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February 14th, 2008
  • TURISAS nominated for Finnish Metal awards & several other polls; please vote!

    The year 2007 has passed and now it's time for those ever-so-lovely readers' polls, where you can vote for the musical phenomena of your choice. Having released the acclaimed album "The Varangian Way", and after exhausting touring, TURISAS is a strong contestant in many categories - but we need your help!

    The Finnish Metal Awards (FMA) will be held at the Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki on February 15th-16th, 2008. You can now enter the poll @ http://www.imperiumi.net/fma2007/!

    As the voting form is in Finnish, here some tips how to cast your vote for our beloved Finnish folk/metal warriors:

    - Best album (Levy in Finnish: enter TURISAS as Artisti, The Varangian Way as Albumi)
    - Best band (Bändi in Finnish)
    - Best cover art (Kansitaide in Finnish: enter TURISAS as Artisti, The Varangian Way as Albumi)
    - Best musician (Soittaja in Finnish)
    - Best vocalist (Laulaja in Finnish)

    Various media have already announced their choices: Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest Finnish newspaper and the popular indie/punk/rock/metal zine SUE both chose “The Varangian Way” as Best Album; and Inferno, the biggest Finnish metal magazine voted TURISAS as Best Band.

    You can also vote TURISAS as Best Band in Finnish Femmagaala at http://www.femmagaala.fi/aanesta; and “The Varangian Way” as Best Album at http://www.mesta.net/kilpailut/ (Vastauksesi: the artist + the album name, Nimi: add your name, Sähköposti: add your email address). So, help us to make this a full victory for TURISAS!

    Furthermore, country- and labelmates NORTHER have been confirmed as support of TURISAS on their upcoming UK & European headliner tour, see below for the exact dates & be there!

    TURISAS UK & European headliner tour
    Presented by Rock Hard (D), Myspace.com (D), Heavy (D), Orkus (D), Metal.de (D)
    01.03.2008 United Kingdom - Northampton @ Soundhaus
    02.03.2008 United Kingdom - Sheffield @ Corporation
    03.03.2008 United Kingdom - Aberdeen @ Moshulu
    04.03.2008 United Kingdom - Edinburgh @ Studio 24
    05.03.2008 United Kingdom - Liverpool @ Academy 2
    06.03.2008 United Kingdom - Norwich @ Waterfront
    07.03.2008 United Kingdom - Peterborough @ Park
    08.03.2008 United Kingdom - Leeds @ Cockpit
    10.03.2008 United Kingdom - Exeter @ Cavern
    11.03.2008 United Kingdom - Cardiff @ Clwb Lfor Bach
    12.03.2008 United Kingdom - Southampton @ The Brook
    13.03.2008 United Kingdom - London @ Electric Ballroom
    14.03.2008 United Kingdom - Brighton @ Concorde 2
    15.03.2008 Netherlands - Haarlem @ Patronaat
    16.03.2008 Netherlands - Nijmegen @ Doornroosje
    18.03.2008 Germany - Hamburg @ Marx
    19.03.2008 Germany - Karlsruhe @ Stadthalle
    20.03.2008 Germany - Munich @ Metropolis
    21.03.2008 Switzerland - Winterthur @ Salzhaus
    22.03.2008 Germany - Bochum @ Matrix
    23.03.2008 Germany - Berlin @ Kato
    25.03.2008 Austria - Vienna @ Planet Music
    26.03.2008 Slovakia - Bratislava @ Randal
    27.03.2008 Czech Republic - Prague @ Rock Cafe
    28.03.2008 Germany - Lichtenfels @ Ragnarok Festival
    29.03.2008 Germany - Osnabrueck @ Tomahawk Festival
    31.03.2008 Sweden - Malmoe @ KB
    01.04.2008 Sweden - Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus
    02.04.2008 Denmark - Copenhagen @ The Rock*
    03.04.2008 Norway - Oslo @ John Dee*
    04.04.2008 Sweden - Stockholm @ Klubben*
    * TURISAS only

  • NORTHER new song “We Rock” online; confirmed to tour Europe with TURISAS & more!

    Finnish metal act NORTHER is currently tirelessly preparing the release of their highly anticipated new album “N”, which will be released in Europe on the following dates.

    FINLAND: Wednesday, February 13, 2008.
    GERMANY / AUSTRIA / SWITZERLAND / BENELUX / ITALY: Friday, February 22, 2008.
    UK / FRANCE / GREECE / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, February 25, 2008.
    SPAIN / PORTUGAL: Tuesday, February 26, 2008.
    SWEDEN / HUNGARY: Wednesday, February 29, 2008.

    Their new metal anthem “We Rock” has just been posted at the band’s MySpace page and also the video to the track has just been finished, bassist Jukka comments as follows:

    “The release of “N” is getting closer. I played the album to some people and the feedback has been very good. Everyone said that NORTHER sounds so much better than ever before so hopefully it will kick major ass for you our fans!

    We thought to put one new song on our MySpace so all of you can finally have first impression of it! The track is called “We Rock”. Hope you're gonna like it! We've been rehearsing the new songs and we're very excited to play these tracks for you!

    We'll be playing at the Finnish Metal Expo on February 16th, 2008 in Helsinki so if you have the time pop by!

    We’re also pleased to announce that we’re gonna do a full European tour in March/April 2008 with our label mates TURISAS (see below for the exact dates!). The first two weeks cover the UK and central Europe will follow afterwards. It’s great to get back on the road and with TURISAS we’ll form an excellent & diverse team for the tour! Be there or be lame!

    The new NORTHER video also for the mind blowing song “We Rock” has also been finished with Helsinki-based production team Tunne Productions. The video will be out for public by the end of January, so stay tuned!
    // Jukka”

    “N” was recorded and produced by long time partner Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, etc.) at Astia Studios, mixed by Fredrik Nordström (Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, In Flames etc.) at Studio Fredman in Sweden and mastered at Cutting Room Studios presenting NORTHER as a perfect balance between ripping riffs, aggressive vocals and captivating melodies. The new album will be available as CD & limited edition Media Book including 3 bonus tracks!

