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July 27th, 2003



    After more than 12 years apart, Judas Priest and original lead vocalist Rob Halford have reunited for a global live concert tour in 2004. The definitive Judas Priest lineup of Rob Halford, lead guitarist Glenn Tipton, lead guitarist K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis are back.

    The original band members have been re-establishing their personal and professional relationships since 1999 along the way sparking hundreds of reunion rumors.

    Several exciting projects, in addition to the 2004 world tour, are in the early planning stages.

    The long-awaited reunion of Judas Priest and Halford will thrill fans around the globe, and once again provide them with the opportunity to see and hear the band that defined Heavy Metal as we know it today.

    Judas Priest rose from the gritty, working-class steel town of Birmingham, England, and became one of the biggest bands in the world. Judas Priest are considered the groundbreaking inventors of true Heavy Metal music. From their debut release 'Rocka Rolla' through monumental albums such as 'Sad Wings of Destiny,' 'Sin After Sin,' 'Stained Class,' 'Hell Bent For Leather,' 'Unleashed in the East,' 'British Steel,' 'Screaming for Vengeance,' 'Defenders of the Faith' and 'Painkiller,' titanic songs like "Victim of Changes," "Sinner," "Exciter," "Hell Bent for Leather," "Living After Midnight," "Breaking the Law" and "You've Got Another Thing Comin' '' were born. Judas Priest defines and epitomizes both sonically and visually the Heavy Metal genre.

    Next year's reunion tour will also celebrate the band's 30th anniversary.

    Judas Priest and Ripper Owens, who replaced Halford, have parted amicably by mutual agreement. The band is very grateful for Ripper's work in helping them to continue to bring Judas Priest's music to their millions of fans and they expect big things for him in the future.

    Updates will be posted regularly at www.judaspriest.com

  • CHILDREN OF BODOM rhythm guitarist Alexander "Aku" Kuoppala has parted ways with the band on
    good terms – it is said that he was no longer interested in the touring lifestyle – a replacement will be announced soon. Metal Update

  • LOST HORIZON guitarist Wojtek Lisicki has left the band for personal reasons – there are no plans to replace him at this time. Metal Update

  • Dennis Cornelius has joined PLACE OF SKULLS on bass guitar. Metal Update

  • 40 GRIT bassist Ryan Healy (Tongues) has been added to the lineup. Metal Update

  • HATESPHERE new drummer Anders Gyldenøhr will make his debut appearance this weekend at the Nuclear Storm Festival in the Czech Republic. Metal Update

  • MERLIN drummer Nick Byckoff was tragically killed in a car accident on July 13. Metal Update

  • IRON MAIDEN has announced that the world tour in support of the forthcoming ‘Dance Of Death’ will be the last long arena tour the band will undertake – the campaign is expected to run through mid March taking Maiden through Europe, South America, North America and Japan – future touring is expected to focus on festivals, large venues and shorter runs. Metal Update


    We would like to announce confirmed dates for "The Crash Music Tour" featuring Crash Music recording artist SINGLE BULLET THEORY, NDE and BRICK BATH with special guest SHADOWDANCE. The tour is sponsored by Metal Maniacs Magazine, Jagermeister, Dirtbag Clothing and Rhino Amps.

    8-10-03 - Baltimore, MD - Mind Rage 2 fest @ The Thunder dome (sbt only)
    8-12-03 - Clifton, NJ. - Connections (shadowdance / sbt only)
    8-13-03 - New York, NY - Don Hills ( Shadowdance / sbt only)
    8-14-03 - Cleveland, Oh - Phantasy Niteclub
    8-15-03 - Chicago, IL - Pennyroad Pub (With Twelfth Gate)
    8-16-03 - Milwaukee, WI - Vnuks Lounge
    8-18-03 - Peoria , IL - ITOO Hall
    8-19-03 - Cedar Rapids, IA - The Reverb
    8-23-03 - Salina, Ks. - The Kitten
    8-24-03 - Denver Co- MVP's ( With Throcult)
    8-25-03 - Salt Lake City - The Ritz
    8-27-03 - Tempe, AZ. The Big Fish
    8-28-03 - El Paso, TX - Bombadiers
    8-29-03 - Corpus Cristi, tx - Zeros
    8-30-03 - Dallas, TX- The Underworld
    9-01-03 - San Antonio, TX - Sin 13
    9-02-03 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
    9-05-03 - Little Rock, AK. - Downtown Music
    9-06-03 - Indianapolis, IN - The Ritz
    9-07-03 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx Niteclub
    9-13-03 - Baltimore, MD - House of Rock (sbt / shadowdance only)

    Metal Manics

  • THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER has just been added to the line up for the SOILENT GREEN tour that is scheduled to hit the East Coast to Mid states. If this tour hits your town be sure to check it out!


    7/30 Ft Lauderdale, FL Factory
    7/31 Tallahassee, FL Beta Bar
    8/1 Tampa, FL Brass Mug
    8/2 Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero
    8/3 Roanoke, VA Factory 324
    8/4 Baltimore, MD Side Bar
    8/5 Philadelphia, PA 1st Unitarian Church
    8/6 New York, NY CBGB’s
    8/7 Manchester, NH Bombshelter
    8/8 Poughkeepsie, NY Crannel St
    8/9 Worcester, MA Palladium
    8/10 Farmingdale, NY Downtown
    8/11 Passaic, NJ Connections
    8/12 Cleveland, OH Agora Theater
    8/13 Lackawanna, NY Cruise Inn
    8/14 Detroit, MI I-Rock
    *Furnace Festival* (not with tour!!!)
    8/15 Birmingham, AL Furnace Festival
    *CONTINUE Soilent Green, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, Lickgoldensky*
    8/16 Columbus, OH High Five
    8/17 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl
    8/18 Minneapolis, MN Ascot Room
    8/19 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
    8/20 Ft. Worth, TX Wreck Room
    8/21 Austin, TX Emo’s
    8/22 Houston, TX Fitzgerald’s
    8/23 Metairie, LA Zeppelin’s

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  • AMON AMARTH have just confirmed their addition as co-headliner to the two-day Skeleton Bash festival in Innsbruck, Austria. Amon Amarth will be playing on Saturday July 26. Amon Amarth will be sharing the stage with My Dying Bride, ANCIENT, Darkseed and many more. For more info about Skeleton Bash go to: www.mirror-promotion.com/bash03/index.htm

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  • BLACK FUNERAL, a seminal black metal band in the early 1990's, quickly become known for their cold and raw productions, aggressive attitude, has signed a deal with the new italian label Behemoth Productions. Their new album titled BELIAL ARISEN will be out in September. Expect a pure black metal release based on Lycanthropy, Vampirism and the image of Demonolatry.

    Metal Manics

    August 22nd and 23rd........For more info check out: http://www.seattlemetalfest.com

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  • DARK SYMPHONIES is extremely excited to welcome to MORGION the label! After two highly successful and critically acclaimed cds, as well as a recent tour of Europe, the band are now ready to present their newest masterpiece Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth to the world. The Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth recording sessions begin July 18, 2003 with Mathias Schneeberger (Solinari) once again at the helm of production (who promises the most crushing, atmospheric album ever recorded), and will be mixed and mastered after the Doomination Of America tour. The album release date will be announced shortly.

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  • Tribtute to DEATH update

    From James Murphy: "As of tonight both Paul and Mick from Slipknot have been confirmed as major contributors to the Death tribute, and will be performing on many of the tracks.. . in addition, Terry Butler(Ex-Death, Six Feet Under) will contribute some bass tracks. Paul, Mick, and Terry will be joining myself, Deron Miller (CKY), Dave Culross (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation) and Brett Hoffman (Malevolent Creation), and a few other as yet unconfirmed guests at SR Studios in Iowa (the studio is still subject to final confirmation) in mid to late August to begin tracking.

