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June 11th, 2006
  • INTO ETERNITY: New Album To Be Mixed By ANDY SNEAP

    Canada's technically progressive death metal band INTO ETERNITY will head out for three upcoming East Coast dates before recording the follow up to 2004's "Buried In Oblivion". Commenting on the band's upcoming plans, guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth said, "Things are starting back up for us. First up, we will play three shows in the U.S. starting with the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival Sunday, April 30. May 1 we are in New York City and May 2 in Springfield, VA, both dates opening for GAMMA RAY. Hopefully we will get a chance to say hello to you all at these upcoming dates. As soon as we return to Canada we continue pre-production for album number four. Once again we will be recording in our hometown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada at Touchwood Studios. We have original drummer Jim Austin with us on the new record and he's has been doing a great job in rehearsals.

    "There will be one recording change with this album, for the first time we are going to send the album out to be mixed. Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) will be handling the record's final mix. We are fans of Andy's work and know he is the right man. This final step ensures that this will be our best sounding effort to date."

    INTO ETERNITY spent 2005 touring North America supporting the release on no fewer than six continent-spanning tours. Look for the band to tour extensively in support of the new album late this year.
  • CANDLEMASS new album in the making

    From his Stockholm apartment, founder/bassist Leif Edling provided BW&BK exclusive details and aired a couple of demos for the follow-up to last year's self-titled comeback. While neither the music, nor lyrics have been completed (he's currently demoing the material with friend/Krux singer Mats Leven), Edling is sure of one thing, "I'm trying to write a concept story, just a loosely based concept, escapades from society. I want to express myself in a way that gives the finger to what's going on in society. Sweden is a mecca of reality shows: people who know nothing, can do nothing, stupid exihitionists. It gets headlines, which p isses me off. I believe in paying taxes and that there should be a social safety net, for people who are sick and can't work, but I wonder, 'Where does our tax money go?'

    Edling revealed that their forthcoming album may be delayed until early 2007 due to frontman Messiah Marcolin's vocal chord infection. The operatic god will not be able to sing until August at the earliest (by doctors orders) and the band will record the entire record without vocals and Marcolin's tracks will be dubbed in by producer Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) at the end of summer.
  • Searching for EXTREME METAL BANDS for a SKINNY PUPPY Tribute!

    NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST is searching for Death metal, Grindcore, Black metal bands to be a part of an Extreme metal Tribute to SKINNY PUPPY!

    It should be full of guitars, contrary to the original songs... I think that could be interesting to hear how metal bands would interpret and turn the SKINNY songs their way!

    The release is not sure to be done at all... Because I'm not sure if enough bands would be interested in a strange idea of this kind.

    The release would be limited to few thousands and total underground (Xeroxed covers etc... But no crappy xerox...)

    If you're interested mail me: [email protected]

  • ALL SHALL PERISH New Album Title!

    Oakland’s death metal bruisers will unveil their second Nuclear Blast offering this summer. Entitled The Price Of Existence, this new album from ASP shows incredible maturity and a more focused approach to both songwriting and delivery. Although Hate, Malice, Revenge was in-your-face and plenty brutal, The Price Of Existence enables the band to encompass more of a convicted style to their music that will no doubt help them rise above the packs of metalcore/death crossover bands currently garnering attention. Drummer Matt Kuykendall checks in with the following…

    “The album is done and epic as fuck, the artwork is being finalized and hopefully won't be censored. The new songs are light years and warped speeds ahead of the past stuff...expect some ridiculous solos and crazy diverse songs!”

    Massive touring will ensue in support of the new album, starting off with a full US tour with Suicide Silence and Light This City throughout July and August. In the meantime you can check out a demo mp3 of their new song “Eradication” on the band’s website www.allshallperish.com
  • MNEMIC Forgin On!

    Following the quick departure of vocalist Tony Jelencovich (ex-Transport League) MNEMIC are busy auditioning for lead vocalists and will make a decision very soon. The band’s plans to begin recording their third album are still intact; the band will enter ex-STONE TEMPLE PILOTS drummer Eric Kretz’s Bomb Shelter studios in downtown Los Angeles to begin tracking drums in late May. Mixing duties will be handled by Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE) at his Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, U.K.

  • RAGE Deadly Power!

    As previously reported, German Metal icons RAGE will release their 17th album, Speak Of The Dead, on May 16th in North America through Nuclear Blast. In a recent interview with BW&BK, RAGE frontman/founder Peter “Peavy” Wagner discussed the difference between composing with an orchestra for their new album, Speak Of The Dead, versus the way they composed the classical pieces for the Lingua Mortis album in 1996.

    “It was a completely different thing this time around. First of all, Victor (Smolski/guitars) composed and arranged everything for the orchestra by himself. This guy comes from the country of music (Russia), so when was 6 he was studying cello, piano, composition, everything. He was never in a regular school, he was always at this music academy in Minsk (in Belarus) where his father was the headmaster. So, Victor is used to working with an orchestra and is trained to compose that kind of stuff, which meant it wasn’t a problem for him at all. He just did more work than he would have done for a regular RAGE album.

    “He knew where the music was going, which was really great. I just stepped back and said, ‘Okay, you’re going to do your masterpiece now…’ (laughs). We decided that Victor would focus on the orchestral thing and I would take care of the metal stuff. So really, it’s the best of both worlds on this album.”
    Early online reviews!


    RAGE have also recently shot a video for the new single, "No Fear", and the song is also featured on the official soundtrack for the independent European psycho thriller, "Ludgers Fall". The clip was shot on the island of Föhr in the North Sea and includes scenes from the original film along with some great band performance footage. Speak Of The Dead will see a North American release on May 16, 2006. For more information visit www.nuclearblastusa.com or the band's official site www.rage-on.de
  • HOURCAST to Release State Of Disgrace On Alkamedia Records
    Album In Stores June 6, 2006

    Heavy music is often the result of deep emotions. Sadness, frustration and anger combined with a musician’s talent can result in music which is awesomely powerful, uniquely deep, and thought-provoking. Such is the case with HourCast.

    Born out of Boston, Massachusetts, HourCast combines elements of hard rock and metal with a distinct electronic influence. “We had no preconceptions as to what the band would sound like,” says vocalist Patrick McBride. The members of HourCast – Mcbride, drummer Jerry Clews, guitarist David Henriquez and bassist David Sullivan - have combined their varied influences to create a unique sound that incorporates the heavy flavor of Deftones and Tool with the dark electronic atmosphere of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

    The somber tones of State Of Disgrace are a result of these efforts. From the introspective opening track “This Life”, to “Freeze” (which McBride describes as an “epic, desperate song”) State Of Disgrace has a cold, sharp intensity. The self-loathing “Smash Up” eschews a bitter tone, while “Lunar” tells a tale of longing and loneliness. “The music and lyrics are a reflection of what was going on at the time,” explains McBride. “I found myself in a new environment and was going through a big change in my life and that comes out in the songs.” State Of Disgrace will be available at iTunes on May 2nd and in stores on June 6th, 2006.

