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July 31st, 2005
  • ARCH ENEMY "Doomsday Machine"!

    The new album entitled "Doomsday Machine" is completed! Take a deep breath: On August 22nd 2005 (European release date) the mighty metal universe will never be the same again. The sixth studio album of ARCH ENEMY is probably the most intense and interesting piece of work they have assembled in their career so far. Guitarist & songwriter Michael Amott comments:

    “I was at Andy Sneap’s studio in England these last few days and we put the final touches to the album – it is now mixed and mastered and ready to be delivered to our record labels…finally! Yes, it took longer than we anticipated, but listening to it now…it’s such a big step up for us – on every level. I am excited about the songs, the production and overall ÜBER-METAL feel of this new album!!! It’s definitely been worth all the hard work!”

    Songs such as the massive hookline-monster “Nemesis”, which will also be the first video-clip, the pounding “I Am Legend / Out For Blood” or the mighty “Carry The Cross” prove that this band is marching onwards into a new dimension, smashing all boundaries . A majestic piece of extreme Metal art. The disc’s striking cover art was done by acclaimed artist Joachim Luetke (Dimmu Borgir, Destruction, etc.). Michael adds:

    “We are all extremely pleased with the artwork for the new album! I had a few ideas initially that I discussed with Joachim on the phone, and when he started sending over images, we were seriously blown away. When you work with creative people of this caliber, you just let them do what they do, so we just let him get on with it. He’s a very productive guy, very sharp. He expanded on the ‘Doomsday Machine’ concept and took it to some really interesting (albeit very dark) places. It’s one of those great situations when the artwork totally works with the music.”

    Right now the band is preparing for the mighty Ozzfest tour taking place from July 15th – September 4th all over North America. Besides ARCH ENEMY such high class acts as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, The Haunted, In Flames, Velvet Revolver and many more are confirmed to perform. For more details check http://www.ozzfest.com After Ozzfest the band will be touring Europe, the dates are being worked on right now.

    Check out the band’s official site for more details: http://www.archenemy.net

  • UNLEASHED Record DVD at the With Full Force!

    Warriors of true death metal art unite! The mighty UNLEASHED invited all of their loyal fans to be part of the recordings for the upcoming DVD. The event took place at the With Full Force Open Air in Germany, Friday, July 1st 2005 at 0:00h... The beginning of the "Knüppelnacht"!

    Scream as loud as you can, mosh like the one insane - be simply M.E.T.A.L.!

  • KRISIUN hit the road and new album recordings!

    The Brazilian kings of killing are set to return to Europe for some more extreme Death Metal live-mayhem this Summer! Currently on an extensive tour all over North America with Hate Eternal, Incantation and Into Eternity, the almighty KRISIUN re-appear on European stages between August 6th and the 20th, showcasing them at festivals like Party-San (D), Summer Breeze (D), Mountains Of Death (CH), Mid Summer Fest (B) and Brutal Assault (CZ). Directly after these dates, KRISIUN will be heading into Andy Classen’s Stage One Studio (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Tankard, Disbelief, etc.) nearby Kassel, Germany, to record their new studio album. Their still untitled new long-player and follow-up to the “Bloodshed” Mini-CD release promises to become another well-produced masterpiece of brutal Death Metal, since the band already recorded “Conquerors Of Armageddon” in the same location.

    Witness KRISIUN crush the following venues:

    Krisiun – Live in Europe:
    06. August 05 (NL) Rotterdam - Baroeg
    07. August 05 (B) Langedem / Gent – Sporthal / Mid Summer Festival
    08. August 05 (UK) London - Underworld
    09. August 05 (UK) Brighton - Engine Room
    11. August 05 (D) Essen - Zeche Carl
    12. August 05 (D) Bad Berka - Party San Open Air
    13. August 05 (CZ) Prag - Brutal Assault Festival
    14. August 05 (PL) Szczecin - Crossed Pistons
    16. August 05 (SCG) Beograd - Klub Enter
    17. August 05 (SLO) Ljubljana - Ortobar
    18. August 05 (CH) Islikon - C4
    19. August 05 (D) Abtsgmünd - Summer Breeze Open Air
    20. August 05 (CH) Muotathal - Mountains of Death Festival

    Booking: www.metallysee.be

    Official band website:

  • THE GATHERING, opening their archives!

    The Gathering and Century Media are opening their archives to present a luxurious double CD set full of rare and unreleased material. "Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides" will be released on August 22nd, 2005 all over Europe.

    CD1 offers “the b-sides” from all of their out-of-print CD-Singles – including rarities like “Adrenaline” and “Theme From ‘The Cyclist’”, as well as cover versions from Talk Talk, Dead Can Dance and Slowdive.

    CD 2 is full of unreleased demo recordings. In the end of 1996, The Gathering did demos for their "Nighttime Birds" album with German Krautrocker Eroc (Grobschnitt, etc.). For the first time ever you can hear all of the alternate versions as well as two instrumentals that were not used on "Nighttime Birds". Drummer Hans Rutten comments: “We love the sound of this demo Eroc mixed, crystal clear and with a lot of dynamics. Eroc had some great, crazy ideas, a pity we didn’t work together on the album.”

    Eroc adds: "Quite often demos and pre-productions end up having a lot more of that 'special something' as compared with the corresponding final results - where endless weeks of trying to 'get things perfect' have a tendency to squeeze out every last drop of spontaneity from the music."

    The other lost pearl from the band’s archive are the so-called “Texel Tapes” with pre-productions for "How To Measure A Planet?" including great alternate versions.

    Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides also features detailed liner notes by the band, rare photos and a special packaging.

    Starting as a raw, death metal influenced band, and creating what later should be called gothic metal, The Gathering have been an extraordinary group since the early ‘90s. From their rough metal roots, to the atmospheric tunes "Mandylion" had to offer, to dreamy, profound songs on "Nighttime Birds" or "How To Measure A Planet?" to their latest adventures within the progressive/triprock field, the Dutch crew always remained true to themselves while building up a continuously increasing fan base.

    THE GATHERING “Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides”
    Out on Century Media Records August 22nd, 2005

    CD one – the b-sides:
    1. In Motion #1 (live)
    Taken from Strange Machines CD-Single
    2. Leaves (live)
    Taken from Strange Machines CD-Single
    3. Adrenaline
    Taken from Adrenaline/Leaves CD-Single
    4. Third Chance
    Taken from Adrenaline/Leaves CD-Single
    5. Strange Machines (live w/Orchestra)
    Taken from The May Song CD-Single
    6. In Power We Trust The Love Advocated (Dead Can Dance cover version)
    Taken from Kevin’s Telescope CD-Single
    7. When The Sun Hits (Slowdive cover version)
    Taken from Adrenaline/Leaves CD-Single
    8. Confusion (demo/ Eroc session)
    Taken from Adrenaline/Leaves CD-Single
    9. Shrink
    Taken from Liberty Bell CD-Single
    10. Frail (live)
    Taken from Liberty Bell CD-Single
    11. Theme From ”The Cyclist”
    Taken from Rollercoaster CD-Single
    12. Leaves (live w/Orchestra)
    Taken from Rollercoaster CD-Single
    13. Life Is What You Make It (Talk Talk cover version)
    Taken from Amity CD-Single
    14. Amity (live at Isabelle)
    Taken from Amity CD-Single

    CD two – the rarities:
    1. New Moon, Different Day *
    2. Kevin’s Telescope (instrumental) *
    3. Shrink *
    4. The Earth Is My Witness *
    5. Diamond Box (previously unreleased instrumental) *
    6. Nighttime Birds *
    7. On Most Surfaces *
    8. Hjelmar’s (previously unreleased instrumental) *
    9. My Electricity **
    10. Probably Built In The Fifties **
    11. Illuminating **
    12. Red Is A Slow Colour **
    13. Travel **

    * Demo session for Nighttime Birds, recorded at Woodhouse Studios, Germany. Mixed by Eroc November 1996.
    ** Demo session for How To Measure A Planet?, recorded at Texel, the Netherlands, February 1998.


  • EXTOL on tour with Opeth!

    After supporting Mastodon in Europe, God Forbid in the UK and just spending 2 months in North America touring all over the place to promote their current album "Blueprint", Norway´s unique EXTOL are confirmed as support for Sweden's progressive, atmospheric death metal heroes Opeth on their next European tour in September.

    EXTOL´s drummer David Husvik commends on this as follows:

    "...once again we've been given the opportunity to join this high quality, legendary band on their European tour in September. This is such a privilege for us. We hope people all over Europe are just as excited as we are about Opeth's new album-release and this upcoming tour..."And here are the dates:


    06. September 05 (UK) Birmingham Academy
    07. September 05 (UK) Manchester Academy
    08. September 05 (UK) London Meanfiddler
    09. September 05(B) Antwerp Hof Ter Lo
    10. September 05 (D) Köln Underground
    11. September 05 (NL) Tilberg D13
    13. September 05 (F) Paris Locomotive
    14. September 05 (NL) Amsterdam Melkweg
    15. September 05 (D) Essen Zeche Carl
    16. September 05 (D) Berlin Columbia Club
    17. September 05 (D) Hamburg Grünspan
    18. September 05 (S) Malmö KB
    19. September 05 (N) Oslo Rockefeller
    20. September 05 (S) Göteborg Sticky Fingers
    21. September 05 (S) Stockholm Klubben
    23. September 05(FIN) Helsinki Tavastia - SOLD OUT!
    24. September 05 (FIN) Helsinki Tavastia - SOLD OUT!
    25. September 05 (FIN) Helsinki Nosturi - ALL AGES!

