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August 26th, 2004

    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records announces the worldwide signing of New Orleans' Crowbar. The band's addition further strengthens the label's already formidable roster, including 1349, Zyklon, Khold and the home to Emperor and early Opeth catalog.

    Life's Blood For The Downtrodden, the band's label debut, is expected to see a February 8, 2005 stateside release date. Final studio work on the album produced by the working team of Warren Riker (Down) and Rex Brown (Pantera), is planned in Miami August 14-September 1. Upon completion it will be the band's first studio album in over three years.

    Founded in 1989, Crowbar from the onset found an immediate fanbase that today continues to grow. The band released their debut, Obedience Through Suffering, in 1992. The album would be followed a year later with the highly regarded, Phillip Anselmo-produced Crowbar. The album has sold over 100,000 copies to date. Additional albums, Broken Glass, Time Heals Nothing, Odd Fellows Rest, Equilibrium, and 2001's Sonic Excess in its Purest Form, would be supported by worldwide tours, both headline and in support of Pantera, Black Label Society, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost and others. Windstein with original bassist Todd Strange, in addition to Crowbar, served time in Down - the band project by Anselmo and Corrosion of Conformity's Pepper Keenan.

    Crowbar recently completed a 11-date European tour, including a performance at Germany's With Full Force Festival and Pressure Fest. The band currently features founder, vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, bassist Patrick Bruders, guitarist Steve Gibb and drummer Tommy Buckley.

  • The End Records is proud to announce the latest edition to the label:

    UNEXPECT, an original band rooted in the creative soils of Quebec. This metal laboratory uses many musical ingredients which correspond to the human shifting mood. Mixing elements of black, death, core and melodic metal ; classical, operatic, medieval, electro, ambient, psychotic, noise and circus music with a progressive edge and an occasional jazzy touch. With a crew composed of 7 different beings, the atmosphere sometimes takes a form of symphonic proportions by its sound diversity and arrangements. Their vocal performance range from an extreme to the other as they alternate between glorious choirs; inhuman screams of deep, high, mid-growl and delirious intensity; theatrical narrations; and clean/sober sections strewn with bewitching feminine singing pleasures.

    The ideas traveling in their art are related to the imagination and the inherent creative power of all human beings, subjective faraway fantasy tales, trancelike sensorial exploration, undercover denunciation of social aspects and subconscious realities. Soul-travel being one of the prime reason of music's existence; they give attention to the individuality and personality of each song, to better sail these multiple emotional states of ours. Different destinations breathing on the same vessel. A torrent of diverse feelings, UNEXPECT is a band that can't be classified with a generic label, but more of a musical feeling that will take you on a journey to new places.

    Metal Maniacs

  • METAL: A HEADBANGER'S HISTORY. The Story is About to Be Filmed

    The feature length documentary Metal: A Headbanger's History, to be released by Sanctuary Records in 2005, will begin filming July 30th in Oslo Norway. The film will take us on a global journey to understand the meaning of metal and its impact on society over the past 35 years. Interviews with musicians, fans, metal experts and detractors combined with rare stock footage will lead the viewer through the rich world of metal's exhilarating musical highs as well as its shocking controversial lows. This film will give us a unique insight into this often-misunderstood art form and will be seen as its definitive documentary for years to come.

    In the words of the film's writer/creator Sam Dunn, "Heavy metal is one of the most important cultural movements to emerge in last 40 years. I thought it was about time that someone gave metal the thoughtful, in-depth treatment it has long deserved.

    Banger Productions, the film's producers, are also putting out the call to metal's super-fans from around the world in hopes of featuring them in the film. They are inviting fans to contact them with pictures and emails telling them why they you should be the ones to be interviewed. They are also looking for information on metal concerts, DJ nights and underground record stores in the locations they will be filming.

    The filming schedule is as follows:
    Oslo, Norway - July 30-August 1
    Bergen, Norway - August 2-3
    Wacken Festival, Germany - August 4-8
    London, England - August 9-13
    Ottawa, Canada - August 18
    Montreal, Canada- August 19-21
    Toronto, Canada - September 6-10
    New York, USA - September 15-19
    Los Angeles California - September 20-25

    The production is also seeking unique and rare video footage of anything metal-related: (1) footage of significant metal concerts, (2) interview footage with metal's key artists, (3) landmark events in metal's history (censorship trials, riots, etc.), and (4) footage of
    metal fans congregating, or being interviewed, at various points in history -- from the early 70s to the present.

    All inquiries and contributions are welcome:
    Metal Maniacs


    Darkthrone, as a compact ensemble, has not graced a stage since 1996. With brand new album, Sardonic Wrath ready for next month's release, Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto will make a special appearance at Wacken this Saturday, joining Satyricon for an unprecedented half hour showcase of Darkthrone classics.

    "Four years in a row, Wacken has asked us to headline," comments Nocturno Culto. "And four years in a row, we have turned their request down. It would have been too much for me and Fenriz to get a whole band together for one gig. The joint show with Satyricon is a more accessible format so we finally accepted. Plus, Wacken is a good festival and well organized. This would be a great opportunity to perform to a large audience and spread hatred for the human kind, especially the religious ones."

    An alliance of titanic proportions for the genre, the Satyricon/ Darkthrone joint show at Wacken will be a historical event and the last of its kind. "Anyone who knows their black metal is aware of Darkthrone's policy of not playing live," comments Satyricon's driving force, Satyr. "They've decided to do this special event and asked us to be a part of it and that is, of course, a great honour. We're also glad that this historical event has the approval of Fenriz and Zephyrous. Bonds between Satyricon and Darkthrone have always been extremly tight and this is a great way of showing it."

    As to whether a show of such proportions could produce pressure, Nocturno Culto replied - "It's a mixed bag. The ideal thing for me would be to fly by helicopter just before I am due to go on stage and then press an eject button to get myself back on the same helicopter right after the gig." This, however, will not be the last live appearance by the guitarist / vocalist. "Even if Darkthrone are not actively playing live," conclude Nocturno Culto. "I will join another band or something in the future. We just have to see what happens."

    Satyricon will kick off Saturday's headline show on Saturday, 7th August at midnight.

