. “Bled,” the smoky ballad of the album, masks the face of a monotonous society and acts as a tourniquet for the fresh wounds cut as a result of it. As singer Dearborn screams, “I am more than nothing.”

    DeadStar Assembly sold over 10,000 units of their self-titled debut album independently and gained the respect and loyalty of South Florida’s underground music scene with such soul scorching hits as “Normal,” “Breathe for Me” and the completely innovative cover of “Send Me an Angel.” With the help of PURE Records in the United States and Berlin’s The A Label, DSA are ready to further infect the globe with Unsaved.

    Unsaved is set for a July 11th release in the United States on PURE Records (RED Distribution) and a late May/early June release in Europe via The A Label, but DSA plan to spread their musical delirium to the masses right now. The band just wrapped up a US tour in March and April with Canadian industrial heavy hitters, The Birthday Massacre, followed by more dates with the release of Unsaved.

    DeadStar Assembly is:
    Dearborn: vox & orchestrated mayhem
    Mubo: synths & circuitry
    The Dro: bass & subsonic tremors
    Cygnus: percussion & bloodsucking
    Dreggs: crunch guitar.

    Visit www.deadstar.com

June 19th, 2006
  • In a press release sent today (June 12, 2006) to the press, Igor Cavalera makes official his departure from SEPULTURA.

    Iggor says he decided to leave the band because of "musical incompatibility" with the other members of the band. Iggor will be working on other projects from now on.

    Brazilian drummer Jean Dolabella (ex-Udora) will take his place for the upcoming tour dates.


    Drummer and co- founder of the Brazilian biggest heavy metal band claims outworn and incompatibility of thoughts with the remaining band members, and signalizes new projects.

    One of the founders of the Brazilian biggest heavy metal band, Igor Cavalera, announces that he is leaving Sepultura. Cavalera, drummer and musician claims outworn and incompatibility of thoughts with the remaining band members, and signalizes new projects.

    “A lot of reasons made me take this important decision in my life and I would like to share it with everybody. I believe my mission in Sepultura has come to an end. I am very proud of all we have done, but nowadays I feel that the band formation no longer lives up to my expectations. Since my last European tour in 2004, I have noticed that my ideas didn’t match with the others.”, asserts Iggor.

    Since 1985, Sepultura has putted out ten world wide releases (“Bestial Devastation”, 1985; “Morbid Visions”, 1986; “Schizophrenia”, 1987; “Beneath the Remains”, 1989; “Arise”, 1991; “Roots”, 1996; “Against”, 1998; “Nation”, 2001 “Roorback”, 2003 e Dante XXI, 2006), that sold millions of copies. The band reached it’s peak in 1996, with the release of the album “Roots” which represented a musical swerve in the heavy metal scene, introducing new experiences as tribal percussions and the work with the Brazilian Indian tribe, Xavantes. However, after the album release and the world tour of “Roots”, guitarist, singer and Igor’s brother, Max Cavalera, left the band to continue his solo career. Sepultura continued their works and success with a new singer, Derrick Green.

    Apart from touring since 2005, when he was substituted by Roy Mayorga, Igor noticed that his personal ambitions where worlds apart from the rest of the band and slightly detached from the creative process of Sepultura. “Many years of work in group, made the relationship get outworn and I feel that there isn’t compatibility of thoughts and ideas between the rest of the band and me. I tried to make this clear and suggested that we should take a break. However their priority was to continue playing in despite of my permanence”, says Igor.

    As a drummer and musician, Igor persists and look forward to new references to produce something authentic and real, which may represent what Sepultura was once in his life. Lately the musician researches a contemporary view of the heavy metal scene, looking for different influences such as hip hop, hardcore, tribal percussions and electronic music. According to Iggor, the decision of leaving Sepultura was one of the most difficult in his career, once that, as founder of the band, he dedicated most of his life to it.

    “I would like to immeasurably thank all of the fans which supported me and continue encouraging our music. And also to everyone who had worked to make Sepultura exist.”

    Andreas, Derrick & Paulo will pronounce soon about the situation. We just want to let everyone knows that Sepultura will continue! We have the release of Dante XXI in South America next month (with 2 bonus tracks) and dates coming in Brazil and the rest of the world! Thank you for your understanding and support!

    -Drummer Igor Cavalera has officially announced his departure from SEPULTURA (as first reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on January 13, 2006 and subsequently denied by both the band and Igor).

    In a statement released today (June 12) to the Brazilian media, Igor attributed the split to "artistic incompatibility" with his SEPULTURA bandmates — guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. and vocalist Derrick Green.
    "I believe my time in SEPULTURA has come to an end," Igor said in the statement. "I have a lot of pride in everything we have done, but I feel that the group's current formation does not meet my expectations as a musician and a person. Since my last tour with SEPULTURA, which took place in Europe in December 2004, I have sensed that my ideas were not compatible with those of the rest of the band.

    "I would really like to thank all of the fans that supported me and continue supporting our music. I would also like to thank everybody that worked to make SEPULTURA the band that it had become."