    Not being signed to a label could serve as a liability to some bands, but not HourCast. “We didn’t have a label telling us what to do and that allowed us to add variety and flavor to the album,” says McBride. HourCast is a band looking to gain ground in the current music scene. “Myspace and live shows are definitely helping us to build a fan base,” says McBride.

    The track listing for State Of Disgrace comprises:
    This life
    God Failed
    Smash Up
    Almost Like Life
    3rd Of July
    Memories And Lies

    For more information, visit:
  • NEVERMORE Guitarist diagnosed with kidney disease!

    Unfortunately we have to report that NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth has been recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, the result of a congenital birth defect.

    Smyth comments: “I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and have been advised to preserve my health as much as possible at this time, as I am facing ‘complete renal failure’ within six months, and ultimately, a transplant. Due to my recently diagnosed condition, I have decided not to join the band on the In Flames US tour. I want to be fair to the fans, and be able to give them a show I know I can deliver night after night. I will, however, join Nevermore on all four of the European festivals on our itinerary in early June: Gods of Metal, Rock Hard, Rott Fest, and Sweden Rock, after which, the doctors should have some news about the next step in my treatment. I will say this: I will fight this, and I will be back!”

    Jag Panzer guitarist Chris Broderick will fill in for Smyth on the upcoming US tour, after which Smyth will rejoin the band for the aforementioned European festival dates. For more from Smyth about his health situation and future career plans, please visit www.stevesmyth.com

    All at Century Media Records wish him a fast recovery!

    As for some good news from the NEVERMORE camp we can present you the band’s updated European touring activities throughout the upcoming festival season as well as the dates for the tour together with US rock/metal outfit Disturbed.

    NEVERMORE @ European festivals
    01.06.2006 – Milano, Italy @ Gods Of Metal Festival
    03.06.2006 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Rock Hard Festival
    08.06.2006 – Soelvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
    21.07.2006 – Tolmin, Slovenia @ Metal Camp Festival
    22.07.2006 – Kreuth, Germany @ Earthshaker Festival
    04.08.2006 – Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air
    05.08.2006 – Kavarna, Bulgaria @ Monsters Of Rock
    18.08.2006 – Oslo, Norway @ Ragnarock Festival

    NEVERMORE supporting Disturbed
    14.09.2006 – Muenchen, Germany @ Zenith
    15.09.2006 – Fuerth, Germany @ Stadthalle
    16.09.2006 – Leipzig, Germany @ Parkbuehne Open Air
    17.09.2006 – Berlin, Germany @ Huxleys
    18.09.2006 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio
    19.09.2006 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Musikenshus
    20.09.2006 – Hamburg, Germany @ Grosse Freiheit
    21.09.2006 – Bremen, Germany @ Aladin
    22.09.2006 – Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
    23.09.2006 – Tilburg, Netherlands @ Club 013
    24.09.2006 – Dortmund, Germany @ Westfalenhalle 2
    25.09.2006 – Frankfurt. Germany @ Batschkapp
    26.09.2006 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
    27.09.2006 – Koeln, Germany @ Palladium
    29.09.2006 – Newcastle, UK @ Academy
    30.09.2006 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland
    02.10.2006 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
    04.10.2006 – Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
    06.10.2006 – Birmingham, UK @ Academy
    07.10.2006 – Liverpool, UK @ Academy
    09.10.2006 – London, UK @ Astoria
    10.10.2006 – London, UK @ Astoria

  • ANGTORIA launch new website+Full Line up

    With the release of the new album "God Has A Plan For Us All, a brand new site design has been done to further enhance the release. The site will continue to grow over time as more information is gathered, but most of the information on the old site has been transferred to the new site.

    We are also happy to announce that Angtoria now have a complete line up! John Henriksson from the band My Own Grave, who did an excellent job behind the drums in the video despite getting only a couple of days notice to practice and learn the song, has been added to the band, as well as Dave Pybus who participated both on the album and in the video.

    In the "Diaries" section we´ve added a detailed videodiary done by Sarah.


    + information and pictures from the making of the video for the title track of the album. There will also be a "behind the scenes" video clip from the making of the video available to download on the site shortly, we´ll keep you posted.


    Click on the following link to listen to Manngard's new album "Circling Buzzards" on MP3.COM. That's right, the whole thing! The album is in stores now.


    You can also visit their myspace page for more information: www.myspace.com/manngard

    Candlelight Records has premiered "Voices" from Theatre of Tragedy's forthcoming album Storm and "Bleed" from Wolverine's forthcoming album Still at the label's official My Space page. Bring your browser to www.myspace.com/candlelightrecordsusa to have your first listen.

    Produced by Rico Darum at Toproom Studios in Norway and mixed by Greg Reely (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy) at The Green Jacket studios in British Columbia, Storm is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Theatre of Tragedy's popular Assembly (Nuclear Blast) album released nearly three years ago. Introducing new vocalist Nell Sigland (replacing Liv Kristine), the album has already found much success on its recent European release; the albums lead single placing on numerous national sales charts. It is the band's first through Candlelight. Storm will hit US stores on June 27.

    Recorded at Spacelab Studios in Germany during mid-2005, Still is a far more robust album, heavier in nature while simultaneously allowing their emotive songwriting to shine. Its somber yet commanding. Revolver Magazine said of the band's previous album, "a powerful soundscape that draws you inescapably into the madness." Home to Opeth's early trilogy of recordings, Wolverine joined Candlelight Records' growing worldwide roster earlier this year after ending relations with Earache Records. Still hits US stores July 11.
  • DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY’s “Unsaved” to be released July 11th 2006 by PURE Records & The A Label

    The violent industrial mayhem of DeadStar Assembly is about to set the anti-mainstream ablaze for a second arson with the release of their sophomore record, Unsaved. The troupe of musical avant-gardes has returned with 15 new tracks of sonic mastery and electronic combustion to deliver a testimonial of struggle, devotion and finally perseverance. Like demented seraphim, DSA’s poisonous blend of death-pop/industrial rock is inscribed with no apologies, and as heard on Unsaved, they don’t intend to start.

    Unsaved was written, recorded, and sweated over as an entirely collaborative band effort. The album of chaotic synths and havoc-reeking melodies features all live instrumentation with additional electronic percussion and digital effects weaved amongst it. Produced by DSA themselves and Jeremy Staska (Poison the Well, New Found Glory, Remembering Never), Unsaved is a drastically personal album; ensuing the perfect combination of therapeutic lyricism, razorblade vocals striving to end cultural assimilation and surgically crafted melodies performed to bleed rather than stitch. It’s a middle finger to the mundane and a red light to ignite your inner deviance.

    Tracks such as the commanding “Dejected” feature attention-demanding guitars, swirling synths and authoritative vocals that are determined to raise a de-generation of jaded and misguided to their spike-heeled feet. It’s having sex on an induced high and its wandering home alone through desolation as the sun is rising. The track “Pure Blue” could easily serve as the theme song for Unsaved, as its menacing guitars and powerful drum loops envelope into nightmarish choruses and sonic twists, provoking chills from the fear of the unknown. The song is entirely paralyzing in its fullness and angst-ridden lyrics, providing the anthem for an album laced with crimson substance. “Bled,” the smoky ballad of the album, masks the face of a monotonous society and acts as a tourniquet for the fresh wounds cut as a result of it. As singer Dearborn screams, “I am more than nothing.”