    Darkthrone's new album, Sardonic Wrath is out on September 6th. Metal Maniacs


    Following a road trip of English and Scottish medieval castles last year with the Peaceville crew, the two members of Darkthrone - Nocturno Culto and Fenriz - expressed an ambition to expand Darkthrone operations outside of the usual 'album a year' format. With a keen musical ear and excellent positioning within the scene it seemed obvious that one way forward would be to launch their own designer label. Given that they don't have the time to run it on a day-to-day basis, the union with Peaceville was an obvious choice.

    So, here we are, the label is set up and a signing has been made - Norway's AURA NOIR!!

    Their label debut THE MERCILESS (CDTYRANT1) is a speedy head rush of old school thrash metal. The riffing will get under your skin and stay there.

    Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE has this to say about the label:

    "Tyrant Syndicate Productions is a result of a collaboration with Peaceville on the one hand and Fenriz and myself on the other. The general running of the label has fallen on me, mostly as I'm much more involved in technology than Fenriz, and besides, I want to do it. When the Peaceville people were interested in setting up a label for us, our mind began to circle around what to do with what can be called our extended music-related freedom, and we soon had a plan.

    We are aiming for exclusive releases only. We want high-credibility underground bands, both known and unknown. Time is working FOR US now, and we have all the time in the world. Tyrant Syndicate Prod. will prove to the metal community that we have the ability to release what is supreme metal. The first band we have signed is Aura Noir from Oslo, with their new album The Merciless. This masterpiece will be an indication on the quality-level we are aiming for, and therefore it's our responsibility to follow things up after this release. Since our releases go through the usually Peaceville channels, the result will be a high-quality, well-distributed product thatwill have great impact wherever you can get these products. And luckily, there are still loads of great metal-acts left in the world...."

    Nocturno Culto
    President, Tyrant Syndicate

    The label is currently in the process of setting up their own PO BOX for demo submissions. An announcement will be made in one month's time with the address. Metal Maniacs

  • HELL WITHIN (formerly known as Twytch) sign to LIFEFORCE RECORDS

    We are proud to announce with Hell Within the signing of one of the most talented metalcore outfits. The band signed a wordwide mulitiple album deal with Lifeforce Records. The first, yet untitled, album will be recorded in late fall 2004 to be released by spring 2005 through Lifeforce. To give you a first impression of how HELL WITHIN sounds like we have placed the track "swallow the stitches" on our website.

    BAND STATEMENT: "Hell Within is proud to join the Lifeforce Records family. We are excited to work with the very label that has assisted so many recognized bands that have gone on to great success globally. This is a huge opportunity for Hell Within and we're thrilled about getting our material around the world. We are looking forward to recording an aggressive album in the fall of 2004, with a release in early 2005 and tour to follow. Stay Metal!" - Hell Within

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    VMR have signed Finnish death/thrash band SPIRIT DISEASE. The deal is for the upcoming Redemption Denied MCD andcontains option for SPIRIT DISEASE's upcoming full-length album. SPIRIT DISEASE was formed in September 2002 but all its' members have over a decade of experience in metal music. Redemption Denied MCD will feature 6 original songs and cover of DEATH's classic "Evil Dead." The exact release date will be announced later.

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    Relapse Records recording artists HIGH ON FIRE will be joined by bassist Joe Preston (THRONES/ex-MELVINS) for their forthcoming U.S. tour. Preston replaces long time HIGH ON FIRE bassist George Rice, joining the power trio alongside guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike (ex-SLEEP) and drummer Des Kensel.

    Preston will make his live debut with HIGH ON FIRE when the band kicks off a two week U.S. tour beginning August 4th in San Diego, CA. The band will round out the 14 city trek on August 18th in Chicago, IL. Support on the tour will come from a host of up-and-coming acts including TOTIMOSHI, BONGZILLA and HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE.

    At the conclusion of the tour, HIGH ON FIRE will enter Electrical Audio Studios with engineer Steve Albini (NEUROSIS, JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION, NIRVANA) to record the follow up to 2002's heralded Surrounded by Thieves. The forthcoming HIGH ON FIRE album, tentatively titled, Blessed Black Wings is slated for a February, 2005 release date via Relapse. www.highonfire.net

    HIGH ON FIRE tour dates:

    August 4th San Diego, CA Casbah (w/ Totimoshi)
    August 5th Hollywood, CA Viper Room (w/ Totimoshi)
    August 6th Long Beach, CA Alex's (w/ Totimoshi)
    August 7th Phoenix, AZ Mason Jar (w/ Totimoshi, Hammers of Misfortune)
    August 8th Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
    August 9th Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
    August 11th Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
    August 12th Des Moines, IA Hairy Mary's (w/ Bongzilla)
    August 13th Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Social Club (w/ Bongzilla)
    August 14th Madison, WI High Noon Saloon (w/ Bongzilla)
    August 15th Milwaukee, WI Cactus Bar
    August 16th Iowa City, IA Gabe's Oasis (w/ Bongzilla)
    August 17th St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl (w/ Bongzilla)
    August 18th Chicago, IL Double Door
    September 5th San Francisco, CA Studio Z at 3 Days of Darkness Fest (alongside Graves at Sea, Cephalic Carnage, Khanate, High Tone Son of a Bitch, etc.)
    September 6th Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory
    Metal Maniacs

  • CHIMAIRA drummer Richard Evensand (Soilwork) has been replaced by Kevin Talley (Misery Index, Dying Fetus). Metal Update

  • Adam Jarvis (All Will Fall) has replaced Kevin Talley in MISERY INDEX. Metal Update

  • QUEENSRŸCHE will be performing "Operation: Mindcrime" in its entirety on the upcoming Fall/Winter tour - in addition, Queensrÿche plans to debut a portion of the music from the upcoming sequel studio album tentatively titled "Operation: Mindcrime II". Metal Update

  • Pit Magazine assistant editor Adam Sagan has been added to the INTO ETERNITY lineup as touring drummer. Metal Update

  • BRICK BATH has recently parted ways with bass player Pete Stone - Scott (Rock) Rockstead has been recruited as permanent replacement. Metal Update

  • Long time bassist Morty Black has parted ways with TNT to pursue other musical interests. Metal Update

  • Killjoy (Necrophagia, Enoch) has joined FORLIS and will handle vocals and lyrics from now on. Metal Update

  • DEATH DU JOUR releases debut album + mini tour

    Death metal quartet Death Du Jour from Turku, Finland has finished recording their debut album entitled Fragments of Perdition, a continuation for the already sold-out and even praised Gamashinoch minicd. This album is being released in September via Golden Lake Productions.