    Igor announced earlier in the year that he was taking a break from the group's touring activities to spend time with his second wife and their new son (who was born in January). Filling in on drums during the band's European tour with IN FLAMES was Mayorga, who played with Igor's brother Max in SOULFLY for several years in the late '90s and again in 2001-2003.

    Igor is the second Cavalera to leave SEPULTURA. In 1996, Max Cavalera exited the group after the rest of the band fired Max's wife Gloria as SEPULTURA's manager.

    SEPULTURA are rumored to have selected Jean Dolabella (ex-UDORA) as their new permanent drummer following Roy Mayorga's decision to join STONE SOUR as a full-time member.

    Nine, Epica, Mendeed and Metsatöll added to the bill
    Show dates for Artists announced

    The ninth annual Tuska Open Air Metal Festival taking place in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finland, during 30.6.-2.7. has added four more international artists to the 2006 roster. The festival is still looking for one more act for Friday.

    Sweden’s Nine will appear at Kaisaniemi Park on Saturday evening. Hailing fron Linköping, Sweden, Nine has roots deep in the hardcore-scene which are still very audible in their current material. Nine’s latest, Death Is Glorious –ep was recently released by Helsinki-based Combat Rock Industry.

    The number of female artists at this year’s Tuska doubled as Simone Simons of Epica will cast her spell on the second stage also on Saturday evening. The Dutch group’s epic compositions are heard on the Finnish soil for the first time.

    A new addition for Sunday comes in the form of the up-and-coming Scottsmen Mendeed. The Glasgow-based five-piece was just recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records who expect great things of Mendeed’s on-point and modern metal.

    Folk-metal at Tuska 2006 is represented by Metsatöll from our southern neighbours accross the bay, Estonia. Metsatöll is one of the most popular acts in their native country and although they’re no strangers to the Finnish metal scene, this is their debut at Tuska-Festival.

    Tickets for Tuska 2006 went on sale on Monday April 3rd. Three-day ticket costs 72 Euro, one-day ticket 36 Euro. Go to www.lippupalvelu.fi or www.tiketti.fi to purchase tickets. Tuska 2006 is an all ages event.


    The Managing Director of the Tuska-Festival-organization has changed. Stuba Nikula, who has steered this ship for eight eventful years, has decided to move on to greener pastures in life. The new Managing Director, Ms. Outi Alander, has vast experience in organizing cultural events in Finland and will provide color and freshness to this male-dominated, dark business. Other main people in the organization, Jouni Markkanen and Niklas Nuppola will continue their duties as before.


    Friday 30.6.
    Anathema (UK)
    Arch Enemy (SWE) (note! Moved from Sunday to Friday)
    Sonata Arctica
    Suburban Tribe
    DragonForce (UK)
    Deathstars (SWE)
    Impaled Nazarene

    Saturday 1.7.
    Venom (UK)
    Opeth (SWE)
    Nine (SWE)
    Epica (NL)
    Metsatöll (EST)
    The Scourger
    Pain Confessor

    Sunday 2.7.
    Celtic Frost (CH)
    Sodom (GER)
    Gojira (FRA)
    Swallow the Sun
    Burst (SWE)
    Mendeed (UK)
    Timo Rautiainen

    Additional Information:

  • JOEY VERA Audio Trailer Update

    Hey All,

    I’ve just posted an Audio Trailer of short samples from my new Solo Record. The tracks you’ll hear are still in the “rough mixing” stage but I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing for the past 11 months. You can go to the site and navigate to The Music Room or just go here: http://joeyvera.com/pages/9/index.htm

    I’m getting ready to go on tour with Fates Warning first later this month and then Armored Saint in June. Until then, enjoy the Trailer!

    Take Care,

  • BLINDED COLONY Check In From The Studio, Photos and Video Available

    Sweden based metal act BLINDED COLONY have recently updated their website from the studio. Here is what vocalist Johan Schuster had to say about the recording process:

    “So, this is the first entry for this studio-diary. This is the place where we'll write a little about what's going on in the studio (minus the inappropriate dirty details hehe)! As you can see, we also post studio-videos and try to translate our ugly Swedish as best as we can into English, for all of you non-Swedes out there. We're pretty much done with all drum tracks now, and so far it sounds fucking killer! We've changed some kick drum rhythms in some old songs that sounded pretty lame, slow, & boring to make it groove more and sound more interesting. Such things can really make a song three times better! Or perhaps four!

    Some sad news is that Staffan pretty much fucked up his ear at the last gig, so now he rests from noise as much as he can. Therefore, I will play the drums for the remaining tracks. I'm actually a drummer so I hope not to disappoint you haha! I've played the drums in other groups with Staffan handling the bass some years ago. But that's another story! Staffan will be back in action soon, so there is nothing to worry about!

    I'll be in the studio all day pounding on drums. Take care, and be sure to look out for more studio updates.”

    Video and photos from the recording sessions can all be found at the band’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE [http://www.blindedcolony.com] and the band’s MYSPACE [http://www.myspace.com/blindedcolony].

