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January 13th, 2006
  • De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos "Split 'Em All"

    After months of hard working and long waiting, Dutch thrashcore outfits De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos have released their combined efforts as a split-CD, entitled "Split 'Em All".

    Containing four new tracks by each band, this split release breathes the old-school feeling of the '80s all over, including the artwork and the album title, which refers to Metallica's classic 1983 album "Kill 'Em All".

    In their own words: "23 minutes of pure fuckin thrash metalcore out of the slimy depths and ruins of Utrecht rock city will please your mom at maximum volume. For only $ 8,- it will change your world and probably your neighbours' too." The release is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, so order yours at drummerszone.com while you can.

    Late May 2005 De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos recorded and mixed their tracks at the Bunt Studios in Utrecht, The Netherlands, under the guidance of well-experienced producer Menno Bakker (Born From Pain, Sin Dios, Nra, Seein' Red, Bambix, Malkovich, Razor Crusade, The Apers, Makiladoras, Human Alert, etc).

    Mastering duties were handled by the critically acclaimed Alan Douches at West West Side Music, who has previously offered his services to Sepultura, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Sick Of It All, Converge, From Autumn To Ashes, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, and Unearth among others.

    While six piece De Waonzin play eclectic and melodic thrash, Nuestros Derechos deliver their fast and furious version with the same intensity, but more stripped down in a basic line-up of guitar, bass and drums. Both bands will definitely appeal to fans of energetic thrash metal with a hardcore feel.

    Visit the official web sites of De Waonzin and Nuestros Derechos for full mp3s of their new release and more information. Horns up!


    After a substantial hiatus due to changes of personnel Stoke Metalcore mob Exhibit A finally have a couple of new demos for free download at www.exhibitamusic.com. The long awaited follow up to the band’s ‘A Safer Place’ debut should now see the light of day early-mid 2006.




    Peaceville is celebrating the return of DARKTHRONE by issuing a Special Box Set Edition of "PREPARING FOR WAR" - the anthology of early live and rare material.

    This set has been lovingly enhanced and comes in a clam-box including a poster and booklet containing an exclusive, in-depth interview by James Hinchliffe.

    Between now and April you can purchase this set ONLY from our ONLINE STORE. It will be shipped commencing December 13th. Reserve your copy now, this is a limited edition and will be deleted in due course.

    The full list of contents:

    DISC I

    The Original Preparing For War CD

    1. Transilvanian Hunger
    2. Snowfall
    3. Archipelago
    4. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod
    5. The Pagan Winter
    6. Grave With A View
    7. Eon/Thulcandra
    8. Soria Moria
    9. Natassja In Eternal Sleep
    10. Cromlech
    11. In The Shadow of the Horns
    12. Neptune Towers
    13. Under A Funeral Moon
    14. Skald Av Satans Sol
    15. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia

    (Tracks 1, 4 & 14 from 'Transilvanian Hunger' LP (1994)
    (Tracks 5 & 11 from 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' LP (1992)
    (Tracks 6 & 10 from 'Soulside Journey' LP (1991)
    (Tracks 9 & 13 from 'Under A Funeral Moon' LP (1993)
    (Track 2 from 'A New Dimension' Demo (1988)
    (Track 3 from 'Thulcandra' Demo (1989)
    (Tracks 7 & 8 recorded live in Oslo (1989)


    Demo & rehearsal tracks CD

    1. Eon
    2. Thulcandra
    3. The Watchtower
    4. Accumulation of Generalization
    5. Sempiternal Sepulchrality
    6. A Blaze In The Northern Sky
    7. Kathaarian Life Code
    8. The Pagan Winter
    9. Where Cold Winds Blow
    10. In The Shadow Of The Horns
    11. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust
    12. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames
    13. Under A Funeral Moon

    (Tracks 1 & 2 from 'Thulcandra' Demo (1989)
    (Tracks 3-5 from 'Cromlech' Demo (1989)
    (Track 6 from 'Goatlord' session (1990)
    (Tracks 7-10 from 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' rehearsal (1991)
    (Tracks 11-13 from 'Under A Funeral Moon' rehearsal (1992)DISC III


    Rare live performances from:

    OSLO TV 1989

    1. Eon/Thulcandra
    2. Soria Moria


    1. Cromlech
    2. Life
    3. Soulside Journey
    4. Black Daimon
    5. Nor The Silent Whispers
    6. As Desertshadows
    7. Trident
    8. Paragon Belial
    9. A Blaze In The Northern Sky

    LAHTI - FINLAND 1991

    1. Cromlech
    2. Life
    3. Soulside Journey
    4. Black Daimon

    OSLO 1996

    1. Intro/Under A Funeral Moon
    2. Blackwinged
    3. Transilvanian Hunger

    DVD extras - 'THE INTERVIEWS' (4 interviews with Nocturno and Fenriz conducted in 2003) & PHOTO GALLERY

    Go to the Peaceville Site for ordering information:


  • A Special Guest to Perform with THYRFING at the Heathen Crusade Metalfest

    The organizers of the Heathen Crusade Metalfest and the members of THYRFING are happy to announce that Toni Kocmut will be performing several songs with THYRFING during their set at the Heathen Crusade. For those of you who do not recognize the name, Toni performs the “clean” vocals on THYRFING’S releases. What makes this performance special is that this will be the first time that Toni has EVER performed live with THYRFING.

    Patrik Lindgren of THYRFING had the following to say regarding Toni’s upcoming performance: "Of course we are very excited and thrilled about the fact that Toni is about to perform with us for the first time. We have been working with him on the albums for six years now, and have known him even longer than that, so of course the idea has been up for discussion, but now the plans are finally being realized. This addition to the line-up is making this gig even more unique than it already is, and I hope that the audience will appreciate this exclusive feature."

    The Heathen Crusade Metalfest is set to take place on Saturday, January 21, 2006, at the Star Central in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Also scheduled to appear are Finland's MOONSORROW, Ireland's PRIMORDIAL, THE CHASM, NOVEMBERS DOOM, TODESBONDEN, TYPHUS, DUMAH, AUTUMN ETERNAL and ENSHRINED.

    Tickets for this ALL AGES show are on sale NOW! ($25 in advance, $30 day of show). Additional information (schedule, hotels, vendors, band info, venue location, etc…) is available at the Heathen Crusade Official Website (www.heathencrusade.com).

    The Heathen Crusade Metalfest is sponsored by: Dark Horizon Records, Metal Maniacs, Unrestrained!, The End Records, and Trolleve Communities.

  • The brazilian death metal maniacs IMPETUOUS RAGE are recording their first demo-tape "Decayed in the Pecaminous Profundness". The producer is Thiago Nogueira (Headhunter DC, Ungodly and others).

    [email protected]

  • SOURVEIN - the Emerald Vulture has arrived

    New Orleans will rise again, and Sourvein's Emerald Vulture EP is a testament to that fact. T-Roy and Sourvein are back with a revamped lineup and the first of a trilogy of mini-albums to be released by This Dark Reign over the next few months.

    Interviews with the band are available upon request; get in touch with Earsplit with any requests and be sure to check out: http://www.thisdarkreign.com/ for more info. Also hit up StonerRock to check out the track ‘Blessed’ from the new: http://www.stonerrock.com/jukebox/Sourvein-Blessed.mp3.

  • SOMBERLAIN will record a song based on SAW movie series

    SOMBERLAIN's bass player, Delano Lima, announced that he wrote lyrics based on SAW movie series, which had its second part released recently. The song composed for these lyrics, according to Delano, is one the most brutal and agonyzing he ever wrote. After the release of the second part of the movie, the lyrics, which were planned since the first movie, were finished, as the track list of the new album.

    Here is the movie' synopsis: Adam (Leigh Whannell) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) wake up chained to pipes at opposite ends of a dirty utility room. They soon learn that they have become the victims of the Jigsaw, a serial killer who devises intricate situations to get his victims to kill each other. Pitted against the clock and each other, the two must work to outwit their captor and save Gordon's family, who have been taken hostage by the killer.

    The death metallers of Somberlain released a demo titled Humanity's Funeral, in 2004. and are going to release their first full length, still untitled, next year.

    More informations of the band are available at www.somberlain.com.br and www.myspace.com/somberlainband

    proudly presents

    20th edition of the biggest heavy metal festival in Central Europe!!!
    March 4th, 2006 KATOWICE, SPODEK

    We are honoured to invite you to the 20th anniversary edition of the most prestigious metal festival in Poland! The festival will be headlined by the legendary TESTAMENT - who will play in their original line-up (with Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson)! Such albums as "The New Order" or "Legacy" have become the canon of American thrash metal. Last year the band returned to their live activity (you can check how good they are on "Live In London"). Another great band to perform is Moonspell, very well known to the Polish audiences. Last time they appeared at Metalmania was in 2003, when they promoted their newest album "The Antidote". The gig contained older tracks as well as fresh stuff, and was enthusiastically received by the public. Fernando & Co. are now in the studio, recording a new album due to be out in March, so we are all waiting to hear new tracks. Nevermore will play in Poland for the first time, they are one of the most eagerly awaited bands. Definitely the top band in the category of heavy but melodic music. Success of their last studio album "This Godless Endeavour" is the best proof for that. Anathema will provide a dose of more peaceful climate. The band has an almost cult following in Poland. After their last studio album "A Natural Disaster" the band are already working on their new material. Perhaps they will present a sample of their new sound already at Metalmania... Poland will be represented by Acid Drinkers and Hunter. Black metal maniacs will surely be satisfied with Carpathian Forest blaspemous and controversial performance. Soilwork (Sweden), who promote their newest album "Stabbing the Drama", will provide some more experimental metal. Unleashed will represent the death metal fraction. They have been one of the most important bands in the genre for 15 years. Classic heavy metal will be represented by the pioneer of German metal music U.D.O., whose leader is also known from Accept (another Accept musician in U.D.O.is Stefan Kaufmann). Metal-core Caliban, also from Germany, will surely present material from their newest album "The Undying Darkness", due to be released in February! The main stage will also host Pain Museum - the band of genius guitarist Metal Mike Chla_ciak (Halford), as well as Russian techno-death-metal band Hieronymus Bosch, who played a sensational gig at Tuska Festival in Finland. One more special gig is planned for the main stage - it will surely be a surprise for the fans!