    For two full-length promo tracks and exact information concerning the album and other stuff you can visit the band’s official website at www.deathdujour.net.

    Death Du Jour also participates with Finnish Hateform to support two Swedish death metal acts Godhate and Insision in upcoming Deathkampen 2–minitour in Finland next October:

    Date City Venue
    19.10. Helsinki Semifinaali
    20.10. TBA TBA
    21.10. Joensuu Marks
    22.10. Imatra Woodoo
    23.10. Turku Bar Shadow

    For promo-requests, distribution etc. contact Golden Lake Productions at www.goldenlakeprods.co.uk.

  • STEEL ATTACK release their new album "Enslaved" in October 2004."Enslaved" was recorded at Black Lounge Studios and mastered by Peter In de Betou.

    Tracklisting :
    1-Gates Of Heaven
    2-Out Of The Flames
    4-Bless My Sins
    5-Immortal Hate
    6-Son Of A Thousand Souls
    9-When You Dream
    10-Afraid No More

    John Allan (guitar) talks about "Enslaved":

    The new Steel Attack album, should not be compared at all with the old albums, this is the best album that the band released so far. There are a lot that differ the sound from the previous ones. Like the sound of the new lead singer Ronny Hemlin who got a very wide range in his voice and sings with an attitude that let all words got the right touch to the sound that the members in the musical way brings on as well.

    The lyrics throughout the album are about religions in different angles and point of views mostly relating to the illogical sides and the ones with big question marks, such as-

    "No matter what evil deed you do, it is all right if you do it in the name of God"
    (that sucks).

    The songs through out the album should be taken to each listeners own point of view, when it comes to the lyrics its up to the listener to treat the content in his or hers own way of understanding and judgement of its content and meaning.

    So our point of view in the songs will not be told, as then the multiple point of view to each listener will be spoiled.

    See the songs as a mix of a very varied album, both fast and some slower parts; there are no ballads, since none of us got the music at this time for such kind of songs at this time in the new Steel Attacks sound

    "Enslaved" track available at www.steelattack.com

  • LACUNA COIL - Vampires & Zombies!

    Things are in full gear and won't slow down for a while! Italian conquerors LACUNA COIL are still on the road playing Ozzfest in the US with successful news from all over the place. From all bands playing Ozzfest, LACUNA COIL claim position 3 of the best-selling bands, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Comalies", LACUNA COIL's latest and most successful effort, cracked the 200 Billboard charts last week, 2 years after the release.

    But not enough with touring and cracking charts, LACUNA COIL will be featured on the upcoming PC game called "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines". The game will feature two full Century Media songs, namely LACUNA COIL's "Swamped" and TIAMAT's "Cain". The vampire role-playing game will be released by Activision by the end of 2004.

    LACUNA COIL will also be featured on the new "Resident Evil:Apocalypse" soundtrack.

    Tracklisting "RESIDENT EVIL: Apocalypse" (European version):
    In Stores: 11. October 2004
    1. Slipknot - Vermilion
    2. The Used - Just A Little
    3. The Cure - Us Or Them
    4. A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (Renholder Mix)*
    5. Lacuna Coil - Swamped
    6. Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
    7. Rammstein - Mein Teil*
    8. DevilDriver - Digging Up The Corpses*
    9. Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine*
    10. CKY - Escape From Hellview
    11. Deftones - The Chauffeur
    12. H.I.M. - Join Me In Death
    13. Nightwish - Nemo
    14. Thrice - Under A Killing Moon
    15. 36 Crazyfists - Bloodwork
    16. Cold - End Of The World (acoustic)*
    17. Rob Zombie - Girl On Fire (Resident Renholder Mix)*
    18. Massive Attack - Future Proof
    * Denotes previously unreleased

    Last but not least some words from the band to anybody out there:

    "Ehi everybody,
    Ozzfest is going great beyond all the expectations, we are having a lot of fun with the other bands and the audience is very responsive. We met a lot of people so far and it's amazing to go to the catering booth and to have lunch with icons such as Bill Ward! We would like to thank all the people who supported us so far, we feel your energy, without you all we are nothing. Come and meet us at the FYE and the Jägermeister booths after our set and during the off dates with Superjoint Ritual and Devildriver, jump on our website www.lacunacoil.it to know more!
    Keep on rockin' and see you on the road,


  • ROTTING CHRIST - New masterpiece "Sanctus Diavolos" out September 20th, 2004!

    Out of deepest darkness, ROTTING CHRIST can now proudly present their newest album masterpiece "Sanctus Diavolos", to be released September 20th, 2004. This legendary Greek outfit managed to evoke yet another jewel of extreme dark metal, raw and unpolished but nevertheless always epic and bombastic. Produced by ROTTING CHRIST's mastermind and band founder Sakis Tolis in SCA Studios in their hometown Athens and mixed by sound-technician extraordinaire Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Inflames, etc.) at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, "Sanctus Diavolos" will leave no fan of the band's unique crossover of Black / Death / Gothic Metal and industrial soundscapes unimpressed. The aggressive album's opening track "Visions Of A Blind Order" , featuring a special guest appearance on lead guitars by Greek guitar-hero Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind, Nightrage, etc.), paves the way onto a highly compact, yet varied whirlwind of emotions all throughout this new unholy opus. ROTTING CHRIST are scheduled to conquer European stages once more with an extensive tour in October, but in the meantime you can feel free to check out the band's "In Domine Sathana" DVD, recently released via Metal Mind Productions from Poland, which features a total of 190 min. in running time, spawning throughout ROTTING CHRIST's activities from 1996 to 2003. Fans of extreme Metal of all kinds: look out for "Sanctus Diavolos" hitting and darkening stores by September!!!

