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June 17th, 2005
  • 16 . WACKEN : OPEN : AIR 2005


    04.08. - 06.08.2005

    Here the latest list of confirmed bands for W:O:A 2005:


    Finally - Surprise Act announced!

    Dear Metalheads,

    there were many speculations about our surprise act. The romur mill was blowing...

    Many of you thought of Judas Priest and they're right! Judas Priest was confirmed! This would be an absolute "hammer" for you and us, but sadly they had to call off, because they didn't get enough shows in Europein August so it would did not make any sense for the band to fly over from USA to Europe. Luckily we did not announce it !

    We were put off now on 2006. 100,000 flyer, which lay ready, are heading no win to the press.

    But we're lucky and proud to announce an other favourite band, who never played in Wacken:

    MACHINEHEAD will come exclusively and finally to the W:O:A and will play on friday!

    Will they break the record of Children of Bodom with more than 5000 crowd surfers at the W:O:A 2004?

    W:O:A will be the only festival in Germany the band will play.


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records with Rise Above Records are gearing up for a hot summer with the release of the new album from Witchcraft. Titled Firewood, the album will hit stores nationwide on July 26. The band is expected to premiere material from the album at this weekend's Emissions of the Monolithe festival, where the band will make a one-off, headline performance on Saturday, May 28 at the seventh annual doom festival.

    “So much more than just another doom outfit, Witchcraft weave the arcane spirits of many ‘70s pioneers into a vintage yet vital concoction for today,” said Terrorizer Magazine in their year-end 2004 poll of the years best albums. Working again with Jens Henriksson (producer), Firewood was recorded in England and enjoys a brighter and fuller sound than its predecessor. Whilst their self-titled album made a sizeable dent in the minds of the doom cult fanatics, this new slab will go a long way to establishing them beyond the narrow parameters of the underground to fertile pastures anew. Recent converts will be floored by their masterful grip of classic rock dynamics and their faithful followers, who have been awaiting patiently for their return, will find a natural successor to their incredibly striking debut.

    Emissions from the Monolithe features the best in underground hard rock, stoner, doom, and metal. Tickets for this year's 4-day festival are already sold out; the weekend's additional performances coming from the reformed Eyehategod, Today is the Day, Raging Slab, Alabama Thunderpussy, Pig Destroyer, Keelhaul, Sons of Otis, YOB, Stinking Lizaveta, Lair of the Minatour, Dixie Witch and more.

    Track listing for Firewood is confirmed as: Chylde of Fire, If Wishes Were Horses, Mr Haze, Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake The Dead), Queen Of Bees, Merlin's Daughter, I See A Man, Sorrow Evoker, You Suffer, Attention!

  • Arise Records is working in partnership with Art Records Brazil to release in Spain and Portugal one of the most daring and anticipated albums of recent years, EXECUTION by TRIBUZY. The album brings together a cast of stars never gathered before such as: BRUCE DICKINSON, MICHAEL KISKE, RALF SCHEEPERS, ROY Z, ROLAND GRAPOW, KIKO LOUREIRO, MAT SINNER, CHRIS DALE and many others. The Worldwide release of the album will happen in two stages; on June 22nd for Asia and South America and in July for Europe and the USA.

    For more releated info please see: www.tribuzy.com


    Philadelphia: Dead Ringer Records announces the return of Marillion to US shores. Set to launch June 12 at New York's Bowery Ballroom, the band's travels will further include stops in Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and a stop at the famed World Cafe Live on June 21. Each date will be preceeded by an autograph signing at Tower Records. For specific store details visit the band's official website at www.marillion.com.

    Confirmed dates at press time include:

    06/12 Bowery Ballroom, New York NY
    06/13 Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA
    06/16 Mod Club, Toronto ON
    06/17 LaTulipe, Montreal QU
    06/19 Double Door, Chicago IL
    06/22 Birchmere, Alexandria VA

    Marillion's latest album, Marbles, is in stores now.

  • IOMMI, Featuring Legendary Heavy Metal Guitarist Tony Iommi, To Release New Album, Fused on July 12, 2005 on Sanctuary Records

    Black Sabbath Axe-Slinger Joined By Vocalist/Bassist Glenn Hughes and Drummer Kenny Aronoff

    Tour Planned After This Summer’s OZZFEST

    Tony Iommi, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist, will release his new album Fused on July 12, 2005, via Sanctuary Records. This will be Iommi's third solo album.

    Joining Iommi on Fused is former Deep Purple vocalist/bass guitarist Glenn Hughes and former John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has also played sessions with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd and countless others. The trio will hit the road to promote Fused later this year after Black Sabbath finishes headlining the 10th anniversary Ozzfest tour.

    The 10 songs on Fused are: "Dopamine," “Wasted Again,” “Saviour Of The Real,” “Resolution Song,” “Grace,” “Deep Inside A Shell,” “What You’re Living For,” “Face Your Fear,” “The Spell” and “I Go Insane.”

    Iommi has worked with both Hughes and Aronoff in the past. Hughes is a longtime friend who sang on the 1986 Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi album Seventh Star. In 2004, previously unreleased songs they had collaborated on eight years earlier were completed and released by Sanctuary as The 1996 DEP Sessions. Aronoff played drums on the song "Black Oblivion" on Iommi's self-titled 2000 solo album, which was loaded with all-star guest appearances. Fused was produced by Bob Marlette, who also manned the studio boards for Iommi.

    "I put some ideas for four or five tracks down about three years ago, but I hadn't written them specifically with Glenn in mind," Iommi says. "After The 1996 DEP Sessions was finished last year, I said to my manager that I should try Glenn on my solo album. Glenn came over to England and we did a trial run writing more material and it was unbelievable. His enthusiasm is amazing. He is so full of energy and great song ideas.”

    "The ideal thing for me is to work with collaborators. I can come in with riffs until the cows come home, and I do that all the time. I like to do it that way and then build the song with somebody else."

    Iommi and Hughes tend to write quickly when they settle in. Once the basic song ideas were written for this new album, Hughes worked on overall melodies and lyrics. The songs were in place, but a drummer was needed to tie it all together. Iommi was eager to work with Aronoff again and had him in mind from the beginning. The highly respected skins-basher was thrilled about the invitation, especially when Iommi said he wanted to tour to promote Fused.

    "I definitely knew that for my next album I wasn't going to use a lot special guests again. I wanted to use just one singer, and I also wanted it to be more like a band this time. The idea was to go into the studio with Glenn and Kenny play everything live. It was great. I really enjoyed doing it that way," says Iommi. "That was the original way you used to record, and that was the only way I knew how to record for a long time. Only a few years ago did I start recording the other way, by building up and layering tracks. By playing live in the studio, you can hear exactly how the songs are going to sound and whether they work."

    These new songs most definitely work, and they rage with the same fire and intensity that mark Iommi's best. There is nothing quite like the sound of a power trio, because there can be no weak links -- each musician's efforts stand out. There is no place to hide. Iommi, Hughes and Aronoff feed off each other, whether it's the concise punch of "Dopamine" and "What You're Living For" or the fluid twists and turns in the nine-minute epic "I Go Insane."

    Iommi's lethal guitar crunch leads the charge. Hughes truly pushes himself to the edge and adjusts his voice to fit the overall direction of each song while simultaneously propelling the rhythm with his pounding bass guitar. The volcanic thunder Aronoff unleashes from his drums sounds like nothing he has done before. Marlette's sparkling, crisp production results in a hard-hitting, modern, in-your-face sound.

    "Bob is a fantastic producer. He also played a few keyboard parts on this album because he wanted to get his hands in there!" laughs Iommi.

    Marlette's major role as the producer was to provide that extra, objective pair of ears and determine when a song was finished. He also judged Iommi's solos and usually found what he looking for after four or five takes. However, Iommi often wanted to lay down more solos with the purpose of topping himself with each pass.

    "I tend to keep trying solos until I get to where I say, 'Oh yeah, I really like that one.' It's not often I say that, but you're always trying to get that one you're happy with," he says. "Sometimes it is difficult working with a producer when you have been a producer yourself, but it's good to compare ideas. To get the best end result you do whatever it takes."

    Iommi's excitement about Fused is at a fever pitch and he cannot wait to tour with Hughes and Aronoff.

    "In addition to playing material from this album, we'll probably do a couple of tracks from The 1996 DEP Sessions and a few Sabbath songs too," he says.

  • New CD: TRAVERS & APPICE "Live At The House Of Blues" (Escapi Music)
    Release date Europe/North America: July 12

    "Live At The House Of Blues", highlights the songwriting and Performing skills of three of the most exceptional musicians in Rock and Pop during the last 30 years.

    Legendary drummer Carmine Appice, whose biography reads like a "who's who" of Rock music, has played and sold millions of records with Rod Stewart, Vanilla Fudge, King Kobra, Blue Murder, Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne and Jeff Beck, just to name a few. Vocalist and guitar hero Pat Travers, whose 1979 album "Go For What You Know" led to an immense increase of his fan base, is considered an all-time classic and a "must-have" for any guitar fan.

    Last but not least, T.M. Stevens, with his ferocious, yet melodic, style of Bass playing that is as unique as his larger than life persona, has been Involved with various superstars, artists such as Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, James Brown, Billy Joel and Steve Vai.

    Recorded at The House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach, USA in September of last year, the end result is timeless and powerful Blues Rock that highlights not only the technical competence of each individual musician but also their exquisite songwriting.

    Produced by Fabrizio Grossi

    Recorded at The House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach, USA (September 2004)

    Pat Travers - Vocals / Guitar
    Carmine Appice - Drums
    T.M. Stevens – Bass

    1. Taken
    2. Better From A Distance
    3. I Don´t Care
    4. Crash And Burn
    5. Living Alone
    6. Gotta Have You
    7. Turn Me On’
    8. Can´t Escape The Fire/LA, LA Love
    9. Evil
    10. Do Ya Think I´m Sexy
    11. Boom, Boom
    12. Keep On Rocking (Bonustrack)

  • JAG PANZER - Special Bang Your Head 7”!

    Colorado’s JAG PANZER and Century Media Records will release a strictly limited 7” on black vinyl (500 copies only!) around JAG PANZER’s appearance on this year’s Band Your Head festival. For this collector’s item the band recorded a cover-version of “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”

  • SATHANAS will be releasing their new mcd FLESH FOR THE DEVIL soon on AGONIA RECORDS... for info go to www.agoniarecords.com


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records with Regain Records confirms June 14 as the stateside release date of Lunar Strain and Subterraean, the first two recordings from Sweden's In Flames. Both records have been completely remastered, reworked with new artwork and each contains bonus material previously unavailable on the earlier limited release of each recording.

    With over 300,000 records sold in the US, Sweden’ In Flames have become one of the single most important and influential metal bands of their country and for the metal/hard rock genre. Each new recording they further find way to expand their audience - breaking into new markets and exposing new fans to their melodic but aggressive music. These early recordings found original release in 1994 and 1995 respectively and are now considered the band's groundbreaking recordings.

