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June 25th, 2003

    PAGAN FRONT, The hammer of National Socialist Black Metal Underground strikes again with the fresher storm. Night comes once more with the thickest fog...with tradegy...with death...with crime...and with a hope... The hope for a brighter dawn....

    THE NIGHT AND THE FOG part 2 Comp. Cd
    Hammer Of National Socialist Black Metal

    Released from Totenkopf Propaganda
    Cd comes with 20 pages booklet , total playing time 73 min.

    1) WOODS OF FALLEN ( Russia) "White Glory" intro
    Unreleased Song From Their Upcoming Split Album With NOCTURNAL MORTUM
    2) BILSKIRNIR (Germany) "Dem Feind Entgegen"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    3) TEMNOZOR(Russia) "Werwolf"
    Song Taken From their album "Horizons"
    4) DER STURMER (Hellas) "Mors Triumphalis"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    5) NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukraine) "As a Steel Eagle Into The Golden Svarga"
    Unreleased Song
    6) PANTHEON(Vinland) "Pledge To Our Bannered Legions"
    Unreleased Remixed Version Song
    7) THALLIUM(BRA) "Hate Spirit"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    8) THOR`S HAMMER(Pol) "Three Weeds From The Same Root"
    Song From their Upcoming 4th Album , Different Version and Different vocals
    9) WOTANORDEN (Vinland) "Wotanorden"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    10) ABSURD(Germany) "Der Hammer Zerschmettert Das Kreuz"
    Unreleased Song From Their Upcoming Album "Totenlieder"
    11) WODULF (Hellas) "Azulfethnar"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    12) COMMAND(BRA) "Illusive Freedom"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    13) NITBERG (Russia) "Nitsanger"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    14) HOLOCAUSTUS (Germany) "Marsch Gegen Israel"
    Unreleased And Exclusive Song Only For This Compilation
    15) EISENWINTER(Switzerland) "Welt Uder Der Welt"
    Unreleased Song Taken From Their Upcoming Split Cd with HOLOCAUSTUS

  • Seattle's VANDERHOOF Releases 'A Blur In Time' Through SPV Records

    Northwest Performance Date Confirmed
    Nearly 6 years after the release of the self-titled debut, legendary Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof's alter ego outfit VANDERHOOF returns with a dynamic follow-up, the adventurous A Blur In Time. Released once again through SPV Records, the album pays homage to the acts of the 70s that made hard rock memorable, while implementing an edge of modern vitality.

    "Vanderhoof was designed out of complete frustration," says Kurdt. "I wanted to write the kind of music I wanted to listen to - melodic hard rock just does not seem to exist anymore. The 70s style rock that made me want to learn to play guitar in the first place. I'm not going to worry whose going to dig it; hardcore metalheads won't get it, but people who know the roots of rock will understand it." Hearkening the classics, Kurdt expressed a vivid admiration towards the work of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and vintage Styx, as the influence of each band is prevalent throughout the disc.

    Kurdt's irritation with the current state of music gave way to a wellspring of inspiration, as A Blur In Time is a true rock album, a testimony to motivated musicianship, with each track demonstrating a different melodic soundscape without pretension - simply put, no filler! Tracklisting includes:

    Joining guitarist Vanderhoof in this paradoxical experiment include vocalist Drew Hart, bassist R.J. Kurtz, keyboardist Jeff Powell, and longtime Metal Church drummer Kirk Arrington. Following the recording of the album, Drew Hart left the band in pursuit of family, and extraordinary new singer John DiBernardo was brought in to fill the void. A Herculean task to say the least, as the dexterous vocal performance on A Blur In Time is nothing short of amazing, morphing to accentuate emotion from one track to the next.

    Kurdt confesses reasoning behind the intense work that has gone into the creation of the album, "Music is very important to me, and I am insulted & deeply saddened by what is considered the industry standard - the bar has dropped so far. Records are so boring, every song literally sounds the same - everything is just a quick sell anymore. I want to be stimulated by talent. There's not going to be any more 'classic' albums, because I don't think anybody has the attention span to listen to an entire album anymore. I don't know if there's going to be another Dark Side Of The Moon, which is sad, because music should improve, not get worse. I just want people know that there are still people out there making this kind of music."

    Audio samples from A Blur In Time can be found here:

    As to the future of Metal Church, Kurdt offers a glimpse, "Don't get me wrong, I'm still into hard rock & aggression, but it's got to be done with some skill. I'm still very proud of Metal Church, and we're hoping to get together and do a new record this summer. The lineup is planned to include myself, John Marshall, Kirk Arrington, Duke Erickson, and hopefully Mike Howe, but we're not sure yet."

    In the meantime, VANDERHOOF has planned a date in the Pacific Northwest to reinstate powerful rock music to the scene:

    Saturday, June 28th Port Orchard, WA Howling Wolf Amphitheater

    Log on to www.vanderhoofband.com for further updates.



    US TOUR 2003!

    25 June to 20 July

    June 28, 2003
    San Francisco (CA)
    Not Confirmed

    Jul 11, 2003
    Confirmed Providence (RI) Met Cafe
    w/ Counterattack,Roachenders,Tommy and the Terrors

    Jul 12, 2003
    Confirmed Erie (PA)
    w/ Counterattack, Throwbacks

    Jul 13, 2003
    New York (NJ) USA
    Not Confirmed

    Jul 14, 2003
    Confirmed Albany (NY) Valentines

    Jul 15, 2003
    Confirmed Syracuse (NY)
    w/ Counterattack,Coming On Strong

    Jul 18, 2003
    Confirmed Sciota (PA) Club Underworld
    from Washington 6-11PM -- ALL AGES --

    Jul 19, 2003
    Confirmed Pittsburgh (PA) Zythos - South Side 2108
    w/ Counterattack,The Templars, The Sussed,
    The Weekend Warriors,The Traditionals
    Starts at 8PM sharp.

    More dates to be confirmed!

    [email protected]


    THE “ROCK NEVER STOPS” TOUR 2003 (Los Angeles, CA) – Warrant will be joining the “Rock Never Stops” tour this summer. The tour will travel the nation with some of the most popular rock bands that defined a generation. The tour package line-up is Whitesnake, Warrant, Kip Winger & Slaughter. This is one of the biggest, hard-rockin’ packages this summer!

    WARRANT will get down and dirty playing all of their hard-hitting biggest hits. Hitting 7 million in record sales worldwide, 5 top 40 hits and 5 top MTV videos, the “Down Boys” can still leave the crowds wanting more. Performing their popular songs ‘#2-Heaven,’ ‘Down Boys’ and of course ‘Cherry Pie,’ WARRANT gives the fans what they want, non-stop.

    The complete Rock Never Stops tour dates for Summer 2003 are:

    07/11/03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
    07/12/03 Hartford, CT CTNow.com Meadows Music
    07/13/03 Trenton, NJ Sovereign Bank Arena
    07/15/03 Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette Pavilion
    07/18/03 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater
    07/19/03 Fort Dodge, IA Midwest Off Road Race Track
    07/23/03 San Diego, CA SDSU Open Air Theatre
    07/25/03 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
    07/26/03 Las Vegas, NV Orleans Arena
    07/27/03 Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre
    07/29/03 Fresno, CA Fresno Downtown Stadium
    08/01/03 San Antonio, TX Sunken Gardens
    08/02/03 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center
    08/05/03 Denver, CO Fiddler's Green
    08/06/03 Sturgis, SD Buffalo Chip Campground
    08/08/03 Tinley Park, IL Tweeter Center
    08/09/03 Bonner Springs, KS Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
    08/10/03 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center
    08/12/03 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
    08/13/03 Atlanta, GA HiFi Buys Amphitheater
    08/15/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
    08/16/03 West Palm Beach, FL Sound Advice Amphitheatre
    08/17/03 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
    08/20/03 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
    08/22/03 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheatre
    08/23/03 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
    08/24/03 Hamilton, ON, Canada Copps Coliseum

  • EXCELSIS is working with full speed on the new CD, to hopefully release it this up-coming spring! We want to create new magnificent songs, combining folklore melodies, the Swiss German language and various instruments (as the flute, Alphorn, Dachchaenneli and Talerschwingen) with Power Metal and turn it into a fresh and different sound!

    Once again we want to present to our fans a tidbit in Helvetic folk power metal, which will remain in eye and ear. One thing is for sure, a lot of heart and soul will go into this cd before you can turn up your stereo...

    The starting shot for our summer concerts has fallen last Friday. In a cozy but hot atmosphere we accomplished a great gig with our friends Zero8fifteen. Luckily, there are still bands in this musicbizz not competing each other but celebrating a big party whenever they meet!

    We are very proud to support next Monday in Lucerne one of the probably most famous middle-ages metal bands, IN EXTREMO from Germany.

    Monday, 23rd June 2003 09.00pm ABCMixx / Lucerne
    Saturday, 9th August 2003 OpenAir Eichlershuus / Wasen
    Saturday, 16th August 2003 OpenAir / Volketswil
    Saturday, 20th December 2003 Estrich / Winistorf
    .....more concerts to come in October/November 2003!


  • Tim Yeung (Hate Eternal, Nile) has been enlisted to play drums in VITAL REMAINS - the band, joined by ‘Dechristianize’ vocalist Glen Benton (Deicide), will be headlining the Milwaukee Metalfest. Metal Update

  • DANZIG drummer Bevan Davies (Comes With The Fall) has been added to the lineup. Metal Update

  • PAUL DI'ANNO, the former Maiden frontman’s Canadian tour has been cancelled with the blame being placed on the promoter. Metal Update

  • CHAINGUNN bassist Cliff Paul (K-Octave) has joined the ranks. Metal Update

  • LEPRECHAUN this new folk metal project features Damnagoras (Elvenking) and Francesco Bucci (Stormlord). Metal Update

  • DEAD KENNEDYS - the appeal of former frontman Jello Biafra’s suit against the band attempting to take control of the band’s material was denied - the ruling maintains the partnership with all four members, including Biafra, sharing equally in ownership and control of the bands’ creative works. Metal Update

  • Just out: BARBATOS’ second full length album ‘Rocking metal motherfucker’! Killer kamikaze eighties headbangin’ material in the veins of early Venom/Bathory, Warfare and Bulldozer. Abigail side project. On tour in the USA later this year.