    ROTTING CHRIST - "Sanctus Diavolos" Track-Listing:
    1. Visions Of A Blind Order (3:46)
    2. Thy Wings Thy Horns Thy Sin (4:13)
    3. Athanati Este (5:40)
    4. Tyrannical (5:07)
    5. You My Cross (4:19)
    6. Sanctimonius (3:16)
    7. Serve In Heaven (3:55)
    8. Shades Of Evil (5:14)
    9. Doctrine (6:28)
    10. Sanctus Diavolos (6:41)

    Band Line-Up:
    Sakis - Guitars / Vocals / Keyboards
    Andreas - Bass
    Themis - Drums

    Selected Discography:
    Passage To Arcturo - CD 1991
    Thy Mighty Contract - CD 1993
    Non Serviam - CD 1995
    Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers - CD 1996
    A Dead Poem - CD 1997
    Der Perfekte Traum - CD-Single 1999
    Sleep Of The Angels - CD 1999
    Khronos - CD 2000
    Genesis - CD 2002
    In Domine Sathana - DVD 2003
    Sanctus Diavolos - CD 2004


  • It has taken a long time . September 27 will finally see the release of "Heimwege", EWIGHEIM's second album. And it's been worth the wait! On "Heimwege", EWIGHEIM show themselves more mature, yes, actually grown-up. Their new songs are more subtle and sophisticated-but without lacking the morbid humour, the taste for all things grotesque, which has become EWIGHEIM's trademark since their debut "Mord nicht ohne Grund."

    Yantit (EWIGHEIM): "All those who barely survived the wait for 'Heimwege' shall be rewarded with the most beautiful soundtrack to their death imaginable. Soon, you shall enjoy total grief laced with a pinch of hope and a generous splash of death, so, get those ropes now!" "Heimwege" will be available as normal jewel case CD and as a luxuary double CD with a four track bonus CD. These four tracks are completeley new tracks and none of them is on the standard jewel case version.

    1. Vorspiel
    2. Das Rad Der Käfer
    3. Der Tanz Der Motten
    4. Mondtier
    5. Leib Im Laub
    6. Humus Humanus
    7. Der Prophet
    8. Odem
    9. Heimweg


  • September 13 will see the release of ELEND's new album "Sunwar The Dead", the second part of a cycle of five albums started with "Winds Devouring Men."

    In contrast to the slow, relatively calm and intimist "Winds Devouring Men", "Sunwar the Dead" is a furious, dark and fast effort. Some of the tracks must be ranked as the most brutal ever composed by ELEND. On "Sunwar The Dead", ELEND are accompanied by a ensemble of more than 50 classically trained musicians and singers.

    1. Chaomphalos
    2. Ardour
    3. Sunwar The Dead
    4. Ares In Their Eyes
    5. The Hemlock Sea
    6. La terre n'aime pas le sang
    7. A Song Of Ashes
    8. Laceration
    9. Poliorketika
    10. Blood and Grey Skies Entwined
    11. Threnos

  • GREEN CARNATION are inviting their fans to a special treat with their beautiful box set: "The Trilogy" contains all three of GREEN CARNATION's albums on heavy vinyl and with luxurious gatefold covers in a deluxe box. Especially the covers to "Journey To The End Of The Night" and "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" finally show to their advantage in this format. We follow the Norwegians' musical voyage from their debut album "Journey To The End Of The Night" via the second release "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" to their most recent work, "A Blessing In Disguise". While "Journey To The End Of The Night" (on which Tchort was helped by Vibeke from Tristania and the Botteri twins from In The Woods .) was very much located in the Psychedelic Doom Metal area, "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" features a blending of heavy doom guitars, orchestral arrangements and Progressive Rock influences. Finally, "A Blessing In Disguise" reveals the melancholic Hard Rock side of GREEN CARNATION. In addition to these three albums, "The Trilogy" includes five previously unreleased acoustic versions of some tracks from the "A Blessing In Disguise" album. In Europe, this box set is limited to 333 hand-numbered copies.

August 23rd, 2004
  • OVEREXERTION ... Can you Handle The Truth?

    Controversial ... Raw .... Spiritual ... METAL Album Release

    July 28, 2004 - OverExertion is now available to hardcore metal listeners everywhere at www.overexertionmetal.com. OverExertion celebrated thier release by winning the Battle Of The Bands at Harpo's Concert Theatre in Detroit, MI.

    After opening for Gwar in 2002, OverExertion hit the studio to record their debut album, then produced the music video "Convert." The music covers issues that affect your life including anti-terrorist politics ("Corporate Fucs" and "Militant") and spiritual desperation ("Self Righteous" and "Downside"). OverExertion was nearly defeated when Jamie Guarino almost died of blood loss after being stabbed during a fight. He recovered and OverExertion continues to take metal to the next level combining such influences as Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine, Pantera, and Soulfly.

    OverExertion recently added lead guitarist Jim Hooper to the original lineup of: Josh Hooper (main vocals/guitarist), Jamie Guarino (drums/vocals), and Jeff Lewis (bass/vocals) to represent the true energy of their music.


  • CRISIS is hitting the road with SOULFLY and ILL NINO
    7/30 - Colorado Springs, CO - 32 Bleu
    7/31 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
    8/1 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Ritz Club
    8/3 - Boise, ID - Big Easy
    8/4 - Spokane, WA - Big Easy Concert House
    8/5 - Seattle, WA - Graceland
    8/6 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
    8/7 - Sacramento, CA - The Colonial Theatre
    8/8 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
    8/10 - San Diego, CA - Cane's Bar & Grill
    8/11 - W.Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
    8/12 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
    8/13 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
    8/15 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theater
    8/17 - El Paso, TX - Club Xcape
    8/18 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre
    8/19 - Moore, OK - Diamond Ballroom
    8/20 - Austin, TX - The Backroom
    8/21 - Corpus Christi, TX - The Pavilion
    8/22 - McAllen, TX - La Villa Real
    8/24 - Houston, TX - Meridian
    8/25 - Ft. Worth, TX -Ridglea Theatre
    8/26 - Springfield, MO - Rockwell
    8/27 - Kansas City, MO - Beaumont
    8/28 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
    8/29 - Urbana, IL - Canopy Club
    8/31 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Pieres
    9/2 - Minneapolis, MN - Quest Club
    9/3 - Milwaukee, WI - The Eagles Club
    9/4 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
    9/5 - Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Theatre
    9/8 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
    9/9 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
    9/10 - Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall
    9/11 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza (tba)
    9/12 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
    9/12 - Philadelphia, PA -Theatre of the Living Arts
    9/15 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre
    9/16 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
    9/17 - Slayerville, NJ - Starland Ballroom


  • AGE OF SILENCE has completed the production of their debut album "Acceleration" which will be released on The End Records on Sept 14th. The album was recorded in Norway at Toproom studio among others. The mix was done at The Factory in Canada by producer Andy Winter and mixing engineer Sheldon Zaharko, who has previously worked with artists like Marilyn Manson and Rob Halford. As the band features members of Winds, Mayhem, Solefald, etc. expect a superb album! Artwork on the album by Travis Smith.