    We're not giving up the full tracklist just yet.... but some highlights are:
    Land Of No Return
    Forgotten Past
    Lack Of Comprehension
    .....and many more.

    Stay tuned......."
    ~James Murphy

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July 25th, 2003
  • CROPMENT, REQUIEM and EYES SEE RED are still searching for dates for their tour 2003. We will be with us.

    Here is their schedule:
    Fr 10th Oct - show in Düdingen (CH)
    Sa 11th Oct - show in Lyon/St Etienne/Limoges/Grenoble (F)
    Su 12th Oct - show in Niort/Bordeaux/Maves/Toulouse (F)
    Mo 13th Oct - show in Irun/Bilbao/San Sebastian/Bergara/Barcelona(E)
    Tu 14th Oct - show in Zaragossa/Madrid (E)
    We 15th Oct - show in Barcelona/Bilbao/San Sebastian/ Bergara (E)
    Th 16th Oct - show in Marseille/Toulouse/Bordeaux (F)
    Fr 17th Oct - show in Grenoble/Chambery/Lyon (F)
    Sa 18th Oct - show in Geneva/Lausanne/Lyon (CH/F)

    If you are interested contact [email protected] or [email protected].


    After more than 12 years apart, Judas Priest and original lead vocalist Rob Halford have reunited for a global live concert tour in 2004. The definitive Judas Priest lineup of Rob Halford, lead guitarist Glenn Tipton, lead guitarist K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis are back. The original band members have been re establishing their personal and professional relationships since 1999 along the way sparking hundreds of reunion rumors. Several exciting projects, in addition to the 2004 world tour, are in the early planning stages. The long-awaited reunion of Judas Priest and Halford will thrill fans around the globe, and once again provide them with the opportunity to see and hear the band that defined Heavy Metal as we know it today. Next year's reunion tour will also celebrate the band's 30th anniversary.

    Judas Priest and Ripper Owens, who replaced Halford, have parted amicably by mutual agreement. The band is very grateful for Ripper's work in helping them to continue to bring Judas Priest's music to their millions of fans and they expect big things for him in the future.

    Metal Manics

  • DEVIN TOWNSEND staying true to his reputation as a renaissance man, Devin is currently working on several new projects: he has started a multimedia project with one of his engineers named Dan Kearley called Kermit – he is currently working on the soundtrack for a video game for Interplay Entertainment called “Fallout” – he is interested in doing a heavy metal puppet show called “Use Your Delusion” mixing comedy and metal in short skits – he has been writing a book called “Temperamental” that will be the best of a bunch of random thoughts from over the past five to six years - finally, Strapping Young Lad has a new EP in the works that will feature four new songs and four covers. Metal Update

  • CROWBAR guitarist / vocalist Kirk Windstein (Down) and drummer Craig Nunenmacher (Black Label Society) have recruited bassist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) to work on the new album – the revamped lineup will enter the studio on July 28. Metal Update

  • VITAL REMAINS: Derek Boyer (Deeds of Flesh, Deprecated, Decrepit Birth) has joined the Vital War Machine as touring bassist. Metal Update

  • BRUJERIA: Blabbermouth reports that Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Lock Up, Cradle Of Filth) has replaced drummer Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Lock Up) has replaced bassist Billy Gould (Faith No More) – the band will be touring with Soulfly this fall. Metal Update

  • All scheduled Summer festival appearances for KATATONIA have been cancelled – the band claims that it had nothing to do with these decisions – instead, a third party who had been working with the band is to blame – rumors of “internal band problems” are false. Metal Update

  • PYREXIA has added drummer Justin Dipinto (Malevolent Creation) to the lineup - in cooperation with Deepsend Records, they recently signed a worldwide distribution deal with Crash Records. Metal Update

  • LABRAT has parted ways with vocalists Jamie Farrell and Martin Ives paving the way for the return of former frontman Rob McAuslan - Farrell will be devoting more time to his other band A Razor Blade To Say Goodbye, while Ives will continue working on his label Calculated Risk Products as
    well as undisclosed musical projects. Metal Update

  • LORD BELIAL drummer Michael Backelin has been been replaced by Daniel Moilanen (Runemagick) – guitarist Niclas Andersson has split with the group – no explanations for the recent lineup changes have been offered. Metal Update

  • INTERNAL BLEEDING guitarist Matt Ferrara (Repudilation, GFY, 420) has replaced Chris Pervelis – due to family comittments, bassist Jason Carbone has left the group. Metal Update

  • DIABOLIC POSSESSION, the brutal death metal band has reformed after 10 years – the revamped lineup is set to play the Milwaukee Metalfest and a string of shows across the Midwest - a new album is in the works. Metal Update

  • OZZY OSBOURNE was sidelined for the Marysville, CA Ozzfest due to laryngitis – Korn headlined the evening’s festivities in his absence – Ozzy is expected to return to the stage for the Seattle, WA gig on July 12 – meanwhile, The Osbournes have signed on with MTV for a third season of the hit reality series. Metal Update


    MILWAUKEE – Body Count, the heavy metal band featuring rapper Ice-T that stirred up controversy in the early ‘90s with its song “Cop Killer,” will headline the 17th Annual Milwaukee Metalfest along with death metal veterans Vital Remains, which now features Deicide vocalist Glenn Benton among its ranks.

    The Metalfest will take place on Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26 at the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee.

    Other headliners include revitalized New York death metal band Suffocation, Strapping Young Lad, the reunited cult band Repulsion, Enslaved, and M.O.D.

    “I feel this is the strongest lineup we’ve had in years,” said promoter Jack Koshick. “Despite the downturn in the economy and music business in general, metal is alive and well.”

    Other bands on the bill are Nuclear Assault, Mistweaver, Windir, Asgaroth, Lullacry, Naglfar, Macabre, The Mentors, The Locust, Dying Fetus, Since by Man, Anal Blast, Jungle Rot, Withered Earth, Today is the Day, Skinless, Black Dahlia Murder, Divine Empire, Gotham Road (featuring Michael Graves, formerly of The Misfits), Misery Index, Usurper, Cage, Enforsaken, Epoch of Unlight, Thor, Vampire Moose, Bongzilla, Mortal Decay, Torg, Doom Syndicate, Hurtlocker, Epicuriean, Emaciation, Lethal Aggression, Thundercore, Rune, Bloodstorm, The Dream is Dead, Benumb, The End, Dysrhythmia, Immaculate Molestation, Disinter, Tormentula, Sulaco, Fleshgrind, Waco Jesus, Lividity, Malignancy, Under threat, Adimiron, Zandelle, Allen Wrench, Eye Gouger, Mortal Decay, Fractured, Outburst, Tenebrae, Blind Ambition, Salem’s Child, The Hixon, Profayne, Epstein’s Mother, The Stash, Adrenaline, Darkside, Summer Dying, Nihilist, Beyond Therapy, Knee Deep in the Dead, Silencer, Antipathy, Fallen Empire, Ciribus, Ritual Habits, Hatesick, Leviathan, 137, Slave Driver, Magus Beast, Deceiver, Bound & Gagged, Screaming Afterbirth, Putrid Pile, Disgracia, Dead for Days, Kreaper, Inflict, Desolate, Souls Demise, Desolation, Northern Gods, Soultorn, Motive, Uproar, Lunatics on Parole, Insurrection, Fellatia, Shrine of Scars, A Failed Escape, Deadspeak, Fatal Smile, Self Inflict, Shattered Sunrise, Collapse, Baghead, Iron Corps, Autumn’s Descent, Idiom, Blatant Disarray, Exit to Eternity, Slumlord, Gorman Prophecy, Deviant, Bullrush, Dent, Vesperian Sorrow, Metal Militia, Pain Slave, Tommy Coma, Cyst, Ominous, Dumah, Damon Morder, Dreamscapes of the Perverse, Stump, Decrypt, Forest of the Impaled, Demonicon, Nocturnal Fear, No Direction, Bar Whore, Veneficum, Reprobation, Mutilated, Convergence from Within, Descension, Diabolic, Possession, and Wehrwolf.