    DOORS OPEN: 9 a.m.
    SIDE STAGE: 9.30 a.m.
    MAIN STAGE: 10.30 a.m.

    2 stages - 25 bands - 25 hours of live music!!!

    Festival's official website: www.metalmind.com.pl/metalmania (start: 22.12.2005)

    Tickets' prices: 125/ 135 PLN floor and red sections 155/ 165 PLN sections H and J 200/ 210 PLN VIP section

    For info about tickets pls call +48 32 205 25 00 (ext. 101), e-mail: [email protected] or visit: www.metalopolis.pl

    To buy tickets pls call +48 32 205 25 00 (ext. 187), e-mail: [email protected] or visit: www.metalopolis.pl

  • LIV KRISTINE Single cover, tracklist, streetdate

    On 27th January 2006 the new LIV KRISTINE EP "Fake A Smile" will be released in Digipak format including 4 non album tracks and the videoclip of "Fake A Smile"! The new LIV KRISTINE soloalbum "Enter My Religion" will be relaesed March 2006!

    LIV KRISTINE "Fake A Smile" Tracklist:
    1. Fake A Smile
    2. This Is Us*
    3. Woman In Me*
    4. China Heart*
    5. Fake A Smile (Remix)*

    Videoclip "Fake A Smile"

    * Non Album Track

    LEAVES' EYES Tourdates:

    Date Cntr City Location Bands

    01.04. LT Vilnius PHC Atrocity
    07.04. CHI Sant. de Chile Theatre Caupolincan Atrocity
    08.04. CHI Sant. de Chile Theatre Gabriela Mistral Atrocity
    09.04. ARG Buenos Aires Nd Ateneo Atrocity
    11.04. BRA Porto Alegre Opiniao Atrocity
    12.04. BRA Curitiba Espacio Callas Atrocity
    14.04. BRA Belo Horizonte tbc Atrocity
    15.04. BRA Sao Paulo Direct Tv-Cie Hall Atrocity
    16.04. BRA Sao Paulo Manifesto
  • Central Illinois Metalfest 2006 Update!


    We are pleased to announce that Bloody Sign (France) has been added to the fest line-up! Ibex Moon Records is our newest sponsor!

    Laura aka The Mistress
    Matt Bishop - Human Artifacts
    The Central Illinois Metalfest 2006

  • SHADOWS FALL Frontman Comments On GRAMMY Nod

    Nominations for the 48th annual Grammy Awards were announced last week by The Recording Academy, which included a nod for SHADOWS FALL in the "Best Metal Performance" category. The group was nominated for their Active Rock hit "What Drives The Weak" alongside such acclaimed artists as MINISTRY, MUDVAYNE, RAMMSTEIN and SLIPKNOT. The track is featured on the group's latest offering, "The War Within", which originally debuted at No. 20 on The Billboard 200 chart and is quickly approaching 250,000 units sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album garnered accolades in such mainstream publications as Billboard, Blender and Giant, among others, while SHADOWS FALL were also hailed as a "Band To Watch In 2005" by Rolling Stone, Spin and Stuff magazines.

    Brian Fair (vocals) further describes his excitement over their first Grammy nomination: "So SHADOWS FALL has been nominated for a Grammy! How friggin crazy is that. Never in a million years would I have thought that a small metal band from Massachusetts would get this type of honor and acknowledgement from the music industry. This was something we had never thought about when we began writing songs together. This is proof that if you stick to your guns and put 100 percent of yourself into something the sky is the limit. We know that we would not be where we are today without the support and energy that we have received from all our fans. This nomination is a testament to that. I can't wait to party L.A. style at the Grammies. Finally, my chance to meet Gwen Stefani has arrived! hahahaha. The Cristal is on me."

    The Grammy Awards ceremony will be broadcast live by CBS on February 8, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. EST. To learn more please visit www.grammy.com. SHADOWS FALL will also perform a special one-off show at the Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, MA on December 30. This will be your last chance to see the band live for a few months and the show will feature some new material, as well as some stuff you may not have heard in awhile.

  • New Herod Track Posted / Track Listing revealed!

    New Herod Track "Lies and Betrayal" Posted!

    Buffalo, NY's Herod have completed their second Lifeforce Records full-length record entitled "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight," which is set to be released March 7th, 2006 in North America and April 24th in Europe. "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight" is the highly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed 2004 Lifeforce debut release "For Whom The Gods Would Destroy." Herod's new record sees the addition of vocalist Jason Russo (replacing previous vocalist Judah) and definitely pushes the boundaries of modern metal while paying tribute the metal sounds of old! "Rich Man's War..." will definitely be their most stunning release to date and catapult the band into heavy metal's elite rankings while paving the way for the future of metal!

    The new track "Lies and Betrayal" from Herod's upcoming full-length record "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight" has been posted!

    You can Herod's new track here!

    The track listing for "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight" is:
    1. Assimilation
    2. All Night
    3. One Life To Burn
    4. Lies And Betrayal <http://www.lifeforce-america.com/downloads/63>
    5. The Fire
    6. Broken Promises
    7. Forever
    8. The Ring
    9. Grand Design
    10. Journey Of Creation

    Herod's Official Website:

  • WORLD OF LIES update...

    Hello friends,

    Its been a while since we have sent out a message, the band has moved and is now based in Portland, Oregon.

    We have started the writing of the new batch of songs to be on our 3 record. We have recorded on song in @ our studio R.G.P. before we moved its location, we are still in the process of setting it back up. By the time we get it set up again we will have enough songs to do an EP for sure. The new song we spoke of is entitled "Thorns" and a rough version (mp3) is up on our site and our Myspace page.

    Be on the look out for some new songs new shirts and a new CD + a 7"incher or 2.

    Be good out there!!!


    We also have some new members to announce.

    2005-2006 Lineup
    Tony - Guitar & Vocals
    Wayne - Drums
    David - Lead Guitar
    Leon - Bass



    Fresh from stirring up a storm in the UK with their appearance on the BBC documentary `Death Metal Murders' DEICIDE are back once again with this taster from the band's forthcoming debut DVD release `When London Burns'. DEICIDE's triumphant show at London's Mean Fiddler in November 2004 is remembered by anyone who was there as a lasting testament to exactly what makes DEICIDE such an important band in Death Metal. They played for an hour plus like the men possessed they so clearly are and delivered a set peppered with classics like `Lunatic Of God's Creation', `Dead By Dawn' and `Deicide', plus newer material from `Scars Of The Crucifix'. `When London Burns' also features a 30 minute documentary `Behind The Scars' which takes you literally inside life with DEICIDE, into the rehearsal room, backstage at shows and in the studio as the band were recording `Scars Of The Crucifix'.

    Sure to be the first essential DVD release of 2006 `When London Burns' will be in stores January 23rd (UK/ Europe)/ March 7th (USA). In the mean time, you can see a taster `When Heaven Burns' right here on earache.com by following this link.


  • TRIARCHY - Distribution through Oak Knoll + contest

    The gothic/doom metal band, TRIARCHY, now have their promo, Broken Dreams, being distributed through the label Oak Knoll productions. Oak Knoll is an independent label located in New England, USA. Some bands of Oak Knoll's cast are: Withersoul, Black Harvest, Evermork and Shroud of Bereavement. Fans interested to get a copy of the promo can order it through the label's website at www.oak-knoll.com

    More informations about the band, and some song samples are available on www.triarchy.com.br and www.myspace.com/triarchy

  • WITCHERY Sign Worldwide Deal With Century Media Records; New Album Set For A Late March Release

    Sweden's WITCHERY have returned from the dead after a two year hiatus to sign a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and deliver their highly-anticipated fourth full-length offering Don't Fear The Reaper, which is set for a late March release.
    Led by Jensen (The Haunted), Richard Corpse, Toxine and Mique, WITCHERY's spell was cast upon our earthly existence back in 1997. Before recording their debut album, Restless And Dead, Jensen recruited Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, ex-Mercyful Fate) and got him on board for the unholy alliance. Subsequently, the band released the Witchburner EP (feat. cover songs by Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, W.A.S.P. and Accept). Their second full-length album, Dead, Hot And Ready, stirred up a strong buzz in the underground metal scene, helping the band tour the U.S. and Europe.

    In 2001, the group delivered Symphony For The Devil, their first album staring drummer Martin Axenrot (Bloodbath, Opeth), which quickly solidified them as one of the genre’s best. Jensen’s touring commitments with The Haunted forced WITCHERY into hibernation for some time, but the band finally recorded their new masterpiece Don't Fear The Reaper at Berno Studios in the Fall of 2004. The album was mixed by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Mnemic) and features the band’s catchiest, yet most savage material to date.

    Jensen (guitars) further describes his excitement over their new deal: “Finally, I'll say it again...finally, WITCHERY has signed a new deal. This time with Century Media. I'm really glad that we will be handled by the same team that has done such a great job for our other bands – The Haunted and Arch Enemy. Our new album, Don't Fear The Reaper, has been recorded, mixed and mastered since October 2004, so it feels really great to be able to say to all the WITCHERY fans I've met over the past years that the album will definitely be out early next year! A new website will be up and running soon too, so keep an eye out for that. There will be touring and major festivals appearances coming up next year, as well. See you all out there soon.”

  • SEVENDUST will be teaming up with NONPOINT, SOCIALBURN and WICKED WISDOM for a number of dates in January/February. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

    Jan. 20 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle
    Jan. 21 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
    Jan. 23 - Toronto, ON - The Phoenix Concert Theatre
    Jan. 27 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
    Jan. 28 - Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory
    Jan. 31 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues Cleveland
    Feb. 02 - Fort Wayne, IN - Piere's
    Feb. 11 - Appleton, WI - Checkered Flag

    SEVENDUST will release "Greatest Hits (Chapter One)" on December 27. The collection will feature "Black", "Angel's Son", "Enemy", two unreleased tracks, collaborations with STAIND's Aaron Lewis (on the track "Follow") and the DEFTONES' Chino Moreno ("Bender"), as well as two covers — MARVIN GAYE's "Inner City Blues" and ALICE COOPER's "School's Out".

    SEVENDUST's newly-released fifth album, "Next" (WineDark/7Bros Records, distributed by Fontana Distribution, a division of Universal Music and Video Distribution), debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at No. 20 and has sold 98,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • Italian female-fronted metallers LACUNA COIL have announced a one-off show at the Forum in London, U.K.on March 5, 2006.