    Formed in 1990, In Flames have grown to be the band melodic metal is measured against. Tours with Hatebreed, Mudvyne, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Shadows Fall, Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Slipknot, Slayer, Soulfly, Killswitch Engage, and this summer participating on Ozzfest, the band has proven their might world-over. Magazines have praised their recordings, topping many (and at various times, all) year-end lists. Revolver, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Guitar World, Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, Rolling Stone and more have dedicated space on numerous occassions to the band and with the band continuing to work on their next masterpiece, the stateside availability of their early work makes their catalog complete.
    Confirmed track listings for each are noted as follows: Lunar Strain - Behind Space, Lunar Strain, Starforsaken, Dreamscape, Everlost (part I), Everlost (part II), Hargalaten, In Flames, Upon an Oaken Throne, ad in Shadows, In Flames (demo version), Upon an Oaken Throne (demo version), Accoustic Piece (unreleased), Clad in Shadows (demo version). Subterraean - Stand Ablaze, Everdying, Subterranean, Timeless, Biosphere, Dead Eternity (feat. Jocke Gothberg), The Inborn Lifeless (feat. Jocke Gothberg), Murders in the Rue Morgue (Iron Maiden cover), Eye of the Beholder (Metallica cover).

    Malmo, Sweden-based Regain Records is the current home to Marduk, Dark Funeral, Dismember and back catalog to In Flames, Arch Enemy, Naglfar and more. Working with Candlelight Records for the Americas, the label's current releases include Marduk/Plague Angel, plus upcoming releases from Space Odyssey, Centinex plus catalog reissues from Dismember, Marduk and more.

    Since its launch January 2001, Candlelight's US operation has released over 150 albums across its three US imprints. The company's latest releases include the label debut from Crowbar plus new albums from Enslaved, The Mighty Nimbus, a special live album from Entombed, debut albums from Debris Inc. (featuring members of St. Vitus and Trouble), Kryoburn and more. Upcoming releases include the June 14 release of ProPain's Prophets of Doom, the debut from Norway's Octavia Sperati plus the stateside launch of Appease Me Records featuring reissues of previously unavailable Blut Aus Nord back catalog and new albums from P.H.O.B.O.S., Overmars, and Monolithe. Candlelight is the home to early albums from Opeth and the entire recording history of Emperor; the band's pivotal four albums reissued late 2004 with extensive bonus material.


    Twilight Odyssey is pleased to announce the release of the self-titled debut album on June 3, 2005.

    Visitors to the official web site can now view the album cover art done by renowned artist Matt Stawicki and download a new single from the release.

    Pre-orders are also being accepted.

    Twilight Odyssey is a classic style metal band based out of Brooklyn, New York and carries on the proud tradition of old school heavy metal established by such industry legends as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

    Visit www.twilight-odyssey.com for more information, official bio and news.


    8th & 9th Of July 2005
    In Annaberg - Buchholz/Germany
    Area "Neu Amerika"



    RAM (SWE)
    Another Headliner & SUPPORT(will be confirmed as soon)

    TICKETS: [email protected]

    Weekend: 22 Euro!!!!!
    Free Camping & Parking


    As of monday May 16th, Cryptopsy have been at Studio Vortex (Saint-Constant, Quebec) with Sebastien Marsan at the helm, busily recording the new album. So far over half the drum tracks are completed, and the sound is huge.

    As well, soundguy Jake Disman has been keeping the Cryptopsy Fan Forum a buzz with his informative brand of wit. Visit the forum at http://cryptopsyforum.info

    Pictures of the studio work are available on the band's web site and on the forum. Expect more infos about the new album very soon.


  • APOCALYPTICA back on the road in the U.S.!

    In an industry well-known for inserting numerous bands into crates, nailing down the lids, and ultimately discarding them due to lack of creativity, APOCALYPTICA have always remained above the monotonous; not just as international market-leaders but also as a group who have successfully created a market of their own.

    This Finnish troupe have not only proven that rock music does not deal with the instruments one plays, but the attitude one keeps while playing. Since APOCALYPTICA's commencement, they have been developing a style that can be best described as "cello-rock." The possibilities were vast, but whatever the obstacle, the fact remains that never before had a group of classically trained cellists attempted to fuse together the seemingly contrasting worlds of classical music and hard rock. By uniting the middle ground between the orchestra pit and the mosh pits, the dinner jacket and the denim jacket, the high class with the middle class, APOCALYPTICA remained respectful to both segments, passing all limitations and reaching an entirely fresh musical genre. And having worked with such all stars as; engineer Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies), Ville Valo (H.I.M.), Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Lauri Ylonen (The Rasmus) on various songs and albums APOCALYPTICA have proven that they are amongst the talented.

    APOCALYPTICA toured the United States earlier this year to support the March 22nd release of Reflections.

    Now they have confirmed a return tour to the U.S. this September!

    09/12 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
    09/13 Irving Plaza - New York, NY
    09/14 TBA – Philadelphia, PA
    09/15 Paradise – Boston, MA
    09/16 Spectrum – Montreal, QUE
    09/17 Guvernment – Toronto, ONT
    09/18 Cabaret Metro – Chicago, IL
    09/19 The Quest – Minneapolis, MN
    09/20 Beaumont - Kansas City, KS
    09/21 Bluebird – Denver, CO
    09/23 Richards On Richards – Vancouver, BC
    09/24 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
    09/25 Aladdin Theatre – Portland, OR
    09/26 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
    09/27 House Of Blues - Los Angeles, CA

  • First ENTHRALLMENT's video clip

    First Video - ENTHRALLMENT ink deal with 4 YOUR BAND company and on next weeks will film the first professional video clip to the song "Awaiting The Death". The work will be very hard. "We hope that very soon we will present you one bloody and total creazy video product!!!"

    For more band news, infos, products, etc.... visit our web site www.Enthrallment.net


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records is set to ship its first promotion sampler since the launch of its US operation in 2001. Titled Beyond Extremes, the 76-minute compilation features artists that span the growing label and its US label partners (including Regain Records, Tabu Records, Appease Me Records, Threeman Recordings, Continental Entertainment, Karmageddon Media). The sampler will include advance music from forthcoming albums from Pro-Pain, Grand Magus and Octavia Sperati, each with new records coming out in June.

    Beyond Extremes will be available at Tower Records, Mediaplay and FYE outlets nationwide. Additionally the sampler will be available at Newbury Comics, Homer's Music, Discount Records, plus mailorder departments at Century Media, The End and Relapse Records. Artwork for the sampler was designed by Chris Dick.

    Featured artists for Beyond Extremes include Marduk, Crionics, Vreid (former members of Windir), Enslaved, Blut Aus Nord, Grand Magus, The Mighty Nimbus, Crowbar, Entombed, Pro-Pain, Kyroburn, Project Failing Flesh (featuring Eric Forest/ex-Voivod), Octavia Sperati, Slumber, Susperia, Insomnium, Scenteria, Kaamos, Vicious Art and 1349.


    Michael “YAZ” Wayne Jastremski
    March 16-1963 - May 23,2005

    We are numb and deeply saddened by the death of our brother Mike "Yaz" Jastremski, who passed on May 23, 2005 of a heart attack while going through detox. We are shocked at the news, because Yaz left us, HEATHEN , in June 2004 after deciding to seek rehabilitation. We felt it was more important to have Yaz clean as a friend than have him in the band, so we fully supported his decision. It hurts to know he died trying.

    It is within these moments we strive for some heartfelt expression or to say something meaningful, but find the loss of such words. How do you put into words the feelings you have about losing someone that has walked beside you for so many years?

    We always feel we have another day. We don't think about the words we hope never to have to write.

    There are so many things to say about Yaz, it could not possibly be said in any one statement. To know Yaz was to deeply love him. To say that Yaz was nothing short of amazing would understate the depth of who he was. No matter what we all remember about Yaz, we all agree on how he made us feel and how he touched our lives with his ability to make us laugh and cry.

    Yaz made every journey an adventure. We are sure this journey will be no different.

    Yaz, we will miss but not forget all that you were.

    *We are asking radio stations to play "In Memory Of" off the Heathen "Recovered" album, one more time for Yaz.

  • INFLICTION: “The Silencer”

    CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC & INFLICTION have come to an agreement for the release of INFLICTION’s second album “The Silencer”.

    The band hails from Milano (Italy) and is ready to confirm all the good words that were spent on their previous album “The Faint Smell Of Suicide”, which is being re-released these days through Cartel Media (Germany).

    But it’s with this new album that INFLICTION set themselves as one of the most interesting European bands for this 2005; “The Silencer” is an album that moves inside Metal with an easiness that has few equals in the independent scene nowadays. It shows classic influences and rapid excursions into more extreme sounds, all put together with a refined and mature song-writing.

    A word must be spent on the presence of Björn Goosses, singer of German NIGHT IN GALES (Nuclear Blast/Massacre), who’s doing an astonishing job on the album.

    “The Silencer” contains 11 songs (among whose there’s a valued cover version of Ultravox’s “The Voice”) for a total running time of almost 45 minutes. Besides, the cd will also contain the videoclip of “Eyes See Black”. The release date is set for the first week of October 2005.

    For a first taste of “The Silencer” it is already possible to hear an advance of “Eyes See Black” on band’s website, www.infliction.it

    Björn – vocals
    Gianluca – guitars
    Jan – keyboards
    Claudio – bass
    Ricky – guitars
    Chris - drums


    On May the 3rd Dark Secret have started the recording-sessions for their thrid album due for Brutal Symphony Productions. This new album will feature eight tracks.

    Moreover, the video of 'Double Reality' produced by Undertow Studios will be avaliable on the same new album!


    Pre-orders taken now!!! The second picture disc in our set of five features a live track from Primordial (Soul Must Sleep) & the title track from Mael Mordha's forthcoming album Cluain Tarbh. The vinyl can be ordered in the shop (€7.50) or via mailorder.


  • The brazilian gothic/doom band, TRIARCHY, released their first work, the promo cd titled Broken Dreams, now with a new line up, with members from Somberlain (death metal) and Frozen Fire (heavy metal). Broken Dreams is receiving a great response from the media in many parts of the world and the band is already working in the full length, still untitled. The promo can be purchased through the e-mail [email protected] and soon through the website www.triarchy.com.br which will be launched untill the end of June.

    Here is the track list and cover of Broken Dreams:

    01 - Broken Dreams
    02 - Emotional Daze

    Metal Day's in Malbork

    8-9 of July

    We are one of organizer two day's Open Air Festival in Malbork. During this days will play many death, heavy, black and thrash bands from Poland and Europe.

    Amoung another will play:

    CHRIST AGONY (death metal, Poland), AZARATH (black/death metal, Poland), SUPREME LORD (old school death metal, Poland), NOCTA (members NILE, ex- Nightfall, doom/stoner, Greece), QUO VADIS (thrash metal, Poland), CREMASTER (grind'n'rool, Poland), DEAD BY DAWN (death metal, Poland), CATAFALC (death metal, Estland), SUICIDAL ANGELS (tharsh metal, Greece) ... and more.