    The show is all-ages. Alcohol will be served with proper I.D. Re-entry is permitted.

    Tickets are $36 for a one-day pass and $58 for a two-day pass. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster (www.ticketmaster, 414/276-4545), Nightfall Records (612/600-EVIL), and Relapse Records (800/303-0606).


  • The new EINHERJER album will be entitled -BLOT - The cover artwork is currently getting its finishing touch. A preview will be posted at www.einherjer.com shortly.

    BLOT release date is set to hit September 8th.

    STUDIO UPDATE...The recording sesssions for the upcoming album have been very good, and everything is on schedule. Gerhard is done tracking his drum parts and Aksel & Frode is done recordning the rythm guitars for 8 of the 12 songs. This will definitely be the longest EINHERJER album to date, featuring 12 songs plus an intro. A total of over one hour viking metal music. Metal Manics

    After years of waiting, fans of New York based hardcore/metal legends Life Of Agony were treated to two nights of what they'd been thirsting for: the original LOA lineup of Alan Robert (bass), Joey Z (guitars), Keith Caputo (vocals), and Sal Abruscato (drums) performed together at New York's Irving Plaza for two sold out shows on January 3rd and 4th, 2003. When asked what kind of a feeling the band got in response to their reunion show, Joey said, "It was a feeling that you miss… that came back very quickly. It was like we never left each other." Alan said, "The whole thing was like a wild ride… a big blur."

    The band recently announced a show set for Saturday, August 02, 2003 at The Birch Hill in Old Bridge, NJ which SOLD OUT in a matter of minutes. Due to the popular demand, a second show is now added on Sunday, Aug. 03, 2003. Tickets for the show, presented by 89.5 WSOU Radio, go on sale Saturday, July 12, 2003 at 12:00pm and are available through Ticketmaster and the Birch Hill Box Office (732) 536-0650.

    The band will release River Runs Again, Live: 2003, a double-live album and DVD containing material recorded at Life Of Agony's reunion shows in NYC earlier this year, through SPV records in early Fall of 2003.

    Metal Manics


    Justin Wolfe - vocals
    Dave Newell - guitars
    Jeff Phillips - guitar
    Luke Husband - bass
    Darryl Stephens - drums

    It is winter, and down a corridor of filth, darkness and reject, five minds assemble under one focus - to create the most brutal, heavy, and aggressive metal band possible. The result THINE EYES BLEED.

    Sickened by modern metals icons, this entity is a virus, infecting and contaminating everything that is subjected. It is constantly mutating, evolving towards a vision of what modern metal should be. Dualing guitar melodies bring back memories of the classic metal days, until abruptly shape shifting into piercing, evil and occasionally convoluted riffery delivered with lightening speed and precision. Punishing beats, littered with speed and imagination, cut through the skin and rip out hearts while the groove takes root in the very soul. The bottom end is distorted and contorted, rupturing the bowels and digging graves for all. The voice brings tormented imagery to the circle, and owns a vast range of intense screams and guttural lows, demanding and commanding disciples to unleash extreme aggression. This synthesis is like acetone on thinking flesh, scarring, but unforgettable.

    Although existence has been short, the underground has spoken and is calling. This necessary disease has received praise and attention from respected and cutting edge metal bands.

    This is needed.

    This is the time.

    This is Thine Eyes Bleed.

  • French death metal grindcore band ATROCIOUS DEVOURED has just finished recording their first album "Live Murders" who will be available at the 05 September 03.

  • The Gathering will play two shows and record them for the 'best of' live album, which will be released towards the end of 2003 by Century Media. These two very exclusive gigs will be held in the beautiful 'LUX' movie theatre & venue in Nijmegen, Holland on the 21st and 22nd of August. The band will play a fine selection of six albums, from the classic debut 'Always', via the hit record 'Mandylion' to the triprock of 'If_Then_Else'. All moulded in modern and intimate versions to soothe your ear. Be quick to book yourself a seat. The tickets are limited indeed! LUX Ticket line: 0031 (0)243816855. Sales start Monday July 14th from 11:00 till 22:30 CET www.lux-nijmegen.nl. The up-tempo track 'Monsters' from the Souvenirs album will be released as second single. Beside the album version the cd single will also contain a special heavy rock remix and a dance remix from 'Monsters'. First the single will be released in Benelux and Germany.

    The Gathering Tour Dates:
    15 Aug. Zilloabend at the Popkomm, - Palladium - Cologne - D
    17 Aug. Lorca Rock festival - Murcia - Spain
    21 Aug. Semi acoustic shows - LUX theatre - Nijmegen - NL
    22 Aug. Semi acoustic shows - LUX theatre - Nijmegen - NL
    27 Sept Herbstnächte V festival - Burg Rabenstein - D

  • RYKERS – Kid D torn ligament at With Full Force Festival

    On Friday night RYKER’S played an unbelievable set on the tent stage, about 10.000 fans went berserk and almost took the whole place apart. The result: Both fans and band were completely exhausted, but more than happy – just frontman and singer Kid D paid his price for the show with a triple torn ligament!

    Bassist Chris recalls:

    “WHAT’S UP! I hope you survived the Full Force… I just checked out some video-footage from Friday night and I am still overwhelmed!! I am still lacking the right words, which usually NEVER happens… The With Full Force was GREAT… YOU WERE GREAT!!!! Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT – TRUE LOVE!!! Kid D will remember the show pretty well, because it was a very painful one (diagnosis: triple!!! torn ligament). A huge thank you to all – for 10 damn good years!!! Cheers to Mike + Seven who put up a great festival every year, and the MAD CREW, to Buckel, Wegi and Beaker (we know what we have in you guys…) and of course the rest of the Kassel Crew…!!! You’ll never walk alone! ChriS RYKER’S 2003”

    Century Media

  • ORPHANED LAND will enter the studio end of July, more details on the release date of “Mabool” or updates from the studio will follow soon.

    Century Media

  • ARCH ENEMY - “Anthems Of Rebellion” limited edition!

    A couple of days ago ARCH ENEMY supported the mighty Iron Maiden during two shows in Oslo’s Spektrum which have been amazing, according to the band. Read what Michael Amott posted on their website:

    “Hello everybody, we are in Oslo, Norway now with Arch Enemy! Hey...we supported IRON MAIDEN last night!!! An awesome feeling to being the direct support to the greatest heavy metal band of all time! (can't argue with that fact, right?) Our show went really well, no technical glitches or any stupid shit like that and the response was greater than what we could have hoped for! We did 45 minutes of material from "Wages Of Sin", "Burning Bridges" and "Black Earth" and also a new song from the "Anthems.." album called "We Will Rise". We had a goood time on stage and it was nice to look out at 15.000 Norwegian metal heads and expose them to ARCH ENEMY!!! And the best part is that we are doing it again tonight!!! Yeah...life is gooooooood!!!

    The European first pressing of ARCH ENEMY’s “Anthems Of Rebellion” will be available as strictly limited 2CD version. Aside from the regular album you get an audio only DVD as bonus disc which contains three live-songs recorded during the “Wages Of Sin”-tour with Angela Gossow on vocals plus the limited double Digipak will have three and the limited jewelcase two Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes of songs from the new album.