  • BORKNAGAR’s majestic third album ‘Archaic course’ will finally be issued on vinyl.

  • To support their recent third full length ‘Human harvest,’ CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN successfully performed at the Maryland Death Fest, along with bands like Suffocation, Devourment and Dying Fetus on May 23-25, 2003! Play the album and hear the most insane hyper-brutal death/grind and inhuman vocals ever! Shirts are also available! New high bandwidth site: www.circleofdeadchildren.net. American customers should contact Martyr Music for a local CD release.

  • CRYPTOPSY's amazing fourth full length ‘And then you’ll beg’ will be issued on vinyl.

  • Did you miss out on C.S.S.O. rare original early singles? Now you have the change to get all recorded early 7” works by Japanese twisted grind/rockers Clotted Symmetrical Sexual Organ on one lengthy CD! With lots of bonus material! Check out the recently installed C.S.S.O.-side project ABC Butcher!

  • To be released June 28th, ENTHRAL’s latest effort after some years of silence: ‘Subterranean movement’. A fabulous mix of organic old school Nordic black and post-apocalyptic sonic mayhem! Think Darkthrone meets Satyricon! Drummer Kjetil recently helped recording the upcoming new album of Crest of Darkness as well. Check out the band’s new site: www.enthral.org

  • Both legendary late eighties black/doom demos by US cult act GOATLORD will be reissued on CD as well as limited double vinyl. Essential for underground maniacs who worship Hellhammer, early Evoken and demos-era Samael!

  • GORETRADE is finally booked the recording studio and will record in August! The upcoming full length ‘Ritual of flesh’ will shred!!! Artwork by Jon Zig.

  • INTERNAL SUFFERING is still busy doing the immense lengthy European tour, together with Sanatorium. New album will be recorded in late November at Mana Studios with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal).

  • KILLAMAN has risen from the ashes of Murder Corporation and signed recently with Displeased records. With members of Deranged and Reclusion this new outfit will continue where MC stopped, meaning groovy hard-hitting aggressive (death) metal with hints to crust and punk. Full length to be recorded at Berno Studios in late June.

  • Both legendary MAJESTY demos plus live tracks will be issued on CD and LP later this year. For those who don’t know, this US cult act has been the predecessor of grind legends Terrorizer! Their recordings are considered cult and have shown to be essential for the development of death metal and grindcore! North American customers should contact Music Obscure for a local CD release.

  • After some delays the new MANEGARM album ‘Dodsfard’ will finally be mastered for an August 2003 release. Still going strong! Amazing cover art by Kris Verwimp.

  • MASTER, the legendary 1985 unreleased album recordings from Master are finally made available! Essential historical metal material! Paul Speckmann is the Master!

  • MOONSPELL's legendary first full length album ‘Wolfheart’ will finally be issued on vinyl, including the (then) limited digi-pak bonus track! A legendary album!

  • PERISHED got excellent response from their performance at the annual Inferno Festival! For October 2003 a German tour is being prepared with Perished, Graven, Riger plus more to be confirmed. Shirts available in 2 weeks!

  • SEPSISM just-released new album ‘Prevail in disgust’ has gotten excellent reviews in various mags and e-zines. Shirts are available as well! The band’s killer debut album will be made available again via From Beyond Production later this year, with multimedia material as a bonus. Brutal death metal aggression!!!

  • WACKEN : OPEN : AIR 2003 - 14 years louder than hell

    Metal & W:O:A rulez
    See you in wacken - rain or shine
    Euer W:O:A Team
    Dear Metalheadz!
    "Wacken here we come!" - that's the scream of more and more headbangers all over the world for the biggest Heavy Metal - Row of the year!
    Here comes the current newsletter for June and also extra links to the warm up parties. NIGHT TO REMEMBER on Thursday, the 31. of july from 18.00 h


    Confirmed bands so far...


    Tickethotline: + 49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 38


    Here you´ll find all information regarding the festival like confirmed bands:


    Please visit our downloadarea where you can get infos like maps from the campingground and the festival site, the running order, a bus shuttle map and fan stuff like pictures, screensavers and posters.


    Infos to the Warm Up Parties you can get here:


    The current news from june you can read here:


  • HASTE have recently solidified a spot at this year’s prestigious Hellfest that will take place at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY on July 4th through the 6th. The dynamic Birmingham, Alabama sextet will play alongside today’s premier hardcore and metal acts including (Thursday, Dillinger Escape Plan, Soilwork, In Flames). After a monumental performance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival the group recently embarked on The Radio Takeover tour that will run through June 15th with This Day Forward, Bear Vs. Shark and Anatomy of a Ghost. Hailed by Alternative Press as one of the summer’s crucial discs, The Mercury Lift, arrives in stores July 1st.

    Kelly Reaves (vocals) checks in with the following tour report. “This past New England Metal and Hardcore Fest was the most memorable for us. From seeing our friends Shadows Fall, KSE, Lamb of God, Himsa, BHBS, Shai Hulud, to playing again in front of an always welcoming and amazing bunch of people made us feel completely at home. We were looking forward to playing but we had no idea how much fun it would turn out to be. We had a blast as always but when Randy from LOG walked up and took the mic for his parts we lost it. He is an amazing presence on stage and an even more amazing person. I hope everyone else had as great of an experience as we did. We look forward to seeing everyone out on The Radio Takeover dates and expect us to remain on the road through the end of the year.”

    The Mercury Lift, the band’s third full-length release, is now available in streaming format on the recently launched www.themercurylift.com website.


  • HATESPHERE - The blistering new offering from the Danish thrash quintet will quickly get your blood burning and this album is not for the weak. After a very successful European tour in April with The Haunted and Mastadon they were so inspired that they immediately started the writing process for their next record. Bloodred Hatred, their second full-length album, is licensed from Scarlet Records and this is the first time the group will be officially exposed to U.S. audiences. The record is now available and this is the new wave of unrelenting thrash metal and hopefully you are prepared for the punishment coming your way.

    Experience the hatred for yourself

  • If you are a fan of aggressive Swedish thrash then brace yourself because you are about to experience the new wave of melodic metal insanity. This Finnish quintet KALMAH somehow manages to create the perfect mixture of thrash and melody to surpass their influences. This nine-track blast of speed will have fans of Children of Bodom and In Flames going wild and they have no choice but to break out of the underground scene with this stellar album. From the blazing dual guitars and dazzling keyboards to the massive harmonies alongside a pummeling bass and drum assault this record will leave thrash fans foaming at the mouth. The group have built up a strong European presence with their previous releases albums on Spikefarm Records. Now they have returned with Swampsong, their third and most aggressive release that is sure to help then gain recognition worldwide.


  • This abrasive quintet LABRAT from the UK have an utter disregard for conventionality and their new record Ruining It For Everyone is a lethal dose of brutality. From the opening track you get severely beaten with vicious drum intensity matched with blood-curdling growls and squeals to create a volatile listening experience. Taking their relentless savagery to the next level with each track that passes, this group proves that commercial radio play and mainstream acceptance is the furthest thing from their mind. With tracks titles such as “Diary of A Piss Drinker” and “Phulled By Farmicuticals” you can easily tell that this band are out to please nobody but themselves. This album is a must for any fans of early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Today Is The Day and you are entering in at your own risk.

    The band recently checked in with the following update.

    “Following the Decapitated and Necrophagia tours, we are currently writing and rehearsing new material, and by cunt it's unpleasant! We're not gonna sit here giving you the same bullshit every other band would give you about how it's our 'best material to date' and 'heavier than anything we've recorded before' 'cos everyone says that. However, it is fucking horrible, everything you'd expect from the Rats...but MORE. Working titles are "Chuck Fuckin Norris," "Thriving in The Cold," "Inflicted With Glee," "The Whole Thing Stinks Of Dogs" and "Gynocomastic Crisis"

    We promised ourselves we'd stop touring until we had the album written, but we're complete and utter tour whores so we're back on the road, this time with the mighty Mastodon in June/July, with a tour of Ireland scheduled for late July with Madman Is Absolute. We plan to take a break from touring the UK after this, in order to concentrate on writing the next album, as well as touring the other countries (most of Europe and America). Hopefully, we will see you on the road soon, cunts.”


  • LABYRINTH – The Italian traditional metal sensation have returned with a stunning new album. The simply self-titled new offering is a much welcomed return to the sound the band perfected on 1999’s Return To Heaven Denied and is sure to garner rave reviews worldwide. Now that they have signed an exclusive worldwide deal with Century Media a new path is being paved for their triumphant return to the U.S.


    Click on the following link to hear the blistering new track “The Prophet”

  • VITAL REMAINS – The response to Dechristianize has been phenomenal and is already touted as the best extreme metal release of the year. There is a big tour announcement that will be announced soon and it looks as if Glen Benton will definitely be a part of the touring lineup. This is the group’s more blasphemous and relentless offering to date and features nine tracks of sheer melodic brutality.


  • The New York-based quintet WITHERED EARTH have returned with a blistering new offering that will quickly set them apart from the pack of average U.S. death metal bands. This exceptional album entitled Of Which They Bleed shows that the group are now easily contending with the death metal elite. This record features 11 tracks of sheer brutality that shows vocalist Adam Bonacci churning out some ferocious, tormented screams. This is all matched by the low-end dual guitar hammering and pummeling double-bass annihilation.

    Bonacci recently checked in with the following update.

    “Right now we are getting ready for a special show in Rochester that we are putting together. It’s going to feature eight bands including us, all of them doing a couple of Iron Maiden covers and then a couple of our own songs. That’s going to be a good time. We are also recreating and updating our website so that will be up soon. Also, we are opening the June 22nd Today is the Day show in Buffalo at the Cruise Inn. It seems like its been forever waiting for the new CD to come out, but we are almost done and I would say its the best Withered Earth to date. I just want to get our new album, Of Which They Bleed, out and get back out on some tours and put the new stuff in people’s faces.”

    Of Which They Bleed, their third full-length album, is set for a July 29th release. The band will also be making an appearance at this year’s Milwaukee Metalfest on July 25th/26th at the U.S. Cellular Arena. Hopefully, you will be able to survive the onslaught.

  • Finally....the news you all have been waiting for. EINHERJER has signed with the new Norwegian label Tabu Recordings. Release is scheduled for September. The recording of the new, yet untitled, album has already started & Gerhard is in the middle of tracking his drumparts. Einherjer.com will keep you up-to-date with the latest news about the recording, the release and the upcoming tour.

    This is what Tabu Recordings says about the signing of Einherjer:

    Tuba Records' metal label, TABU Recordings, are proud to present our new world wide signing: EINHERJER

    It's with great pride we announce that the makers of classics like Aurora Borealis, Dragons of the North, Far Far North, Odin Owns Ye All & Norwegian Native Art are back with a new album. Einherjer has just signed with Tabu Recordings, and the new, yet untitled, album are scheduled for release in september.

    It's safe to say that the already-cult-band Einherjer will reclaim their position at the top of the viking metal throne with the new album. Never before has the band shown such skill, rage and originality. The band manage to summon Ragnarok with these 13 anthems of true musical art. Einherjer will grant you an experience not easily forgotten. Einherjer will grant you the art of viking metal....

June 21st, 2003
  • NEGATIVE INFLUENCE is going thru a much needed change. We are working with a new drummer that was much needed and a new bass player that totally kicks ass. We will be re/writting some of our old material as well as writing some kick ass new tunes..So needless to say we will not be around for about a 1 1/2 months.

    Our next big show is August 23rd @ Penny Arcade

    This is a MDA Benefit show it is for a good cause


  • A Message from Joe Comeau formally of ANNIHILATOR

    Hello Friends

    As you are probably now aware, I am no longer working with Annihilator. I would first like to thank all my friends and supporters who have emailed me encouraging notes.

    As you all deserve to know the truth in this matter, basically there was a non-musical difference which I thought was something we both could work out to a mutual understanding, however it did not turn out that way. Annihilator is and always will be Jeff Waters. It was his decision, and his decision alone that he made to end our musical collaboration.

    I find it to be very tragic as we had only begun to scratch the surface of what we were capable of, and by far the best was yet to come.

    On a more positive note, I am already working on several possible projects on which I will keep you posted.

    Looking to the future, I will crush.
    All the best,
    Joe Comeau

  • German Thrash Metal Pioneers KREATOR Release First-Ever Live Album & DVD
    'Live Kreation' & 'Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory' Due on July 22nd Through SPVAfter nearly 20 years and over 1000 concert performances, German thrash metal pioneers KREATOR are prepared to unleash their first ever live album and accompanying DVD to the masses via SPV Records on July 22nd! The band experienced a vast resurgence in North American interest last year on their highly successful 'Violent Revolution' tour, and these upcoming collections are the band's way of giving something back to the fans for their diehard commitment to the Teutonic Thrash legacy.

    The CD, 'Live Kreation', collects 24 tracks of KREATOR's inimitable, blue-collared 'extreme aggression', recorded around the world and produced by renowned knob-smith Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Fozzy, Skinlab, etc.). Says KREATOR founder, vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza on the milestone, "Over the years, a lot of our fans kept asking us for a live record. We loved the idea and started working on it in the beginning of our 'World Revolution' tour. Modern technology allowed us to record 22 shows in total, so at the end of the day, we had tons of stuff to choose from. Capturing good performances from shows in Brazil, Korea, France, Germany and Greece, we've spent a long time picking the right atmosphere of each individual track, kept them all raw and direct, to make this first live album in the history of Kreator a special experience for us and our fans. Andy Sneap did a killer job mixing this 24-track monster, including songs from every album we've recorded."

    The historic 2-CD, 100+ minute full-contact extravaganza includes the following tracks:

    Disc 1
    The Patriarch
    Violent Revolution
    Reconquering The Throne
    Extreme Aggression
    People Of The Lie
    All Of The Same Blood
    Pleasure To Kill
    Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
    Black Sunrise
    Terrible Certainty
    Riot Of Violence

    Disc 2
    Coma Of Souls
    Second Awakening
    Leave This World Behind
    Under The Guillotine
    Awakening The Gods
    Golden Age
    Flag Of Hate

    The DVD companion, 'Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory', not only includes 17 of the aforementioned 24 tracks mixed in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, but also contains a complete 55-minute year-by-year video history of Kreator, including all of the band's video clips & new documentary-style interviews with Mille, additional live footage, behind-the-scenes footage and many other bonus features. Mille comments on this colossal endeavor, "Putting together the material for the DVD was hard work, a little tricky, but in the end a lot of fun! One thing was clear to me from the beginning: no compromise on ANYTHING to make this output the ultimate in quality!! I did not know many music DVDs before I started working on ours, so I checked other bands' releases. I was very disappointed by the fact that some artists just put out shitty hand-camera footage and sell it to their audiences as live videos. Luckily, our record company was aware of that problem, and so we hired two professional camera teams to film our shows in Korea and Brazil. Other than that, I personally started shooting all kinds of behind-the-scenes material on tour. To make it all complete, we put together a history documentary, going way back in time, including all official Kreator video clips shot so far, plus previously unreleased interview footage, TV appearances and other rare stuff. So now, after almost half a year in several cutting rooms, mixing studios, in my living room looking through old video tapes, I can promise you, you will definitely enjoy this f**ker!"

    The massive DVD tracklisting includes:

    Live Performances:
    The Patriarch
    Violent Revolution
    Reconquering The Throne
    Extreme Aggression
    People Of The Lie
    All Of The Same Blood
    Pleasure To Kill
    Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
    Black Sunrise
    Terrible Certainty
    Riot Of Violence
    Coma Of Souls

    Video History Extras:
    Toxic Trace (video clip)
    Betrayer (video clip)
    People Of The Lie (video clip)
    Renewal (video clip)
    Lost (video clip)
    Isolation (video clip)
    Leave This World Behind (video clip)
    Endorama (video clip)
    Chosen Few (video clip)
    Violent Revolution (video clip)
    BONUS VIDEOS (live at With Full Force Festival)
    Flag Of Hate

    KREATOR is planning to commemorate the releases by returning to North America and lay waste to the clubs once again with what will surely be yet another round of memorable performances. Currently monikered "The Art of Noise 2”, KREATOR will be joined by Nile, Vader, Amon Amarth, and Goatwhore, starting October 1st.

    Dates include:

    Wednesday, October 1st Houston, TX Fitzgeralds
    Thursday, October 2nd McAllen, TX Villa Real Center
    Friday, October 3rd Austin, TX The Backroom
    Saturday, October 4th Dallas, TX Trees
    Sunday, October 5th El Paso, TX Club 101
    Monday, October 6th Phoenix, AZ Bash on Ash
    Tuesday, October 7th Los Angeles, CA The Key Club
    Wednesday, October 8th Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
    Friday, October 10th San Francisco, CA The pound
    Saturday, October 11th Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
    Sunday, October 12th Seattle, WA Graceland
    Tuesday, October 14th Denver, CO Ogden Theater
    Friday, October 17th Sauget, IL Pop’s
    Saturday, October 18th Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
    Friday, October 24th Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    Saturday, October 25th Worcester, MA The Palladium


  • SOILWORK drummer Richard Evensand (Ebony Tears, Dog Faced Gods)has replaced Henry Ranta. Metal Update

  • Ralph Santolla (Millenium, Death) has joined ICED EARTH as second guitarist. Metal Update

  • UNIDA bassist Paul Gray (Slipknot) will be standing in for the band's West Coast tour. Metal Update

  • THY PRIMORDIAL has parted ways with vocalist Isidor citing "lack of interest and inspiration" on his part as the reason for the split - Nicke Holstensson (Nominon) has been tapped to fill the void. Metal Update

  • ANCIENT RITES former guitarist Bart Vandereycken has rejoined the band as a replacement for Jan Örlund (Lacrimosa, Prestige). Metal Update

  • INTERNAL BLEEDING guitarist Chris Pervelis has left the band on good terms to focus on a myriad of personal endeavors - he will continue to be involved with the band on a day to day basis, helping with graphics, lyrics, philosophical frameworks and even music on occasion. Metal Update

  • BYAXIS has parted ways with vocalist Deadly Kristin (Ancient) due to creative and musical differences - bassist Justin Hoffman will handle vocal duties until a suitable dedicated frontman can be found. Metal Update

  • MEATJACK drummer Charlie Baum has been added to the lineup. Metal Update

  • HALFORD / PAINMUSEUM guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will be performing the national anthem at the MetroStars MLS soccer match on July 2nd at Giants Stadium. Metal Update

  • LAMB OF GOD, due to scheduling conflicts, the thrashers have turned down a slot on the main stage at Ozzfest – tour plans will be announced soon. Metal Update

  • METALLICA's "St. Anger" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and hit #1 on Soundscan's Top Albums Chart with 418,000 units sold in week one. Metal Update

  • Don't miss them: GRAVE and CARNAL FORGE live on "Bonded By Metal Over Europe"-Tour 2003

    Sweden's death metal veterans GRAVE are confirmed for the "Bonded By Metal Over Europe"-tour. Together with their labelmates CARNAL FORGE they will support Thrash legends like Exodus, Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel.

    Rock Hard (D) sponsors:
    "Bonded By Metal Over Europe"
    GRAVE and CARNAL FORGE supporting:
    Exodus - Nuclear Assault - Agent Steel - Behemoth - Mortician - Callenish Circle - Occult

    08. October 03 (UK) Sheffield - Corporation
    09. October 03 (UK) London - Camden Palace
    10. October 03 (NL) Eindhoven - Effennar
    11. October 03 (B) Antwerp - Hof Ter Loo
    12. October 03 (F) Paris - La Locomotive
    13. October 03 (D) Essen - Zeche Carl
    14. October 03 (D) Berlin - Columbia Halle Fritz
    15. October 03 (D) Hamburg - Markthalle
    16. October 03 (D) Münster/Breitefeld - Live Arena
    17. October 03 (D) Bischofswerda - Hanger
    18. October 03 (PL) Warsaw - Proxima
    19. October 03 (CZ) Prague - Lucerna Music Club
    20. October 03 (A) Innsbruck - Hafen
    21. October 03 (CH) Pratteln - Z7
    24. October 03 (E) Barcelona - La Capsa
    25. October 03 (E) Madrid - Aqualung
    26. October 03 (P) Porto - Hard Club

    Info: http://www.metallysee.com


  • MERCURY TIDE feat. Dirk Thurisch (Angel Dust), Anders Iwers (Tiamat), Stefan Gemballa (Flowing Tears, Red Aim)

    Since it was getting a little quiet around Angel Dust, singer Dirk Thurisch is walking a different and very personal path with MERCURY TIDE. While he did not only take over the vocals, but also guitars Dirk gathered an excellent line-up around him for Why? which will be released Europe-wide August 25th, 2003: Aside from keyboardist Dennis Riehle Anders Iwers (bass) from Tiamat and Stefan Gemballa (drums) from Flowing Tears and Red Aim joined the team. "The musicians and I are a perfect match - from a personal and musical standpoint", is speaking Dirk highly of his partners in crime. "The co-operation with such great musicians was very enjoyable." Why? was recorded and produced by Siggi Bemm in the famous Woodhouse Studios with a helping hand from Dennis Koehle.

    Asked about the influences for the music Dirk explains: "They came from completely different angles: Rock, Metal, Grunge, Gothic and even Pop." Thus, the cover-version of Sting's "Russian" surely makes perfect sense. The biggest influence for the lyrics was Dirk's life: "The songs were mainly written at night. Many of them are based around everyday stories and are written from the gut. Therefore, this albums means a lot to me and I am fully behind it."

    The track-listing of MERCURY TIDE's Why? is as follows:
    1. "Why?" (4:37)
    2. "This Never Ending Dreaming" (4:47)
    3. "Lost And Torn" (3:56)
    4. "Souls Of The Ocean" (4:56)
    5. "Back To Reality" (3:58)
    6. "Russians" (3:20) *** [Sting Cover Version]
    7. "Save This World" (4:04)
    8. "Set Me Free" (4:05)
    9. "Confusion" (1:18),
    10. "Another One" (4:09)
    11. "My Dear Enemies" (3:48)
    12. "Alone" (6:19)

    The website http://www.mercury-tide.com will be launched on Why?'s release date August 25th, 2003.

  • MELIAH RAGE's 'Unfinished Business',
    Featuring GODSMACK's Sully Erna Now Available

    Reunited Band Confirms Performances & Preps New Studio Effort!

    Boston is about to get a lot louder, as the city's original metal act has returned! MELIAH RAGE has reformed, recorded a brand new studio album (which is scheduled to be mixed & mastered in late June for release later this year), and has already booked some festival performances to usher in the new era!

    In the meantime, the long-awaited, previously unreleased album featuring Godsmack's Sully Erna on drums, 'Unfinished Business', is now available for sale at Screaming Ferret Wreckords website: www.screamingferret.com. The album, originally recorded in 1992 as a series of demos to shop for a new label after parting ways with Epic, consists of eight emotionally charged aggression with a touch of class - MELIAH RAGE's signature, as well as special 19-minute interview with founding member, guitarist Anthony Nichols, which took place in August, 2002. Anthony looks back fondly upon the legacy created by the band, "I'm glad that we put out the albums we did; I'll never complain about the legacy. We had 3 major label records, 2 MTV videos, toured Europe & the States. How many guys can say that? Do you know how many bands there are that have NEVER done that? I'll always be happy with what we accomplished."

    The track listing for 'Unfinished Business' includes:

    1. Mind Stalk
    2. Moment Of Silence
    3. Ruthless
    4. Decade of Dreams
    5. Blacksmith
    6. Possessing Judgment
    7. Violent Force
    8. Season To Kill
    9. Interview with Tony Nichols (August 2002)

    A sample of the song "Mind Stalk" from 'Unfinished Business' is available here: http://www.screamingferret.com/sfw_audio/01_MeliahRage.mp3

    The new incarnation of MELIAH RAGE consists of original members Nichols, guitarist Jim Koury, bassist Jesse Johnson, as well as newcomers Paul Souza on vocals and drummer Barry Spillberg (formerly of Wargasm). Original vocalist Mike Munro bowed out of the reunion to focus on the family business. Song titles from the new recording sessions include "Ungodly", "Hate Machine", "Hell Song", and "Church of the Day".

    As previously stated, MELIAH RAGE will be re-introducing themselves to America on select festival dates this summer, including The Classic Metal Festival in Chicago, IL on June 28th (also featuring Nasty Savage, Pagan War Machine, Vyndykator, October 31, Twisted Tower Dire, Alchemy X and others), as well as Metal Mind Rage II in Baltimore, MD on August 8th (alongside Zandelle, Gorman Prophecy, October 31, Thundercore, Twilight Odyssey, and mothers). More information about both festivals can be found at the following links:

    Along with the CD, www.screamingferret.com is also selling exclusive MELIAH RAGE t-shirts to commemorate the release of 'Unfinished Business'.

    For more information on MELIAH RAGE, visit the group's official web site at www.meliahrage.com

  • THE CROWN prepare to mix Possessed 13 - Swedish thrashers THE CROWN, recently rejoined by original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, have completed the recordings for their new album, Possessed 13, and are taking a three-week break before returning to Gothenburg's Studio Fredman in mid-June to mix the effort for a tentative September/October release. "It sounds very fuckin' great and we can't wait to release this fury upon your souls," Lindstrand wrote in a recent online posting. "It has gone very smooth in the studio, no problems at all and everybody is working their ass' off. When we're not beating our instruments we are kickin' each other's ass' in Tekken 4 and the undisputed champion is for the moment Janne. We have now tuned down the guitars even more to get a more deadly sound to the songs and it is fuckin' working, and the fast songs have become even more faster than the pre-production we did. As I'm writing this [on Thursday, May 22] I have only one more song to do vocals on and that's 'Dawn Of Emptiness', a mid tempo song that's gonna end the album along with the instrumental piece 'The Endless Gate'. Marcus has also some solos left to do and the shit he's done so far has fuckin' blown me away.

  • AMARAN NEW ALBUM AND NEW BASS PLAYER ANNOUNCED - Here's a message form Kari: "We spent the better part of april recording and mixing our new album at Studio Underground - Västerås, Sweden. The new album will be called' Pristine In Bondage and we recorded 13 songs for it. I guess 10 of them will make it to the album. We really like what we achieved! The new songsare much stronger with than on A World Depraved, heavier, a bit faster but still very melodic. I think everyone exceed themselves this time around. Johanna vocals have never sounded better. The sound is awesome and Pelle (the engineer) did a fantastic job!....The album will be a killer! It's a promise! We also have a new bass player in Ronnie Bergerståhl. The album will come out in limited edition slipcase or digipack CD with one bonus track.

  • Finally, after almost 8 years of hiatus, LUCIFERION are back with a monster of an album! The Apostate is scheduled for early September and shows a major musical progression from the band who released the classic Demonication (The Manifest) album in 1996! The new songs display a huge deal of darkness and intensity, packed by unreal guitar solos and mesmerizing melodies. It's still wicked death metal but in a totally fresh execution and a very extreme atmosphere. It's definitely a major release in the genre. Keep checking the SOUND section on www.listenable.net for a new track soon on offer there !.

  • SKINLESS DEBUT ALBUM TO BE RE-RELEASED! - The active U.S. american death metal band chose LISTENABLE to re-release their much sought after debut album Progression Towards Evil. The album will, in the label's tradition, feature unreleased material: 4 additional live tracks and one video '"Crispy Kids". The band hopes to tour in late 2003 to promote their recently released new album for RELAPSE. Further info, please check: www.4skinless.com. SKINLESS: Progression Towards Evil is scheduled for August 25th.

  • THE LEGION (Sweden) are right now busy finishing the last songs for the yet untitled debut album to be released on Listenable this fall. The recording will take place early this summer at the famous Abyss Studios in Sweden. Eight to ten songs of complex and eclectic black/death metal, ranging in style from MORBID ANGEL to SETHERIAL, are guaranteed. For you curious hellbangers out there a five-track mini-CD called Awakened Fury is being released. Check www.legion.nu for info.

  • IN.Y. favorites IMMOLATION are working on their upcoming DVD due to be out in November. It'll display shows recorded in Holland during their 2 recent tours in various places like Amsterdam (raging in front of 3000 people !), Tilburg, Antwerpen (Belgium) but also Paris and L.A.. The DVD will also contain bonuses and multi angle views.

  • SCARVE's first ever video is ready and hot off the reel! It illustrates "Emulate The Soul", the opening track for last year's Luminiferous album, and was directed and edited by Phil Marchal. Congratulations to him for his outstanding work! SCARVE are hard at work finishing the songwriting for their upcoming album to be recorded in July with Daniel Bergstrand. The yet untitled album will be released in early 2004.

  • Juan Ortega, vocalist for VILE since the early days left the band. He's been very busy working in his TRIDENT studios and with his family and the recent European tour he did with the band signified the end of his career as a frontman. VILE will be joined by James of ORIGIN for their upcoming summer West Coast American tour and their full U.S. tour at the end of the year. Besides, the band has started ideas for their upcoming album whose recording and release date are yet to be announced.

  • Out in July, 2003 - DEATH DIES "Product of Hate"

    The comeback!! Black thrash Metal in the vein of gods such as Celtic Frost!! Current line-up: SAMAEL VON MARTIN, DEMIAN DE SABA, REX TENEBRAE. From cult Black Metal band EVOL.

  • ROCK NEVER STOPS 2003 North American Tour Headlined by WHITESNAKE
    With Special Guests

    Tour Sponsored by VH-1 Classic Television

    The annual Rock Never Stops tour returns in the summer of 2003 headlined by Whitesnake with special guests Warrant, Kip Winger and Slaughter. This exciting package, which is being sponsored by VH1 Classic television, will hit amphitheaters, arenas and fairs throughout North America from July 11 through August 24.

    Fans can count on hearing all their favorite hits from the Rock Never Stops artists.

    Whitesnake is 2003's Rock Never Stops headliner, and with good reason. Band leader and vocalist David Coverdale is one of the most extraordinary singers rock 'n' roll has ever produced. Whitesnake's double platinum 'Slide It In' was a musical and commercial breakthrough due to hard-hitting songs like the title track, "Slow An' Easy" and "Love Ain't No Stranger." But it was the follow-up album, simply titled 'Whitesnake,' that set the music world on fire and became an eternal classic. 'Whitesnake' sold more than 8 millions copies and yielded the number one hit single "Here I Go Again" and other smashes like "Is This Love," "Still of the Night" and "Give Me All Your Love." Yet another major success was the album 'Slip of the Tongue' and its notable songs such as "Fool For Your Loving," "The Deeper the Love" and "Now You're Gone." Whitesnake's latest release is the comprehensive two-CD set 'Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection.'

    Few bands have played hard rock with as much fun-loving exuberance as Warrant. Led by vocalist Jani Lane, Warrant roared out of the starting gate with the double platinum debut 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' and its hits "Down Boys," "Heaven," "Sometimes She Cries" and "Big Talk." Warrant's sophomore album, 'Cherry Pie,' was another double platinum best seller on the strength of the title track, "I Saw Red," "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Blind Faith." 'Dog Eat Dog' went gold. Warrant's most recent release, 'Under the Influence,' includes covers and originals.

    Kip Winger will perform as a solo artist on the Rock Never Stops tour. His band Winger quickly became a multiplatinum-selling success. The self-titled debut spawned a string of major hits like "Seventeen," "Madalaine," "Headed for a Heartbreak" and "Hungry." The next album, 'In the Heart of the Young,' featured "Miles Away," "Can't Get Enuff" and "Easy Come Easy Go." 'Pull,' which Kip Winger regards as the band's best album, included "Down Incognito." The latest solo album released under his full name is 'Songs From the Ocean Floor.'

    Slaughter, led by vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum, has enjoyed enormous success. The double platinum 'Stick It To Ya' included standouts like "Fly to the Angels," "Up All Night" and "Spend My Life." 'The Wild Life' was yet another best-selling favorite. Slaughter's latest releases are coming soon -- remastered reissues of both 'Stick It To Ya' and 'The Wild Life' complete with bonus tracks.

    The complete Rock Never Stops tour dates for Summer 2003 are:

    Friday, July 11th - Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena
    Saturday, July 12th - Hartford, CT - CTNow.com Meadows Music
    Sunday, July 13th - Trenton, NJ - Sovereign Bank Arena
    Tuesday, July 15th - Pittsburgh, PA - Post-Gazette Pavilion
    Friday, July 18th - Milwaukee, WI - Marcus Amphitheatre
    Saturday, July 19th - Fort Dodge, IA - Midwest Off Road Race Track
    Wednesday, July 23rd - San Diego, CA - SDSU Open Air Theatre
    Friday, July 25th - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Pavilion
    Saturday, July 26th - Las Vegas, NV - Orleans Arena
    Sunday, July 27th - Los Angeles, CA - Universal Amphitheatre
    Tuesday, July 29th - Fresno, CA - Fresno Downtown Stadium
    Friday, August 1st - San Antonio, TX - Sunken Gardens
    Saturday, August 2nd - Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Music Center
    Tuesday, August 5th - Denver, CO - Fiddler's Green
    Wednesday, August 6th - Sturgis, SD - Buffalo Chip Campground
    Friday, August 8th - Tinley Park, IL - Tweeter Center
    Saturday, August 9th - Bonner Springs, KS - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
    Sunday, August 10th - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center
    Tuesday, August 12th - Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
    Wednesday, August 13th - Atlanta, GA - HiFi Buys Amphitheater
    Friday, August 15th - Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues
    Saturday, August 16th - West Palm Beach, FL - Sound Advice Amphitheatre
    Sunday, August 17th - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
    Wednesday, August 20th - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
    Friday, August 22nd - Cleveland, OH - Tower City Amphitheatre
    Saturday, August 23rd - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
    Sunday, August 24th - Hamilton, ON, Canada - Copps Coliseum



    WORCESTER, MA - MassConcerts, the promoter of the hugely successful New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, has confirmed plans to expand the festival into new territories beginning with Asbury Park, N.J., in the fall of this year.

    The New Jersey Metal And Hardcore Fest will be held at Asbury Park's Convention Hall complex on Friday, November 14 and Saturday, November 15. The lineup will be announced in July.

    "It was very clear", said John Peters of MassConcerts, "that the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival had grown in popularity over the past five years and needed the opportunity to go to markets outside of our New England home base. We decided on New Jersey because of its strong metal music scene and it's close proximity to New York. Convention Hall was the perfect fit because of its history of hosting great acts like Pantera and Slayer."

    The New Jersey Metal And Hardcore Fest will follow the same format as the annual New England festival but on a larger scale, as allowed by the larger size of the New Jersey venue.

    In just five years, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival has become one of the nation's top heavy metal festivals. This year's show, held May 16 and 17 at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass., sold out a week in advance and was documented by Trustkill for a future DVD release. Rob Zombie was on site interviewing bands for an episode of MTV 2's "Headbanger's Ball," as was Juliya, host of MuchMusic USA's "Uranium."

    Following is just a sampling of what media outlets have had to say about the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival: Revolver Magazine stated, "If you decide to go to only one fest this year, this should be it." CMJ says "...hands down, the best metal fest in the world." After this year's fest MetalJudgment.com said "This may have been the best metal festival ever on U.S. soil."

    MassConcerts will work in conjunction with local promoter Concerts East on the New Jersey Metal And Hardcore Fest.

    Visit the festival website at njmetalandhardcorefest.com.


    BALTIMORE, MD – Dog Fashion Disco will begin touring this summer in support of their new album Committed to a Bright Future.

    The latest album by this completely unconventional band has was released in early May and has been drawing rave reviews by industry critics. “Dog Fashion Disco does not play it safe…I can honestly say that the music of Dog Fashion Disco is a genre unto itself.” (Live 4 Metal). The band has been gearing up for the nationwide tour and is ready to unleash a show unlike any other. With an arsenal of antics and no boundaries in sight, the band promises to be unpredictable. “We are out to change the landscape of heavy music as people know it,” said lead singer Todd Smith. “I believe people are tired of bands all sounding the same and not taking chances to push the envelope and expand musical expression.”

    Dog Fashion Disco will be appearing on stage for this tour with a variety of heavy hitters. With bands like Hed Pe, Endo, and Dope joining forces with DFD on some shows, hell is guaranteed to break loose.

    Tour dates:
    06/16/03 Mon. Fusion, Dayton, OH
    06/17/03 Tue. Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
    06/19/03 Thu. Uncle Doctor’s, Columbia, SC
    06/20/03 Fri. Sophisticated Otter, Johnson City, TN
    06/21/03 Sat. The Bay, Chattanooga, TN
    06/23/03 Mon. Exit Inn, Nashville, TN
    06/24/03 Tue. Blue Monkey Tavern, Monroe, LA
    06/26/03 Thu. Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, Austin, TX
    06/28/03 Sat. Kemper Club, Kenosha, WI
    06/30/03 Mon. Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH
    07/3/03 Thu. Plaza Theater, Youngstown, OH
    07/4/03 Fri. The High Five, Columbus, OH
    07/5/03 Sat. Tek World, Louisville, KY
    07/7/03 Mon. Jester’s Pub, Fayetteville, NC
    07/11/03 Fri. Raritan Club, Sterling, VA
    07/12/03 Sat. Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA
    07/13/03 Sun. Thunderdome, Baltimore, MD
    07/16/03 Wed. Club Rocket, Toronto, ONT
    07/17/03 Thu. Bomb Shelter, New Castle, PA
    07/19/03 Sat. I Rock, Detroit, MI
    07/21/03 Mon. Otto’s, Dekalb, IL
    07/23/03 Wed. 32 Bleu, Colorado Springs, CO
    07/24/03 Thu. Aggie Theater, Ft. Collins, CO
    07/25/03 Fri. KRZZ Radio Show, Wichita, KS
    07/29/03 Tue. Don Hills, New York City
    07/31/03 Thu. Connections, Passaic, NJ


June 19th, 2003
  • In the autumn of 2000 IN THE WOODS announced their break up. The mammoth project called In The Woods… Live At The Caledonien Hall took place on 29th December in their hometown, Kristiansand. It was to be a retrospect of one the most meaningful formations of our time. In the Summer of 2003 the Live double CD Live At the Caledonian Hall will appear as a legacy to IN THE WOODS. The double CD has a 3rd additional bonus CD that gives an overview of the newly founded Karmakosmetix label. (the newly founded record label and artist platform made up of IN THE WOODS band members). The Karmakosmetix releases will be through Prophecy.

  • As already indicated in IN THE WOODS news, Prophecy will in future be doing releases of the new record label KARMAKOSMETIX founded by IN THE WOODS band members. An overview of the Artists music on Karmakosmetix (amongst others NAERVAER, STILLE OPPROR, X-BOTTERI, PLUTO & TRANSIT) is offered on the Karmakosmetix Promo CD which accompanies the IN THE WOODS double CD. Though the Karmakosmetix Promo CD can be ordered direct from Prophecy by including return postage.

  • ORPLID have begun work on their new piece which will be finished under the name Sterbender Satyr. At the moment it is admittedly still a little early to be able to say something exact about the musical direction of the new album.- however we can already assume that Sterbender Satyr will turn out more bombastic than Nächtliche Jünger.

  • The first 2 long sold out DORNENREICH CDs will now be re-released. The debut Nicht Um Zu Sterben, originally appeared in 1997 and illustrated the ‘Storm and stress’ time of a stormy and free thinking feeling people. Bitter ist’s dem Tod zu dienen the 2nd album of the Austrian group appeared for the first time in 1999. DORNENREICH show their personal approach to Gothic/Black metal on their 2nd album which hardly has similarities with overcoming the chained up world but more to do with tragic freedom feelings.Both CDs were remastered and are available for the first time with the complete accompanying book – including all the lyrics and many photos.

  • "Lights Out," the title of the new ANTIMATTER CD (to be released June 16th via Prophecy recs.) is essentially darker but also more unified than the previous Saviour. Instead Duncan Patterson’s inimitable feel for melancholic melodies always shines far above all other clichés, already making ANATHEMA one of the most unusual groups today.


  • Los Angeles-based rockers MY RUIN have signed an exclusive worldwide contract with Century Media. With Speak & Destroy, A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish, and the limited release To Britain With Love And Bruises (Live) to their credit - in addition to a dedicated worldwide fan base - their full-length Century Media debut album, The Horror Of Beauty (co-produced by Mick Murphy, Todd Osenbaugh, and Nick Raskulinecz of Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, and Danzig fame) is tentatively scheduled for an October release.

  • DECEASED will be releasing a DVD entitled Digital Graveyard on Malt Soda Records out of AZ this summer. It will include many years of gathered concert clips as well as audio commentary tracks from the band and other deceasedness! The band has left Relapse Records and has signed to Thrash Corner Records for their next full length As The Weird Travel On! It's due to be recorded winter 2003 and released early 2004.

    To be released on Khaosmaster Records is the re-release of Luck Of The Corpse/13 Frightened Souls including some outtakes from the 13... sessions and some live tracks from the era! It's titled Corpses, Souls and Other Strangeness. A very limited picture disc pressing of the band's last EP, Behind The Mourner's Veil is currently available through Outlaw Records.

  • VADER’s new MCD will contain 7 songs and among them there is a track called Blood (rough title of the album). This is one of two new cuts, which VADER is going to release on this MCD. The band will start recording on the 10th of July and run through for one week. After that Grzegorz Piwkowski will take care of mastering and Jacek Wisniewski will create another stunning layout of the MCD.


  • SHINING FURY - Metal Blade Records is proud to present the latest addition to their roster! New on the label is SHINING FURY out of Lucca, Italy! The vision of the band was (and still is) to create fast and melodic songs (the kind of music that makes you bang your head!). In the beginning of 2003 SHINING FURY welcomed Francesco Chelini – to be responsible for the second guitar and to make the sound heavier. In the studio a good friend and skilled player will join SHINING FURY: Oleg Smirnoff (ex-ELDRITCH) who will add his psychotic keyboards to the songs to reach a higher form of depth.

    Metal Blade is very confident about the future of SHINING FURY. “We know the market is flooded with Italian Power Metal bands, but the demo the band sent was better than 99 % of all that stuff. It really blew us away – we had no other choice but signing them straight away! Their debut album will be like a fresh breath of air”, says a spokesperson of the label. No release date has been set yet, but we look forward to a fall 2003 release.

    After the well acclaimed "The Sound Of Demons" CD it's time for a new opus
    from Italian band DEATH DIES. DEATH DIES is now a three piece and consists of:

    SAMAEL VON MARTIN: vocals, guitars.
    REX TENEBRAE: bass.
    DEMIAN DE SABA: drums.

    DEATH DIES CD "Product Of Hate" has been recorded at Infernal Studios in
    Mirano, Venice, where EVOL recorded all their albums. "Product Of Hate" sounds as Black Thrash Metal in the old way... in the vein of great bands such as Celtic Frost!!!

    "Product Of Hate" tracks list (12 tracks - 44:50 minutes):

    Release date: 2003, July.


    "Infernal Live" is composed of 9 of OCULTAN´s greatest hymns recorded during concerts of 2002, a agressive and extreme release that presents an excellent graphical and sonorous work!

    Track List:

    1 - Teu Reino de Sangue
    2 - O Sangue, a Maior Oferenda
    3 - Os Sete Caldeirões do Inferno
    4 - O Orgulhoso Exu Belzebuth
    5 - Caixões
    6 - Nos Portais dos Cemitérios
    7 - Morte
    8 - For the Supreme Occult
    9 - Lembranças do Mal, A Crucificação

    Availble in:
    R$ 20 - Brasil
    U$ 14 - Worldwide



    Stryper plans on doing around 20 shows beginning summer of 2003! (Wow!! Finally!) Details are still being worked out. A full tour schedule including dates, locations, and ticket pricing will be posted as soon as they become available. Find out more at the new and improved official website www.stryper.com

    STRYPER's new album titled "7" - The Very Best of Stryper" is now available. The tracks are:

    1.Something (New Track)
    2 . For You (New Track)
    3 . Shining Star
    4 . Lady
    5 . All For One
    6 . In God We Trust
    7 . Always There For You
    8 . To Hell With The Devil
    9. Calling On You
    10 . Free
    11 . Honestly
    12 . The Way
    13 . Soldiers Under Command
    14 . Makes Me Wanna Sing
    15 . Reach Out
    16 . From Wrong To Right
    17 . Loving You
    18 . Believe .

    As you can see , the CD begins with the newest tracks, then works its way back through Stryper history (With the exception of "Believe" as the final track.) The cd is released on Hollywood Records, and distributed by Universal Distribution.

  • Death Metal band HEARKEN have now released their first fullength cd called Nuclear Negligence. It consists of almost 55 minutes of Technical Brutality.



    I know some of you out there has been wondering what's been going on with Vaakevandring. Well, to be honest: NOT MUCH! We played our last show in Oslo, December 2001, and sadly, this WOULD be the last show from Vaakevandring. Due to some personal affairs within the band, we took a break after our guitar player left the band in early spring of 2002. He was our webmaster, which is the reason the website has been down for a while. The 4 remaining members then decided to end the band late 2002, because of several reasons. One being that 3 of the 4 members are now involved in ANTESTOR fulltime. We don't want to make this dramatic at all, and we (all 5) former members of the band are still good friends and see each other every now and then. However, there are a few Vaakevandring songs that we (the 4 remaining members) hope to be able to record and release as a full length some day. Maybe this year, but nothing has been set yet. Thanks alot for your support, and we look really forward to serve you with Antestor and other projects too!

    On behalf of Antestor/Vaakevandring,
    Pål Dæhlen Metal for Jesus


    Saint fans rejoice! Classic Heavy Metal band Saint has once again raised the battleaxe ready to crush evil with their Heavy Heavy Metal (which musically reminds of Judas Priest). Armor Records will be reissuing the 2 disc set complete with all four SAINT CD's "Warriors of the Son", "Time's End", "Too Late For living" and "The Perfect Life". It will come in a slim line jewel case and have 6 panels, 3 with live shot pictures and 3 with info. The album shall be out by June 15. More great news! Saint has rerecruited Josh Kramer on vocals! A new album is also on the way! The new CD will be recorded late this year and early next and tentatively named "In The Battle". The sound will be traditional Saint and will sound like a cross between Time's End" and "Too Late For Living". Yes, finally SAINT is back again in full force! For more info mail Richard Lynch at [email protected] or visit www.angelfire.com/nj2/saint777/ Josh Kramer has also set up a Saint page at http://saint777.net/saint_page.html Metal for Jesus


    Tourniquet's new album Where Moth and Rust Destroy on Metal Blade is now available worldwide. The band has also released a DVD called Ocular Digital featuring two concerts + Ark of Suffering video. They are also working with a drumming DVD! Ted is getting the final material together for the expanded DVD "The Unreleased Drum Solos". The band has also made cool embroidered Tourniquet patches as well as Where Moth and Rust Destroy shirts - short AND long sleeve. More info at the website www.tourniquet.net Metal for Jesus

  • Norwegian extreme band DROTTNAR have made a new EP. They are signed by the new album Momentum Scandinavia and the new EP "Anamorphosis" will be released in July. The EP will contain 4 tracks and will be available in a limited edition.

    Metal for Jesus


    This is it for real this time. Due to personal family obligations and issues that have recently come up, Living Sacrifice will not continue to tour after next week. We are very sorry to have to cancel our west coast dates and all others in June and July. Our final shows are listed below. If you would, please get the word out so that these final shows will be successful. We have no plans to do any other tours or albums as we feel that the time has come to move on. thanks to all of you who have been a part of Living Sacrifice and the success we have had over the last 13 years. God Bless you all.

    Bruce, Lance, Arthur, Matthew, and Cory.

    Final shows:
    6/28 Little Rock, AR @ Vino's
    7/5 Bushnell, IL @ Cornerstone Festival

    www.livingsacrifice.com Metal for Jesus

  • The entire LIGHTFORCE recordings plus 2 bonus tracks has now been rereleased. Lightforce 1986 to 1989 contains the Mystical Thieves and Battlezone albums plus 2 bonus songs from the 1986 Lightforce Demo. This is where it all began for Steve of Mortification. More info at www.roweproductions.com. Metal for Jesus

  • Talking about MORTIFICATION you can also download MP3s and listen to streaming music from all Mortification albums at http://www.roweproductions.com/mp3

    Due to the war situation MORTIFICATION will not be touring overseas this year, however in 2004 they plan to visit Switzerland, Germany, Holland, USA, Mexico and Brazil as the opportunities become available. www.roweproductions.com Metal for Jesus


    Synergy is now released at Century Media and available worldwide. The Cover art for the new album is made by no other than Hugh Syme who has made cover art for bands such as Rush, Megadeth, Aerosmith & lots of other ones. It totally ROCKS! Musically the new album reminds of the thrash band Believer! You can prelisten to a few tunes on Extol's website www.undeceived.net

    Extol also plans a world tour with the dates below. Most of them are confirmed, but some are still being worked on, so changes may occur.

    Fri. June 13, Club Impact, Tacoma, WA
    Sat. June 14, Fat Tuesdays, Spokane, WA
    Sun. June 15, The Zone Yakima, WA
    Tue. June 17, Radio Rendesvouse, Twin Falls, ID
    Thu. June 19, The Meow Meow, Portland, OR
    Fri. June 20, Joshua Fest, Quincy, CA
    Sat. June 21, The Boardwalk, Sacramento, CA
    Sun. June 22, Showcase Theatre, Corona, CA
    Mon. June 23, Bash on Ash, Tempe, AZ
    Wed. June 25, Sox Place, Denver, CO
    Thu. June 26, The Ground Zero, Wichita, KS
    Fri. June 27, The Door, Dallas, TX
    Sat. June 28, Vinos, Little Rock, AR
    Sun. June 29, The El Torreon, Kansas City, MO
    Tue. July 1, Cornerstone Festival, Tooth & Nail Day, Bushnell, IL
    Thu. July 3, Cornerstone Festival, HM Stage, Bushnell, IL
    Sun. July 6, SFBC, Atlanta, GA
    Mon. July 7, RCKTWN Skatepark, Nashville, TN
    Tue. July 8, The Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, IN
    Thu. July 10, Sonshine Festival, HM Stage, Willmar, MN
    Fri. July 11, The Eagle Reception Hall, Rock Island, IL
    Sat. July 12, The Rock, Omaha, NE
    Tue. July 15, TBA, Boise, ID

    Thu. August 14, Flevo Festival, Main Stage, Eindhoven, Holland
    Sat. August 16, Destruction Fest, The Underworld, London, UK. Metal for Jesus

  • The European release date for ROB ROCK's new album "Eyes of Eternity" has been rescheduled for June 23 on Massacre Records, 4 days before the Rob Rock "Bang Your Head" Festival performance in Balingen, Germany on Friday June 27th. The Japan/Asia release date is scheduled for July 21 and includes two bonus tracks for Japan. The US release will be available at this site as soon as possible. The album is currently being mastered at Finnvox Studios in Finland by Mika Jussila. The CD was produced, arranged, and mixed by Roy Z. (Halford, Dickinson, Helloween) All songs were written by Rob Rock and Roy Z.

    Guest appearances on the epic 12 minute song “The Hour of Dawn” include classic guitar solos from: Roy Z (Halford, Tribe of Gypsies), Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind), Tom Naumann (Primal Fear), Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia), Rick Renstrom (Rage of Creation), Jeff Kollman (Glenn Hughes), Jack Frost (Seven Witches), Howie Simon (Tamplin, Jeff Scott Soto), Jimi Bell (Wayne's Metal Church), and Axel Rudi Pell. “The Hour of Dawn” also includes keyboard solos from Mistheria and Alex Argento. "Rock The Earth" includes additional backing vocals by Sean Peck (Cage). Stay tuned to www.robrock.com for new updates and album release information, and concert information. Rob Rock's Rage of Creation Band will soon begin rehearsals for the new "Eyes of Eternity" tour. Warm-up shows are expected in the Orlando Florida area before the band goes to Balingen Germany for the Bang Your Head festival. Metal for Jesus

  • Melodic Metal band HARMONY have now released their first cd titled Dreaming Awake on Massacre Records. This is melodic guitarshredding metal that fans of Yngwie Malmsteen and Narnia are gonna love! This is most excellent metal and can very well be the release of the year.

    http://www.harmonymetal.net Metal for Jesus

  • LAUDAMUS is proud to announce the signing with Escape Music ltd. The album "Lost in Vain" will be released in Europe 16th June 2003. With special guests on the album the following talents: Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Yngwie Malmsten), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Kee Marcello (Europe), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Rob Rock (Chris Impellitteri, Roy Z, Axel Rudi Pell, Joshua Perahia and Dennis Cameron), Howie Simon (Ken Tamplin, Glenn Huges, Jeff Scott Soto) and Ed Roth (Impellitteri, Coolio Maya). The result is an album with great songs, heavy rhythms, powerful choruses and a message that goes straight to the heart.

    Melodic metallers Laudamus now have soundclips of two tunes that will be on their upcoming album. You can check'em out at www.laudamus.se Metal for Jesus

  • ALLSHERJAR have changed name to SHADOWS OF PARAGON. Metal for Jesus

  • INEVITABLE END is a new thrash/death metal band from Nässjö. http://www.inevitable-end.tk/ Metal for Jesus

  • Classic Metal band LEVITICUS will play on Hjoursfestival in Hjo, Sweden on 20th of June. They will open up for In Flames! They are also busy mixing the live album that was recorded on Bobfest. Look for a release in August/September. The live album can also be preordered at their official website.

    www.leviticus.se Metal for Jesus

  • NARNIA's album The Great Fall is now released on Nuclear Blast. Expect their heaviest album to date. Narnia also recorded a live CD/DVD in Owen, Germany in front of 1800 fans. The release is planned somewhere this autumn 2003. There is also a line-up change in the band: Martin Claesson, Narnia's keyboard-player for six years, has left the band. He left right after fullfilling his dutys on the new album. Martin made this statement: "As You know by now I have decided to leave Narnia - a tough decision to make since I've really enjoyed being a part of the band and meeting the fans at our concerts. Despite all this I feel that it's time to move on. I want to thank all fans and promoters I have met during my time with Narnia. You have made this time unforgettable! I also want to wish the best of luck to Narnia and especially my replacer Linus. God bless You and...LONG LIVE THE KING! " /Martin. Martins replacer is Linus Kåse from Helsingborg in Skåne (southern part of Sweden).

    www.narniaworld.com Metal for Jesus

  • CHRISTIAN RIVEL of Narnia are working hard with pre-production of his solo album called Christian Rivel´s Audiovisions. The producer is Lars Chriss from Lions Share and he has also written songs for the album. Carl-Johan Grimmark from Narnia has written one song and will play guitarsolos together with Pontus Norgren ex. Talisman, Great King Rat & Damage Done. Andreas Olsson from Narnia, Harmony & Stormwind and Per Schelander from Spyke & House Of Shakira will handle the bass. Keyboards will be handled by Micael Andersson from the band Cloudscape and more musicians will be involved in this recording. The style is melodic heavy metal with lots of harmony vocals in the vein of Uriah Heep & Sweet. The album will be recorded during 2003 and be out somewhere 2004.

    Christian Rivel's label Rivel Records are currently negotiating with several record labels in South America for licencing in these territories. More info later. If you are interested to licence Rivel Records albums in your territory feel free to contact Christian at: [email protected] More info about this cool label can also be found on www.rivelrecords.com. Metal for Jesus

  • The band SYSTEM BREAKDOWN featuring guitarist Carljohan Grimmark, drummer Andreas Johansson and guitartech Ronnie Jaldemark on keyboards from NARNIA. Vocalist of the band is Pär Hagström, fanstastic vocalist in the same vein as Ronnie James Dio and Tony Martin. The bass is handled by Karl Persson. The band is playing heavy music and have influnces from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Sound Garden and also symphonic touches from Genesis. The album will be released 4th of July 2003. Check out their site www.systembreakdown.com that will be open soon. Metal for Jesus

  • Melodic Hardrockers in the band HEAVEN have a track on the compilation "Metal for the world" by Big Riff Records in Kansas, USA.

    http://heaven.best.cd Metal for Jesus

  • PANTOKRATOR's first fullength album "Blod" (blood) has been released on on rivel records Expect brutal and melodic death metal with some female vocals added as extra effect.

    http://www.panto.tk Metal for Jesus

  • Black Metal band CRIMSON MOONLIGHT's first fulllength cd "The Covenant Progress" contains 9 songs of brutal, melodic blackmetal in the scandinavian vein.... This is outstanding black metal that can beat any black metal band out there. The total runningtime is over 50 minutes. The band is looking for a new bassplayer since Hubbe now plays guitar and Petter synth. Crimson Moonlight has also made t-shirts. Find out more about this cool band at www.crimsonmoonlight.com. Metal for Jesus

  • SONS OF THUNDER released their new cd Circus of Power on Bobfest. The cd is mixed by Thorbjörn Weinesjö from Veni Domine and it contains plenty of heavy thundering praise metal. Both Crimson Moonlight and Sons of Thunder are signed to Rivel Records. For more about the band visit www.sonsofthunder777.com Metal for Jesus

  • ENDLESS FUNERAL is a new black metal band. They have a demo cd out titled Darkened Horizons. For more info visit Metal for Jesus

  • Classic Metal band SHINING FORCE have now released their new cd "The Old Serpent Wispers" on Bloodbought Records. Look for a heavy release with bonecrushing metal.

    www.bloodboughtrecords.com Metal for Jesus
  • Power Metal band SEVENTH AVENUE announces a lineup-change. Geronimo has left the band. He has done his last show on the 22.03 on their CD release party. Now they are looking for a new bassman. He should come from Wolfsburg / Gifhorn or Braunschweig. Please write to [email protected] Seventh Avenue has an European tour planned in late summer or in fall. There they will be the support for Rob Rock and Narnia. But the tour isn't firmed yet...

    www.seventh-avenue.de Metal for Jesus

  • THIRD/CROW said this about their latest album: "I think this album is gonna blow people away, and show that styles like Guardian and Stryper can be harmonized with sounds like P.O.D. and Pillar," said Jonathan Bishop, lead singer.

    www.thirdcrow.com Metal for Jesus

  • MOMENTUM SCANDINAVIA is the name of a new label brought to you by the folks at Nordic Mission (Norway) & Endtime Productions (Sweden). We just released our first album: ANTESTOR: The Defeat Of Satan which is the re-release of the bands 2 first demos from '91 & '93. The tapes have been totally remastered and the release is strictly limited to 999 copies (each numbered) to make this a collector's item. It also means this CD will become rare and out of print very soon. The music is considered slow doomy death with old thrash metal influences. Quite uniqe back in the day, and a true legendary release from the upcoming extreme Scandinavian metal scene. Contact us for distribution options. More releases will come in the near future bringing you the best from the Christian extreme underground! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Sincerely yours,
    Paal Daehlen
    [email protected]
    www.nordicmission.net Metal for Jesus

  • Classic Metal band BLOODGOOD has been forced to change the address to their website. The new address is http://www.bloodgoodband.com/ Metal for Jesus

  • REX CARROL fans rejoice! The phenomenal guitarist from Whitecross plays the guitars on the rereleased cd Fan The Flame by the band Eden! Rex holds nothing back as he handles all guitars on the album. Any fan of Whitecross will instantly know the trademarked signature sound of Rex Carroll on FAN THE FLAME”. Arguably, Rex’s guitar playing has not been so flashy or predominant since his early days in Whitecross. Singer in Eden is Joe Dokken. Eden has a melodic hard rock sound that appeal to fans of Whitecross, Guardian, Stryper, Dokken, and Warrant. http://www.dokkenseden.com. The album is released on the new label Retroactive Records. Metal for Jesus

  • DANIEL BAND has re-released “Straight Ahead” & “Run From the Darkness” on one cd. Metal for Jesus

  • SCREAMS OF CHAOS has re-released their cd "Genetic War". Musically this is extreme death/black metal with cyber-industrial leanings. The cd also contains 2 bonus tracks called Remember and In The Name of God. According to the label Retroactive Records it will appeal to fans of In Flames, Emperor, Extol, Ancient and Horde. Metal for Jesus

  • JIMMY BROWN of Deliverance has released a industrial album with the band FEARFUL SYMMETRY. The cd is called The Sad Veils of Tears and will appeal to fans of Deliverance latest album Assimilition as well as fans of Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails. Both Daniel Band, Scream of Chaos and the Fearful Symmetry cds are released by Retroactive Records. Metal for Jesus

  • Rich Davenport, who formerly where vocalist / guitarist in UK rockers Through The Storm, is back in action. Now branching out as a solo artist, Rich aims to maintain his former band's commitment delivering hard-hitting, melodic Metal songs with a fresh, energetic approach. This week sees the release of Rich's first comedy CD, "Laugh Out Loud!", which features a selection of Monty Python-style comedy sketches, along with two bonus tracks with real hardhitting metal. The CD and free MP3 samples of these tracks are available at www.richdavenport.co.uk Metal for Jesus

  • KEN TAMPLIN's new cd titled Wake The Nations is now released. The cd has strong hooks and plenty of guitar solos and many say it's one of Tamplins' best. Guestplayers are no less than Marty Friedman, Ritchie Kotzen, Reb Beach, Kee Marcello, Jeff Watson, Pete Lesperence, Mattias Eklundh, Steve Salas and more http://www.kentamplin.com Metal for Jesus

June 18th, 2003
  • PURULENT guitarist David Rairan died last week as the result of a tour bus accident. Metal Update

  • ICED EARTH vocalist Matthew Barlow has decided to leave the band to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and focus on a career in law enforcement administration. Metal Update

  • SOILWORK drummer Henry Ranta has quit because he is worn out – according to Ranta: “for the past two years I haven't really found any joy playing, and with all the tours coming up this year I felt that it was time for me to leave”. Metal Update

  • 40 GRIT bassist Kevin Young has decided to leave the band – according to Young: "the fire is no longer within me, I am totally proud of 40 Grit and what we've done, and I will without a doubt give you all my total support". Metal Update

  • THE CHASM bassist Alfonso Polo has left the band – there are no immediate plans to replace him - The Chasm will consider using a session bassist for gigs. Metal Update

  • ABIGOR the band has called it quits due to dissatisfaction with the current state of the black metal genre. Metal Update

  • ANCIENT RITES the band has split with guitarist Jan Yrlund (Prestige, Lacrimosa) due to personal differences. Metal Update

  • DRAGONFORCE long time drummer Didier Almouzni has officially left the band - Christian Wirtl (Soul Source) will be sitting in for the Sweden Rock Festival. Metal Update

  • MNEMIC bassist Tomas "Oberst" Koefod (Grope) has replaced Mikkel Larsen. Metal Update

  • EXCITER bassist Paul Champagne has left the band due to musical and personal differences. Metal Update

  • HALFORD, the Metal God’s June 8 performance in Anaheim, CA will be filmed for a future DVD release – fans can get tickets at a 2-for-1 discount by providing the special password -- the word "metal" –- when purchasing tickets. Metal Update

  • DARK TRANQUILLITY confirmed for Gods Of Metal Festival

    The Swedish Melodic Death Metal outfit DARK TRANQUILLITY was just confirmed for the Italian Gods Of Metal Festival in Milan, Palamazda. Stage-time June 7th is 13:45 - 14:15 .


  • Special NEVERMORE-site incl. MP3 track “Enemies Of Reality” online!

    Visit the special NEVERMORE-Site at http://www.centurymedia.de/nevermore/!

    Not only will you find an exclusive download of the title-track of their new album Enemies Of Reality which will be release July 28th, 2003, but also a whole bunch of specials like personal profiles of Warrel Dane, Jim Sheppard, Jeff Loomis and Van Williams, a detailed biography and discography, infos on Rock Hard Festival and a tour, plus a competition where you have the chance to win a meet & greet with the band!


  • SHADOWS FALL win Metal Hammer UK Award

    Massachusetts-based SHADOWS FALL have returned to the States with one of Metal Hammer UK magazine's coveted "Golden Gods" Awards.

    The highly acclaimed metalcore mob kicked off the action at Tuesday’s first ever Metal Hammer UK Awards ceremony with a blistering set and were thrilled to then walk away with the award for “Best Underground Act”.

    The awards took place at a packed Forum in London, in front of an audience of both fans and celebrities alike, including Lemmy, Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, Marilyn Manson, Amen, Cradle of Filth, Mortiis, A, Soil, The Murderdolls, Gary Numan, Raging Speedhorn, Satyr Wongraven, Ville Valo, Thrice, Strung Out, The Donnas and Taproot.

    Fresh from their triumphant Main Stage appearance at Saturday's Download Festival at Donington Park (UK) and the recently completed European tour with Children of Bodom and Soilwork, SHADOWS FALL are now preparing to head out on the Stateside Rock N' Roll summer camp known as Ozzfest, while their current album "The Art Of Balance" continues to earn the unstoppable outfit heaps of well-deserved praise.


  • STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and ARCH ENEMY at Fields Of Rock Festival

    The Canadians STRAPPING YOUNG LAD were just confirmed for the Fields Of Rock Festival in Nijmegen (NL), Goffertpark (www.fieldsofrock.nl) where they will hit the Tent Stage at 12:00 noon and play for 45 minutes! Right afterwards it’s still time to grab a beer and head for ARCH ENEMY’s set from 14:50 – 15:35. Other bands on the billing are: Subway To Sally, Nile, Mudvayne, Opeth, Prong, Disturbed, Ministry, Monster Magnet, Stone Sour, Marilyn Manson, Metallica – many good reasons to spend a sunny Sunday in Nijmegen!


  • ANTHRAX Films Video for "Safe Home",
    Features Cameo by Keanu Reeves

    Major North American Tour on the Horizon

    Heavy Metal icons ANTHRAX recently wrapped a widely successful US tour to promote their highly anticipated new release We've Come for You All, but they are not resting on laurels. During the tour, the band managed to shoot and compile a video for the poignant single "Safe Home" at the House of Blues in Chicago.

    The video also features a special guest appearance by The Matrix film star, Keanu Reeves. Reeves, a longtime Anthrax fan, was the band's special guest at the sold-out Los Angeles tour closer.

    Fans can check out the debut of "Safe Home" at Anthrax.com in the very near future. The video is also being immediately serviced to MTV, MTV2, Fuse, and MuchMusic for airplay consideration. Given the infectious nature of the track, airplay should be imminent.

    We've Come for You All has been selling extremely well since its May 6 release, even debuting in the Billboard Top 200. Marriaging haunting melody with ANTHRAX's trademark heavy groove riffs, the album features guest performances by The Who's Roger Daltrey, Pantera's Dimebag Darrell, and E Town Concrete's Anthony Martini. Press immediately welcomed ANTHRAX's breath of fresh air in the stale American metal climate:

    "Anthrax have come back in a big way…" ~ Circus Magazine

    "…a furiously dynamic and infectious slab of thrash/hard rock…one killer comeback." ~ Revolver Magazine

    "You want metal the way it was meant to be played? You got it." ~ Drum! Magazine

    "…triumphant…bludgeoning intensity…" ~ Boston Phoenix

    ANTHRAX is currently touring Europe & performing the major festivals, but is planning a major North American trek beginning in August. Stay tuned to www.anthrax.com for details.