    LACUNA COIL's new album, "Karmacode", is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2006 via Century Media Records. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2002's "Comalies" was co-produced once again by Waldemar Sorychta was mixed by Ronald Prent (RAMMSTEIN, H.I.M., IRON MAIDEN). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "What I See", "Fragile", "In Visible Light", "Fragments of Faith", "Within Me" and "Our Truth".

    In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, LACUNA COIL frontwoman Cristina Scabbia had the following to say about the upcoming CD:

    "The album is a trip through different spiritualities, not specific religions. We wanted to analyze how religion and spirituality can in our day coexist. Look at the title — we mix something generally spiritual like 'karma' with 'code,' which is modern and recent concept. The word is modern and spiritual at once.

    "The music is the same and we did not change or become a different kind of band. It's an evolution, and it's precise. We spent three years on the road, visiting new territories, like the U.S., so we took different American influences and we mixed them with our European sound. We take the power of American bands and blend it with the romanticism and passion from Europe, so it's an interesting combination."

January 9th, 2006
  • SHADOWS FALL Drummer To Appear On DIMEBAG Tribute CD

    SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner is in Chicago recording a track with his "buddy" Tristian Grigsby (also known as "1690" from the PANTERA home videos) for Grigsby's upcoming "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott tribute CD that is going to feature contributions from a number of well-known musicians from the metal community. "Considering this being the one-year anniversary of our brother's death, the atmosphere in the studio should be a little sad, I'm sure, but we're gonna kick it hard for 'The Idol,'" Bittner said. No further information is currently available.

  • AGALLOCH name new album; start pre-production

    Agalloch have entered the studio to begin pre-production work for their 3rd full-length album entitled Ashes Against The Grain. The recording process will begin Dec 10th and the band hopes to have the album finished by mid-January. As usual the band will be working with Ronn Chick, who has engineered and produced both of their previous albums.

    Commenting on the new material, guitarist/vocalist John Haughm: "It is huge, bleak, and more rock-based than previous albums. I am confident this will be our darkest and most sonically intense record yet."


    Metal Maniacs


    After nearly two years of inactivity due to lineup problems, family commitments, and job responsibilities, Indianapolis, IN based HARAKIRI have announced their return. The band's previous release, 2002's Twilight Of The Idols appeared on year-end top 10 lists in many publications worldwide.

    Drummer Kent Hiltz' has rejoined the band, thus fully reuniting the lineup that wrote Twilight Of The Idols. HARAKIRI is currently writing material for a new full-length album to be recorded in the Summer of 2006.


    Metal Maniacs

  • NOVEMBERS DOOM to showcase old and new material at Heathen Crusade festival

    Chicago's NOVEMBERS DOOM, who are currently in the writing process for their still-untitled followup to 2005's successful The Pale Haunt Departure (due out sometime in 2006 on The End Records), will be taking a break from studio work to take part in the inaugural Heathen Crusade Festival in Minnesota in January.

    About the upcoming festival appearance, singer Paul Kuhr comments: "On January 21st, 2006 Novembers Doom will be performing at the Heathen Crusade Festival in Minnesota, and it looks as if this will be our only live appearance until we complete writing and recording the new CD in early 2006. For this reason, we are very excited to take a break from the process to play live. The fantastic lineup for the Heathen Crusade makes the break more then worth while, as this is looking to be one of the best metal festivals in the country so far, and we're proud to be a part of it."

    He adds, "The last opportunity we had to play in Minnesota, I fell quite ill, and the crowd was treated to a Novembers Doom performance where the vocal duties were handled by guitarist Larry, so this year, I get to make it up to Minnesota fans. We'll be playing a mixture of material spanning most of our CD catalog, and a possibility you may hear something from the upcoming CD as well. Make your travel arrangements for this one, it's going to be worth it!"

    Also scheduled to appear are Finland's MOONSORROW, Ireland's PRIMORDIAL, Sweden's THYRFING, THE CHASM, TYPHUS and TODESBONDEN.

    Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of show. More information is available at www.heathencrusade.com.


    Metal Maniacs


    The leading US black metal band is going to strike again with its new album, absolutely the most hypnotic, alienating and gruesome up to date! BLACK FUNERAL return with their apocalyptic visions and sonorities, a ceremony of madness made by discordant string instruments, ritualistic and diabolical textures, profane noise and inhuman voices! ORDOG is an impressive industrialized machinery of Death, Satanism and Persian Mythology. Harshness is combined to ancient rituals to celebrate the new age of infernal bliss. Featuring two songs lyrically written by the formally incarcarated cannibal/killer/artist Nico Claux. This is the most violent and extreme album Black Funeral recorded thus far! Destructive, occult and Hellish Black Metal Art. Worship Darkness!

    Release date: 9th January 2006


    Metal Maniacs


    Epic Recording Artists LAMB OF GOD Currently On Tour In Europe And Set To Release A Live CD, titled, Killadelphia On December 15, And Bring More Audio Brutality To The Masses In 2005!

    Make no mistake about it, LAMB OF GOD are the current supreme rulers of American Heavy Metal; and on December 13th LAMB OF GOD are set to release Killadelphia (audio). The disc contains the live concert audio from their Killadelphia DVD (2005, Epic). With Killadelphia DVD sales reaching Gold status after just nine weeks, Epic Records now releases; LAMB OF GOD Killadelphia (audio) including close to 10 minutes of never before seen bonus footage, from the concert previously unreleased plus additional audio; this content will be available via Connected Technology where the CD acts a key to unlock the visual content at a secure website. Killadelphia (audio) is available in two formats with brand new packaging unique to each format; as a solo CD, or combined with the original DVD in DVD packaging, so, Killadelphia will be available in every configuration possible to keep fans from double spending. All formats will be stocked in CD and DVD sections at retail outlets.

    LAMB OF GOD's Killadelphia (audio) highlights every facet of the bands unforgiving live performance recorded from two unforgettable Sold-Out concerts at Philadelphia's legendary Trocadero. This blistering live documentation features lead singer Randy Blythe's storming vocals, the buzzsaw guitar slaughter of both Willie Adler and Mark Morton along with the powerhouse rhythm section of Chris Adler (drums) with John Campbell (bass). Killadelphia (audio) boasts live versions of tracks from the entire LAMB OF GOD and BTP catalog, including: Laid To Rest, Hourglass, As The Palaces Burn, Now You've Got Something To Die For, 11th Hour, Terror & Hubris, Ruin, Omerta, Pariah, The Faded Line, Bloodletting, The Subtle Art Of Murder & Persuasion, Vigil, What I've Become, and the utterly classic Black Label; which inspires crowds worldwide to part seas for the infamous wall of death.

    "This period of our career, captured in this DVD/CD, has become something no one ever expected. It not only gave us something special to remember forever, but it also helped show how a band that believes in themselves and their music can help make a dent in the industry that thrives on image. No one expected us to be able to pull this off, and the best part is that all we did was be ourselves. We get questions all the time about extra footage or a audio CD from the concert and we liked the idea, but we wanted to make sure that our friends and fans weren't gouged having to repurchase the same thing. Extras or not, we're all music fans too and we hate when bands or labels do that to us. We came up with the idea of splitting it up as much as possible so if you have the DVD, you can get the CD separate, and if you don't have it, you can now pick them up separately or together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have - so on December 13th get yourself a cold one and turn it up...way up! Thanks and Stay Metal!"

    Chris Adler

    Metal Maniacs



    2 DVD SET OUT NOW!!!!

    ZAO have just announced that they will be on In Flames upcoming US tour to support their new release. Also on the tour will be buzz-making heavy music bands, Trivium and Devildriver. Commenting on their addition to the tour, ZAO guitarist Scott Mellinger commented "I listen to In Flames albums Clayman and Reroute To Remain all the time and am excited to be able to see them perform every night and share a stage with them." ZAO composed of Dan Weyandt (vocals), Mellinger, Russ Cogdell (guitar), Marty Lunn (bass) and Jeff Gretz (drums) are busy working on material for their next album for a summer 06 release on Ferret Music. The band will enter the recording studio w/ famed indie producer Steve Albini. Albini is known for his own music with Shellac and Big Black as well as his production work with groups such as Nirvana, Neurosis, High On Fire, Helmet, Melt Banana and many others. Regarding their upcoming work with Albini, Mellinger explained, "Albini actually contacted us. His girlfried was working on a documentary on underground music and was focusing on us and Albini was interested in our sound. He called a club we played in Chicago before our last album came out and asked to speak to a member of ZAO. He invited us over to his studio to hang out and talk, we got along great and now we have an opportunity to work with him. He's a very open minded individual and has tons of energy and ideas which we can't wait to tap into when we record with him."

    ZAO last released The Funeral Of God a concept album about the demise of the supreme being which was a epic and cinematic work touching upon all eras of the band's history. Speaking of the new material, Mellinger comments "The songs are more compact than Funeral Of God and return to the sounds of our classic albums such as Liberate Te Ex Infinitis. However there is a bigger shift between elements in the songs such as the heavy moments are even heavier, the ambient moments are beautiful and the rock moments are even more full-blown rock." ZAO has been a band for over eleven years and known for their wealth of various band members and stylistic shifts over the years. The band was once known as the cornerstone of Christian hardcore as well as for progressing the form of metal-core, currently they are just interested in being known for writing great music. The band has just released a career spanning DVD The Lesser Lights Of Heaven directed by longtime friend and manager Ryan Downey, an accomplished music journalist and former writer/producer for MTV and reporter for MSNBC, the double disc set includes a two hour-plus documentary with all new interviews detailing the bands humble beginnings through all of their changes to the band they are today.

    The second disc contains two full live as well as a dozen songs shot over the years at various points in the band's history. In the last two years, Zao has headlined the Ferret Music tour, co-headlined with As I Lay Dying, supported Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die, headlined the Praise The War Machine tour with The Agony Scene as support, co-headlined with the City Of Champions tour with Juliana Theory, supported Bleeding Through in the UK and across the US on the Strhess Tour, and played the Smart Punk stage at Warped Tour.

