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February 25th, 2004
  • BOBFEST 2004

    The Metal Festival Bobfest 2004 will take place 5-7 March in Linkoping, Sweden. The gigs will be held in Cupolen, Folkets Park, Linkoping, Sweden.

    Participating bands are:
    Extol (technic thrash/death metal), Kekal (experimental black metal from Indonesia!), Harmony (melodic metal), Oratorio (melodic power metal), Antestor (atmospheric black metal), Shadows of Paragon (black metal), Benea Reach (hardcore), Tekla Knos (punk)

    Mainspeaker during the festival is Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (who has given Bobfest its name).

    For more info visit www.bobfest.org

  • The Italian metal act HIGHLORD is just finishing the recording of their fourth album entitled "Medusa´s Coil" at New Sin Studios , the new album will be released on May 04.

    "MEDUSA´S COIL" Tracklisting:
    1-Medusa's Coil
    2-Far from the light of God
    3-Dancing with Destiny
    4-Scarlet tears
    5-Where my hero lies
    7-Your story too
    8-The Hand of God
    9-Tough Boy (Japanese bonus track)
    10-Tough Boy - Karaoke version (Japanese bonus track)

  • From Beyond Productions will release BAZZAH's second full length album "Kingdom of the dead" this summer.

    Both the ultra rare debut full length (only 300 CD copies locally released in the late nineties) as well as the later recorded second full length (locally only released on limited cassette) will be issued as a lengthy CD in the summer of 2004, with artwork by the mighty Ereshkigal (see also Thornspawn, Inquisition and Surrender of Divinity)!

    Prepare for some slaughtering primitive destruction, along the lines of early Beherit, Blasphemy, Naked Whipper and Von!

  • WINDIR, the Norwegian band's vocalist, Terje "Valfar" Bakken, was found dead on January 17 as the result of hypothermia - Terje was on his way to the family cabin when he succumbed to cold weather and deep snow. Metal Update

  • Nick Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Lock Up) has parted ways with DIMMU BORGIR - the official statement from Dimmu is as follows: "Nicholas has been removed from the line up of Dimmu Borgir. A session drummer will be used in the future. Don't waste your time speculating why, we have already moved on. See you on the road very soon!" Metal Update

  • ENTOMBED bassist Jörgen Sandström (Grave, The Project Hate, Krux, Vicious Art) has
    left the band - his replacement is Nico Engelstrand (Terra Firma). Metal Update

  • Matt Thompson (King Diamond) will be playing drums on the new SINGLE BULLET THEORY disc - at the present time, it is unclear whether Matt will join SBT as a full-fledged member. Metal Update

  • Derron Bell has replaced POWER OF OMENS' original drummer Alex Arellano - original vocalist Chris Salinas has returned to the group - the band is currently writing new material. Metal Update

  • SHRINE OF SCARS bass player Mike Francis has returned to the fold. Metal Update

  • Drummer Tim DiDuro has replaced Phil Varone in SKID ROW. Metal Update

  • Jason "Gong" Jones has been selected by DROWNING POOL as their new singer. Metal Update

  • Black-sabbath.com reports that TONY IOMMI intends to release what's commonly known as the "Eighth Star Bootleg" - this material was recorded back in 1996 for what was then to be Tony Iommi's first official solo album - the recording features performances by: vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), keyboardist Don Airey (Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple) and drummer Dave Holland (Judas Priest). Metal Update

  • IRON MAIDEN's highly anticipated string of dates in New York City was plagued by misfortune: last Saturday's show was cut short after a fan threw a beer which landed on the soundboard and Tuesday's show was cancelled due to an error in the confirmation of the venue between the promoter and the venue. Metal Update


    Liquid 8 Records and Entertainment announces the release of Fear Factory's fifth studio album, Archetype. The album, featuring the evolved, unsuppressed and definitive Fear Factory sound, will be released on April 20, 2004.

    Formed in Los Angeles in 1990, Fear Factory was one of the first bands to fuse the loud, crushing intensity of death metal with the cold harshness of industrial electronics and samples, along with melodic choruses, producing a signature sonic palette that expresses a bleak view of modern, technology-driven society. The band has sold more than 1.2 million albums over its career, and Archetype represents a return to the band's signature sound, with songs that delve into the dark heart of modern living.

    Fans across the world are anticipating the arrival of this new album for 2004. As a Hard & Heavy magazine reporter who joined in a recent studio session, notes, "Fear Factory is back, more furious than ever. And that's the way we like it. Really."

    "When you look up the definition of the word, 'archetype,' it's the actual model from which everything else is copied," says Burton C. Bell, the band's lyricist and front man. "Fear Factory is that in my opinion, and Archetype is a defining moment for us. Listen to this record, and you'll know exactly where all these other bands came from."

    Michael Catain, CEO of Liquid 8 Records & Entertainment, is looking forward to the new release. "This album puts Fear Factory back on track. It's really true to the band's signature sound. We are behind this release 100 percent, with a number of creative promotions." The plans include extensive online outreach, concentrated radio promotion, and the creation of an enhanced CD with an animated video to excite retailers. Fans will also want to get multiple copies of the album, as they will better their chances of winning a golden ticket good for a backstage visit with the band.

    Fear Factory was recently in Vancouver, Canada, putting the final touches on Archetype, which features all-new songs by Bell and band mates Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers. Expect to see Fear Factory in February supporting Korn in Australia, their first tour since the completion of their new album. A US.tour will follow early spring.

    Metal Maniacs

  • Hard Rockers CLUTCH to Release New Record March 30, 2004 on DRT Entertainment

    New York, NY- Clutch will release a new record entitled Blast Tyrant on the newly formed DRT label on March 30, 2004. The new record is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2001 release, Pure Rock Fury. Clutch has been churning our beautifully constructed hard rock for over 11 years. Blast Tyrant is their 6th full length release to date.

    Lead singer, Neil Fallon explains how the record came together, "One of our approaches for Blast Tyrant was to keep in mind that less can be more. So, we tried to use a minimum of tracks, keeping a classic stereo image in mind. Most of the lyrics were written on the spot, which lends some thematic cohesion, namely, the adventures of one conscientious objector, 'Worm Drink' (a demon, of sorts), and the effects of his actions (both anecdotal and epic) while fleeing the guns of the Blast Tyrant's prize ship, 'The Swollen Goat.' That is not to say that the record is any sort of rock opera. More like a soundtrack without a movie."

    Clutch is an eclectic mix of musical styles that easily blend together to create a truly unique rock sound. From the genius craftsmanship of Led Zeppelin to the quirky Frank Zappa to the lyrical invention of Chuck D, Clutch is the total rock package.

    Blast Tyrant breaks new musical ground for Clutch. The songs alternate between compact form and elaborate instrumental sections. The CD is rhythm-driven and eccentric. It immediately rewards the listener with lyrical invention and musical power.

    Clutch has toured the world over. Most recently, they toured with System of a Down and the Deftones. The band will embark on a headline tour January 20- February 15. They'll be back on the road in March in support of their new release, Blast Tyrant.

    They're proud to continue their great tradition as one of the best live acts today. With the release of Blast Tyrant, Clutch will continue to hold its course. They will keep on pleasing their fans as they continue to attract new fans across the musical universe.

    The exclusive Clutch website is located at: www.pro-rock.com

    Track Listing:
    La Curandera, Mercury, Swollen Goat, Weather Maker's Delight, Worm Drink; Army of Bono, Ribonucleic Acid Freak Out, Ghost, The Regulator, Spleen Merchant, Cypress Grove, WYSIWYG, Promoter. Metal Maniacs

  • GORGUTS has been nominated for the Canadian Indie Music Awards 'Favourite Metal Artist/Group'

    Other nominees are:
    Protest the Hero

    Toronto, Ontario (January 21, 2004) - Independent recording artists will be honoured at the Canadian Independent Music Awards ("The Indies") on Wednesday, March 3, 9 p.m., at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto. The event, now in its fourth year, launches Canadian Music Week (CMW) festivities.