    Don´t miss this package of today´s high quality metal!The band´s latest effort “Blueprint” was released in February 2005 and earned amazing response from the press:

    “…great melodies are the trademark of this band that distinguishes themselves by both creative ideas and brilliant technical skills.” 14 out of 15 points / Legacy (D)

    “With “Blueprint” EXTOL delivered an unbelievable emotional album once more.”

    9 out of 10 points / Metal Heart (D)

    6 out of 7 points / Metal Hammer (D)

    8,5 out of 10 points / Rock Hard (D)


  • NEVERMORE are just getting started on the Gigantour in the US alongside Megadeth, Life Of Agony, Dream Theater, The Dillinger Escape Plan and many more before they come over to Europe in September for their long awaited headlining tour with support from sensational Danish newcomers MERCENARY and German thrashers Dew-Scented!

    Here are the complete European dates:

    Presented by Rock Hard (D)
    16. September 05 (NL) Tilburg 013
    17. September 05 (B) Antwerpen Hof Ter Loo
    18. September 05 (NL) Haarlem Patronaat
    20. September 05 (UK) Dudley JB´s
    21. September 05 (UK) Glasgow Cathouse
    22. September 05 (UK) Dublin Whelans
    23. September 05 (UK) Bradford Rio
    24. September 05 (UK) Nottingham Rock City
    25. September 05 (UK) London Scala
    27. September 05 (D) Bochum Zeche
    29. September 05 (I) Milan Rolling Stone
    01. October 05 (A) Salzburg Rockhaus
    02. October 05 (SLO) Ljubljana VPK Mediapark
    03. October 05 (HUN) Budapest Petofi Hall
    05. October 05 (D) Frankfurt Batschkapp
    06. October 05 (D) Hamburg Markthalle
    08. October 05 (S) Gothenburg Chalmers
    09. October 05 (S) Stockholm Klubben
    11. October 05 (D) Osnabrück Hyde Park

    Booking: http://www.continental-concerts.de


    NEW YORK - The two unlikely worlds of punk rock and the martini-sipping lounge scene have collided as the Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass on a hip, swinging collection entitled "Fiend Club Lounge."

    Officially endorsed by the Misfits and released via their Misfits Records label imprint, "Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge" is a smooth ride through 11 Misfits classics, as performed by Sam Elwitt's Nutley, N.J., bred Nutley Brass.

    "If Grandpa Munster had a band as a teenager it would have sounded like the Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass!" said Misfits founding member Jerry Only. "Fun for monsters of all ages."

    Franch Coma, original guitarist for the Misfits, added:

    "'The Misfits meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge' is one of the best renditions of some of the best Misfits songs ever recorded. Any true, and I mean true, musician will appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentations on this CD.

    It takes punk music to a different level. It shows us how anything is possible if you want to make it happen."

    The lounge-core tribute to the legendary horror-punk band was envisioned by the project's Producer, John Cafiero, who had been directing a Ramones DVD and was in touch with Elwitt for use of some of his music from "The Ramones Songbook as Played by the Nutley Brass." Cafiero had discovered the Nutley Brass back in 1995 and after contacting Elwitt about the Ramones DVD, the concept of "Fiend Club Lounge" began to develop.

    "Even legendary composers of the genre like Gert Wilden, Esquivel and the Jaguar God himself, Les Baxter would be proud of these Misfits classics, served with a twist and scientifically proven to sooth your road rage," said Cafiero. "It's supposed to be fun and funny," Elwitt said."It's not supposed to replace or improve on Misfits recordings in any sense. It's supposed to complement them. Think of it as just another way to enhance your overall Misfits experience."

    The track listing for "Fiend Club Lounge" is:

    1. Last Caress
    2. Astro Zombies
    3. Where Eagles Dare
    4. Some Kinda Hate
    5. Hybrid Moments
    6. Hatebreeders
    7. Teenagers From Mars
    8. Attitude
    9. Angelf*ck
    10. Skulls
    11. Die Die My Darling

    "Fiend Club Lounge" features all new paintings created exclusively for the release by legendary "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine cover artist Basil Gogos, plus an eight-page booklet and extensive liner notes. First pressing copies include a Limited Edition Fiend Club Lounge drink coaster perfect for resting a cocktail while enjoying the smooth sounds.

    "Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge" is available through Misfits Records/Rykodisc on June 28.

    For more information including, sound clips, Ecard, artwork and more visit:
    www.misfits.com, www.rykodisc.com.

  • BLESSING THE HOGS release date unleashed

    Release Date: 26 July 2005

    Inhuman. Merciless. Uncompromising. San Francisco’s heaviest return with their sophomore album, The Twelve Gauge Solution. Often praised for their original and uneasily characterized sound, BLESSING THE HOGS forge a style of heavy music all their own. Punishing vo-kills, rapid fire drums and dropped tuned fucking mayhem - all the key ingredients that BLESSING THE HOGS are known for - show up in spades this time around.

    Featuring Billy Anderson (the studio wizard who has worked with the like of MELVINS, MR. BUNGLE, BRUTAL TRUTH, HIGH ON FIRE, FANTOMAS, KISS IT GOODBYE, NEUROSIS, EYEHATEGOD, UNSANE, SICK OF IT ALL and many more) in their lineup, BLESSING THE HOGS show no sign of relenting on their musical quest.

    Recorded by Billy at Take Root Studios, San Francisco and Oakland’s Shark Bite Studios, mixed at Trax East by Eric Rachel and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, The Twelve Gauge Solution features eleven new songs. Also included are two covers (Quicksand’s “Fazer” and the Melvins’ “Hogleg”) featuring guest lead vocals by Sean Ingram (ex-COALESCE) that must be heard to be believed.

    If the music itself wasn’t enough, the CD has an enhanced portion for your computer. This contains the videogame Metal Man, the music video for Let’s Play Doctor… Kevorkian plus assorted band photos and web links.

    Mark down 2005 as The Year of the Hogs, because The Twelve Gauge Solution is near.


  • JAG PANZER Guitarist Reports On Bang Your Head Festival And Internet Guitar Lessons

    Having performed this weekend at Germany’s sold-out Bang Your Head Festival alongside metal-legends Dio, Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Candlemass and more, Jag Panzer guitarist Chris Broderick reported on the festival, the amazing crowd response, and answered a few questions on his current guitar activities: “Sold out!!! Over 20,000 people; it was insane! The first thing I saw rolling into Balingen, Germany was a sea of camping tents and everyone hanging out partying until the festival began. When we hit the stage at 2:00 PM, it was incredible. The amphitheater was already packed with fans, and the response was unbelievable! With their fists in the air, singing along with every song, the fans made playing the festival a 1000 times more enjoyable.” For pictures of the event and the bands performance click here.

    Additionally, for those interested in taking guitar lessons from one of metal’s best, from virtually anywhere in the world, Broderick is giving guitar lessons over the Internet. He spent some time answering questions about how he does this and what it takes to start taking these lessons.

    Question: What inspired you to start giving Internet lessons?

    Chris Broderick: Well, I was starting to get a lot of emails from people wishing they could take lessons [from me] but they lived in other states, making it too far for them. I also liked the idea of being able to still give lessons while touring. You could give them from local hotspots like Internet cafes and also from venues that the band is playing, I think it would be unique to get instruction from someone on the road and see what touring life is really like. I had seen online instruction before, but never in real time like personal lessons run, so as far as I know, I am the first to do this, and it was my idea. The funny thing is that when I initially ran this by some of my students who know a lot about computers, they said it wouldn't work, so I canned the idea for a while.

    Q: What equipment would someone need to have to participate in a lesson this way?

    CB: Very little actually: a computer with DSL or cable Internet connection, which a lot of people have, and you also need a web cam, which costs about $20. All of the software my students and I use is free and works very well. Currently my favorite instant messenger is MSN, because you can make the image of the other person full screen, and it has good audio and minimal latency. For sending and receiving tabs and standard music notation, I use Powertab 1.7, which supports 7-string guitars.

    Q: How many students do you give lessons to this way, and how is it working?

    CB: Well, I would like my students to respond to that, so you can head to my website and click on the lessons page and then student testimonials, or click on this link to read what they think. Currently, I have 11 students over the Internet, and it is working really well. Every once in a while the audio might drop out for a second, but it's very minimal and has the same feel of in-person lessons. One cool thing is you can record your lesson for future reference, and with Powertab you can listen to the assignments I give on your computer at any tempo. PT can also transpose into new keys and shift fingerings for you at the click of a button.

    Q: How did your students find out about your Internet lessons?

    CB: Through a few sources, my web site and forum, my posts on the Jag Panzer website and forum, and also www.Blabbermouth.net who also ran the story for me.

    Q: Are your students fans of the band, or did they find out about your lessons because of your technical prowess?

    CB: Some of both, I think. If you know about my playing, you know about Jag Panzer. A few people know about me through other guitar sites that host lead clips, but I would say 90% are fans of Jag Panzer.

