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February 23rd, 2007

    On this the 2nd volume of Metal’s Dark Side, sexy host Jasmin St. Claire guides you through even more
    uncensored videos, intense interviews, and extreme bonus footage.
    From back stage at the Key Club in L.A., to the NAMM Music Conference and other major summer music festivals,
    St. Claire invades the minds of metal legends such as Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt (Exodus), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy),
    Paul Romanko & Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), Trevor Strand & Brian Eschbach (The Black Dahlia Murder) and more!
    Track Listing:
    Shadows Fall - Interview with Paul Romanko & Brian Fair
    Suffocation - Interview with Terrance Hobbs & Frank Mullen Suffocation - Video: “Surgery Of Impalement”
    Exodus - Interview with Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt Exodus - Video: “War Is My Shepherd” 
    Deconstruct - Interview with Vanessa, Joe & Skitz Deconstruct - Live Footage: “Deeper Down” 
    The Black Dahlia Murder - Interview with Trevor Strand & Brian Eschbach
    Arch Enemy  - Interview with Sharlee D’Angelo
    Bonus Footage:
    Fight Paris - Video: “Complete Heat”
    Firewind - Video: “Tyranny”
    Suffocation - Bonus Interview
    Street Date 1/30/2007
    Run Time 71 minutes
    Format DVD
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    TRENTON, N.J. – Taiwan’s Chthonic, the black metal band that has already broken down musical barriers in its homeland, is continuing to make its international buzz with an invitation to perform at this year’s MIDEM 2007 in Cannes, France, and the Independence-D festival in Tokyo.

    With MIDEM’s history of over 40 years, Taiwan’s press and record labels have been allying themselves in the recent years in a bid to establish an exclusive stage to showcase Taiwan’s music artists. This year the Taiwan representation office once again stepped forward to propose a major stage, this time suggesting Chthonic to the organizers. After listening to Chthonic’s music, the French organizers extended an invitation to Chthonic to perform. Two other Taiwanese artists, Lim Giong and Ho Hak, were added to the program, which has been dubbed “Taiwan Beat.”

    “Taiwan Beat” will take place at the Palais des Festivals - Méditerranée on January 22. Performances will run from 8:15 to 11:15 p.m., with Chthonic performing first.

    Following Chthonic’s promotional activities in France, the band will head to Japan, where their latest album, “Seediq Bale,” has been released through Howling Bull in a CD/DVD/collectible Japanese plate edition. In Japan, Chthonic will take part in the "Independence-D" music festival organized by the Federation of Music Producers Japan. Chthonic will perform on February 2 at the Shibuya Cyclone and February 4 at Studio Coast.

    Chthonic’s current schedule looks to keep increasing. The band members have already started working on new material, hoping that the album which is set to release before the year-end internationally, will also allow 2007 to be Chthonic’s most fruitful yet.


    TRENTON, N.J. – Two of Mortiis’ early out-of-print solo recordings, “Ånden som gjorde Opprør” and “Keiser av en dimensjon Ukjent,” have been reissued by America’s premiere darkwave label Projekt Records.

    Originally released in the mid-‘90s, the records offer a glimpse into the beginning of the Mortiis path, which has since morphed into an aggressive style with a full band. Each record consists of two musical pieces, at the time dubbed “dark dungeon music.” These long, thoughtful pieces present a regal yet ancient mood; as if the soundtrack for ancient castles filled with forlorn kings looking out upon their lost kingdoms. Words are spoken in Norwegian, drifting into the background ambience.

    “Musically this is miles away from what we do today as a band, but I still think of these albums as two great snapshots of what Mortiis was all about back in the mid-‘90s,” said Mortiis.

    Each release has updated artwork and is in digipak format. “I think the artwork on these reissues probably mirror the atmospheres on those albums a lot better than the original artwork,” Mortiis said. “The ‘Ånden...’ artwork was heavily changed for the reissue version but the ‘Keiser...’ art was pretty much left intact. They look really uniform now, which I’m pleased with because in terms of sonics, they’re sort of sister albums.”

    Mortiis is presently writing and recording new material for a 2007 release.

    For instant songs and remixes, visit www.mortiis.com/downloads.

    Concert Series

    An Evening of Classic MANOWAR
    Also Featuring
    Promytheus (GODS OF FIRE), Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), Mike Sabatini (ATTACKER)SEVEN WITCHES
    Plus Very Special Guests

    620 Van Houten Avenue
    Clifton, New Jersey
    (973) 471-1145ADMISSION PRICE $20.00
    100% of ALL Proceeds will go the the Family of Rob Oriani
    No Advance Tickets Will Be Sold! Arrive Early!!

    (Per Club Policy)
    TRUE METAL AMERICA: By The Bands! For The Fans!
    Contact venue for detailed information. Line-up subject to change and/or cancellation without notification.

    TRENTON, N.J. - Demolition Records will release Vixen’s new studio album, “Live & Learn,” in the US on January 30.

    “Live & Learn” is the first studio recording, which features founding Vixen member and guitarist Jan Kuehnemund, since 1990’s “Rev It Up.”

    Kuehnemund reformed Vixen in 2001 for the Voices of Metal tour with a lineup had to be revamped 10 dates into the tour. Undeterred, with less than a month of rehearsals, the three new members – vocalist Jenna Sanz-Agero, drummer Kat Kraft, and bassist Lynn Louise Lowrey – successfully finished the tour and the lineup of Vixen has been solid ever since.

    “I was nervous at first because we had very few rehearsals, but Jenna, Lynn, and Kat really stepped up and met the challenge beyond what I could have hoped for,” Kuehnemund said. “I feel like we pulled off a miracle, as the rest of the tour was very successful. We had genuine support from Vince Neil, RATT, and Slaughter, and that was very encouraging.”

    “After the Voices of Metal tour, we spent the next four years writing and rehearsing,” said Sanz-Agero. “We recorded a demo of six songs, five of which ended up on the new album. With a whole new lineup, new songs, new look, and a new sound, we spent those few years reconfiguring our entire ‘team’ so that when we were ready, the fans would be happy with what we brought to the table.”

    Vixen entered the Bull Dog Den studio in Eagle Rock, Calif., in 2005 and the recording was completed in May of 2006, due to the band touring in between the sessions. “Live & Learn” was produced, engineered, and mixed by Dennis MacKay, who also engineered “Rev It Up.” The album was mixed at the Bulldog Den and mastered by Brian Gardner of Bernie Grundman Mastering.

    “It felt absolutely wonderful getting back in the studio to record a new album after all these years,” Kuehnemund said. “The approach this time was so much more relaxed than in the past. In the past, we were always working against the clock, and there was a lot of pressure from the record company about different things, but this time we had none of that, mostly due to our producer, Dennis MacKay and the Bull Dog Den Studio. Dennis was an absolute riot to work with. He kept us laughing the entire time and kept our spirits up. This was the best time and the most fun I've ever had in the studio.”

    “Live & Learn” includes 11 new Vixen songs plus a cover of David Bowie’s “Suffragette City,” and the band has not lost its talent for writing emotionally moving music.

    "On the surface the lyrics might seem pretty dark, but there is a lot of irony and sarcasm involved in the way they're delivered, so most of it is about empowerment rather than settling into a victim role," said Sanz-Agero. "We've all experienced some heavy stuff - it's about what you do with it."

    Vixen will appear at the Luna Guitars and Drums booths at the 2007 NAMM show in Los Angeles on January 20. The band has two dates scheduled in March opening for Dokken and is one of three headliners for the Hawgs of Texas three-day Motorcycle Rally in Lake Somerville, Texas.

    Live Dates:

    03/02/07 Fri. Northern Lights Casino, Walker, MN (w/ Dokken)
    03/03/07 Sat. Northern Lights Casino, Walker, MN (w/ Dokken)
    04/26/07 Thu. Hawgs of Texas Motorcycle Rally, Lake Somerville, TX


    MOONSORROW and DEATHCHAIN are among the confirmed bands for the Jalometalli Winterfest 2007, set to take place February 24 at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


    MOONSORROW has just released its new album, entitled "V: Hävitetty", via Spinefarm Records. The band has been confirmed for this year's installment of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 2-4, 2007 in Wacken, Germany.
    England’s, PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE bring the true black metal feeling into 2007. With booming drums, icy guitars, hellish vocals and brooding dark atmospherics, this music is made for black metal fans by black metal fans.

    Brothers Dokkalfur and Ljosalfur are the heart and soul of the band. Having both grown up listening to all kinds of metal, they have one collective mind when it comes to the realms of music. PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE serves as an outlet for the black metal feeling within them. And to them, that IS black metal: a feeling; nothing more, nothing less.
    PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE have released the first single and video from “Traversing The Awesome Night”, titled “The Bringer of Dark and Light” on the bands myspace page.
    PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE's full-length debut is scheduled for release on April 24th 2007 titled “Traversing The Awesome Night” via Open Grave Records.
    Notodden, Norway:  After triumphantly headlining the annual Wacken Open Air Festival and four capacity performances in America last summer, Emperor today announce their return to the United States for three encore performances this spring. 
    "We have made a decision to return to the US for a few additional shows," notes guitarist Samoth.  "This time Chicago is also put on the map.  The shows last summer were very successful and we had an amazing turn out and support from all the fans.  It was also a bit stressful because of the embassy hassle that we unfortunately had to endure.  So we feel a few more shows are due and this time, all visas are in order and the band will appear in its full command.   See you all soon!"
    Confirmed dates are noted below.  Ticket on-sale information will be noted shortly.
    May 30 - The Metro, Chicago IL
    June 1 - BB King Blues Club, New York NY
    June 3 - Key Club, Los Angeles, CA

    Emperor's guitar tabulature book, Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath will be released officially in the US Tuesday, January 23.  The limited edition 132-page oversized book (with bonus cd) featuring foreword and transcriptions by vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn contains original tabs for thirteen Emperor classics featured on the band's 2003 2-cd compilation of the same name; a collection of previously unavailable recordings, live and studio/demo outtakes.  The book is available via Candlelight's official webstores (in the US www.candlelightrecordsusa.com; Europe www.candlelightrecords.co.uk).
  • HEAVEN AND HELL To Play Helsinki In June

    HEAVEN AND HELL — the new band featuring legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) alongside original BLACK SABBATH members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, plus drummer Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH) — will play a headling show at Jäähallissa in Helsinki, Finland on June 10 — one day after the group's appearance at the Sauna Open Air festival in Tampere, Finland. Tickets for the Helsinki show go on sale on January 16. The group's European schedule is now shaping up as follows:

    Jun 6-9 - Sölvesborg, SWE @ Sweden Rock
    Jun. 09 - Tampere, FIN @ Sauna Open Air
    Jun. 10 - Helsinki, FIN @ Jäähallissa
    Jun. 22-23 – Balingen, GER @ Bang Your Head!!!

    The HEAVEN AND HELL tour will kick off in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 11 and play at least ten shows across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and London. An exclusive New York City show has also been scheduled. DOWN — the acclaimed New Orleans band featuring CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan, drummer Jimmy Bower (EYEHATEGOD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist), bassist Rex Brown (ex-PANTERA), guitarist Kirk Windstein (CROWBAR), and vocalist Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA) — will be the opening act for at least 10 of the dates while MOTÖRHEAD is also in talks to fill the middle slot. Then HEAVEN AND HELL will likely play South America, Japan, Korea, Australia and Europe before returning to North America for a U.S. tour in August or September.

    The upcoming Dio-era BLACK SABBATH anthology, "Black Sabbath: The Dio Years", will feature three new songs ("Shadow of the Wind", "Devil Cries" and "Ear in the Wall"), and is tentatively due this spring.
  • Malevolent Creation "Doomsday X" - Album Journal Part 7

    Doomsday X - Album Journal Part 7

    Wednesday, 17 January 2007

    Dave finished tracking the drums and arrived home this evening. They recorded 12 songs and Dave is very happy with the natural feel they achieved, without sounding overly mechanical. The ProTools at their disposal were not used to alter the drum sounds. Dave wanted to give everone a real feel for his power and style, without the over use of recording technology. They are taking about a week break and then the guitar tracking starts. Dave and the band are very pleased with the progress so far and can't wait for the upcoming tours. We will try to give more progress updates when the guitar tracking begins...Thanks to all the people who helped bring this first hand news to SickDrummer.com and all the fans... Doomsday X sounds like it's shaping up to be a Sick Album!

    Please stay tuned for more signed giveaways from Dave, Tim Yeung, Adam Jarvis and more!


    TRENTON, N.J. – Taiwanese black metal band Chthonic has been confirmed for its first appearance at Wacken Open Air 2007.

    Now in its 18th year, W:O:A is considered one of the most prestigious of the world-famous European metal festivals. This year’s installment will be held August 2-4, during which the small town of Wacken, Germany, will be transformed into a metal mecca.

    “We are very honored to be invited to play W:O:A,” said Chthonic frontman Freddy. “We are prepared to lead a wave of Asian metal to the whole world.”

    Chthonic’s fourth album, “Seediq Bale,” was released October 3 on Down Port Music/RED. The group has already broken down musical barriers in its homeland, where it received gained national attention as it was awarded “Best Rock Group” at the 14th Annual Golden Melody Awards, the Eastern Asian equivalent of a Grammy. The award was presented to the band by none other than the country’s President Chen Shui-bian. With the release of Seediq Bale,” Chthonic is beginning to make an impact worldwide, garnering positive reviews of its symphonic yet brutal sound.

    “My favorite find of the year was Chthonic from Taiwan. Tightly executing vigorous and beautiful black metal, lead singer Freddy played an Oriental two-string violin.” – Illinois Entertainer

    “…the Black Sabbath of Asia…” - Taipei Times


    In September 2006 we recorded our new album "Det Vilde Kor" ("The Wild Choir"). It was recorded in Skansen Lydstudio, as our previous albums.
    The mix was done by Mike Hartung at Propeller Music Division. He`s a top notch producer, having worked with artists such as A-HA, Dweezil Zappa, Gluecifer, Enslaved, Satyricon, Gåte and lots of famous Norwegian artists. Check out http://propellermusicdivision.com
    The mastering was done by Cutting Room in Stockholm.
    The releasedate for Europe is March 26.
    Norwegian folk rock ensemble, LUMSK return with an explosive musical concoction this year – ‘Det Vilde Kor’. Written entirely by pianist Espen W. Godø, ‘Det Vilde Kor’ is a grand symphony celebrating author Knut Hamsun’s homonymous poem collection. “There is a lot of musicality in the poems,” enthuses guitarist, Eystein Garberg. ”So, to intonate them has been a grateful task. It is all about strengthening the atmosphere in each and every poem through our music. We set our standards high when we chose to put music to such a highly regarded author but we feel we have done it right.”

    Though featuring the LUMSK musical trademark, with extra assistance provided by a string quartet, backing vocalists, clarinet, oboe, flugelhorn and accordion, ‘Det Vilde Kor’ is a more melodious and ambitious masterpiece than what the Trondheim posse has ever crafted before. Always hard-working and ambitious, the band was onto their next venture of plotting their next album’s direction right after ‘Troll’ was released. “I borrowed one of Knut Hamsun’s collections when we were looking for lyrics material after ’Troll’,” Eystein continues. ” I read ‘Markens Grøde’ but simultaneously took a glimpse at the poems collection in the same book. ‘Det Vilde Kor’ was unknown to me but after a quick glimpse I knew straight away this would make up the lyrics of the next LUMSK album! The subject matter is similar to what we have done in the past and to be allowed to present lyrical content of this kind to a new audience is great for us.”

    A collaboration with renown male vocalist, Ola Bremnes on single, ‘Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting glemt’ soon followed. ”We decided early to get a male vocalist in to sing on ’Om hundrede Aar er Alting glemt", quips vocalist Stine Mari Langstrand. “I know Ola personally and have heard a lot of the stuff he’s done in the past. He has a voice that  provides a nice contrast to mine so I was sure that he would be perfect. Ola is a genuinely special artist with a unique way to express himself lyrically.”

    Bremnes himself had no hesitation when it came to accepting the job at hand. “I am impressed at how grandly this band works,” he offered. “It was fun to be a part of the recording process. They approach Hamsun in a refreshing way. I must admit, I think it’s really cool.”

    LUMSK will be embarking on a mini Norwegian tour right after the album release in Norway - 26th February.

    The release party for ‘Det Vilde Kor’ takes place at Parkteatret in Oslo on Thursday, 22nd February. This is an exclusive all-ages event where LUMSK will perform material from the new album in its entirety and the band will be joined on stage by a string quartet, three backing vocalists, a clarinet player as well as Spellemann nominee, Ola Bremnes himself. There will also be an exclusive playback of the video for single, ‘Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting glemt’.

  • Inocculta is looking for concerts

    The line-up being at last complete, Inocculta is looking for concert dates. Do not hesitate to contact the band.


    TRENTON, N.J. – Incantation will return to in February as part of the Domination Tour 2007 alongside Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ, Neuraxis, Mystic Circle, Harm, and Inactive Messiah .

    The Pennsylvania-based death metal band will also continue on with Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation, and Rotten Sound for another six dates following the end of the tour.

    “We’re looking forward to a kick ass tour,” said Incantation guitarist and frontman John McEntee. “We’ve been friend with Malevolent Creation and Neuraxis for a long time and it will be great to tour with them.”

    Incantation’s seventh album, “Primordial Domination,” was released last fall on Ibex Moon Records. The longstanding and influential band has kept a steady tour schedule since the release of the records, touring the U.S., South America, and Europe.

    In other news, McEntee has just finalized an endorsement deal with BC Rich guitars. “I have been using BC Rich guitars for over 20 years and am proud to be working with them,” he said.

    Domination Tour dates:

    02/14/07 Wed. Kato, Berlin, Germany
    02/15/07 Thu. Hellrise, Leipzig, Germany
    02/16/07 Fri. Szene, Wien, Austria
    02/17/07 Sat. Rockhaus, Salzburg, Austria
    02/18/07 Sun. Hafen, Innsbruck, Austria
    02/19/07 Mon. Z7, Plattern, Switzerland
    02/20/07 Tue. Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
    02/21/07 Wed. Locomotive, Paris, France
    02/22/07 Thu. Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands
    02/23/07 Fri. Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
    02/24/07 Sat. Live Factory, Adelsheim, Germany
    02/25/07 Sun. Fledo, Brno, Czech Republic
    02/26/07 Mon. Randal, Bratislava, Slovakia
    02/27/07 Tue. Sottosopra Rock Club, Este (PD), Italy
    02/28/07 Wed. Metropolis, Munchen, Germany
    03/01/07 Thu. N8, Osnabruck, Germany
    03/02/07 Fri. Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
    03/03/07 Sat. Turock, Essen, Germany
    03/04/07 Sun. Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Incantation, Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation, and Rotten Sound dates:

    03/06/07 Tue. Rio, Bradford, England
    03/07/07 Wed. Soundhaus, Glasgow, Scotland
    03/08/07 Thu. Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Ireland
    03/09/07 Fri. Soundhause, Bolton, England
    03/10/07 Sat. Camden Underworld, London, England
    03/11/07 Sun. decade, Zaandam, Netherlands

  • Rebellion Brothers Records signs exclusive US distribution deal with Open Grave Records/Distribution
    Finland based Rebellion Brothers has entered into an exclusive U.S. Distribution deal with Open Grave Records/Distribution. This deal will make Rebellion Brothers releases available via all major and independent US retail stores. The first album to see it’s official US release will be Goathemy’s, “Frostland”, which will hit stores on April 24th 2007, followed by Goathemy’s yet untitled 2nd album later in the year.

  • Disillusion News

    To make a long story short, Jens Maluschka, drummer in Disillusion since 2000, decided to quit the band at the beginning of the new year. Jens wishes to say the following:

    "After six years of intensive work with Disillusion it is time for a break. There are various reasons. I want to concentrate more on my private life, meaning I will become a father in June of this year. At that time I wish to focus on my family. So, the decision has been made to leave the band. Of course, my musical endeavours will continue – but I can't decide yet exactly in which from.

    I wish Andy and Rajk all the best for their future and lots of success with Disillusion.”

    It is sad to separate after six years of dreaming and working together for an idea. Of course, we wish Jens and his family all the best for their future!

    The final concert with Jens will be held at “Scheddelspalter” in Leipzig/Germany on April 13, 2007 (www.scheddel.de). All following shows will definitely be held. News about Jens' replacement will follow in the near future.

    Anyway, a happy, healthy and successful New Year to all of you! Talk to you soon, Disillusion.

  • Metalcamp news





    Dear Metalcampers,

    The year 2006 has ended, and the year ahead of us will be full of new challenges, new friendships, and great new releases. In the year 2007 Metalcamp festival will again be written in European festival history, this time as the first organized metal holidays. Metalcamp holidays will happen between 16th and 22nd of July in a national park, in small city of Tolmin, in Slovenia.
    The violent punk metals THE EXPLOITED and American old school hardcore fighters CONVERGE are the new confirmed bands to join in this year’s heavy metal rite in Slovenia.
    Book your tickets and find all the information at www.metalcamp.com






    Philadelphia:  The first wave of tickets for the recently announced Emperor concerts will go on sale Monday, January 22 exclusively via Enter the Vault.  Bring your browser to www.enterthevault.com for pricing and availability.   General tickets will go on sale via Ticketmaster and normal ticket agencies/box offices beginning February 1. 
    The Vault Fan Club was created to offer music fans special VIP ticketing packages and artist presales with lower service fees than traditional ticket outlets. The Vault works directly with your favorite bands and venues to provide unique experiences for you. Log on and you may find special tickets for meet & greets, offers for autographed merchandise, passes to enter venues early and more. And it will only be found in The Vault.
    After triumphantly headlining the annual Wacken Open Air Festival and four capacity performances in America last summer, Emperor yesterday announce their return to the United States for three encore performances this spring.   Guitarist Samoth noted, "the shows last summer were very successful and we had an amazing turn out and support from all the fans.  It was also a bit stressful because of the embassy hassle that we unfortunately had to endure.  All visas are in order and the band will appear in its full command.   See you all soon!"
    As noted, confirmed dates are noted below.
    May 30 - The Metro, Chicago IL
    June 1 - BB King Blues Club, New York NY
    June 3 - Key Club, Los Angeles, CA

    Emperor's guitar tabulature book, Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath will be released officially in the US Tuesday, January 23.  The limited edition 132-page oversized book (with bonus cd) featuring foreword and transcriptions by vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn contains original tabs for thirteen Emperor classics featured on the band's 2003 2-cd compilation of the same name; a collection of previously unavailable recordings, live and studio/demo outtakes.  The book is available now via Candlelight's official US webstore; bring your browser to www.candlelightrecordsusa.com.
  • Grind Minded sign with Open Grave Records
    Open Grave Records is proud to announce the signing of Dutch Death Metal band Grind Minded. The Dutch metal scene is the pinnacle of brutality. And an excellent example of this brutality comes in the form of 4 guys from the metropolitan area of Beilen, in the Netherlands . They wanted to form a band that would be a nod to old school death and grind, namely bands like Repulsion, Carcass, Entombed, Morgoth, Gorefest, and Napalm Death. The answer they were looking for would be in a project they would name Grind Minded.

    The vision was made a reality. The lineup would be Jerry on guitars and vocals, Erwin on drums, Henke on bass and vocals, and Robert on guitar, with the former three going under the monikers “Knerry, Bakvet, and Balrog” respectively. Fate would run its course however, and over time, there were to be many lineup changes, one of them resulting in Robert’s departure. Grind Minded’s fury would however soon be released to the masses. They found their next mainstay in David, who would do the vocals on the 2001 debut 6 song EP “Your Suffering Will Be Legendary”. The EP was released on Filthy Records, and got some awesome reviews. Something was amiss however. The band needed another guitarist to fill out their sound, and in 2003, Mathijs (ex Vital Urge, Bludgeoned) was brought on board as their second axe slinger, along with new vocalist Wim (ex Cerebral Death, Vital Urge, Bludgeoned).

    With the new personnel changes came a new album, recorded at Sing Sing studios in 2004. It would be called “9mm Facial”, and would be the band’s finest work to date. Grindminded would go on to play numerous gigs in The Benelux, with the likes of Desensitised, Prostitute Disfigurement, Eighteen Visions, and the New Orleans sludge metal band Crowbar. However one more change of fate was to occur. God Dethroned needed a new bass player, and Henke, who was good friends with them, had been filling in during this period. Unfortunately, playing in both bands at the same time proved to be impossible. Therefore it was decided that he would remain with God Dethroned, and that decision would bring a new bass player into the fold; enter Jasper Bolderdijk from Grinroth. And so it would be. Grind Minded is a prime example of fury, brutality, and old school death metal. This fact is apparent in their name alone. They are approaching their 10 year anniversary, and are only getting stronger on the scene. In addition, the tracks “Fuck off and Die” and “Domination” have been featured on various compilation cds, the former track being on the “Sounds From the Grave” sampler released by Open Grave Records. In December 2006 the band recorded a 3 track promotional disc at Freddes Dirty Bird Studios, and as of now they are currently set to begin working on their second full length album which will be released in 2007 by Open Grave Records. Get ready to be assaulted by Holland’s most brutal, Grind Minded has taken over!
    Grind Minded on the web:


    TRENTON, N.J – Hard-hitting veterans Peter Scheithauer (guitar), Todd Barnes (vocals), Dave Ellefson (bass), and Stet Howland (drums) have united to create the bone-jarring, uncompromising metal band Temple Of Brutality, whose debut album, “Lethal Agenda,” is set for February 27 on Demolition Records.

    Guitarist Scheithauer wrote the music for the 10 songs that are on the album and they were originally demoed with drummer Stet Howland, who played in Belladonna, Killing Machine, and Stream. Soon after the demos were recorded, Howland returned to the road with W.A.S.P. and Scheithauer got busy searching for a bassist, vocalist, and label for the project.

    The next time Scheithauer spoke to Howland, Temple Of Brutality was a drummer away from reality. Todd Barnes was already in and bassist Dave Ellefson had signed on as well. Scheithauer also found a label, Demolition Records, for this unrecorded album. Howland did not have to be coaxed to lend his talents to the project and Temple Of Brutality became reality. The band began rehearsing and it was then that they realized the full potential of the lineup.

    “I guess it’s a bit like expecting a baby and you’re looking at an ultrasound and only see certain details, but when your kid is born, it’s a different story,” said Scheithauer. “I knew the songs sounded good in my head and I was guessing it was going to be cool, but ‘til the band jammed together and recorded, I couldn’t really see the big picture. Needless to say, the record came out better than I ever imagined.”

    Temple Of Brutality evolved at a furious pace. “Lethal Agenda” was recorded in a week’s time at Alternative Sound Studio in Fort Myers, Fla. Owner Greg Timko, who previously worked with Ellefson when he was in Megadeth, engineered the record and it was mixed by Jason Slater. Live takes of the songs were laid down and the session was going smoothly, but Scheithauer still had a surprise left for the band.

    “I had a secret song to present to the band at the last minute,” said Scheithauer. “Nobody ever heard ‘Art of War’ before, myself included. I just finished it that week and I wanted to hit the guys with it at the last minute because the whole idea behind this recording was to make it natural and spontaneous. I put down the riff and structure of ‘Art of War’ while Stet and Dave were putting their own magic on it. Meanwhile, Todd was in the lobby writing the lyrics. I love that feeling of emergency. That’s metal.”

    Slater’s mix of “Lethal Agenda” is a perfect companion to how the tracks were recorded. It has a raw, live feel to it with the vocals up front in the mix and the music not over-processed.

    Temple Of Brutality wanted the album to be recorded and mixed a certain way to capture the energy of the band. “We didn’t want to be another Pro Tools wonder,” said Scheithauer. “All the tracks are played in one take and if we had to re-do it, we re-did it from the top. Technology can be great, but if you depend on it, you’re not metal. Bands like Sabbath and Priest didn't think, ‘Hey, I can do that riff there and than loop it.’ They played their parts and most of them were recorded live. That’s the true spirit of metal. As simple as it sounds, we will play those songs night after night and that’s what we wanted to capture - not a perfect take but a real alive balls-out Temple Of Brutality take.”

    The CD also features a video for the title-track, “Lethal Agenda,” was directed by Fabio Jafet, the filmmaker responsible for the documentary “Waking Up Dead.”

    Temple Of Brutality is currently planning a US tour, which will tentatively begin in March on the East Coast with Midwest and Southern dates to follow.


February 22nd, 2007
  • TROUBLE: New Album Pushed Back To March

    Escapi Music has pushed back the projected German release date for the new album from veteran Chicago doom metallers TROUBLE, "Simple Mind Condition", to March 16. The rest of Europe is expected to receive the album on March 19.

    The cover artwork for "Simple Mind Condition" has been posted online at this location.

    Commented founding member/guitarist Rick Wartell: "[The cover is] fucking eerie, true to life and death. There are many subtle clues regarding the content of the CD."

    The follow-up to 1995's "Plastic Green Head", "Simple Mind Condition" was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL).

    "Simple Mind Condition" tentative track listing (in no particular order):

    01. Goin' Home
    02. Mindbender
    03. Seven
    04. Pictures of Life
    05. After the Rain
    06. Trouble Maker
    07. Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar
    08. Simple Mind Condition
    09. Ride in the Sky
    10. If I Only had a Reason
    11. The Beginning of Sorrows

    As previously reported, TROUBLE will re-release its 1995 album, "Plastic Green Head", on January 30, 2007 via Escapi Music. The reissue will include a separate DVD containing a six-song live video from Hamburg, Germany circa 1996. The track listing for the DVD is as follows:

    01. Sleeper
    02. Fear
    03. Plastic Green Head
    04. Opium Eater
    05. Long Shadows Fall
    06. Psychotic Reaction

    The long-awaited TROUBLE unplugged CD, featuring 40 percent new material and some of the old favorites, will be completed next summer. A late 2007 release is expected.

    Escapi Music reissued TROUBLE's classic first two albums, "Psalm 9" (1984) and "The Skull" (1985), on October 24. Both were digitally remastered and are packed with rare photos and brand new liner notes. "Psalm 9" includes an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a public-access TV performance from 1982. "The Skull" comes with an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a 16-track live performance from 1984.

    TROUBLE will embark on a U.S. tour beginning mid-March. European dates will follow in May/June.


    Epic recording artists CHEVELLE have announced an April 3rd release date for VENA SERA, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2004's gold-selling album, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). The album introduces itself with hard-hitting lead single and video "Well Enough Alone."

    The disc was recorded with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, who the band previously worked with on both This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) and 2003's platinum-plus-selling release, Wonder What's Next.

    The full track listing for VENA SERA is as follows:

    "Well Enough Alone"
    "Straight Jacket Fashion"
    "The Fad"
    "Paint The Seconds"
    "Midnight To Midnight"
    "I Get It"

    This spring/summer, Chevelle (vocalist/guitarist Pete Loeffler, drummer Sam Loeffler and bassist Dean Bernardini) will embark on a North American tour in support of the album (dates to be announced).

    This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) entered Billboard's Top 200 at #8 and went gold in just six short weeks. The first single, "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)," shot to No. 1 on Billboard's Active Rock chart and its companion video garnered airplay on MTV, MTV2 and Fuse. Second single "The Clincher" appeared in EA Sports' top-selling video game, Madden NFL 2005 and hit top 10 on Billboard's Active Rock chart. Over the course of the months following the album's release, the band did an arena tour with Korn, appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," were featured on CNN, headlined the SnoCore Tour and recently wrapped a string of dates with Nickelback.

  • IN FLAMES U.S. break through!

    As one of the very few European bands IN FLAMES can celebrate a big success in the USA. Recently the band has sold their 100.000th copy of “Soundtrack To Your Escape”. It ´s the second album of the band that could sell that much. Congratulations!
  • ARSIS sign with nuclear blast!


    When it comes to seminal death metal bands from North America, the East Coast alone can boast the likes of the genre's greatest staples such as Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Death, Morbid Angel, and Nile. With West Virginia's legacy of being the only state formed as a direct result of the American Civil War, it's no wonder that ARSIS have continued this tide of insurgence - albeit in the musical realm. The band, which derived its name from the musical phrase "arsis and thesis" meaning unstressed (up-) and stressed (down-) beats respectively, is righteously tinged with black & thrash metal influences but is completely dedicated to expanding the reaches of melodicism and technicality in the genre of death metal.

    Checking-in from their current tour with God Forbid, Mnemic, and Goatwhore, founding member/guitarist/bassist/lead vocalist and former Berklee College of Music student James Malone has this to say about the newly-inked worldwide collaboration with Nuclear Blast Records:

    "Since the conception of ARSIS, I hoped to see the band as a part of the Nuclear Blast roster. Four years later, this is now a reality. I expect great things this coming year; the band is now a four piece, solid tours are on the way, and we have a fantastic label behind us 100%. I am more excited now about the potential of the band than I have ever been."

    All of the ARSIS recordings (which include two demos, one EP, and two full-length albums) have won them many fans among the metal underground, the metal press, and metal musicians themselves. Their 2004 debut, A Celebration Of Guilt, was praised to hell and back by Revolver Magazine as "the best in the genre since At The Gates' legendary swan song [Slaughter Of The Soul]."

    Given their current momentum in support of their latest album, United In Regret, and with, as Malone states, "our most brutal release coming in 2008," ARSIS are well on their way to making their discography absolutely essential for any fan with an extreme music library.

    Visit ARSIS online at www.WORSHIPDEPRAVED.com and www.MySpace.com/ARSIS
  • AGATHODAIMON search for vocalist/guitarist

    After the tour through Spain and Portugal in late November (some pics from the tour can be seen at the website of AGATHODAIMON HERE), vocalist/guitarist Frank "Akaias" Nordmann revealed that he will leave the band due to personal reasons. "This decision was not easy for him, but Frank has priorities other than music at the moment. Music means much to all of us, but it's not everything that counts in life, sometimes other things are more important, and we understand his decision fully. We collectively wish him all the best for his future plans and thank him for the great time we spent together in the rehearsal room, on stage and of course off stage as well", said guitarist Sathonys.

    The band is therefore looking for a new vocalist and guitarist. A few very promising musicians already contacted the band, so interested people (from Germany, area FFM/WI/DA/MZ preferred) should hurry and send their info over www.agathodaimon.de/apply.
    England’s, PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE bring the true black metal feeling into 2007. With booming drums, icy guitars, hellish vocals and brooding dark atmospherics, this music is made for black metal fans by black metal fans.

    Brothers Dokkalfur and Ljosalfur are the heart and soul of the band. Having both grown up listening to all kinds of metal, they have one collective mind when it comes to the realms of music. PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE serves as an outlet for the black metal feeling within them. And to them, that IS black metal: a feeling; nothing more, nothing less.

    PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE's full-length debut is scheduled for release on April 24th 2007 titled “Traversing The Awesome Night” via Open Grave Records. The track listing has been unveiled and is as follows:
    1 Bringer of Dark and Light
    2 None Shall Stand
    3 Design
    4 Fear and Fire
    5 The Journey to the Forest
    6 As I Wander
    7 Earth's Wrath
    8 Battleride
    9 Victorious
    10 The Shriek of Death

    The album cover art has also been unveiled at Open Grave Records. In the meantime, the band’s demo entitled “Hellish Figurines” is still available for FREE download as well from Open Grave Records.
  • Sentinel Records sign For Ruin
    Since the release of the first 'Split' demo release in 2004, For Ruin has developed into a respected force within the Irish metal scene. The second demo/promo ' Shade' was released in summer 2005 to widespread international critical acclaim and has served to introduce many people to the band's music. Since then, the band has found it feet in the live arena, including a well received set at Ireland's Terrorizer-sponsored Day of Darkness festival (with Destruction, Primordial etc.) during the summer of '06 along with slots with Decapitated, Madder Mortem and Ireland's Mael Mordha. The band has since appeared on a Terrorizer unsigned-special CD, been reviewed in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, and was featured as part of the Republic of Ireland scene report in Terrorizer's August '06 edition. Countless ´zines have since covered the band, many printing interviews with the band. In the January '07 edition of Terrorizer, the band was awarded the position of the 9 th best unsigned band.
    For Ruin's debut album will be released through Sentinel Records in mid 2007.

  • IRON MAIDEN To Play Belgrade In March

    IRON MAIDEN has confirmed that further to last week's announcement of an additional show in Athens, they will play a headline concert in Belgrade, Serbia on Wednesday, March 14 as part of a short run of dates in mid-March. The venue is the 18,000-capacity Belgrade Fair Indoor Arena and tickets for the show will be going on sale on Wednesday, January 24.

