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February 26th, 2005
  • DARK TRANQUILLITY's new album, 'Character,' entered the official national charts in Sweden at #3. The album landed at #1 on the Swedish metal charts. Previously, Dark Tranquillity had reached #47 on the Swedish single charts with their 'Lost to Apathy' EP. The band will embark on a tour of Europe with Kreator in February. Metal Update

  • GORGOROTH was unable to come to an agreement to continue with their former label, Season of Mist. Season of Mist will still handle the remastered reissue of Gorgoroth's classic albums, 'Pentagram,' 'Antichrist,' and 'Under the Sign of Hell,' in limited digipack format with guitar picks. Metal Update

  • SENTENCED is set to release their as-yet-untitled new record through Century Media in Europe at the end of May. Hiili Hiilesmaa produced the album, which was recorded mainly at Finnvox and Tonebox studios in Finland. Metal Update

  • NILE is recording their new album, entitled, 'Annihilation of the Wicked,' with Neil Kernon and Bob Moore. The disc is scheduled for a late spring release through Relapse Records. The band will begin a headlining tour of Europe in March with Dying Fetus and Necrophagist as support, then return to the States to begin touring with King Diamond, Behemoth, and The Black Dahlia Murder in April. Metal Update

  • DANZIG will begin a month long tour of the U.S. in February, in support of their current release, 'Circle of Snakes.' 'Black Aria II,' Glenn Danzig's follow up to 1993's 'Black Aria' which reached the #1 position on the Billboard classical chart, is expected to be released through Evilive in early summer. Metal Update

  • Talks of a DEFIANCE reunion show are being shelved. Instead, the band has decided to work on writing new material. They intend to enter the studio later this year. Metal Update

  • Dageth (a.k.a. Patrick Panter), vocalist, lead guitarist and main composer for U.S. black metal band BLOOD STAINED DUSK was killed in a car accident on Monday, January 24th. According to the band's statement, they had just released 'Continuance of Evil' on Black Flame Records and were about to begin recording their follow up, 'The Black Faith Inquisition.' Metal Update

  • WINDIR performed one last concert to bid farewell to the band's frontman and founder, Valfar, who died in January 2004. The concert took place on September 3, 2004, the day of what would have been Valfar's 26th birthday. A DVD of the concert is being released this February though Tabu Recordings. The DVD, entitled, 'SognaMetal,' will also contain live clips, backstage material, photo gallery, and an interview with Valfar from Norwegian national TV. Metal Update

  • The complete line up has been announced for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2005, taking place in Norway on March 24th - 26th. Bands scheduled to perform: Morbid Angel, Candlemass, Dissection, Amon Amarth, Arcturus, Gehenna, Lamented Souls, Aura Noir, Green Carnation, Mortiis, Grimfist, Grave, Chton, Vreid, Mantas, Bloodthorn, Seth, Sunn0))), Horricane, Zeenon, Tsjuder, Gorelord, Deceiver, Naer Mataron, Nebular Mystic, She Said Destroy, Obliteration, Taakefer, Slogstorm, Goatlord. Metal Update

  • SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER are currently in the recording studio to begin working on their yet unnamed first full length record, tentatively due on late spring. The track list counts 11 tracks, and some of the track names are "Unfertile Suggestions", "A Poetry", "Slavery", "Fuck-simile". A cover version of a Testament classic will also be recorded, to be included as a bonus track at the end of the album.