    TURISAS UK & European headliner tour
    Presented by Rock Hard (D), Myspace.com (D), Heavy (D), Orkus (D), Metal.de (D)
    01.03.2008 United Kingdom - Northampton @ Soundhaus
    02.03.2008 United Kingdom - Sheffield @ Corporation
    03.03.2008 United Kingdom – Aberdeen @ Moshulu
    04.03.2008 United Kingdom – Edinburgh @ Studio 24
    05.03.2008 United Kingdom - Liverpool @ Academy 2
    06.03.2008 United Kingdom – Norwich @ Waterfront
    07.03.2008 United Kingdom – Peterborough @ Park
    08.03.2008 United Kingdom - Leeds @ Cockpit
    10.03.2008 United Kingdom – Exeter @ Cavern
    11.03.2008 United Kingdom – Cardiff @ Clwb Lfor Bach
    12.03.2008 United Kingdom - Southampton @ The Brook
    13.03.2008 United Kingdom - London @ Electric Ballroom
    14.03.2008 United Kingdom – Brighton @ Concorde 2
    15.03.2008 Netherlands – Haarlem @ Patronaat
    16.03.2008 Netherlands – Nijmegen @ Doornroosje
    18.03.2008 Germany - Hamburg @ Marx
    19.03.2008 Germany – Karlsruhe @ Stadthalle
    20.03.2008 Germany - Munich @ Metropolis
    21.03.2008 Switzerland – Winterthur @ Salzhaus
    22.03.2008 Germany - Bochum @ Matrix
    23.03.2008 Germany – Berlin @ Kato
    25.03.2008 Austria – Vienna @ Planet Music
    26.03.2008 Slovakia – Bratislava @ Randal
    27.03.2008 Czech Republic – Prague @ Rock Cafe
    28.03.2008 Germany - Lichtenfels @ Ragnarok Festival
    29.03.2008 Germany – Osnabrueck @ Tomahawk Festival
    31.03.2008 Sweden - Malmoe @ KB
    01.04.2008 Sweden – Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus
    02.04.2008 Denmark – Copenhagen @ The Rock*
    03.04.2008 Norway – Oslo @ John Dee*
    04.04.2008 Sweden – Stockholm @ Klubben*
    *without NORTHER

    NORTHER live
    16.02.2008 Finland – Helsinki @ Finnish Metal Expo
    22.02.2008 Finland – Tampere @ Hellä
    23.02.2008 Finland – Tuiskula @ Nivala
  • THE AGONY SCENE “Barnburner” video online; new album out soon; touring Europe with HIMSA!

    Tulsa, Oklahoma’s finest purveyors of corrosive hardcore, THE AGONY SCENE, present you their new video clip for the song “Barnburner”, taking off their upcoming new album “Get Damned”, which will hit European stores on the following dates:

    GERMANY / BENELUX / ITALY: Friday, January 18, 2008.
    FRANCE / GREECE / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, January 21, 2008.
    SPAIN / PORTUGAL: Tuesday, January 22, 2008.
    SWEDEN / FINLAND / HUNGARY: Wednesday, January 23, 2008.
    UK: Monday, February 18, 2008.

    First press reactions label the album “a consistent and convincing record that is a must-have for fans of Darkest Hour, Himsa and All That Remains” (Legacy, Germany), and who digs “90s hardcore in the vein of Disembodied or Fall Silent as well as newer acts like As I Lay Dying or Himsa, should definitely check this out” (Metal Hammer, Germany)!

    You can watch the clip now at the Century Media YouTube channel by clicking HERE or at our MySpace profile www.myspace.com/centurymediaeurope!

    Furthermore THE AGONY SCENE are gearing up for their European tour as direct support of label mates HIMSA in February/March 2008, so see below for the exact dates, be there or be damned!

    TED MAUL (Opener UK)
    ANTERIOR (Opener Mainland)
    29.02.2008 Germany - Saarbrucken @ Roxy
    01.03.2008 Germany - Bochum @ Matrix
    02.03.2008 Germany - Hamburg @ Markthalle
    03.03.2008 Norway - Oslo @ Garage
    04.03.2008 Sweden - Stockholm @ Klubben
    05.03.2008 Sweden - Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus
    06.03.2008 Germany - Berlin @ Magnet
    07.03.2008 Germany - Rosswein @ Juha
    08.03.2008 Austria - Wien @ Arena
    09.03.2008 Italy - Milano @ Zoe Club
    10.03.2008 Germany - Munich @ Feierwerk
    11.03.2008 Switzerland - Aarau @ Kiff
    12.03.2008 Holland - Tilburg @ 013
    13.03.2008 UK - Yeovil @ The Orange Box
    14.03.2008 UK - Birmingham @ Barfly
    15.03.2008 UK - Leeds @ Rios
    16.03.2008 UK - Sheffield @ Corporation
    17.03.2008 UK - Glasgow @ Barfly
    18.03.2008 UK - Cardiff @ Barfly
    19.03.2008 UK - London @ Underworld
    20.03.2008 France - Paris @ Locomotive
    21.03.2008 Belgium - Hasselt @ Muziek-o-droom
    22.03.2008 Germany - Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof

    24.03.2008 Russia - St. Petersburg @ Orlandina
    25.03.2008 Russia - Moscow @ Tabula Rasa

  • HELLHAMMER “Demon Entrails” details revealed; European release Feb. 18th, 2008

    With the release of “Demon Entrails” on February 18th 2008 the days of numerous sub-standard bootlegs of the classic HELLHAMMER demos "Death Fiend", "Triumph of Death" and "Satanic Rites" are finally over! Currently also working on a book dealing with the history of HELLHAMMER, Tom Gabriel Fischer points out the importance of this release:

    "The release of these demos is very significant to both Martin Eric Ain and me. No matter how one looks at HELLHAMMER, this was our first recorded music so many years ago, and it represents the radicalness of our own lives at the time. These demos became the foundation to everything we later created in CELTIC FROST. Hell reigned on earth."

    “Demon Entrails” has been specially re-mastered from copies of the original master tapes under the supervision of Tom Gabriel Fischer, and the demos now represent HELLHAMMER exactly as the band sounded when recording these songs in June and December of 1983. Drawing from a wealth of previously unknown historical liner-notes material and artwork as well as plenty of unreleased HELLHAMMER photos from 1982 to 1984, "Demon Entrails" features all lyrics and essays detailing the individual demo recording sessions.

    Here is the tracklisting information for the CD formats of the release:

    Hellhammer – “Demon Entrails” 2-CD Tracklisting:

    CD 1: "Satanic Rites" Demo, December 2/3/4/7, 1983 (45:57)

    1. Intro (0:58)
    2. Messiah (4:18)
    3. The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation) (3:02)
    4. Buried And Forgotten (6:01)
    5. Maniac [re-recorded version] (3:46)
    6. Eurynomos (3:10)
    7. Triumph Of Death [re-recorded version] (6:58)
    8. Revelations Of Doom (3:03)
    9. Reaper [re-recorded version] (2:28)
    10. Satanic Rites (7:18)
    11. Crucifixion [re-recorded version] (2:45)
    12. Outro (2:01)

    CD 2: "Death Fiend & Triumph Of Death” Demos, June 10/11, 1983 (56:18)

    1. Crucifixion (3:04)
    2. Maniac (4:01)
    3. (Execution) When Hell's Near (2:38)
    4. Decapitator (2:07)
    5. Blood Insanity (4:22)
    6. Power Of Satan (4:11)
    7. Reaper (2:06)
    8. Death Fiend (2:35)
    9. Triumph Of Death (5:15)
    10. Metallic Storm (2:19)
    11. Ready For Slaughter (3:36)
    12. Dark Warriors (3:03)
    13. Hammerhead (2:48)
    14. Angel Of Destruction (2:58)
    15. Bloody Pussies (4:59)
    16. Chainsaw (3:58)
    17. Sweet Torment (2:09)

    "Demon Entrails" will be available as an opulent oversized double CD media-book packaging and as a gatefold triple vinyl album. Both versions will feature a lavish booklet and a poster. There will also be a third, bare-bones lower-price CD version. To check out the artwork and some rare HELLHAMMER photos as well as discover more info on this release, visit the following official HELLHAMMER website at www.hellhammer.org or go to http://www.myspace.com/hellhammerband for further details!
  • BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART new songs, spread the word!

    Canadian’s finest, BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART, are invading Europe in January and early February for their first full European tour with labelmates Maroon as well as UK darlings Bring Me The Horizon and Architects after playing a sold-out UK only headlining tour with Enter Shikari in 2006.

    The group's unique, infectious brand of '80s madness is undeniable, and they deliver a plethora of balls-out, party rock anthems that are so catchy and infectious, they will soon be your new guilty pleasure. This Montreal-based six-piece have put the pedal to the metal and will storm over the Atlantic to steal all our booze and women while having the times of their lives.

    Their sophomore, appropriately entitled album “Pedal To The Metal” is scheduled for a release in the spring 2008. The effort was recorded by GGGarth (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, Motley Crue, Rise Against, Atreyu, Biffy Clyro, Nickelback, Rage Against The Machine, Testament) and mixed by Mike Hatalak from It Dies Today who also worked with Roses are Red and Dead Hearts. Make no mistake, this is fun people making music with only one intention in mind: to have a damn good time.

    The brand new “Move Your Body” is setting the pace for the things to come – grab a player featuring “Move Your Body” as well as a rerecorded version of the long time favourite “Show Me What You Got”, new photos and tourdates. You will find this widget on the brand-new Century Media Europe myspace profile:

    Sharing it with your friends is super easy: Just click on the share function and post it away!

    On tour with Maroon, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects:

    14.01.2008 (D) Trier - Exhaus
    15.01.2008 (D) Hamburg - Knust
    16.01.2008 (D) Berlin - Kato
    17.01.2008 (D) Chemnitz - AJZ
    18.01.2008 (D) Wien - Arena
    19.01.2008 (I) Cesena - Vidia Club
    20.01.2008 (I) Milano - Live Club
    21.01.2008 (CH) Luzern - Sedel
    22.01.2008 (D) Bochum - Matrix
    23.01.2008 (D) Paris - Batofar
    24.01.2008 (CH) Martigny - Le Caves Du Manoir
    25.01.2008 (D) Karlsruhe - Substage
    26.01.2008 (B) Hasselt - Muziek-O-Droom
    27.01.2008 (B) Tilburg - O13
    09.02.2007 (B) Ieper - Ieper Winterfest (afternoon show)
    09.02.2008 (B) Mol, Wezel - Knock Out Festival (evening show)

    Headlining with Azriel:

    28.01.2008 (UK) Hitchin - Club 85
    29.01.2008 (UK) Newport - The Meze Lounge
    30.01.2008 (UK) Trowbridge - Terry's Club
    31.01.2008 (UK) Stoke on Trent - Sugarmill
    01.02.2008 (UK) Norwich - Brickmasters 2
    02.02.2008 (UK) Doncaster - The Woolpack
    03.02.2008 (UK) Glasgow - Barfly
    04.02.2008 (UK) Manchester - Music Box
    05.02.2008 (UK) York - The Junction
    06.02.2008 (UK) London - Underworld
    07.02.2008 (UK) Sheffield - Corporation
    08.02.2008 (UK) Peterborough - The Park

  • SUICIDE SILENCE extensive European touring with Behemoth and Parkway Drive

    SUICIDE SILENCE has just secured the direct support slot on the upcoming Behemoth tour in February before they will come back with the amazing Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead in April/May.

    Those diverse packages already show that SUICIDE SILENCE adheres to no preconceived notions and refuses to be pigeonholed into any specific genre. Their music clearly represents their many influences, incorporating a savage mix of death metal, grindcore, black metal, hardcore and doom elements into each track. The songs are dynamic and crushing, shifting effortlessly from insane grind chaos into surgically precise, disorienting time signatures topped off with snail-paced grooves and destructive breakdowns. Check out songs from “The Cleansing” at: http://www.myspace.com/suicidesilence

    SUICIDE SILENCE’s amazing album “The Cleansing” will finally hit Europe February 18th and UK March 31st! It will come with the exclusive European bonus track “A Dead Current” as well as a CD enhancement offering 6 live clips from US and UK.

    Upon the US release of the album SUICIDE SILENCE made a huge statement to the metal world by entering the US Billboard Top 200 chart at #94, which marks the highest debut ever for a new Century Media artist.

    The devastating quintet from Riverside, California separated themselves from the underground through an undying work ethic and undeniable live performance. Not only did the band tour North America relentlessly with the likes of Unearth and Darkest Hour, but also went headlining for Despised Icon, Winds of Plague and Walls Of Jericho as well as simply ruling the UK on their first visit in 2006. Now it is high time for extensive touring throughout Europe on the following high profile tours:

    Suicide Silence on tour with Behemoth
    02.02.2008 (NL) Rotterdam - Baroeg
    03.02.2008 (UK) Birmingham - Barfly
    04.02.2008 (UK) Glasgow - Barfly
    05.02.2008 (UK) Sheffield - Corporation
    06.02.2008 (UK) Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms
    07.02.2008 (UK) London - Ulu
    08.02.2008 (F) Nantes - Olympic
    09.02.2008 (E) Irun - Tunk!
    10.02.2008 (E) Vigo - A!
    11.02.2008 (P) Lisbon - Cine Teatro de Corroios
    12.02.2008 (P) Porto - Cine Teatro Julio Diniz
    13.02.2008 (E) Granada - Industrial Copera
    14.02.2008 (E) Madrid - Ritmo & Compas
    15.02.2008 (E) Barcelona - Apolo 2
    16.02.2008 (F) Limoges - CC John Lennon
    17.02.2008 (F) Paris - La Locomotive
    18.02.2008 (D) Frankfurt – Nachtleben