    Commented MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris: "I'm pretty sure in saying that this will be the first time we've been to Belgrade for just over 20 years back on the 'Somewhere in Time' tour so I'm sure many of our fans in Serbia will be very excited at the news that we're making this visit that some would say is long overdue! As we said a couple of years ago we would try and visit new places and cities where we haven't played for a long time when the opportunity to do so came up and this is just such an occasion. And we are very much looking forward to it."

    IRON MAIDEN's new album, "A Matter of Life and Death", has sold 155,000 copies in the United States since its Sept. 5 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
  • IRON MAIDEN Frontman Comments On Upcoming Greek Appearance

    Vocalist Bruce Dickinson of the British heavy metal giants IRON MAIDEN has commented on the band's upcoming Greek show, which is set to take place in Athens on March 11.

    Says Dickinson, "Greece has always given us such great support and we understand that 'A Matter of Life and Death' was the No. 1 album for four weeks and we will of course be playing some songs from that album. We were sadly unable to arrange a date in the first part of the tour so we are all very pleased to be now able to play in Athens and we expect to bring with us the full staging we have been using so far on this tour. The Greek audiences are amongst the craziest anywhere and we look forward very much to playing the show. And so, of course, does Eddie!"

    The Athens concert will take place at the Pavilion Stadium of Tae Kwon Do in Faliro. The ticket price is 55 euros (in advance) and 60 euros (at the door). Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

    IRON MAIDEN's latest live DVD, "Death on the Road", will finally receive a much-deserved U.S. release on January 30. Filmed at the Westenfalenhalle Arena in Dortmund, Germany, the performance was personally edited by founding member/bassist Steve Harris, to fully capture the magnificent stage production and to cut right to the heart and the electricity of the band's performance.

    Since the taping of "Death on the Road", IRON MAIDEN has issued the critically heralded "A Matter of Life and Death" album, which has sold 155,000 copies in the United States since its Sept. 5 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    Up next for the group is a headlining spot at the Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Desert Rock Festival on March 9, which will see IRON MAIDEN joined by the likes of THE PRODIGY, STONE SOUR, IN FLAMES, MASTODON, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LAUREN HARRIS and JUNKYARD GROOVE.
  • SAXON: 'The Inner Sanctum' To Receive U.S. Release In April

    SPV has set a January 20 digital/download release date for the new SAXON single, "If I Was You". The group's new full-length album, "The Inner Sanctum", will arrive on March 5 in Europe and April 3 in the U.S.

    According to a press release, "The Inner Sanctum" offers "powerful sounds and ambitioned lyrics about Eastern revolutions, British kings and queens and the attitude of great warriors. At the same time, lead vocalist Biff Byford displays an energy that's almost physically perceptible." Byford says: "'The Inner Sanctum' is the most powerful album we've ever recorded." He also notes about their new single, "I wrote the lyrics for our new single based on gun and knife crime having seen so many tragic stories of somebody getting knifed to death for a mobile phone and three quid or some young mother caught in the crossfire between two idiots with guns. 'If I was you and you were me, would you live your life differently?'"

    SAXON will mark the release of the new single and the band's return to the British metal scene with an electrifying new Guinness World Record attempt for "air guitar" at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club on Saturday, January 20. The gig will also be part of a one-hour special Channel 4 TV program called "Harvey Goldsmith Presents" which is set to air in April.

    A new SAXON three-disc compilation, entitled "The Very Best Of Saxon: 1979-1988", is released in Europe today (January 15).

    Steamhammer/SPV released SAXON's live album, "The Eagle Has Landed Pt. III", in the U.S. on June 27, 2006. The collection features the first new recordings with drummer Nigel Glockler, who returned to the SAXON fold following an extended creative break.
  • Founding SAMSON Bassist Dies After Long Illness

    Former SAMSON bassist and founder member Chris Aylmer passed away last week after a long illness. Chris founded the band with Paul Samson, and not only suggested the band name, but was also responsible for young drummer Clive Burr completing the trio. Chris was in SAMSON from 1977 until 1984, and also played on the 1993 album and tour, and the 1999/2000 shows.

    For more information, visit www.paulsamson.co.uk.

    Angel Air Records released a SAMSON retrospective CD in April 2006. Entitled "Tomorrow and Yesterday", the album includes an extensive (4,000-word) biography, and a 20-page booklet, featuring many previously unseen pictures.

    Paul Samson last CD, consisting of recordings the leader and founder of the seminal NWOBHM act SAMSON was working on in the months prior to his death in 2002, was issued last September via Angel Air Records under the title "P.S...." (previously titled "Brand New Day").

    Produced and engineered by Paul Samson at Yds Norwich and John McCoy at the Where? House, Norfolk, the album was completed under extremely difficult circumstances by John McCoy.

    "P.S...." features the following lineup of musicians:

    Paul Samson - Lead And Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic
    Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Harmony And Backing Vocals, Percussion
    Nicky Moore - Lead, Harmony And Backing Vocals
    Ian Ellis - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Backing Vocals
    Billy Fleming - Drums And Percussion
    John McCoy - Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar

    Composers include Paul Samson, Nicky Moore, Ian Ellis, Chris Aylmer and Barry "Thunderstick" Purkis.

    Samson passed away at his Norfolk, England home during the afternoon of Friday, August 9, 2002 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Paul was 49 years old.

    SAMSON had previously featured in their ranks IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson, who sang on two of the group's albums (1980's "Head On" and 1981's "Shock Tactics"), before moving on to fame and fortune with his current outfit.