    DeadStar Assembly sold over 10,000 units of their self-titled debut album independently and gained the respect and loyalty of South Florida’s underground music scene with such soul scorching hits as “Normal,” “Breathe for Me” and the completely innovative cover of “Send Me an Angel.” With the help of PURE Records in the United States and Berlin’s The A Label, DSA are ready to further infect the globe with Unsaved.

    Unsaved is set for a July 11th release in the United States on PURE Records (RED Distribution) and a late May/early June release in Europe via The A Label, but DSA plan to spread their musical delirium to the masses right now. The band just wrapped up a US tour in March and April with Canadian industrial heavy hitters, The Birthday Massacre, followed by more dates with the release of Unsaved.
  • INTO ETERNITY Part Ways With Guitarist ROB DOHERTY?

    Canada's technically progressive death metal band INTO ETERNITY appear to have parted ways with guitarist Rob Doherty. The band are currently opening for GAMMA RAY on two U.S. dates with the help of a replacement guitarist, who was apparently recruited without Doherty's knowledge.

    In an April 30, 2006 posting on the band's official forum, Rob wrote, "I have moved from Regina after our last tour 'cause I needed to work. I had three songs written for the next disc and a bunch of riffs Tim [Roth, guitar/vocals] and I worked out. I had been waiting for these shows and for some sort of solid confirmation. This never happened. I flew home and gave the band the gear from my house and all seemed fine. The next thing I know the band has a replacement for me...

    "I have given all to this band for two years with the promise of becoming a full-time member buisness-wise. I guess what I'm sayin is if I am to be a hired gun then I need to be paid. I cannot pay my bills on the hopes that everything will just work out. I cannot rely on 'IF we sell merch' as a form of payment....

    "I did this for two years and proved that I am into it. I play my ass off every night as hard as I can and love it!!! But the fact is we are on the road a lot and if we are gonna be out that much, there needs to be a buisness plan to look after shit back home."

    Upon their return to Canada later this week, INTO ETERNITY will continue pre-production for their fourth album, which they will once again be recording at Touchwood Studios in their hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Original drummer Jim Austin has signed on to play on the new record, which will be mixed by acclaimed producer Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY, EXODUS).
    New album, produced by Gilby Clarke, set for July release

    LOS ANGELES – Liquor and Poker Music has set a July 25th release date for the sophomore recording by Toronto rock quartet CRASH KELLY, the Gilby Clarke-produced Electric Satisfaction. A track from the new album, “Ride The Wire,” is currently posted on the band’s MySpace page, www.myspace.com/crashkelly.

    A modern yet timeless mix of glam, classic rock and power-pop, Electric Satisfaction is the follow-up to CRASH KELLY’s acclaimed debut, Penny Pills. That album was supported by gigs throughout not only their native Canada, but also America, England, Ireland, Holland and Germany, where the band performed with the likes of W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Alice Cooper, The Quireboys, Enuff Z’Nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot, Union, Fireball Ministry and The Black Halos along the way. Additionally, the group showcased at SXSW (Austin, Texas), CMW (Toronto), NXNE (Toronto), PopKomm (Berlin, Germany) and CMJ (New York City).

    The summer of 2005 saw CRASH KELLY support legendary Swedish glam-punks Backyard Babies on a full North American tour, after which they returned home to perform a sold-out hometown show alongside Motley Crue. That same season, front man Sean Kelly was named a finalist in Guitar Player magazine’s “Guitar Hero 2005” competition, which led to a live performance before such six-string luminaries as Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

    By year’s end, the group – which also includes guitarist Allister Thompson, drummer Kevin Taylor and bassist Jordan Michael Stewart – had put the finishing touches on its second album, produced by former Guns N’ Roses guitarist (and star of CBS’ “Rock Star: Supernova”) Clarke. In addition to his stints in GNR, Heart and The MC5, Clarke has produced albums by acts as varied as Bullets and Octane, The Bronx and L.A. Guns, and as evident from his four acclaimed solo recordings, he’s a kindred musical spirit to CRASH KELLY. The studio pairing was magical, and Clarke even called in his former GNR/Col. Parker bandmate Teddy “Zig-Zag” Andreadis to contribute piano and keyboards to select tracks.

    “The new album is all about honing in on the spirit of the rock album as a collection of great songs,” Sean explains. “Gilby had a huge role, for not only did he have all of the necessary tools to make the album I’d always heard in my head, he has a huge musical personality, great ears and a rock n’ roll heart. He went above and beyond his duties in making a record we could all be proud of. We share many of the same musical references, and he knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned a certain Starz recording or the guitar sound on a particular Thin Lizzy song. Plus, when you're trading solos with Gilby Clarke, you can't help but feel that all is right in your rock n’ roll universe!"

    On May 1, CRASH KELLY kicked off their Electric Satisfaction tour in grand style with a series of Canadian arena shows alongside Alice Cooper (whom they honor on the album with a cover of the Alice classic “Cold Ethyl”). “Playing with Alice Cooper in an arena setting was the culmination of many teenage fantasies, and it really felt like the beginning of the next phase for CRASH KELLY,” Sean says. “The songs I write are designed to capture the feeling of the best of the ‘70s arena rock giants, and to actually share the stage with one of those giants was an immense pleasure and privilege.”

    In addition to the shows alongside Alice Cooper, the band is performing a series of Jagermeister- and B.C. Rich-sponsored “Alice Cooper Afterparty” gigs throughout the month. Further touring will follow, but no matter whether they’re onstage or in your stereo, CRASH KELLY is always 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • AS I LAY DYING reveal track listing for re-release!

    The re-release date for our currently out of print recording will be released on Tuesday May 16th. Here is the info below from our band/discography section. Pre-sale for this release just started and is available in our WEBSTORE.

    AS I LAY DYING A Long March: The First Recordings
    I. The re-recorded...
    1. Illusions
    2. The Beginning
    3. Reinvention
    4. The Pain of Separation
    5. Forever

    II. The first two months (2001)...
    6. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
    7. Torn Within
    8. Forced to Die
    9. A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity
    10. Blood Turned to Tears
    11. The Voices that Betray Me
    12. When This World Fades
    13. A Long March
    14. Surrounded
    15. Refined by Your Embrace
    16. The Innocence Spilled
    17. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

    III. A year later (2002)...
    THE EP (original versions)
    18. Illusions
    19. The Beginning
    20. Reinvention
    21. The Pain of Separation
    22. Forever

    ***Beneath the Encasing of Ashes and the split EP originally released on Pluto Records


     - Uncle Reaper became daddy. The little Reaper is given the name Jamiro  Alexander Boltendahl and was born healthy and strong  on 16th March 2006. He's the first offspring of the Boltendahl family  and his parents face a positive metallic future.