  • LILITU has also just finished up their newest record “The Delores Lesion” This is the band's most elaborate release to date. According to the members: "Featuring lush strings, grand piano, female vocals, electronic bits, and a little something extra, has made this record exciting to record and mix. The guitars are more up front, and the leads are rocking. “The Delores Lesion” is catchier, great arrangements, and more expressive than anything we have released.”


  • The Carnival is coming...Our rising psychedelic prog sensation SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE are currently in the studio crafting the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut offering “Temporary Psychotic State”. The album, entitled “Suspended Animation Dreams” promise to top its successor with an even more grandiose orchestration and such diverse songwriting ranging from Jazz to trippy Psychedelic, Rock N Roll and edgy Post Metal annihilation.

    In addition, Subterranean Masquerade are featured on the new DEAD CAN DANCE tribute, out now on BLACK LOTUS / THE END RECORDS in N. America! Make sure to check out this almost 10 minutes epic tribute to “Summoning of the Muse”, other bands included are: Antimatter, Ulver, The Gathering among others

    And the press is raving:

    "Subterranean Masquerade is an enigma of progressive metal" Riftrock Magazine / 9.5

    " Subterranean Masquerade's first offering, TEMPORARY PSYCHOTIC STATE, is a 17-minute, two-track E.P., that will quite literally take you on a trip like you have never been on. Doom, prog, ambient, death, hard rock, atmospheric, psychedelic, Middle Eastern…I can't even think of all the genres that this little gem fits into!" Metal Rules Magazine / 4.8 out of 5


  • FRANTIC BLEEP is still working on they’re debut album, thing's been going a bit slow lately, but they hope to finish the album within the next couple of weeks. They have recorded the basic tracks and hope to finish all the instrumental tracks soon. The production so far is great and they're very enthusiastic about it! The vocals will take some more time to finish up, simply because they're working with a new singer, which has been working out great so far(more info to come). The album will definitely be worth the wait. Release date should be in October.



    First artist in burgeoning independent label’s history to enter famed album chart

    LOS ANGELES – After 92 weeks, Comalies, the acclaimed third album from Italian sextet Lacuna Coil – a group that Reuters news service recently declared to be “on the verge of a major breakthrough” – has cracked the Billboard 200, the magazine’s weekly tally of the country’s top-selling albums.

    Originally released on October 29, 2002, Comalies – which shattered the 100,000 sales mark two weeks ago – achieved its best weekly sales mark to date from July 19-25, logging 5,818 copies sold, according to SoundScan. The album – #194 on this week’s chart – has sold more than 17,000 copies in the last month alone, and marks the first-ever Billboard 200 appearance in the history of the group’s label, the Los Angeles-based independent Century Media Records.

    “It’s a testament to our philosophy of believing in a band and working them from the ground up,” says Phil Hinkle, Century Media’s director of A&R. “In an era where artist development seems to be an afterthought, it’s exciting to be a part of such a natural, organic success story.”

    In large part, Comalies’ robust sales can be attributed to Lacuna Coil’s Ozzfest performances. Of all second-stage acts, the group is being outsold by only Slipknot and Atreyu, both of which have released new albums within the last two months. In addition, current single “Swamped” is enjoying heavy commercial radio airplay nationwide – the track is #40 on this week’s R&R Active Rock chart – as well as steady video play on both MTV2 and Fuse. The song will be included on the soundtrack to the upcoming Sony Pictures film Resident Evil: Apocalypse and featured in the forthcoming Activision video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

    Aside from Ozzfest, Lacuna Coil will be playing select “off-fest” shows throughout August. That month, the group will also deliver three acoustic in-store performances at select Borders Music locations. A new album will surface in 2005.

    The flagship label of the Century Family, Century Media Records was founded in 1988. Its American branch opened three years later. With nine offices around the globe, the label employs more than 150 people worldwide. Featuring a rich catalog of such influential acts as Iced Earth, Opeth and Stuck Mojo, the label’s leading artists today also include Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Nevermore. Distributed domestically by Caroline, Century Media’s American branch has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Comalies is the label’s second release to cross the 100,000 sales mark; the other is Shadows Fall’s 2002 recording, The Art of Balance. That group’s new album, The War Within, will surface this September.



    Relapse Records recording artists BONGZILLA have announced their first tour of 2004 in support of their recently released album Apogee. BONGZILLA will team up with MONSTER MAGNET for a four week trek beginning September 9th in Hollywood, CA. The tour will be sponsored by long-running web portal StonerRock.com and is scheduled to conclude October 1st with additional dates pending.