    Q: How would someone wanting to signup for lessons get in touch with you?

    CB: First, I recommend going to the lessons page on my web site, www.chrisbroderick.com, check it out, and then they can email me at [email protected]com

    Chris Broderick has a degree in Classical Guitar Music Performance from Denver University. Please contact him directly about his revolutionary lesson methodology.

  • SOLSTICE and the new EP

    Having just moved from spring into summer makes me appreciate this song even more, even though its about the winter solstice and its 95 fucking degrees outside. Imagine Cathedral meets Ted Nugent meets Ministry and you get the song I like to call Solstice.

    This song completes the 5 songs needed for the EP. Needless to say It is going to be a heavy album. Once again a square peg in a round hole, most goth shows are too light weight to play KBT. The ambient electronica trend sort of shoves stuff like this out of the way. One would wonder if they would do the same to .45 Grave who were some damn heavy Death Rock back in the day.

    So KBT weighs in with the metalheads. Sorry, the Encyclopedia Metallum said NO, KBT is Gothic Rock not metal so you won't be looking us up in there.

    So here we are, heavy fucking Gothic Rock. All bloodied up and no place to die. Heaven won't take us and Hell is afraid we'll piss on the fire.

    so piss we will....

    The first song will be the now classic werewolf song, Loup Garou, an a-flat-minor binge with lots of red fangs for your children and bloody nights of lycanthropic mayhem

    The second is Steel from the soon to be deceased "Two Behind the Ear" single. The slow sawing through the wrist with a manic depressive bridge.

    Third will be the latest recording, Solstice, a pagan outburst of fire and thoughts of mead and a far cry from "Harm None". More like "Check out all these heads on my belt, now lets drink an ocean of mead and have rough sex on the ground in the name of the War Goddess!"

    Fourth is the ultra-heavy "Tears of Broken Glass". I don't know. I must have had a real shitty day at work when I wrote this one. One of those "Lets clean out the workplace with a machinegun" kind of days. The beat is all industrial blackmetal and it shows in the guitars and vocals too. Those who remember my Finsternis days will get a taste of the old guard in this song.

    Last(?) is my cover of REO Speedwagon's Ridin' the Storm Out. covers are a KBT tradition and one that will continue even after I hire some fellow assassins and go live. Covers establish a connection between bands and people who have never heard the original music so I like to take old songs fuck with them and play them for people. You all really loved Werewolves of London and I hope you get into this one too.

    Add some samples of Jim Jones, George Romero Movies and the very sounds of Hell itself and you get Ancient Rider, soon to happen in your neighborhood.

    Keep Killin'


    Candlelight Records with Rise Above Records are gearing up for a hot summer with the release of the new album from Witchcraft. Titled Firewood, the album will hit stores nationwide on July 26. The band premiered material from the album at this year's Emissions of the Monolith.

    "So much more than just another doom outfit, Witchcraft weave the arcane spirits of many '70s pioneers into a vintage yet vital concoction for today," said Terrorizer Magazine in their year-end 2004 poll of the years best albums. Working again with Jens Henriksson (producer), Firewood was recorded in England and enjoys a brighter and fuller sound than its predecessor. Whilst their self-titled album made a sizable dent in the minds of the doom cult fanatics, this new slab will go a long way to establishing them beyond the narrow parameters of the underground to fertile pastures anew. Recent converts will be floored by their masterful grip of classic rock dynamics and their faithful followers, who have been awaiting patiently for their return, will find a natural successor to their incredibly striking debut.



    Candlelight Records is set to ship its first promotion sampler since the launch of its US operation in 2001. Titled Beyond Extremes, the 76-minute compilation features artists that span the growing label and its US label partners (including Regain Records, Tabu Records, Appease Me Records, Threeman Recordings, Continental Entertainment, Karmageddon Media). The sampler will include advance music from forthcoming albums from Pro-Pain, Grand Magus and Octavia Sperati, each with new records coming out in June.

    Beyond Extremes will be available at Tower Records, Mediaplay and FYE outlets nationwide. Additionally the sampler will be available at Newbury Comics, Homer's Music, Discount Records, plus mailorder departments at Century Media, The End and Relapse Records. Artwork for the sampler was designed by Chris Dick.

    Featured artists for Beyond Extremes include Marduk, Crionics, Vreid (former members of Windir), Enslaved, Blut Aus Nord, Grand Magus, The Mighty Nimbus, Crowbar, Entombed, Pro-Pain, Kyroburn, Project Failing Flesh (featuring Eric Forest/ex-Voivod), Octavia Sperati, Slumber, Susperia, Insomnium, Scenteria, Kaamos, Vicious Art and 1349.


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records today confirms a new North American agreement with Germany's AFM Records. Under the agreement, Candlelight will cooperatively market and release several titles, including new records from Masterplan, Rob Rock and Annihilator.

    AFM Label Manager Nils Wasko says of the new cooperation, "we are very happy that AFM has found a professional license partner for the USA and that everyone at Candlelight is so enthusiastic about our releases. We are really looking forward to working with them."

    Candlelight's Edward Christie says, "we are very excited about the new cooperation with AFM. Nils and his staff have a great roster and really support and believe in their artists; something we mirror at Candlelight. We expect great results from our agreement and look forward to getting started."

    Based outside Frankfurt, Germany, AFM Records was founded by Squealer vocalist Andreas "Henner" Allendörfer over ten years ago. Since then the company has grown to include an impressive roster of artists and a growing worldwide sales base. AFM is the current home to Doro (former vocalist of Warlock), Destruction, UDO, Tankard and the early recordings from Edguy.



    The critically acclaimed, highly influential Texas-based rock trio King's X has signed with Inside Out Music America. The band's recent work has been released by Inside Out except in North America, and signing with IOMA unifies its label worldwide.

    The first new King's X album from guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor, bass guitarist/vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer/vocalist Jerry Gaskill under the new deal will be released in North America on September 27, 2005. It is currently untitled and will include up to 14 songs; the track listing is being finalized.

    "Signing with InsideOut is due to the longstanding relationship we have with the great people at the label like Thomas Waber in Germany and Jim Pitulski here in America," says Tabor. "It's another opportunity where we found ourselves free to make a change. We have signed with a new booking agent too.

    "With Inside Out, we have that friendship and we have the same goals. They are also realistic and honest. They don't pull punches. It's a logical match."

    Tabor first got to know Waber and Pitulski in recent years via his solo and all-star side projects such as Platypus, The Jelly Jam and Jughead that were released by InsideOut. Gaskill's solo album 'Come Somewhere' was also issued by the label.

    The new King's X album was produced by Michael Wagener, who has produced, engineered or mixed work by the likes of Metallica, Alice Cooper, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Extreme and many others.

    "This was a big change for us after years of self-producing our albums. We wanted to be free to focus on the music itself. Things were often fragmented the past several years. I had to oversee a lot of business things -- such as working with different labels for different territories -- that sometimes didn't allow me to really focus on the music as much as I wanted," Tabor says.

    "Michael wasn't pushing us in any one direction. It was just four guys having a good time creating sounds and music. It's a broad-sounding record. It's hard to compare our music from album to album, but vocally this one has elements of early King's X and sonicaly it's similar to our recent ones.

    "It feels so fresh to be able to concentrate fully on the music. I honestly believe this new album is our best record in many, many years."

    King's X also plans to shoot videos for two singles from the album, their first promotional clips since 1998's 'Tapehead.' They will be directed by Dr. Teeth, who has helmed videos that are all over MTV for artists such as new hip-hop sensation Mike Jones. Tabor loves Dr. Teeth's hip-hop videos -- "The guy is extremely talented," he says -- and they met through mutual friends in Houston.

    Tabor explains that the band is refreshed after having taken this year off so far.

    "This was our first break after five straight years of torturous work on King's X and side projects. It was absolutely non-stop. Zero time off," he says.

    King's X is back with renewed energy and creative fire, and the eclectic nature of the band's work and Inside Out's expertise in quality handmade music makes it a perfect partnership.

    For all the latest King's X news, visit:


  • FEAR FACTORY To Release Transgression On Calvin Records August 23rd

    New Album To Feature Production By Toby Wright
    And Special Guest Billy Gould

    Fear Factory has announced that it will release its newest album Transgression on
    August 23rd through Calvin Records, an imprint of Liquid 8 Records that was created specifically for the band and upcoming metal acts.

    A much-anticipated follow up to Archetype, which received critical acclaim in 2004 when it sold over 125,000 copies nationwide, Transgression is already being hailed as one of the band’s most explorative works to date, displaying a more mature and experimental sound.

    “This release is very precise and heavy,” said drummer Raymond Herrera. “This album is reminiscent of Obsolete, in that it is has a big, cinematic sound to it.”

    This sound, which can be partially attributed to producer Toby Wright’s (Alice in Chains, Korn, Metallica) influence, embodies the distinctive combination of Herrera’s machine-like drumming and vocalist Burton C. Bell’s trademark bipolar vocal style. Guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers and bassist Byron Stroud round out the group’s sound with bludgeoning assaults as the band’s usual backing keyboards add a surreal atmosphere to the 12 songs.