    - The guys are working hard to get the new album ready. Recordings will  be done at Principal Studios in Munster from June to September.  Producers will be the established team consisting of Manni Schmidt and Chris Boltendahl and the Resetti Brothers at the controls.

    - The new album will be the official part two of the trilogy that has been initiated with Rheingold.
    - On 22nd September 2006 for the first time in Grave Digger's history  there will be a single out in the shops. Title of the single will be Yesterday 2006 and contain a new version of the Grave Digger Classic
    Yesterday from the year 1984. Three additional titles will round out  the single which will also include a DVD with a complete Grave Digger
    concert from 2001. So, it will be value for money.

    - The album will be in the shops on 12th January 2007. Title as well as  concept will be announced in the following weeks.

    -  European tour will begin alongside Therion on 17th January 2007 and  end on 18th February 2007. It's a double headline tour; Grave Digger will not be supporter of Therion, as rumours spreading in the internet  tell. That's definitely not true and seems to be propagated by some  weird folks. Confirmed tour dates will be published here in about 2 weeks.

    - The new album won't be published by Nuclear Blast. Negotiations for  a contract with a new label are in full play. More about that after the  contract has been signed.

    - Manni, HP and Chris are simultaneously working on the Warhammer Symphony project. Auditions for the female vocals are taking place by now.

    Metal Maniacs
  • This is an official announcement from Crisis...

    All of us in Crisis would like to let our very faithful and diehard fans know that the band is going on an indefinite hiatus. We are sorry that  our fans will not be hearing any new music from us in the near future.  Crisis has had a long and fruitful life thus far. Therefore, we dont  feel the need to justify our decision specifically. The band members  will be focusing on their personal lives, as well as pursuing other  artistic interests. In the meantime we strongly urge our fans to support  original and honest artists and their music; a lot of them can be found  on The End Records roster. We would especially like to thank our  dedicated fans the world over for sticking so closely with us over a  span of 12 years and more. We would also like to thank Andreas Katsambas  and The End Records crew from the bottom of our hearts for all their support. If Crisis ever thinks about releasing another album it would be  a pleasure for us to work with The End again.
    As of today, I am sad to announce that I will also be disbanding the Street Team.  Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and dedication in helping to support and promote one of the greatest bands of all time.  It was a pleasure and an honour working with you all-Please feel free to keep in touch!!!!  Rock on, Metal Forever, Much love, Jackie
    [email protected]

    Metal Maniacs
  • SCULPTURED announces new drummer, album title and recording schedule

    Drummer extraordinaire Dave Murray -- who is best known for his work with Estradasphere, the Deserts of Traun, Daedelus, and the soon-to-be-released Tholus -- has agreed to join SCULPTURED for the recording of their third full-length album entitled Embodiment (for THE END RECORDS). Murray's work flawlessly combines references to Jazz, Death/Black Metal, Funk, Fusion, Klezmer, and Progressive Rock, thus making him perfect for the band's eclectic approach to Death Metal.  For more information on Dave Murray visit www.davemurrayonline.com
    Other musicians rounding out the recording will be Agalloch members Jason Walton, John Haughm, Don Anderson, and longtime vocalist Brian Yager.  So far Walton and Anderson have demoed the material and have commented on its "jarring, uncomfortable, atonal riffs" but have also maintained that the band's "alien sense of melody remains very much intact."  Taking their influence from the musical iconoclast and prankster Charles Ives, Sculptured aims to upset Death Metal harmony and melody.  Following in the heels of Rock in Opposition artists Henry Cow, and Dimension Hatross-era Voivod, the band flats their fifths and sharps their sevenths for unlistenable and awkward chords.  Murray will be tracking the drums in Los Angeles at the end of May while the rest of the band will finish the recording this summer with longtime engineer Ronn Chick who has worked previously with both Sculptured and Agalloch.
    Cover art and tracklisting will follow shortly.
    The playwright Antonin Artaud writes about the "the menacing, never tiring presence of [the] body" thereby providing the lyrical subject matter for Embodiment.  Bodies are a terrible burden to carry; they break down, catch disease, and are too messy to take seriously.  According to the band: "Anatomy is not destiny; it is tyranny.  Embodiment is the purest kind of horror." 
    Strengthen your ears.  Stop eating.  Avoid being a body.  Become-Inhuman.
    Official Sculptured: http://www.lasteve.com/sculptured
    Sculptured @ Myspace.com: http://www.myspace.com/matrixmetal

    Metal Maniacs

    We are all happy to announce to all of you that the upcoming album by legendary Norwegian Black Metalists MayheM will once again be handled and crafted by Season of Mist.

    This unholy alliance has been fighting together for more than 7 years already and yet there is no end in sight. Ordo Ab Chao will then be MayheM's 3rd full-length on the French label.

    The band also states that "after the troubled "Chimera", some conditions and issues have changed for the better. We are very focused and eager to record our first album (since`93) with Attila Csihar back behind the microphone. The beast has never been stronger".

    Prepare for a totalitarian piece of chaotic Black Metal !!!

    Metal Maniacs
  • SERAPHEL - Remembrance

    Swedish label Khaoz Star Records are proud to announce the release of Remembrance. The debutalbum from the Italian blackmetal band SERAPHEL contains seven unholy, raw and primitive tunes, veiled in a chilling atmosphere. Let this piece of grim musical artwork embrace your soul, and become one with the darkness of SERAPHEL.

    Official releasedate : May 5, 2006.

    For further details about the band, visit their website at :
    Or visit their gloomy space at : http://www.myspace.com/seraphel

    Distributors around the world!! For wholesale prices and collaboration, get in touch with Khaoz Star Records!

    [email protected]
  • IN FLAMES to film 'come clarity' video

    Sweden's IN FLAMES will be shooting a video later this month in California for the title track from their latest album, "Come Clarity". The clip will be directed by Lex Halaby, who has previously worked with MUDVAYNE and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE among others.

    In other news, IN FLAMES will embark on a short Swedish tour dubbed "A Day In Flames" in August/September 2006. The dates are as follows:

    Aug. 26 - Göteborg, SWE @ Röda Sten
    Aug. 30 - Stockholm, SWE @ Gröna Lund
    Sep. 02 - Malmö, SWE @ Mölleplatsen
  • ALL SHALL PERISH complete work on new album

    Oakland's death metal bruisers ALL SHALL PERISH have set "The Price of Existence" as the title of their second Nuclear Blast offering, tentatively due this summer. According to a press release, "this new album from ALL SHALL PERISH shows incredible maturity and a more focused approach to both songwriting and delivery. Although 'Hate, Malice, Revenge' was in-your-face and plenty brutal, 'The Price of Existence' enables the band to encompass more of a convicted style to their music that will no doubt help them rise above the packs of metalcore/death crossover bands currently garnering attention."

    Commented drummer Matt Kuykendall: "The album is done and epic as fuck, the artwork is being finalized and hopefully won't be censored. The new songs are lightyears and warped speeds ahead of the past stuff...expect some ridiculous solos and crazy diverse songs!"