    Malbork is situated in the Pomorskie Province, nearby Gdansk. Is reached perfectly by train from Gdansk as well as Warsaw.

    In Malbork you may find the biggest medieval castle in Europe – built by the Teutonic order. The Open air will be in Malbork in Settlement "Zamczysko". Under Settlement "Zamczysko" will be tower the bigest in the world made of brick, gothic and monumental Castle of Crossed Destinies.


    We would like to ask are you interested in that your band could take a part in this gigs?
    [email protected]


    Right before the release of FEAR MY THOUGHTS' highly awaited new album Hell Sweet Hell the band will play the this year WITH FULL FORCE Festival taking place July 1st – July 3rd in Roitschjora/ Germany with bands like IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER, ANTHRAX, IN FLAMES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, MASTODON, MOTÖRHEAD and many many more.

  • BRAND NEW SIN Announce New Tour Dates;
    New Video To Make Its Network Debut This Week

    The Syracuse-based hard rock quintet BRAND NEW SIN will soon embark on a national US tour alongside Scum of The Earth and Society 1 kicking off June 14th. This five-week trek will be their first nationwide tour since 2002. The group recently shot a video for the track "Black And Blue" with acclaimed director Dale Resteghini (Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed); look for it to make its Fuse debut on Metal Asylum tonight at 8PM EST and MTV2 debut on Headbangers Ball this Saturday, May 28th.

    BRAND NEW SIN recently wrapped up a successful strings of dates alongside Motorhead, Corrosion of Conformity and Life of Agony in support of their highly anticipated new full-length album Recipe For Disaster, set for a May 31st release. Look for the band to remain on the road consistently through the end of the year.

    Joe Altier (vocals) checks in with the following report: "We've been on the road recently doing a few shows leading up to our hometown record release show. We hooked up last week with our brothers from LOA and have also done a few headlining shows, which wrapped up in Flint, MI. The touring up till now has been amazing, we are extremely excited to release our new CD. We will be doing a series of in-stores around New York along with one hell of a hometown show on June 11th.

    "While at home we will also be charging our batteries (and livers) before our busy ass summer. We hit the road June 14th for a nationwide tour (our first since 2002) with Scum Of The Earth and Society 1. Should be a blast!! We also will be announcing even more shows in North America in the coming weeks. All these dates will lead up to our first ever trek to Europe with Life Of Agony this fall. Which leads me to my next order of business, the debut of the video for 'Black And Blue.' MTV2 and Fuse will start showing the clip this week, so be on the lookout. I am off to drink beer and play poker. Talk to you all soon."

    Just when you thought you've heard it all, BRAND NEW SIN returns with an aggressive, blue-collar American hard rock album sure to create a buzz that will transcend genres.

    6/11 Tundra Syracuse, NY (CD Release Show)

    BRAND NEW SIN w/Scum of the Earth, Society 1 6/14 Rockwell Theater Springfield, MO
    6/15 Vnuks Lounge Cudahay, WI
    6/16 Big E's- Edgarton, WI
    6/17 Metro Chicago, IL
    6/18 Convention Center Freeport, IL
    6/19 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NE
    6/20 Creepy Crawl St Louis, MO
    6/21 Ten Bells Grand Rapids, MI
    6/ Token Lounge Westland, MI
    6/23 The Continental Buffalo, NY
    6/24 Ushuaia Orono, ME
    6/2 Club 2686/Ritual Levittown, NY
    6/28 Obsessions Randolph, NJ
    6/30 Jaxx West Springfield, VA
    7/0 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
    7/02 The Imperial Lounge Jacksonville, FL
    7/03 Cellblock Mobile, AL
    7/04 The Gypsy Fayetteville, AR
    7/06 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
    7/08 Galaxy Dallas, TX
    7/09 Back Room Austin, TX
    7/11 Ghost Lounge Tucson, AZ
    7/12 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA
    7/13 Bourbon Street Concord, CA
    7/14 Fat Cat Music House Modesto, CA
    7/15 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
    7/16 Rock and Roll Pizza Portland, OR
    7/18 Country Club/Blind Pig Ogden, UT
    7/20 East Gate Lounge Moorhead, MN
    7/21 Star Central Columbia Heights, MN

    Metal Maniacs


    "IN FLAMES, much like fine wine, ferments with age and with each record comes a twist; a new zest; something subtle setting it apart from its flavor the year prior." - Metal Maniacs

    IN FLAMES proudly announce they will be opening for Motley Crue in Finland for two shows in June and Iron Maiden's Gothenburg show on July 9th. The band will also be performing on the Ozzfest Main Stage throughout the summer. Boston, Massachusetts will witness the first show at the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts on July 15th. To see when the Swedes will be near you, check Ozzfest tour dates here.

    Prior to spending the upcoming summer months in the States, the band continue to work tirelessly on their new album. Here's a studio update from vocalist Anders Friden:

    "I'm in Dug-Out studio [in Uppsala, Sweden] recording my vocals for our new album. Want the title... drumroll... Crawl Through Knives. Yes, there it is my friends. Now you can speculate and decide if you will like the album or not... irony is a wonderful thing.

    "Everything is going great. Eight out of 13 songs done and some titles are: Crawl Through Knives, Dead End, Leeches, Surrender?, Reflect the Storm, and Take This Life. I feel it's a good mix of everything IN FLAMES stands for, but it's me speaking.... Next week we'll start mixing in Tonteknink/Umea, and at the end of May the album is DONE."

    Photos from the Dug-Out Studios sessions in Uppsala, Sweden have been posted on the band's website. Also available is a video stream (Real Audio) filmed during the drum sound check at Dug-Out on April 5th.

    2,500 copies of the limited edition 2CD + 2 DVD IN FLAMES box set (which will include a 48-page color booklet) entitled Used And Abused& In Live We Trust will be out in North America this summer. If you want one form of media but not the other, 2 CD-only and 2 DVD-only versions will also be available.

    In related news, IN FLAMES guitarist Bjorn Gelotte and bassist Peter Iwers collaborated with James Murphy (ex-Death, Testament, Obituary) on a tribute to late Death/Control Denied mainman Chuck Schuldiner. Bjorn plays on "Flattening of Emotions" (from Death's Human); Peter appears on "Baptized in Blood" (from Death's Scream Bloody Gore).
    Metal Maniacs

  • VESANIA Sign To Napalm Records!

    We are happy to announce Polish VESANIA has just signed three record deal with Austrian Napalm Records, well known and established European label, featuring bands like SIRENIA, SUMMONING, TRAIL OF TEARS, TRISTANIA, VINTERSOG, ATROCITY, ENTHRONED, BELPHEGOR among others.Band's second albumGod The Lux is going to be released through Napalm in July 2005 and will be supported with a huge promotional campaign, including recording session of two videoclips, advertisements in the biggest magazines, promotional samplers including band's tracks and so on. In January 2006 the band will play a Polish tour, in February they will go on European tour containing about 35 gigs and thenVESANIA will play a tour through Russia, the Ukraine, Belorus and Baltic countries. There are also some serious touring plans for May but still under negotiations. More details will follow soon. Metal Maniacs

  • DISSENTER Completes New Album

    Polish death metal assassins namely DISSENTER have finally finished recording process of their fourth, long awaited full lenght album entitled Furor Arma Ministrat. The recording session took place at well known Polish Hertz Studio, Biaystok. In the meantime Jacek Winiewski has drawn the album cover. Follow with Stoker's (guitarist and this time also the main composer) opinion, you can expect just another killing album, full of twisted riffs, sick melodies and filthy sound. The band experimented a lot with different elements, so beside really fast cuts you will also hear some slower, crushing moments like in "The Earth Turns Into Hell" or "Suffering Sent In Mercy" which is a really slooow song. "Furor Arma Ministrat" is just heaviness, power and arrogance transformed into one body. The album will see the light of the day on 25th of June, attached to 3/2005 issue of Thrash'em All Magazine. This sick, devilish record will contain the following anthems: Inferno, Lava of Hatred, The Earth Turns Into Hell, The Ashes of Temples, Suffering Sent in Mercy, Admired Masterpiece, Mournful Altar, Death's Sacrament, Legion of Darkness, Never Underestimate... Metal Maniacs

  • SIX FEET UNDER postpone upcoming tour:

    The upcoming US tour that Six Feet Under were slated to headline, Masters of Brutality Tour, has been postponed until later this year, most likely early this fall. Reasons for the rescheduling being that the band will be working in the studio on various projects and scheduling conflicts at this time prevents them from starting the tour.

    Metal Maniacs


    Finnish heavy metal merchants DOMINATION BLACK have set "Fearbringer" as the title of their upcoming debut album, tentatively due this fall via Poison Arrow Records. The band will enter Woodbine Garden studios in Pyhtaa, Finland later in the month with producer Teemu Aalto to begin recording the CD. Songtitles set to appear on the album include Traitor Within, Alone in the Darkness, Nightmare Asylum and The Psycho.

    Commented a spokesperson for Poison Arrow Records: "When you listen to DOMINATION BLACK you can hear their old-school metal influences like JUDAS PRIEST mixed with a vicious thrash metal twist. Their sound is unique!"

    For more information:

    Metal Maniacs

June 13th, 2005

    During the last decade LAMB OF GOD has brought pure American metal to the masses; performing for the nation on two of the heaviest tours ever to hit arenas: Ozzfest 2005, where they battered the second stage as one of the co-headliners, and on the recent Subliminal Versus Tour with Slipknot.

    On June 21, Lamb Of God release their live DVD titled, Killadelphia. Uniquely honest - equal parts comedy and tragedy - with lots of riffs, this three hour live media experience premiers their 75+ minute live concert recorded at Philly's legendary Trocadero. Also on the DVD is uncensored backstage footage with bonus personal outtake extras included to give fans an exclusive look of their uncut behind the scenes reality.

    Guitarist Mark Morton explains, "We've finally completed our new full length DVD Killadelphia, and we're extremely excited about it. The live footage really captures the energy and dynamics of a Lamb Of God show, and what better place to document it than Philadelphia. Philly was the first town to really support Burn The Priest back in the days when we performed in squats and warehouses, so it only seemed natural to shoot the footage there. It's mixed by Machine so it sounds amazing, the crowd was absolutely insane and the whole thing was really a very special moment for us."

    Along with the live show, Killadelphia gives you a remarkably candid view of the ins and outs, and ups and downs of being in Lamb Of God. Some of this footage is intensely personal, and some of it was difficult to include, but we thought it would be best to really let people see what we go through..the good and the bad...it's who we are."