    “Toby is a really big fan,” says Herrera. “It’s not like we’re bringing in a heavy hitter just for the sake of doing it. He understands what the band is about.” Bell seconds that opinion: “We are all very, very excited about the collaboration with Toby.”

    A truly notable feature of Transgression is the presence of an impressive guest musician: former Faith No More bassist Billy Gould, who contributed his talents to “Echo of My Scream” and “Super Nova”.

    “Billy brings a different vibe to the music, the way his bass lines move around the beat and drive the songs with a unique element,” said Bell.

    Other big plans for Fear Factory in the summer of 2005 include their participation on the main stage of Gigantour. The band was hand picked by Dave Mustaine, the mastermind behind speed metal legends Megadeth, who will be co-headlining the tour. Also featuring Dream Theater, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore on the main stage and Life Of Agony, Symphony X, Dry Kill Logic and Bobaflex on the second stage, Gigantour promises to be one of the most impactful tours of the summer.

    Gigantour dates include:
    7/21 Fresno CA Selland Arena
    7/22 Las Vegas NV Thomas and Mack Arena
    7/23 Sacramento CA The Cove at Cal Expo
    7/24 Concord CA Chronical Pavillion
    7/30 Tucson AZ Casino Anselmo
    8/2 Dallas TX Nokia Live
    8/4 Corpus Christi TX Concrete Street Amphitheatre
    8/6 Orlando FL Hard Rock Live
    8/7 West Palm Beach FL Sound Advice Amphitheatre
    8/10 Detroit MI DTE Energy Amphitheatre
    8/12 Chicago IL Tweeter Center
    8/19 Portland ME Civic Center
    8/20 Manchester NH Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    8/23 Wantagh NY Jones Beach Amphitheater
    8/24 Holmdel NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
    8/26 Boston MA Bank of America Pavilion
    9/2 Montreal QC Bell Centre
    9/3 Toronto ON Molson Amphitheatre

    For more information, please visit


  • Megaforce To Re-Release VIO-LENCE's Eternal Nightmare 2CD Package On June 28, 2005

    Megaforce Records will reissue Vio-Lence's classic, Eternal Nightmare, with a live bonus CD on June 28, 2005. San Francisco's Vio-Lence was a controversial band and a favorite of metal fans around the world. Noted for their intense live shows, one thing that set the band apart was their cutting lyrics. Most bands' lyrics usually come from within, but Vio-Lence took a different approach, using friends and acquaintances for the words. Often, this resulted in lyrics definitely of the tongue-in-cheek kind.

    Formed by guitarist Robb Flynn after his departure from fellow Bay Area thrashers Forbidden, Vio-Lence also featured vocalist Sean Killian, guitarist Phil Demmel, bassist Dean Dell, and drummer Perry Strickland. Heavily influenced by other thrash pioneers, the band often chose raw aggression over the more technical style of their peers. Despite Vio-Lence's short career, the band's 1988 debut Eternal Nightmare remains their standout album.

    Also included will be a bonus disc of live material from their show at Slim's in San Francisco.

    Disc 1 (Eternal Nightmare):
    1. Eternal Nightmare
    2. Serial Killer
    3. Phobophobia
    4. Calling In The Coroner
    5. T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)
    6. Bodies On Bodies
    7. Kill On Command

    Disc 2 (Live at Slim's):
    1. Liquid Courage
    2. Ageless Eyes
    3. Calling In The Coroner
    4. World In A World
    5. Officer Nice
    6. Subterfuge
    7. Kill On Command
    8. Phobophobia
    9. Bodies On Bodies
    10. I Profit
    11. T.D.S.
    12. Paraplegic

    Metal Maniacs

  • DECEASED added to Day Of The Equinox Lineup

    Virginia's veteran '80s/death/thrash act DECEASED have been added to the bill of this year's inaugural Day Of The Equinox festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 14th, 2005. It's the band's first appearance in Canada in a decade.

    Norway's GREEN CARNATION are making their exclusive North American debut as headliner at the festival. Other acts on the bill include: AGALLOCH, NOVEMBERS DOOM, UNEXPECT and WOODS OF YPRES. The co-headliner for the festival will be announced later this week.

    For more information, go here: www.dayofthequinox.com/
    Metal Maniacs

  • Sweden's IN FLAMES have posted the following message on their official website:

    "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the [new] album's done - when it comes to the music, that is. We still have to do the cover, booklet etc. Once again, we would like to say how pleased we are with the result and we can't wait until you get your hands on the finished product.

    "This is the eighth IN FLAMES album and it's awesome to feel as excited as it was our first. The name of the album will NOT be Crawl Through Knives, instead it will be Come Clarity."

    Come Clarity final track listing:

    Take This Life
    Reflect the Storm
    Dead End
    Come Clarity
    Pacing Death's Trail
    Crawl through Knives
    End of Things
    Our Infinite Struggle
    Vanishing Light
    Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

    Come Clarity was mixed at Tonteknik studio in Umea, Sweden.

    IN FLAMES singer Anders recently told Nuclear Blast magazine that the upcoming album "will be more uptempo" and will feature "more guitar harmonies" than was the case with 2004's Soundtrack to Your Escape. Metal Maniacs


    Chimaira, the self-titled third album from the Cleveland, OH sextet, is a punishing, in your face, attack on the senses. To be released on August 9th, Chimaira, the follow up to 2003's Impossibility of Reason, is filled with multi-layered songs that surge with the rage of a pitbull on steroids and the passion of a kamikaze pilot going down for the last time. Already having played some of the new songs live on their recent headlining tour, Chimaira will introduce more songs off the album as one of the headliners on the inaugural Sounds of the Underground tour that also features Opeth, DevilDriver, Lamb of God and more.

    The ten tracks that make up Chimaira's aural assault, including the first single "Nothing Remains," are packed with some of the fiercest riffs the band has ever written accompanied by shredding solos compliments of lead guitarist Rob Arnold. In addition, the band welcomes new drummer Kevin Talley (formerly of Dying Fetus) to the fold. His death-metal infused style is immediately felt on the album. However, the songs are ultimately brought to life by the personal lyrics of singer Mark Hunter. Troubled with social anxiety disorder and chronic stomach problems for years, the singer felt forced to open up as a way to ease the pain. "I thought it was time to be upfront in my lyrics and strip away the ambiguity. If not a way to connect further with our fans, but a way to lessen the suffering I feel on a daily basis." These seething and penetrating lyrics are at their best on songs such as "Salvation," "Save Ourselves," "Lazarus," "Everything You Love" and others.

    Chimaira formed in 1998 and have released two albums to date including their debut album Pass Out of Existence. They have toured the world several times over as an opener and, for the last few years, a headlining act. In 2004 the band released the highly provocative documentary The Dehumanizing Process on DVD, which showed two years in the life of the band from writing The Impossibility of Reason through their touring in support of that album, and all of the turmoil and drama contained therein. Chimaira is Mark Hunter on vocals, Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries on guitars, Jim LaMarca on bass, Kevin Talley on drums and Chris Spicuzza on electronics/keyboards. Metal Maniacs


    Robot Hive/Exodus Marks Clutch's Highest Chart Debut and First Week Sales Ever

    June 29, 2005, New York, NY -- DRT recording artist Clutchs new album, Robot Hive/Exodus, will debut next week at #93 on Billboard's Top 200 chart and #7 on the Independent Label chart. With sales of almost 13,000, Robot Hive/Exodus (their sixth studio album) marks the band's highest chart debut and biggest first week sales in their 12 year history.

    Clutch is currently co-headlining the Sounds of the Underground tour of which DRT Entertainment is a proud sponsor. The band will be playing material from the new album, including the first single "10001," as the tour crosses North America through the first week of August, and will return to the road in Fall 2005 for their own headlining tour.

    "This impressive first sales week by Clutch not only affirms the band's continuing relevance within the rock community," said DRT co-principal Derek Shulman, "but also shows how competitive an independent label like DRT can be with quality rock acts such as Clutch."

    Metal Maniacs


    The hellish terror that is french-based P.H.O.B.O.S. lands with this their debut, the mega-corrosive Tectonics. On first listen, this audio nightmare complete with grating industrial waves, tortured doom and a multitude of dissonant yet hypnotic texture is expected to immediately please fans of avant-garde genius - Voivod, Neurosis and Godflesh. And yet that only scratches their chaotic surface...

    Formed in early 2000, P.H.O.B.O.S. is the brainchild of Frederic Sacri. Initially founded as a four-piece, Sacri has directed this band of musical mechanics, meticulously recording and molding material and a sound unlike many of their peers. Entering Red Studios in 2004 with producer Olivier Anicaus, Tectonics immediately finds a band already highly evolved and one that, alongside countrymen (and labelmates) Blut Aus Nord and Overmars, are pioneering a new lineage for metal.

    Metal Maniacs

  • NUCLEAR ASSAULT: First New Album In Over a Decade on August 30!

    As one of the most-respected and hardest hitting forerunners of the original thrash metal scene, NUCLEAR ASSAULT have built an impressive and enduring legacy through their time-tested, frenzied metal attack, socially aware lyrics and healthy sense of humor. On August 30, SPV USA is proud to bring you THIRD WORLD GENOCIDE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT'S first studio album in over a decade.