    Massive touring will ensue in support of the new album, starting off with a full U.S. tour with SUICIDE SILENCE and LIGHT THIS CITY throughout July and August. In the meantime, you can check out a demo MP3 of ALL SHALL PERISH's new song "Eradication" on the band's web site, www.allshallperish.com
  • HAMMERFALL complete nine songs for new album

    HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on his official blog:
    "We have once again spent three days in the rehearsal room, playing through the now nine songs finished for the album. I can't remember feeling this good about the material before a recording, ever. Especially not for the last album, then I was very unsure about how things would turn out. This time, the feeling is the complete opposite. Go figure. Very weird, but good!

    "Joacim [Cans, vocals] threw a great barbecue party for us all on Saturday evening, and then we went to watch DRAGONLAND and BLOODBOUND, among others, perform at the second annual Gothenburg Metal Festival. Right now, I'm sitting in front of the TV trying to watch Jim Carrey lose it in 'Bruce Almighty' and Sweden vs. Russia in the finals of the LG Hockey Games simultaneously on a split screen. Tired but content after a really good weekend."
    HAMMERFALL are expected to enter the studio this summer to begin recording their new album for an October 2006 release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Dark Wings, Dark Words", "Carved In Stone", "Titan", "Shadow Empire", "Threshold" and "Rebel Inside".
  • Goodfellow Records inks THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS

    Arkansas metallic hardcore unit THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS is the newest addition to the Goodfellow Records roster. The band has just agreed to a deal for three albums, the first of which will be recorded this summer and is currently scheduled for release in January of 2007.

    Over the past six years the band has toured incessantly throughout the US and has become a fan favourite. Technically proficient and reminiscent of band such as Meshuggah, Coalesce and The Red Chord, THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS has proven itself as a formidable band on its way up. We are thrilled to be able to welcome them to the fold.

    For those unfamiliar, the band has two songs taken from their last studio album, Essays On The Progression of Man (Southern Death Records), available for download here: www.myspace.com/thehandshakemurders.

  • MEMORIAL breaks into the charts!

    "Our new record Memorial (released last week) broke into the Portuguese and German charts this week. In Portugal it is now number one, due to the incredible support of our Portuguese fans. Only Metallica and Maiden did the same with their albums and for a country such as Portugal this is more than a Moonspell achievement, a truly Heavy Metal moment of victory. In Germany the record went number 68 on the official TOP 100, another quite remarkable result for the album Memorial and an undeniable sign of trust given by our Teutonic fans. To all of them, to our labels, promoters and everyone involved our deepest and lunar thanks!!!" - MOONSPELL

    'MEMORIAL" is also gaining strides on the American radio charts, jumping to #15 on the FMQB Metal Detector chart and #8 on the MediaGuide Metal Specialty Album chart. Details on the US Fall tour, being planned now, will be available soon. Stay tuned.
  • KAMELOT Tour Dates
    9/15/06 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (USA) - Culture Room - (only Kamelot)
    9/16/06 - St. Petersburg, FL (USA) - State Theatre - (only Kamelot)
    9/19/06 - Springfield, VA (USA) - Jaxx Nightclub
    9/20/06 - New York, NY (USA) - B.B King
    9/22/06 - Poughkeepsie, NY (USA) - The Chance Theater
    9/23/06 - Rochester, NY (USA) - The Penny Arcade
    9/24/06 - Montréal, QC (CA) - Le Medley
    9/25/06 - Québec, QC (CA) - L'Imperial
    9/27/06 - Toronto, ON (CA) - The Opera House
    9/28/06 - Cleveland, OH (USA) - Agora Ballroom
    9/29/06 - Detroit, MI (USA) - Harpo's
    9/30/06 - Chicago, IL (USA) - The Pearl Room
    10/02/06 - Columbia Heights, MN (USA) - Star Central
    10/04/06 - Denver, CO (USA) - BlueBird Theater
    10/06/06 - Seattle, WA (USA) - Studio Seven
    10/07/06 - Portland, OR (USA) - Rock N Roll Pizza
    10/08/06 - San Francisco, CA (USA) - Pound SF
    10/10/06 - Santa Ana, CA (USA) - Galaxy Theatre
    10/11/06 - Los Angeles, CA (USA) - Key Club

June 4th, 2006

    We're sorry to announce that ARCTURUS' bassist Hugh Mingay recently had a motorcycle accident. He's going to be well, but has to rest for several weeks because a vertebra has been affected. Consequently, the three Norwegian shows scheduled this week had to be cancelled. We all wish Hugh to recover soon.

    TWELFTH GATE's vocalist Scott Huffman recently announced he has decided to quit the band. Replacing him in the group is Brent "Red" Erickson.

    Commented bassist Rob Such: "This may come as a surprise to some, but it's actually something that Scott's been hinting at for well over a year now... Both for creative differences and reasons outside the band. At the time, even though we weren't sure whether or not our latest album ("Threshold of Revelation") would be his last, we made the decision to go ahead as planned... Mainly because we had a great album on our hands, and it deserved to be heard the way it was... With Scott singing on it. Then as suspected, once the album was finished at the end of last summer, Scott confirmed his decision to leave the band. However, he did make a commitment to the band and the new album until we found a new singer... To avoid any gap where the band did not have a singer at all. That definitely made everything much less stressful, but we still decided to start looking soon afterwards because we knew that it could potentially take a long time before we found someone we were happy with.

    "Of course, with the release of the new album being pushed back to early 2006, the timing couldn't have been worse... But it happens, so we just dealt with it. Also, even before we started looking, we made the decision that our new singer needed to be someone with a different style, but whose voice would also fit the direction that the band was going in. Scott's got an absolutely AMAZING voice, and we knew that trying to find someone who sings in a similar style would just be futile... Not to mention that chapter of TWELFTH GATE had officially come to a close.

    "Fortunately, we got lucky fairly quick, and found someone [Red] who fit us both musically and on a personal level. Red came highly recommended through a close friend of the band, and everything began to progress quite well after only a few rehearsals together. The only 'final test' was how well we would all perform together live... So as a recommendation from Scott, he thought it would be a good idea to debut Red at the Chicago Powerfest, and then make our final decision. We agreed...and needless to say, after our performance at the Powerfest we decided Red was the man for the job... Though we really already knew it even prior to the fest.

    "Personally, even though I'm excited about what the future holds for TWELFTH GATE, I'm still a bit sad to see Scott go. Scott and I are very close friends, and have been ever since I joined the pre-SYRIS version of SPIRIT WEB back in 1995. And now, after over 10 years of being in bands together, our musical paths are going in separate directions... Although, at least we're fortunate enough to have this happen while we're still all good friends, and everyone's truly happy about the transition.

    "All of the guys in TWELFTH GATE and I would like to wish Scott the very best and much success with his new project, MINDWARP CHAMBER. I know it's going to kick ass and I can't wait to hear it!"
  • The Central Illinois Metalfest 2006!!!!!!!