    Nominees are chosen by committees made-up of industry professionals from all areas of the Canadian music scene and this year the fans will decide on the winners by voting online for their favorite independent recording artist at www.cmw.net from January 26 to February 15. For a
    About Canadian Music Week

    Canadian Music Week is Canada's largest annual entertainment event dedicated to the expression and growth of the country's music, media and entertainment industries. Combining two information-intensive conferences; a cutting-edge trade exposition; five awards shows and the Canadian Music Week Festival, CMW spans over a four-day period from March 3 to March 6, 2004 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto attracting participants from across the globe. For more information, visit www.cmw.net.


  • Metal Maniacs

    Relapse Records has announced plans for the 'Contamination Tour 2004', a 14-city tour comprised completely of acts on the label's burgeoning roster. The two week jaunt is the first of several planned 2004 Relapse label tours and begins March 12th in Salt Lake City, UT, running through March 28th in San Francisco, CA.

    The tour will be headlined by the highly-touted Bay Area trio HIGH ON FIRE -- who will be debuting new material from the forthcoming follow up to their Relapse debut Surrounded By Thieves -- and recent Relapse signees ZEKE. HIGH ON FIRE and ZEKE will be joined on the tour by instrumental trio DYSRHYTHMIA. The tour will be joined at select points by new Relapse signing THE END and Boston-based trio 27 and will also include a stop at the 2004 Relapse Records SXSW showcase (March 18th in Austin, TX), where legendary noise rockers UNSANE will join the bill.

    HIGH ON FIRE and ZEKE with special guests
    March 12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Liquid Joe's
    March 13 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
    March 15 - Oklahoma City, OK - Green Door (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 16 - Austin, TX - Emo's (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 17 - Fort Worth, TX - Wreck Room (w/ Dysrhythmia, The End, 27)
    March 18 - Austin, TX - Emo's Annex (w/ High On Fire, Unsane, Dysrhythmia, The End, 27 as part of the Relapse SXSW showcase)
    March 19 - Houston, TX - Rudyard's (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 20 - San Antonio, TX - Sam's Burger Joint (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 21 - El Paso, TX - E9 Club (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 22 - Albuquerque, NM - Launch Pad (Dysrhythmia only)
    March 23 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 24 - tba (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 25 - Hollywood, CA - Troubadour (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 26 - San Diego, CA - Casbah (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 27 - Long Beach, CA - Alex's (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    March 28 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill (w/ Dysrhythmia)
    Metal Maniacs

  • KING’S X have just announced plans to headline a US tour in May. No dates or support acts have been confirmed yet. Check www.metalblade.com for dates as they are confirmed.

  • Metal Maniacs
  • Mix and mastering of the DISILLUSION debut album Back To Times Of Splendor are finally finished! The band is very satisfied with the complete work and surely convinced that it has been worth every minute of the past eight months. Even after this long time the band is blown away by the intense density and flow the album offers - a CD in widescreen and cinemascope! This album is a mixture of several Metal styles, combined in harmony in a perfect way.

    Metal Maniacs

  • From the GWAR camp: "Hey, kids. We finally have some new info for everyone out there eager to hear what's going on with your favorite scumdogs.

    First up, the upcoming GWAR tour. GWAR is scheduled to start touring in late April/early May and will be on the road for a month or two. No, we don't have any dates yet. Yes, they will be posted here first. No, whiney emails to me won't make them come to your city. YES! Harassing your local club's booking manager and giving them booking information for GWAR will help get them to your city! That is all I know for now.

    Second, lots of you have been asking about the GWAR "Rumble in Antarctica" figurines. Well, some of them have been reissued and they are now available on GWAR.net in the Rumble in Antarctica merchandise section! Also, the new Dave Brockie Experience CD Songs for the Wrong is also available online.

    Next, GWAR made it into the Washington Post! This article has a quick interview with Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie and was written on January 2, 2004, just before the 9:30 Club appearance.

    Finally, there is an eBay auction up of one of the GWAR Sims Snowboards that was featured on this site last year. It is a 2003-2004 series, 148cm "Beefcake the Mighty" model. It is one of a kind as it is the only one signed by the entire band. This includes: Balsac, Jizmak, Oderus, Flattus, Sleazy, Davis "Slavis" Bradley, Slave Matt Maguire and Slave Bob Gorman. The buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity from Slave Pit Inc. It retails for $350. You can find a few pictures of it at the auction page on eBay: GWAR - Autographed Snowboard Sims Sedition.
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  • THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Tour with Every Time I Die, AS I LAY DYING, and Scarlet

    3/19 - Maplewood, MN - Aldridge Arena
    3/23 - Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theatre
    3/25 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s
    3/27 - Toronto, ON - The Rocket
    3/29 - Montreal, QC - Salle L’x
    3/30 - Providence, RI - Lupo’s
    3/31 - New York, NY - The Knitting Factory
    4/01 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
    4/02 - Baltimore, MD - The Ottobar
    4/03 - Richmond, VA - Alley Katz
    4/04 - Charlotte, NC - The Casbah
    4/06 - St. Petersburg, FL - State Theatre
    4/07 - Orlando, FL - The Social
    4/15 - San Diego, CA - Soma
    4/17 - Petaluma, CA - Phoenix Theatre
    4/18 - San Francisco, CA - The Pound
    4/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Albee Square
    4/21 - Kansas City, MO - Rock Island
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  • WINDS has just completed the recordings of their upcoming album, The Imaginary Direction of Time, which is scheduled for a late April release! Recorded at Toproom and Fagerborg studios in Norway and mixed at The Factory in Vancouver, Winds proclaims this their darkest yet most elegant album to-date. The members, Carl August Tideman (Arcturus, Tritonus etc), Jan Axel Blomberg (Mayhem, Arcturus etc), Lars Eric Si and Andy Winter, proudly claimed this is the most complete and diverse album they have ever worked on, while Carl also added it features the most challenging guitarwork he has ever put on a record so far! Artwork for this highly anticipated release is provided by Travis Smith.

    01. What Is Beauty
    02. Sounds Like Desolation
    03. Theory Of Relativity
    04. Visions Of Perfection
    05. The Fireworks Of Genesis
    06. Under The Stars
    07. A Moment For Reflection
    08. Time Without End
    09. The Final End
    10. Beyond Fate
    11. Silence In Despair
    12. Infinity

  • Metal Maniacs
  • IMMOLATION - Bringing down the World DVD - The definite masters of pure , genuine and unhealthy death metal IMMOLATION are releasing their debut DVD on 27/01/04. IMMOLATION's DVD is a very fan orientated product gathering several shows in support of their successful 2002 album Unholy cult. It features a show filmed in Amsterdam in the huge place of the ROCK HEINEKEN music hall in front of 3000 people, filmed with 7 cameras.

    There's a lot of onstage footage so the viewer get to know how this armageddon gets conceived. 3 other bonus shows are included, more in a high quality sounding bootleg range: A raging gig in Paris where the audience goes totally beserk, songs from a show in Tilburg at the 013, and a very recent show filmed in Los Angeles at the Key Club where you can feel the crowd was definitely dedicated fans. IMMOLATION are really masters in a live situation, they own a particular groove that few bands have ever approached.

    Interviews and backstage stuff are joined as well. Essential for fans of this fresh and unique sounding pure death metal band.
    Metal Maniacs

  • VOID OF SILENCE Recording Third Opus - The new album Human Antithesis has been completed.