    LAMB OF GOD is no strangers to adversity. Recently banned from playing the Forum in LA during the Subliminal Versus Tour due to their former Moniker BURN THE PRIEST, this heavy metal machine took issues into their own hands and PUMMELED near by venue The Glasshouse in Pomona. Beginning June 25 fans will have the opportunity to be a part of the uprising as the band is headlining the Sounds Of The Underground tour (in partnership with House Of Blues, and in association with Ferret Music, Trustkill Records, Metal Blade Records, Prosthetic Records, Revolver Magazine, Music Choice, The Syndicate, Hot Topic, Jagermeister and Pure Volume.com).

    Every venue on this tour welcomes LAMB OF GOD and the diversity of the intense line up of the SOUNDS OF THE UNDER GROUND TOUR!

    Lead singer D. Randall Blythe proclaims: "Lamb of God are very pleased to be included as the headliner for the Sounds of the Underground tour. The tour has a very diverse lineup, including many of our old friends, and showcases established acts as well as many excellent up and coming bands to watch for. Corporate politics had no part in the formation of this tour- this one's for the bands and the fans, not some executive's paycheck. The party is coming your way this summer - show up with your dancing shoes and help us bring the ruckus!"

    Joining LAMB OF GOD on this history making tour will be:


    Sounds of the Underground:
    6/25 Lowell, MA Paul E Tsongas Arena
    6/26 Philadelphia, PA Festival Pier @ Penn's Landing
    6/28 Pontiac, MI Phoenix Plaza Amphitheatre
    6/30 Winston-Salem, NC Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
    7/01 Portsmouth, VA Harbor Center Pavilion
    7/02 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom Parking Lot
    7/03 Montreal, QC Stade Uniprix
    7/04 Mississauga, ON Arrow Hall
    7/05 Cleveland, OH The Scene Pavilion
    7/07 Minneapolis, MN US Bank Theatre Target Center
    7/08 Chicago, Tweeter Center Parking Lot
    7/09 Sauget, IL Pop's Lot
    7/10 Tulsa, OK Brady Village
    7/12 Atlanta, GA Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre Lot
    7/13 Orlando, FL Tinker Field
    7/15 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center Lot
    7/16 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Ampitheatre
    7/19 El Paso, TX El Paso County Coliseum
    7/20 Mesa, AZ Mesa Amphitheatre
    7/22 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Sports Arena Lot
    7/23 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot
    7/25 Seattle, WA Qwest Field Event Center
    7/26 Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum
    7/28 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
    7/29 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan Credit Union Centre
    7/31 Denver, CO Universal Lending Pavilion

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  • Ex-ATHEIST drummer Steve Flynn has teamed up with former members of CAUSTIC THOUGHT in a brand-new "aggressive, technical, jazz/funk metal" project.

    The as-yet-unnamed group was "formed in January of 2005 in Atlanta," Flynn told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "We're doing all originals - though we're going to cover an ATHEIST song - likely 'Unquestionable Presence.' Band influences cover a broad spectrum of death metal to jazz, and the music, so far, is reflective of those influences. The music is aggressive, technical, jazz/funk metal. Vocals are a mix of scream/sing - a la PANTERA, MUDVAYNE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, LINKIN PARK etc. We're also looking to add another lead guitarist.

    "Upon the completion of the fourth and fifth songs (within the next 3-4 weeks), we will record a demo, begin shopping it to drum up label interest, and playing live around Atlanta and possibly regionally in the Southeastern US to start."

    The group's current lineup is as follows:

    Sonny Carson (CORPSEWORM, SEVERED) - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
    Steve Flynn (ATHEIST) - Drums
    Stephen Morley (CORPSEWORM, AOS, CAUSTIC THOUGHT) - Bass
    Kevin Freeman (ENDERS GAME, AOS, CAUSTIC THOUGHT) - Vocals

    With regards to how the band came together, Flynn said, "I spent the past 10-12 years, since leaving ATHEIST, completing my graduate studies and cultivating my professional career. In December of 2004, I decided it was time to get back into playing seriously and began searching for musicians in Atlanta. While Atlanta is a major metropolitan area, rife with numerous musicians, it is always an exceptionally difficult task - mixed with a bit of luck - to find players that are not only talented but share common interests. I've found them - or rather they found me. I advertised in an online musician exchange (atlantamusician.com). I gave a brief history of my experience and said I'm available to play. Sonny and Stephen were both ATHEIST fans. They saw the listing and called me; we had lunch, we jammed, and the rest, to this point at least, is history." [Source: Blabbermouth.net] Metal Maniacs

  • New DAWNBRINGER Album to Surface in 2005

    Obscure American speed metal act DAWNBRINGER is preparing to release a new studio album entitled Dreamers Die late this summer. Dreamers Die will be the band's first public offering since Icarus Music released Catharsis Instinct in 2001.

    "We have completed the rhythm section," reported frontman and producer Chris Black. "Now we begin with the guitar solos and vocals, which will be just as challenging but probably a lot of fun as well. I think people will be really surprised and impressed when they hear this music. It is something new, and to us, something very special."

    Dawnbringer formed near Philadelphia in 1995 and attracted a small but vocal fanbase following the release of its Unbleed full-length album on the now-defunct Twilight Records in 1997. This timeless album continues to capture the imagination of metalheads worldwide with its unique synthesis of heavy metal's basic truths. After the release of the second album, Catharsis Instinct, the lineup disintegrated completely, leaving only drummer Chris "The Hammer" Black and guitarist Scott Hoffman. Chris Black has also assumed the bass and vocal duties for the album currently in production.

    A record label for the release of Dreamers Die will be confirmed shortly. The tracklist (subject to change) is:

    Scream and Run
    End of Earth
    The Snitch
    Attack of the Spiders
    Hell is a Desert
    Under No Flag
    You Get Nothing
    There and Back
    Death in Time
    Endless Guilt
    No Answer

    Metal Maniacs

  • ALL SHALL PERISH go back on the road!

    When a band creates illustrious material, performs with passion, depth, skill and style, the result is brilliance. Even more, when mixed, mastered and delivered in a way that preserves and enhances the band's remarkable efforts, it becomes a metal devotee's musical fulfillment. Blasting onto the bay area scene with full force, ALL SHALL PERISH deliver a well-defined mix of technically malicious flare, commendable lyricism, and a broad range of influences.

    After recording their self-titled three-song demo, ALL SHALL PERISH appeared on stage alongside acts such as Agnostic Front, Bleeding Through, Dying Fetus, Brujeria, As I Lay Dying, Six Feet Under, Hate Eternal, Diecast, Between The Buried and Me, Mortician, Undying and many more. Never getting tied down to death metal or metalcore, they have simply broken down genres and got everyone moving.

    w/ Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Incantation, Into Eternity
    6/16 Jaxx West Springfield, VA
    6/17 The Loft Poughkeepsie, NY
    6/18 The Palladium Worcester, MA
    6/20 The Trocadero Philadelphia, PA
    6/21 Kaehmir Quebec City, QC CANADA
    6/22 Cafe Campus Montreal, QC CANADA
    6/23 Mavericks Ottawa, ON CANADA
    6/24 El Mocambo Toronto, ON CANADA
    6/25 Penny Arcade Rochester, NY
    6/26 B.B. Kings Blues Club New York City, NY
    6/27 Albie's Bar Utica, NY
    6/28 Peebody's Down Under Cleveland, OH
    6/29 Alvin's Detroit, MI
    6/30 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NE
    7/01 Ascot Room Minn, MN
    7/02 Royal Albert Arms Winnipeg, MB CANADA
    7/03 The Exchange Regina, SK CANADA
    7/04 Starlite Room Edmonton, AB CANADA
    7/05 Warehouse Calgary, AB CANADA
    7/06 The Generator Prince George, BC CANADA
    7/07 The Red Room Vancouver, BC CANADA
    7/08 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
    7/09 Ash St. Saloon Portland, OR
    7/10 The Pound at Pier 96 San Francisco, CA
    7/12 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
    7/13 The Key Club Los Angeles, CA
    7/14 The Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana, CA
    7/15 The Clubhouse Tempe, AZ
    7/16 Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM
    7/18 Sanctuary San Antonio, TX
    7/19 Mary Jane's Houston, TX
    7/21 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
    7/22 Thee Imperial Jacksonville, FL
    7/23 The Masquerade Tampa, FL
    7/24 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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  • CRISIS cancel appearance at France's FURY FEST

    Aggro-rockers Crisis have cancelled their June 26th, 2005 appearance at Fury Fest in Le Mans, France. The band have nixed their European festival date because their European manager, Jeremy Nakache, was not able to negotiate the proper airfare coverage to the annual event with the festival promoters. This was a last minute shock to the band, and the band is unable substantiate making the trip at their own expense.

    The band wants to apologize to their fans in Europe. It is a disappointment and the band hopes to make it up to their fans in Europe at a later date.

    In other live show news, the band is going on the road starting mid-June with M.O.D. and Jacknife as part of the Killith Fair tour. The tour's official site has just launched and there fans can find info for all 3 bands, MP3s, dates, forums and free ticket giveaways. Shows are still being booked, so watch for updates! Go to: www.killithfair.com

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    Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM will enter the studio on July 10th to begin recording their new album, In the Arms of Devastation, tentatively due before the end of the year via Nuclear Blast Records.

    "The writing of the album is almost complete and things are going very well with this album don't expect any fashion core, no 'roman' haircuts or whining," the band write in a newsletter. "Expect a crowbar to the head ala metal way. KATAKLYSM enters the compound July 10th and a monster will rise from it...we promise."

    KATAKLYSM are inviting their fans, artists and friends around the world to design the cover art for their next album. The band encourages everyone that has artistic skill and has an original vision to submit their work by e-mail at [email protected].

    The winning artwork will be selected by KATAKLYSM and the band's representatives at Nuclear Blast Records. The lucky contest winner will see his/her creation used as the cover of the group's next album as well as on all accompanying merchandise items, where it will be fully credited.

    All you have to work with is the album's working title, which is, In the Arms of Devastation. The deadline for all submissions is August 1st, 2005.

    KATAKLYSM will be embarking on a European headlining tour beginning in late June. Support at all dates will come from GRAVEWORM and EMINENCE. KATAKLYSM recently completed a direct support tour for DANZIG in the US. Metal Maniacs

    "Mercilessly poignant death metal." - METAL MANIACS

    When it comes to natural selection, only the strong survive. Boasting a 17-year existence, MALEVOLENT CREATION clearly qualifies as a death metal institution. With a career start in Buffalo, New York in 1987 and an important move to Florida's fertile death metal breeding ground in 1988, the band holds the esteemed position of having one of the most brutal and revered debut albums with 1991's The Ten Commandments.

    Hitting the road in support of their eleventh album Warkult (awarded 4 Ks by Kerrang!) with Origin, Divine Empire and Animosity for a caustic assault of aural punishment, the war-torn atmosphere of this upcoming tour is bound to drag you one step closer to damnation.