    We are pleased to announce the return of THE CENTRAL ILLINOIS METALFEST 2006! Its the SICKEST MUST SEE EVENT of 2006! Here is all the information:

    July 21st & 22nd 2006

    The Canopy Club
    708 S. Goodwin Ave.
    Urbana, Illinois 61801

    Macabre - IL - Friday's Headliner
    Origin - KS - Saturday's Headliner
    Human Artifacts - IL
    Lust Of Decay - NC
    Devourment - TX
    Deaden - IL
    Incinerate - MN
    Lividity - IL
    Gorgasm - IL
    Immersed In Blood - Sweden
    Putrid Pile - WI
    Waco Jesus - IL
    Domination Through Impurity - NC
    Exulcerate - TX
    Rotteness - Mexico
    Guttural Secrete - NV
    Victimas - New Mexico
    Prophecy - TX
    Decrypt - IN
    Malignancy - NY
    Lapidate - Canada
    Black The Sky - IL
    Jungle Rot - WI
    Gutrot - MI
    Embalmer - OH
    Unhallowed - NJ
    Bloody Sign - France
    Mortal Decay - NJ
    Vitality - TX
    Abysmal Torment - Malta

    July 20, 2006
    Skeptik - IL
    Low Twelve - IL
    Cemetary Rapist - IL
    Chainsaw Homicide - IL

    In advance:
    1 day pass - $22.50
    2 day pass - $40.00
    Day of show:
    1 day pass - $25.00
    2 day pass - $45.00
    Pre-fest show is $6.00 at the door

    To find out who our sponsors are and for additional information regarding this event, please visit our website at:
    http://www.xwarp.net/Fest/Fest.html We hope to see all you sickos there!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laura aka The Mistress
    Matt Bishop - Human Artifacts
    The Central Illinois Metalfest 2006
  • MERENDINE ATOMICHE Official date releases

    Merendine Atomiche announce the official date release for the new album "Raw". Finally, after 11 years you can get our product in store. Another good step for us to keep our passion for music alive. We want to thanks everybody who helped us in these long time and all magazines who always supported us spreading our news.

    Date release:
    may 19th 2006 : Europe
    may 22nd 2006: Italy
    june 6th 2006: Usa and Canada

    We want also say that for the AMerican release Merendine Atomiche will be on air during the two months who will follow the release of the album thanks to Skateboard marketing. News about it asap.

    The band will host the release party the may 27th, 2006 @ Ricky's Pub - Padova - Italy.

    For further news check our official site:
  • SUBLIMINAL FEAR signed with Burning Star Records

    Subliminal Fear, Italian melodic death metal band, have just signed a deal with the Greek label Burning Star Records, they will enter the studio in this year to record their debut album.

    They announce that Ivano Del Re (drums), leaves the band for a personal choose and to annouce that new drummer is Marco Albanese, that has already collaborated with the band in past years.

    Official myspace page has been activated, where you can know news, dates, to listen new songs and all about SUBLIMINAL FEAR’s world and to contact all band’s members.

  • COLD DIMENSIONS can proudly announce having signed pacts with two very promising Black Metal bands from Germany:


    GEIST could be already known by its debut album "PATINA" which was released through Solistitium Records. The band now entered the studio to bring the second album "KAINSMAL" into being. This promising creation will be out through COLD DIMENSIONS in August 2006.

    MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI is a new, still unknown band which did only an unofficial, but very convincing, rehearsal demo up to date. Luckily we could lay our hands on that demo and signed the band right away. The debut album is planned to be released in early summer 2006.
  • LUNAR AURORA is working intensely on new material which will be recorded for the band's 8th album in the end of 2006 / the beginning of 2007.
  • GRAUPEL is in creative processes, too: A split - LP with fellows ENDSTILLE will be recorded soon. Please note that this LP will be released by the bands themselves. GRAUPEL is also already working on songs for the second album which will of course be released on COLD DIMENSIONS again.

    After nearly 20 years of kicking around ideas for a solo album, bassist Bruce Turgon (Foreigner, Shadow King) has finally had enough downtime to make it a reality in the form of “Outside Looking In,” out now in the USA on Frontiers/Locomotive Records.

    “It was just time and timing,” the busy bassist said. “In the fall of '03, I was at the end of an extensive five-month tour with Lou Gramm, when I was approached by Serafino Perugino, president of Frontiers Records, about recording a solo album. It was great timing in that I wanted to take a break from touring and decided that I would finally commit to doing it.”

    Turgon, whose history with vocalist Lou Gramm dates back to the early ‘70s and a band called Black Sheep, has made a career of playing top-notch melodic rock and did not stray far from the style that he has perfected when he began compiling the songs for “Outside Looking In” in the spring of 2004.

    “My desire was to make an aggressive, honest hard rock album with an emphasis on strong songwriting,” he said. “The initial ideas for ‘Walk Thru Fire’ and ‘Living a Lie’ were from my older catalog, but were revamped for this album. ‘Walk the Walk, the bonus track for the Japanese release, ‘Heart So Strong,’ and ‘These Tears Must Fall’ were written with Lou Gramm at different times. Everything else is new material.”

    For the recording of “Outside Looking In,” Turgon enlisted a notable group of friends: drummer Denny Carmassi (Heart, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Montrose), guitarist Rocket Ritchotte (David Lee Roth, Stan Bush, Cher, Rick Springfield), guitarist Scott McKinstry (Lou Gramm Band), guitarist Ronnie Montrose, Ricky Philips, and Tom Gimbel on backing vocals. Turgon himself also makes his debut as a singer on the record. “They are all very good friends,” said Turgon, “My own little ‘band of brothers.’ I'm grateful for their contributions as they are all very talented.”

  • NEVERMORE Bassist Jim Sheppard To Undergo Chron’s Disease Treatment
    Band Announces Temporary Replacement

    Nevermore bass player and one of the founding members Jim Sheppard will soon be undergoing a minor procedure for Chron’s Disease, a condition he’s managed for over 15 years. Precluding him from performing with the band during the first part of their upcoming tour with In Flames, Sheppard is expected to rejoin the band in Spokane, WA May 18. Filling in for Sheppard will be long-time friend James McDonough (ex-Megadeth).

    Nevermore, who just wrapped up a series of dates with Arch Enemy, will be performing at several European summer festivals including Rock Hard, Sweden Rock and Wacken Open Air before supporting Disturbed across Europe this fall. After their touring activity the band will be taking time off to write the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed album This Godless Endeavor.
  • BLACK COBRA - Bestial uncoils

    The doom-groove laden two-man-band Black Cobra was born over several years of it's members (Jason Landrian/ex-Cavity and Rafael Martinez/ex-16) meeting up over holidays in their original hometown of Miami, Florida. It expanded to tape-trading riffs in the mail and spot bi-coastal practices, with Jason in New York City and Rafa in Los Angeles. Eventually a three-song demo, rounding out barely over six-minutes in length but with the strength of a dozen whacks in the melon with the back-end of an axe, and was enough for At A Loss to send a contract.