    BLINDED COLONY entered Soundpalace studios in April in their hometown of
    Karlshamn Sweden for the recording process of their forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled record, which is due out in the fall through Pivotal Rockordings and will be released worldwide. The album comes as the follow-up to 2003’s DIVINE which was also recorded in SoundPalace and released through Italy’s Scarlet Records.


    If there were a sequel to "Deliverance" in which the antagonists were meth heads, Scotch Greens' "Professional" could be the soundtrack.—Scripps Howard News service

    May 10, 2006, New York, NY – Fresh off the road supporting the Reverend Horton Heat in Europe, a tour that immediately followed the Guinness Green 17 Tour, where they won over live audiences as main support for Flogging Molly, the SCOTCH GREENS now bring their special band of American roots punk to the Warped Tour. The band will play a month-long stint, the first leg of the tour, beginning 6/15 in Columbia, MD and ending on their home turf in Boise, ID. The SCOTCH GREENS’ Brass Tacks/DRT debut, Professional, is out now.

    Professional was produced by Ted Hutt (MXPX, Flogging Molly, The Bouncing Souls), and features the eponymous first single “Professional,” already a hit at college radio and on the CMJ charts. The band also has three tracks in rotation, "Professional", "Great Time to be Alive" and "River of Blood," on XM Satellite Radio’s FUNGUS channel. “Professional” is also currently 13* on the Alternative Specialty singles chart and #20 on the Alternative Specialty album chart.

    Born and raised in the hills of Idaho, lead singer Zander Cox and guitarist Wes Welsworth relocated to San Diego in 1998 with the hopes of finding some like minded musicians in the more populous arena of Southern California. Having accomplished their mission, the SCOTCH GREENS were formed, and a sound emerged that blended punk rock, bluegrass, and American roots music to form a distinctive resonance that challenges and captivates its fans. Created in their fledgling days, the band’s self-produced album, Draw!, was nominated for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards. Now with a few years under their belts, the SCOTCH GREENS begin their touring career with their first internationally released album, Professional, which in the span of 33 minute and 11 songs takes the listener from the mountain grit of Idaho to the punk energy of SoCal with a little Appalachia thrown in for good measure.

    Catch the SCOTCH GREENS on the Warped Tour:

    6/15 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavillion
    6/16 Columbus, OH Germain Amphitheater
    6/17 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater
    6/18 Minneapolis, MN Hub.H.Humphrey Metrodome
    6/19 Bonner Springs, KS Verizon Wireless
    6/21 Nashville, TN Starwood Amphitheater
    6/22 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Fairgrounds
    6/23 St. Petersburg, FL Vinoy Park
    6/24 Miami, FL Bicentennial Park
    6/25 Orlando, FL Tinker Field
    6/26 Ladson , SC Exchange Park Fairgrounds
    6/27 Raleigh, NC Alltel Pavillion at Walnut Creek
    6/28 Atlanta, GA Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater
    6/30 Houston, TX Reliant Center
    7/1 Dallas, TX
    7/2 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
    7/3 Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University
    7/5 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
    7/6 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheater
    7/7 Pomona, CA LA County Fairgrounds
    7/8 San Francisco, CA Pier 30/32
    7/9 Fresno, CA Selland Arena
    7/11 Ventura, CA Seaside Park
    7/12 Los Angeles, CA Dodger Stadium
    7/13 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheater
    7/14 Boise, ID Treasure Valley Speedway

    HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 10, 2006) – John 5 has made a permanent home with Rob Zombie as his lead-guitar Speed Demon. It all started when John 5 and Zombie came together last year at the Arrowhead Pond Arena for a benefit. They played Thunder Kiss 65 and Zombie knew John 5 was the right shredder to complete his merry band of monsters. "I'm totally stoked about this because this guy is a fucking shredder," explains Zombie. "I played Thunder Kiss 65 with him at The Arrowhead Pond Arena for a benefit last year and it never sounded so fucking good.”

    www.John-5.com & www.RobZombie.com

    Rob Zombie

    Fri 06/30/06 El Paso, TX El Paso County Coliseum
    Sun 07/02/06 Wichita Falls, TX Kay Yeager Coliseum
    Wed 07/05/06 McAllen, TX La Villa Real Special Events Center
    Fri 07/07/06 North Little Rock, AR North Shore River Walk
    Sun 07/09/06 Valley Center, KS Kansas Coliseum
    Wed 07/12/06 Oklahoma City, OK
    Sat 07/15/06 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheater
    Sun 07/16/06 Fort Wayne, IN Allen Co. Mem. Coliseum
    Sat 07/22/06 Mankato, MN Midwest Wireless Civic Center
    Mon 07/24/06 Sioux Falls, SD Ramkota
    Fri 07/28/06 Billings, MT Shrine Auditorium

    The weekend of Hell in Paradise is getting closer and closer. Everybody is looking forward to 3 days of headbanging, enjoying, swiming and meeting friends. 3 days of unforgetable party with some of the best metal bands in the world!