    Void of Silence has begun the recording sessions in the "Sick Lab' s Studios" in Rome (Italy).
    new singer Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial) will come in Italy to record the vocal parts in February 2004. Tracklist and cover preview soon revealed!

    Metal Maniacs

  • INFERNAL MAJESTY signs with Galy Records, new album due out April 6th, 2004 Canadian act Infernal Majesty the band who released 1987's cult classic None Shall Defy have set One Who Points to Death as the title of their upcoming new album, due out April 6th, 2004 through Galy Records.

    The CD, which was recorded by Sho at Profile Sound Studios in Vancouver, Canada and mastered by Pierre Remillard at Wild Studios in St-Zenon, Quebec, Canada, contains the following track listing:

    01. Death of Heaven
    02. Pestilential Eternity
    03. Angels and Acid
    04. Honey Tongue of Satan
    05. Hysterion Proteron
    06. Cathedral of Hate
    07. Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night
    08. One Who Points To Death

    One Who Points to Death is packed with old school thrash crunch and modern death metal intensity. Get ready for some infernal mayhem!

    Info: www.infernalmajesty.ca
    Metal Maniacs



    HOLLYWOOD (February 3, 2004) – Zakk Wylde graces the cover of Guitar Player Magazine’s March 2004 issue.

    This cover is not only a landmark issue for Guitar Player Magazine, but also a landmark for Zakk Wylde, both personally and professionally. “I have always wanted to be on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine since I was a kid,” explains Wylde. “Back in the day, they were the only guitar magazine. I saw all my heroes on the cover and I still own those magazines to this day. Guitar Player Magazine always has the real-deal serious players on the cover. It is an honor for me to be considered a player of the same caliber as my heroes.”

    The first cover, featuring Zakk Wylde, was designed by award-winning Pentagram Design. Guitar Player Magazine now touts a bold new look and appeal. “We needed to have the perfect cover for this transition. Zakk was the obvious choice for us,” states Michael Molenda, Editor and Chief of Guitar Player Magazine. “Zakk appeals to everyone. The youth love him for his style of music he plays and our core readers respect him for being the unbelievable technician that he is. He marries both sides perfectly.”


    IRVINGTON, N.J. – The initial lineup for March Metal Meltdown 6, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, March 12 and 13 at the Cricket Club in Irvington, N.J., has been announced.

    Bands confirmed for the show are: Testament, Symphony X, Vital Remains (w/ Glen Benton), MOD, Madball, Joey Belladonna, Macabre, Jon Oliva (of Savatage), October 31, Attacker, Raven, Nasty Savage, Black Dahlia Murder, Bloodstorm, Seven Witches, Stigmata, The End, Premonition of War, Gothic Knights, Twisted Tower Dire, Abazagorath, Thundercore, Bar Whore, Meth Sessions, Nuse, The Hixon, Trivium, Killingsworth, Laceration, Cirrhosis, Wind Wraith, Black Widow, Without End, The Apostacy, Kaos, and Cobalt. More acts will be announced shortly.

    There will be autograph sessions with select bands. March Metal Meltdown will also feature the Vendorville marketplace.

    March Metal Meltdown 6 is an all ages event. Alcohol will be served with proper ID. Re-entry is permitted and cameras are allowed.

    Tickets are $35 for a single day and $55 for a two-day pass. Tickets are on sale now through all Ticketmaster locations, ticketmaster.com, and charge by phone (201-507-8900 or 212-307-7171). Tickets are also available at Vintage Vinyl (Woodbridge, N.J.), Vyagra Music (Allentown, Penn.), Sound City (Bayonne, N.J.), and Music Connection (Elmwood park, N.J.).
    The Cricket Club is located at 415 16th Avenue in Irvington, N.J.


    is proud to announce their presence at

    METAL MELTDOWN FESTIVAL (Irvington - New Jersey - USA
    march 12-13, 2004) and at MINNEAPOLIS METAL MAYHEM FESTIVAL, april 24, 2004.

    After the great results of "Walk across fire", the big promotion in USa thanks to Skateboard Marketing ,the 37th place on the american charts, the first in Poland, the great reviews and interviews World wide, the recording session in Sweden at famous sunlight studios and the guests Jeff waters and Anders Lundemark, the band will be part of this great events in New Jersey and Minnesota. The bills of the shows are really cool. Testament, Symphony X, MOD, Joey Belladonna, John Oliva, Raven and more at Meltdown and Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Agent steel, Satyricon, Seven witches at Mayhem festival!

    here we want to explain our thanks to all of the fans who followed us in these years, all the guys who believed in us, the guys who went in Sweden where "walk across fire" born, In Belgium for the shows and in Canada for the promotion. Now the dream come true, and this is also thanks to you guys. You know who you are! thanks to everybody and see ya in New Jersey and Minnesota next march and april !

    p.s. the band is working over an American tour scheduled for April 2004. Soon the venus and all the confirmations.

    Blood for flory
    Merendine Atomiche


    LOS ANGELES - Feral House Books will release Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore, written by longtime extreme metal journalist Albert Mudrian, this autumn.

    Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore, which features an introduction by internationally respected DJ John Peel, conquers the lofty task of telling the two-decade-long history of this underground art form through interviews with some of the most esteemed names in these musical genres, from musicians to producers to label heads.

    "Many people don't understand the true origins of this music," said Mudrian. "Moreover, I think the secret histories of the bands involved are just as captivating as the revolutionary music they created."

    "This music was another step into outlaw territory beyond any aggressive music heard before," said John Peel. "I think death metal and grindcore was a return to a more extreme punk."
    For longtime followers, Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore will revisit critical moments in the genres' developments. For newer fans, the book will serve as an invaluable reference piece.

    "The enduring impact of death metal can been seen in much of today's heavier music," Mudrian said. "From metallic hardcore to even commercial nu metal, countless bands owe a sizable debt to the work of Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, and Carcass. It's time those groundbreaking influences were properly acknowledged."

    Feral House Books has published other definitive extreme music books such as American Hardcore and Lords of Chaos.


  • The debut CD release from SIC SEED, "Psychotic Bloodline" is now available directly from Sinternational. Featuring 9 tracks of professionally produced brutal metal, and a knock-out layout design by Bjoern at Killustrations, this release is sure to establish Sic Seed has a heavy contender on the brutal music scene. Check out a preview of the Sic Seed CD, download an mp3 track, and order online now with credit card, money order or cash for only $10.00 at www.sicseed.net.

February 18th, 2004
  • SCAVENGER from Ireland are the latest band from the ever-increasing and prosperous Irish metal scene. Their brand of Megadeth meets Maiden and Judas Priest styled Heavy Metal will be released very soon with a full promo capmaign to reach all ends of the metal earth.

    The album was recorded at FatDog Studios Duleek, Co. Meath Ireland and has been recently mixed and mastered by Stuart Anstis. The album will be entitled 'Madness to Our Method'.

    You can check out a full MP3 track 'Ethereal Journey' on the Sentinel Records website.

    Full Tracklisting:
    On The Outside
    Storm Warning
    Ethereal Journey
    Prisoner Of Time
    Unstoppable Motion
    Daydreams In Dystopia


  • CRASH MUSIC SET TO RELEASE PYREXIA "Cruelty Beyond Submission"

    PYREXIA is one of the forefathers of New York Death metal. Over 10 years ago PYREXIA exploded onto the underground Death Metal scene, attracting a strong cult of followers. Pioneers in brutality, with incredibly thought out and catchy songwriting ability as well as razor sharp musicianship, the band has time and time again reinvented ways to cause people to want to break neck bones. Cruelty Beyond Submission is a pure audio assault consisting of three new PYREXIA tracks, along with a collection of songs from the past three underground PYREXIA classics. This will be the metal album thats talked about all year, and no doubt sets the bar for 2004.