  • Prepare to rethink all that you know about Detroit Rock City, because Liquor and Poker Music has found the DIRTY AMERICANS and once again, your idea of what’s “cool” is about to be altered forever. Dirty Americans are the next band to be crowned the kings of Detroit “rock” once Liquor And Poker Music releases the band’s chopper and whisky-fueled debut album, Strange Generation, in 2005. The quartet came together in January of 2001 after the breakup of Myron (vocals), Jeff Piper (guitars) and Pete Bever’s (bass) original band. Determined to keep their musical journey going, Piper placed an ad on a Detroit website that said, “Drummer needed, big sound, no metal, someone to equal out this bizarre equation.” Within a few minutes of the post, aspiring rock drummer Jeremiah Pilbeam contacted Piper. A rehearsal was scheduled so the four members could meet and it was during that rehearsal when Myron, Bever and Piper knew they had found the missing puzzle piece. Ironically, the band’s name was also decided upon in that first rehearsal when Myron asked Pilbeam what kind of band he wanted to play in. Pilbeam’s response to that question was, “Just some dirty American rock band.” An understatement to say the least! In the summer of 2002, the band met with producer Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down and Saliva) in Memphis, Tennessee to discuss the recording of their first record. Ebersold had heard the rumblings the band was making in their hometown, and the producer and band immediately hit it off. All members of the group were confident that Ebersold could bring to life their vision of what rock ‘n’ roll is and should be. In early 2003, the band and Ebersold ran through over 50 songs the band had written to form what is now known as Strange Generation. The title track is a Motor City anthem that a band like the mighty Grand Funk Railroad would praise due to its amazing guitar work and Cheap Trick-esque backing vocals that proves this band is worthy of the crown mentioned earlier, and “Burn You Down” is really the best song Blue Öyster Cult never wrote. The release of Strange Generation in Europe last March by Roadrunner Records was praised by the press for its “…everything good about ‘70s rock” (Metal Hammer) sound. The success of the release allowed the band to share stages with Metallica, Monster Magnet, Brides Of Destruction and many others at the Download Festival in England and Motörhead, The Datsuns and Turbonegro at the Rock Im Park Festival in Germany. In between festival dates, the band played sold-out headlining gigs in clubs all across Europe. Japan, meanwhile, saw the band headlining a sold-out gig in Tokyo, while they played alongside The Darkness, Green Day and the MC5, to name just a few, at the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Tokyo. Back in Detroit, a limited edition EP was released with the help of the city’s number one rock radio station, 101.1 WRIF, and ultimately gained the band a bigger following in their home state. The band soon began playing almost non-stop in the Midwest with the likes of Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels, Silvertide, Seether and Brand New Sin. The release of Strange Generation in the States will finally complete the world domination this band has been working toward, and you will no doubt see this band opening a show and eventually headlining an arena near you soon. In the world of prefabricated and preconceived so-called rock bands which we now live, Dirty Americans truly possess the Easy Rider, raisin’ hell, alcohol fueled brand of rock ‘n’ roll that the legends of Detroit rock made famous and infamous in the glory days. Liquor and Poker Music will be releasing Strange Generation in a deluxe embossed Digipak that will take the cover art of the record to standards unheard of in the industry today. The music video for the title track, directed by Dale Resteghini (Fear Factory, Mudvayne , Shadows Fall), will be included on the CD and prove what bad-asses these guys are. The White Stripes and Kid Rock might have put Detroit Rock City back on the map, but it’s Dirty Americans that are gonna make damn sure it stays that way! Be a part of the Strange Generation when Liquor And Poker Music releases Strange Generation in the Spring of 2005. Kneel and bow now for the new kings of Detroit Rock City!

  • BLASTCORPS have finished their debut CD titled 'Gloryfied' The artwork is being finalized and the CD will be released around June. Aad (ex-Sinister, Houwitser and Infinited Hate) turns out something a bit different. I have not heard the final songs yet but I am told the overall sound is a mix of Dismember and Lock Up and extremely heavy sounding.

  • GORED have also finished their debut CD titled 'Incinerate The Vanquished'. Mastering time is being booked for Feb and the CD will be released in April. Brutal Texas Death Metal at it's best. Alot of you have been asking about it and at long last it is on the way.





    Epic Records has announced a March 1st release date for ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION, the long-awaited new album from metal legends Judas Priest. Talk about a highly anticipated release: this is the first new music in 15 years from the reunited lineup of vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis. Led by first single "Revolution," the perfectly paced album brings a revitalized energy to the spirit of vintage Priest.

    "Years from now, I really feel that this album is going to be viewed as an absolute classic metal masterpiece," says Tipton. "We're firing on all cylinders." "It almost seems like a brand new start for us," adds Downing. "We're back at full strength, having a lot of fun, and really looking forward to the future."

    Co-produced by Roy Z and Judas Priest, ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION follows the 2004 release of the band's acclaimed career-spanning boxed set Metalogy and their headline-grabbing stint on last summer's Ozzfest tour. Show after show, Priest took the stage and never gave it back, earning rave reviews from fans and press alike. The New York Times called their performance "immaculate," LA Weekly praised them as "the most entertaining and musically effective act in metal" and Rolling Stone said the band dominated Ozzfest. "The night truly belonged to Judas Priest," they wrote. "A fully leather-clad Rob Halford, reunited with the group after more than 12 years, appeared to enjoy the set more than even the most rabid fans."

    The influential quintet maintained momentum by returning to the studio and recording their first new album since 1990's Painkiller. "The decade that we were out of each other's company just seems to have vanished in smoke," says Halford. "When we got together to begin writing the new material, it was really a continuation of where we would have been had we made the next record after Painkiller. All the pieces were already in place."ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION will be issued in two configurations: the first is a dual-disc set featuring the full album and an action-packed DVD. The 30-minute disc amplifies the album with behind-the-scenes documentary footage and classic live tracks filmed last summer during two speaker-shattering shows in Spain. ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION will also be released as a limited edition double-disc set featuring the new tracks and a long-form DVD bundled in special hardcover packaging. The total running time of the DVD is 1 hour, 12 minutes, highlighting the seven live cuts and 40 minutes of documentary footage.

    With the first side of every DualDisc containing a full audio album, and the DVD side providing the same album in enhanced sound, along with such multimedia features as music videos, documentary footage, photo galleries, web links, and so on, DualDisc was created to bring the fan even closer to the creative artistic process. DualDisc will add an exciting new dimension to the consumer's musical experience.

    The track listing for ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION is as follows:
    "Judas Rising"
    "Deal With The Devil"
    "Worth Fighting For"
    "Wheels of Fire"
    "Loch Ness"

    The DVD track listing is:
    "Breaking The Law"
    "Diamonds and Rust"
    "Hellion/Electric Eye"
    "Touch of Evil"
    "Metal Gods"
    "Hell Bent For Leather"
    "Living After Midnight"

    Judas Priest is currently gearing up for a European tour that begins February 23rd in Copenhagen.

  • Displeased Records will rerelease CRYPTOPSY's debut 'Blasphemy made flesh' with its original cover and complete new artwork on CD. For the first time also available on LP! Both versions available from late March 2005. In related news, Jon Levasseur left the band. Read more here.

  • Both INCRIMINATED and THRONEUM delivered the material for the limited split 7", to be issued in early summer 2005 via FBP.

  • INFINITED HATE just finished the recording of their second album 'Heaven termination'. Recorded in Excess Studios, this new full length promises to be a maturation of the band's style presented on their raw debut.

  • Last week Deathstrike Records from Germany released a noble vinyl version of the NOCTURNAL 'Arrival of the carnivore' album, recently issued on CD via FBP. The killer gatefold, great poster and bonus track (Violent Force cover) really enlarges the album as a whole. Available from both Deathstrike and Displeased.

  • Having laid low for a long while, Polish grinders REINFECTION are back from the undead, and sent the recently recorded exclusive tracks for the limited 7" release for FBP, originally scheduled for a 2002 release. Finally out, later this year.

  • After many delays RESUSCITATOR finally were able to hand over the master of the upcoming 'A warrior's death' album. The result is astonishing, expect a whirlwind mix of later Immortal and recent Enthroned. It's that good. Out late April 2005.

  • With alternative cover artwork, FBP will present a limited vinyl version of the 'Tyranny returns' album of SARGEIST in late April, with a CD version out now on Moribund Records.

  • UTUK XUL is currently working on a European tour. More news will follow as soon as the dates are set.

    BAPH 126 (666616002625)

    A cryptic phenomenon of interstellar Black/Death Metal with elements of Doom, composed and transmitted by mere humans.

    Primordial and ferocious in its’ delivery and influenced by events over two billion years old.