    21.-23. July in small city of Tolmin, Slovenia

    New confirmations:

    SOILWORK, one of the biggest swedish Melodic Death Metal bands, will perform for the first time in Slovenia at Metalcamp

    -also from Sweden, the very promissing newcomer SCAR SYMMETRY will know how to enthuse you with their highly melodic mix of Death and classical Heavy Metal

    -last but not least: the german Power Metal force MYSTIC PROPHECY, which received rave reviews for their last couple of releases, ramp up the sunday lineup of the Metal Stage.

    Talent Forum Stage program will be completed by: - a promising Gothic-Black-Metal band ASTERIUS from southern Germany.


  • TRISTWOOD (Austria)
    "The Delphic Doctrine" CD
    Available on THE END RECORDS, U.S.

    Label: Sound Riot Records
    Cat. number: SRP.038
    Barcode: 5604845350389
    Running time: 42:14 minutes
    Music style: Apocalyptic Metal from Austria
    Recommended for fans of: Behemoth, Aborym, Nile, Zyklon


    Extreme new act coming from Austria combining the brutality and speed of the Black Metal and Death Metal with the abysmal atmosphere of the Industrial. Apocalyptic Metal, a soundtrack for the end of the world!

    Label: www.soundriotrecords.com
    Band: http://www.tristwood.com
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tristwood
    Distributor: http://www.theendrecords.com
  • HOURCAST to Release State Of Disgrace On Alkamedia Records

    Album In Stores June 20th, 2006

    U.S. Tour In Support Of Sevendust

    Heavy music is often the result of deep emotions. Sadness, frustration and anger combined with a musician’s talent can result in music which is awesomely powerful, uniquely deep, and thought-provoking. Such is the case with HourCast.

    Born out of Boston, Massachusetts, HourCast combines elements of hard rock and metal with a distinct electronic influence. “We had no preconceptions as to what the band would sound like,” says vocalist Patrick McBride. The members of HourCast – Mcbride, drummer Jerry Clews, guitarist David Henriquez and bassist David Sullivan - have combined their varied influences to create a unique sound that incorporates the heavy flavor of Deftones and Tool with the dark electronic atmosphere of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

    The somber tones of State Of Disgrace are a result of these efforts. From the introspective opening track “This Life”, to “Freeze” (which McBride describes as an “epic, desperate song”) State Of Disgrace has a cold, sharp intensity. The self-loathing “Smash Up” eschews a bitter tone, while “Lunar” tells a tale of longing and loneliness. “The music and lyrics are a reflection of what was going on at the time,” explains McBride. “I found myself in a new environment and was going through a big change in my life and that comes out in the songs.” State Of Disgrace will be available at iTunes on May 2nd and in stores on June 20th, 2006.

    Not being signed to a label could serve as a liability to some bands, but not HourCast. “We didn’t have a label telling us what to do and that allowed us to add variety and flavor to the album,” says McBride. HourCast is a band looking to gain ground in the current music scene. “Myspace and live shows are definitely helping us to build a fan base,” says McBride.

    The track listing for State Of Disgrace comprises:

    This life
    God Failed
    Smash Up
    Almost Like Life
    3rd Of July
    Memories And Lies

    HourCast will be on tour with Sevendust throughout the month of May:

    May 13 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street
    May 14 Beaumont, TX Cactus Canyon
    May 15 Baton Rouge, LA Texas Music Hall
    May 17 Memphis, TN The New Daisy
    May 18 Raleigh, NC Disco Rodeo
    May 19 Columbus, GA Bradley Theatre
    May 20 Greenville, SC Anderson County Fair
    May 21 Evansville, IN Memorial Auditorium
    May 24 Richmond, VA Innsbrook Pavilion
    May 25 Charlotte, NC Coca Cola 600
  • MASCTIC SCUM at MySpace

    Mastic Scum is at MySpace online now! We are members since 04.04.2006. There is new live track "Devil Inside" available for download now! www.myspace.com/masticscum check it out. The track was recorded live at "Giants Of Grind" on 13.09.2005. Also our homepage is new designed. There is new Online Shop with more ordering options. Check it out! www.myspace.com/masticscum

    New shirt available!

    A new shirt with the design of our album "mind" is out now. The shirt is available as t-shirt and longsleeve in sizes M, L & XL. The shirt is printed 2-sided, to view the shirt visit our homepage. The shirt can be ordered at our online shop now! There is also a lot of other stuff available, check it out!
    Shirt = EUR 12.- / Longsleeve = EUR 15.

  • Seduced by Suicide News

    Earth is chosen best musician of 2005 in Brazil

    Earth, member of Blood Tears (doom metal) and the person who makes the voices and plays all the instruments in Seduced by Suicide, was chosen as "Best Musician of 2005" by the website HeavyRS. The "Best of 2005" were announced in a known local festival called "Zeppelin in Concert". Meanwhile, his two bands went to the finals of the contest made by Revolver Magazine and the metal t-shirt store SickIdiots, responsible by SickIdiots.com, SickMetal.com and SickFamily.com.