    Prepare yourselves for the front lines of Armageddon! www.malevolentcreation.cjb.net

    MALEVOLENT CREATION 2005 U.S. Tour Dates with Origin, Divine Empire, and Animosity
    7/02 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
    7/03 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre
    7/05 Orlando, FL Backbooth
    7/06 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
    7/07 Baton Rouge, LA The Darkroom
    7/08 Houston, TX Fat Cat's
    7/09 San Antonio, TX The Sanctuary
    7/10 Dallas, TX Phoenix Music Complex
    7/11 Oklahoma City, OK Purgatory
    7/12 Window Rock, AZ Navajo Nation Fairgrounds (Nakai Hall)
    7/13 Phoenix, AZ Metal Devastation 2
    7/14 Tijuana, MX TBA
    7/15 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick
    7/16 Corona Showcase Theatre
    7/17 Los Angeles, CA The Hanging Jury
    7/19 Sacramento, CA TBA
    7/20 San Francisco, CA The Pound
    7/21 Portland, OR Sabala's MT Tabor
    7/22 Seattle, WA Studio Seven
    7/23 Spokane, WA Fat Tuesday
    7/25 St. Paul, MN The Lab
    7/26 Davenport, IA Quad City Live
    7/27 Chicago, IL TBA
    7/28 Indianapolis, IN TBA
    7/29 Dayton, OH Elbo's BLOODFEST
    7/30 Saginaw, MI Jamestowne Hall
    7/31 Cleveland, OH TBA
    8/01 Philadelphia, PA TBA
    8/02 Providence, RI Giza
    8/03 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar
    8/04 Middleton, NY Club NY
    8/05 Raleigh, NC The Brewery
    8/06 Atlanta, GA TBA

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  • New PECCATUM EP The Moribund People

    Peccatum's second EP and fifth overall release offers three new recordings: "The Moribund People," "A Penny's Worth Of Heart" and a unique cover of Bathory's "For All Those Who Died." Showcasing the eerie and bizarre elements that populated previous full-length Lost In Reverie, Peccatum bravely continues to tread fresh ground with every new song-a treasure for those demanding high-end symphonic avantgarde darkrock. The Moribund People also offers a video clip of the title track, a first for this special duo (which includes Ihsahn, formerly of the legendary Emperor). Metal Maniacs

  • DISILLUSION add bass player to lineup!

    Disillusion has finally filled the long-time vacant bass player position! The band welcomes Ralf Willis as the fourth member. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Ralf decided to be part of Disillusion after he heard about the band and their search for a permanent bass player.

    "We actually did only one rehearsal together and things were settled," comments guitar player Rajk Barthel. Ralf moved to Leipzig, Germany and is with the band since March. The band is right now writing new songs in their very own studio.

    "Not being a person of many words, to put it simply, this shit can be finger-breaking AND sensitive in the same song. This is expressing what I want to express," comments Ralf Willis his slot in Disillusion.

    Welcome on board!


    Metal Maniacs

  • VEHEMENCE update!

    We are starting up a street team soon, we never had a budget to do that in the past but now we are going to start to hook up our fans with promotional materials that can help fuel our tours, thus doing most of the promoter's jobs for them to secure huge attendance at our shows. Supporting your local scene is the best thing you can do, our Arizona scene has grown into a monster because everyone got off their ass this past year.

    As for a new vocalist, everyone seems to still be confused who that is after we had made a statement earlier about it on our website. Sean Vandegrift (ex-From A Second Story Window) will be moving to Phoenix, AZ this summer and is our permanent new vocalist. He is a family man but that factor in his life is sorted out now. We stayed at his apartment on this tour the guy is really educated and hilarious. I think he is the perfect front man for our band. He will be living with Bjorn, our other guitarist, and lyric writing has already begun. We can't tell you what the lyrics are going to be about just yet but they will be just as viable and diverse as our last albums. For one thing we aren't going to be bashing religion or women anymore. So everyone can let out a sigh and be happy now, we have all had agnostic beliefs from the get go and our lyrical and artwork factors for this band since day one have misrepresented us from the start. - John from Vehemence

    Be sure to check our website for new pictures featuring both of the temporary vocalists that helped us out.


    Metal Maniacs


    Hailing from Belarus, DIVINA ENEMA was formed in 1996 and have been alwasy considered as one of the most talented
    and outstanding bands in the underground avantgarde metal scene.

    After years of struggle to find the appropriate Label,
    the deal with code666 will finally bring Divina Enema's huge talent to the world.
    the band is now preparing their code666-debut, an astonishing concept album divided in 4 parts,
    a release is expected during winter 05/06

    official website: www.divinaenema.com

June 12th, 2005
  • ARCANA - Le serpent rouge
    Format: CD/LP (vinyl version July 28th)
    Catalogue nr: D-00145
    Release date: 28.06.2005

    This 6th full length album is Arcana as you have never heard them before. With melodies from the orient, feelings of the hot arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, Arcana has on this release moved abit further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss.

    1. In search of the divine
    2. Le serpent rouge
    3. Cathar
    4. Under the sun
    5. Amber
    6. Seductive flame
    7. Serpents dance
    8. The passage
    9. The nemesis

    Peter Bjärgö speaks about the conception of Arcana:

    In 1993 I accepted the fact that an ordinary band line-up was too narrow for me and I decided to start up a project called Arcana. It was based on the ideas that had been haunting me for a very long time, the ideas of creating medieval inspired music, or perhaps I should say based on the romantic image we all have on the middle ages, and doing that through a very personal point of view...

    I did soon realize that I needed a female companion that could bring a lead singing. I contacted Ida Bengtsson to tell her about my ideas and visions, she loved it and Arcana became complete.

    I had, at that time, made a demonstration cassette which I gave to Roger at Cold Meat Industry. Roger liked the music and gave us the chance to take part on a CMI sampler. As a result, we recorded "The Song of Mourning," and the response was great, and Roger gave us a deal for two full length albums.

    In 1999 Ida joined me for the last time on the "...The Last Embrace" album. Now I currently work with Stefan Eriksson, Ann-Marie Thim and my wife Ia Bjärgö.

    Arcana 2005:

    Peter Bjärgö, born in 1974 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.
    The founder of Arcana and only original band member. All music, programming and intruments.

    Ann-Mari Thim, Born in 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Lead female vocal.

    Stefan Eriksson, born in 1971 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Choir and keyboard.

    Ia Bjärgö, born 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden. Choir.

  • DEMONS & WIZARDS "Touched By The Crimson King"

    1.Crimson King
    2.Beneath These Waves
    3.Terror Train
    4.Seize The Day
    5.The Gunslinger
    6.Love's Tragedy Asunder
    7.Wicked Witch
    9.Down Where I Am
    10.Immigrant Song

    Can you think of a line that describes the emotional microcosm of a fan better than the initial words of `Terror Train', one of the most impressive tracks on the new Demons & Wizards album, Touched By The Crimson King? "I´m awake, you better feed me now", sings vocalist Hansi Kürsch, hitting the nail on the head. Mind you, the international metal community has been wide awake ever since the self-titled Demons & Wizards debut arrived at the stores in 2000, waiting impatiently to be fed with more songs. The fact that they had to wait another five years is in the nature of things; after all, Hansi Kürsch's chief occupation is his band, Blind Guardian, while guitarist Jon Schaffer has launched several major projects with his main group, Iced Earth.

    One the one hand, Touched By The Crimson King continues the artistic tradition of its two protagonists, Kürsch and Schaffer, and on the other it seems directly connected to the Demons & Wizards debut. "The common denominator that links the two albums lies in the fact that the tracks are constructed in a simpler style than the regular Blind Guardian and Iced Earth material", Kürsch describes his new album. "At the same time, the music has more of an acoustic focus. You can tell that we approached the song-writing without any preconceptions. The term `mellow' springs to mind whenever somebody asks me to describe the mood on the album. Even when the Demons & Wizards debut came out, fans told us that the music is a symbiosis of its two creative forces. Some even said that parts of it sounded like early Blind Guardian and early Iced Earth. I think this description also applies to Touched By The Crimson King. The overall impression of the album is marked by a certain rawness, together with many atmospheric moods."

    Hansi Kürsch - Vocals
    Jon Schaffer - Guitar
    Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
    Rubin Drake - Bass
    Jim Morris - Guitar Solos

    Album Discography:
    DEMONS & WIZARDS (2000)


    "I just returned from our first rehearsal with [new drummer] Paul [Bostaph, ex-SLAYER, FORBIDDEN], and I have got to tell you that it was fuckin' awesome! Paul played four of the new songs for the first time and they were fantastic. He has simply the fastest feet I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and the shit he was throwing down was blazing! After all the problems of the past three or so months I can say with all honesty it was the first time I'd left my studio with a smile on my face in quite some time. We are all on the same page musically and ready to get this ball rolling and are fired up to get into the studio. I'll keep everyone updated on a regular basis and let you know what's going on."

    EXODUS' as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2004's Tempo of the Damned which was welcomed with astounding reviews will once again be produced by Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE).

    "A pulverizing crunch-fest" Four stars
    -Revolver Magazine

    "This is a powerful return to form for one of the scene's true innovators"
    -Outburn Magazine

    "This is Exodus' glorious return to form...And wait 'til you get a load of some of these f#*kin' riffs. Thrash-head revisited, and not before time. Let the shakeup commence."

    The newest release, due out later this year on Nuclear Blast will mark the band's first release with new singer Rob Dukes.

    Among the tracks set to appear on the CD is "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" (working title), which Holt has described as "one of the fastest EXODUS songs of all time."

  • Forever Underground Signs BEYOND FATAL

    Just a quick intrusion this time to inform everyone of Forever underground's newest signing. The Mighty BEYOND FATAL.

    Their new material is sure to please fans of all things heavy. The album is currently being mixed and should be complete in early June. The artwork is finished and the layout will be done shortly.

    More info on this band soon. The website will be updated to include a BEYOND FATAL band page, general info and an MP3 as soon as it is available. Expect a heavier and better produced album this time out. More info soon....


    After the success of FEAR FACTORY's latest release, ARCHETYPE, which sold over 122,000 copies within its year of release, the world has no choice but to eagerly anticipate the next FEAR FACTORY creation. Fear not, the wait won't be long. FEAR FACTORY are already working on their next release entitled Transgression tentatively due out August 23, 2005 on Trillion Records. Trillion is the new imprint from Liquid 8 Records and Entertainment founder and CEO, Mike Cattain, has created Trillion as a home for FEAR FACTORY and new bands seeking a creative haven grounded in growth. http://liquid8records.com

    Fans will get to hear some of the new FEAR FACTORY tracks this summer on Dave Mustaine's GIGANTOUR. Christian Olde Wolbers, who will be slaying fans on the GIGANTOUR tour this summer with his new JACKSON signature series guitars and Krankenstein amps, states, "We're really excited about doing a big summer tour - we haven't done that since we headlined the side stage of Ozzfest in '98. I'm happy to convert the older and young metal fans of the GIGANTOUR. Once again Dave has put together a slamming summer tour!"