    Metal Maniacs


    ICED EARTH makes a stunning entry onto the Billboard charts this week as their new album THE GLORIOUS BURDEN debuts at #145 on the Top 200 Chart and captures the #4 spot on Billboard's Top Independent Albums Chart.

    The legends of U.S. metal are also making news around the globe, as the album debuts at #15 on the German charts, #24 in Austria, #30 in Finland and #77 in Switzerland.

    These strong first-week sales numbers come directly on the heels of some other very impressive action for the band. The album is also being embraced by metal radio, as proven by their rapid ascent to the #1 position on CMJ's Loud Rock chart and the print media action has been simply furious.

    ICED EARTH are gearing up for a full-scale North American tour beginning April 18th with support coming from Children Of Bodom. Confirmed dates appear below. Also keep an eye out for the ICED EARTH TV spots now running nationwide on Uranium and Headbangers Ball!

    with Children Of Bodom as support

    April 18 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
    April 19 - St. Louis, MO @ Pop's
    April 20 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
    April 21 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest
    April 23 - Detroit, MI @ Harpos
    April 24 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club
    April 25 - Cleveland, OH @ Odeon
    April 26 - Toronto, ON @ Government
    April 28 - Montreal, QC @ The Medley
    April 29 - New York, NY @ BB Kings
    April 30 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
    May 01 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
    May 02 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
    May 04 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
    May 05 - Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues
    May 07 - New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues
    May 08 - Houston, TX @ Engine Room
    May 09 - Austin, TX @ Backroom
    May 10 - Dallas, TX @ Deep Ellum Live
    May 12 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
    May 14 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
    May 15 - Seattle, WA @ Graceland
    May 17 - San Francisco, CA @ Avalon
    May 18 - Santa Ana, CA @ The Galaxy
    May 19 - Phoenix, AZ (venue tba)
    May 21 - Los Angeles, CA @ House Of Blues Metal Maniacs


    Relapse Records recording artists EXHUMED have announced their first tour of 2004 in support of their latest album Anatomy Is Destiny . EXHUMED will team up with CANNIBAL CORPSE and HYPOCRISY for a four week span beginning February 12th in Houston, TX. The tour is scheduled to conclude March 14th in Orlando, FL.

    Additionally, EXHUMED will be performing headlining shows previous to, and after the tour in addition to select headlining dates during the course of the tour. A full list of EXHUMED U.S. tour dates follows at the bottom of this message.

    *Shows are all ages unless otherwise noted.*
    2.5 Sacramento, CA The Distillery (w/Origin, Uphill Battle)
    2.6 Las Vegas, NV The Boston (w/ Origin, Uphill Battle)
    2.7 Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
    2.8 Amarillo, TX The Durango
    2.9 Oklahoma City,OK The Conservatory (w/ Exitium, Spinefed, Epicurean)
    2.10 Little Rock, AR - Downtown Music
    2.11 New Orleans, LA - Dixie Tavern
    2.12 Houston, TX - Engine Room
    2.13 Dallas, TX - Trees
    2.14 Austin, TX - The Back Room
    2.15 El Paso, TX Surges (Exhumed headlining show.)
    2.16 Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar
    2.17 Hollywood, CA - The Key Club
    2.18 Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Concert
    2.19 San Francisco, CA - Slim's
    2.21 Seattle, WA - Graceland
    2.23 Salt Lake City, UT - Bricks
    2.24 Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
    2.25 Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
    2.26 Sauget, IL - Pop's
    2.27 Milwaukee, WI - The Eagles Club
    2.28 Minneapolis, MN - Quest Club
    2.29 Chicago, IL - House of Blues
    3.1 Indianapolis, IN - Rehearsal Studios (w/ The End, Premonitions of War)
    3.2 Detroit, MI - I-Rock
    3.3 Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom
    3.4 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Laga
    3.5 Worcester, MA - Palladium
    3.6 Brooklyn, NY - L'Amour
    3.7 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
    3.8 Hagerstown, MD - Wilson Raritan
    3.9 W. Springfield, VA - Jaxx
    3.10 Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's
    3.11 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
    3.13 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room
    3.14 Orlando, FL - The Social
    3.18 Memphis, TN - Caravan (Exhumed headlining show.)
    3.19 Shreveport, LA - 516 Sound Stage (Exhumed headlining show.) Metal Maniacs


    Heaven Shall Burn now have officially signed with Century Media Records, now finally are all the rumours, going on the past few months, coming to an end. As you can imagine we are not really happy to loose one of our best and also one of our bestselling bands ;), but to prevent any new rumours from the beginning, we at Lifeforce and the guys in Heaven Shall Burn are still very close friends and their switch to Century Media won't change this.

    Century Media Records will release Antigone in Europe on April 26th. The initial pressing of the album will be a limited edition version with special packaging that includes two bonus cover tracks. More details on the release and an exact North American release date will be announced shortly. Additionally, the album will be available in South America via Brazil's Liberation Records and Lifeforce Records will taking care of the LP version, which will be also released on April 26th, as well as a future limited CDEP release for Heaven Shall Burn following later this year.

    Here is an official statement by the band:

    Marcus/vocals: "I am extremely excited to have signed to the label that is home to plenty of my favourite bands. 2004 promises to become a really challenging year for HSB. Full force ahead!!!"

    Maik/guitar: "I am very happy about the new deal with CM. It was a really important step forwards to take for us as a band, but even more important was to make it together with a partner who doesn't only understand how to promote and market HSB's music but who also has the ability and attitude to support the political and socio-critical dimension of the band. Furthermore, it means a lot to us that we didn't only find a good new home, but that will also manage to continue the co-operation with Lifeforce Records. There still won't be any compromises for the future with HSB! Everything that needs to be said will be said, and everything that needs to be done will be done! We are positively looking forward to 2004!"

    www.lifeforcerecords.com Metal Maniacs

  • JOACIM CANS, welknown singer of HammerFall, has signed a long term contract with Sanctuary Records. His first album entiteled Beyond The Gates features Matt Sinner (bass), Metal Mike Chlasciak (guitar), Stefan Elmgren (guitar) and Mark Zonder (drums). Please visit www.joacimcans.com for more info. Metal Maniacs


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records confirms Zyklon as support for Arch Enemy on their upcoming European tour. The dates, scheduled to begin February 17 in Cologne, Germany marks the band's first European tour in support of their current album, Aeon, and will follow their first trip to Japan as headliners for the nineth Extreme the Dojo festival.

    Zyklon guitarist Samoth says, "Needless to say we are very excited about Japan. We never even got to go there with Emperor so this is definitely a big highlight for us. And after several attempts we have finally finally confirmed a full European tour, and it's a good one too. Stampin' Ground will also be on the bill with us and Arch Enemy, so it should make a strong package, covering several aspects of metal.