    Earth thanks the fans for the incredible support: "Thanks to all the fans and friends for the high number of votes for both bands (Blood Tears and Seduced by Suicide), which shows how supportful you are, since they were chosen in different months"

    This contest is very important for Earth since both bands will be judged by known musicians like Lemmy (Motörhead), Don Dokken (Dokken), Snake Sabo (Skid Row), Katon W. (Hirax), and others. All of this is part of the great response that Seduced by Suicide is receiving after these first months after the release of the debut, Gothic Dream, that received four highest scores in the first reviews. Gothic Dream is still having a release negotiated with labels, but meanwhile the fans can order it through the website www.seducedbysuicide.com

    Actually Earth is recording the forthcoming full length of Blood Tears.


    - Seduced by Suicide - www.seducedbysuicide.com
  • SWORN ENEMY New album out now; announce new live dates!!!

    The new album “Beginning Of The End” by New York’s blistering hybrid of intense metal, devastating thrash and traditional tough hardcore SWORN ENEMY is now available at your local record dealer!

    Produced by Tim Lambesis (frontman for As I Lay Dying), and mixed by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Madball, God Forbid, The Red Chord, Shadows Fall), the second full-length by SWORN ENEMY takes the hostility and conviction of the band to a new level of destruction, setting the stage for their mission: “To set the tone for the new age of metal”, says vocalist/frontman Sal LoCoco. “This record signifies a new chapter for us as a band, a new style of music.”

    Formed in 1997, the “Negative Outlook” EP, the astounding first full-length “As Real As It Gets” pushed SWORN ENEMY to the frontlines of the New York hardcore/metal scene and relentless touring with bands such as God Forbid, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed, Unearth, D.R.I., American Nightmare among others further established the band as one of the most rousing acts in the genre.

    Now, the band is more than ready to top its hard-earned laurels with “The Beginning Of The End”, here some press results so far:

    “Musically “The Beginning Of The End” impresses with massive riffs and cool leads, offering crushing doublebass driven mid-tempo, furious speed and heavy breakdowns to equal parts.” ROCK HARD (D)

    “... there´s no denying that SWORN ENEMY pack an impressive, and weighty, punch.” KERRANG (UK)

    “You are looking for a band sounding like a straight forward mixture of Sick Of It All and mighty Slayer? …here you got the answer with SWORN ENEMY’s newest full-length!” METAL HEART (D)

    “They’re breaking ground in the land that Hetfield and Mustaine built… this is metal. This is thrash.” DECIBEL (USA)

    Click here to check out the great video clip of “Scared Of The Unknown”!

    To witness SWORN ENEMY presenting their new material live on European stages, note the updated live dates below and be sure that this will only be the beginning of the end…

    04.08.2006 Fredericia (DK) @ Fredericia Hardcore Festival
    05.08.2006 Leisnig (D) @ Sucks'n Summer Festival
    11.08.2006 Saarbrücken (D) @ Stoneage
    12.08.2006 Han-Sur-Lesse (B) @ Sortie 23
    20.08.2006 Weinheim (D) @ Café Central
    25.08.2006 Guetersloh (D) @ Bauteil 5
    26.08.2006 Ieper (B) @ Ieper Festival
    30.08.2006 Schweinfurt (D) @ Alter Stadtbahnhof
    31.08.2006 Augsburg (D) @ Kantine
    07.09.2006 Warschau (PL) @ Nemo
    09.09.2006 Dresden (D) @ BOOM Persistence Camp
    10.09.2006 Linkoeping / Cupolen (S) @ Deadfest 2006

  • LACUNA COIL Dates for release parties!

    Please find the dates for the release parties (RP) for the upcoming LACUNA COIL single "Enjoy The Silence" and the locations where lotteries (V) will take place:

    13.05.06 Höxter Germany Ballhaus Felsenkeller (RP)
    13.05.06 Innsbruck Austria Abyss (V)
    18.05.06 Hanau Germany Shooters (RP)
    20.05.06 Ludwigsburg Germany Die Anstalt (RP)
    24.05.06 Bremen Germany Alladin (V)
    02.06.06 Bielefeld Germany Forum (RP)
    02.06.06 Frankfurt/Main Germany Batschkapp (RP)
    04.06.06 Hetten Leidelheim Germany Event Ruine (RP)
    09.06.06 Essen Germany Zeche Carl (V)
    09.06.06 Krefeld Germany Kulturfabrik (RP)
    09.06.06 Bochum Germany Zeche Bochum (RP)
    10.06.06 Ratingen Germany Lux (V)
    10.06.06 Köln Germany Access All Areas (RP)
    10.06.06 Salzgitter Germany Forellenhof (V)
    10.06.06 Düsseldorf Germany Haus Spilles (RP)
    12.06.06 Stuttgart Germany LKA Longhorn (RP)
    15.06.06 Halle/Saale Germany PE 1 (RP)
    16.06.06 Leverkusen Germany Shadow (RP)
    16.06.06 Ratingen Germany Moonlight (RP)
    16.06.06 Weiden Germany Chinese (RP)
    16.06.06 Zwickau Germany BPM Club (RP)
    16.06.06 Egelsee Germany Schwarzer Adler (RP)
    16.06.06 Duisburg Germany Old Daddy (RP)
    16.06.06 Braunschweig Germany Pities (RP)
    16.06.06 Hannover Germany Odeon (RP)
    16.06.06 Übach Palenberg Germany Rockfarbik (RP)
    17.06.06 Hildesheim Germany Vier Linden (RP)
    17.06.06 Bochum Germany Stargate (RP)
    17.06.06 Ulm Germany Take Off (RP)
    17.06.06 Wuppertal Germany Pavillon (RP)
    17.06.06 Leipzig Germany Villa Keller (RP)
    18.06.06 Leubnitz Germany Linde Club (RP)
    24.06.06 Bochum Germany Zwischenfall (RP)
    08.07.06 Düren Germany Endart (RP)