    Dave Mustaine handpicked the bands for GIGANTOUR, with a focus on musicianship. "There are a few very successful tours out each summer and in order to be significant, I knew the first GIGANTOUR had to make an impact with top bands like Dream Theater, FEAR FACTORY, Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore." Mustaine wanted to "put together a festival that consisted of positive bands that play heavy music in a high energyenvironment."

    For more information on tour dates, you can visit www.fearfactory.com.

    Megadeth, Dream Theater, FEAR FACTORY, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nevermore, Dry Kill Logic, Symphony X

    07/21 Selland Arena- Fresno, CA
    07/22 Thomas and Mack Arena- Las Vegas, NV
    07/23 The Cove @ Cal Expo- Sacramento, CA
    07/24 Chronical Pavillion- Concord, CA
    07/30 Casino Anselmo- Tucson, AZ
    08/02 Nokia Live- Dallas, TX
    08/04 Concrete Street Amphitheatre- Corpus Christi, TX
    08/06 Hard Rock Live- Orlando, FL
    08/07 Sound Advice Amphitheatre- West Palm Beach, FL
    08/10 DTE Energy Amphitheatre- Detroit, MI
    08/12 Tweeter Center- Chicago, IL
    08/19 Civic Center- Portland, ME
    08/20 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre- Manchester, NH
    08/23 Jones Beach Amphitheater- Wantagh, NY
    08/24 PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdel, NJ
    08/26 Bank of America Pavilion- Boston, MA
    09/02 Bell Centre- Montreal, QC
    09/03 Molson Amphitheatre- Toronto, ON

  • Krematory Productions presents

    BLOODLUST V 2005

    Nazxul (NSW)
    Raven Black Night (SA)
    Gospel of the Horns (VIC)
    Darklord (SA)
    Grenade (NSW)
    Pod People (ACT)
    Dawn of Azazel (NZ)
    Rev. Kriss Hades (NSW)
    Stone Wings (NSW)
    Infernal Method (NSW)
    Intense Hammer Rage (TAS)
    Kill for Satan (ACT)
    Cauldron Black Ram (SA)
    M.S.I. (TAS)
    Chaotic Impurity (NSW)
    Backyard Mortuary (NSW)

    licensed all-ages event
    (a bar section will be open in the auditorium to watch bands while drinking)
    10am-1am Blacktown RSL, Sydney
    Saturday 9th July 2005
    TICKETS: $35+bf presale or $40 on the door
    ON SALE Monday 6th June
    Available from Utopia Records (city), Beatdisc (parramatta), Repressed records (penrith), and Blacktown RSL

    Proudly supported by Blacktalon Media, Utopia records, Feanors Scribe, Stigmata Productions and Blacktown RSL

    Australia's Premier All-Ages Extreme Metal Festival
    Saturday 9th July 2005 | Blacktown RSL

  • WILLOWTIP is proud to announce a number of new signings to the label:

    Pittsburgh grind power-house CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN has resigned to Willowtip Records. The label will be releasing the bands brand new mcd, Zero Comfort Margin on July 12th. Zero Comfort Margin contains 15 brand new songs from CODC and was recorded and produced by Steve Austin at his own Austin Enterprise studio. Sound samples and artwork can be viewed at: www.myspace.com/willowtiprecords

    Hailing from France, the extremely technical and brutal death/tech/thrash outfit now known as GOROD has signed to Willowtip. Formerly known as Gorgasm (France) the band has changed their name to Gorod to avoid confusion with the US based Gorgasm. The debut full length from Gorod Neurotripsicks previously only available in Europe will be issued in North America with 2 brand new tracks and an all new layout on July 12th. Expect a brand new full length from Gorod to be released sometime in 2006. You can preview material from Gorod at the willowtip myspace page www.myspace.com/willowtiprecords

    Willowtip has licensed the new full length from NYC's THE DYING LIGHT for release in North America. Featuring former members of Cattlepress, Dim Mak, Ripping Corpse and Hemlock the sophomore album from TDL titled The Killing Plan will be issued on July 26th. The Killing Plan was recorded and produced by Eric Rutan at his Manna Studios in Florida.

    Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, instrumental gurus ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF are also a new addition to the Willowtip roster. The band is currently finishing the writing of their full length to be recorded later this year. Please visit www.electroquarterstaff.com/ for info and demo mp3s.

    Super fast, super pissed off Texas grinders KILL THE CLIENT are yet another band to be welcomed at Willowtip. The band is currently working on new material that will be released on their debut full length for Willowtip expected to be recorded in June. Kill the Client will also be appearing at this years Mayland Deathfest, Boston Doom and Grind Fest, and on a number of dates with Internal Bleeding and Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus. For me information and mp3's from the band please check out their website at www.killtheclient.net/

    Grindcore legends Phobia are another new addition to the ever growing Willowtip roster. With a slew of releases under their belt on many different labels including Relapse, Necropolis, Deep Six, and more Phobia have established themselves as one of the greatest and most respected grindcore bands in the world. The band is currently on a west cost tour with Rotten Sound and will still being writing material for their full length on Willowtip to be released later this year. Metal Maniacs


    The Gathering files this news update regarding their upcoming DVD:

    "The DVD-recordings shows of May 23rd are almost sold-out. There is also a fan meeting that day, where 175 people from all over the world meet each other; from 30 different countries!! Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Israel, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Peru, USA, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Bolivia, Russia, Denmark, China, Canada, Ecuador and England)

    The DVD part I (A Sound Relief) will be released in Autumn 2005. The band is writing new material for the next studio album, which is expected early next year. Spring 2006 will be the start of the new tour of The Gathering. They will record DVD part II at the European tour." Metal Maniacs


    Green Carnation have confirmed a mini-tour of the UK and Ireland in mid-June, and are currently working hard on a new live-set for the gigs. Without telling too much about it, singer Kjetil Nordhus reveals that there are a couple of new ideas the band is trying to put into their live setting.

    "It's kind of hard to explain, but we are trying to improve every single bit of our performance. For us it's important that both musically, visually and sound-wise a Green Carnation gig shall always be a great experience, and although we have always had great response for our live-shows, there are many things to work with."

    "Also, we have been thinking hard about which songs to include. We have released four albums now, and it's getting harder to compose a live-set. We've had to 'kill some darlings,' but I feel now we have the best live-set to date, and we are looking forward to sharing this with the crowds in UK and Ireland. For us, this will be a good way of trying out different stuff before the big festival gigs later this year, at Prog Power Europe in Holland and at the Day of the Equinox in Toronto.
    The rehearsing on the newset-list has been halted for some weeks, as bass-player Stein Roger Sordal has traveled to the south of Spain to marry his Hildegunn." Metal Maniacs


    Chicago's dark/metal doom act Novembers Doom have been added to the lineup of DAY OF THE EQUINOX festival in Toronto, Canada. Also added are Canada's much talked about eclectic metal act Woods Of Ypres.

    Featuring Green Carnation, Agalloch, Unexpect, Novembers Doom, Woods Of Ypres + special guests
    Friday October 14th, 2005
    The Opera House
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Tickets: $26.50 @ Ticketmaster

    Norway's Green Carnation will be making their North American debut as headliner of the festival.

    For more info -- including ticket info, sponsors, hotels and more-- please visit the official festival website: www.dayoftheequinox.com

    Metal Maniacs

June 7th, 2005

    There has occurred a mighty fusion between Protagonist from LOST HORIZON / LUCIFERION (SWE), Adrian from FOREST OF IMPALED (USA) and Varyen from DAMNATION (POL). There is no band name yet nor a web site, but the recoding of the material is already in progress, partially in USA and partially in Sweden. Four songs are already finished. Although, there is still NO vocalist established. So if You are the one (or know some) then read the flyer advertisement below!

    !!!!!! VOCALIST WANTED !!!!!!
    Chicago based new-created death/mystery/melodic ”black” metal band looking for a vocalist (front man) to complete the line-up. Current line-up includes members of:

    LOST HORIZON/ LUCIFERION (SWE) (Music For Nations/Listenable Records) www.oncelosthorizon.com & www.luciferion.com
    FOREST OF IMPALED (US) (Red Stream) welcome.to/foi
    DAMNATION (POL) (Pagan Records) www.paganrecords.com.pl/files_uk/damnat.htm

    Only serious, dedicated musicians need apply! Looking for good stage presence, at least 25 years old, wide vocal range, no neandertal/white trash life style and personality! Also, You must live in USA, otherwise it's probably gonna be just problematic.

    4-song demonstration material already fully recorded (still not mixed!) and ready for Your vocal assault! Once the vocal recording is completed the band will be shopping for a record deal with bigger labels. Some negotiations already in process.

    If interested please e-mail:
    Wojtek: [email protected] or [email protected]

    LOST HORIZON: www.oncelosthorizon.com
    LUCIFERION: www.luciferion.com

  • UNEXPECT Studio report: Some guitars, vocals and guest musicians are the only parts remaining to be recorded for the album. The release of the album is not scheduled anytime soon, so we’ll take the time we have to fill it up to the maximum extent.

    As soon they are ready, some rough mix audios extracts will be put on the site…

  • CRISIS has begun writing new material for their next album with drummer Justin Arman (ex- Soceity 1). The album is not expected to be completed until early next year. Justin will be the featured drummer on the new album. He will also be touring with Crisis this summer, starting with the upcoming M.O.D./Crisis/Beyond the Embrace tour which starts June 8 in Texas. Expect more tour plans to be announced following the MOD tour.

    The Official Killith Fair tour (Crisis, M.O.D. and Jacknife) website is now live! There is info for all 3 bands, MP3s, dates, forums and free ticket giveaways. Shows are still being booked, so watch for updates. Also note that Beyond The Embrace will play the June 28th show in Attleboro, MA at Jarrod's Place. All the shows are ALL AGES - http://www.killithfair.com

  • FRANTIC BLEEP has a brand new line-up and a few changes has been done. The current line-up is as following:

    Kjetil Fosseid - Vocals
    Patrick Scantlebury - Guitars
    Lars Gunnar Morastseter - Guitars
    Eywin Sundstrøm - Bass
    Trond Sand - Drums

    The band is currently writing and demoing new songs for their upcoming second album. They'll spend the upcoming months to finish the material and record a pre-production of the album. They will enter the studio in August this year with legendary Swedish producer Anders Lind, and hopefully the album will be released early 2006.

    Furthermore, they will debut as a live act at this years Norwegian Aurora Festival. The set will consist of new songs from the upcoming second album, and it will be the band's chance to test the new material in a live setting before entering the studio. The festival lasts for two days and the band will perform late the last day, June 25th. For more information about the festival and additional bands, check out the festival homepage at: http://www.aurora-records.com/festivalen


  • KHIGH and Power Play Records are proud to release "Wise Hedonist" to America and Europe! The full-length hard rock debut album of KHIGH a brand new guitar driven reality, packed with 13 songs (limited ed. 11+2 bonus tracks!!!) professionally presented and manufactured by Power Play Records of NY and distributed in the Old Continent by Twilight Vertrieb, Germany, EU. (Also avilable on Century Media, America; Tower Records, North America; Metal Chamber, North America; CDK, Chile, South America; CD Baby, North America; Non Stop Music, Swiss Distributor; MDD-Shop, Germany, EU).