    Formed in 1985 by guitarist/vocalist John Connelly and bassist Danny Lilker (Anthrax, SOD, Brutal Truth), NUCLEAR ASSAULT became one of the few bands from the Northeastern US to rival the Bay Area thrash domination in the 1980s. Storming out of New York with their 1987 debut Game Over, the band has created a legacy of work that has stood the test of time. Indeed albums such as The Plague EP, Survive and Handle With Care sound as powerful today as when they first hit the streets (and many of Connelly's lyrics are very prophetic considering the world situation in 2005.) The humor, of course, remains in tact, with the best example being a re-recording of the classic "Long Haired Asshole" from John Connelly's 1991 solo album. It may have taken a while, but they're back. And we, as metal fans, are the better for it.

    Metal Maniacs


    Glenn Danzig, at the forefront of the hardcore/dark metal movement for more than 25 years, announces that the 2005 Blackest of the Black tour will kick off in San Diego at the end of September and end on the west coast on Halloween. For the sophomore year of this Fall traveling festival, Danzig has assembled a line-up of the cr?me de la creme of the hardcore/dark/black metal bands - Chimaira, Behemoth, Himsa, Mortiis (ex-Emperor) and The Agony Scene. Danzig will headline.

    Danzig's performance on all dates of the Blackest of the Black tour will feature former Misfits' guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein for a special 30-minute set of Misfits classics. Doyle joined Danzig on a handful of tour dates last winter (New York, Philadelphia, Boston) for "the closest thing to a Misfits reunion you're going to see."

    "The Blackest of the Black tour is for extreme bands that sell out venues across the country, that sell records, but don't get radio play or get on MTV," said Danzig. "It's anti the corporate crap nu-rap-metal that gets shoved down fans' throats at other concerts."

    The Blackest of the Black festival was organized by Danzig and debuted in the Summer of 2003 with Danzig, Superjoint Ritual, Opeth, Nile, Lacuna Coil and Behemoth on the bill. "I'd like to see this being an on-going event," Danzig added.

    In addition to organizing and headlining the Blackest of the Black tour, Glenn Danzig will see the release of the DVD Il Demonio Nera (evilive) on July 12. Il Demonio Nera is a collection of videos, video outtakes, alternative versions and previously unreleased music videos from the band's Danzig 4 and Danzig 5 CDs. His new CD, Black Aria II, the follow up to 1993's Black Aria, has been completed and will be released later this year, and Glenn is in the process of shooting his first feature film,
    "Gerouge," which he has written and will direct. "Gerouge" is based on one of the comic book titles distributed by his Verotik publishing company, and concerns Turn of the Century New Orleans Voodoo.

    Glenn Danzig has received many titles, from the Godfather of dark metal, to a punk pioneer, to a man of integrity, but most agree that over his 25-year career, his intense musical and lyrical statements have left a permanent mark on rock music. He is a gifted songwriter, and his songs have been covered by such diverse artists as Johnny Cash, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Roy Orison and Evan Dando, just to name a few. Danzig's music is dark, gothic, and haunting and continues to influence generation after generation of musicians and music fans worldwide.

    Confirmed dates for the Blackest of the Black will be announced shortly.






    The Agony Scene

    Metal Maniacs

  • BOLT THROWER studio report #3 from Martin Kearns!

    Ok, another update for you...Today I put my final drum track down for the album's "bonus track", it was a real blaster (no, not blast-beat) of a song, so quite a nice one to end my recording on. Whether it makes it onto the album or not we'll see, but it's there anyway. Now it's time for the sad part, where I have to pack away my drums until we start the tour rehearsals. Overall I am (and apparently everyone else is) really chuffed with how my drums went down. I had a few nightmare moments with the record, and have had to push myself but I definitely think this is my best drumming so far, can't wait till this album is finally finished. Anyway, we're a good few weeks off that...

    The next couple of days we spent going through the drum tracks I'd recorded, picking out the best takes for future reference. Not much to say about that,the drum tracks I'd recorded, picking out the best takes for future reference. Not much to say about that, I guess you have to "be there"...haha... OK, we're ready for some guitars!! Baz is up first, doing his rhythm tracks. I heard he took 4 days to find his guitar sound when he recorded "...For Victory", so I hadn't got no clue when he'd actually start laying some tracks down! Much to my amazement, I turned up to find him actually cleaning his guitar! I've been in the band on and off for 10 years, and I think I've only seen it happen twice. Anyway, we made sure we took a photo of it as proof! The following day, Baz is still on the search for his ultimate guitar sound. There are cables everywhere, and I think just about every piece of equipment we own is being tried out. I think its sounds killer anyway, but apparently there's still a frequency that needs adjusting. The sound seems to really suit the chugging stuff, but lacks clarity when played fast - or something?! I'm glad I'm a drummer, that's all I can say! Right, well a few adjustments later and Baz is a happy man again, I've got no idea what set-up he finally decided on, and I don't wanna ask in case it gets changed again!! A change of strings and it looks like we're ready for some riffs!! Baz jams along with the first song and to be honest it's already blowing me away. He puts couple of rhythms down and we call it a day. Time to give our ears a break and come back in the morning to check that we're all happy with the sound. Next morning comes, we listen back and yes, we'll all very happy with the sound. Baz plugs in and we're ready to roll again, more on that next time...


    Metal Maniacs

  • THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER forced to cancel practice!

    Oak Park thrash metallers The Black Dahlia Murder were forced to cancel band practice last Friday after drummer Zach Gibson's involvement in alcohol fueled fisticuffs outside of a small party at his Taylor home. According to Zach, 19, a drunken man, whom he had never met, was making inappropriate advances toward Zach's significant other. It was at this time that Zach asked the inappropriate party to exit the building. Outside, Mr. Gibson was allegedly "swung upon" by the drunken man, and was forced to retaliate. The next morning Zach's hand was reportedly "Huge", and "couldn't hold a drumstick.", resulting ultimately in the cancellation. This is the first time The Black Dahlia Murder has cancelled practice since The Great Kempainen Birthday/Funeral and the ungodly appearance of The Mysterious Gooch Rash. We wish the best to these gentlemen, and hope never to hear of another missed band practice, ever, ever again.


    Metal Maniacs


    Impaled Nazarene has re-signed with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS for two more albums! We are more than happy to continue working with Osmose.

    We will enter totally new (and fantastic, must be said) SONIC PUMP studio on 21st of November 2005 to record our next studio album! The album will be recoded and mixed by Tapio Pennanen. We are at the moment writing and rehearsing the album and gotta say it will be fast, brutal as fuck, in-your-face Impaled Nazarene once again.

    Double 10" version of our DCI26CSP live album will come out in September 2005, limited to 500 copies. This delay was down to my own laziness, nothing else. Speaking of the live album, The End records has licensed it for North American market and this version shall be out on July 12th!!!

    AOWDNMP is out now as digipack version, including Hardboiled And Still Hellbound video as a bonus.

    New t-shirt designs are on the way, we will keep you posted about them. New version of the girlie shirts are out now, please check www.osmoseproductions.com/

    Latex Cult and Rapture will come out as digipacks with totally new artwork and lay-out. Both cd?s will be remastered at Finnvox studio and will have videos as extra bonus. I am working for the lay-out for Latex Cult and this will be some sick shit, I can tell you. More info later.

    We have some festival coming in the fall, Pellavarock (on August), Roctober Fest in Kajaani (as headliner) on 29th of October and on 12th of November we will headline a festival in Muhlacker-M?hlhausen, in Germany. More info on our gigs section.

    15 years and still kicking arse like no tomorrow!!

    Metal Maniacs


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records today unveils its US priority releases for the fall. set to include releases from an impressive array of artists including 1349, Dark Funeral, Ram-Zet, Lord Belial, Masterplan, Rob Rock plus debuts from Audrey Horne, Scum and more, the label continues its biggest year since its US launch in 2001.

    Intra, the new album from Ram-zet, will see US release on September 6. Produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork), Intra uniquely captures this Norwegian band’s highly unique sound. The album’s innovative song structures are matched by each musician’s passionate performance. Dark yet melodic, Intra still manages to maintain the band’s signature aggression that fans have come to adore. The band currently consists of highly skilled Norwegian musicians with background from The Kovenant, Åsmegin and For My Pain.

    No Hay Banda, the debut from Norway's Audrey Horne, will also see a September 6 release. Mixed by Joe Baressi (Queens of the Stone Age, Snake River Conspiracy), No Hay Banda runs the musical gambit bridging commercial rockers and dark/gothic sonnets. Already showing success on initial European release (the band’s pre-release single hitting Norwegian charts!), Audrey Horne will appeal to fans of Faith No More, Monster Magnet, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Foo Fighters and more. Metal Hammer says, “Audrey Horne have managed a very listenable, very powerful take on goth metal, which avoids the clichés of Marilyn Manson and successfully balances integrity and accessibility,”

    Masterplan's Aeronautics is the first release through the newly penned cooperation with AFM Records. Set for release September 20, it is a timeless record that will appeal to fans of traditional heavy metal (Dio, Whitesnake), progressive rock/metal (Dream Theater, Symphony X) as well the more adventurous fans of Opeth, Iced Earth and others. The band features Jorn Lande (Ark), Roland Grapow (Helloween), Uli Kusch (Helloween), Jan S. Eckert (Iron Savior) with Axel Mackenrott.
    The Roy Z-produced Holy Hell from Florida-based veteran vocalist Rob Rock will also see release on September 20. Classic in its sound and style, it contains Rob’s signature vocal - range, passion and all. Already well received on its initial European release (with full kudos from Rock Hard, Heavy Oder Was, Metal Heart and more), the album features artwork by Derek Gores (Edguy, Kamelot).