    In the following locations promotion items will be available from May until the end of June: Rasthaus B 9 (Bad Breisig), Universum (Stuttgart), Strich 8 (Dingolfing), Rockclub U2 (Ingolstadt), Pinte (Bonn), Prag (Stuttgart), Katakombe (Karlsruhe), Distel (Ortsweiler) - try to get in contact with the staff.

    More locations will be added soon... 
  • LACUNA COIL Announce release of second single & more!

    “Epic is probably the only word that fully sums up LACUNA COIL ….They sound like a band who have come racing off the starting line and fulfilled every ounce of potential they possessed.” – The Sun Newspaper (UK)

    Without any doubt LACUNA COIL is taking the music world by storm with their newest opus “Karmacode”. The highly anticipated album’s chart entries from all over the planet speak for themselves: #28 in US Billboard Top 200, position #2 in UK’s rock album charts, chart entries in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, UK, Greece, Finland, The Netherlands and even the United Arab Emirates. UK’s Big Cheese magazine sums up the current worldwide success of Italy’s hottest rock export most fittingly: “…you won’t be able to avoid LACUNA COIL in 2006”.

    Check out http://specials.centurymedia.de/LC_Cover/ for an updated gallery of LACUNA COIL’s cover features world-wide. Moreover "The Ghost Woman And The Hunter" is featured in the TV spots for “X-Men 3: The Last Stand”, a low quality view can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSPR7MtytA8.

    LACUNA COIL have currently wrapped up their successful tour with Rob Zombie and are already preparing to hit Europe to perform at several festivals including prestigious German Rock Am Ring together with such renowned acts as Tool, Alice In Chains, Metallica and many more. Here’s the festival dates so far:

    LACUNA COIL @ European Festivals 2006:
    5/25/2006 Hellendoorn (NL) @ Dauwpop Festival (http://www.dauwpop.nl)
    6/2/2006 Nuerburgring (D) @ Rock am Ring
    6/3/2006 Nuernberg (D), Volkspark Dutzendteich @ Rock im Park
    6/11/2006 Leicestershire (UK), Donington Park @ Download Festival
    6/17/2006 Milano (I) @ Heineken Festival
    6/23/2006 Dessel (B) @ Graspop Metal Meeting (http://www.graspop.be)

    Despite being over-busy at the moment, LACUNA COIL found the time to send a quick note right on the last night of the tour with Rob Zombie to announce the band’s second single for “Karmacode”:

    “The tour is over and it couldn’t have been better!!!! The reaction from the Zombie crowd has been amazing and we have won over a lot of new fans spreading the LACUNA COIL word wider. The reaction to our cover of “Enjoy The Silence” has been so amazing that it’s going to be the next single that will be released in June. See you on the European festivals!”

    Now, we would like to officially announce the release of the second single taken off “Karmacode”, LACUNA COIL’s intense and mesmerizing cover version of the Depeche Mode classic “Enjoy The Silence” which will hit stores:

    SPAIN / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, June 19, 2006.
    FINLAND: Wednesday, June 21, 2006.
    UK: Monday 26th June, 2006.

  • GRAVE Complete their new album “As Rapture Comes”!

    Death metal legions of the world rejoice! A new, massive masterpiece by Sweden’s death metal cult-act GRAVE is coming your way. Entitled “As Rapture Comes” the new recording shall enrapture anyone who digs uncompromisingly extreme, heavy, groovy and gloomy death metal.

    Vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren comments the completion of the recording as follows:

    "The new album is finally completed. 9 tracks which can only be described as the most aggressive, evil and brutal stuff we have ever created both sound and song-wise. The album was recorded by ourselves at Studio Soulless and the final mix was made in the Abyss Studio with Peter Tägtgren. This one takes GRAVE into a new dimension while still staying true to our legacy of brutal, heavy death metal."