    1/25 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theater
    1/26 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
    1/27 San Diego, CA Soma
    1/28 Hollywood, CA The Avalon
    1/30 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
    1/31 Vancouver, BC Croatian Cultural Center
    2/1 Seattle, WA Showbox
    2/3 Magna, UT The Great Salt Air
    2/4 Englewood, CO Gothic Theater
    2/6 Austin, TX The Back Room
    2/7 Houston, TX Meridian
    2/10 Detroit, MI Harpos
    2/12 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
    2/17 Philadelphia, PA TLA
    2/18 Worcester, MA The Palladium
    2/21 Toronto, ONT Kool Haus
    2/24 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall

    Metal Maniacs


    Relapse Records recording artists NECROPHAGIST have landed a slot supporting BOLT THROWER on the band's Those Still Loyal 2006 European Tour.

    The European-wide tour, sponsored by Rock Hard magazine, begins January 4th in The Netherlands and covers ten countries in over 31 shows. Other support acts include MALEVOLENT CREATION and NIGHTRAGE. A complete listing of tour dates follows this message.

    NECROPHAGIST are touring in support of their Relapse debut, Epitaph.


    January 4 (NL) Enschede Atak
    January 5 (D) Hamburg Markthalle
    January 6 (D) Leipzig Hellraiser
    January 7 (D) Berlin SO36
    January 8 (D) Stavenhagen Tankhaus
    January 9 (PL) Warsaw Proxima
    January 10 (PL) Krakow Extreme
    January 11 (CZ) Prague Rock Cafe
    January 12 (D) Munich Backstage
    January 13 (A) Wels Alter Schlachthof
    January 14 (A) Vienna Planet Music
    January 15 (HU) Budapest Blue Hell
    January 16 (HR) Zagreb Mochvara
    January 18 (I) Prato Anomalia Club
    January 19 (I) Bassano Del Grappa La Gabbia Music Club
    January 20 (CH) Wi Remise
    January 21 (D) Andernach JUZ Live Club
    January 22 (NL) Groningen Vera
    January 23 (D) Osnabrueck N8
    January 24 (NL) Rotterdam Baroeg
    January 25 (NL) Nijmege Doornroosje
    January 26 (D) Essen Zeche Carl
    January 27 (D) Cottbus Glad-House
    January 28 (D) Hanau Halle 2
    January 29 (B) Hasselt Muziekodroom
    January 30 (F) Paris La Locomotive
    February 1 (CH) Pratteln Z 7
    February 2 (D) Stuttgart Roehre
    February 3 (D) Bad Salzungen Kallewerk
    February 4 (D) Trier Exil
    February 5 (NL) Haarlem Patronaat

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    "We have finished PRO PATRIA FINLANDIA recordings. W will mix the fucker in January 2006 at Sonic Pump Studios with Tapio Pennanen. The album will be mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios. Street date (in Europe) is 28th of March 2006. Our friend Ritual is doing the album cover and lay-out right now."

    Final track listing (not in any particular order):

    Impaled Nazarene will be heading for a long European tour between April - June 2006.

    Metal Maniacs

  • CBGB gets year's reprieve

    Club will stay at current address for another year

    New York's punk rock music mecca CBGB reached an agreement with its landlords on Wednesday that allows the music club to stay at its East Village address for another year. The legendary, grimy punk-rock club, which launched acts from Blondie to the Ramones, had been involved in a rental dispute dating back to 2001 with a charity for the homeless that owns the building.

    The agreement calls for CBGB to close its doors on the Bowery by October 31, 2006.

    Owner Hilly Kristal, who in 1973 founded the joint whose initials stand for country, bluegrass and blues, said he was unhappy about losing the location but said the agreement gave him time to look at other possible sites in Times Square and downtown Manhattan. "We are only going to leave the smell and the echo of the rock 'n' roll sound -- 32 years of it -- and there will be ghosts flying around beating drums and loud music," he said.

    The dispute escalated this year when the charity, the Bowery Residents Committee, refused to renew the club's lease which ran out in August after a series of disputes over renovations and back rent. The Bowery Residents Committee could not be immediately reached for comment, but in the past the group has said it was unwilling to subsidize CBGB at the detriment of the homeless. CBGB was the latest in a line of New York clubs that have succumbed to climbing rents and tougher regulations. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement the city would help CBGB find a new home in New York.

    "CBGB has served as an incubator for cutting edge artists and entertainers," Bloomberg said. "With today's agreement and our efforts, I believe CBGB will continue in its prominent role in setting trends in
    music and culture."

    [Source: CNN.COM]
    Metal Maniacs

  • CANNIBAL CORPSE announces title of upcoming release and more!

    Legendary death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE have set Kill as the title of their tenth album, due in March/April via Metal Blade Records Europe. The CD is being recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL) who has worked with bands such as Soilent Green, Into The Moat and The Absence.

    Comments bassist Alex Webster: "Hey everybody, since word seems to be out, we figured we'd make it official. Our new album will be entitled Kill. Also, although everybody probably already had figured this out, we'll make it official as well: Guitarist Rob Barrett has rejoined as a permanent member. He has contributed a song to the new album as well. OK, check back in a few days for the track listing and some other info."With regards to the new album's musical direction, the band had previously said, "We are doing everything we can to make sure it's the heaviest, most brutal one we've ever made."


  • In honor of the late Dimebag Darrell, an article written by writer Nick Desenberg has been featured over at www.PivotalRage.com. The article surrounds Timothy Briones who has gone on to be expulsed from his High School for refusing to turn his Dimebag Tribute t-shirt inside out. We believe this is something all fans of heavy metal and even non-fans should be concerned about and should read about. We would appreciate it if any of you would be so kind as to pass on this information to any friends, media, or news outlets so that they may link to our website so others can read the story. Thanks in advance and may he RIP.

    -Leevan Macomeau


  • Central Illinois Metalfest 2006 Update!!


    We are pleased to announce that MACABRE (IL) will be Friday's headliner! Gutrot (MI), Embalmer (OH), Jungle Rot (WI) & Unhallowed (NJ) have been added to the fest line-up!!

    Laura aka The Mistress
    Matt Bishop - Human Artifacts
    The Central Illinois Metalfest 2006


    Talk about ending an already amazing year on a high note. Epic recording group MUDVAYNE have earned their first-ever Grammy nomination in the "Best Metal Performance" category for "Determined," the first track issued from LOST AND FOUND. The announcement comes a week after Mudvayne's smash hit single "Happy?" garnered the following accolades:

    * Billboard Monitor's "Active Rock Song of the Year"
    * R&R's "Active Rock Song of the Year"
    * FMQB's "Rock Single of the Year"

    About the band's incredible year-to-date, Mudvayne lead vocalist Chad Gray says, "It's been a great ride. We scored our third straight gold album, and saw 'Happy?' hit No. 1 and STAY THERE for 10 straight weeks. We tore up Ozzfest with Maiden and Sabbath, the fans voted the 'Happy?' clip the 'Headbanger's Ball Video of the Year,' and now we've got a Grammy nomination. We're extremely honored, grateful and proud to be in such great company. We want to thank our fans for making this a year to remember and promise to come back stronger and harder in '06. We're just getting started, folks."

    Mudvayne (vocalist Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie and drummer Matt McDonough) are currently headlining the "Masters of Horror Tour" with openers Sevendust. They'll kick off '06 with a brand-new single, "Fall Into Sleep," and a main stage run at the Big Day Out Festival in Australia.

  • CROWBAR Contest

    Tis the season to be rocking...

    Win An Autographed Guitar By Crowbar From ESP Guitars!
    Candlelight Records USA, ESP Guitars, and the mighty Crowbar have teamed up to offer a brand new, stunning ESP EC-50 guitar (in black, of course)! We are giving away one (1) EC-50 to a very lucky contestant!

    Musician's Friend notes, "One of the best values in a serious, hard-rocking electric guitar, this one sports a pair of ESP LH-100 pickups that generate super sustainful distortion."

    So, how do you sign-up for a chance to win the EC-50? It's quite simple. Visit our site at www.candlelightrecordsusa.com and enter. Limited to US residents only.

    Deadline to enter: January 31, 2006.

    Crowbar's Lifesblood for the Downtrodden is in stores nationwide. Pick it up now for holiday gift giving. Watch for the new video from Crowbar and Candlelight's online store grand opening coming January 2006!


    We at LIFEFORCE RECORDS are very proud to announce the signing of a multiple album deal with one of Europe's most talented and inventive modern metal acts: RAUNCHY!

    Raunchy's debut Lifeforce release and third full length album entitled "…Death Pop Romance" is set to be released on February 17th, 2006 in Germany and on February 20th, 2006 in Europe.

    Being hailed as "Futuristic Hybrid Metal" with their previous releases on Nuclear Blast ("Confusion Bay" 2004 and "Velvet Noise" 2002), the Danish sixpack take the necessary steps to propel their sound forward by mixing intensely abrasive thrash riffs and dynamic drumming in the vein of Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory with their signature metallic sound, while subliminally incorporating elements of pop music and melodic death metal in the vein of Soilwork or In Flames.

    "… Death Pop Romance" was recorded in the Summer of 2005 by Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Fear My Thoughts, Communic) and mixed by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios (Hatesphere, The Haunted, Mnemic).


    Morten Toft Hansen – drums
    Jesper Tilsted – guitar
    Lars Christensen – guitar
    Jeppe Christensen – keys/ vocals
    Kasper Thomsen – vocals
    Jesper Kvist – bass


  • IN FLAMES final cover artwork released

    The final cover artwork for the upcoming IN FLAMES album, "Come Clarity", has now finally been posted online at this location. "Come Clarity" will be issued on February 6, 2006 and include a free bonus DVD featuring the band performing the album in full in a rehearsal room. In addition, one of the album's songs — "Dead End" — features the vocals of Swedish singer/songwriter Lisa Miskovsky. A video for the album's opening track, "Take This Life", was shot late November with director Patric Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, LACUNA COIL).

    "Come Clarity" track listing:

    01. Take This Life
    02. Leeches
    03. Reflect The Storm
    04. Dead End
    05. Scream
    06. Come Clarity
    07. Vacuum
    08. Pacing Death's Trail
    09. Crawling Through Knives
    10. Versus Terminus
    11. Our Infinite Struggle
    12. Vanishing Light
    13. Your Bedtime Story Is caring Everyone

  • KATAKLYSM new album will contain dvd

    Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM will release their new album, "In the Arms of Devastation", as a limited-edition double-disc featuring a bonus live DVD, entitled "The End of Serenity: Live in Strasbourg". "The DVD was professionaly filmed in France during the 'Serenity in Fire' touring campaign," the band write in a newsletter. "Theres some pretty sick footage of fans ripping the place and the stage apart...crazy stuff."