    Kerrang says, “the thoroughly evil Swedish quartet Lord Belial have delivered some seriously excellent blasphemy on their fifth full album, The Seal Of Belial.” Recorded at renowned Los Angered Studios with Andy LaRoque (King Diamond) at the helm, the album is a web of intricately layered and devastating riffage that is intimidating and demonic at every turn. Now after a long wait, US fans can enjoy this recording when it finally sees US release on September 20.

    October 4 will see the release of Hellfire, the highly anticipated third album from Norwegian black metallers 1349. The band, featuring Frost from Satyricon, is currently finishing up tracking and album design. Return To Yggdrasil - Live In Bergen from Enslaved will also see release on October 4. The dvd is the band's first and will preceed the band's upcoming US tour, now in the working stages. Isa, the band's latest album, continues to find new fans and sell very well worldwide.

    Gospels for the Sick, the debut from Scum, will conclude Candlelight's October 4 releases. Featuring an all-star line-up of Casey Chaos (Amen), Samoth (Zyklon/Emperor), Faust (Emperor), Cosmocrator (Mindgrinder) and Happy Tom (Turbonegro), the album is a sure-fire attention grabber. Visit www.candlelightrecordsusa.com now for the world premiere of the album's lead track.

    Candlelight also plans key catalog reissues from Dismember, Marduk, Primordial, The Exploited, a special dvd from Windir and in November the highly anticipated new album from Sweden's Dark Funeral, the new album from Khold and more.

    Candlelight Records, headquarted in London, has US offices in Philadelphia and is distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution; PHD Canada for the northern territories and Plastic Head Music Distribution for the rest of the world.


    w/Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Cephalic Carnage

    10/06 Launch Pad- Albuquerque, NM
    10/07 The Clubhouse- Tempe, AZ
    10/11 House of Blues- Anaheim, CA*
    10/12 House of Blues- West Hollywood, CA
    10/13 The Boardwalk- Orangevale, CA**
    10/14 The Pound- San Francisco, CA
    10/15 Meow Meow- Portland, OR
    10/17 Sugar- Victoria, BC**
    10/18 Studio Seven- Seattle, WA
    10/20 Warehouse- Calgary, AB**
    10/21 Starlite Room- Edmonton, AB**
    10/22 Riddel Center- Regina, SK**
    10/23 Roxy on Broadway- Saskatoon, SK**
    10/24 Pyramid- Winnipeg, MB**
    10/27 Peabody's- Cleveland, OH
    10/31 Petit Theatre Du Vieux Noranda- Royun-Noranda, QC
    11/01 Poly Laure Conan- Chicoutiml, QC
    11/03 L'Imperial- Quebec City, QC
    11/04 Medley- Montreal, QC
    11/06 Jaxx- West Springfield, VA***
    11/07 BB King's- New York, NY***

    * w/ Cattle Decapitation
    ** w/ With Passion
    *** w/ Vader, Decapitated

July 28th, 2005
  • EVENT HORIZON : debut album!

    EVENT HORIZON will end the recordings of their first album "Naked on the Black Floor" that's going to feature 8 songs of Heavy ProgMetal plus an ntro with a certain industrial flavour. Among the featured titles, thereisspace for Zero, Bited and Again, songs that already were on theirlastpromo and that have been completely recorded again.The artwork is almost complete now, by the professional hands of FedericoRebusso, known for his works for Magnifiqat and Cultus Sanguine (and also for Event Horizon's website).

  • SACRED SIN (PT) Halloween over Germany tour 2005
    28.10.05 - D - tba
    29.10.05 - D - Giessen, Jokus
    30.10.05 - D - Aachen, Schluesselloch
    31.10.05 - D - Frankfurt, The Cave
    01.11.05 - D - Hannover, Underworld
    02.11.05 - D - Biberach, Sunflower
    04.11.05 - D - Merseburg, Gasometer
    05.11.05 - D - Annaberg-Buchholz, Alte Brauerei

  • New Streams from JACKNIFE "Moment of Reckoning"

    Links to streams of "Unbreakable" and "Glimpse of Hell" from Jacknife's new album "Moment of Reckoning" can be found below. Their new album is out on Zero Sum Records on August 16th!





    HOLLYWOOD (June 27, 2005) - Marc Rizzo is one of the new breed of young guitarists in contemporary bands and has built a substantial following through his years of touring and recording with IL Nino and Soulfly. Recently, Rizzo has stepped out with solo projects that reveal a phenomenal command of the guitar. “Colossal Myopia” unveils Rizzo to be a master musician with deep musical roots in metal, classical and flamenco guitar.

    “Colossal Myopia” is a mixture of all the music that Rizzo listens to. It’s a combination of Metal Nuevo Flamenco and Jazz. “I don’t really listen to one type of music and I think my record showcases that,” explains Rizzo. “It’s an all instrumental CD for music lovers that want to enjoy pure music without all the politics and negative lyrical content.”

    Rizzo’s raw energy combined with the talent of a new-generation shred-master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock genre. Rizzo goes on to describe some of the music - “Colossal Myopia is a song that I wrote while trying to combine heavy riffing with flamenco buleria rhythms. Introspection Of An Introvert is pure shred metal, while the Piñata Hits Back is Nuevo flamenco guitar with salsa style percussion. This entire record is a total trip and I’m glad to finally have put a record out that combines all the music I love on one record. “Colossal Myopia” is really just a look into my CD collection, because I love listening to Paco de Lucia and then metal. These styles were meant to be together.”

    "Odos Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso Il Cielo"
    Digipak 2xCD 2005, Equilibrium Music

    Following a very special live performance that brought them together at the church of St. Michele in Rovigo, Ataraxia and Autunna et sa Rose have agreed to release the songs especially arranged for this unique occasion on CD.

    Autunna et sa Rose have used material from their first 3 albums, hereby interpreted on piano and cello, and featuring soprano vocals and poetic recitation. Saverio, the group's mastermind, and his companions bring to live dramatic pieces that push the typically softer tones of Neo-Classical music into a more demanding ground dominated by Contemporary Classical music. Interpretations of compositions by Ataraxia and Tuxedomoon were also part of the concert recorded in Rovigo that evening and included in this release.

    Borrowing an ancient Wiepking and Co. piano, Ataraxia rearranged a collection of their finest tracks that would fit an entirely acoustic format, revisiting them in a warmer and more intimate form. This selection covers not only tracks from most of their releases, but also titles from the sold-out EPs "Orlando" and "Des Paroles Blanches", as well as two previously unreleased songs and material never before issued on CD.

    "Odos Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso Il Cielo" will be released on a deluxe limited edition double CD Digipak, complete with booklets which will include linear notes by both artists, lyrics and exclusive photography and artwork.

    An essential release for older fans of these two legendary Italian formations, which will also serve as a perfect introduction to newer fans.

    Visit www.odos.equilibriummusic.com for details, mp3s and images from this special release.

  • ÍON (Ireland)
    "Madre, Protégenos"
    Digipak CD 2005, Equilibrium Music

    The brainchild of Duncan Patterson (also known for his involvement in Antimatter and Anathema) was fathered in 2005. Although primarily a solo project, a number of guest musicians are involved in this new venture by the Ireland-based musician, which hereby explores a more acoustic and organic side to his composition.

    'Íon' is the Gaelic word for 'pure', and the music and lyrics reflect that purity.With folk, classical, ambient and celtic influences, Patterson regresses deep into his roots including a version of Irish emigrant classic 'Goodbye Johnny Dear' which was penned by his great-grandfather, Johnny Patterson in the 1800's.

    The debut album 'Madre, Protégenos' will be released by Portuguese label Equilibrium Music later this year.

  • THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT signs with EQM out in September
    [ EQM008 ]

    The Moon and the Nightspirit (Hungary)
    "Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold"
    Digipak CD 2005, Equilibrium Music

    The Moon and the Nightspirit is a musical project formed in 2003 by two seekers, Agnes and Mihaly. It is a mystical journey into the amaranthine realm of dreams and beauty, long-forgotten by modern man. A journey inspired by pagan fables and ancient hungarian folk music.

    To share their experiences gained in worlds arcane with others, Agnes and Mihaly recorded a promotional EP in 2004, and signed to Equilibrium Music for a full-length album to be released next September.

    After a year of intense rehearsing and song-writing period, they went to studio again to record their debut album, Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold, this time with the help of a guest musician (Gabor Vegh) on percussions. The album contains 9 songs filled with enchanting female vocals, violins, woodwinds (kaval, low whistle, flute) and piano, accompanied by acoustic guitars and shaman/frame drums.

    Let the journey begin!

  • DIMMU BORGIR - Finally … a status report

    Norwegian Black Metal masters DIMMU BORGIR may have been silent this year so far, but there is of course a lot going on behind the scenes, as the band revealed in a statement. Here are their currents plans:DIMMU BORGIR will play four festival shows this year .

    About the vacant drummer position, they decided "at least for the time being, not to invite a new drummer on a permanent basis. Tony Laureano from NILE will join us for all abovementioned festivals this summer, while MAYHEM's Hellhammer has offered his services for the new full-length album. Writing will begin August/September sometime.

    It'll take the time it needs, so don't expect any release sooner than second half of 2006, at earliest. We have not yet decided who will be supervising/co-producing our next studio effort, but what we do know is that it'll most likely be a full story/concept album. We feel it's time to do something 'else,' starting on scratch exploring fresh territory, challenge ourselves."

    Another project on the album front is the re-recording of "Stormblåst" (1996), which is underway in Abyss Studios with Peter Tägtgren. Hellhammer will be onboard here also. The new release, due before the end of the year, will contain "extra material and previously unreleased stuff".

    Apart from that, all members are involved in other bands/projects like CHROME DIVISION, INSIDIOUS DISEASE, ARCTURUS, and OLD MAN'S CHILD.

  • SCAR SYMMETRY Sign with Nuclear Blast!

    NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the signing of one of Sweden's
    hopefuls in the world of Death Metal: SCAR SYMMETRY!

    This five-piece set out to create a fresh and heavy form of catchy Death Metal without any boundaries whatsoever. They wanted to incorporate huge synthesizers into the music, along with blazing virtuoso guitar soloing, which would all be backed up with complex but catchy rhythms and every style of singing known to metal in general.

    Their debut "Symmetric In Design" was released in February 2005. Sink your teeth into it - and expect new exciting headbanging anthems in 2006!

  • GOREFEST Hitting the studio

    Reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST have posted the following update on their official web site:

    " Next month, July 2005 and part of August, we will camp down at the Excess studio in Rotterdam with engineer Hans Pieters to record our fifth studio album. We have about 15 songs to record, of which we will pick about 10 to put on the album. Mixing will be done by Danish knob-toggler Tue Madsen at his home studio in Denmark in August. Tue is known for his work with MNEMIC, THE HAUNTED, ABORTED, DISBELIEF, BORN FROM PAIN and many others.

    At the moment we are finishing up on the songs and breaking our heads over how to play them. As of yet we have no title to give you, we'll get back to you on that one. During our stay in Rotterdam, a studio report will be posted on our website on a regular basis. We will let you in on the progress being made and give you an insight in typical recording processes like: girlfriend interference, ego struggle, black eyes, break-up, re-reunion, the breaking of strings, drumheads, studio interior, and so on." The release of the album is scheduled for November.

    In other news, on July 18 NUCLEAR BLAST will be reissuing the entire GOREFEST back catalogue, complete with unreleased tracks, demos and other rarities. The following three two-CD sets are currently scheduled for release:

    - Mindloss« (1996) + early demos
    - False« (1993) + "Erase" (1995) + demos
    - Soul Survivor« (1996) + "Chapter 13" (1998) + rarities

    Everything will be remastered, and booklets will contain liner notes by renowned Dutch journalist and writer Robert Haagsma, along with many pics from the band's own private stash. In addition, NUCLEAR BLAST will throw in a cool box in which to store all the CDs from the collection.

  • HYPOCRISY "Virus" tracklist

    Sweden's HYPOCRISY have finalized the tracklist for their new album "Virus", due on September 19."We can guarantee you that it sounds killer!" the band writes on their web site. We were expecting that, weren't we?

    The complete tracklist for the CD is as follows:
    01. Intro (not named yet)
    02. Warpath
    03. Scrutinized
    04. Fearless
    05. Craving For Another Killing
    06. Let The Knife Do The Talking
    07. A Thousand Lies
    08. Incised Before I've Ceased
    09. Blooddrenched
    10. Compulsive Psychosis
    11. Living To Die

  • DEW-SCENTED - Check out new songs for free!

    A brand-new DEW-SCENTED track, entitled 'Rituals of Time', and the video for 'Turn To Ash' have been posted online at the "Pre-listening section" on the NUCLEAR BLAST website.

    Both songs come off the group's CD, "Issue VI", released in Europe on June 20 and scheduled for July 12 in North America. The U.S. version of the album will include a bonus track, 'The Torrent'. Similarly, the Japanese edition of the CD, due on June 22, will feature the bonus cut 'Full-Blown Revenge'.

  • THE DUSKFALL Album completed

    Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash metallers THE DUSKFALL have completed the works on their new album "Lifetime Supply Of Guilt". The record was produced by Daniel Bergstrand at the Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala, Sweden, and mastered at the Cutting Room in Solna, Sweden.

    The album contains the following tracks:
    THE DUSKFALL - "Lifetime Supply Of Guilt"
    Trust Is Overrated
    The Shallow End
    Break The Pact
    A Stubborn Soul
    Shoot It In
    Going Down Screaming
    Hours Are Wasted
    Sympathy Has Decreased
    Downright Dreadful
    Relive Your Fall

    The album will be released on August 22.


    The band around female singer VERONICA FREEMANN will released their first record via Locomotive Records 17th of October 2005. The record will be produced by Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner). BENEDICTUM was discovered by DIO`s guitar player Graig Goldy. Freeman is called the female DIO .... A new star is born !!!

July 27th, 2005
  • CORROSION OF CONFORMITY have posted the following message on their official web site:

    "We are stunned deeply saddened by the brutal stabbings of three people at the Tampa show last night [June 23]. We don't have much information at this time. Unofficially we have heard that one victim didn't make it. In twenty-plus years of gigging we've never seen anything like this. It's sad that people can't come together for a good time listening to music without something tragic happening.

    "We feel for the families of those attacked and wish success to Tampa law enforcement in their quest to solve this pointless crime. Take care of each other and go in peace.

    "Anyone who has any information or saw anything should contact the Tampa Police at 813-276-3200."

    Nola Bradley of Extreme Metal Magazine has issued the following eyewitness account of last night's events:

    "Wow... [I] don't really know where to start. Just really kinda freaked out right now. I just got home from the Masquerade in Tampa, went to see C.O.C. and CROWBAR. The show was going great. I went up to the bathrooms. While I was in there, I heard all kinds of commotion. I came out of the bathroom to see what was going on and saw these two chicks fighting. Before I knew it, these two guys were trying to break up the fight. They were having to use serious restraint to get these girls off each other. At this time, one of the girls' boyfriend came running up, under the impression that these dudes were beating up these chicks, and the one guy grabbed his knife and gutted the two guys. In a matter of a second both guys were laying in their own blood. The stabber bolted for the door and ran away. Immediately Pepper [Keenan, C.O.C. frontman] came on the mic and asked everyone to clear a path and exit out the side doors. The venue was immediately swarmed with police, ambulance and flying helicopters because the man in on the loose. Obviously, C.O.C. didnt get to finish their set. It was an extremely greusome scene and I can't get it out of my head. I was forced to give a statement to police since I was a direct witness. This is such a terrible thing. One of the men was rumored to be dead on the scene but nothing is official."

    [Source: Blabbermouth.net]
    Metal Maniacs


    MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist David Vincent and GENITORTURERS frontwoman Gen have issued the following plea for help in the case of missing MORBID ANGEL guitarist Tony Norman (ex-MONSTROSITY):

    "MORBID ANGEL are scheduled to fly to Portugal this Wednesday for a huge festival. As of today, no one has seen or heard from Tony Norman, MORBID ANGEL's rhythm guitarist, who also used to play in the band MONSTROSITY.

    "He was last seen by us at our friends wedding when him and his girlfriend were seated at our table. This was well over a month ago and no one has had contact with him since that we can determine.

    "We have contacted many of his friends, parents etc... no one has heard from him. We think that he has recently moved within Tampa to a new place... No one seems to know where and none of his phone numbers are working.... so no one at this point is able to reach him.

    "At this point David and the rest of the MORBID ANGEL crew are really worried about him as it is not like him to be out of touch. A missing person's report has been filed.

    "If you know him or anyone that has contact with him & please help us contact anyone you know who might also know him or his girlfriend."

    [Source: Blabbermouth.net]
    Metal Maniacs

  • MEGADETH Mainman Explains Why Israel Concert Was Cut Short

    MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the Forums section of the band's official web site:

    "What happened [at the concert in Israel on June 22] from my point of view, and I was center stage, was we started playing 'Blackmail the Universe' and after that song was about half way through, the barricade broke and kids fell on top of each other. Security tried to get them stood back up, the barricade got stood back up, they brought in logs and more barricades to reinforce it. And the police said it wasn't good enough.

    "After the fourth song, I got a note to 'please stop,' and Shawn [Drover, drums] had already counted into the fifth song. So we played five songs and at the end of the fifth song, it was implied that 'we have to fix the barricade for your safety."

    "They determined, the police who had approved the barricade before the show, after the barricade got broken, that they were cancelling the show, 'please leave now.'

    "None of the blame needs to be assigned to anyone, other than just the fans being great fans and being excited as hell, and the barricade not being able to handle the pressure.

    "You are wonderful fans and I hope to see you all again."

    [Source: Blabbermouth.net]
    Metal Maniacs

  • GOD FORBID Complete New Album

    Ozzfest 2004 alumni GOD FORBID recently completed the recording process for their highly anticipated new album IV:Constitution Of Treason, set for a September 20th release. The group tracked the new offering with Jason Suecof (Trivium) at Audiohammer Studios in Florida and with Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan) at Trax East in New Jersey. The mixing duties are currently being handled by Rachel and should be completed the end of the week.