    Formed from the ashes of Emperor, Zyklon released their debut World ov Worms in 2001 to worldwide critical acclaim. The Norwegian band, featuring guitarist Destructhor and bassist/vocalist Secthdamon (also of Myrkskog), with drummer Trym and guitarist Samoth, participated on the successful "Extreme Music for Extreme People" US tour featuring Morbid Angel, Deicide, Soilent Green and Exhumed. In early 2002, the band began work on their second album, Aeon. The album was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor) and mixed by Fredrik Nodstrom at Fredman Studios (In Flames, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy),

    Confirmed dates with Arch Enemy as of press time include:

    Feb. 17 - Cologne, GER - Live Music Hall
    Feb. 18 - Aalen/Stuttgart, GER - RockIt
    Feb. 19 - Munich, GER - New Backstage
    Feb. 21 - Vidia, ITA - Cesena
    Feb. 22 - Bergamo, ITA - Motion
    Feb. 24 - Barcelona, SPA - Razzmatazz II
    Feb. 25 - Madrid, SPA - Caracol
    Feb. 27 - Paris, FRA - Elysee Montmartre
    Feb. 28 - Hellendoorn, NETH - Lantaarrn
    Feb. 29 - Eindhoven, NETH - Effenaar
    Mar. 02 - Hamburg, GER - Logo
    Mar. 03 - Osnabruck, GER - Works
    Mar. 04 - Essen, GER - Zeche Carl
    Mar. 05 - Antwerpen, BEL - Hof Ter Loo Metal Maniacs

    Blut Aus Nord, Niya and Mithras also join worldwide family

    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records announces the addition of Norway's CADAVER and KHOLD to the label's growing worldwide roster. France's Blut Aus Nord, Poland's Niya and England's Mithras also join Candlelight, signalling the label's most aggressive artist acquisition period in its ten-plus year history. All are scheduled to release new albums in the coming months.

    Norway's CADAVER date to 1989. The now popular death metal band released their full-length debut Hallucinating Anxiety via Earache Records in 1990, followed by In Pains in 1992. Growing sales and interest, however, could not hold back the rising interest in black metal thus Cadaver would separate in 1993. Reformed (and renamed Cadaver Inc.) in 1999 by founding band member Neddo, the band completed their contract with Earache in 2001 releasing their third album, Discipline. The band would tour with Morbid Angel, Extreme Noise Terror and visit the US for the first time in support of the record, quickly regaining the interest and support they had in 1993. Signing with Candlelight, the band - currently featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with guitarist Neddo - drop Inc and prepare for the release of their fourth album, Necrosis. The album is confirmed for US release April 20.

    Formed in 2000, KHOLD come to Candlelight with already two previous albums recorded to their credit. Masterpiss of Pain and Phantom (Moonfog) both received high accolades via metal magazines and fans worldwide - no doubt initially inspired by interest from the members, including vocalist/guitarist Gard (Old Man's Child), drummer Sarke (Old Man's Child) and bassist Brandr (Red Harvest), other band associations. The band has been likened to an "updated Bathory or Darkthrone." The band are currently completing their label debut, with release expected in May.

    Candlelight Records, with offices in Philadelphia and headquartered in London, is distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution; in Canada by PHD Canada; throughout the rest of the world by Plastichead Music Distribution.

    www.khold.com Metal Maniacs

  • KATATONIA added to BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend!

    Was it just coincidence that the Swedes recently announced a dual disc compilation of older material, going under the name Brave Yester Days? Regardless, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine is pleased to add KATATONIA to the line-up of the second BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend, June 3-5, 2004, in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be an EXCLUSIVE, the band's ONLY American appearance, joining several others European outfits making the BW&BK show their only stop on this side of the Atlantic!

    On Thursday, June 3rd, a warm-up show, featuring the best metal talent in Northeast Ohio, will kick off the weekend (separate admission required). The BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend features 14 international acts, signings, giveaways & acoustic performances.

    Alongside Katatonia, the others confirmed acts are:

    On Saturday afternoon, there will be acoustic performances, including Ben Jackson (guitar) and Midnight (vocals) of the legendary CRIMSON GLORY, who will perform an acoustic set of their best-known classics. James Rivera & Jack Frost, from SEVEN WITCHES, will play an array of material, including songs by Helstar, Frost's solo effort and a few surprises. Still more bands to be announced, including headliner.

    Check the BW&BK website for more info, updates and hotels discounts. Metal Maniacs

  • PAUL NELSON to appear on Johnny Winter`s New CD

    Guitarist Paul Nelson(Liege Lord) has just completed laying down guitar tracks for Rock/Blues legend Johnny Winter's new release "I'm a Bluesman" a CD which he will appear on as both guitarist and songwriter including the title track. Nelson is now part of an elite group of guitarists to have recorded with the famed Texas guitar slinger one other among those being none other than Rick Derringer. Produced by Dick Shurman,.CD release in mid-May 2004 on Virgin Records America.


  • ENID new album ready to be released

    The new and fourth ENID album titled "Gradwanderer" will be released on code666 in the next months. this record is the band's very own and most evolutionary appearance, wrapping blues and swing influences, straight rock songs, epic folk ballads up in some independent, groovy (metallic) music, adorned by a sheer unbelievable spectrum of vocal variation.


  • VOID OF SILENCE Recording Third Opus

    The new album "Human Antithesis" has been completed. Void of Silence has begun the recording sessions in the "Sick Lab' s Studios" in Rome (Italy). new singer Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial) will come in Italy to record the vocal parts in February 2004. Tracklist and cover preview soon revealed!


  • CHRISTIAN RIVEL'S AUDIOVISION To Feature Some Of Hard Rock's Finest

    Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMAN, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Tony Franklin (ex-WHITESNAKE, BLUE MURDER, FIRM), Mats Levén (KRUX, AT VANCE, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) and Mic Michaeli (EUROPE) are among the special guests set to appear on the debut album from CHRISTIAN RIVEL'S AUDIOVISION, the new solo project from NARNIA frontman Christian Rivel.

    According to an official press release, the vision for the project is "to create good heavy metal with strong melodies and lots of harmony vocals like QUEEN & THE SWEET. Everything will be packed in a superb production by producer & guitarist Lars Chriss from LION'S SHARE," who has co-written most of the songs together with Christian Rivel.

    The first chance for anyone to hear AUDIOVISION will come with the release of the band's contribution to the Swedish tribute to THE SWEET titled "The Sweet According To Sweden". AUDIOVISION recorded the album's opening cut, "Love Is Like Oxygen", featuring a duet between Rivel and Jeff Scott Soto. The album is scheduled for release on February 9. (for more info. visit www.rivelrecords.com/sweettribute)

    The AUDIOVISION album will feature contributions from some of the best musicians in melodic hard rock and heavy metal. Confirmed guests include:
    Mic Michaeli (EUROPE)
    Lars Chriss (LION'S SHARE)
    Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE)
    Carl Johan Grimmark (NARNIA)
    Andreas Lindahl (PLATITUDE)
    Jörgen Schelander (MERCURY FANG)
    Michael Andersson (CLOUDSCAPE)

    More big names will be announced later this year at www.rivelrecords.com/audiovision

  • After 12 years on the throne of extreme black metal, MARDUK finally makes their first DVD. Including 2 hours high quality material. 2 video clips, 2 full concerts and more bonus material. Featuring some of the stronges live performances from the band ever.


    Live France, Paris, la Loco, April 9th 2003
    2.With Satan and Victorious Weapons
    5.World Funeral
    7.Bleached Bones
    8.Of Hells Fire
    9.Darkness it shall be
    10.Fistfucking Gods Planet

    Live Poland, Katowiche, April 5th 2003
    2.WIth Satan and Victorious Weapons
    5.World Funeral
    7.Bleached Bones
    8.Of Hells Fire
    9.Darkness it shall be
    10.Fistfucking Gods Planet

    Live Germany, Party San Festival, Bad Berka, August 7th 2003
    1.Jesus Christ Sodomized
    2.Baptism by Fire
    3.The Black
    4.Still Fucking Dead

    Video clips
    1.Hearse (recording April 2003)
    2.World Funeral (recorded April 2003)

  • "SOUL TAKER" the new album the seminal US Pioneers of True Metal, ATTACKER, is now available world-wide on IRON GLORY RECORDS!