    Suicide Silence on tour with Parkway Drive, Bury Your Dead
    18.04.2008 (D) Bruchsal - Rockfabrik
    19.04.2008 (D) Muenster - Sputnikhalle
    20.04.2008 (NL) Amsterdam - Melkweg
    21.04.2008 (D) Hamburg - Logo
    22.04.2008 (S) Stockholm - Klubben
    23.04.2008 (S) Gothenburg - Brew House
    24.04.2008 (D) Berlin - Magnet
    25.04.2008 (D) Leipzig - Conne Island
    26.04.2008 (A) Oberwart - OHO
    27.04.2008 (I) Bologna - Estragon
    28.04.2008 (D) Munich - Feierwerk
    29.04.2008 (CH) Zuerich - Abart
    30.04.2008 (D) Saarbruecken - Roxy
    01.05.2008 (UK) Newport – TJs *
    02.05.2008 (UK) Nottingham - Rock City *
    03.05.2008 (UK) Manchester - Academy 3 *
    04.05.2008 (UK) Glasgow – Barfly *
    05.05.2008 (UK) Yeovil - The Orange Box *
    06.05.2008 (UK) Sheffield – Corporation *
    07.05.2008 (UK) London – Underworld *
    09.05.2008 (D) Cologne - Underground
    * Suicide Silence direct support


    Candlelight Records confirms February 12 as the American release date for Advent Parallax, the new full-length album from Texas-based Averse Sefira. Produced by Tore Stjerna (Watain, In Battle), the album features stunning artwork created by renowned artist/illustrator Jos A. Smith (cover artist for the first Bathory album). Averse Sefira is considered one of America's premiere black metal bands yet Advent Parallax is the trio's first in their already decade-long career to find proper international distribution.

    Prior to the album's release, the band will team up with Rotting Christ, Immolation, and Belphegor for a 26-day American tour. Set to kick off February 4 at the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, North Carolina the tour will circle the US before ending at the Meridian in Houston on March 2. "It is an exciting prospect to tour with such an excellent selection of bands, particularly our long-time allies in Immolation," says bassist Wrath Sathaniel Diabolus. "Together we will cast open the furnaces of damnation and scorch the claws of winter. The outing will also serve as the harbinger for our newest infliction Advent Parallax. This album is our definitive worship-made-weapon, one that shall galvanize the believers and confound the uninitiated."

    Signing with Candlelight Records in late 2006, Averse Sefira's recording history dates to 1996. The band have recorded three albums all released by small/international record labels prior to Advent Parallax. Candlelight reissued a remastered version of the band's second release, Battle's Clarion, in early 2007 in support of their tour with labelmates 1349. The band opened for Emperor at their sold-out New York City performance June 2007.

    Confirmed dates are noted below.
    For ticket information please visit www.enterthevault.com.

    February 4 - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC
    February 5 - Jaxx Nite Club, Springfield VA
    February 6 - Webster Theater, Hartford CT
    February 7 - Penny Arcade, Rochester NY
    February 8 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
    February 9 - Mark's Showplace, Bedford NH
    February 10 - BB Kings Blues Club, New York NY
    February 11 - Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland OH
    February 12 - I-Rock, Detroit MI (Advent Parallax release date)
    February 13 - Uncle Pleasants, Louisville KY
    February 14 - The Muse, Nashville TN
    February 15 - Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago IL
    February 16 - 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis MN
    February 19 - El Corozon, Seattle WA
    February 20 - Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR
    February 21 - The Metro, Oakland CA
    February 22 - Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana CA
    February 23 - Jumping Turtle, San Marcos CA
    February 24 - House of Blues, W. Hollywood CA
    February 25 - El Jardin del Silencio, Mexicali Mexico
    February 26 - Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff AZ
    February 27 - The Sets, Tempe AZ
    February 28 - Launch Pad, Albuquerque NM
    February 29 - Rock Bottom Bar, San Antonio TX
    March 1 - Cine El Ray, McAllen TX
    March 2 - Meridian, Houston TX
    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 December 2007 )

    Die Crawling Media

    Candlelight Records USA

    In support of their Billboard Top 200-charting album In Sorte Diaboli, Norway’s renowned melodic black metal band, DIMMU BORGIR, will be returning to North America as part of “The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 – Legions Of The Chosen Few” headlining run with Poland’s Behemoth and fellow countrymen, Keep Of Kalessin. The 24-show trek will launch on April 2nd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will end on May 4th in Chicago. Drummer Tony Laureano will continue to handle drum duties, as the 2007 injury suffered by Hellhammer still has him sidelined.

    On Friday, January 18th, DIMMU guitarist & founding member Silenoz will be answering fan-submitted questions on Dagobladet.com at 12 noon CET (6 a.m. Eastern). Questions can be submitted here (webpage is in Norwegian).

    Videos for "The Serpentine Offering" and "The Sacreligious Scorn" can be viewed on You Tube. Visit the band online at www.DIMMU-BORGIR.com & www.myspace.com/DIMMUBORGIR

    DIMMU BORGIR with Behemoth & Keep Of Kalessin

    04/02/08 Sound Academy - Toronto, ON - CANADA
    04/03/08 Metropolis - Montreal, QC - CANADA
    04/04/08 The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA
    04/07/08 The Myth - Minneapolis, MN
    04/09/08 Edmonton Events Center - Edmonton, AB - CANADA
    04/10/08 Macewan Ballroom - Calgary, AB - CANADA
    04/11/08 The Big Easy - Spokane, WA
    04/12/08 Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR
    04/14/08 The Warfield - San Francisco, CA
    04/16/08 The Grove - Anaheim, CA
    04/17/08 Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ
    04/18/08 Sunshine Theatre - Albuquerque, NM
    04/19/08 Ogden Theater - Denver, CO
    04/21/08 Stubbs BBQ - Austin, TX
    04/22/08 Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
    04/25/08 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
    04/26/08 The Palladium (New England Metal Fest) - Worcester, MA
    04/27/08 930 Club - Washington, DC
    04/28/08 The Norva - Norfolk, VA
    04/30/08 Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    05/01/08 Jannus Landing - St. Petersburg, FL
    05/02/08 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
    05/03/08 Bogarts - Cincinnati, OH
    05/04/08 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
  • Black Cobra to attack the UK with The Sword

    After the monumental response to the US dates Black Cobra opened for The Sword at the end of last year, both bands will hit the UK in March together, joined this time by Saviours. Building up to this venture is the previously announced stateside assault with Pelican and Unearthly Trance. They just don't quit...

    Black Cobra in the US with Pelican, Unearthly Trance
    02/28/2008 Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
    02/29/2008 The House - Dekalb, IL
    03/01/2008 Rhino's All Ages Music Club - Bloomington, IN
    03/02/2008 The Gargoyle - St Louis, MO
    03/04/2008 Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
    03/05/2008 Bottletree - Birmingham, AL
    03/06/2008 Sluggo's - Pensacola, FL w/City of Ships
    03/07/2008 Common Grounds - Gainesville, FL
    03/08/2008 The Big Cypress Reservation / Langerado Fest - Clewiston, FL
    03/10/2008 The Social - Orlando, FL
    03/12/2008 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
    03/13/2008 Casbah at Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
    03/15/2008 Headliners Music Hal - Louisville, KY w/Your Black Star

    Black Cobra in Europe with The Sword, Saviours
    03/25/2008 Rock City - Nottingham, UK
    03/26/2008 Carling Academy Oxford - Oxford, UK
    03/27/2008 Carling Academy Birmingham - Birmingham, UK
    03/28/2008 Manchester Academy - Manchester, UK
    03/29/2008 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow, UK
    03/30/2008 The Sugarmill - Stoke, UK
    04/01/2008 T.J.'s - Newport, UK
    04/02/2008 Wedgewood Rooms - Portsmouth, UK
    04/03/2008 The Underworld - London, UK
    04/04/2008 Colchester Arts Centre - Colchester, UK

    www.blackcobra.net | www.myspace.com/blackcobra
    www.atalossrecordings.com | www.myspace.com/atalossrecordings

    Earsplit PR // www.earsplitcompound.com
  • BELPHEGOR Returns with "Lucifer Over America"!

    The Austrian blackened/death metal machine, BELPHEGOR, will be returning to the US this February with ROTTING CHRIST, IMMOLATION and AVERSE SIFERA for the “Lucifer Over North America” tour. Vocalist/guitarist, Helmuth, had to this to say about what could be the most blasphemous paring of bands in quite sometime:

    “It’s an honor for us to return to US shores! The last two runs were beyond fucking amazing and we had such a good time there. Thanks to First Row Talent and Nuclear Blast Records for bringing BELPHEGOR over again. I´m sure this whole tour will exceed our expectations yet again. Hail Chaos - Hail Satan!”

    Confirmed Dates:
    02/04/08 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
    02/05/08 Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
    02/06/08 Webster Theater – Hartford, CT
    02/07/08 Penny Arcade – Rochester, NY
    02/08/08 The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY
    02/09/08 Mark’s Place – Bedford, NH
    02/10/08 BB Kings Blues Club – New York, NY
    02/11/08 Peabody’s Down Under – Cleveland, OH
    02/12/08 I-Rock – Detroit, MI
    02/13/08 Huntington Music Hall – Huntington, WV
    02/14/08 The Muse – Nashville, TN
    02/15/08 The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL
    02/16/08 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
    02/19/08 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
    02/20/08 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
    02/21/08 Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
    02/22/08 Galaxy Theater – Santa Ana, CA
    02/23/08 Jumping Turtle – San Marcos, CA
    02/24/08 House of Blues – Hollywood, CA
    02/25/08 El Jardin del Silencio Extreme Rock Bar – Mexicali, MEXICO
    02/26/08 Orpheum Theater – Flagstaff, AZ
    02/27/08 The Sets – Tempe, AZ
    02/28/08 Launch Pad – Albuquerque, NM
    02/29/08 White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
    03/01/08 Cine El Rey – McAllen, TX
    03/02/08 Meridian – Houston, TX

    BELPHEGOR recently entered Andy Classen's Stage One Studios in Kassel, Germany to begin recording their new album for an April 11, 2008 European release via Nuclear Blast Records (April 15 in North America). The follow-up to 2006's "Pestapokalypse VI" is being recorded in three separate sessions lasting through the middle of January 2008.
  • Translation Loss updates: Fight Amp, Javelina, Zodiak

    The new track “Late Bloomer” from FIGHT AMP’s Translation Loss Records debut “Hungry For Nothing,” out February 19th, has been posted on the Translation Loss Records Myspace!

    Hailing from New Jersey, FIGHT AMP channels a sound and presence that harkens the days of old and is reminiscent of the AMREP / dirty dingy side of extreme music. FIGHT AMP (previously known as Fight Amputation) have spent nearly three and a half years toiling over their sound, traveling the country, self-releasing records, self booking their own massive tours, sweating in basements and sleeping in vans crafting what is now their highly refined and most focused effort to date, “Hungry For Nothing,” which was recorded by Phillip Cope at The Jam Room (Baroness, Kylesa).

    Supporting the release the band will be hitting the road; more dates to be announced soon:

    01/24/2008 Cafe Metropolis - Wilkes Barre, PA w/ Dactyl, Dirt Vultures
    01/25/2008 The Waffle Brothel - Richmond, VA w/ Dactyl, Birth Screams, Welcome Home
    01/26/2008 326 West Market - Harrisonburg, VA w/ Dactyl, Nervous Habits
    02/02/2008 Savage School of Rock - Blackwood, NJ w/ Cash In, Takehold, Ram and Ox
    02/29/2008 The Nerve Center - Baltimore, MD
    03/01/2008 The Party Pit - Washington, DC
    03/02/2008 Ramakins - Richmond, VA
    03/03/2008 Gils Bar And Grills - Virginia Beach, VA
    03/04/2008 Spazzatorium Galleria - Greenville, NC
    03/05/2008 The 112 - Columbia, SC
    03/07/2008 The Jinx - Savannah, GA
    03/11/2008 The Red Seven - Austin, TX
    03/04/2008 Zeppelin's Underground - El Paso, TX
    03/05/2008 Dry River - Tucson, AZ
    03/16/2008 Gnarwhal House - Tucson, AZ
    03/17/2008 The Ruby Room Lounge - Phoenix, AZ
    03/18/2008 Scolari's Office - San Diego, CA
    03/20/2008 The Stork Club - Oakland, CA
    03/24/2008 Kingdom Of Doom - Denver, CO
    03/27/2008 Cesspool Castle - Joplin, MO
    03/28/2008 Camp Concentration – St. Louis, MO

    "With the punishing ferocity of Today Is The Day along with Botch, Snapcase and Black Flag, Hungry For Nothing is a relentless distortion feeding frenzy..." - AMP Magazine


    Philly's JAVELINA have posted two new songs from their upcoming Translation Loss Self Titled release - due Out March 4th - on their MySpace page.

    JAVELINA (pronounced ha-va-lE-na) started crafting their massive sound in October of 2005. Formed by ex-members of Philadelphia bands Lickgoldensky, SMUT, and Otophobia/Endless Nightmare, they spent over a year honing their sound before playing their first show. JAVELINA ’s sound embodies the massive sludgy nature of Buzzoven and Eyehategod with the raw punk intensity of His Hero Is Gone and the straightforward nature of High on Fire all wrapped up into one. JAVELINA will continue to write, record, and tour until they have nothing left to give.

    upcoming Javelina shows; constantly being updated:

    01/30/2008 Planet Mollie - Philadelphia, PA
    02/26/2008 Khyber Records - Philadelphia, PA
    02/28/2008 Siren Records - Doylestown, PA
    04/19/2008 Khyber Pass - Philadelphia, PA


    ZODIAK, featuring members of Rosetta, ex-Lickgoldensky, Balboa and Javelina have finished recording their long awaited debut “Sermons,” set for release on May 13th. The effort is to be mastered in the coming weeks and was recorded sporadically over the past three years by the band’s guitarist, Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (High on Fire, Total Fucking Destruction, Intronaut.)

    “Sermons” consists of eight tracks that were mostly created out of improvised jams, though according to the band a large portion of the material came out more structured sounding then originally planned. Expect sporadic live dates to take place throughout the year, and in the meantime, preview the track “Excavate” from the band’s Translation Loss debut here:


    Earsplit PR // www.earsplitcompound.com

    The melodic and melacholic metallers The Chant have signed a recording contract with Shadow World Records. The long awaited debut album Ghostlines will be released in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia February 6th 2008. Release date for the rest of the world is March 10th.

    Before signing the contract The Chant recorded four demos, latter two of which were named Demo of the Month in Inferno (the largest metal magazine in the Nordic Countries), Imperiumi.net (the leading Finnish metal portal) and Rokkizine.com. With Breakdown (2006) the band also won YleX's demo contest, and was granted plenty of nationwide airplay. The Chant's music has been described as a powerful yet catchy combination of Katatonia, Anathema and HIM.

    "Brilliant!", characterised the songwriter-guitarist Jussi Hämäläinen his feelings. "The collaboration with Shadow World Records is like a reward for nine years of had work. We are ready to start a new chapter in The Chant's history."

    Ghostlines was executed with an impressive list of hardboiled professionals. It was produced by the Moonsorrow vocalist-bassist Ville Sorvali, whose latest works include the chartbusting albums of Profane Omen and Dauntless. Mikko Herranen of Rust and Misery Inc. fame was in charge of mixing, and Chartmakers' Svante Forsbäck (Lordi, Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica) took care of the mastering. The cover booklet was shot by Ville Juurikkala (Nightwish, HIM, Amorphis), who was recently named the Best Rock Photographer by the immensely popular City magazine.

    www.thechant.net | www.myspace.com/thechantofficial
  • HEAVEN SHALL BURN exclusive album prelistening at MySpace; “Iconoclast” micro-site online & release shows confirmed!

    To get a full of impression of HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s brilliant new album “Iconoclast”, MySpace Germany offers you the chance to listen to it in its entirety from January 18th – 25th, 2008 at www.myspace.com/officialheavenshallburn!

    “Iconoclast” will be released in Europe on January 28th, 2008 as CD, LP (incl. the bare CD as bonus) as well as limited edition Mediabook CD plus DVD (incl. their entire, 45min.

    Wacken Open Air 2007 show, “Counterweight” video clip and photo gallery). Furthermore, the CD also includes an animated “Iconoclast” synopsis allowing you additional insights into the thought provoking concept of the new album. Visit the brand-new “Iconoclast” microsite for more info & a clip from the aforementioned Wacken show:

    Also, you can find the log in information in the booklet of “Iconoclast” to have access to the log in section of the microsite where you will be able to download exclusive wallpapers and a screensaver.

    To properly celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new effort, the following exclusive release shows have been confirmed:

    08.02. Munich (D) @ Backstage (+ Maroon, Deadlock, Silent Decay)
    09.02. Athens (GR) @ Club tba
    15.02. Jena (D) @ F-Haus (+ Neaera, Narziss, Caliber)
    16.02. Essen (D) @ Rise Or Die Festival / JUZ Papestr. (+ Backfire, Cataract & more, www.riseordie.net)
    23.02. Wien (AT) @ Planet Music (+ Deadlock)


    With extreme metal being one of the more ‘theatrical sounding’ types of rock music out there, it’s a bit puzzling why more of these types of bands don’t pop up in movie soundtracks. But perhaps the tide is changing, as evidenced by the presence of Immortal Dominion throughout the movie, ‘Teeth.’ After the band’s distributor, Fist Music/Hapi Skratch Entertainment, hooked them up with the filmmakers, Immortal Dominion was asked to contribute a total of five songs to the soundtrack. The film won a juror’s award for best actress at the Sundance Film Festival, and was then purchased by Lionsgate/The Weinstein Company. The film is due for release nationwide in February ’08 via Roadside Attractions, and is already drawing attention to Immortal Dominion, on the strength of the instantly memorable song, “Sold My Soul.”

    Formed in 1992 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Immortal Dominion is comprised of members Ray Smith (guitars/lead vocals), Brian Villers (guitars/vocals), Bryan (Edward) Schmidt (bass), and Ben Huntwork (drums/vocals). The group has issued two full-lengths (‘Endure’ and ‘Awakening – The Revelation’) and an EP (‘Birth’), and are hard at work on a new studio album, set to be released later this year. Additionally, Immortal Dominion are in talks with music video director Frank Nasso (who has previously worked with Mudvayne, Hatebreed, All That Remains for the ‘Saw III’ soundtrack) about working on some clips for the songs that appear in ‘Teeth.’ With all these simultaneous projects, 2008 is quickly shaping up to be the year that Immortal Dominion break through to the metal masses, while ‘Awakening – the Revelation’ is also still contributing to the buzz.

    “This album is a soundtrack to one of the darkest periods we have ever been through as a band,” recalls Villers, “Yet as we stayed tight with each other, and found new ways to collaborate in the songwriting process, we experienced an ‘Awakening’ as far as who we are as a band. We hope the listener feels the wide range of emotions we were experiencing as we compiled this material."

    Tracklisting for ‘Awakening – the Revelation’:

    1. Punishment
    2. Will to Survive
    3. Eat Your Flesh
    4. Sold my Soul
    5. World
    6. Something to Change
    7. Fear Free
    8. Not Good
    9. Awakening
    10. Christian Witchcraft
    11. Blasphemy
    12. Untouchable
    13. Shallows in the Vatican Darkness
    14. The Other Side of Pain

    For more information, visit:


    INFLIKTED Due Out March 25th, 2008 on Roadrunner Records

    New York, NY: The sun shines in Metal as the two most influential brothers reunite after 10 years of silence. Max and Iggor Cavalera have formed the Cavalera Conspiracy and will release their first album INFLIKTED to the world March 25th, 2008 on Roadrunner Records. “Cavalera Conspiracy is about a sense of being unleashed,” says vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera. “You bottle a monster for 10 years and then let it out. It’s explosive, and we waited a long time for this beast to be set free.”

    What all Sepultura fans have hoped and waited for finally happened on August 17th 2006 in Tempe Arizona. Max and Iggor, the Cavalera brothers, finally reunited. Soulfly played a show in memory of Dana Wells (D-Low), the stepson of Max and son of Gloria Cavalera, whose death changed the life of the family forever. However, this brought back the force of friendship and family when Iggor Cavalera stepped on stage, almost in secret. He joined the band in the drum jam and in continuation he took a seat behind the drums. With the first sounds of “Attitude” the crowd realized who was keeping time behind Max and the band. They went wild. “Once we hit the first note, it felt like a bomb had dropped on stage,” exclaims Iggor. “From that moment on, I knew we needed to do something together musically.”

    This amazingly phenomenal show will go down in every heavy metal encyclopedia as the historic moment when the brothers Cavalera joined forces again. “There was over 10 years of not seeing or talking to each other at all, which is a long ass time,” explains Max. That’s what made it more special when it did finally happen.

    Cavalera Conspiracy consists of Max Cavalera (vocals/rhythm guitar), Iggor Cavalera (drums/percussion), Marc Rizzo (lead/rhythm guitars), and Joe Duplantier (bass). INFLIKTED is the long-awaited moment providing Metal a new era with the Cavalera Brothers. In the veins of Sepultura with a twist, the band turns back to heavier and darker material giving their fans exactly what they have been waiting for. Max’s vocals explodes onto the 11 tracks of INFLIKTED joined with the pounding of Iggor’s drum beats, Marc Rizzo’s shred slicing guitar and Joe Duplantier thumping bass lines. “When I listen to the album, it sounds old school, but new in its own way,” explains Iggor. “It’s a mix of both worlds.”

    Recording took place this past July at Undercity Studios in Los Angeles, with Logan Mader (former Machine Head guitarist) and Lucas Banker of the Dirty Icon production team. Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) cameos on bass on Ultra-Violent, and Black Ark features a collaboration with Max, Joe and Richie Cavalera (Incite) all on vocals.

    Tours dates for the Cavalera Conspiracy to be announced in spring. INFLIKTED is currently scheduled for release via Roadrunner Records internationally on March 24th and in North America on March 25th.

    The tracklist for the album is as follows:
    'Black Ark',
    'The Doom Of All Fires',
    'Hearts Of Darkness
    'Must Kill'.

    www.cavaleraconspiracy.com and www.myspace.com/cavaleraconspiracy

    The classic Triumph line-up (Rik Emmett/Mike Levine/Gil Moore) could not have selected a better way to reunite after a two-decade absence - with what will undoubtedly be a show-stopping appearance at the 2008 Sweden Rock Festival. Held over a four-day span (June 4-7), the Sweden Rock Festival has been an annual event since 1992, and over the past few years, has been held in Norje, outside of Sölvesborg.

    This year's festival is featuring one of its strongest line-ups ever - in addition to Triumph's highly anticipated appearance, such renowned groups as Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Blue Öyster Cult, and Whitesnake (among others) have also been confirmed.

    "We have had Triumph in mind for many years and hoped that they would play together again one day . When we saw Triumph was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame, then read some statements from the members that "maybe one day we will do something together again," we jumped in with an immediate offer - and it looks like we're helping write some new history! A fantastic band with so many classic albums is just what Sweden Rock Festival is all about. I am very proud to be able to present this band at this years Sweden Rock Festival. I'm just one of many fans that are looking forward to this fantastic show." - Ingolf Persson, Sweden Rock Festival.

    As one of the godfathers of prog metal and leading lights of arena rock, Triumph formed in 1975, and built a large and loyal fanbase by the late '70s on the strength of their non-stop touring schedule throughout Canada and the USA and the success of their classic albums, 'Rock & Roll Machine' and 'Just A Game.' But it was in the 1980's when Triumph truly became a force to be reckoned with, as a string of gold/platinum-certified albums ('Progressions of Power,' 'Allied Forces,' 'Never Surrender,' and 'Thunder Seven') and classic hits ("Fight the Good Fight," "Magic Power", "Lay It On The Line") solidified the group as one of rock's top concert attractions.

    With their music continuing to live on during their absence, fans will now finally get the opportunity to catch this live legend on stage once more.For more information, visit:


    DARKSIDE - an active member of the austrian death metal scene since 1991, will finally perform their very own kind of death metal at the Summernight Festival with an international line-up. Bringing to you "Amber", a highlight release from 2007, they will wreck the second stage on saturday, June 21, 2008 at prime time.

    Lineup so far:



  • Skald news

    Skald - I En Svunnen Tid M-CD Out 28 January

    Swedish folk metal band SKALD was formed in November 2005 by the two friends Henrik & David who then decided to play folk metal, inspired by old Nordic folklore and the majesty of the Scandinavian nature. After two demos in 2006 "Sagor från skogstjärnen" (Stories From The Forest's Bog) and "Trolska Vemodsband" "(Trollish Bonds Of Agony) it is time for their debut M-CD "I En Svunnen Tid" (In A Vanished Age).

    Yxmarder from Blodsrit is guestplaying violin on "I En Svunnen Tid".

    The tracklist is as follows:
    1. Galdurkonst Och Tusenskrönor (intro)
    2. Dansa Den Ondes Vals
    3. Lindormen
    4. Folksagan
    5. Legenden Om Bergaskatten
    6. När Allt Tystnar

    Listen on a sample from their upcoming album on their myspace:

  • Remasculate news

    Remasculate-Perversemonger CD Out 28 January

    Second release from swedish death/grind band Remasculate is out 28th of January. The band consists of among others Ludvig Engellau (DEMONICAL) on Vocals and Marcus Jonsson (INSISION, FLAGELLATION, GENOCRUSH FEROX) on Drums.

    The tracklist is as follows:
    1. This is sour music
    2. Meathooker
    3. Silver fish and chips
    4. Abscessories
    5. Well hung over
    6. Runs in the family
    7. Leaves eyes cream
    8. Toilet paper cut
    9. Boogie man
    10. When i was abroad
    11. Flaturbulence
    12. Spewdriver
    13. Chewing gums
    14. Lady die
    15. I miss the pus
    16. Perversmonger

    Listen on a couple sample from their upcoming album on their myspace:

  • Dynamic Arts Records signs Angel Blake

    From the ashes of The Crown grew up few bands. Marko Tervonen built up the ANGEL BLAKE to present his more heavier and melancholic songs for the masses. Self titled debut album was released in March 2006 by Metal Blade Records. ANGEL BLAKE's line-up includes no strangers to the scene; Janne Saarenpää (The Crown) on drums, Anders Edlund (ex-Incapacity, Solar Dawn) on rhythm guitar and of course the mastermind Marko Tervonen (The Crown).

    New page have been turned in the book of ANGEL BLAKE. New record label, new singer and new album! AB is at the moment recording their second album in Studio-MT. “Defenseless” is the name of the first single which will be released along the music video during the spring of 2008. Second album will hit the stores in the last week of April. Get ready for the ride of your life!

    Press photos: www.dynamicartsrecords.com
  • TO-MERA "Delusions" releases in February!

    In the 18 months since the release of their debut album "Transcendental", UK-based TO-MERA find themselves amongst the cream of the new progressive metal crop. Now with "Delusions", TO-MERA once again push their musical ideas forward to even greater heights. Embracing a broader range of moods, tempos and dynamics, TO-MERA succeed in creating a daring and forward-thinking album for all to enjoy. "Delusions" features guest appearances from members of Ulver and Hardingrock.

    Track Listing for "Delusions"
    1. The Lie
    2. Mirage
    3. The Glory of a New Day
    4. Inside the Hourglass
    5. A Sorrow to Kill
    6. Asylum
    7. Fallen From Grace
    8. Temptation

    TO-MERA features former Extreme Noise Terror bassist Lee Barrett and former Hungarian-born Without Face vocalist Julie Kiss. The band made their performance debut in London October 2006; hand-selected to support Emperor’s farewell gig at the renowned Astoria.

    TO-MERA "Delusions" is in stores, February 26, 2008.

    Die Crawling Media

    Candlelight Records USA

  • IZEGRIM signs with Rusty Cage Records

    Again, a great band is added to the ranks of Rusty Cage Records. This time we have signed Dutch thrashers Izegrim. Their upcoming cd Tribute To Totalitarianism will be released (as an exclusive digi-pack) on February 29th.

    Expect an Izegrim-style Thrash/Death Metal hybrid with quite a few Stoner influences and faint Gothenburg-style melody, accompanied with some ferocious polemics that will not leave much to the imagination regarding the current state of world affairs. Tribute to Totalitarianism is an album that firmly kicks one right in the balls. With its exceptionally savage yet groovy brand of thrash-metal, IZEGRIM is a band unlike any other. Although their personalities are modest, their ambitions are not: IZEGRIM is determined to conquer the stages of Western Europe and abroad.

    All recordings are mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Split Second Sound), who has worked for bands such as Textures, Autumn, The Lucifer Principle and many others (including Cypher, Magnacult and Obsidian!).

    Izegrim will join Non-Divine at the European Tour of Flotsam & Jetsam, where they also play the Metal Mania Festival in Poland (Megadeth, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Satyricon, Overkill and many others). Check out the tourdates at the GIGS section of the RCR site or check out the Izegrim website.

February 13th, 2008
  • More bands confirmed for the Magic Circle Festival 2008

    HOLYHELL, JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR, MAJESTY and STORMWARRIOR have been confirmed for the Magic Circle Festival 2008.

    The 4 day festival is set to take place in Bad Arolsen, Germany and it will feature two historical shows by MANOWAR where they'll perform their first 6 classic albums in their entirety! 20,000 free beers, 20,000 free copies of the new MANOWAR single and 4 Custom Built Choppers owned by the MANOWAR band members will be given away during what is set to be the biggest metal event of 2008!

    For more information about the Magic Circle Festival 2008 and to buy tickets visit www.magiccirclefestival.com


    HOLLYWOOD – Platinum recording artist WINGER is releasing their first double live album and live DVD from their successful 2007 world tour for Winger IV. In 2007 the founding members of WINGER, Kip Winger (bass/vocals), Reb Beach (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums), reunited for their forth record, which is touted as their finest album ever. WINGER is joined John Roth (guitars/vocals) a WINGER member since 1993’s.

    This double live album and DVD were recorded on the road for the new Winger IV album. Both will also include all the hits Wingers fans will want from “17”, “Madelaine,” “Miles Away” and more. If you want to see the concert live and in person, WINGER will hit the road in February for a small U.S. tour.

    TOUR DATES – more to come:
    Date - City - Venue
    14-Feb - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
    15-Feb - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
    16-Feb - Buffalo, NY - Rock N Roll Heaven
    17-Feb - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
    19-Feb - Mechanicsburg, PA - West Shore Hardware Bar
    20-Feb - New York, NY - BB King's
    21-Feb - Wantagh, NY - Mulcahy's
    22-Feb - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
    23-Feb - Boston, MA - Middle East
    24-Feb - Hartford, CT - Webster Theater
    27-Feb - Cleveland, OH - Agora
    28-Feb - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
    29-Feb - Columbus, OH - Al Rosa Villa
    1-Mar - Detroit, MI - Harpo's
    4-Mar - Sauget, IL - Pops
    5-Mar - Kansas City, MO - Beaumont
    7-Mar - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
    8-Mar - Denver, CO - Ecks Saloon
    10-Mar - SLC, UT - Club Vegas
    13-Mar - San Juan Capistrano, CA - Coach House
    14-Mar - Los Angeles, CA - Crash Mansion

    For more information go to www.kipwinger.com or www.myspace.com/kipwingermusic


    Hi everyone! We've just added our first full song called "As You Are Now" on www.myspace.com/onewaymirrorband

    Leave us comments!

    You can also listen to "As you Are Now" on www.one-waymirror.com
  • AKASHIC's guitarist posts new videos online

    - Marcos de Ros, guitarist of the progressive metal band AKASHIC, posted new videos online, check it out::

    - "I Feel Good" (James Brown) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz9pB9TAmZY

    - "Taste of Poison" (De Ros) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r6YKIKzz88

    - "Black Night" (Deep Purple) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzdBJGo4MIM

    - "Hungarian Dance #5" (Brahms) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaSz2gNBhvw

    More information and samples of Akashic' and Marcos De Ros' works are available on MySpace at www.myspace.com/akashicrock and www.myspace.com/marcosderos


February 9th, 2008