    Here’s the track-listing for the two different, limited bonus-discs:

    EU Bonus Disc 2-CD Digipak:
    Live tracks:
    1) Lament Of A Mortal Soul
    2) Behind The Smile
    3) Diva Satanica

    Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
    4) Exist To Exit
    5) Leader Of The Rats
    6) Dead Eyes See No Future

    EU Bonus Disc 2-CD jewelcase:
    Live tracks:
    1) Lament Of A Mortal Soul
    2) Behind The Smile
    3) Diva Satanica

    Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
    4 ) Leader Of The Rats
    5 ) Dead Eyes See No Future

    Additionally, the album will be available on vinyl.

    In order to bring visuals of ARCH ENEMY to your living-room the band just shot a video for “We Will Rise” this past weekend. More details to follow in the next days...

    Century Media

July 22nd, 2003
  • Former DREAM THEATER and current YNGWIE MALMSTEEN keyboardist Derek Sherinian will be touring as part of BILLY IDOL's backing band this summer.


    Reactivated Swedish death metallers DISSECTION, now featuring guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtvedt and ex-EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun, are looking for a rhythm/lead guitarist and bassist to complete the group's new lineup.

    The band's official web site, www.dissection.nu, has posted the following requirements for the new members:

    Profile 1: Rhythm/Lead Guitarist

    "DISSECTION is looking for a technically skilled and professional rhythm/lead guitarist with great ambitions. Should possess superior will to progress and [achieve] perfection. Must stand behind and be fully able to represent the anti-cosmic/Satanic concept of the band.

    Profile 2: Bass Player

    "DISSECTION is looking for a skilled and professional bass player with great ambitions. Must stand behind and be fully able to represent the Anti-cosmic/Satanic concept of the band.

    "If you think you've got what it takes. Send a VHS video (not longer than five minutes) where you present your skills (for guitarist: both rhythm and lead) along with personal info, list of qualifications and earlier experiences (bands, studio, live, musical education, etc.), plus your e-mail/contact address/phone number.

    "The best will later be called for auditions."

    All material should be sent to:

    Mail Box 209
    111 73 Stockholm

    Jon has reportedly completed work on a pre-production recording of 11 new songs, and is expecting to enter Abyss Studios sometime next year to record the group's third full-length effort. A tentative late 2004 release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.

  • VADER "We Wait" - another new song! "We Wait" is another new song which VADER is going to put on forthcoming mini album Blood. Lyrics for both new cuts (also "Shape-Shifting") were written by Pawe Frelik. Recordings start on July 10th. At the end of July we are going to put some pics from the studio and maybe a few fragments of VADER's new songs as well.

    New bassplayer in VADER! - After their last gig in Israel VADER parted ways with Simon (bass), due to personal differences. Novy (well known for his participation in BEHEMOTH and DEVILYN) has joined the band as his replacement. VADER will play first show in the new line up on 19th of July in Czech Republic and then 20th of July in Poland (Gliwice).

  • NEPHASTH- second attack! - The second attack of Brazilian NEPHASTH Conceived By Inhuman Blood is ready to unleash. The album is going to be released on 25th of September and will include 11 songs: "Damned Knowledge," "I Reign," "Conceived By Inhuman Blood," "Hate Earth," "Dying End," "Ignis Victory," "Domination Is My Name," "Crucify Again," "You Have Lost," "Bleeding Mortal Laments" and "Fear The Truth". Jacek Wiœniewski created another visual horror. Currently the band is inspiring terror through Brazil and before that second release their position on Brazilian death metal scene is very strong.

  • SCEPTIC- Unbeliever's Script - The third SCEPTIC record will be called Unbeliever's Script. The band will enter Hertz Studio on July 6th and stay there until July 23rd. The album is going to be recorded with Marcin Urbaœ on vocals.

    New MP3!!! - Empire Records proudly presents: "Nameless Rot"from ATROPHIA RED SUN (taken from Twisted Logic album), "Hate Earth" from NEPHASTH (Conceived By Inhuman Blood) and "Smell The Pain" from SHADOWS LAND (Ante Christum (natum))- three warm cuts are ready to download from our MP3 section on www.empire-records.com.pl

    Waran has left SCEPTIC - A few days ago Waran (Micha Skotniczny- guit, voc) left SCEPTIC. The band's previous vocalist Marcin Urbaœ will take care of lead vocals on SCEPTIC's new album.


  • W:O:A 2004 - FLASH NEWS JULY - TWISTED SISTER in Wacken!!!!

    Dear Metalheadz!

    Everybody knows it: Iced Earth didn´t find a new singer yet. So they won´t
    make a show in Wacken in 2003.

    Now we want to bring you a substitute.

    And here comes the hammer:

    TWISTED SISTER will play on the 1st of august at the W:O:A. After the fucking cool shows at the Schwedenrock and Bang your head, we´re glad to bring you the New-York-Cult band in the original line-up. The return of the sick motherfuckers!!!

    Here comes the current newsletter for june and some extra links to the warm up parties:NIGHT TO REMEMBER on Thursday, the 31. of july from 18.00 h ANNIHILATOR + CIRCLE II CIRCLE + VICTORY (Reunion!) + RUNNING WILD

    Confirmed bands so far...

    Tickethotline: + 49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 38

    Here you´ll find all information regarding the festival like confirmed bands:

  • KATAFALK have announced a new line-up. Pier Abe (Guitar) and Henk Jan (Bassguitar) have left the band. They will pursue their musical ambitions elsewhere. Katafalk's previous singer Wokkel and former bassplayer Jurjen, who also appeared on their debut 'Storm Of The Horde', are back. Singer Niels switches to playing guitar. Katafalk will play all planned gigs and festivals.


  • INCANTAION news update July 4, 2003

    As some people may have already heard, on Friday June 28th 2003, Kyle, John and Lou from Incantation, along with Jill McEntee (Funerus), Melissa Severn, (wives of John and Kyle), Deanna Visalle (girlfriend of Lou), and John, (driver of the vehicle and tour roadie) were involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident on their way to the Bloodlust pre-show in Sydney Australia. Fortunately, everyone’s injuries are minor for the most part, considering the severity of the crash. Due to the accident, Incantation and Funerus were unable to play the pre- Bloodlust show in Sydney Australia, and things were not looking good for either band to play Saturdays Bloodlust festival III also in Sydney, due to Kyle’s chest injuries.

    Last minute arrangements were made when Dave Haley, drummer for Psycroptic, offered his services to Incantation so they could still headline the festival and not let down any supporters that came to see them play. Dave learned 3 Incantation songs in a matter of hours. While rehearsing the songs backstage, Gryphon drummer from Astriaal offered to play Ibex Moon for the set, a song he already knew due to playing it as a cover song in a previous band.

    Due to Incantation having a short set for Bloodlust III, Funerus was added to the bill, although without Kyle to play drums, Funerus was in the same situation as Incantation, to find a drummer. Cameron from Psycroptic recommended Matt from Oni, an Adelaide based Death metal band rooted on Japanese demon mythology. Matt listened to the CD at the fest and learned 4 Funerus songs within hours.

    All 3 drummers did an exceptional job and both bands received an amazing response. Incantation and Funerus sends their thanks out to Dave, Shawn, and Matt for their time, effort, dedication, and helping out both bands in their unfortunate situation. These 3 are prime examples of the true metal brotherhood!

    Extreme apologies to any Australian supporters that were effected by the unfortunate occurrence. Both bands truly appreciate your understanding of the situation and the killer responses at Bloodlust III, and look forward to returning to Australian shores once again!

    All US tour plans are still on!!!! The bands look forward to seeing you on the road for the “Rotting with you Christ” US tour this summer!!!

    To check out tour dates visit the Incantation website at:

    [email protected]

  • MALEVOLENT CREATION Brazilian Tour Postponed Till August !!!

    Greetings to our fans in Brazil,

    It is unfortunate but necessary that I have to write this letter. We, meaning the whole band are very disappointed that the tour of Brazil was cancelled. However, I wanted to write this letter to clear up some rumors that have circulated there that are untrue. It is true that Tony Laureno was thought to play this tour until last month when he found out he had to do shows with Nile. We went on a search all over the US to find a drummer who could do the tour and have the skills to play the songs with intensity and speed.... the way they should be heard. We then asked Gus Rios who had toured with Malevolent in Europe in 2002 but he had prior commitments. We told him how sick these shows were going to be and 2 1/2 weeks ago he was able to change his work schedule and said he could do the tour. As soon as we were home and situated from the Hate Plow tour in Europe, we rehearsed over 20 songs with him the first night of practice. So the rumors of not having a drummer for this tour were and are untrue.

    The problem is that we were told that our visas would be taken care of by the promoter of the tour while we were on tour in Europe with Hate Plow and they were not. Now i do not have all the details so I cannot blame the problem on the promoter or the embassy either here or in Brazi,l but I know we were packed with our luggage and equipment waiting to leave from July 1st - July 3rd but with each morning being told we were denied our visas for different reasons so we were not the cause of the tour being cancelled.

    Now...we are in discussions to get every show rescheduled as soon as possible. I do not want to say a date yet as nothing is solid but we are hoping that after we return from Europe to do some festivals July 30 thru August 9 we will have the visa situation taken care of can come down there and see how many of you have THE WILL TO KILL!!!!!!!!

    Once again I want to say how disappointed we are not being able to play Brazil and to meet all of our great fans this time but this situation was not our fault and we accept no blame...

    Kyle Symons
    Malevolent Creation


  • THE MOUNTAIN KING CONFIRMED FOR PROGPOWER USA IVATLANTA – Savatage’s Jon “The Mountain King” Oliva will join Fates Warning’s Ray Alder as a special guest at ProgPower USA IV on Friday, September 5 and Saturday, September 6 at Earthlink Live in Atlanta.

    "I think bringing Jon and Ray to the fest simply adds to the mystique of the show,“ said promoter Glenn Harveston. “It will give the fans a chance to interact with legends of the genre. Hell, I'm excited for the chance to drink a beer with them myself."

    The sold-out event will feature headliners Nightwish and Rage along with Symphony X, Evergrey, Circle II Circle, Vanden Plas, Secret Sphere, Mercenary, Pagan’s Mind, and Redemption.

    The festival, North America’s premiere festival for progressive and power metal music, officially sold out in May – more than three months in advance.

    ProgPower USA, an international affiliate of the Netherlands’ ProgPower Europe, is sponsored by Pacific Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Shure Microphones, Ultimate Support Systems, Sensory Records, and Metal Ages Media.

    Visit www.progpowerusa.com for complete event information.

July 12th, 2003

    Relapse Records recording artists DYING FETUS have announced plans for a summer North American Tour, their first for their new album, Stop at Nothing. Support on what is already being called "The Death Metal tour of the summer" will come from labelmates SKINLESS as well as Misery Index and Divine Empire.

    The scheduled five week road jaunt -- sponsored by METAL MANIACS magazine -- will kick off July 19th in Latham, NY and will criss-cross the U.S., concluding August 29th in Brooklyn, NY at L'Amour. The tour will include a stop at the 2003 Milwaukee Metalfest, where both DYING FETUS and SKINLESS will be amongst the festival's headlining acts. Immediately following the tour, DYING FETUS will embark on a five week, 33 city European co-headlining tour with Hate Eternal that will run through mid October. www.DYINGFETUS.com

    METAL MANIACS presents
    Stop at Nothing Tour - Summer, 2003
    North American Tour with w/ Skinless, Misery Index and Divine Empire supporting

    19 Latham, NY Saratoga Winners
    20 Farmingdale, NY Downtown
    21 Randolph, NJ Obsessions
    22 Wilkes Barre, PA Café Metropolis
    23 Detroit, MI I-Rock
    25 Aurora, IL Rockhouse
    26 Milwaukee, WI US Cellular Arena (as part of Milwaukee Metalfest)
    27 Lacrosse, WI Warehouse
    29 Salt Lake City, UT DV8
    30 Seattle, WA Graceland

    1 San Francisco, CA The Pound
    2 San Diego, CA The Scene
    3 Corona, CA Showcase
    4 Los Angeles, CA Key Club
    5 Tempe, AZ Big Fish Pub
    6 El Paso, TX E-9
    7 Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
    8 Englewood, CO Gothic Theater
    9 Cedar Falls, IA The Reverb
    10 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
    11 Oklahoma City, OK Green Door
    12 Dallas, TX Indigo
    13 Austin, TX Elysium
    14 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
    15 Jacksonville, FL Jackrabbits
    16 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
    17 Tampa, FL Masquerade
    19 Tallahassee, FL Beta Bar
    20 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
    21 W. Springfield, VA Jaxx
    22 Toronto, ON Club Rockit
    23 Montreal, PQ Foufounes
    24 Providence, RI The Met
    24 Montreal, PQ Foufounes
    29 Brooklyn, NY L'Amour

    New York death metal band Pyrexia and their label RexxCorp. has signed a three year exclusive distribution deal for North America and Europe with Crash Music. Look for a new album very soon.

  • SOILENT GREEN is currently working on new material that will see some studio time by the end of the year or early 2004. A small tour is set to cover the areas that we never made it to due to the accidents and injuries sustained in early December of 2001 and April, 11th of 2002. It will mainly cover a bunch of the East Coast to the Central States. The Tour line-up is as follows: Soilent Green (Relapse Records), Cephalic Carnage (Relapse Records) and LickGoldenSky (Escape Artist Records). After we record the new album a full tour will be set for early 2004. The split seven inch record of Soilent Green and EYEHATEGOD is available. It is a limited edition run of 2000 (1500 copies on black vinyl, 400 copies on green and white swirl vinyl, and 100 copies on clear vinyl). This split contains one new track from Soilent Green and EYEHATEGOD that is not available anywhere else. It is available now from www.incisionrecords.com. It will be sold as a first come first serve basis and you will not be able to pick the color of the vinyl as you order. If we run out of the colored vinyl all orders will be filled with black vinyl. ***WE ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT OF CLEAR VINYL AND GREEN SWIRL VINYL*** www.soilentgreen.net.

  • GOATWHORE has been added to the ART OF NOISE II Tour with NILE, Kreator, Vader, and Amon Amarth, in October 2003. We would like to explain a few show cancelations from our recent tour with Immolation. We were having van troubles on the West coast and we decided to push it until we reached the date at home, if we could make it that far. We made it to the New Orleans date (6/18/03) and put the van into the shop to get things fixed. This would cause us to miss the Atlanta show at the Masquerade (6/19/03). The next day was an off day so we would only be missing one show. On Friday, June 20th our drummer went into the hospital with a bad case of bronchitis, minor pnemonia, and a nasal infection. This would set us back yet again for the Tampa (6/21/03) and Ft. Lauderdale (6/22/03) shows. We will be jumping back onto the Immolation tour in Winston-Salem, NC (6/25/03). We apologize for these cancelations and hope to see all in October on the ART OF NOISE II Tour with NILE, Kreator, Vader, and Amon Amarth. Please get to ART OF NOISE II shows early because we are the first band in a line-up of 5. Thanks again and hope to see you all soon. We still have copies of Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun available at our shows so come out and pick a copy up. It is the only way to get it until the July release date. Goatwhore's soon to be released Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun is scheduled for a July 2003 release on Rotten Records (www.rottenrecords.com). It has been pushed back numerous times. Rotten Records is waiting for a new version of a copy protection guard to ward off burners and any devices that may be able to burn and transfer the CD. Go to www.rottenrecords.com and click the MP3 link to download the track "Blood Guilt Eucharist" for a sneak peek at the new material for this release. You can pre-order your copy of Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun at www.rottenrecords.com. If you are having problems locating any of the Goatwhore releases, feel free to email Rotten Records at [email protected] and explain where you live and the stores located around you. Rotten Records has released a vinyl gatefold version of The Eclipse of Ages Into Black. It is a limited release of 1000 copies(500 copies of the vinyl being black and 500 copies of them being clear red). To order go to www.rottenrecords.com for further details. Goatwhore has recorded the Celtic Frost cover "Into Crypts of Rays" for a split 7" with Epoch of Unlight (from Memphis, TN), who has covered Kreator's "Betrayer". It will be released through Bloated Goat Records (www.bloatedgoatrecords.com) in early 2003. It is currently being pressed and should be available in mid-June. Go to the Bloated Goat Records website for a sample of both tracks and updates on the release date. www.goatwhore.net

  • We are very pleased to announce the next 5 bands for this year's edition of ProgPower Europe 2003.

    Unfortunately Manigance (fra) had to cancel their performance, so we now have 9 bands confirmed.

    The 5 new bands are:VANDENPLAS (ger), GREEN CARNATION (nor), ANDROMEDA (swe), SYMMETRY (hol) and XYSTUS (hol).

    We are waiting for confirmations of the last 3 bands, hopefully we will be able to announce them at the end of this week. Nevertheless we will start advance ticket sales on Thursday July 3, only weekend-tickets will go on sale in the beginning and they will cost € 40,- like last year. We will not announce what band will play on what day until we have completed the line-up, but hopefully we will be able to do that soon.

    So far the complete line-up is:
    Andromeda (sweden) - Chrome Shift (denmark) - Green Carnation (norway) - Nightingale (sweden) - Novembre (italy) - Pagan's Mind (norway) - Symmetry (the netherlands) - VandenPlas (germany) - Xystus (the netherlands)

    For more information check out the website: http://www.progpower.com/pp_europe/index.htm.

  • MOONSPELL’s new single „Everything Invaded” (out July 28th) will give you a tantalizing taste of their forthcoming album „The Antidote” which will be released September 29th. Like its successful predecessor, „Darkness And Hope”, the Portuguese band’s new masterpiece „The Antidote” was produced by producer-legend Hiili Hiilesmaa (u.a. HIM, Sentenced) in the well-known Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

    For the recording MOONSPELL’s line-up was strengthened on bass by Amorphis’ own Niclas Etelävuori. Aside from an edit of the title-track „Everything Invaded“ and the album-track „Crystal Gazing“ you’ll find the non-album track „The Darkening“ which is exclusive to this single. A video-clip for „Everything Invaded” is already in the making and will be available around the release of the album. Once more the clip will be directed by Tiago Guedes from the Portuguese production-company Take It Easy who already visualized the „Nocturna” clip from „Darkness And Hope”.

    Watch MOONSPELL live on the following festivals:
    27. June 03 (E) Langreo - Deramme Rock
    06. July 03 (D) Roitzschjora - With Full Force
    12. July 03 (S) Arvika - Arvika Festival
    13. July 03 (FIN) Joensuu - Ilossarirock

    At the Rock Hard-booth at With Full Force Festival, MOONSPELL will host an autograph-session. Please check for exact times at the festival.


  • Greek’s ROTTING CHRIST are confirmed for a number of festivals. On the German Wacken Open Air you can watch their atmospheric set on the Wet Stage August 1st , stage time is 20:45-21:30 CET . The following Sunday (August 3rd) they play Metal Dayz Festival in Pratteln (CH).

    More festivals:
    29. Juni 2003 (TR) Istanbul – Venue Maslak (Rock The Nations Festival)
    19. Juli 2003 (I) Massafra ( Taranto) – U Mind Rron (Slaughter Festival)
    01. August 2003 (D) Wacken – Wacken Open Air
    03. August 2003 (CH) Pratteln – Z7 (Metal Dayz Festival)


  • New releases out on Agonia Records

    VULTURE LORD 'Profane Prayer'
    The band label themselves as Death Metal in the true sense of the word, although they're mostly described as Black Metal. With 'Profane Prayer' Vulture Lord proves The Norwegians still delivers extreme and hard hitting old-school metal; true to the essence of the underground both: visually, musically and lirycally. The CD is a co-release of Flesh For Beast and Agonia.

    BULLET 'Speeding in the night'
    After very successful demo tape - 'Heavy Metal Highway' - Bullet strikes with debut mini CD featuring 6 headbanger tracks of old-schooled heavy metal. Once others turned into glam rock Bullet delivers a strong dose of music in the vein of old Accept, Iron Maiden or Razor. The band features both ex-Hypnosia members. Gatefold LP & Picture Disc are coming soon!!


    NUN SLAUGHTER 'Hell on Austria' ARlp001
    22 tracks of raw Devil Metal madness recorded in Juz Explosion in Graz (Austria) on 09/29/00. The vinyl comes in exclusive gatefold jacket and is strictly limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

  • KINGCROW (classic prog metal from Italy, www.kingcrow.it) will enter Legend Studios in Rome on Sept., 13th to record their second album, tentatively entitled "Insider". It will be a Concept album that will show the heavier, histrionic and progressive sides of the band. Here is the tracklist:

    1. Friendship
    2. The Project
    3. Temptation
    4. Never Say Die
    5. Eyes Of A Betrayer
    6. The Cell
    7. Lies
    8. The Killing Hand
    9. Stardust
    10. Save Me
    11. Finale

July 10th, 2003
  • ANTHRAX Announces "Taking the Music Back 2003" Tour
    With Lamb of God, Lacuna Coil & E Town ConcreteHaving caused quite a rumble overseas during their headline tour & along the major festival circuit, ANTHRAX is primed to return to the USA. As a way to acknowledge the great new metal bands emerging from the world of independent labels, ANTHRAX is launching "Taking the Music Back 2003" on July 29 in San Diego.

    Anthrax will be touring in support of the critically-lauded release 'We've Come for You All'. Support on this tour will be split among bands that ANTHRAX feels are the crux of a new wave of Heavy Metal. The first leg (July 29-August 13) will feature Lamb of God and E Town Concrete. August 14 through August 29 will feature Lacuna Coil and E Town Concrete. ANTHRAX hopes that the success of this tour will lead to further opportunities to introduce new independent metal bands to the masses.

    Combining haunting melody with ANTHRAX's trademark heavy groove riffs, We've Come for You All features guest performances by The Who's Roger Daltrey, Pantera's Dimebag Darrell, and E Town Concrete's Anthony Martini. Press immediately welcomed ANTHRAX's breath of fresh air in the unstable American metal climate:

    "Anthrax have come back in a big way…" ~ Circus Magazine

    "…a furiously dynamic and infectious slab of thrash/hard rock…one killer comeback." ~ Revolver Magazine

    "You want metal the way it was meant to be played? You got it." ~ Drum! Magazine

    "…triumphant…bludgeoning intensity…" ~ Boston Phoenix

    The video for the single "Safe Home" is currently in rotation on all the major networks and features a cameo appearance by actor Keanu Reeves, a longtime ANTHRAX fan.

    Current tour dates include:
    Tuesday, July 29th San Diego, CA Canes Bar & Grill
    Thursday, July 31st Sacramento, CA TBA
    Friday, August 1st Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
    Saturday, August 2nd Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
    Monday, August 4th Salt Lake City, UT DV8
    Tuesday, August 5th Boulder, CO The Fox
    Wednesday, August 6th Lawrence, KS Bottleneck
    Friday, August 8th St Louis, MO Pop's
    Saturday, August 9th Peoria, IL Expo Gardens
    Sunday, August 10th Milwaukee, WI The Rave
    Thursday, August 14th Chicago Heights, IL Oasis 160
    Friday, August 15th Columbus, OH Al Rosa Vila
    Saturday, August 16th Detroit, MI Harpo's
    More dates announced soon! Stay tuned to www.anthrax.com for updates.