    “As Rapture Comes”, which was completed following GRAVE’s successful European tour with label mates Cryptopsy and Aborted in February, will hit stores in Europe on July 24th, 2006 and July 25, 2006 in the US. Be ready for another GRAVE-styled Swedish death metal masterpiece, showcasing the band’s dynamic groove, more aggressive feel than ever before and it also contains a heavy remake of the Alice In Chains classic “Them Bones”.
    The displayed cover artwork for “As Rapture Comes” was designed by the Polish artist Jacek Wisnieswki, who hasn’t only worked with GRAVE on the previous “Back From The Grave” and “Fiendish Regression” albums, but who also created great images for releases by bands such as Krisiun, Vader, Decapitated and many more.
    Here is the full track-listing information for the coming release:

    GRAVE – “As Rapture Comes” CD

    1. Intro - Day Of Reckoning (0:49)
    2. Burn (6:24)
    3. Through Eternity (3:45)
    4. By Demons Bred (4:16)
    5. Living The Dead Behind (6:26)
    6. Unholy Terror (3:44)
    7. Battle Of Eden (3:38)
    8. Epic Obliteration (4:02)
    9. Them Bones (2:32)
    10. As Rapture Comes (5:34)

    Furthermore GRAVE have confirmed a string of shows with partners in crime Entombed in Scandinavia for June, as well as a North American tour with Dismember and Vital Remains for Autumn. Here are all the upcoming, already confirmed shows for GRAVE in Europe:

    GRAVE live 2006:

    27.05. Karlstad / Sweden – Arena + Entombed
    02.06. Oslo / Norway – John Dee + Entombed
    03.06. Arvika / Sweden – Vikholmsfestivalen + Entombed
    05.06. Gävle / Sweden – Slick City + Entombed
    08.06. Sölvesborg / Sweden – Sweden Rock Festival
    21.07. Geiselwind / Germany – Battle Of Metal Festival

  • Century Media regrets to announce the passing of former Merauder guitarist Sob!

    Century Media regrets to announce the passing of former Merauder guitarist Sob (real name: Javier Carpio), who performed on all three of the influential New York hardcore group's albums. The Century Family would like to offer its condolences to Javier's friends, family and bandmates at this time.
  • NEVERMORE Guitarist diagnosed with kidney disease!

    Unfortunately we have to report that NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth has been recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, the result of a congenital birth defect.

    Smyth comments: “I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and have been advised to preserve my health as much as possible at this time, as I am facing ‘complete renal failure’ within six months, and ultimately, a transplant. Due to my recently diagnosed condition, I have decided not to join the band on the In Flames US tour. I want to be fair to the fans, and be able to give them a show I know I can deliver night after night. I will, however, join Nevermore on all four of the European festivals on our itinerary in early June: Gods of Metal, Rock Hard, Rott Fest, and Sweden Rock, after which, the doctors should have some news about the next step in my treatment. I will say this: I will fight this, and I will be back!”

    Jag Panzer guitarist Chris Broderick will fill in for Smyth on the upcoming US tour, after which Smyth will rejoin the band for the aforementioned European festival dates. For more from Smyth about his health situation and future career plans, please visit www.stevesmyth.com

    All at Century Media Records wish him a fast recovery!

    As for some good news from the NEVERMORE camp we can present you the band’s updated European touring activities throughout the upcoming festival season as well as the dates for the tour together with US rock/metal outfit Disturbed.

    NEVERMORE @ European festivals

    01.06.2006 – Milano, Italy @ Gods Of Metal Festival
    03.06.2006 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Rock Hard Festival
    08.06.2006 – Soelvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
    21.07.2006 – Tolmin, Slovenia @ Metal Camp Festival
    22.07.2006 – Kreuth, Germany @ Earthshaker Festival
    04.08.2006 – Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air
    05.08.2006 – Kavarna, Bulgaria @ Monsters Of Rock
    18.08.2006 – Oslo, Norway @ Ragnarock Festival

    NEVERMORE supporting Disturbed
    14.09.2006 – Muenchen, Germany @ Zenith
    15.09.2006 – Fuerth, Germany @ Stadthalle
    16.09.2006 – Leipzig, Germany @ Parkbuehne Open Air
    17.09.2006 – Berlin, Germany @ Huxleys
    18.09.2006 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio
    19.09.2006 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Musikenshus
    20.09.2006 – Hamburg, Germany @ Grosse Freiheit
    21.09.2006 – Bremen, Germany @ Aladin
    22.09.2006 – Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
    23.09.2006 – Tilburg, Netherlands @ Club 013
    24.09.2006 – Dortmund, Germany @ Westfalenhalle 2
    25.09.2006 – Frankfurt. Germany @ Batschkapp
    26.09.2006 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
    27.09.2006 – Koeln, Germany @ Palladium
    29.09.2006 – Newcastle, UK @ Academy
    30.09.2006 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland
    02.10.2006 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
    04.10.2006 – Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
    06.10.2006 – Birmingham, UK @ Academy
    07.10.2006 – Liverpool, UK @ Academy
    09.10.2006 – London, UK @ Astoria
    10.10.2006 – London, UK @ Astoria

  • TIAMAT "The Church Of Tiamat" DVD E-Card online!

    All dedicated fans of the legendary TIAMAT will be happy to hear that a brand-new e-card for “The Church Of Tiamat“ DVD is now online! It contains several features such as a stream-able sample video of the DVD, the band’s most recent tour dates, photos as well as detailed info on TIAMAT itself and the band’s first official DVD release.