    BONGZILLA Tour Dates:
    August 31 Chicago, IL Double Door
    September 1 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Cafe
    September 4 Portland, OR Dante's
    September 5 Seattle, WA Neumo's
    September 7 San Francisco, CA The Independent
    September 8 Corona, CA Showcase Theater (w/ Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index)

    U.S. Tour with MONSTER MAGNET: (EXCEPT as noted)
    September 9 West Hollywood, CA Troubadour
    September 10 Phoenix, AZ The Mason Jar
    September 12 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
    September 13 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
    September 14 St Louis, MO Mississippi Nights
    September 16 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
    September 17 New York, NY The Bowery Ballroom
    September 19 Philadelphia, PA North Star
    September 21 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
    September 22 Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights
    September 27 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
    September 29 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    September 30 Lancaster, PA Chameleon
    October 1 TBA
    October 2 Cincinnati, OH Sudsy Malone's (BONGZILLA only)

    Metal Maniacs

  • Iced Earth The Blessed And The Damned Career Retrospective Released July 27, 2004 by Century Media Records

    Century Media is proud to bring ICED EARTH fans the first-ever "Greatest Hits" collection from one of the scene's leading metal acts. This double CD compilation contains 23 tracks featuring over two hours of remastered material spanning the band's Century Media career. Russian fantasy artist Leo Hao (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth) has created an original piece of art allowing either angels or demons to gloriously grace the cover. The Blessed And The Damned contains a 20-page deluxe booklet that includes lyrics and extensive biographical liner notes by former Century Media publicist Loana dP Valencia. Detailed herein is an introduction to where Jon Shaffer and ICED EARTH are today by taking a look back at where they have been: Jon's early days beginning with Black Sabbath and Kiss records at age four, his decision to dedicate his life to music, his first guitar, his move to Tampa, Florida at age 16, the first incarnation of ICED EARTH and how they overcame obstacles, failures and successes. Each album is discussed in detail including what at the time was happening to the band and includes commentary from mastermind Jon Schaffer.

    "A musician's autobiography is his music - everything else is only a footnote. Throughout the course of nine albums and one EP, Jon Schaffer has offered us - his fans - interpretations of the truths in his own life. In this compilation, each song leads you through his understanding of his [Jon Schaffer's] struggles, disappointments, joys and his triumphs." - Loana dP Valencia taken from The Blessed And The Damned booklet. Metal Maniacs

  • IN FLAMES Rare United States performances approaching!

    Within every movement one band raises to spearhead the charge from obscurity to the glaring eye and fickle ear of the music-buying masses. Sometimes the transition is sudden, painful and unwanted. Other times the breakthrough results because of hard work, sheer determination, and the knack for writing music that connects with people from varying backgrounds and musical tastes. Gothenburg, Sweden's IN FLAMES have chosen the latter. Over the last ten years they have defined an entire movement, placing them at the forefront of the next revolution in heavy music. No band is closer to the verge of exploding and exposing the mainstream to a whole new sonic experience. Many albums have laid the groundwork to mainstream acceptance, and now IN FLAMES stand poised to blow the gates wide open.

    Soundtrack To Your Escape was the most excitingly anticipated IN FLAMES album to date. Another step ahead forward for IN FLAMES' musical careers; Anders, Jesper, Bjorn, Peter and Daniel never deny their roots and once again created thrilling metal in the right balance of melodic death origins and modern aggression. The logical continuation after Reroute To Remain, Soundtrack To Your Escape is immense, extreme and mind-blowing. The way metal today is supposed to sound!

    Now IN FLAMES are going to rock the United States with two rare coastal shows!

    September 26, 2004 - Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
    September 29, 2004 -C.B.G.B.- New York, NY

    No support bands
    2 Full sets!
    First set will be the whole new album, Soundtrack To Your Escape, released on April 6, 2004
    Second will be a set of the classics from all albums
    Special swag for the 2 shows
    Recording of both shows for future release, be a part of the creation! Metal Maniacs

  • KINETIC's full length CD “The Chains That Bind Us” will be finally out in late October and not in September as we firstly announced, from SLEASZYRIDER RECS (www.sleaszyrider.com). We’re on the mix point at the moment and hopefully everything will be ready in mid-September. We`ve already made a video-clip for “Never Ending Winter”, a song coming from our self-released mini-CD, which will be re-recorded for our full-length. This video will be included in the full-length. Also we made a Death Metal cover on the famous 80`s American Hard Rock band, FIREHOUSE, for a tribute-album called “FIREHOUSE-All They Wrote”, released on Sleaszyrider in Autumn-2004, licensed on Sony Music-U.S.A. We covered their “Helpless” song…in a rather KINETIC way…


    Philadelphia: Snapper Music today confirm September 14 as the US release date for the anticipated self-titled debut album from Blackfield. Featuring musician/producer Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli singer/songwriter Aviv Geffen, the album's stateside release will follow the already growing European pre-release buzz; European release set for August 23.

    A near two-year creative endeavor, Blackfield was recorded at various studios in both London and Tel Aviv, with final tracking at London's Abbey Road in October 2003. Featuring material written collaboratively and separately, the album brings together a unique ensemble of music, culture and exceptional talent. A video for the album's namesake first single was filmed on location in London and Copenhagen and was directed by Lasse Hoile, long-time designer for Porcupine Tree who also takes credit for Blackfield's haunting artwork.

    Drawn together by a mutual love for classic rock albums of the '60s and '70s, Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen have long admired each others' collective works. In 2000, Aviv invited Steven to perform alongside him for several concerts in Israel. They met again shortly thereafter in London and before long began collaboration on the very first Blackfield song.

    Steven Wilson, a multi-instrumentalist who taught himself both guitar and keyboard while still a teenager, is an accomplished and highly respected musician. Starting with his art rock trio No-Man, Wilson developed the initial foundation of the Porcupine Tree legacy in 1987. On the Sunday of Life, their first full and proper record, was released in 1992. It was followed by their UK live debut in late 1993. US fans would have to wait several more years to catch the quartet on stage, when a short US run culminated in a sold out performance at New York’s prestigious Bottom Line. In Absentia, the band's 2002 recording, is their first for Lava/Atlantic. To date it is the band's best selling album, with sales over 100,000. The band's next album is scheduled for worldwide release in early 2005. In addition to Porcupine Tree, Wilson is an accomplished producer. His most notable works include the last three recordings from Sweden's Opeth (Blackwater Park, Deliverance, Damnation) and a recent mix of Marillion's "Angelina" on the band's new UK single, "Don't Hurt Yourself."

    The son of esteemed Israeli poet Yehonatan Geffen and nephew of Moshe Dayan, Aviv Geffen is Israel’s most outspoken counter-culture rock musician. A highly successful solo artist with a string of gold albums in his native country, he is respected by David Bowie, Nick Cave, and Roger Waters among others and has found US media coverage within the pages of Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. It was at a peace rally in Tel Aviv on November 4, 1995 that then 22-year-old Geffen performed his popular ballad ‘I Cry for You’ in front of over 300,000 people. While congratulating Geffen, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was fatally wounded. It was a turning point for the musician whose already prolific and often controversial works have inspired the generational youth of his homeland. For Geffen, Blackfield is his first English-language recording project.