    'Dance Of Death' in stores in September via Columbia Records

    'Give Me Ed...Til I'm Dead' Summer Tour Confirmed

    Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson took the band's headlining performance at the Download festival as an opportunity to announce the long-awaited details of their new album. Iron Maiden are currently performing on their 'Give Me Ed...Til I'm Dead' Tour, headlining dates throughout Europe and the USA.

    The new album, entitled 'Dance Of Death,' is the band's thirteenth studio album and is due for release in September 2003. Work began on the album late in 2002 when Iron Maiden reconvened from a break to start putting the album together. They teamed up again with producer Kevin Shirley who co-produced their last album, 'Brave New World,' with Steve Harris. The album was recorded and mixed at Sarm Studios in West London during the spring.

    Kevin Shirley has been even more impressed working with Iron Maiden this time round. "The band are so in sync with each other - it's incredible. There is very little friction in the studio, and the sessions couldn't have been any more fun and productive, and they rock so f***ing hard! It all came together well for the finished product, and whatever period in Maiden's history is your favorite, I doubt whether they've all played as together as this before."
    Shirley continues, "In the Zeppelin tradition of 'tight but loose', this is a band which moves - pushing the beat, pulling it back, and creating real rock - No click tracks, no ProTools computer tightening and manipulation - what you hear is what they play. Maiden are the last and the best of the naturally moving rock bands."

    Vocalist Bruce Dickinson is equally as pleased with the results on 'Dance Of Death.' "I think 'Brave New World' was only a stepping stone to what we have managed to achieve on this record for everyone. Recording this album was almost like being back when 'Number Of The Beast' was recorded in that the speed and the energy that went into the writing and recording was phenomenal. Everything has come together on this album and I think everyone that hears this record will be moved in different ways, from the epic sound of songs like 'Paschendale' through to the more heavy tracks like 'Rainmaker' and 'Montsegur.' This album will open a lot of eyes and ears to the world of Iron Maiden."

    The full track listing is -
    1. Wildest Dreams
    2. Rainmaker
    3. No More Lies
    4. Montsegur
    5. Dance Of Death
    6. Gates Of Tomorrow
    7. New Frontier
    8. Paschendale
    9. Face in The Sand
    10. Age Of Innocence
    11. Journeyman

    The 11 tracks represent the work from all band members including for the first time drummer Nicko McBrain on the track 'New Frontier.'

    Another first for the band is that the album has also been mixed to 5.1 Surround which will take those who have 5.1 Home Cinema to a whole new level of hearing the album. Comments Steve Harris, "When I was working with Kevin on the audio for our 'Rock In Rio' DVD the whole 5.1 mixing process really opened my eyes to what could be achieved. I decided there and then that the new album had to be mixed the same way when it was finished. That's not to say that we wrote any specific songs which can only be heard properly in 5.1, I simply wanted to take the listener right into the middle of the studio so they could close their eyes and imagine themselves right there. We've really managed to capture that feeling."

    Iron Maiden are also to release their 'Visions Of The Beast' DVD on July 15, 2003. This Double DVD, which runs in excess of three hours, is the definitive chronicle of Iron Maiden through the years and includes many promo clips never previously available. Not only is every video the band has ever made included - 31 in total - but on the DVD version the bonus features include never-before-seen Camp Chaos animated versions of six classic tracks, interactive menus and discographies, and some special hidden extras.

    For full information about the album and the full listing for 'Visions Of The Beast' go to www.ironmaiden.com.

    Iron Maiden tour dates include:
    Monday, July 21st Worcester, MA Centrum Centre
    Tuesday, July 22nd Hartford, CT Meadows Music Theater
    Wednesday, July 23rd Camden, NJ Tweeter Center
    Friday, July 25th Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
    Saturday, July 26th Wantagh, NY Tommy Hilfiger/Jones Beach
    Tuesday, July 29th Washington, DC Merriweather Post Pavilion
    Wednesday, July 30th New York, NY Madison Square Garden
    Friday, August 1st Quebec City, QC Colisee Pepsi
    Saturday, August 2nd Montreal, QC Bell Centre
    Sunday, August 3rd Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre
    Tuesday, August 5th Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Center
    Wednesday, August 6th Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
    Friday, August 8th Pittsburgh, PA Post Gazette Pavilion
    Saturday, August 9th Columbus, OH Germain Amphitheatre
    Sunday, August 10th Chicago, IL Tweeter Center
    Wednesday, August 13th Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre
    Friday, August 15th San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Saturday, August 16th Houston, TX C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
    Monday, August 18th El Paso, TX UTEP Don Haskins Center
    Wednesday, August 20th Denver, CO Fiddler's Green
    Thursday, August 21st Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
    Friday, August 22nd Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
    Sunday, August 24th Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Monday, August 25th Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena
    Tuesday, August 26th San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena
    Thursday, August 28th San Jose, CA Shoreline Amphitheater
    Friday, August 29th Concord, CA Chronicle Pavilion
    Saturday, August 30th Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre


    in Olomouc (Czech Republic)

    the band will play Friday Aug 8th, 2003

    together with:

    Malevolent Creation
    Pungent Stench


    note: Ephel Duath is one of the few "not-brutal" acts ever invited at the Brutal Assault, and we are proud to be a band that can play Jazz Clubs and Brutal Death Metal Festivals as well!

    Ephel Duath just returned home from a couple of great shows in London and are now heading to play the QUART Festival in Kristiansand (Norway) with IMMORTAL, MASSIVE ATTACK, MESHUGGAH, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE... the 5th July 2003 a complete UK tour is planned after summer and more gigs and tour will follow

  • VADER has parted ways with bassist Simon due to personal differences – his replacement is Novy (Behemoth, Devilyn). Metal Update

  • Glenn DANZIG is in negotiations to appear in the next Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw, Poltergeist) feature and possibly score the soundtrack – meanwhile, former guitarist Todd Youth will stand in for Tommy Victor at the Bilbao Festival in Spain as Victor finishes up his touring commitments with Prong. Metal Update

  • Aires Pereira (Malevolence) has been brought on board as session bassist for upcoming MOONSPELL shows. Metal Update

  • DEVILDRIVER formerly known as Deathride, this new project features Coal Chamber’s Dez Fafara. Metal Update

  • LUNARIS has split with guitarist Azarak as he has not been attending rehearsals or participated in crafting new material. Metal Update

  • KATAFALK guitarist Pier Abe and bassist Henk Jan have left the group “due to serious disagreements that could not be overcome”. Metal Update

  • Eric Croson (Demonseed) has been added to the lineup bassist PROPHECY. Metal Update

  • BYFIST vocalist Rob Steele just finished a six night jail sentence as penance for unpaid traffic tickets. Metal Update

  • STATIC-X drummer Nick Oshiro (Seether) has replaced Ken Jay. Metal Update

July 6th, 2003
  • It´s been 20 years since compilations like METAL FOR MUTHAS, US METAL or METAL MASSACRE shook the scene and changed everything for us old enough to remember. While the scene has changed in many aspects bands still fight the same obstacle, to reach an audience. Mp3s, CDRs, the internet and it´s countless pages have made things easier but also harder. When there were 100 bands in 1983 there are 10000 in 2003 and who has the time to sift through them all and find out for him/herself?

    To preselect we all have our trusted publications. But can those be trusted anymore? Sure, there are many mags and even zines with CDs included. Yet, once you know that the only condition to get on such a CD is to pay the price you know how much these compilations are worth. Nothing. Nothing at all.