    As previously reported, a rough-mix version of a brand-new KATAKLYSM track, entitled "Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)", has been posted online at this location. The song comes off the "In the Arms of Devastation", due on February 24, 2006. The CD was mixed in Denmark by acclaimed producer Tue Madsen.

    KATAKLYSM have tapped director Maurice Swinkels from LowlifeMedia (EXODUS, ABORTED, GOREFEST) to film the band's video for the track "Crippled & Broken", fom the upcoming album. The conceptual clip will be shot in Amsterdam, Netherlands in early March, shortly prior to the band's European co-headlining tour as part of the No Mercy festival.

    KATAKLYSM have been confirmed for the "Metal Crusaders" North American tour, set to take place in May/June next year. Also appearing on the bill will be VADER and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. "Seeing the legendary NUCLEAR ASSAULT, one of my personal fave thrash bands ripping 'Game Over', 'Survive' and 'Handle with Care' classics will be a personal high for me!" stated KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono. The first confirmed date is May 26, 2006 at le Medley in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All canadian dates will be headlined by KATAKLYSM.

  • SUBWAY TO SALLY unplugged tour!

    A lot of fans have wondered, why SUBWAY TO SALLY never played their music in an acoustic setting. But the musicians did absolutely not want to jump on the Unplugged bandwagon that was racing through the world of Rock a few years ago.

    2006 will change all this: After eight studio album and another long and successful tour supporting »Nord Nord Ost«, SUBWAY TO SALLY want to present themselves in a more quiet and intimate fashion, focusing on playing music together instead of the big rock show. This is why SUBWAY TO SALLY chose to call this tour "Nackt", which is the German word for "Naked".

    Since SUBWAY TO SALLY always used a wide range of acoustic instruments, they will rediscover their favourites from the last 10 years. The best part for the die-hards: The setlist will feature tracks that have not been played for a long time. The band also invited cellist B. Deutung, known for his work with INCHTABOKATABLES and DEINE LAKEIEN.

    präsentiert von Metal Hammer & Orkus

    07.04.2006 Leipzig - Anker
    08.04.2006 Magdeburg - Factory
    09.04.2006 Kiel - Max
    11.04.2006 Hamburg - Grünspan
    12.04.2006 Köln - alter Wartesaal am Hauptbahnhof
    13.04.2006 Hannover - Capitol
    15.04.2006 Gotha - Stadthalle
    16.04.2006 Aschaffenburg - Colossaal
    19.04.2006 Freiburg - Jazzhaus
    20.04.2006 Nürnberg - Hirsch
    21.04.2006 Ludwigsburg - Scala
    23.04.2006 Pirmasens - tbc
    25.04.2006 Bochum - Christophkirche
    26.04.2006 Wuppertal - Musiktheater Rex
    27.04.2006 Osnabrück - Kirche
    28.04.2006 Osnabrück - Kirche
    29.04.2006 Bremen - Schlachthof
    30.04.2006 Berlin - Passionskirche

  • SINISTER finally entered the studio!

    Reunited Dutch death metallers SINISTER will enter Stage One studio in Germany on December 5 to begin recording their new album, "Afterburner", for an early 2006 release through Nuclear Blast Records. The recording sessions are expected to last two weeks.

    SINISTER's current lineup consists of Aad Kloosterwaard, drummer and founder of the band, on vocals, Alex Paul on guitar, and Paul Beltman (Ex-JUDGEMENT DAY) on drums. A session bass player will be added when the band hits the road again.

  • ARDITI join Equilibrium Music

    Equilibrium Music will be releasing a limited edition 7" vinyl by Arditi. This release will be limited to 500 copies and will feature 2 unreleased and exclusive tracks recorded recently. Pre-orders are now being accepted via [email protected], with a tentative release date set to December 2005.

    Arditi's forthcoming new album, their third, is also scheduled for release via Equilibrium Music in early 2006.


  • Tracklist for ION's debut disclosed, album to be released in February 2006

    The recording process of the debut Íon album "Madre, Protegenos" is in the final stages now. Recording and mixing is taking place at The Barn, Longford, Republic of Ireland, and guest musicians include Emily Bly - flute/clarinet/vocals, Keith Horan - percussion, Michael Cronin - drums, Aine Oneil - harp, Marcela Bovio - vocals, Johnny Cronin - vocals, Shane Wearen - mandolin/viola. Many other guests from around the world have participated with spoken words, making it a global album to match the global concept behind it.

    Planned for a February release through Equilibrium Music, the album's tracklisting is as follows: 1. Madre Protegenos, 2. Samhradh,3. III, 4. Believe, 5. Learpholl, 6. Father, Forgive Me, 7. Goodbye Johnny Dear, 8. Fe, Esperanza, Amor, 9. Beyond The Morning.


    According to Revolver magazine, SHADOWS FALL have finally signed their long-rumored U.S. major-label deal with Atlantic Records (as first reported on BLABBERMOUTH.NET in early July). The Massachusetts-based band, who sold nearly 250,000 copies of their latest CD, "The War Within", in the United States, have fulfilled their commitment to Century Media Records and are said to have been in talks with the Roadrunner label about signing a deal for the European territory.

    According to SHADOWS FALL singer Brian Fair, the band finally have a chance to spend lots of time writing their next album before heading into the studio. They've just chosen not to. "Last time, we wrote it all at once, and that led to a cohesive album, so we're gonna try to do the same thing again," he said. But not everything's the same. This time, the band is downplaying technical proficiency in favor of hooks. "Before, we'd combine a million riffs into these seven-minute songs that didn't have a great flow," Fair said. "Now, it's more about getting those riffs into a real structure that keeps the listener interested."

    SHADOWS FALL's as-yet-untitled new album will be co-produced by Zeuss and is tentatively expected late summer in the U.S. via Atlantic.

January 4th, 2006

    “Sevendust seamlessly weaves ruminative textures and neo-headbanger, low-end blitz with soulful croon… deepening the musical palette.” - SPIN

    “Immediate songs that blossom with undeniable refrains.” - REVOLVER

    TVT Records proudly announces the December 27th release of Sevendust’s Best Of (Chapter One: 1997-2004) a comprehensive, in-depth look into the hard rock band’s stellar history. The 16 song collection contains every hit and fan favorite, plus four exclusive tracks making it a must-have for die hard Sevendust fans. It also serves as a great introduction for the “casual,” less aggressive alternative rock fan.

    From the early crushing songs “Black,” “Bitch” and “Denial” to the chart topping radio hits “Angel’s Son” and “Enemy,” this collection showcases the band’s groundbreaking, diverse sound that ranges from heaviest of metal to soulful ballads.

    SEVENDUST – Best Of (Chapter One: 1997-2004)
    1. Black
    2. Bitch
    3. Too Close To Hate
    4. Denial
    5. Waffle (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
    6. Assdrop
    7. Bender (feat. Chino of the Deftones)
    8. Angel’s Son
    9. Praise
    10. Follow (feat. Aaron Lewis of Staind)
    11. Enemy
    12. Face To Face
    13. Coward *
    14. Rain *
    15. Inner City Blues (Marvin Gaye cover) **
    16. School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover) ***

    * previously unreleased in the U.S., ** previously released only in limited edition. *** never before released

    From their humble beginnings on the Atlanta club circuit to playing Woodstock, becoming hard rock torchbearers and selling over two million copies the world over, Sevendust were perhaps the only band to break out of the late-90’s nu-metal explosion that could create radio hits as well as garner critical acclaim. The band has three R.I.A.A. certified Gold albums and continues to play to sold-out crowds all over the country.

  • IRON MAIDEN: 'Death On The Road' U.K. Release Date Announced

    IRON MAIDEN have now confirmed the U.K. release date of their much anticipated DVD release "Death on the Road" for February 6, 2006 through EMI Records. This will initially be available as a limited-edition special digipack.

    The DVD package contains the full performance of their "Dance of Death Tour" in December 2003. Filmed at the Westenfalenhalle Arena, Dortmund, the show has been personally edited by founder band member Steve Harris, to fully capture the magnificent stage production and to cut right to the heart and the electricity of the band's performance. Over a four-month period, Steve made thousands of edits, thus ensuring he was personally happy with every single shot included!

    Says Steve Harris, "We realize that the fans have been made to wait a little longer than planned for the DVD to come out but as they know — we won't settle for anything but the best and the extra time and effort spent in the final production of this DVD should be apparent. I can safely say that when people see songs like 'Paschendale' and 'Dance of Death' their jaws will hit the floor as mine did when I saw the final product on my TV at home. With visuals like this and the show played in 5.1 on a decent system it's just like being in the front rows of the show."

    To ensure top quality and to avoid any compromise in reproducing the very best possible sound and picture quality, the band have taken the unprecedented step of making the full concert available on two separate discs — one with full traditional stereo soundtrack and the other with specially mixed 5.1 sound by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley — which along with the special features disc makes three discs in all.

    Says Harris, "I felt it important that this was done as we didn't want to be restricted. By having two seperate discs I was happy in knowing that neither picture nor sound quality would be compromised in any way. We are aware that many fans don't yet have access to 5.1 sound and still use stereo but if you put both sound beds on one disc with the concert a fair amount of visual quality can be lost due to the massive amount of information that needs storing. As this was quite a dark and theatrical show we refused to allow this to happen! However, so our fans aren't paying extra for a disc they may never use, we have arranged with EMI that the pricing will be the same as 'Rock in Rio' which was a 2-disc package. This way everyone gets the best possible quality show visually with the sound fully compatible for their system at no extra cost at all."

    The special features disc contains an exclusive documentary directed by Matthew Amos, who also directed the band's award-winning "Early Days" documentary. It's an insight into the production of the "Dance of Death" album from its writing and recording through to the detail in what it takes to get a massive show like MAIDEN on the road.