    All fucking hail Bestial.

    Check out the track Omniscient:

  • ODROERIR plan an extentsive through European clubs September 8th through 23rd to promote their masterpiece "Götterlieder". Swiss Folk Pagan group ELUVEITIE, who will release their new album on FEAR DARK, will also be part of the tour. A limited re-release of ODROERIR´s "Lasst Euch sagen aus alten Tagen" will come out any time soon.
  • The AISLING & WOLFCHANT (current album on CCP Records) had to be re-scheduled to October/November 2006. Confirmed dates will be posted soon. AISLING will be playing the BANDS BATTLE Festival (June 15th - 17th in Stavenhagen) & the METALCAMP Festival ( Juli 21st – 23rd in Tolmin. Several further dates have been booked in Italy. Info: www.aislingweb.it
  • We can proudly annouce a new signing to EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN: German Epic Viking Metal Heroes THRUDVANGAR, who caused quite a furor with their debut "Ahnenthron", have completed the final mixing sessions for the follow-up "Walhall". Release is scheduled for August 8th 2006.

    This year THRUDVANGAR will perform on ULTIMA RATIO Festival in Krefeld (Mai 6th), PAGAN NIGHTS Open Air Festival in Ringelai(June 10th ) and the VIKING SCREAM Festival in Bochum (October 21st). Get a first taste on www.Einheit-Produktionen.de.
  • Norway´s SORGSVART will come out with "Fortapt Verden i vakkert Selvmord" on August 8th as well. You can expect Epic Viking Folk Black Metal, which Nocturno Culto/Darkthrone lately commented as follows in an interview by Norwegian daily newspaper www.dagbladet.no. When asked “Are there any good new Norwegian bands today ?” he answered:” I am a fan of the demo by SORGSVART. There is a will behind that.” Make up your own mind and check two songs of the CD for free on www.Einheit-Produktionen.de.
  • After another successful show on the RAGNARÖK Festival, Russian vikings NOMANS LAND are busy completing the final touches to their yet untitled third opus. The studio is booked for Juli in Russia. Mixing will be done at the Thrudheim Studio in Anhalt. Release is planned for the Julfest and an extensive European tour shall follow. Finally the "Hammerfrost" album is available on vinyl.
  • ULVHEDIN already have a new demo ready and contribute a new song to the Karmøygeddon Compilation CD, which also features bands like THUNDRA or BATTERED (ex- EINHERJER). Infos: http://www.karmoygeddon.info/. The band is also working hard on the follow-up to "Pagan Manifest" and both EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN and the Norwegians hope to offer the finished product soon.
  • CELTIC FROST: New Song “Ground” Online!

    CELTIC FROST, synonymous for dark creativity and innovation across extreme music’s genres, grant you a first aural glimpse into their newest opus Monotheist, set for release May 30th, 2006. Online now, the new song “Ground” is available for streaming here.

    Called “staggeringly good… a Fuckin’ masterpiece” (Decibel Magazine), Monotheist is one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year. Following the album’s release, CELTIC FROST will commence touring, performing at several major European summer festivals, as well as an extensive North American tour this fall (dates here).

    Date City Venue
    9/12 Spingfield, VA Jaxx
    9/13 Spingfield, VA Jaxx
    9/14 New York, NY B.B. King's
    9/15 New York, NY B.B. King's
    9/16 Montreal, Canada Medley
    9/18 Toronto, Canada Opera House
    9/19 Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theatre
    9/20 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
    9/22 Detroit, MI Harpos
    9/23 Chicago, IL Vic Theater
    9/24 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
    9/25 Winnipeg, Canada Royal Albert Arms
    9/27 Calgary, Canada Warehouse
    9/28 Edmonton, Canada Starlite Room
    9/30 Victoria, Canada Sugar
    10/1 Seattle, WA El Corazon
    10/2 Portland, OR Roseland
    10/3 San Francisco, CA Fillmore
    10/4 San Diego, CA House of Blues
    10/6 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
    10/7 Hollywood, CA House of Blues
    10/8 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theater
    10/9 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
    10/11 Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre
    10/12 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
    10/13 El Paso, TX The Zone
    10/14 San Antonio, TX Sunset Station - Lone Star
    10/16 Kansas City, KS Bottleneck
    10/17 St. Louis, Missouri Pop's
    10/19 Ft Worth, TX Ridglea Theater
    10/20 Houston, TX Warehouse Live
    10/21 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
    10/23 Tampa, FL State Theater
    10/24 Ft Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
    10/25 Orlando, FL House of Blues
    10/27 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
    10/28 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
    10/29 Fayetteville, NC Jester's Pub
    10/31 Charlotte, NC Tremont
    11/2 Norfolk, VA The Norva
    11/3 Poughkeepsie, NY Chance Theatre
    11/4 Worcester, MA Palladium

    For the exact dates click on the following homepages:



    Scandinavia’s premier metal festival, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival taking place in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, Finland, during 30.6.-2.7. has decided to take action in assisting Finland’s controversial Eurovision song contest participant, Lordi, with unrealistic pyrotechnics expenses.

    Although Lordi representing Finland in the Eurovision song contest raised very blunt opinions from the start, things took a serious turn for the worse when Finnish National Radio received a cost estimate for the pyrotechnics required in Lordi’s show. The German company who has the exclusive right in providing the special effects for the contest, presented the Finns with an estimate which is in no way compatible with the tariffs of past years, the final amount climbing to tens of thousands of Euros. Currently the Finnish National Radio (YLE) is pondering the option of pulling out of the contest altogether.

    Tuska-Festival is no stranger when it comes to struggling with tariffs, therefore Tuska-organization is deeply concerned with the current situation. Pyrotechnics are a vital part of Lordi’s show and performing without them makes no sense.

    Tuska-Festival promoter Jouni Markkanen pointed out that if public funds aren’t sufficient to put on a proper show, let’s get the money elsewhere. Therefore Tuska-Festival will pay the first 5000 Euros of the pyrotechnic costs.

    This is also intended as a challenge for others working within the music industry to do their share. Even smaller amounts help.

    Tuska-Festival is Scandinavia’s premier metal festival. This festival takes place right in the center of Helsinki, 2006 edition being the ninth consecutive annual Tuska-Festival. This year’s line-up features the likes of Venom, Celtic Frost and Sonata Arctica along with 28 other metal artists. Lordi appeared at Tuska in 2003.

    Additional Information:

  • STRAPPING YOUNG LAD's new studio album, "The New Black", is scheduled for release on July 18 via Century Media Records (one day earlier internationally). A reissue of "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing", featuring bonus tracks, will be made available on June 12.
  • Into Eternity Talk About East Coast Dates, Forthcoming Recording

    Canada’s technically progressive death metal band, Into Eternity, will head out for three upcoming East Coast dates before recording the follow up to 2004’s Buried In Oblivion. Commenting on the band’s upcoming plans, guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth said, “Things are starting back up for us. First up, we will play 3 shows in the U.S. starting with The New England Metal Festival Sunday, April 30. May 1 we are in New York City and May 2 in Springfield, VA, both dates opening for Gamma Ray. Hopefully we will get a chance to say hello to you all at these upcoming dates. As soon as we return to Canada we continue pre-production for album number four. Once again we will be recording in our hometown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada at Touchwood Studios. We have original drummer Jim Austin with us on the new record and he’s has been doing a great job in rehearsals.