    Blackfield features guest musicians Gavin Harrison and Chris Maitland (current and former Porcupine Tree drummers), Yermi Kaplan and the Illusion String Quartet. Track listing for the album is confirmed as: Open Mind, Blackfield, Glow, Scars, Lullaby, Pain, Summer, Cloudy Now, The Hole in Me, Hello.

August 19th, 2004
  • The new Rhino Bucket video "She Rides" is now up on the band's website www.rhinobucket.com.

  • ACHERON "Decade Infernus 1988-1998" Out Now!

    Love em or Hate em, ACHERON has been a fixture within the underground for over 16 years. The band has released a number of well received Satanic Black/Death Metal albums on various independent labels, including RITES OF THE BLACK MASS, SATANIC VICTORY, LEX TALIONIS, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, THOSE WHO HAVE RISEN, COMPENDIUM DIABLERIE: (The Demo Days), XOMALY, TRIBUTE TO THE DEVIL'S MUSIC and the recent REBIRTH (Metamorphosing into Godhood). Even though the band has never received the recognition they deserve, they still have become a cult-like band in the worldwide underground and continue to thrive as a demonic musical entity.

    The problem with many of their past albums, are that most of the earlier material is out of print. But BLACK LOTUS RECORDS has fixed that problem by releasing a double-CD which will give new fans a chance to hear the band in its first 10 years of existence. This special limited (3000 Copies) release has 32 re-mastered songs (16 songs on each CD), which comes with a cool inlay booklet about the band and a special slipcase, with artwork by Timo Wuerz. A must for ACHERON fans old and New. The following is the song track listing.

    Decade Infernus 1988-1998

    DISC #1:

    1. THOU ART LORD (Rites of the Black Mass)
    2. GOD IS DEAD (Satanic Victory)
    4. BLESSED BY DAMNATION (Anti-god, Anti-christ)
    5. IMMORTAL SIGIL (Those Who Have Risen)
    6. LET US DEPART (Rites of the Black Mass)
    7. SATANIC EROTICA (Satanic Victory)
    8. ONE WITH DARKNESS (Alla Xul/Hail Victory)
    9. FUCK THE WAYS OF CHRIST (Anti-god, Anti-christ)
    10. LIFEFORCE (Those Who Have Risen)
    11. THE ENOCHIAN KEY (Rites of the Black Mass)
    12. SIX SIX SIX (Satanic Victory)
    13. ENTER THY COVEN (Lex Talionis)
    14. FINAL HARVEST (Those Who Have Risen)
    15. AVE SATANAS (Rites of the Black Mass)
    16. PRAYER OF HELL (Satanic Victory)

    DISC #2:

    1. OUT OF BODY (Those Who Have Risen)
    2. ALLA XUL (Alla Xul/Hail Victory)
    3. TO THEE WE CONFESS (Rites of the Black Mass)
    4. SHEHAMFORASH (Anti-god, Anti-christ)
    5. PURIFICATION DAY (Lex Talionis)
    6. HEKAL TIAMAT (Those Who Have Risen)
    7. SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Satanic Victory)
    8. CURSED NAZARENE (Rites of the Black Mass)
    9. NECROMANTEION COMMUNION (Those Who Have Risen)
    10. BAPTISM FOR DEVLYN ALEXANDRA (Anti-god, Anti-christ)
    11. LEGIONS OF HATRED (Lex Talionis)
    12. UNHOLY PRAISES (Satanic Victory)
    13. SUMMONING THE MASTER (Rites of the Black Mass)
    14. VOICES WITHIN (Lex Talionis)
    15. UNDEAD CELEBRATION (Those Who Have Risen)
    16. THE ENTITY (Lex Talionis)

    When asked about this release founder Vincent Crowley said "This band has been a like rollercoaster the past 16 years. We've dealt with situations both positive and negative. I've been able to work with a lot of talented people and put out music that I really enjoy playing.The fact is that I won't change a thing! You learn from your experiences. ACHERON was never created to be some mainstream musical band. It was invoked to make people think and to also piss the social norm off. I love the bad reactions as much as the good ones. It lets us know that we aren't being ignored. And with everything said, our die hard fans keep the Hell fires burning within this band. Not the "Metal Trendy" people, the fucking Underground! So "DECADE INFERNUS 1988-1998" is a re-mastered offering of some the first recordings ACHERON did back in the day. It is our way to continue to be a thorn in the side of all White Light religions and the Politically Correct!" You can check out the new album artwork at: www.Acheron666.com

  • PROCREATION gathered in 1989 with the intent of unleashing an all out assault on surrounding areas. The spree of violence continued well into the next decade with Procreation being laid to rest in 1993. Once the smoke cleared two legendary demo tapes were left behind. The first "Rebirth Into Evil" was recorded in 1990 with the "Coming Of Hate" demo following in 1991. Both were assembled at the Fiasco Brothers Studio in New Westminister BC.

    Procreation also took part in numerous live rituals throughout the Vancouver area with underground hordes including Blasphemy, Tumult, Armoros, Nuclear Assault, Anvil, and Forced Entry. Along the way the Procreation regiment saw several members leave the fold, but the band maintained a steady core throughout their struggle.

    The original line up (1989):

    Vocals: Jay "Hippieshredder" Schneider
    Guitar: Mike Death (Witches Hammer)
    Guitar: Carlo Coraza
    Bass: Jimi Martin
    Drums: Tom Komisarski
    The final line up (1993):
    Vocals: Jay "Hippieshredder" Schneider
    Guitar: Carlo Coraza
    Bass: Jimi Martin
    Drums: Johnny Prizmic (Witches Hammer)

    The LP contains both studio demos in their original form. To ensure a supremely violent listening experience nothing was altered from the original master recording. You've been warned!