    We here at the Metal Gospel have been fighting for Metal for many years and those who visit our website at www.MetalGospel.com regularly know of the "Hymnals" where we present mp3s of (usually unsigned) bands we like and want to support. But traffic and mp3 hosting are expensive and at the same time many still have insufficient connections or bad or no speakers on their computers to fully get an idea of what a band is all about. So we now took it upon ourselves to create a compilation fittingly titled "The Metal Gospel I" to pick up traditions of old and to bring you bands who we think deserve hearing.

    "The Metal Gospel I" features these tracks:
    1. CHEMIKILLER - Devil´s Reign (o:o4:21)
    2. SHADOWLORD - Dragons (o:o4:33)
    3. HATRED - Filling The Massgraves (o:o5:18)
    4. THRONAR - Where Sword Axe And Bow Stride Together (o:o6:57)
    5. HYADES - Rush Of The Deathbringer (o:o4:17)
    6. NEBUKADDNEZA - War Song (o:o3:44)
    7. XIPE TOTEC - Across Their Galaxy / Out Of The Ruins (o:o4:45)
    8. MOLEK - The Island Of Tonal (o:o5:11)
    9. HOLY MARTYR - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (o:o6:00)
    10. DEATH BEAST - Thunder Of Armageddon (o:o5:32)
    11. CHAINGUNN - Blood Stained Ground (o:o3:00)
    12. UMBRTKA - Clovek Delnik (o:o4:46)
    13. WARHAG - Rage Of Angels (o:o4:31)
    14. REPENT - Trapped (o:o2:48)
    15. TOXIC HOLOCAUST - War Is Hell (o:o3:23)
    16. FAUSTCOVEN - Return To The Castle (o:o5:39)
    17. TRAPJAW - Blooddawn In Kadath (o:o4:58)

    If you think your band should appear on a future edition of "The Metal Gospel" contact us at [email protected] !

July 5th, 2003
  • For the first time ever…
    HIRAX will be in Germany next week playing live:

    Thursday, June 26th 2003 - BYH Warm Up Gig
    Wilhelm-Kraut-Straße 104 • 72336 Balingen / Germany • doors open @ 8:00 pm

    Saturday, June 28th 2003 - BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL
    Messegelände (tradefare area) in 72336 Balingen / South Germany • doors open @ 9:00 am


    After a Well-Deserved Break From the Road, FUEL
    Sets Its Sights on Topping Its Previous Multi-Platinum Success With "Natural Selection"

    'Falls On Me' tapped as 1st single and video as FUEL plans headline tour

    New York, NY: Epic Records recording artist, FUEL, proudly announces the release of the band's third album, "Natural Selection," the follow-up to the Pennsylvania quartet's RIAA double platinum certified sophomore effort, "Something Like Human." Produced by Michael Beinhorn (Ozzy Osbourne, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson and Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Fuel guitarist, Carl Bell and mixed by Andy Wallace (Foo Fighters, Korn, Nirvana), the eleven tracks are set for release on September 23rd. FUEL will soon shoot a video for the first single, 'Falls On Me,' as the band finalizes its plans for an extensive headlining fall tour.

    Not content to coast by on the multi-platinum glories of their two previous albums "Sunburn" (1998) and "Something Like Human" (2000) FUEL returned to the studio this summer intent on topping themselves.

    On "Natural Selection," singer, Brett Scallions; guitarist, Carl Bell; bassist, Jeff Abercrombie and drummer Kevin Miller continue to show a knack for balancing surging anthems like 'Falls On Me' and 'Die Like This' with dark rockers like 'Quarter' and 'Down Inside of You' that ripple with equal parts muscle and melody. While in the studio recording "Natural Selection," FUEL found itself exploring new sonic avenues. The trippy textures of 'These Things' has its roots in Bells experiments writing on piano instead of guitar for the first time, while 'Most of All' finds the band pumping steroids into a melody-driven song.

    FUEL earned its stripes by cranking out covers and originals at local bars. The band's luck changed for the better when "Shimmer," which first appeared on Fuel's self-produced and self-financed EP, "Porcelain," became the most requested song on several local radio stations. Fuel's loyal grassroots support caught the attention of Epic Records, which signed the band in 1997.

    The band began a grueling tour in support of its debut, "Sunburn" which lasted two and a half years and included 450+ shows. Fuel began the tour in obscurity and finished with a certified platinum album. After a short break, the band returned to the studio and recorded "Something Like Human" which spawned the #1 single, 'Hemorrhage (In My Hands)' and quickly became the band's second certified double-platinum album helped in part by Fuel's relentless touring schedule.


  • BRITNY FOX Releases New Studio Album

    Britny Fox roared out of Philadelphia with their hugely successful, self-titled debut album in 1988. 'Britny Fox' was certified gold (500,000 copies), and sold nearly a million copies on the strength of the videos for "Long Way To Love" and "Girlschool," along with major tours with Poison, Ratt, and Joan Jett. Next came 'Boys In Heat' in 1989, and then new lead singer Tommy Paris joined for 'Bite Down Hard' in 1991. After years of extensive touring the band decided to take a break in 1992. Although not by design, the hiatus lasted through 1999.

    Britny Fox reunited in 2000 to sign with Spitfire Records and record their first live album 'Long Way To LIVE!' Released in 2001, the album got rave reviews and sparked new interest in the band, along with a top 20 showing in VH-1's "Top 40 Hair Bands of All Time" countdown.

    In 2002 Sony/Legacy released 'The Best of Britny Fox' as part of the Metal Masters series (along with Quiet Riot, Europe, and Accept). Which brings us to 2003. The new album 'Springhead Motorshark' -- which will be released by Spitfire on July 29, 2003 -- is proof that the band has never given into the latest trends or tried to jump on any bandwagon. Although they have reached a new plateau musically they have stayed true to what they are, and believe the songs on this CD will speak for themselves.

    From the heavy as balls "Pain" to the folk influenced "Is It Real?" this album has all of the heavy elements of the past, while also breaking new ground musically for the band.

    Produced by Tommy Paris and Michael Kelly Smith, this album is proof that there is a lot more to Britny Fox than anyone has ever given them credit for. That being said, get ready…

    Britny Fox are: Tommy Paris - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards; Michael Kelly Smith - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals; Billy Childs - bass, backing vocals; Johnny Dee - drums, backing vocals.

    Track listing: "Pain," "Freaktown," "T.L.U.C. (For You)," "L A," "Springhead Motorshark," "Is It Real?," "Coup D'etat," "Far Enough," "Lonely Ones," "Memorial" and "Sri Lanka."

    Also available on Spitfire: Britny Fox - 'Long Way To LIVE!'


  • SEVENDUST is the most unique and acclaimed band in the new school of heavy rock, hands down. They recently celebrated their third Gold certification (that's three for three, folks!) with Animosity. Now Sevendust is mixing their as-yet-to-be-titled fourth album, produced by rock star and super-producer Butch Walker. I've heard most of the new cuts and it's more phenomenal hard rock songwriting. Look for the band to again haul ass on the road and check for advance music on your desk very soon. This is also a Fall release.

  • Scandal around Summerbreeze Festival and Ancient Ceremony!

    Church and city government have forbidden the performance of ANCIENT CEREMONY at Summerbreeze Open Air (one of Europe's biggest Metal festivals) because of the band's Satanic and blasphemous attitude! Promoters were even set under pressure by getting told the whole event was cancelled if the band was allowed to play so that the organizers had no other chance than taking them from the billing. This scandal is a fist into the face of the entire Metal scene and neither band nor management are willing to accept this cancellation without fighting against it. Of course ANCIENT CEREMONY will continue following their Satanic ethics consequently and are almost "proud" that they are the only controversial act that was chosen as "enemy" by these radical catholics - but there is no legal base for the behaviour from church and authorities so that ANCIENT CEREMONY hope for massive support from fans and media in fighting against this censorship!

    Here is an official homepage which will feed you with further details:

    Source: Andevil Booking
    [email protected]