  • Austrian metalcore grinders MASTIC SCUM have a new bass player, the founding member of french emo/noise band CHIVAN. In spring 2004 you can see this band together with NATRON (Italy) on their EUROPEAN TOUR 2004. for exact dates go to their website www.masticscum.com!

    20.02.2004 Skofia Loka - Pri Redi Ostrigi (Slovenia)
    21.02.2004 Klagenfurt - Point (Austria)
    23.02.2004 Vienna - Planet Music (Austria)
    27.02.2004 Istanbul - t.b.a. (Turkey)
    28.02.2004 Ankara - t.b.a. (Turkey)
    29.02.2004 Bursa - t.b.a. (Turkey)
    13.03.2004 Linz - Ann and Pat (Austria)
    26.03.2004 Leipzig - Kulturbundhaus (Germany)
    27.03.2004 t.b.a. (Germany)
    09.04.2004 Vienna - Arena (Austria)
    28.04.2004 t.b.a. (France)
    29.04.2004 Bordeaux - Farenheit (France)
    30.04.2004 La Ferriere - Mat'Sa Cafe' (France)
    01.05.2004 Lille - t.b.a. (France)
    02.05.2004 Paris - t.b.a. (France)
    03.05.2004 Mechelen - t.b.a. (Belgium)
    04.05.2004 Dinslaken - Kulturkantine (Germany)
    05.05.2004 t.b.a. (Germany)
    06.05.2004 Berlin - K17 (Germany)
    07.05.2004 t.b.a. (Austria)
    08.05.2004 Brescia - The Spew Fest (Italy)
    09.05.2004 t.b.a. (Italy)

  • Mastermind Andy has reinforced his army, DAMNABLE. And finally there is someone on the drums again! Radek is known through bands like SQUASH BOWELS, NEUROPATHIA & INCARNATED! Furthermore Andy started to play the guitar for DEAD INFECTION.

  • Chicago's MACABRE have been delivering tales of bizarre true crime for over fifteen years without ever having a single line up change. Brilliant musicianship combined with diverse songwriting and storytelling have established MACABRE as genuine originals.

    Each track on the new MURDER METAL CD will take you the listener on a historical journey, telling fiendish true tales of horror. The band are ready to hit the road, are about to release The MACABRE MINSTRELS (Macabre unplugged), posted a medley from the release on www.murdermetal.com and are offering their classic Zodiac merchandise design in longsleeves and hoodies directly to their mailing list and have a new message board to post on.


    January 2004
    29th HOLLAND Arnhem @ Goudvishal
    30th BELGIUM Vosselaar @ Biebob
    31st GERMANY Wermelskirchen @ AJZ Bahndamm

    February 2004
    1st HOLLAND Rotterdam @ Baroeg
    2nd GERMANY Hamburg @ Markthalle/Marx
    4th SWEDEN Stockholm @ Debaser
    5th FINLAND Mariehamn @ Pub Bastun
    6th SWEDEN Karlstad @ Metalclub
    7th SWEDEN Motala @ Folkets Park
    8th SWEDEN Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus
    10th GERMANY Berlin @ K17
    11th GERMANY Halle/Saale @ Rockstation
    12th GERMANY Aalen @ Rock-It
    13th AUSTRIA Vienna @ Arena
    15th CZECH REPUBLIC Prague @ Black Pes
    16th FRANCE Strasbourg @ Molodoi
    18th FRANCE Marseille @ Le Poste A Galene
    19th SWITZERLAND Basel @ Hirscheneck
    20th HOLLAND Weert @ Bosuil
    21st UNITED KINGDOM London @ Underworld
    22nd HOLLAND Tilburg @ 013 with Morbid Angel / Chimaira and others

    3/3/04 St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/4/04 Nashville, TN @ The 5 Spot w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/5/04 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/6/04 Pinellas Park, FL @ Sun N Steel Festival
    3/7/04 Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits w/ The End & Premonitions Of War ALL AGES
    3/8/04 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/9/04 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx w/ Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Exhumed & Vile
    3/10/04 Phil;adelphia, PA @ Balcony Bar w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/11/04 Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar w/ The End & Premonitions Of War
    3/12/04 Irvington, NJ @ March Metal Meltdown VI
    3/13/04 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft at Club Crannel w/ Premonitions Of War
    3/14/04 Brooklyn, NY @ L'amour w/ Premonitions Of War
    3/15/04 Boston, MA Monday Night Metal @ Bill's Bar w/ Premonitions Of War
    3/16/04 Hagarstown, MD @ Wilson Ruritan w/ Rune
    3/17/04 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre w/ Rune ALL AGES
    3/18/04 Detroit, MI @ IROC w/ Rune
    3/19/04 Indianapolis, IN @ Rehearsal Studios w/ Rune & Gates Of Slumber
    3/20/04 Chicago Heights, IL @ Oasis 160 w/ Rune, Midget Parade & Dread Locked
    ALL AGES only Chicago area show on the tour


February 13th, 2004
  • Denmark’s FORCE OF EVIL, Featuring Legendary Mercyful Fate Alumni, Releases Debut through Escapi Music

    In a time when the hard rock scene has become convoluted, confused and dull, it takes a true originator to re-hone rock’s edge. Enter legendary Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Shermann, who has pulled together some familiar friends to create the scorching powerhouse outfit FORCE OF EVIL. The band’s self-titled debut is being released through Escapi Music in coordination with Navarre Distribution.

    Having set the standard for menacing yet intricate heavy metal for over 20 years (Metallica openly cites Mercyful Fate as a major influence and even recorded a cover medley of their songs on 1998’s Garage, Inc.), Hank Shermann celebrates the crux of searing metal music on Force Of Evil. He elaborates, “Compared to my previous projects, this one is closest to my roots in Metal. This band stays very true to what I enjoy the most and what I feel I’m best at doing. It probably closely resembles Mercyful Fate in that it’s based in the same background and influences.”

    Couple that ideal with the reunion of Shermann with his Mercyful Fate partner-in-crime, the one-time retired Michael Denner, and a fire is destined to ignite. Shermann & Denner forged a metal paradigm with such classic albums as Melissa, Don’t Break The Oath, In The Shadows, Time, and Into The Unknown. Rounding out the FORCE OF EVIL lineup are drummer Bjarne Holm (who joined Mercyful Fate in 1995), bassist Hal Patino (who gained notoriety for his work on the King Diamond classics Them, Conspiracy, The Eye, as well as recent albums Abigail II & The Puppet Master), and vocalist Martin Steene (from the cult European metal act Ironfire). Shermann offers a bit of background, “The seeds for this band date back to 1999, when Mercyful Fate went on a little hiatus. Since King was so busy doing his solo thing, it was actually nice to put FORCE OF EVIL together. Where the Mercyful Fate band members are scattered across 5 different cities & countries, everyone in FORCE OF EVIL is based in one place, Copenhagen, Denmark. We can rehearse on a weekly basis, and communication is very easy.”

    The album, an eleven-track odyssey of pure metal fury, compiles a new chapter in the influential book of Hank Shermann. The songs erupt with archetypal twin guitar harmonies of Shermann/Denner, encompassed with raw riffing, piercing guitar solos in a climactic emotional maelstrom, accentuated with sinister and soul-searing vocals. The full tracklisting for Force Of Evil includes:

    Dawn of Dominion
    The Calling
    Hell On Earth
    Fountain of Grace
    Eye of the Storm
    Under the Blade
    Misery Man

    MP3s of “Hell On Earth”, “Eye Of The Storm” and “The Calling” are available for download at www.forceofevil.net

    But have no apprehensions of a one-off release, as Shermann is quick to point out, “FORCE OF EVIL is definitely a band, not a side project. We are all writing together a lot and we are planning a bunch of shows for the summer. We’ve already got a number of songs prepared for the next album! We’d like to get into the studio at the end of April and prepare to release the follow-up at the close of 2004.” The band played their debut performance at the 2003 inaugural BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend Festival in Cleveland, OH. In November 2003, the band performed their first European show in Stockholm, Sweden alongside doom metal pioneers Candlemass and Trouble. That performance was captured on film to be released on DVD this spring.

    With such an impressive resume behind him, Shermann could have had his pick of labels to release the debut, however, he chose to sign with the up-and-coming Escapi Music, a label primarily known for licensing, production and distributing DVD and VHS programming in such diverse categories as Documentaries, Children's programs, Music, Animation, Travel, Fashion and Sports. He explains, “We really like Escapi, because it’s a label not really known for CDs, so we became a major priority in a new field for them. We are actually the first CD release for the label, and they are working really hard to promote us.”

    So where does this leave Mercyful Fate, one might ask? According to Shermann, “If King calls this year to do another Mercyful Fate album, we’ll have to work around the FORCE OF EVIL schedule.”


  • IMMEMORIAL's confirmed tours and shows:
    (DIMENSION ZERO is the band of Jesper Strömblad the guitarist and main songwriter of IN FLAMES and of Jocke Göthburg the ex-MARDUK vocalist)
    14.02.04 D-Engelsdorf, Hellraiser
    15.02.04 D-Essen, Zeche Carl
    16.02.04 D-Hamburg, Markthalle
    17.02.04 D-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
    18.02.04 D-Münster/Breitefeld, Live Arena
    19.02.04 UK-London, The Underworld
    20.02.04 F-Nancy, Azimut 854
    21.02.04 NL-Arnheim, Goudvishal
    22.02.04 D-Aaalen, Rock It
    23.02.04 D-München, Garage
    24.02.04 CH-Pratteln, Konzertfabrik Z7
    25.02.04 I-Bergamo, Motion
    26.02.04 A-Innsbruck, Hafen
    IMMEMORIAL Slovak and Hungarian tour will be confirm soon

  • TANK news!

    Hi everybody, bad news for all of us:
    "Algy will be taken into hospital next month to remove a tumor from his head. He's been having problems with his hearing and getting headaches.The doctors only discovered the problem a couple of days ago. Obviously this means Tank will be unable to play the festivals in March. Algy is very upset about this because he feels he is letting everyone down. It's taken us the past 6 months to get on these festivals.We had our plane tickets and hotels booked. We were all really excited.

    Shit happens I guess. Hopefully Algy will make a full recovery soon and we can re-shedule some shows.
    We still have Sweden rock fest booked in June and we will also play some clubs. Also Wacken festival should be confirmed for August.

    I'll keep you informed on Algy's condition and Hopefully next time I will have good news for you. Cheers, Cliff Evans"
    Best regards, Oleg.

    Visit TANK 'This Means War' Website:

  • John Monte (M.O.D., Mindfunk, Dragpipe) has replaced longtime bassist Paul Barker in MINISTRY. Metal Update

  • Drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) has decided not to join STRATOVARIUS - the search for a permanent drummer is ongoing. Metal Update

  • VENOMOUS CONCEPT is anew supergroup that features bassist Shane Embury (Napalm Death), guitarist Buzz Osborne (Melvins, Fantomas), drummer Danny Herrera (Napalm Death) and vocalist Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) - the music is described as outlaw punk. Metal Update

  • ANNIHILATOR bassist Russ "The Woodsman" Bergquist has left the band for undisclosed personal reasons

  • Drummer John Longstreth (Origin, Skinless) will join EXHUMED for upcoming tours. Metal Update

  • In the wake of John Longstreth's departure from SKINLESS, drummer Bob "The Big Guns" Beaulac will return to the fold for some shows in March and some European touring. Metal Update

  • Guitarist Jaye Thompson (Defenestration) has replaced Tony Loughlin in RAGING SPEEDHORN. Metal Update

  • SINGLE BULLET THEORY drummer, John Sasso, has left the group. Metal Update

  • The new lineup for THROCULT is as follows: Ivan Alcala (v,g), Nick Jackson (g), Dave Borusch (b) & David Csicsely (d). Metal Update

  • Chuck White (Spirit Web, Winterkill, Michael Angelo) is ION VEIN's new drummer. Metal Update

  • CIRCLE OF FEAR has added Brian Keeley (Chopcore) as new guitarist. Metal Update

  • ICED EARTH "The Glorious Burden" debuted at #145 on The Billboard 200 chart and #4 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart. Metal Update

  • LACUNA COIL proved to be Century Media Records' most successful European band in the company's 13-year history with commercial radio play all over the USA and strong sales of "Comalies" - in light of the excellent support throughout the years and because of the good relations with the worldwide Century Family, Lacuna Coil will renew their record deal with the label. Metal Update

  • BBC new reports that former JUDAS PRIEST drummer David Holland has been found guilty of trying to rape a teenage boy who visited his home for drum lessons. Metal Update

  • Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Grip Inc., Fantomas) will be performing drums for the soundtrack to the upcoming re-make of the classic horror flick "Dawn Of The Dead". Metal Update

  • Dave Grohl, of PROBOT, recently informed the Metal Update that he will be hosting a future episode of Headbanger's Ball that will feature all old school metal - he further revealed that he will be joined by Eric Wagner (Trouble) and Wino (The Hidden Hand) to perform "My Tortured Soul" off of the Probot album - for more information, see this week's feature. Metal Update

February 1st, 2004

    Philadelphia: Peaceville Records today confirms March 9 as the US release date for the new album from England's My Dying Bride. Titled Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light, it is the band's eighth studio album.

    Recorded at Academy Studios under the always watchful eye of Mags, Songs of Darkness, Words of Light is already highly anticipated by US fans, following the band's return to doom form on 2001's The Dreadful Hours. The album recalls echoes of the band's crowning early 90's album, Like Gods Of The Sun, adding to it a light-and-shade writing process which has birthed possibly the six-piece band's most commercial song to date - the graceful "My Wine In Silence."

    Formed in 1990, My Dying Bride currently features vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe, guitarists Andrew Craighan and Hamish Glencross, bassist Ade Jackson, drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels and keyboardist Sarah Stanton. The band are regarded as one of doom metal's most prolific and notable bands. They have been acclaimed by Alternative Press, Rolling Stone, Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, Brave Words Bloody Knuckles, Guitar, Guitar World, Unrestrained, Metal Hammer and countless publications.

    Full track listing for Songs of Darkness, Words of Light includes "The Wreckage of My Flesh," "The Scarlet Garden," "Catherine Blake," "My Wine in Silence," "The Prize of Beauty," "Blue Lotus," "And My Fury Stands Ready," "A Doomed Lover." Album artwork is by Andy Green, who worked with the band for 1998's Like Gods of the Sun.

    My Dying Bride are currently completing work on their first video in nearly five years, for the album track "The Price of Beauty." Producer and conceptual details not available as of press time. Metal Maniacs


    Neurosis has just returned from Chicago where they completed the latest record with Steve Albini behind the controls. On January 2nd they played a show: Blood & Time, Steve Von Till, and Tribes of Neurot, followed by a listening event where the band played the newly-minted Neurosis album in its entirety.

    The yet-untitled album will be released in early summer 2004 on Relapse Europe and on Neurot Recordings worldwide. There will be an advance track on the upcoming Neurot Recordings compilation, which will be released with a bonus DVD.

    Metal Maniacs

  • GORGOROTH new homepage and DVD

    Gorgoroth have their brand new homepage up and running! Besides merchandise, a download section, the latest band news, a forum and a guestbook you'll find more universal band information and new pictures from every Gorgoroth member (taken by the approved Peter Beste!). This page will be updated regularly and it's definitely worth to behold! Check that hellish site at www.gorgoroth.orgThe guys are also preparing a live DVD which will be released next year. It'll be recorded in Poland / Krakow and you can look forward to an amazing live show, unique bonus material and interviews. "We have a big thing going on in Poland this month - DVD production, with lots of pyro, gallons of blood, live crucifixion, nude models used and abused in the name of Satan" says Infernus.

    More news regarding that matter can be found on the guys new homepage soon! Metal Maniacs

  • THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER update from Brian: "We are working hard to get everything together for touring this spring. Hopefully you will see us on the road as soon as February. We are planning on going out with Every Time I Die and As I Lay Dying in March. This will be a great tour for us. We will be exposed to a whole new crowd, hope they like us. We just got confirmed for the March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey, which we are excited about." www.theblackdahliamurder.com Metal Maniacs

  • SIX FEET UNDER recently got confirmed to play With Full Force 2004 as well as Summer Breeze and more festivals in Europe this summer (t.b.a.). SFU are also getting into the studio to record Graveyard Classics 2. The band intends to go to the studio recording in late April/early May for a fall release!

    In other news SFU will be heading out in a few weeks to headline the King’s of Roadkill tour starting January 30th, 2004. Other bands on the bill are Bile and Full Blown Chaos. http://sfu420.com/ Metal Maniacs

  • KING DIAMOND, after recently completing a full US tour with ENTOMBED, is mulling over the idea of releasing a full live CD from several shows that were recorded during the aforementioned outing.

    The band is currently in Sweden at guitarist Andy LaRocque's studio outside Gothenburg listening to the tracks and deciding what to use toward this possible live CD. Drummer Matt Thompson had this to say:

    "They sound great and a live album should be finished next year. We will tour Europe in 2004 if all goes as planned."

    The entire KING DIAMOND band minus its singer and namesake joined the Swedish KING DIAMOND tribute act KUNG DIAMANT (featuring members of TON OF BRICKS, RELEVANT FEW, SABOTAGE and others) for a couple of tunes during their set on Saturday, December 13 at Pianobaren in Trollhattan, Sweden. www.covenworldwide.org Metal Maniacs

  • BOLT THROWER are currently writing new material for their 8th (as yet untitled) studio album. They plan to go into the studio in May, and the album will be released around October/November on Metal Blade Records. The band plan to promote the release with a full European tour and hopefully their first US tour for 10 years! www.metalblade.com/bands/Bolt_Thrower/index2004.html Metal Maniacs

  • AMON AMARTH Update from Olavi: “Again we are back home from touring and again we would like to thank all bands and crew on the European X-mas festivals. The tour was really successful and it’s all thanks to you fans that showed up at the shows to support the tour. We couldn't ask for a better way to end this year of Versus The World touring. A big thanks as well goes out to all of the others that have been supporting the band during this year! It has been a hectic year and also a very rewarding one. Now we are going to rest for a week or so and then start to work on our next album. We are scheduled to enter Berno Studio in mid May. Be well and don't forget that beer gives you immortality, poetry-knowledge and wisdom.” www.amonamarth.com Metal Maniacs

  • THE CROWN update from the band: We’re back home again! The European tour went well. We had a blast. Considering that the posters for this tour (mysteriously?) never turned up, the shows were good anyway. I was glad to see how many people follow the tour dates on the website, thanx!!! One bad thing that happened on this tour was that we needed to cancel the Paris show. Well, WE didn’t cancel it, it was the local promoters decision, and so it was totally beyond our control. Definitely a shame, we were looking forward to Paris and to spend our day off there. But then again, TWO days off in Amsterdam was all good.

    Next on the schedule is starting the mix of the “new” Crowned in Terror album; we’ll start mixing the 2nd of January 2004. I’ll keep you posted on news about that. At this point we haven’t set any releases date for it.
    And we are working on new live dates as well. As always, as soon as the dates are confirmed you’ll see it on the LIVE http://w1.520.telia.com/~u52007308/live.htm page. The Party-San Festival got confirmed a few days ago, so one festival confirmed so far.

    Oh, one more thing. The shop is back online with both new and old designs. Take it easy folks! www.thecrownonline.com Metal Maniacs

  • CANNIBAL CORPSE is going to begin filming for their first music video off the highly anticipated follow up to Gore Obsessed, titled The Wretched Spawn in stores February 24, 2004. The video will be for the song Decency Defiled. Metal Maniacs

  • The versatile Canadian quintet CRYPTOPSY are proud to announce the return of their original vocalist, Lord Worm, to the lineup. These innovators of dynamic, technical extreme metal immediately raised the bar for all other bands in the genre with their first two albums, Blasphemy Made Flesh (1994) and None So Vile (1996), which established them as one of the most relentless and brutal forces on the planet. With the return of Lord Worm, the group's stellar decade-long career has come full circle, and the future looks very promising.

    The mighty Lord Worm checks in with the following comments regarding his much anticipated return; "Un mal pour un bien, I've heard it said, and those seven long years ago, unhappy though I was at leaving (for a private question of honor, not beer), it was none the less for the best. Now, we've come full circle and again a private question of honor finds me back in the fold. It is so and it cannot be otherwise. See you soon."CRYPTOPSY are currently writing material for their fifth studio album, which they’re planning to start recording in March at Wild Studio with producer Pierre Remillard. Expect nothing but their most uncompromising and unrelenting offering to date. www.cryptopsy.net Metal Maniacs

  • The New Jersey quintet GOD FORBID have just released a new low-priced EP entitled Better Days. The EP features the new track, "Better Days," from the group's highly anticipated new effort, Gone Forever, along with an exclusive new song only available on this disc. The set also contains a demo version of "Wicked," which appeared on 2001's breakthrough release Determination, and one song each from the Out of Misery and Reject The Sickness albums. Gone Forever, set for February 24th release, was recorded at Trax East Studios by Eric Rachel (Atreyu, A Life Once Lost) and mixed by acclaimed producer Colin Richardson (Chimaira, Fear Factory). www.godforbid.com Metal Maniacs

  • After an extremely busy and successful year SHADOWS FALL will now begin the songwriting process for their highly anticipated new album. Both guitarists, Jon Donias and Matt Bachand, went on to score the coveted top spot in the Best New Talent category in this month's Guitar World reader's poll. The blistering duo's work on "Destroyer of Senses" from the group's latest offering, The Art of Balance, was also named by Guitar One as one of the greatest riffs of the year. www.shadowsfall.com Metal Maniacs

  • After years of silence, THRONED is back with a new MCD.
    It's titled "...There where the moon rises" and contains four Black Metal chants.

    In 1994 a black-metal band, without an official name, is born, Throned is the singer and Armseel the drummer and they prepare tracks for 2 never published CDs due to the unexpected split of the group. For that reason Throned, in 1995, decides to found a solo-project, always with the collaboration of Armseel playing drums.

    We must wait until 1997 for the debut of Throned, with the first MCD "Watching the Lands of Purity", released by the label BTOD and featuring four tracks of black-metal with symphonic parts.

    In 1998 Throned records a new track called "Nemthorsted" for the compilation cd vol. VI of BTOD label, released the following year. And the kind of music is "pure Black Metal".

    Between 1995 and 1998, Throned writes other tracks that, for personal reasons, remain unreleased. Then subsequently completed and finally recorded in 2003 at the Twilight Studio. A new MCD is ready, it's called "...There Where the Moon rises" featuring four tracks of "pure black-metal". For this MCD Throned, always writer and composer of lyrics and music, collaborates with Equinoxe (Mystical Fullmoon) as drummer and Astraghon (The True Endless) as singer.