    Simply follow this link: http://specials.centurymedia.de/ecards/tiamat/

    The video teaser which you will find there, gives you the opportunity to check out the following songs: “Vote For Love”, “Children Of The Underworld“ and “Gaia“.

    The European release date for “The Church Of Tiamat“ is April 24, 2006!

    “Must-buy.“ -ROCK HARD (D)

  • FIREWIND New album details revealed!

    After the release of their highly acclaimed Century Media debut album and third album all-together, “Forged By Fire“, it’s now time for FIREWIND to take a huge next step forwards: Their new album entitled “Allegiance” is done and ready to be unleashed upon the European metal world on July 24th, 2006. With the new vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Majestic, Time Requiem) and drummer Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, ex-Metalium) the band will be surely catapulted onto the elite of the scene – the Greek five-piece is stronger than ever!

    FIREWIND - “Allegiance” CD (48:42):


    1. Allegiance (4:41)
    2. Insanity (4:29)
    3. Falling To Pieces (4:03)
    4. Ready To Strike (4:35)
    5. Breaking The Silence [Feat. Tara] (4:03)
    6. Deliverance (6:07)
    7. Till The End of Time (4:36)
    8. Dreamchaser (4:07)
    9. Before The Storm (3:42)
    10. The Essence (4:19)
    11. Where Do We Go From Here? (3:57)

    The album’s first single “Falling To Pieces” will be released June 19th, 2006 in Greece. It will include the title track as edit version, the non-album track "Demon Nights" and the Blackfoot cover "Teenage Idol" (also unreleased). The band actually also just finished shooting a great video clip for “Falling To Pieces” with acclaimed Swedish producer Patric Ullaeus (Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, etc.). Watch out!

    Guitar wizard and band leader Gus G., who had earlier quit working with his other bands Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy and Nightrage to fully concentrate on FIREWIND, is apparently more than just excited about this new album:

    “Excited? Hell yeah!! I can't wait until people get to hear our new album, we put so much work into it and I think it paid off in the end. It's easily the best Firewind album so far and the most complete effort in my career. Also, we're looking forward to going out and playing the summer festivals. We're eager to present you some of our new stuff and see the reaction!”

    These are some of the coming live dates in 2006, more will be added soon:

    10.06. Sölvesborg / Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival - www.swedenrock.com
    17.06. Lorca / Spain @ Lorca Rock Festival - www.lorcarockfestival.com

    Break The Silence!!!

  • STRAPPING YOUNG LAD “The New Black” over Europe!

    Canada’s first class Extreme Metal act STRAPPING YOUNG LAD are confirming the final tourdates for this summer. First time in their career they will play the huge German events Rock Im Park / Rock Am Ring (Metallica, Tool, Lacuna Coil, etc.), UK’s high profile Donington’s Download, Bologna’s Flame Fest, Sweden’s finest Hultsfred Festival and Finland’s Provinssirock. Extreme in any way, they will start the tour with two shows at the same day (!).

    The exclusive support band for the club shows is MAROON who just released their fantastic Century Media debut “When Worlds Collide” on March 27th 2006.

    The dates:

    03.06.2006 Germany Nuerburgring Rock Am Ring
    03.06.2006 France Jarny Du Chateau De Moncel
    04.06.2006 Germany Nuernberg Rock Im Park
    05.06.2006 Italy Bologna Flame Fest *
    06.06.2006 France Lyon Le Transbordeur *
    07.06.2006 France Paris L'elysée Montmartre *
    08:06:2066 England Portsmouth Wedge
    09.06.2006 England Castle Donington Download Fest
    10.06.2006 France St. Malo Omnibus *
    11.06.2006 Belgium Vosselaar Biebob *
    12.06.2006 Holland Amsterdam Melkweg *
    13.06.2006 Holland Tilburg 013 *
    14.06.2006 Denmark Copenhagen Lille Vega
    15.06.2006 Sweden Hultsfred Festivalen
    17.06.2006 Finland Seinajoki Provinssirock

    * with MAROON (http://www.maroonhate.com)

    Shortly after the tour STRAPPING YOUNG LAD will release their new studio album “The New Black” in Europe on July 17th, 2006. More details about the release very soon.

    Do not miss the “Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing” re-issue plus bonus tracks to be released on June 12th, 2006.

  • Goodfellow Records inks THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS

    Arkansas metallic hardcore unit THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS is the newest addition to the Goodfellow Records roster. The band has just agreed to a deal for three albums, the first of which will be recorded this summer and is currently scheduled for release in January of 2007.

    Over the past six years the band has toured incessantly throughout the US and has become a fan favourite. Technically proficient and reminiscent of band such as Meshuggah, Coalesce and The Red Chord, THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS has proven itself as a formidable band on its way up. We are thrilled to be able to welcome them to the fold.

    For those unfamiliar, the band has two songs taken from their last studio album, Essays On The Progression of Man (Southern Death Records), available for download here: