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June 29th, 2000
  • SLIPKNOT are tentatively planning to launch another tour in Europe and Australia in early 2001, currently the group is expected to hit the studio sometime this fall to begin working on their second album for I AM/Roadrunner with producer Ross Robinson and hope to have it hit stores around Spring 2001. The only known tentative tracktitle so far is:

    "People = Shit"

    In other news, band drummer Joey Jordison recently commented on the longevity of the band saying:
    "This band only has about three more albums left in it. Its too fuckin extreme dude, its too over the top. When things get too big, which they already sort of are... We'll stop." Pimprockpalace

June 28th, 2000
  • DEEP has been ruling the city of Houston for over four years and have opened for every big hitter that comes through town (HATEBREED, SKINLAB, TESTAMENT, MERCYFUL FATE, MACHINEHEAD). They even toured the country with NEVERMORE and Arch Enemy. Now their debut on Pavement Music, "Pieces of Nothing" and their raw live antics will be introduced to the masses on tour with KING DIAMOND in July. DEEP's intense style of Metal even attracted one of the genre best producers, with LOGAN MADER (SOULFLY, MACHINEHEAD) twisting the knobs. Be prepared for DEEP to take their spot aside today's heaviest.

  • Last Saturday, June 24th, IRON MAIDEN sold out their August 5th concert at Madison Square Gardens in just two hours! Says vocalist Bruce Dickinson, "We've sold out The Garden twice before, but never this quick. We are told that the demand was immense, so we will try to head back to New York for another concert before the end of the US Tour. New York fans have always been fantastic for us--the shows last July sold out in days and the reception was mind-blowing. We have been saying for a while that Metal is back with a vengeance, and this is just another indication." Interestingly, ticket sales included a record breaking number and proportion of sales via the Internet, which probably reflects the massive success of Maiden's official website, www.ironmaiden.com. Maiden's 'Brave New World' Tour of North America kicks off on August 1st in Toronto and runs thru late September. To give the fans a very special concert, Maiden have invited the majestic Queensryche and ex-Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford's new band, Halford, to join them on this leg of their World Tour. As a bonus, this gives the fans a chance to see three of the greatest rock vocalists ever on one bill: Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Geoff Tate. Metal Maniacs

  • According to TotalRock.com, NAPALM DEATH have attacked those in their past whom they feel took advantage of the band. But they've done it lyrically, not physically, via their new as yet untitled album. "A lot of the frustrations that we have felt over the years come out here," says Napalm vocalist Barney Greenway. "We've been shafted so often in the past, and have let it happen because we've been rather lackadaisical. We tell the story here of what we've been through - it's a violent reaction, but in words. This is our kickback against certain people who've ripped us off." The as yet untitled album is currently being mixed by producer Simon Efemeyand will be released through Dream Catcher in September. Hard Radio

  • STATIC-X bassist Tony Campos recently confirmed that the band is working on a home video which should see a release this fall. Pimprockpalace

June 23rd, 2000
  • OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Phil Soussan has joined Bob Daisley (b) and Lee Kerslake (d) in a lawsuit against Ozzy that was initially filed in January - the former band members claim that they were not properly credited for their writing contributions on past albums and are suing for back royalties - Soussan played on 'The Ultimate Sin' and allegedly penned "Shot In The Dark." Metal Update

  • INDECISION Breaks Up (6.7.00)

    Wow. What do I say? After 7 years Indecision is no more. I'm sure everyone has heard the rumors by now. We were actually trying to keep things together and work things out but in the end, communication problems got the best of us. What a fucking shame. I was hoping to do a few last shows and at least end on a good note but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Our last show was in El Paso, Texas. I really never thought I'd see this day. I guess in my mind somehow I thought the band was immortal. And in a way IT is but WE'RE not. So thank you to everyone who has selflessly supported us over the past 7 years. There are so many people who were and still are important to us and who helped us just out of friendship. That's what I always found so amazing about hardcore: the amount of people who are there for you for no reason at all except because you're friends and you both understood some secret language. I know every band seems to wind up saying this but truly without ALL of you we wouldn't have been able to do any of it. There are just so many people we met all over the world on tours, through letters, etc. This is really sad and hard for me to do right now. Maybe I'll give it another shot later on. But for now, thanks to everyone who made this possible. As for us, Rachel and I are starting a new band, I'm not sure what Artie is up to musically and I think Pat is pursuing other options in other bands. Best of luck to everyone and to all our ex-members. So to everyone who made me realize that "for those I love I will sacrifice" truly meant something, thank you, we love you and we'll miss you but we'll see you soon under a different name. Thanks for all the support during 7 years of raw emotion, hard work, happiness, sadness, insanity and fun. Its been a wild ride. Rest in pieces... INDECISION October 29, 1993 - June 7, 2000. For those I love I will sacrifice, - Justin Brannan P.S. - Update, we are going to try to do Hellfest on July 2nd as our last show. I will let everyone know for sure in a few days. I've spent most of the morning crying reading emails and messages on our website. Its really a weird time for me and for all of us I guess. It is amazing to hear how much the band meant to people though. That really means a lot and all we can ask for is to be remembered. MIA-Records

  • POWERMAN 5000 frontman Spider One recently posted an entry in his tour diary on the bands official website www.5000volt.com detailing an incident where PANTERA lead singer Phil Anselmo punched him in the face on their recent European tour giving him a black eye, here's the direct quote:

    "I got punched in the eye by Phil from Pantera one day. I got a black eye. That was pretty much the big story. It was at a Pantera meet & greet. Phil's all into boxing...a drinker...a big guy...so he started throwing a few jabs at me jokingly. I retaliated a little bit, maybe slipped one in there. I think he heard some bells go off in his head or something. He ended up getting me a good one in the eye and for about five days I had a nice black eye. That was good. It brought us together. Then we were like best friends... "Pimprockpalace

  • NECROLOGY the band has signed to Great White North Records - a new album is expected by Fall. Metal Update

  • IRON MAIDEN / QUEENSRYCHE / ROB HALFORD, the previous report that Judas Priest was to be part of the bill was incorrect, in fact it is ex-Priest vocalist Rob Halford. Metal Update

  • PESSIMIST replacements for bassist/frontman Eric Little and drummer Joe Roffeld are Ralph "Reaper" Runyan (Corrupture) and Dave Breazeal (Trokkar, Cauldron) respectively. Metal Update

  • SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison recently commented to www.nme.com speaking out against METALLICA and their current legal situation with NAPSTER, here's what he had to say:

    "Metallica are one of the biggest rock bands in the goddamn world, so what the hell would they need to sue Napster for? It is retarded. They’ve got platinum records coming out their assholes; got all the money in the world; headlined every fucking show for millions of dollars; travel in their own jet; have million dollar homes and are suing Napster. Why don’t they practice their fucking job and see if they can still play like they used to, not this new lame crap. That’s what I am more concerned with."

    He also mentioned that the band plans to make their upcoming new album available for purchase online through a secured site stating:

    "What we are doing with our next album is we are giving one site the exclusive rights to release our album over the Internet so we have control and get paid for it. What bands need to realise is that it will always be more fun to go and buy a CD with the booklet and information take it home to listen to rather than download music onto some shitty arse disc. The cheapskate assholes who aren’t that much into music are going to do that, but I'll buy a CD every time."

    The band is currently set to hit the studio sometime this fall to begin work on their upcoming new album which should see a release in spring 2001 through Roadrunner Records. Pimprockpalace

  • The reason for COAL CHAMBER drummer Mikey Cox's current shoulder injury which has forced the band to cancel their appearances on their most recent "No Home" tour with Mudvayne, Ultraspank and Mindless Self Indulgence has apparently been caused due to aggravating an already existing shoulder injury, rumors have run rampant on exactly just what caused it, but apparently he had re-injured it performing at a show in Syracuse, NY this past Thursday, June 15th. The band doesn't expect the injury to affect their slot on the upcoming Tattoo The Earth Tour this July and are still confirmed for the tour. Pimprockpalace

June 21st, 2000

    MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Metalfest XIV is pleased to announce the addition of the English band Anathema, in its first ever North American appearance, to the line-up of this year's show.

    Formed a decade ago in Liverpool, Anathema made a name for itself as a premiere doom metal band from its onset. Now 10 years, five albums, and two EPs down the road, Anathema has turned itself into an unrivaled experimental dark metal band, conjuring up images of Pink Floyd morphing into melancholy metal with beautiful melodies and heartfelt vocals.
    Though they've toured extensively in Europe, the UK, and even South America, the group has never made it to American shores prior to this event.