    Says manager Rod Smallwood, "The documentary is something quite special for the fans as it really is a very revealing portrait of how MAIDEN work together during recording, and it took me weeks to persuade them to let the cameras into the recording studio. Previously they'd never allowed any of this to be filmed but this time we decided to have a camera floating around to try and capture the MAIDEN recording process. A lot of it was filmed by Kevin Shirley and the band themselves. I think it's a great representation of the talent, effort and humour of a MAIDEN recording session. The documentary also covers what it takes to set up a major world tour and has various interviews with our Killer Krew and hopefully it will be as insightful and interesting as the well received 'Early Days' documentary footage which Matthew also directed.

    "As usual, we have crammed as much as possible into the DVD with a host of extras including all of the promo videos from the album, background interviews with members of the production crew and fans during the tour, artwork, design sketches and photo galleries. Many hours of MAIDEN mayhem with a total running time of over three hours — and that's just the special features."

    The band are now taking a well deserved break following their hugely successful touring schedule this year, having headlined virtally every major festival in Europe including Reading and Leeds in the U.K., as well as taking the USA by storm on this year's Ozzfest bill. Preparations for the next studio album (their 14th) will begin in February next year with recording commencing in the spring of 2006.

    The full set list from the show is:

    01. Wildest Dreams
    02. Wrathchild
    03. Can I Play With Madness
    04. The Trooper
    05. Dance of Death
    06. Rainmaker
    07. Brave New World
    08. Paschendale
    09. Lord of the Flies
    10. No More Lies
    11. Hallowed Be Thy Name
    12. Fear of the Dark
    13. Iron Maiden
    14. Journeyman
    15. The Number of the Beast
    16. Run to the Hills

    We will bring you information on the US release date as soon as it is confirmed.

  • BLACKMASS - Release of Gloria Diaboli

    After the release of the single Episcolum Servo Servorum Satanii, in 2004, BLACKMASS, is now releasing their first full length, titled Gloria Diaboli, through the label Blasphemy Productions (www.blasphemyproductions.com).

    The tracklist is:

    01 - Gloria Diaboli
    02 - I Call Upon Thee
    03 - Mysticus Diabolus Oraculum
    04 - Necrologies
    05 - Eternal War
    06 - Alae Nocturnae
    07 - Daemonarchetypes
    08 - Infernal Horned God
    09 - Xes Lehahiah Plegas

    Blackmass now have a line-up estabilished as a power trio, formed by: Lord Aeshma (guitars), Magus Dux Adramelech (bass/vocals), and Verberibus Necare (drums).

    Soon a new website will be launched and a tour is being booked for 2006, to promote the full length. News will be published soon - www.blackmass.com.br

  • SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM Guitarist/Vocalist Damon Johnson Pens Santana Track

    Carlos Santana’s new song “Just Feel Better”, featuring guest vocals by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, was written by none other than Damon Johnson. Johnson, who has performed with alt rock radio heroes Brother Cane, shock rock legend Alice Cooper, and currently is the lead vocalist/guitarist of Spitfire Records’ supergroup Slave To The System, provided his songwriting expertise to assist Santana with his latest hit. “Just Feel Better” appears on Santana’s new album “All That I Am”. The debut album from Slave To The System will be available on February 21st, 2006. Listen for Slave To The System on your local rock radio station.


  • WET ANIMAL release self-titled debut

    WET ANIMAL was founded in 1995 by guitarist Rick Wartell of seminal metal act Trouble. A veteran of the hard music world since Trouble’s inception in 1977, Wartell is a man who knows what he’s doing, with the singular goal of making solid hard rock music, and he has succeeded with Wet Animal. The three-piece also consists of West Virginian singer/guitarist Shane Pasqualla, drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson, and bassist Michael “Vito” Diprima.

    They recently released their exceedingly strong self-titled Wet Animal CD with 10 tracks in a compact and musically succinct 46:46. One definite highlight is “Soul Alone,” with the heavy grooves of Trouble updated Wet Animal-style, a great hook, soulful rock vocals, and a big big chorus, “This is what I imagined when we first formed Wet Animal,” Wartell explains. He produced the effort between two studios in hometown Chicago and Massachusetts.

    Full Wet Animal CD Tracklisting:

    1.) Soul Alone
    2.) Lost In My Head
    3.) Outside a Hole
    4.) Left Behind
    5.) Landminds
    6.) Don’t Put Me Down
    7.) Fade Away
    8.) No-Mads Land
    9.) Wreathe of the Roses
    10.) Relentless

    Having worked together since 2003, the quartet has created a very impressive eponymous hard rock album and their initial live performances in Chicago have attracted attendance from members of Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and Corrosion of Conformity. Full of heavy grooves, tight hooks and exceptional musicianship, Wet Animal’s debut is an impressive one.

    Wet Animal has signed an exclusive contract with Escapi Records.

    Visit www.wetanimal.net for more info.

  • WARMASTER - New Dutch Old School Death Metal Band!

    The Dutch Metalscene is becoming bigger and bigger! Newcomers Warmaster were found by André van der Ree (Dark Remains, ex-Eternal Solstice, ex-Mourning) and Rik van Gageldonk (VUIST, Dark Remains) out of urge to create Death Metal the old fashioned way like Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under, Obituary! They came up with the name Warmaster, because the music had that typical Bolt Thrower groove!

    Warmaster, with Corné Bijlemeer (The Plague) on vocals, has entered the studio to record an upcoming split-cd with Dutch metallers VUIST! A release date has not been set yet! But to get known with Warmaster, they put some rehearselrecordings on their official website http://www.warmaster.tk and http://www.myspace.com/warmasterdeathmetal

    Website: http://www.warmaster.tk




    The fans have spoken. MUDVAYNE's "Happy?" has been named both the No. 1 Headbangers Ball Video of 2005 AND Billboard Monitor's Active Rock Song of the Year. The accolades follow the hit song's remarkable run at radio, where it held the No. 1 spot at Active Rock for a staggering ten consecutive weeks.

    The Headbangers Ball award is the latest in a series of MTV2 honors bestowed upon Mudvayne: In 2001, the quartet received the first-ever MTV2 Award for "Dig," and last year "Dig" was voted No. 2 on the channel's "Best Metal Videos of the New Millennium (So Far) poll.

    MUDVAYNE's second single from their most recent album LOST AND FOUND, "Forget To Remember," picks up where its predecessor left off, becoming the band's second straight top ten Active Rock hit. It's also the first single from Saw 2, the soundtrack for the box office-topping Lion's Gate thriller, and the song appears in the film and in all radio and television spots. The "Forget To Remember" video was shot by the film's director, Darren Bousman, and features scenes from the movie.

    Mudvayne (vocalist Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie and drummer Matt McDonough) is performing the new single and other fan favorites during their current Masters of Horror Tour 2005, a trek that kicked off November 18th at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines. Opening the shows are Sevendust, 10 Years and Bobaflex.

    Mudvayne also contributed a previously unreleased track ("Small Silhouette") to the MASTERS OF HORROR soundtrack, the companion album to Showtime's "Masters of Horror" TV anthology.


    Anthrax announce the January Kickoff of their 2006 Headline Reunion Tour with support acts God Forbid and Sworn Enemy. This tour steamrolls straight through January 21st including their January 7th home town show at NYC's famed Nokia Theater in Times Square, their January 13th show at the renowned Chicago House Of Blues and a grand finale tour wrap up on January 21st at the Legendary Avalon in Los Angeles California. For these three shows there will be a limited number of presale tickets available for members of Anthrax's fan club and their web community. Fans who purchase tickets via this presale will be invited to the band's sound check. The remaining shows will be announced shortly.

    "This tour will be a real exciting one for us. We will be doing a Headline set, more songs, more girth, more sweaty metal! We have God Forbid and Sworn Enemy coming with us. These two bands will rip your heads off! After that, you will have time to put your heads back on until we come out and rip them off again...bring a helmet!" divulges Drum Deity Charlie Benante.

    At Noon on November 18th Anthrax Fan Club members have the exclusive opportunity for presale tickets for the tour. The Anthrax Internet Community gains access on November 19th. All tickets will be available to the rest of the public on November 18th.

    Scott Ian exclaims, "Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. What better holiday gift could we than Anthrax in your face live. No seats, no time limit and more songs including stuff that we've never played EVER! Come in from the cold and get ready to have some fucking fun."

    For further details, be sure to check out www.anthrax.com and if you have not joined the Official Anthrax Fan Club, be sure to do so right away at www.anthraxcdc.com!

    Metal Maniacs


    History has literally puked up a rare item. An obscure label has released the Regurgitation demos. As some of you may know, Hank Veggian played bass in the group in 1986-1987 during the Revenant early years. After Hank's departure, members of the band went on to form O.L.D. (Earache Records).

    The CD also contains unreleased tracks, cover songs, and the Regurgitation track featured on Speed Metal Hell Volume 3 (New Renaissance Records).

    Copies have apparently turned up for sale on e-bay (that's where we first heard of it).
    It is also available at www.hellsheadbangers.com

    Metal Maniacs

  • THE GATHERING enter studio to record 9th studio album

    World renowned Dutch act The Gathering entered the studio today (November 21st, 2005) to commence work on their 9th studio album.

    For this recording the band has built a professional homemade studio inside an old church in the small town of Maurik, located in the south of Holland. With the help of producer Atti Bauw (producer of the band's 1998's How to Measure a Planet?) the band plans to work there for a month before heading to Bauw's studio to mix and master the music.

    Comments singer Anneke van Giersbergen about the constructed studio and working with Bauw again, "We built our own studio there because we wanted to do something different and create a new atmosphere. As for working with Attie Bauw, he is a very inspirational man with great ideas and we were very anxious to work with him again.

    "I like being in the studio especially because we are then together for a vast period of time as a group and we create something entirely new. It's always amazing to participate in this process and to finish with a brand new album. That sense of accomplishment is truly wonderful."

    She adds, "We would hope to see the album get released sometime in March (on Psychonaut Records in Europe, The End Records in North America). We plan to start touring in March and come over to tour in South America and the USA once again."

    In February van Giersbergen gave birth to her first child, a boy named Finn. The singer welcomes the changes being a mother brings to her and her songwriting.

    "Being a mother has changed a lot for me and obviously everything I do or go through will somehow end up in a lyric or a song, but I haven't written any mother-baby songs --- yet!" she laughs. "My views on life are the same as before I had my baby boy, they are now just so much stronger. So if anything, my contribution to the band's music and the music we create together will be more powerful because of these new experiences."