    Fast, heavy old school metal mix with horrid and disgusting Black/Death Metal vocals for a scientifically sick album, not heard in centuries.

    Track listing

    3-Hydrodynamic Physics
    4-Infinity Express
    5-Deathstar Omega
    6-The Search For Where Life May Have Existed
    7-Interplanetary Space Physics and Climatology
    8-Ripples in Time
    9-Planets of Metal
    10-Extraterrestrial illusions

  • LAMB OF GOD is BANNED from performing at the Forum in Los Angeles!!!

    Lamb Of God is being forced to step aside from one of their arena concerts on the upcoming Subliminal Verses Tour with Slipknot, because of their name Lamb Of God and former moniker Burn The Priest. Metal Maniacs

  • GOD FORBID Embark On Their First Headlining US Tour; Commence Songwriting For New Album

    This March, GOD FORBID will begin their final round of touring in support of their critically acclaimed and highly successful Gone Forever album. The band will first serve as direct support to Soulfly for a string of East Coast dates, followed by a headlining stint in the U.K. Metal Maniacs

  • RESUSCITATOR are currently searching for a dedicated drummer. If anyone instersted enough to relocate to the Los Angeles, California area, help will be provided for individual. Serious candidates contact us at [email protected] for mp3s www.download.com/resuscitator

    Keep the black flame burning high!!!




    Vehemence would like to thank all the people that have submitted vocal try-outs and it is greatly appreciated! At this time we would like to announce that our new vocalist is Sean Vandegrift, former vocalist for From A Second Story Window on (Blackmarket Activities/ Metal Blade). We are excited as to what he will bring to Vehemence, and what the future holds in store.

    Catch Sean's debut with Vehemence on a U.S. tour with Crematorium, The Red Death, and Losa starting this April. We also have a west coast America run in March with Thine Eyes Bleed (The End Records), with temporary vocalist Bryan Edwards from Clifton www.cliftonrock.com, helping us out before Sean gets settled in. A complete list of tour dates will be up very soon so check back at www.vehemence.com to see when we'll be in your town. Confirmed dates for most of the upcoming tours are available on our tours & shows page.

    MARCH - *with temporary vocalist

    Psyopus / Vehemence / Red Tear Memory/ Kill The Last Hour / Job For A Cowboy

    2303 East Indian School Road. Phoenix, AZ 85016

    3/21/05 - 4/6/05 *with temporary vocalist
    More info on co/headliner: www.thineeyesbleed.com


    MON - 21 - EL PASO, TX - SURGES (w/Soma, His Shotgun Proposal)
    4100 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX 79903 (915) 566-4716 * pending

    5943 Delmonico Dr. Colorado Springs 80919

    9890 W. Girton Dr. Lakewood, CO 80227

    167 N. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524

    FRI - 25 - BOISE, ID - THE VENUE (w/TBA)
    523 Broad St. Boise, ID 83702

    SAT - 26 - SPOKANE, WA - THE B-SIDE (w/Pathos, Drawn and Quartered, After Eyes Are Gone)
    230 W. Riverside Ave. Spokane, WA 99201

    SUN - 27 - SEATTLE, WA - STUDIO SEVEN (w/Embalmed, Seven Percent Sleep Terror, After Eyes Are Gone) 6:30PM - All Ages
    110 South Horton St. Seattle, WA. 98134

    4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR. 97215

    100 Cargo Way @ Pier 96 San Francisco CA 94124


    120 Fifth St. @ Davis St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401

    1817 Chester Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93301

    683 South Main St. Corona, CA 92882

    1130 Buenos Ave. San Diego, CA 92110


    HOLLYWOOD (February 7, 2005) – GREAT WHITE is heading out on on a Canadian tour. GREAT WHITE will perform all of their hard-rockin' hits from multi-platinum albums "Once Bitten...," "...Twice Shy," "Hooked" and many others.

    Nominated for a Grammy in 1989, GREAT WHITE has sold over 8 million records worldwide, 2 top 40 hits and 13 top MTV videos. Their concert performance includes their popular songs ‘#1-Once Bitten-Twice Shy,’ ‘#2-The Angel Song’ and of course ‘Rock Me.’


    8-Mar Calgary Cowboy's Nightclub
    9-Mar Edmonton Union Hall
    10-Mar Grand Prarie B.J's Nightclub
    11-Mar FT. McMurray Cowboy's Nightclub
    15-Mar Saskatoon The Roxy
    16-Mar Regina The Pump Rhoadhouse
    18-Mar Winnepeg The Pyramid Night Club
    19-Mar Brandon Tails West

    All performances by GREAT WHITE will continue to benefit the Station Family Fund. Proceeds from their shows go to the fund to create further awareness and financial assistance to those touched by the Rhode Island tragedy. Proceeds go directly to The Station Family Fund. The funds raised will be controlled and administered by The Station Family Fund. www.stationfamilyfund.org.

    GREAT WHITE's line-up consists of original members Jack Russell (vocals), Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Tyler Nelson (guitar), Derrick Pontier (drums) and Scott Pounds (bass).



    Of Infinity, San Antonio, Texas’ premier female-fronted metal band, has released their new 3-song CD, “The Essence Of Infinity”, this Fall/Winter 2004/2005. Promotional packages are available to magazines, reviewers, webzines, radio stations, and other music industry and media professionals free of charge. CDs can be purchased by fans for $5.00 each. Sample song clips, images, and CD purchase/promo pack request info can be found at www.ofinfinity.com.

    The songs on the CD are infectious, powerful and melodious. The first song, “The Voice Without” (5:33) is a keyboard-driven attack that seizes listeners by the throat at the opening chords and does not care to slacken its hold. Nicknamed “The Wall O’ Sound”, the instant you play this song, it’s as if you’re being slammed into a wall, the music has that kind of awesome power to it. The second song, “Shadow Of A Lie” (6:37) is a remake with vocals of an older Of Infinity instrumental. It’s gorgeous, with epic violin intros and outros performed by Berklee College of Music educated violinist, Emily Hesterman. The last song, “It’s Only For Forever” (4:50), is bluesy and medieval-flavoured, with beautiful, delicate harmonized vocals. Many of the lyrics were done in collaboration with creative writer and John Steinbeck Award winner Paul Greulich. The production on the CD is top-quality. Producer Jonathon Shults interned in California under his uncle who has produced such bands as Megadeth amongst other major acts, and with his expertise, the mixing, mastering and recording on the CD is exceptional.

    The band has roots in Salt Lake City, Utah; Little Rock, Arkansas; and the tri-state NY/NJ/PA area but bases its operations out of Texas where they write, record, and play music that is as intense and beautiful as can be created. Described as heavy, gothic, doom, progressive, and melodic, and likened to such bands as Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Nightwish, and Theatre Of Tragedy, Of Infinity is appealing to fans of all styles of metal and hard rock. With an uncompromising drive, Of Infinity brings into being breathtaking metal.

    Band members include: Alessandra Zinicola; Vocals/Piano/Keyboards – Former Utah Opera & Symphony composer and Trinity College of London piano forte diploma holder, Nazareth Sando; Guitars – Former “Fallen Empire” guitarist opening for such bands as Danzig, Nile, and Morbid Angel, Kurtis Kyllo; Bass. – Former “Pinkeye” member and Carlos Teller; Drums – Former “St. Anne” and “April Death” drummer. Of Infinity has been an established metal band since 1999 with a sizeable loyal fan base as well as a collection of phenomenal music to reveal.


February 25th, 2005
  • VANITAS, Dark Metal from Austria, have recorded a video of the song „Endlosschleife” from our current CD “Lichtgestalten” (CCP Records, www.ccprecords.com). This video is available on our homepage http://www.vanitas.at


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records confirms March 8 as the US release date for Armageddons Evolution, the new album album from Poland's Crionics. It is the band's second widely distributed full-length recording from the death/black metal band.

    With recording duties split between Cracow Lynx and Hertz Studios (Decapitated), tracks for Armageddons Evolution were laid down during the summer of 2004. Near 60 minutes of newly penned blackened compositions, Crionics' sophomore recording is exactly the album they need to elevate them in the extreme metal stakes. Containing the band’s stellar remake of “The Loss and Curse of Reverence (hail Emperor!), the album is an impressive leap that will have both new and growing fans applaud.

    Formed in 1997, Crionics originally found release only in their native country. But the buzz would not be contained for long. Beyond the Blazing Horizon, the band’s first mini-recording was recorded in 2000. Shortly after release widespread touring, with the likes of Vader and Behemoth, among others, would keep the band active as their European profile began to grow. It would be in 2002 that the band, with writing in full swing for their debut, would find the interest of London-based Candlelight Records. Upon release Human Error: Ways to Self Destruction was hailed by England’s Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, and Poland’s Thrash ‘Em All, among others. Metal Bite said, “tight production, superior drumming and guitar work that could give Old Man's Child a hangover.” Metal Observer adds, “though I'm sure the best is yet to come, "Human Error..." has succeeded in establishing Crionics as a band worth keeping a eye on.”

    Track listing for Armageddons Evolution is: Arrival Of Non Parallel Aeons, Final Inversion, Armageddons Evolution, Chant Of Rebel Angels (intro), FFF (Freezing Fields Of Infinity), Xenomorphized Soul Devoured, Disconnected Minds, Celestial Interference, Black Manifest (The Sermon To The Masses), Dept 666 (bonus), The Loss & Curse Of Reverence (bonus).

    Visit the band's website at www.crionics.rockmetal.art.pl

  • Every so often a record comes along that is truly special. In the case of CHUCK SCHULDINER/Zero Tolerance, this record comes not only with a lot of emotions but one with much highly publicized baggage.

    Every December since 2001, the metal word remembers the passing of one of its favorite and most influential metal brothers, Chuck Schuldiner. His long battle with cancer was highly followed by fans, media and most immediately his beloved family who continue to hold vigil mourning his passion, creativity and life accomplishments. Well known at the time of his death, Chuck was working on the second album from his new band, Control Denied. The album became his main focus, spiritually allowing him to continue to pursue the love that served as his life-long muse. The album would never be completed with his untimely passing yet fans have continued to ask for recordings as it would serve to his final legacy.

    Europe released this special 2cd package as individual, full-priced recordings. While it is not a new recording and surely not of the quality that we all know Chuck would normally require of any material of his commercially released, it is an important recording that, while many may have differing opinions on, should be released.

    Chuck was a dear friend to many in this industry and some of us at Candlelight had the pleasure of working with him directly. We wish his family continued prayers and hope that you can save space in your upcoming issues to print kind words about Chuck and the legacy he left behind for all of us to enjoy.


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records confirms April 5 as the release date of the debut album from Debris Inc. The record is the first release through the new US arrangement between Rise Above Records and Candlelight, announced earlier this year.

    Debris Inc. is a new band featuring Saint Vitus alumni Dave Chandler with long-time Trouble bassist Ron Holzner. Outlaws who on occassion join in the drunken bedlam include Trouble’s Barry Stern, Eyehategod/Superjoint Ritual/Crowbar skinsman Jimmy Bower, and Goatsnake/Obsessed-famed Greg Rogers among others. The self-titled debut contains self-prescribed anthems for the depressed, the stoned, happy and angry punkers, metalheads and lazy scumbags alike. The album’s storming chant-a-long punk anthems, "Full Of Shit" and "You're The Reason I'm Medicated," are sure to be instant favorites whilst the the band’s raucous cover of Fear classic "I Love Living In The City" comes across sounding more akin to early ‘Flag on crack! The band is already extremely active, having toured the US with labelmates Orange Goblin, have made appearances at Templars of Doom, Emissions of the Monolith and Milwaukee Metal Festivals. The band recently collaborated with Los Angeles-based Crisis for a reworking of X’s “Nausea.”

    Rise Above Records was formed in 1989 by Cathedral/ex-Napalm Death vocalist Lee Dorrian. Since then, the label has released over 50 records from such notable bands as Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Grand Magus, Witchcraft, and more. Lee Dorrian says of the cooperation with Candlelight Records, "We are extremely excited about being part of the Candlelight family. The growth the company has achieved in the US over the last few years has really impressed us, purely from an observer's point of view, and when the opportunity came to do a deal we jumped at it."

    Track listing for Debris Inc. includes: Too Many Mushrooms On My Pizza, Fuckin’ Mess, Full of Shit (f.o.s.), The Old Man and His Bong, The Nightmare, You’re the Reason I’m Medicated, Dime-a-dozen, The Life and Times of Claude & Elmo, Shut Up, Nausea, Sickening Thud, Junkbak, I Feel Like Shit Again, Pain, The Ballad of Debris, I Love Living in the City, Manhattan Breakfast.

    Candlelight Records, with offices in Philadelphia and headquartered in London, is distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution; in Canada by PHD Canada; throughout the rest of the world by Plastichead Music Distribution.



    Philadelphia: The anticipation surrounding the upcoming February 8 release of Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, the new album from New Orleans-based Crowbar, is rising as US and European tour dates near their start. Fans flocked to Candlelight's recently launched US site on January 22 to download the album's first available MP3, for the song "Dead Sun." Since the launch, over 6500 downloads have been reported.

    Participating in Candlelight Record's first package tour for the US, Crowbar will tour for the first time in several years alongside labelmates Entombed, Pro-Pain and The Mighty Nimbus. The tour, announced in early December, includes stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and others. After the tour's February 28 conclusion, Crowbar will immediately fly to Europe where they will tour in support of Hatebreed. The band will have further headline shows around the continent before heading home to regroup for the next stateside run, expected in early summer.

    All Music Guide calls Crowbar “New Orleans' all-time greatest metal export.” Never one for compromise, the down-tuned metallic purveyors have consistently championed a sound, accredited by most to them, and expanded not only the accepted norm of what exactly ‘heavy” is but have throughout their career kept their music fresh, exciting and inspirational.

    Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, already being hailed by Metal Maniacs (cover story hitting newstands tomorrow), Terrorizer, Kerrang and more, is a sonic testimonial to the determination, spirit and sheer creativity of a band very much at a continuing upswing of musical output. Produced by Rex Brown (Pantera) and Warren Riker (Corrosion of Conformity, Down), it finds guitarist/vocalist Kirk Windstein, guitarist Steve Gibb, bassist Pat Bruders, and drummer Tommy Buckley (with additional performances from Rex Brown, Craig Nunenmacher, and Sid Montz) in top form and concludes a three-year silence. a video for album track "Dead Sun" was filmed in Miami during January and is set to be serviced to national and regional video outlets this week. The record impacts hard rock/college radio today, partnered with the debut from The Mighty Nimbus.

    Debuting in 1992 with the formidable Obedience Through Suffering, Crowbar immediately found audience for their slow, bellowing sounds. Originally noted as a cross-mix of Pantera and The Melvins, later dubbed sludge metal/core, Crowbar would pioneer the sound with Time Heals Nothing and Broken Glass. 1998’s Odd Fellows Rest saw the band’s line up change with former Acid Bath guitarist Sammy le Duet (now Goatwhore) and Eyehategod drummer Jimmy Bower stepping in (he also contributing to Down with Windstein, Corrossion of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan and Pantera’s Phillip Anselmo). The band signed to Candlelight Records worldwide in 2004.


  • Candlelight Records proudly announces the worldwide premiere of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" from MARDUK's soon to be released new album, Plague Angel. Candlelight Records will make the song available for download beginning 9am EST on Saturday, February 5. Bring your browser to the label's recently launched US site at http://www.candlelightrecordsusa.com/ to download the MP3. Additionally, Candlelight will make available "Wrath of Mine," the lead song from Kraft, the debut album from VREID (featuring former members of Windir), available for download.

    Its been over a decade since Marduk’s now infamous “Fuck Me Jesus” demo reared its blasphemous head. Despite death metal’s prevailing stature at the time, the recording found immediate worldwide acclaim for its innovative sound. Black metal would later rise to popularity and Marduk’s claim to royalty was instant. In 2005, their begotten legacy continues.

    Plague Angel, the ninth full-length recording from Swedish quartet, is a punishing and uncompromising effort that stands as another robust testimony from a classic and influential band. The band’s dominating power and aggression cascades through each and every track as their proclaimed and vitriolic deathmarch rages on. Recorded at Endarker Studios in Norrkoping, Sweden, Plague Angel is corrosive from start to finish. Chronicles of Chaos says, “Plague Angel ushers in a new era of songwriting maturity and misanthropic efficiency for the quartet.” Live4metal adds, “Plague Angel sees the band cocked and more than ready for action.. an album that is both challenging in its barbarity and deadly serious in its tone.”

    Pre-recording line-up changes finds Plague Angel with new blood, (re)introducing bassist Magnus Devo Andersson (who produced the album) and vocalist Mortuus to the ranks. Founder/guitarist Morgan Hakansson and drummer Fredrik Andersson round out the album’s personnel. A visual assault, in the form of the newly filmed video for album track "Throne of Rats," was directed by director Roger Johansson (The Haunted, In Flames, Hammerfall) and has already been described as "a morbid masterpiece." Derailed on their last several attempts to tour the US, Marduk are determined to crack the borders to enthrall stateside fans.

    Marduk's Plague Angel hits stores nationwide March 8.

    Every new band starts out with a hope, a goal and an expectation of great things to come. Partnering with their overall concept, musical vision and personal credence to their craft, they set out to cultivate a following and create a sound that all others will grow to like and respect. In the case of Norway’s Vreid so much of this initial groundwork lays in the band’s previous efforts - then the working nucleus of the much heralded band, Windir. With the tragic death of the band’s singer in 2004, the rest of the band regrouped and decided to herald on.

    In Kraft Vreid, Norwegian for “wrath,” have composed an impressive first offering that is sure to find acclaim far and wide. Upon its European release, Holland’s Vampire Magazine claimed, “an absolute fantastic album,” noting the recording’s diversity and sheer creativity; heavy, dark, aggressive and absolutely dominating Norwegian extreme/black metal. Constructed at Studio 1184 (bassist Hvall’s new studio) and mixed at Subsonic Society Studios (Dismember, Susperia, Red Harvest, Darkthrone), Kraft will appeal to fans of Enslaved, Emperor, Arcturus, Darkthrone and Immortal.

    Formed in 1994, Windir leave behind four incredible recordings, all recorded for Head Not Found Records. The band graced stages at Inferno, Quart and Hole in the Sky European Festivals plus an appearance (and now only US show) at Milwaukee’s Metal Fest. The band was set to record their fifth album and first to receive worldwide release via Candlelight/Tabu Records before Valfar’s untimely death.

    Vreid's Kraft is in stores now.


    Jon Levasseur's departure

    Greetings all Cryptopsy fans!

    Jon Levasseur here writing to officially announce my departure from Cryptopsy. It is something I strangely felt coming on since a year prior to my departure (August 2004) as my inspiration for such extreme music was growing thin. After 10 years in the band, I now wish to step back, lay low and explore other things in music. Who knows, maybe one day this new chapter in my life could turn out into something interesting!

    That being said, I want to say that I'm very proud of what Cryptopsy has accomplished as a band and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have broken through boundaries with some of the best musicians in the business. So to Flo Mounier, Eric Langlois, Lord Worm and Alex Auburn, it's been a great ride guys, full of memories. Thanx for everything and for putting up with me!!! I also wish extend thanx to the ex-members club: Steve Thibault, Mike DiSalvo, Miguel Roy, Martin Lacroix, Martin Fergusson, Dave Galea and to the 6th member for the past 6 years, Maurice Richard and all other people who have been involved in the bands success!

    Finally, I want to thank every Cryptopsy fan on the planet. Because of your undying support, the band is able to bring its music around the globe and it made me live so many great things and experiences. I got to play for fans in many places in the world, some places even beyond my own expectations. Hail to you all, thank you and do look forward to the next Cryptopsy album!

    Long life to Cryptopsy!

    Jon Levasseur