    "Our first descent into Babylon?" laughs vocalist/guitarist Vinny Cavanaugh. "About bloody time! Actually, I have some sort of aunt that used to live in Beverly Hills with Hannibal from The A-Team - she lives in Florida now. She never invited me over...miserable cow! Anyway, I guess I don't know how to feel about playing in the U.S. I just want to see how everyone reacts to our music. No one has a pre-conceived idea about what Anathema is, and that's good. You're just gonna have to close your eyes and listen."

    The KNAC.com-sponsored Metalfest XIV will take place on Friday and Saturday, July 28 and 28 at the Milwaukee Auditorium. Bands from all sub-genres of metal will be represented on four stages in the Auditorium. Among the artists set for the festival are: King Diamond, Opeth, Mayhem, Destruction, Children of Bodom, Katatonia, Entombed, Babylon Whores, Hate Eternal, Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Immolation, Divine Empire, Shadows Fall, Enslaved, God Forbid, Wolfpac, Opera IX, Cephalic Carnage, Disassociate, Pissing Razors, Mortician, Deceased, Fleshgrind, Internal Bleeding, Hate Plow, Catastrophic, Yellow Machinegun, Macabre, Origin, Project 86, Transport League, Kataklysm, Darkest Hour, Coffin Texts, Luddite Clone, Hellchild, Usurper, Bongzilla, Deep, Jag Panzer, Exhumed, Bloodstorm, Anal Blast, Impaled, Goatwhore, Burnt By the Sun, Junglerot, Transmetal, Dying Fetus, Lungbrush, Synecrosys, Skinless, Mortal Decay, Deeds of Flesh, Disgourge, Disinter, Malignancy, Pyrexia, Resurrected, Novembers Doom, From the Depths, Burial, Grey Skies Fallen, Sarcophagus, Pessimist, Regurgitation, Dreaming of Dragons, Pantagoria, Stone Misery, Lividity, Venificum, Maudalin of the Well, Long Winter Stare, Vesperian Sorrow, Anguish in Exile, Theatre of the Macabre, Lamb of God, Infamy, Buried Dreams, Fleshtized, Rain Fell Within, Orgy with Pigs, The Cold Beyond, Emaciation, Incinerate, Ritual Carnage, Ravenous, Cessation of Life, Shamus, Scapegoat, Twisted Tower Dire, Path, Overture, Withered Earth, Reprisal, Waco Jesus, Wykked Wytch, Left, Too Many Gods, Project Grudge, Arizing, Resound, Number One Common, :SIK:, Zandelle, Mandrake, Enter Self, Engrave, Psyphera, Grunt, Somnus, Molehill, Corrosive, Crop, October Thorns, Dominant Factor, Chamber Seven, Promisqes, Fleshless, Red Right Hand, Chaos Theory, Immortal Cringe, Malintent, Distrust, Hollow Ground, Jackhammer, Sad Eyed Angel, Affliction, Rwake, So Far Gone, Fleshwreck, P.S.I., Whiskey High, Divine Rapture, Beyond Repair, Levitation, Belligerent, Wolfspider, Corpsevomit, Noctuary, Kitchen Knife Conspiracy, Dirtnap, Filth Porn, 12 Gauge & Nylons, Swamp Gas, Exuviate, Unholy, Disdain, The Chasm, Carinvean, Cold Storage, Avernus, Lord of all Desires, Incestuos, Java, Pagan's Day Off, Fall, Mandril, Black Mass, Excathedra, Idiom, Entranced, Death of Millions, Reinfection, Incineration, Tempered Steele, and Garden of Shadows.

    As usual, fans can take a break and take in the large Vendorville Marketplace, peruse the contents of the Metalfest XIV grab bag, or watch WWF and ECW professional wrestling superstars Jerry Lynn, the Blue Meanie, Jasmin St. Claire, King Kong Bundy, and Doink the Clown battle in the ring Friday night. (Publications interested in placing copies in the Metalfest XIV grab bag or on the giveaway table should contact Mazur Public Relations for more info.)

    Updates may be obtained by calling the Metalfest Hotline at (414) 225-9060 or visit www.metalfest.com for updates, schedules, hotel information, and directions.

    The Milwaukee Metalfest XIV will begin at 2 p.m. Friday, July 28 and 11 a.m. Saturday, July 29 at the Milwaukee Auditorium, located at 500 E. Kilbourn Street. Tickets for Metalfest XIV are $55 for a two-day pass or $35 for single-day admission, plus applicable charges. Tickets may be purchased at TicketMaster locations, www.ticketmaster.com, Charge By Phone (414) 276-4545; Relapse Records (800) 303-0606, www.relapse.com; Night Fall Records in Minneapolis (612) 724-8166 and Chicago (773) 725-3530; or by sending a check or money order to payable to "Jack Koshick Presents" and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Metalfest XIV, 1626 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 1801, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

    The Milwaukee Metalfest is part of the Metal Mania Series. Bands, vendors, and labels wishing to take part in any Metal Mania Series event should contact: Jack Koshick Presents, 1626 N. Prospect Avenue, Suite 1801, Milwaukee, Wis. 53202 Tel: 414/225-9026 Fax: 414/225-9025 E-mail: [email protected] or Don Decker at Nightfall Records, P.O. Box 6022, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Tel: 612/724-8166 E-mail: [email protected].

    All talent is subject to change.

    For more information, please contact:
    Michael Mazur or Debbie Sellnow / Mazur Public Relations
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  • ANCIENT's new mini album, God Loves The Dead includes live recordings, remixes, a new version of 'Trolltaar' and a cover song. Named for a track previously released on the LP The Halls Of Eternity, the disc will also include two unreleased videos for PC of the songs 'God Loves The Dead' and 'Um Sonho Psycodelico'. Over the summer the band will also do work on the video for 'I Madman'. Since parting with drummer Krigse due to personal and musical differences, the band have a new drummer, Grom.

  • DARK FUNERAL's legendary 1994 debut mini-CD has been reissued through Metal Blade. The CD, which has been out of print for the past two years is now remastered and comes with new packaging, a 12 page booklet, lyric sheet and rare and unpublished pictures. The set will also include two bonus tracks, covers of BATHORY's 'Call From The Grave' and 'Equimanthorn'. The tracklisting: 'Open The Gates', 'Shadows Over Transylvania', 'My Dark Desires', 'In The Sign Of The Horns', 'Equimanthorn' and 'Call From The Grave'..

June 20th, 2000
  • VICTORY RECORDS has now served NAPSTER with a cease and desist notice claiming copyright infringement due to the fact albums such as the new Earth Crisis album "Slither" have been available for download on the program for quite sometime, and the album only hits stores officially today. Pimprockpalace

  • THE CROWN will be supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE on their soon-to-be-announced tour.

  • ANVIL's next album will be called Plenty Of Power and it will be out next January. Hard Radio

  • The DEFTONES have now set the name for their own Maverick/Warner imprint, it is called Tone Def and currently the band is working with at least one act who's name has not yet been revealed, but band frontman Chino Moreno took the time to comment on them saying:

    "One band we are working with sound really epic, Tool-esque. I don’t want to reveal their name just yet but their music just starts at one place and takes you to outta space, kind of like ‘Star Wars’ type music. This is a band we are working with right now but are not sure exactly when it will come out."

    Chino also took time to comment on how the label operates stating:

    "A lot of bands know the type of music people want to hear as opposed to what an A&R guy or 50 year-old sitting in an office behind a desk thinks. We live around music and are constantly seeing bands play. We are basically our own A&R people but we are doing it for our own label, and hopefully once we start releasing music people will benefit from it."

    Heavy rumors have come up of the band considering signing Sacramento's own Will Haven to the label as their contract with Revelation Records is up after the bands upcoming next album is released, but as of yet nothing has been finalized. Pimprockpalace

June 19th, 2000
  • TOOL/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan recently made some disheartening comments on the status of his band Tool, who have seemingly not been to serious about getting new material ready for the bands new album, here's what he had to say:

    "At this point, not to be insulting but.. I think Tool will become the side-project."

    Currently Tool is tentatively set to enter the studio with producer David Bottrill (Ultraspank, Kid Rock) in September through till November with hopes for the album to be released in March 2001. Pimprockpalace

  • COAL CHAMBER canceled their show that was set to take place on June 16th in Poughkeepsie, NY, the reason given for their cancellation was that band drummer Mike Cox broke his shoulder, the group is now expected to cancel the rest of their upcoming dates and this could also place their upcoming stint on the Tattoo The Earth tour in jeopardy. Although an official reason has not yet been given as to what exactly caused the injury, rumors of some of the bandmembers being involved in a physical altercation at a bar the night before, have arisen. Pimprockpalace

  • SEPULTURA have now officially confirmed for this years TATTOO THE EARTH tour and will be playing all dates from July 15th through till August 20th. The band was originally hesitant to take on the tour as they had planned to hit the studio in July in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with producer Steve Evetts but have instead now shifted those plans to instead record in September with hopes of releasing their brand new album tentatively titled "Nation" in January/February 2001 through Roadrunner Records. Pimprockpalace

  • Some light has been shed on the tracklisting of the upcoming DEFTONES album "White Pony", the version that was leaked to the internet early in mp3 format featured an untitled track that was seemingly a more softer version of the track "Pink Maggit", now on the final version of the album that song is in fact titled as "Pink Maggit" and the song that was in its place with a rapcore structure is not included. The limited edition versions of the album, both red and black also feature a new track entitled "The Boy's Republic", which is a bit of a departure from the normal Deftones sound and even features a didgeridoo. The CD's which also feature an enhanced portion will hit stores in all three flavors on June 20th through Maverick/Warner, with the following final tracklisting:
    01 - "Feiticeira"
    02 - "Digital Bath"
    03 - "Elite"
    04 - "Rx Queen"
    05 - "Street Carp"
    06 - "Teenager"
    07 - "Knife Party"
    08 - "Korea"
    09 - "Passenger"
    10 - "Change (In The House Of Flies)"
    11 - "Pink Maggit"
    12 - "The Boy's Republic" (Limited Editions Only) Pimprockpalace

June 15th, 2000
  • TATTOO THE EARTH organizers have now officially confirmed that METALLICA will join the tour on July 20th in East Rutherford, NJ at the Giants Stadium for one show only. Pimprockpalace

  • HASTE are currently working on material for their upcoming new album which they intend to begin recording in the next 2 months and expect to release in early 2001 through Century Media, followed by extensive touring. Pimprockpalace

  • EARTH CRISIS and IN FLAMES are set to launch a co-headlining U.S. tour this August with SKINLAB and BURIED ALIVE opening, dates are expected to be announced soon.

  • SYSTEM OF A DOWN have currently finished off nine or ten songs with another 10-15 to be written for their upcoming new album which the band hopes to begin recording later this summer and release late this year, current tentative titles so far are "Chick N Stew" and "KITT", the track "KITT" actually deals with Knight Rider/Baywatch star David Hasselhoff according to bassist Shavo Odadjian, here's his recent comments to MTV.com on the track:

    "He's this huge pop star in Germany, and then he comes home and all he is is David Hasselhoff"

    On a related note, the name KITT was actually the name of the talking car in the Knight Rider series. The band will take a break from writing the new material in Los Angeles to head out on the Summer Sanitarium tour with RZA and possibly a few other members of the Wu-Tang Clan in tow, and although not confirmed the pair are expected to perform their cover of Wu-Tang Clan's "Shame On A Nigga" on stage together, as they recently recorded a version of the track set to be included on the upcoming "Loud Rocks" album set to be released on September 5th. Shavo also addressed the rumors of the band being on this years Family Values Tour stating no offer has been made to the band to be on the tour as of yet. Pimprockpalace

  • MORBID ANGEL are at work on their new album, scheduled to be released on September 25th. No title for the CD has been revealed and the album has been temporarily dubbed G. Steve Tucker promises the album will be a 'killer progression' from Formulas, "We are very excited about the new album. We feel that this is something very new and very brutal, but with a higher standard. I think this album has a very dark feel to it." The band will tour towards the end of the year, starting with an exclusive airing of the new songs at the Wacken Festival in Germany on August 5th. Hard Radio

  • MEGADETH are in the studio working on their new release for EMI/Capitol. Funnily enough the title of the album will be Capitol Punishment and is said to be the FINAL record with the label... Hard Radio

June 14th, 2000
  • Guitarist Joe Comeau has left OVERKILL, to join ANNIHILATOR, as vocalist. No stranger to the frontman position, having served in the capacity with Liege Lord, during the '80s, Comeau exits just weeks before Overkill are scheduled to Enter Carriage House and begin a new album. Experienced with all the previous line-up changes, Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth remains philosophical about the Kill's timetable for recording, recruitment and touring, including several European festivals.

    "There's no reason to panic," claims the unflappable Blitz. "We're making an Overkill record, like we always have. We don't highlight any particular individual." Initially, Joe wanted to have the best of both worlds, retaining his Overkill gig, as well as singing with Annihilator, but Ellsworth would have none of that. "Come on now," laughs the singer, "I told him we don't need a garbage man; someone who picks up everything."

    If need be, studio wizardry can augment the sound to twin guitars.

    "Hell," deadpans Blitz, "I've been doing this long enough, I can hum the guitar parts."

    Onstage, however, Overkill have no desire to return to a four-piece, nor will they travel the well-beaten reunion path.

    "Actually, we contacted Merritt (Gant, former guitarist) first. He was happy to do it, but he's got a six week old baby. It's not just the record, or Wacken, but like a month of European shows after that. It was a bit too much for him to leave. We'll probably get someone who owes us money," jokes Ellsworth, "so we can keep an eye on him."

    Switching gears, he put the ball squarely in the court of newcomer Dave Lynsk.

    "Dave's got a well of guys he's played with. He can do a whole bunch of stuff. He's well-rounded. If we go with what he finds, the guitars are going to be more locked in, which is better for us."

    As for the record, Ellsworth remains somewhat tight-lipped, uncertain what the near future holds.

    "We've got someone lined up to produce, but I don't want to say who, in case it doesn't happen, or we're delayed or something. The music's all written and about 70% of the lyrics. There are several working titles, but I'll give you some song titles: 'Thunderhead,' 'Bleed Me' and 'When I'm Missing.' Those are definite. Musically, it's a strange vibe for us. It doesn't stop the direction we were headed in, but it's a blend of From The Underground meets Horrorscope. The vocals are not the head-shaking side-to-side variety, but up and down, more melodic metal vocals, still aggressive."

    If all goes well, the album is scheduled for a September release.

  • SLAYER who? Aww, you outta be ashamed of yourself. The mighty and eternal SLAYER are currently writing for their forthcoming full-length, due in early '01. According to bassist/vocalist Tom Araya, "We've got six or seven songs waiting for words right now." Slayer plans on writing five or six more songs before starting work on the new record. In the meantime, the band is said to have been toying around with the idea of changing producers for the release, with Ross Robinson being mentioned as a potential candidate. (Don't go getting all up in arms just yet...remember the unfounded and blown-out-of-proportion Emperor/Robinson rumors???) New songtitles include: "Our Lady Of Pain," Kill The Messenger," and "Scarstruck." Metal Manaics

  • Unbelievably, the most unlikely reunion is upon us! The following comes from an official press release:

    "This is the official press release announcing the reformation of 1985's original HIRAX lineup, featuring Katon W DePena (vocals), Gary Monardo (bass), John Tabares (drums), and last but not least, Scott Owen (guitars). After years of silence the band members have been reunited and after a hell of a lot of phone calls we've decided to play music again. YES, HIRAX IS BACK TOGETHER! To all the fans and all the new fans worldwide: Over the years we have received tons of mail from all over the world. People have constantly asked the question, "When is Hirax getting back together?" The decision wasn't so hard when we thought about how many people still cared about the band, and we are honored that we have fans, and that--along with wanting to play again--has made all the difference in our decision to come back. So this is our schedule: We are writing all new songs and we will be recording in September 2000. Following that, we will announce where we will be playing our live concerts!

    Whether it be in the US or Europe, we will definitely come back to play. One last thing: a big part of our motivation in writing heavy and fast music will be because we have nothing to lose. We know not to worry about radio play. What we mean is that we don't think Hirax will get played on the radio, but this is our chance to play the real stuff again, from the heart. Music right now is in a very bad state, there's a lot of shitty bands running around we've got to do something about it. This is our way of getting revenge. We thank everybody for their support! We promise not to let you down. When you say 'HIRAX,' you'll be proud. Wait 'til you hear the new stuff! Hirax t-shirts are available now. For information regarding Hirax and merchandise (CDs and t shirts) contact Black Devil Records: Black Devil Records, PO Box 1474, Cypress, CA 90630." Metal Manaics

  • Doom gods CATHEDRAL are currently writing and planning their forthcoming as-yet-untitled full-length, their sixth. It seems Cathedral will never totally give up the doom metal that was the signature of their sound in the band's early years. In fact, according to drummer Brian Dixon, "the direction on the next album will be much heavier and more doom. Maybe more serious and intense but still with an emphasis on good, memorable songs. The production will play a vital part, of course. I think it will be less polished and more guitar-heavy this time." Some new song titles include "Tombstone Earth," "Bearer Of The Scythe," "Liquid God," "3 Dark Decades," and "Alchemist Of Sorrows." Keep in mind that these are current working titles and are subject to change... Metal Manaics

June 5th, 2000
  • HardRadio reports that ANNIHILATOR's new vocalist is ex-OverKill guitarist Joe Comeau - the band is currently working on the next album.  Metal Update

  • KILLJOY, among other things. the famed Necrophagia frontman will be working on his first film titled 'Harvest Ritual' in Norway with Fred Pyrtz, filming is scheduled to begin in September, Necrophagia may contribute new music to this project - he will also be working on a project with Casey Chaos from Amen which will most likely inlvolve producer Ross Robinson - finally, Killjoy, Phil Anselmo and Mirai from Sigh will be working on a horror project in the vein of Goblin that will go under the name Enoch. Metal Update

  • Rumors are circulating that GUNS N ROSES, DIO, TESTAMENT will join forces for a US tour starting in July - believe it when you see it. Metal Update

  • SLAYER and SEPULTURA have both been added to the TATTOO THE EARTH tour - show dates are still not available. Metal Update

  • MOTLEY CRUE former drummer Tommy Lee reportedly spent last weekend in jail for violating his parole by drinking alcohol, his parole term has been extended an additional two years - Vince Neil was married to actress/playmate Heidi Mark last Sunday. Metal Update

  • EINHERJER has just been confirmed for the UNDER THE BLACK SUN OPEN AIR in Germany 7. - 8. July. The band will also enter Los Angered Recording in Gothenburg / Sweden again sometime this autumn to record a mini album. Tracks included will be a new one (title TBA), When the World Lights Dim (originally recorded for Norwegian Native Art), cover of Root's Casildas Song & one more coversong - www.einherjer.com. Release scheduled for November/December 2000

  • ANGELGRINDER - A new extreme Black/Death Metal band, formed by members of EINHERJER has just signed with Native North Records. Their upcoming album "The Heretic" is scheduled for release in November/December 2000. "The Heretic" is a lesson in pure sinister aggression. Extreme, dark & furious. Release scheduled for November/December 2000

  • The Norwegian viking metal band ULVHEDIN has just signed with Native North Records and they're about to enter Grieghallen Studio in September to record their forthcoming album. ULVHEDINs debut-album will most certainly fit the ranks of Native North perfectly. Viking metal with a vengance. A fantastic blend of metal and medieval strength. Check out their official website - www.ulvhedin.com. Release scheduled for November/December 2000

  • WITCHERY - Jensen and company are hard at work writing new material. More news as it develops but a new album before the end of the year is anticipated.

  • In April 2000, a new musical project of hate was created. The new extreme Metal group would be called WOLFEN SOCIETY. There will be "NO" Political Correct bullshit in this Cult of Misanthropic elitists. Presently, the band is working on getting ready to record an EP, which will feature a couple new songs and a cover of CARNIVORE's song "Race War". After that, the band plans to market their work to larger Record Labels, so that they may record their up-coming album "Misanthropic Race". the band consists of ex-members/members of ACHERON, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAIN and THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB. Keep an eye out for these preachers of total war and chaos. Feed the fire, burn this world down to the ground!!!!! HAIL VICTORY!

    VINCENT CROWLEY - Bass/Vocals
    JEFF GRUSLIN - Lead Vocals
    KYLE SEVERN - Drums
    JEFF ELROD - Rhythm Guitar
    THOMAS THORN - Keyboards and Samples

  • UNLEASHED POWER has a new new drummer.  Mike "Fabes" Faivre is from Oakland, CA former Des Mortz/Never. His first assignment will be to ready himself for shows and the next album. If you wanna know more about him go to U.P. site and also check out the members profiles page that are now on!

  • Holed up in famed producer, Michael Wagner's Wired World studio, just oustide Nashville, TN and located on the grounds of ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann's 10 acre farm, HAMMERFALL let BW&BK be the first people in the world to hear the recordings for Renegade, the Swedish metallers' third album. Talk of a 'more commercial sound' could not be further from the truth, as the ten originals (surprise, no covers!) pack quite a punch. While the tracks have yet to be finalized into a specific running order, they are 'Templars Of Steel,' 'Living In Victory,' 'A Legend Reborn,' 'Keep The Flame Burning,' 'The Way Of The Warrior,' 'Destined For Glory,' 'Renegade,' 'Always Will Be' and as yet untitled instrumental. Although HammerFall have disbanded the practice of putting other people's music on their discs, the band has recorded a version of TWISTED SISTER's 'We're Gonna Make It,' for an upcoming tribute. Watch for a full studio report and interview in BWBK #43! Hard Radio

  • The second METALIUM record, State Of Triumph, is a grittier concept album with more guitar riffs than their debut. The track listing is: 'Elements', 'Steel Avenger', 'Years Of Darion', 'Breakout', 'Erania', 'Stygian Flames', 'Prophecy', 'Eye Of The Storm', 'Inner Sight', 'State Of Triumph' and 'Music'... Hard Radio

  • VIRGIN STEELE's Magick Fire Music EP is out on June 19th. The six tracks are comprised of three inclusions from the upcoming House Of Atreus, Part II: 'Wings Of Vengeance', 'Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)' and 'Agamemnon's Last Hour (Silver Sided Death),' as well as different versions of material off the first part of David DeFeis' ancient Greek rock opera... Hard Radio

  • VICIOUS RUMORS new CD, Sadistic Symphony, contains the following tracklisting: 'Break', 'Sadistic Symphony', 'Born Again Hard', 'Black Light', 'Puritan Demons', 'March Of The Damned', 'Neodymium Man', 'Cerebral Sea', 'Liquefy' and 'Elevator To Hell'. The band line-up for the album is guitarist Geoff Thorpe, vocalist Morgan Thorn, bassist Cornbread, drummer Atma Anur and guitarist Ira Black... Hard Radio

  • CHIMAIRA's upcoming full length debut entitled "Pass Out Of Existence" is set to be produced by Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, the band expects to hit the studio in the fall to begin recording with a release set for early next year. Tentative songtitles for the album include: "Pass Out Of Existence," "Asiatic Cholera," "Without Moral Restraint," "Dead Inside," and "Taste My..." Heavy rumors suggest the band might possibly sign with Roadrunner Records in the near future, but as of yet nothing is final. Pimp Rock Palace

June 1st, 2000
  • ANGEL CORPSE, the band has split up - 'The Inexorable' will be reissued as a digipack with two cover songs, one from Morbid Angel and one from Sarcofago - Gene (g) and Tony (d) are said to be forming a new band. Metal Update

  • ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP has signed Malevolent Creation and Hateplow - releases will be distributed worldwide through Pavement Music - the label has plans to reissue the first three Malevolent Creation albums with bonus tracks. Metal Update

  • FALCONER, recently signed by Metal Blade, this band features Stefan Weinerhall formerly of Mithotyn - the style is described as Viking influenced power metal. Metal Update

  • BENUMB guitarist Dave Hogarth has left the band - they will continue on as a four piece. Metal Update

  • FIREBIRD, this new Rise Above Records signing features Leo Smee (Cathedral), Ludwig Wiu (Spiritual Beggars) and Bill Steer (Carcass) - look for an album by late this year. Metal Update

  • PRIMER 55 is looking for a drummer - auditions start June 7, then it's off to Ozzfest - send demos with picture/info and/or video tapes to:

    PRIMER 55
    PO Box 197565
    Louisville, KY 40259-7565 Metal Update

  • In July ROLF MUNKES BAND is mixing and mastering their first CD in the studio of Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot) in Finland. You will find on the CD a little guest drum-solo of Anders Johansson  (Hammerfall/ex-Malmsteen) and other really good specials.