    In other recent news THE GATHERING just released their double-DVD, A Sound Relief, in the US/Canada via The End Records. The two-disc set features a live concert the band recorded on May 23, 2005 at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam, plus bonus extras like the band's own tour impressions caught on video, video interviews and a bonus disc showcasing a collection of beautiful 3-D animation clips.


    Metal Maniacs

  • THE GATHERING offers studio update; Anneke takes part in Lennon tribute

    From a small church that has been turned into a full-fledged studio in the small town of Maurik (southern Holland) comes an update from THE GATHERING about their recording experience.

    Singer Anneke van Giersbergen reports: "We are in the studio! Hello dear people! Here we are. We have been in the studio for a few days now and we're still tuning and preparing. The sound and acoustics are wonderful and the atmosphere of this little church is amazing. We are destined to make a kick ass album here! We will keep you posted of course. Many greetings from all of us, Anneke"

    The band is currently in the studio recording their 9th studio album with producer Attie Bauw, whom they worked with on 1998's How To Measure A Planet?

    The forthcoming album is scheduled to surface sometime in the spring on the bands own label Psychonaut Records (available on The End Records in North America), with a tour to follow around the same time in South America and the US.


    Metal Maniacs


    Chicago dark metal act NOVEMBERS DOOM have commenced writing the follo-up album to the well-received The Pale Haunt Departure released earlier this year in March on The End Records.

    Says lead singer Paul Kuhr about the forthcoming release:

    "We are currently in the writing process of the new CD, and early plans are to begin recording in April 2006. The new material is a huge step forward in song writing, not only separating our sound from our peers, but digging deep into our roots of early Chicago death metal. Faster, heavier, and relentless. It will be quite difficult to label us in the doom category after this release."

    In other band news, NOVEMBERS DOOM andKEEN OF THE CROW (featuring former members of MORGION) are confirmed for the Heathen Crusade Metalfest, set to take place Saturday, January 21, 2006 at Star Central in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

    Also scheduled to appear are Finland's MOONSORROW, Ireland's PRIMORDIAL, Sweden's THYRFING, THE CHASM, TYPHUS and TODESBONDEN.


    Official Heathen Crusade homepage

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    Hey there, what's up?

    After two weeks of being in the studio working very intense, here u go for another update, .....first, it's a real pleasure recording at Stage One - the studio's killer, so I know the next couple of months are gonna be fuckin' memorable, this will be a Monster of a record!!!

    Nefastus nailed the ten commandments in less then 6 days of hard snare attacking, wow that's Olympia. This is definitely the tightest - heaviest drumming you will hear on a BELPHEGOR album till now. The high speed-blast-beats and double bass drums turned out most precise and brutal, to be honest it's already blowing us away.

    The German maniac with polish blood in his veins deserves a gold medal for it! We dicided for the new Warwick 4-string bass that Barth bought for the bass recordings, with a bit of old-school Master distortion the parts were played directly in the sound desk.

    Helmuth and the producer Andy took only 4 - 5 hours to find the perfect guitar sound. There were a lot of choices between amps, pedals and so forth, but in the end the gear was the band's Rectifier Mesa Boogie amp, one 800 Marshall cabinett 4x12, and several Jackson Guitars.

    Helmuth and Sigurd shredded the four rhythm guitars in five days, with the most dynamic possible. Well, all we need now is some sick samples, the cold melody/overdub guitar parts and loads of chaos -leads, and of course the vocals. Die 10 Werke are starting to show their real form and I can say we're pretty damn pleased, can't wait till this masterpiece is finally finished.

    Well, the 2nd session in Stage One Studios takes place from 22.-29. December, more news to come.

    The hell-crew shot some photos during the recordings

    A new booking agent Rock The Nation took over all BELPHEGOR festival bookings for season 2006 BELPHEGOR's GOATREICH FLESHCULT on Lp format in Feb. 06

    The band is proud to announce that a serious company for the GOATREICH - FLESHCULT opus on Lp format has been found. Await the limited edition of 800 cps. via Goatruler Productions/Ger, in early February 06, ( gatefold and heavy vinyl - 180 gr. )


    Metal Maniacs


    Prosthetic Records is proud to announce that both HIMSA and THE ACACIA STRAIN will be teaming out to tear through the United States this February and March. The Prosthetic label-mates will help round out the melting pot of sounds along a string of North American dates that also features Dead To Fall, A Life Once Lost, and headliners Darkest Hour. Running the gamut from hardcore-infused metal to melodic death metal and back, Seattle's HIMSA will offer direct support on the bill, while THE ACACIA STRAIN will supply crowds with the chest-crushing heaviness they have all but trademarked.

    HIMSA will be on the road supporting their latest melodic-thrash tour de force, Hail Horror, which will see a Feb. 7 release through Prosthetic. No strangers to the road, HIMSA was most recently a part of Danzig's Blackest of the Black 2005 tour, and is currently gearing up for a December run through Europe alongside 3 Inches of Blood, showcasing tunes from the band's new album.

    Meanwhile, Massachusetts' supplier of all things heavy, THE ACACIA STRAIN, will be touring in support of Victims, the band's new full-length, set for a March 2006 release. The band has been playing regional gigs throughout New England in recent weeks, in preparation to entering the studio Dec. 1 to record new songs with Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains), who was previously responsible for the bludgeoning sound of 3750, the band's last record.

    (with Darkest Hour, A Life Once Lost, Dead To Fall)
    2/17 Latham, NY Saratoga Winners
    2/18 New York, NY The Knitting Factory
    2/19 Poughkipsee, NY The Loft @ The Chance
    2/20 Centereach, NY Centereach VFW
    2/24 Richmond, VA Alley Katz
    2/25 Wilmington, NC Soapbox Laundro-Lounge
    2/26 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
    2/27 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre
    2/28 Orlando, FL Backbooth
    3/01 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
    3/02 Nashville, TN Exit / IN
    3/05 Dallas, TX Trees
    3/06 Houston, TX Engine Room
    3/07 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
    3/09 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse
    3/10 San Diego, CA Epicenter
    3/12 West Hollywood, CA Whisky A Go-Go
    3/16 San Francisco, CA The Pound
    3/19 Seattle, WA Showbox
    3/20 Boise, ID The Venue

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    The Mesopotamian thrashing black metal act Melechesh have just publicized their new drummer . Quoting founding member Ashmedi: "we are very glad to announce the addition of Xul to the Melechesh Djinn union; Xul is a tremendously talented drummer with outstanding technical ability." Melechesh has been working on new material with Xul for the last year, prior to this he performed with the band at various gigs and festivals where he proved his drumming capabilities by offering flawless and exceptional performances.

    On this XUL commented: "I am honored to finally be part of this cult. Playing with Melechesh is an enriching experience both on a musical and on an ideological level."

    Finally, Xul is noted for drumming for Thanatos, Abode of the Blessed and with the now disbanded black metal act Liar of Golgotha.


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    Preview track available online & guest guitarist announcement

    PHARAOH has announced the completion of its second full-length album, entitled The Longest Night, due in February via the cutting-edge Cruz del Sur label. The close of the mixing stage this week marks a nearly six-month recording process at MCR Studios with Matt Crooks (Twisted Tower Dire, Division) at the controls. "The whole session took a bit longer than we anticipated," explained drummer Chris Black. "But the reasons are evident in the results. Individually and collectively, including Matt Crooks, we pushed our imaginations, ears, and bodies to an entirely new plane on this album. This album is everything PHARAOH fans will expect and much, much more."

    A preview (unmastered) version of "Like a Ghost" is available for free download via the PHARAOH website at this address:


    The Longest Night features special guest Chris Poland (Ohm, ex-Damn the Machine, Megadeth), who contributes a dazzling guitar solo to the opening track Sunrise. "I had Chris Poland in mind when I wrote the solo section," explained Pharaoh guitarist Matt Johnsen. "I'd met him a few years ago when Ohm came around on tour, and I was hopeful that he'd agree to do a spot for us. Thank goodness he did!" The Longest Night's album artwork was painted by Jean-Pascal Fournier (Immortal, Edguy). PHARAOH also features in its ranks veteran vocal powerhouse Tim Aymar, best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner's Control Denied. PHARAOH's debut, After the Fire, was released by Cruz del Sur in 2003.

    The Longest Night tracklist:

    I am the Hammer
    In the Violet Fire
    By the Night Sky
    The Longest Night
    Like a Ghost
    Up the Gates
    Never Run

    PHARAOH is:
    Tim Aymar - Vocals
    Matt Johnsen - Guitar
    Chris Kerns - Bass
    Chris Black - Drums

    www.solarflight.net (band)
    www.cruzdelsurmusic.com (label)

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  • Tennessee's EPOCH OF UNLIGHT working on 4th album

    Tennessee's melodic black/death metal act EPOCH OF UNLIGHT are already working on the follow-up to this year's creative output The Continuum Hypothesis.

    About the new recording, drummer Tino LoSicco comments, "The band is working on material for the 4th album. With the saturation in the scene with all the 'new melodic death metal' bands we are making a conscious effort this time around to differentiate our music even more from that scene. So far about three songs have been written that focus on mood and higher intensity."

    He adds, "Our touring second guitarist Steve Blagburn has joined the band full-time now so he'll be contributing to the writing process. This marks the first time I've had the opportunity to write and arrange new material with two guitarists since the first album. We're also trying to plan out our live schedule for the next few months."