    Dallas Coyle (guitars, vocals) checks in with the following studio report:

    Dallas here checking in from the studio where we're just about to put the final touches on the new album IV: Constitution Of Treason. Eric Rachel, Doc and I have been here mixing all the songs for the record and I'd have to say this is the most amazing stuff we've put to tape. For the first time I'd say this is exactly what GOD FORBID should sound like. Our friends who have heard the record say we sound like an entirely new band. This new material is many steps above Gone Forever and a new pinnacle us as a whole. Our evolution is complete."


    Metal Maniacs


    Release Date Now Confirmed for July 12, 2005

    Attention, purveyors of All Things Danzig: Il Demonio Nera (The Black Demon), a brand-new DVD collection of videos, video outtakes, alternative
    versions and previously unreleased material from DANZIG's Danzig 4 (2000) and Danzig 5 (2002) projects, will be in-stores on Tuesday, July 12.

    Personally combing through the Danzig vaults, Glenn Danzig chose the tracks for the Il Demonio Nera DVD which offer a variety of versions of Danzig
    classics such as "I Don?t Mind The Pain," "Serpentia," "Cantspeak" and "Until You Call on the Dark." Danzig's choice of directors for these videos was certainly inspired: Dean Karr, who directed the video for "Until You Call on the Dark," went on to direct Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" video and Iron Maiden Rock in Rio concert full-length; and the never-before-released video for "Serpentia" from Danzig 5, was directed by E. Elias Merhige who helmed the feature film Shadow of the Vampire starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe.

    Il Demonio Nera is just the latest project from Glenn Danzig, arguably one of the most versatile talents to emerge from hardcore's first wave. His most current Danzig album, Circle of Snakes, was released last fall; his Black Aria 2 CD will be released later this year, and he is getting ready to direct Gerouge, his first feature film for Rainstrom Productions.

    Il Demonio Nera will be Danzig's second DVD collection of vintage videos-Danzig - Archive De La Morte, which features videos from Danzig 3 and Thralldemonsweatlive was released in 2003.

    A complete track listing and details for Il Demonio Nera is as follows:

    1. Until You Call on the Dark - MTV Version (Danzig 4)
    2. Until You Call on the Dark -Glenn Danzig Performance
    (directed by Peter Christopherson)
    3. Cantspeak - Clean Version (Danzig 4)
    4. Canspeak - Filter Pass Version
    (directed by Fred Stohr)
    5. I Don't Mind the Pain MTV Version (Danzig 4)
    6. I Don't Mind the Pain -Glenn Danzig Perfrmance
    7. I Don't Mind the Pain -Band Performance
    (directed by Dean Karr)
    8. Sadistikal -B/W Version - Unreleased (Danzig 4)
    9. Sadistikal - Color and B/W Version -Unreleased
    (directed by Glenn Danzig)
    10. Sacrifice -Director's Cut -Letterboxes (Danzig 5)
    (directed by Glenn Danzig)
    11. Serpentia -Regular Verson -Unreleased (Danzig 5)
    12. Serpentia -Alt. Verson -Unreleased
    (directed by Elias Merhige)
    Metal Maniacs


    THE ESOTERIC will be fresh off a run on the 2005 Van's WARPED TOUR and will have completed 6 solid months of coast-to-coast US touring supporting their Prosthetic Records debut CD With the Sureness of Sleepwalking.

    With the Sureness of Sleepwalking has been a press favorite with a considerable print campaign and the video for the first single "Ram-Faced Boy" has played extensively on both MTV2 and FUSE since it's release in April, culminating in scheduled walk-on appearances for both channels this summer.

    We are open to many ideas for packaging as the band can easily pair with several different styles of music.

    Please contact: ([email protected]) and copy EJ Johantgen ([email protected]) with any ideas. Metal Maniacs


    Seminal Death Metal Outfit Re-Groups And Hits The Road With Napalm Death!

    Tampa, FL - Florida Death Metal pioneers, OBITUARY are back! After a prolonged absence from the scene, the band will release their 6th studio record - FROZEN IN TIME - on July 19th, 2005. OBITUARY is also planning to hit the road this fall with brethren Napalm Death and Dead To Fall.

    "After six years of inactivity, it's like we awakened out of hibernation just as heavy as we were before. It was like our sound was frozen in time," says vocalist John Tardy. "This album isn't a new beginning, it's just what we've always done; just newer and better." One listen to the new effort and it's clear that Tardy is on target. Obituary have returned with the same force and fortitude they had in the early '90s.

    Speaking of the music - "On the Floor" opens with an incisive, churning riff, thunderous beats and bloodcurdling vocals before shifting into a chugging, bone-splintering breakdown, "Blindsided" rides a gradually ascending hate groove to a destination just south of Hell, and "Back Inside" fuses colossal crunch with pummeling double-bass drumming to create a deadly mosh pit firestorm.

    As bassist, Frank Watkins says "We look forward to seeing everyone again. It has been a long time coming!!" Get ready for OBITUARY to roll through your town! See below for announced dates:

    9/1 Springfield, VA Jaxx
    9/2 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
    9/3 Worcester, MA The Palladium
    9/4 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
    9/6 New York, NY B.B. King's
    9/7 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
    9/9 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
    9/10 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
    9/12 Chicago, IL Metro
    9/13 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
    9/14 Milwaukee, WI The Eagles Club
    9/17 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
    9/18 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution
    Metal Maniacs

  • Ace Presents Les Paul With Hs Own

    New York, NY (June 17, 2005) -- ACE FREHLEY presented the legendary Les Paul with his own signature model of the guitar on Monday, June 13th at the Iridium Jazz club in New York. The "Ace Frehley Les Paul" was a gift from Frehley to Les in celebration of his 90th Birthday this week.

    Aside from his love of the Les Paul guitar and the honor awarded Ace when his own signature model was issued in 1997, Frehley is a great admirer of the man himself.

    "Les not only designed a great rock guitar but also invented multi-track recording as we know it today. He is the Renaissance Man of Rock," stated Frehley. Metal Maniacs

  • Abacus Recordings To Release TURBONEGRO
    In North America On August 23rd!

    Abacus Recordings is proud to announce the release of TURBONEGRO's sixth album, Party Animals, in North America on August 23, 2005. Poised to unleash their newest opus upon the masses, TURBONEGRO's dark, beautiful, catchy and dangerous punk rock epic is perhaps the best full-on rock album you'll ever fall in love with. Produced lovingly by TURBONEGRO and Steve McDonald (The White Stripes, Beck, Redd Kross), the new album sees the band perfecting their mixture of punk, '70s era stadium rock, and glam rock a la David Bowie. "We've got 11 hits, all of them beautifully negative switchblade serenades," says guitarist Euroboy.

    Having rocked the punk scene in Oslo since the late eighties, TURBONEGRO has developed into one of the world's biggest underground rock bands. Having released classic albums such as Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes, TURBONEGRO's cult-like status was cemented when they released their album Scandinavian Leather last year. "Most rock n' roll bands start as a riot but end up as a parody. We started up as a parody but ended up as a revolution," said bassist Happy-Tom about their seminal position in the whole grand scheme of things - not just music, but damn it, the universe as well.

    Packed with more powerchords than the '70s, bigger balls than the last three decades of punk and metal, and fiercely epic songwriting intact, Party Animals packs quite a heady wallop. With the razor-sharp searing "Death from Above" and pounding apocalyptic "Final Warning" (featuring backing vocals by former QOTSA's Nick Olivera), this album continues in TURBONEGRO's savage fashion, but ups the ante. The frenetic "Wasted Again" features Black Flag/Circle Jerks original vocalist Keith Morris who's mere presence instantly adds to the cool quotient.

    Licensed from Burning Heart Records, Abacus Recordings' US version of Party Animals will include a bonus DVD of behind-the-scenes footage. Clearly an unstoppable punk-rock juggernaut, TURBONEGRO aims to hit the States later this year to prove like their album title, they truly are PARTY ANIMALS!

    All My Friends Are Dead
    Blow Me (Like The Wind)
    City Of Satan
    Death From Above
    Wasted Again
    High On The Crime
    If You See Kaye
    (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)
    Stay Free
    Babylon Forever
    Hot Stuff / Hot Shit
    Final Warning
    Metal Maniacs


    Necro will be working with Igor Cavelera of Sepultura on a track for his upcoming anxiously awaited release CIRCLE OF TYRANTS. For those of you who have not heard of Necro yet, let me fill you in. Necro is a well respected Brooklyn rapper. Necro has worked with Metal and Hard-core stars Jamey Jasta & Sean Martin of Hatebreed, Danny Diablo of SkarHead, Sid Wilson a.k.a. #0 of Slipknot, John Tardy and Trevor Peres of Obituary, Away of Voivod and Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault.

    As you can see Necro is making quite a name for himself in the Metal and hardcore music scene. What makes Necro different from other hip-hop artist's is his writing. He writes the way any metal and hardcore band would. His lyrics are all rooted in metal as he was growing up. You have to hear it to believe it.

    Metal Maniacs