    “There will be one recording change with this album, for the first time we are going to send the album out to be mixed. Any Sneap (Nevermore, Arch Enemy) will be handling the record’s final mix. We are fans of Andy's work and know he is the right man. This final step ensures that this will be our best sounding effort to date.”

    Calling Buried in Oblivion “a defiantly original work filled with stunning musical virtuosity and truly original ideas,” (Revolver) Into Eternity spent 2005 touring North America supporting the release on no fewer than six continent spanning tours. Look for the band to tour extensively in support of the new album late this year.
  • BELPHEGOR part ways with Bassist, seek replacement!
    Barth has had an accident in January, resulting in a bad wound on the right hand. He had an operation, but at this time its uncertain wheter he can play the bass for BELPHEGOR again.
    The band write in a statement: However, he'll always be a member of BELPHEGOR, taking care of the merchandise on the road and similar stuff now. Get well soon bro!
    BELPHEGOR absolved the recent gigs with a session bass player, named A.X. from Germany, who?s also gonna do the next shows.
    With that being said BELPHEGOR are currently looking for a bass player, anyone interested can contact the bands management through e-mail at: [email protected]

    Please seriously inquires only, we are a full-time touring band so you have to be able to be on the road, in the studio, or doin rehearsals for weeks.
    The requirements are as follows:
    - u don't need to be Austrian ( but able to rehearse in Austria )
    - professional musicians only, preferably with stage-tour experience
    - must be at least 25 years old
    - main interest in death/black metal, metal in general

    Metal Maniacs

    Today the North American office of Napalm Records announces July 18th, 2006, as the confirmed release date for LEAVES EYES' new Legend Land MCD. A year after the release of the critically acclaimed Vinland Saga album, Legend Land continues the adventure with five brand-new, exclusive tracks, including an extended version of the title track Legend Land, all for the price of a CD-single.Legend Land will also be available in a limited-edition version with blue cover artwork.

    Metal Maniacs

    The leaders of grind-metal madness are back to rip your face off!

    Originally released in the final year of the 20th century in the unconventional six-inch vinyl format, PCP Torpedo is finally reissued on CD-in the equally unconventional three-inch CD format. (Not only is it a truly compact disc; Agoraphobic Nosebleed apparently wanted to specifically torture Mac users.).

    The hideously deformed and many-fanged suckling of guitarist/machinist Scott Hull (also of the equally unstoppable Pig Destroyer) and vocalist/programmer J. Randall (formerly of ISIS), ANB specialize in stereophonic slaughter and extreme pharmacological distress, the combination of which is commonly referred to as hyper-grind.
    Accelerating the BPMs well past human tolerance levels with a hallucinogenic freeassociative pathology bordering on the mentally ill, PCP Torpedo is equal parts total grind nightmare and industrial-strength psychosis, not to mention an unequivocal demonstration of ANB's reckless & willful disregard for both the hearing threshold and basic human decency.

    The cleverly titled companion remix CD, ANBRX features hellish ANb distortions created by the likes of Merzbow, Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh), James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher) and Vidnaobmana.

    Together, PCP Torpedo/ANBRX will violate your already fragile psyche and probably bring the average glue-huffing fan-boy within inches of cutting an ear off-if they haven't done so already.


    Metal Maniacs
  • LAMB OF GOD have set "Sacrament" as the title of their highly anticipated album release, due late Summer 2006 via Epic Records.

    The group has been unusually tight lipped about the new recording, turning down all but a select few in-studio and pre-studio interviews. No listening sessions, demo recordings or audio samples have been granted or released.

    News from March 2nd notes that the band  had once again tapped friend and producer Machine ('Ashes of the Wake')  to handle the production duties for "Sacrament."

    At that time drummer Chris Adler had the following to say.

    "Everyone wants to know what the new material is like or have us compare it to something. It's tough to do because when your proud of something you want to say it's better than something else or that it's more of this or that. I don't want to do that - every LAMB OF GOD album has been a snapshot in time, a puzzle that spelled out who we are as individual musicians and as a band. They each represent a certain amount of experience and ability - and without saying more, we now have more of both of those than ever. We have continued to raise the bar for ourselves in every aspect of what we do, and we are expecting more of ourselves than ever heading into this. We're looking forward to tracking and releasing this intense and very heavy release."
    News surfaced that as of April 11th drummer Chris Adler had finished tracking drums at Spin Recording studios in Long Island City, New York.

    All interviews with Chris and his brother Willie Adler were cancelled during the drum tracking session and several more have been cancelled as the band continues tracking guitars and vocals in Richmond, VA.

    In the most recent news from the camp guitarist Mark Morton had the following comments on the recording and the material:

    "There's an intensity to this project that feels heavier than previous records.  The vibe around the sessions has been serious.  Not in a conflict sort of way, just more focused and driven than ever before.

    We know we're onto something.  I've done very few interviews over the course of these sessions and everybody wants to know titles and track listings and details like that, but we're not coming off of that kind of stuff just yet.  It's too early.  This record's way too important to us to allow anyone in until the five of us are in agreement that it's exactly how we want it.  It's definitely not a casual approach this time around.  We really want this album to have an impact....it feels like it will."
    LAMB OF GOD is scheduled to set out on the Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer, Children of Bodom and Mastodon beginning on June 6. The final dates including additional headlining concerts will be announced at http://www.lamb-of-god.com shortly. 

    Metal Maniacs
  • GREEN CARNATION schedule show in U.K. as part of mini-summer tour
    Norway's prog masters GREEN CARNATION are bringing their 'Acoustic Verses' to the U.K.

    After a successful debut concert in London last year, Green Carnation will be returning to The Underworld on Thursday August 24th, 2006 as a part of a mini-tour. The gig in London will be an exclusive one for England. The already confirmed show in Dublin, Ireland has been changed to Saturday August 26th, 2006. The rest of the mini-tour will be announced shortly as there are two more dates to be confirmed.
    Says singer Kjetil Nordhus, "We had a great time in London last year and got a lot of amazing feedback after the gig. So it's pleasure to come back. Also, the show in Dublin will become something special. There are still some details remaining before we can make that official, but it's going to be a great mini-tour for the band anyway."

    This will be the second year running that the band visit England and the third year visiting Ireland. Many people have underlined the Celtic influence on the band's 'Acoustic Verses.' And the singer doesn't rule out that Green Carnation's recent touring history has something to do with their trips to Ireland. 
    "That might well be. We get influenced by a lot of different stuff, all the time. And with Ireland's proud music culture, it's hard not to be inspired. So we're definitely looking forward to return, both to England and to Ireland."
    More info:
    Official Green Carnation: http://www.greencarnation.no

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