  • SPEED would like to thank all of the SOILWORK fans for their support!

    "Hi there!

    We came home yesterday, have been sleeping since then. It's gonna take a long time melting all the impressions from the tour, all I know is that 99 % of them are very good...

    The last shows on the tour went really good, I never expected such a flawless tour, you guys have been amazing on all the 26 shows!!

    Thank you so much for the support and thank you for giving us an amazing first headliner tour in North America, we will never forget this moment!!!

    As you probably know we'll be back soon for Ozzfest but first of all we're very happy to present the new songs live to the European crowd on Furyfest, Graspop and Waldrock!! Can't wait...

    Talk to ya soon...


  • SOMBERLAIN working on debut cd

    - The brazilian death metal band, Somberlain, is finishing the new songs that will be part of the band's debut cd. Delano Lima (bass), the main composer says that the new songs are getting fantastic, they are still technical and agressive, a real trademark of Somberlain. The cd will be recorded at Digisound, studio of Fabrício Carvalho, their guitar player. The recordings will begin in the second half of 2005. Untill now the debut doesn't have a title or label and untill August the band will still making some gigs, before the recording sessions, producers interested to book dates with Somberlain can contact the band through the e-mail [email protected]


  • TRATOR is back !!

    From the southern reaches of Brazil, Satan himself brings you "A Letter from Hell", the follow up album to "From Hell", by the acclaimed metal band: TRATOR. The band started recording their third and darkest effort in August 2003. Ten months later, with Lucifer's approval, "A Letter from Hell" was completed. The album was recorded in the band's own lair, No Pressure Sound Studio. Aided by Cool Edit Pro 2.1, the band was more then happy with the results. Leandro Buchmann, TRATOR's lead guitarist, says, "using our own studio enabled us to work on our own time, recording when neccesary and at lower cost, giving us more depth and control of the outcome". (Dave Tyburski)


  • INTO ETERNITY Preparing To Play Mexico, Tour With Hate Eternal And Krisiun

    “Into Eternity… integrate the majesty of traditional metal with the brutal musical extremes of the new millennium, 4.5/5.” Revolver

    Canadian progressive death metal band INTO ETERNITY are preparing to return to the road after their spring North American tour with Amorphis. Lead guitarist / second vocalist Tim Roth addressed the bands recent illnesses, and recent activities: “It’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up our headlining Canadian dates, and everyone is back to good health now. Stu and Adam are back in their respective cities and it’s been a good break before we start our next tour and play Mexico’s Monterrey Metal Fest Vol. II on May 28th.

    “We’re really excited to be a part of the Hate Eternal tour, and are planning to stick to our heavier material. Between Krisiun and Hate Eternal, the level of musicianship will be overwhelming, and it’s going to be killer to watch those bands every night. During the break, Rob and I have been working on new songs at his home studio. The material has been flowing and there will be some killer songs coming. They contain our trademark sounds, no worries. On May 20th, the rest of the guys return to Regina for rehearsals. We want to be as tight as we can for the upcoming tours. Hopefully we will see everyone on the road throughout Canada and the USA! Keep it metal!”

    Still receiving rave reviews for their album Buried In Oblivion, INTO ETERNITY will be touring North America throughout the summer and fall, following up the Hate Eternal / Krisiun tour with a month-long tour supporting Finland’s Stratovarius.

    06/10 Hairy Mary- Des Moines, IA
    06/11 Elbo’s- Dayton, OH (Dwell In Darkness Fest w/ Bobaflex, Dog Fashion Disco, All Shall Perish)
    06/12 Mr Kelley’s- Chicago Heights, IL
    06/15 Jester’s Pub- Fayetteville, NC

    w/Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Incantation, All Shall Perish (*Jungle Rot replaces Incantation)
    06/16 Jaxx- West Springfield, VA
    06/17 The Loft- Poughkeepsie, NY
    06/18 The Palladium- Worcester, MA
    06/20 The Trocadero- Philadelphia, PA
    06/21 Kashmir- Quebec City, QC*
    06/22 Café Campus- Montreal, QC*
    06/23 Mavericks- Ottawa, ON*
    06/24 El Mocambo- Toronto, ON*
    06/25 Penny Arcade- Rochester, NY
    06/26 BB King’s- New York, NY
    06/27 Albie’s Bar- Utica, NY
    06/28 Peabody’s- Cleveland, OH
    06/29 Alvin’s- Detroit, MI
    06/30 Ranch Bowl- Omaha, NE
    07/01 Ascot Room- Minneapolis, MN*
    07/02 Royal Albert Arms- Winnipeg, MB*
    07/03 The Exchange- Regina, SK*
    07/04 Starlite Room- Edmonton, AB*
    07/05 Warehouse- Calgary, AB*
    07/06 The Generator- Prince George, BC*
    07/07 Red Room- Vancouver, BC*
    07/08 Studio Seven- Seattle, WA
    07/09 Ash St Saloon- Portland, OR
    07/10 The Pound- San Francisco, CA
    07/12 The Boardwalk- Orangevale, CA
    07/13 The Key Club- Los Angeles, CA
    07/14 Galaxy Theatre- Santa Ana, CA
    07/15 The Clubhouse- Tempe, AZ
    07/16 Launch Pad- Albuquerque, NM
    07/18 Sanctuary- San Antonio, TX
    07/19 Mary Jane’s- Houston, TX
    07/21 The Masquerade- Atlanta, GA
    07/22 Thee Imperial- Jacksonville, FL
    07/23 The Masquerade- Tampa, FL
    07/24 Culture Room- Ft Lauderdale, FL

    Other Acts TBA
    09/17 The Underground- Toledo, OH
    09/18 Elbo’s- Dayton, OH

    supporting Stratovarius
    09/19 Jaxx- West Springfield, VA
    09/20 The Trocadero- Philadelphia, PA
    09/21 BB King’s- New York, NY
    09/23 Medley- Montreal, QC
    09/24 Le Capitole- Quebec City, QC
    09/25 The Opera House- Toronto, ON
    09/27 House of Blues- Cleveland, OH
    09/28 House of Blues- Chicago, IL
    09/29 Fine Line Music Café- Minneapolis, MN
    09/30 Pyramid- Winnipeg, MB
    10/02 Starlite Room- Edmonton, AB
    10/03 Warehouse- Calgary, AB
    10/05 Commodore Ballroom- Vancouver, BC
    10/06 Studio Seven- Seattle, WA
    10/08 The Pound- San Francisco, CA
    10/09 Galaxy Theatre- Santa Ana, CA
    10/10 Key Club- West Hollywood, CA

  • New BRICK BATH CD To Be Released In August

    Crash Music recording artists BRICK BATH have just completed mixing their new album titled American Currency, which is scheduled for release in the US on August 9th, 2005.

    Track listing will be as follows:

    1) American Currency
    2) Bleed With Me
    3) Religious Experience
    4) Victim Again
    5) No Mercy
    6) Memories
    7) She Had To...
    8) Don't Provoke
    9) Slave To Life
    10) Down Are The Ways
    11) Love = Hate
    12) Storybook Ending

    Brick Bath's two previous CDs, I Wont Live the Lie (2002) and Rebuilt (2003) are also available through Crash Music/Caroline.

    Album cover art and their new single Victim Again are available at www.crashmusicinc.com.

    For tour dates, news, photos and other information on the band, you may visit the bands official website at www.brickbath.com


    Last week, we finished the seventh song for our upcoming studio full length album, so far working under the title "Sterling Black Icon"! Here are some of the confirmed song titles:

    - Scythe Of Scarecrow
    - Breathe In The Black To See
    - Of The Darkest Dye
    - Sterling Black Icon
    - Stand The Tempest
    - Live For The Moment - Stay ´Til The End
    ...to be continued.

    We are planning to enter the studio in late summer. Release date will hopefully be late 2005/early 2006. More info about the recording studio and the release date will follow as soon as possible.


  • New SINPHONIA out

    "Sinphonia has just released their new 3 song promo entitled Silence. The promo, mixed by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids) has been recorded to help the band finding a new label.

    The new Sinphonia material follows a more melodic and less progressive line than the previous two albums (released by Lucretia Recs.), but with a darker and more metal approach.

    If interesed in buying a copy you can contact the band on [email protected]. Price is 5 euro (postage included)."


June 3rd, 2005

    ::::SOILENT GREEN::::

    7/25/05 ALVINS DETROIT, MI
    7/28/05 RANCH BOWL OMAHA, NE
    8/19/05 BRASS MUG TAMPA, FL
    8/20/05 SECTOR 7G AUGUSTA, GA
    8/21/05 HI TONE MEMPHIS, TN
    9/01/05 ELBO’S DAYTON, OH
    Metal Maniacs

  • HIMSA enter the studio, lineup headline tour

    The almighty HIMSA have entered AntFarm Studios in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn) to record Hail Horror, the follow up to their thrashterpiece, Courting Tragedy and Disaster. The artwork for Hail Horror comes from renowned artist Stephen Kasner whose beautifully dark work has graced several Integrity releases. Hail Horror is tentatively set for release in September.

    Immediately following the bands return to the states they will will embark on the Dirty Black Summer Tour beginning June 13th in Sacramento, CA with support from The Agony Scene and label mates THE ESOTERIC with additional support from Scars Of Tomorrow and Full Blown Chaos on select dates.

    HIMSA w/ The Agony Scene, THE ESOTERIC
    6/13 Sacramento, CA Boardwalk w/ Scars Of Tomorrow
    6/16 Hollywood, CA Whisky w/ Scars Of Tomorrow
    6/17 San Diego, CA Soma ** w/ As I Lay Dying, Scars Of Tomorrow no Agony Scene or THE ESOTERIC
    6/18 Tucson, AZ Skrappys w/ Scars Of Tomorrow
    6/19 Phoenix, AZ Brickhouse w/ Scars Of Tomorrow
    7/5 Lancaster, PA The Chameleon
    7/6 Farmingdale, NY Downtown w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/7 New York, NY CBGB w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/8 Albany, NY Saratoga Winners w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/9 Springfield, VA Jaxx w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/12 Jacksonville, FL Jackrabbits w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/16 Nashville, TN Exit/In w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/17 Springfield, MO Rockwell w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/18 Kansas City, MO El Torreon w/ Full Blown Chaos
    7/20 Salt Lake City, UT -Lo-Fi Caf? w/ Full Blown Chaos

    More dates coming soon.
    Metal Maniacs


    British doomsters CATHEDRAL will enter New Rising studios later this month with producer Warren Ryker (DOWN, CROWBAR) to record their eighth full-length album.