    Metal Maniacs

  • Massive Music presents:
    The Domination Tour 2006


    31.01. POL Warsaw Proxima
    01.02. GER Berlin K-17
    02.02. GER Hannover Musik-Zentrum
    03.02. HOL Groningen Vera
    04.02. HOL Katwijk aan Zee Scum
    05.02. HOL Weert Bosuil
    06.02. FR Tourcoing n/Lille Le Grand Mix
    07.02. UK Manchester Jilly's Rockworld
    08.02. IRE Dublin Temple Music Bar
    09.02. SCO Glasgow Soundhaus
    10.02. UK London Camden Underworld
    11.02. BEL Antwerpen Hof Ter Lo
    12.02. FR Paris La Locomotive
    13.02. FR Toulouse Le Ramiere
    14.02. SP Madrid Caracol
    15.02. SP Barcelona Mephisto
    16.02. CH Zurich Abart Music
    17.02. GER Essen Turock
    18.02. GER Elterein n/Aue Hagalaz e.V.
    19.02. CZ Prague Abaton
    20.02. GER Munich Metropolis
    21.02. ITA Milano Transilvania Live
    22.02. ITA Rome Alpheus
    23.02. CH Geneva L'Usine
    24.02. GER Trier Ex Haus
    25.02. GER Osnabruck Tor 3
    26.02. GER Hanau n/Frankfurt Halle 2
    27.02. HOL Aarnhem Goudvishal
    28.02. HOL Rotterdam Baroeg
    01.03. GER Hamburg / Marx
    02.03. DEN Aalborg 1000 Fryd
    03.03. DEN Kopenhagen The Rock*
    04.03. SWE Gotheborg tba*
    05.03. NOR Oslo Betong*
    06.03. SWE Borlange S2*
    07.03. SWE Stockholm tba*
    08.03. FIN Mariehamn Aland Pub Bastun*
    09.03. FIN Helsinki Nosturi*
    10.03. FIN Jyvaskyla Lutakko*
    11.03. FIN Turku Klubi*
    14.03. POL Bia stok Gwint*


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    The new album "ANGUISH FORCE 2: City of Ice", of the italian true Metal Defenders ANGUISH FORCE is out now.

    Info: www.anguishforce.com

  • CELTIC FROST Live in Wacken!

    The rumors were there - and now the live come back is finally perfect:

    we're happy to present youth is band in wacken, where the whole metal scene was waiting for years:

    Celtic Frost are back and live on stage - at the 17th W:O:A!

    "AUGUST 4 - BLACK STAGE - 90 Minutes of Morbid Music in a special WORSHIP AT WACKEN - CELTIC FROST - MONOTHEIST TOUR!"


    Celtic Frost are proud to announce their appearance at selected festivals throughout Europe. Following the release of their highly anticipated new " Monotheist" Album, scheduled for early 2006, the band is ready bring to you a most morbid collection of old and new Celtic Frost songs. Join Celtic Frost at one of those special services of worship and be part of the reappearance of one of the world's darkest and most special bands. They will be honoured to welcome you.

    Advance booking " W:O:A 2006 " 17 years Wacken Open Air 03. - 05.08.2006

    And the party goes on.....

    Till present the following bands are confirmed :


    Further bands will follow!

    American release of ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ set for Jan. 24

    LOS ANGELES – Rock & Roll Is Dead, the acclaimed new album from Swedish rockers The Hellacopters – whose multiple Grammy awards and Gold records in their home country have helped the quintet build a rabid fan base not only in their native Europe, but around the entire world – will be released in America on Jan. 24, 2006. It marks the third Hellacopters title in as many years for Liquor and Poker Music; an MP3 of first single “I’m In The Band” has been posted on the label’s website, www.liquorandpokermusic.com.

    The Hellacopters’ sixth album, Rock & Roll Is Dead was released in Europe in June, at which point the quintet kicked off a six-month continental tour. Highlights included performances at Rock Im Ring/Rock Am Park – Germany’s largest annual music festival – as well as Hungary’s Sziget Festival, a weeklong event with nearly 400,000 attendees. The band’s travels will extend to the rest of the world in 2006, including their first American tour in four years.

    Having been described as “the best rock band in Sweden” (Alternative Press) and “the freshest-sounding ‘geetar’ band around” (Rolling Stone), The Hellacopters recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. With six acclaimed studio full-lengths and European tours alongside household names Kiss, The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters under their belts, it’s clear the group has come a long way since its early days as a side project of then-Entombed drummer Nicke Andersson and Backyard Babies co-founder Dregen.

    Recorded in the Hellacopters’ hometown of Stockholm with longtime producer Chips Kiesbye (Sahara Hotnights, Millencolin), Rock & Roll Is Dead features guest appearances from The Hives’ Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.’s Mattias Barjed. The North American version of Rock & Roll Is Dead will be an enhanced CD included two bonus tracks not found on any other version of the album, as well as bonus music video clips for both “I’m In The Band” and “Everything’s On T.V.”

    Don’t be misled by the title: Rock & Roll Is Dead is living proof that the genre is alive and well – and that as they begin their second decade of international conquests, The Hellacopters will continue to be its heartbeat.



    Long-Awaited Sequel to Platinum-Selling
    Concept Album Available From Rhino March 14

    LOS ANGELES - Queensrÿche returned to the studio this summer to record the long-anticipated sequel to 1988's acclaimed concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Praised by critics and certified platinum, the original remained on Billboard's Album chart for more than a year, and its dynamic music and powerful message still resonate today. Rhino Records helps unravel the mysteries of the original with OPERATION: MINDCRIME II. The album is available March 14 at regular physical and digital retail outlets and at www.rhino.com for a suggested retail price of $18.98.

    OPERATION: MINDCRIME II contains a 15-song story and is performed by the Seattle-based quintet-singer and chief songwriter Geoff Tate; guitarists Michael Wilton and Mike Stone; bassist Eddie Jackson, and drummer Scott Rockenfield.

    Tate says the current political and social climate inspired him to revisit the storyline. "I left the original open-ended with the intent to come back with a sequel to finish the story up," he says. "Considering where we are today and how little things have changed, it was too ironic not to continue the story."

    Operation: Mindcrime's intriguing and complex plot revolves around Dr. X, a political puppetmaster who brainwashes Nikki, the story's main character, to assassinate corrupt public figures. The story also includes Nikki's lover, Sister Mary. A former teenage prostitute who becomes a nun, Sister Mary is murdered mysteriously, leaving the cliffhanger "Who Killed Sister Mary?"

    Set 20 years after the original, OPERATION: MINDCRIME II explores Nikki's fate after being released from prison and reveals the identity of Mary's killer. "I tried to put myself in Nikki's shoes and imagine what it would be like for him to come back to society after spending 20 years in jail stewing about what happened to him," Tate says. "I became fascinated with the concept of revenge and what that would do to a person like Nikki. The story is ultimately about how Nikki wrestles with his conflicted emotions. On one side, his base instincts are pushing him to kill those who wronged him. On the other side, his conscience-represented by the spirit of Sister Mary-urges him to learn from his past mistakes and find salvation."

    Earlier this year Queensrÿche launched a sold-out tour featuring the original Operation: Mindcrime performed in its entirety with actors onstage portraying the characters alongside the band. Tate says the band plans to launch a tour in 2006 that will feature a stage performance of both Mindcrimes in their entirety. "The actors onstage with us add a new dimension to the music," he says. "It's different than your typical rock show, but the audiences really got into the Mindcrime I tour. It's exciting to have the opportunity to combine both albums into one show. It's going to be epic."

    Since its formation in 1981 near Seattle, Queensrÿche has released nine studio albums. Empire, the 1990 follow-up to Operation: Mindcrime, sold more than two million copies thanks in part to the enormous success of the hit "Silent Lucidity." Released in 1994, Promised Land was certified platinum and featured the hits "I Am I" and "Bridge."


    1. "I'm American"
    2. "One Foot In Hell"
    3. "Hostage"
    4. "The Hands"
    5. "Speed Of Light"
    6. "Signs Say Go (Will I Surrender?)"
    7. "Re-Arrange You"
    8. "The Chase"
    9. "A Murderer"
    10. "Circles"
    11. "If I Could Change It All"
    12. "An Intentional Confrontation"
    13. "A Junkie's Blues (Everything Will Be Alright)"
    14. "Fear City Slide"
    15. "All The Promises"


    Philadelphia: The Adversary has been confirmed as album title for the forthcoming solo recording from musician Ihsahn. Final stages of album recording are currently underway at Symphonique Studios in Norway with the final mix planned for early 2006. A video is planned for the song "Invocation," though specific details as to director and concept are still in development.

    "The music is a continuation of my work within the metal genre," says Ihsahn. "It incorporates influential elements from all periods/stages of my background since I first picked up the guitar 20 years ago. Powerful, epic, extreme and straight from the heart."

    All music and lyrics for The Adversary have been written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, performed by Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Spiral Architect). "He has been the perfect drummer for this album," notes Ihsahn. "He has really brought to live the patterns I programmed in pre-production.

    Ihsahn is most noted as vocalist/guitarist of Emperor. Forming in 1991, Emperor recordings have sold hundreds of thousands worldwide. Their impact on black/extreme metal ranks them as one of the genre's most influential. Candlelight Records recently confirmed four farewell American shows for Emperor which will be Ihsahn's first visit to the US since Emperor's only US tour in support of their third album, IX Equilibrium. The recent announcements followed confirmations of European shows that the band will also perform in 2006.

    The Adversary will be released cooperatively by Mnemosyne Productions and Candlelight Records worldwide. Owned/operated by partners Ihsahn and Ihriel since 2003, Mnemosyne Productions was established as an outlet for duo's musical collaborations as well a place for new talent and innovative artists.

  • VADER, KATAKLYSM, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SPEED\KILL/HATE, GRAVEWORM and THE ABSENCE will be teaming up for the "Metal Crusaders" North American tour beginning in late May. The first confirmed dates are as follows:

    May 26 - Montreal, QC @ Le Medley
    May 27 - Bedford, NH @ Marks Place
    May 28 - Boston, MA @ The Middle East
    May 31 - Vernon, NY @ Nothing Fancy Cafe
    Jun. 01 - Cleveland, OH @ The Agora Ballroom
    Jun. 14 - Houston, TX @ The Ballroom/Wharehouse live
    Jun. 17 - Arlington, TX @ The Phoenix Music Complex
    Jun. 20 - Denver, CO @ Aztlan Theater
    Jun. 28 - Portland, OR @ Rock'n' Roll P.




    Epic recording artists EIGHTEEN VISIONS have returned to the studio to begin recording the highly anticipated follow-up to 2004's Obsession, the record Metal Hammer called "The Album of the Year."

    The band, who are among a select group praised by Revolver magazine as "The Future of American Metal," have tapped Machine (Lamb of God, Every Time I Die) to produce. The yet-to-be-titled album is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2006 release.

    After forming in ‘95, EIGHTEEN VISIONS rose up through Orange County's fertile hard music scene with sound and style all their own. Though rooted in metal, the b