    Tentatively titled The Garden of Unearthly Delights, the follow-up to 2002s The VIIth Coming marks the band's debut release for new home, Nuclear Blast.

    When asked to comment, vocalist Lee Dorrian had this to say: "We're are really excited about the new material, it's a lot heavier and slightly more unusual than our last album. It will be an album of two halfs, shall we say; though I'm not really going to give much more away than that, at this stage."

    After a career lasting over 15 years, the band have seen many trends come and go, yet have continued forge ahead with their own interpretation of classic metal/rock with dark psychedelic/progressive leanings, seemingly non-fazed by the ever-changing face of modern metal. Songtitles set to appear on the album include Tree of Life & Death, Upon Azraels Wings, Corpsecycle and Oro the Manslayer.

    The Garden Of Unearthly Delights will once again feature the epic artwork of long-standing CATHEDRAL sleeve artist Dave Patchett. The album is scheduled for an autumn release. [Source: Blabbermouth.net] Metal Maniacs


    CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has posted the following message on his official blog:

    "We finished the demonstration songs yesterday. They will be used for various industry purposes. We focused entirely on heavy material, and these songs are a clear indication of what the album is going to be like, they are dark, ferocious, sometimes very unique, and very intense. The full album will be more varied, but the general direction is obvious.

    "All the recordings were made at our rehearsal studio, and we used live versions for most of the tracks. We spent Sunday mixing at Oakland Recording in Winterthur, Switzerland. Erol [guitar] engineered, and Martin [bass] and me managed to annoy him constantly with our demands/comments/immaturities.

    "Almost everything came out as intended. The only song that doesn't yet work is 'Os Abysmi vel Daath.' This is a bitter pill to swallow, for it is one of our earliest dark songs for the new album, and we had a lot of faith in it. We will have to go back and put some very concise work into it. The song seems so simple, and yet it is very complex and has managed to defeat us every step of the way so far.

    "The other songs of the demo sound extremely CELTIC FROST to me, in details sometimes astonishingly close to 'Morbid Tales' or 'To Mega Therion.' 'Ain Elohim' and 'Temple of Depression' are perhaps my favourites among these songs. Although it is a new song, the title and some of my contributions to 'Temple of Depression' go back to the original CELTIC FROST of many years ago.

    "If all goes according to plan, Martin is going to pick up a well-known Swedish producer from the airport in just a few hours. We'll talk for a day about a possible collaboration, and he'll hear almost the entire album on Tuesday." [Source: Blabbermouth.net] Metal Maniacs

  • SOLEFALD: RED FOR FIRE, BLACK FOR DEATH takes shape. - Solefald is busy completing their new masterpiece, Red for Fire, Black for Death.

    To quote Cornelius and Lars: "Solefald was experimenting when everybody was being true. Now that things are changing and that we've pushed the experiment quite far already, we wanted Red for Fire, Black for Death to be our attempts at being true. This will be a True Nordik, Viking Metal album."

    The album will feature Garm from Ulver guests staring as Loki: "Garm's the closest incarnation of Loki I know, there's this tricker, malice thing to him really - he fits the role perfectly!"

    "A few selected journalist were invited to a listening session during Inferno this year - they were in for a shock, and the reactions were more than positive"

    Red for Fire, Black for death is scheduled for release on Season of Mist this fall. Metal Maniacs

  • RED HARVEST sign to Season of Mist - RED HARVEST joins forces with Season of Mist in their quest for world domination. The band already started writing new material for their upcoming release and intends to spread their total paranoia and destructive thoughts around the globe!

    Metal Maniacs

  • POLTERCHRIST line up change - Polterchrist inform that Dan Loughry is no longer a part of the band. Dan left on amicable terms. There are no hard feelings.

    Dan's replacement on guitar is Ed Drozdowski. He is also currently the bassist for MORTAL DECAY (Unique Leader Records). Ed is a former member of INSATANITY, BODY PART TROPHY CASE and PYREXIA. He is an outstanding guitarist, and will fit POLTERCHRIST's mold perfectly. Metal Maniacs


    Danish thrash/death metallers URKRAFT have inked a multi-album, worldwide deal with Earache Records.

    Formed in the small Danish provincial town of Svendborg and now residing in Copenhagen, the five piece released their debut album, Eternal Cosmic Slaughter, in March 2004. Blending an unnerving sense of aggression, speed and flesh-peeling vocals, URKRAFT also expertly incorporate the use of atmospheric, soul penetrating keyboards adding another dimension to their already massive sound.

    Set to record their second album at Antfarm studio with Tue Madsen in July/August, the band warn fans to expect something altogether darker and more brutal than the already jaw-dropping first record.

    Commented frontman Thomas: "When we started out, we always had the Ear-plugged compilation in the CD player and were of course motivated by the many cool acts featured on that cd. Now URKRAFT is signing with the same label that in our eyes has been releasing some of the most important metal bands. We are looking forward to release our second album and to co-operate with Earache Records in the next chapter of URKRAFT and our metal music."

    URKRAFT will make their next live appearance at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 13. Also appearing on the bill will be Sweden's ORIGIN BLOOD. [Source: Blabbermouth.net] Metal Maniacs

  • SHADOWS FALL Surpass The 200,000 US SoundScan Plateau, Prepare For European Festival Tour and Ozzfest Main Stage

    SHADOWS FALL have had a triumphant year thus far, as they just completed a highly successful US arena tour alongside Slipknot while their critically acclaimed album, The War Within, recently surpassed the 200,000 US SoundScan plateau. Things are only just beginning to heat up for the group as they're set to perform on the main stage at Ozzfest this summer, thereby not only becoming the first band of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal genre to achieve that honor, but one of the few in history to make the leap from the second stage to the main stage. Early next month, SHADOWS FALL will also make their way back to Europe for a few shows with Slipknot along with some major festival appearances including Download, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring, alongside delivering a special performance at the prestigious Metal Hammer awards.

    The group's latest single for "Inspiration On Demand" has exploded at commercial radio and recently broke into the top 40 on the R&R Active Rock chart. The video for the track has also been greatly embraced by Fuse, MTV2 and MTVU, who recently added it to their "Freshman" playlist. SHADOWS FALL were also recently named one of VH1's "Hear and Now: Five Massive Metal Mongers You Should Turn Up" and a "Band To Watch In 2005" by Stuff magazine.

    6/2 (I) Bologna Flippaut Festival
    6/3 (D) N?rnberg Rock im Park*
    6/5 (D) N?rburgring - Rock am Ring*
    6/6 Amsterdam - Paradiso**
    6/7 (UK) Oxford - Zodiac
    6/8 (UK) Glasgow - Barrowlands
    6/9 (UK) Cardiff - Barfly
    6/12 (UK) Nottingham Download Festival***
    6/13 (UK) London Astoria " The Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2005"****
    *www.rockamring.de and www.rockimpark.de
    **Together with Slipknot
    *** www.downloadfestival.co.uk
    ****www.metalhammer.co.uk Together with Anthrax, Nightwish and Trivium

    Metal Maniacs


    Relapse Records recording artists CEPHALIC CARNAGE have completed work on the first music video from their new album Anomalies.

    The video, for the album's roll-out single, "Dying Will be the Death of Me" was shot on location in California by director Darren Doane (DEFTONES, NILE) and features the members of CEPHALIC kidnapping "a white belt-wearing mall core kid to teach him a thing or two about good music." The video is expected to make its world premiere imminently.

    On the topic of the video's concept, CEPHALIC guitarist Zac Joe comments, "CEPHALIC CARNAGE is intent on cleaning up the scene one metalcore kid at a time...'Dying' will be the death of me."

    CEPHALIC CARNAGE just completed a string of US tour dates alongside SHADOWS FALL, TERROR and ZAO in support of Anomalies. Metal Maniacs


    New Jerseys pure NECROBLACKDEATHMETAL band ENGORGE have finished their new album COLD BLACK EJACULATION. This is scheduled for release April 18th, 2005 on Dark Horizon Records. Consider yourself to be warned! ENGORGE are an unstoppable force of pure sadomasochistic fury and violence. The new album will fucking destroy the meak and feeble sheep like followers of the So Called lamb of god. The band has recruited Ronnie Deo Ex-INCANTATION bassist (Onward To Golgotha era) and Jim Roe drummer Ex-Incantation, Disciples Of Mockery. The CD will also feature full live concert footage of the band performing in Columbus Ohio 2003. It also features cover songs of Darkthrone and Von! This release contains a satanic and pornographic art layout that is sure to be banned worldwide! With the release of COLD.BLACK.EJACULATION, Engorge sodmize all who stand in their path. KEP and the rest of ENGORGE are pure satanic elitists destroying anything and everything showing no mercy with their raw and brutally destructive music.

    Visit our Releases section for MP3s
    Metal Maniacs

  • FOG COMPLETE Disturbing the Balance Of The Spheres

    FOG are currently putting the final touches on their new album Disturbing the Balance Of The Spheres. The CD/LP is scheduled for release spring of 2005. The music on this album has gone far beyond the expectations of the band and Dark Horizon Records. The music of FOG has grown in richness and complexity, yet the band has maintained to keep the essence of rawness that made them well known from the first album. The songwriting ability of the band has grown to near perfection. Those who were leveled by the exploration and growth of the musicianship of the band from the time line between the Through The Eyes Of Night... CD to the From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity 7" EP will be completely perplexed by the metamorphoses of the talent captured by this new recording Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres. FOG are the best Black/Dark Metal band to emerge from the USA in years! This release shall prove beyond a doubt all the rest are but mere followers! This is truly a masterpiece. Metal Maniacs


    Exile, the side project of Morpheus Descends and NOKTURNEL members Rob Yench and Tom Stevens, will finally be released through Dark Horizon Records. EXILE's Blackened Rewards of Blasphemy is pure satanic witching metal. An unrelenting apocalypse of black thrash that burns even the blackest of souls. Fierce, raw spells of satanic witching metal! Strap on your bullets and spikes and prepare for the unholy attack! Includes a cover of Sodom's "Outbreak of Evil." Soon to be released.

    Metal Maniacs


    Our full length album (Womb Of Doom) will be out on Meat 5000 Records late may/early june. First 100 people who order also get either buttons, stickers, or shirts with each order. The album when you buy direct from the band costs $10, free shipping within the US. Cash/check/money order/paypal accepted.

    We have a cd-r demo we are selling for $3. It has 5 songs, and is 16 mins long. Free shipping within the US for this also.

    If you live in southern california come check us out
    June 27th at the hall of fame in colton ca.
    July 10th at the anarchy library in downey ca
    and july 11th at the hall of fame in colton ca!

    tickets are cheap you can order them from us. send mail to [email protected] (put tickets as the subject) You will get free shit with your order!

    We will be doing a split CD with Chronic Infection that will be out in june/july, another split CD with malignancy later this year, and a live split with disgorge mex for early 2006. Check out the site for more info. www.wombraiders.us

    Metal Maniacs