    Soilent Green - First off, we would like to thank everyone that came out on Friday, June 18th for the benefit show in support of the late Scott Williams. Former Soilent Green bassist Scott Williams (a.k.a. James Scott Williams) was killed Monday, April 26, 2004, in an apparent murder-suicide. We would rather not get into the details and send our condolences out to his family and friends. Scott Williams played with Soilent Green for over 10 years and will be missed by many people. He was an excellent and loved individual as well as an incredible musician. May his words and music live on through Soilent Green, his Family and his Friends.

    The benefit show was a huge success and raised $2900 to help his family pay for funeral costs. These costs are very high and this only covers a quarter of them so if you would like to send any donations feel free to assist.

    Any donations to the Family of Scott Williams will be accepted and appreciated for funeral costs. You can send well concealed cash or a money order made Payable to

    Kim Webb (Scott's sister) to:
    SG Scott Williams Fund
    P.O. Box 5991
    Metairie, LA 70009-5991

    We know the big question is, "when are we putting out a new record?" All material is in solid and we are sorting out studio time and getting all the artwork into place. All information will be posted on www.soilentgreen.net when we have everything for you. It will see an early 2005 release date through Relapse Records. Album title, song listing and artwork will be released by the end of the year.

    We now have new Merchandise available from the newly formed Crash and Burn Cartel Merchandising Website. Click on the Merch link and it will take you straight to the website or type www.crashandburncartel.com into your web browser. Crash and Burn Cartel excepts PayPal and has many other items available besides Soilent Green merchandise. Crash and Burn Cartel also has the last few copies of the Soilent Green/EYEHATEGOD split seven inch record from Incision Records. Quantities are low (around a 100 left), so order now! www.soilentgreen.net

    Goatwhore - We would like to begin by thanking all of the people that came to audition for the drummer spot. We had many people come from all around the states and we appreciate you all taking time out to come here to show us what you all had to offer. We would like to announce the entrance of our new drummer Zack Simmons from Phoenix, Arizona. He has been here since the beginning of June and has played one show (Scott Williams Benefit show) with us since his arrival.

    Since our new drummer, Zack Simmons, is in place it would now mean plenty of touring. We have a very filled touring schedule "hopefully" coming to a town near you. First off, we will be heading out from July 23rd to August 17th with The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation and Watch Them Die. Then we will hit the road with the Deicide, Cattle Decaptiation and Diabolic from September 16th to October 12th leading into some dates with Napalm Death and Vader that will take us to our end of the year tour with Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Vader and Kataklysm in November. Please check the "tour" section of the site for a list of cities and venues.

    Other great news is the new signing of Goatwhore to the Metal Blade Records roster. We are all very excited about this and will be doing a new album with Metal Blade Records in mid 2005. This is a very big step for us and will surely open up new doors for us to expand.

    Let's keep the good news rolling, we also have Merchandise available from the new Crash and Burn Cartel Merchandising website. PayPal is taken at this site so no more waiting. Crash and Burn Cartel carries plenty of other items like the new Goatwhore and Epoch of Unlight split seven inch record. Now you can order a bulk of items and get it shipped in one batch. Just click the "merch" link and it will take you straight to the Crash and Burn Cartel website or you can do it the old school way and type in: www.crashandburncartel.com

    Rotten Records has released a vinyl gatefold version of The Eclipse of Ages Into Black. It is a limited release of 1000 copies(500 copies of the vinyl being black and 500 copies of them being clear red). To order go to www.rottenrecords.com for further details.

    Goatwhore has recorded the Celtic Frost cover "Into Crypts of Rays" for a split 7" with Epoch of Unlight (from Memphis, TN), who has covered Kreator's "Betrayer". It is now available through Bloated Goat Records www.bloatedgoatrecords.com. Go to the Bloated Goat Records website for a sample of both tracks.

    Upcoming Goatwhore shows:

    Deicide Tour with Cattle Decapitation and Diabolic:
    09/16/04 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
    09/17/04 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
    09/18/04 Fayetteville, NC Jesters Pub
    09/19/04 Baltimore, MD Thunderdome
    09/20/04 New York, NY B.B. King's Blues Club
    09/21/04 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero / Balcony Bar
    09/22/04 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
    09/23/04 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls Fun House/Theatre
    09/24/04 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's
    09/25/04 East Dubuque, IL Arena
    09/26/04 Minneapolis, MN Ascot Room @ Quest Club
    09/27/04 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
    09/29/04 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
    10/01/04 Seattle, WA Graceland
    10/02/04 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
    10/03/04 San Francisco, CA The Pound at Pier 96
    10/04/04 San Diego, CA 4th & B
    10/05/04 West Hollywood, CA House Of Blues
    10/06/04 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
    10/07/04 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
    10/08/04 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
    10/09/04 Oklahoma City, OK Bricktown Live
    10/10/04 San Antonio, TX The Sanctuary
    10/11/04 Corpus Christi, TX El Palacio Ballroom
    10/12/04 Houston, TX Fat Cat's (formerly Mary Jane's)

    Dates with Cattle Decapitation:
    10/13/04 Columbia, MO Mojo's
    10/14/04 Memphis, TN Hi Tone
    10/15/04 Springfield, MO The Rockwell
    10/16/04 Witchita, KS Double Vision
    10/21/04 Baltimore, MD The Sidebar
    10/22/04 Wilkes-Barre, PA Cafe Metropolis

    Dates with Napalm Death and Vader:
    10/23/04 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
    10/24/04 New York, NY B.B. King's Blues Club
    10/26/04 Fayetteville, NC Jester's Pub
    10/28/04 New Orleans, LA The Howlin' Wolf

    www.goatwhore.net Metal Maniacs


    The world premiere single from New Wave Of American Heavy Metal pioneers SHADOWS FALL is now online. "The Power of I & I" is the first single from their eagerly awaited new album, The War Within, out September 21, and can be found here. Celebrated by Alternative Press as, "One of the top five bands in metal today," SHADOWS FALL fans herein get their first chance to experience the band's new material and fans and websites are invited to post or link directly to this file. On September 21st The War Within will redirect the path that hard music takes in 2004 and lead the revolution going forward.

    "...the virtual forefathers of metal's new millennium." - METAL MANIACS
    Fans who have the chance to attend The Strhess Tour, which kicks-off tonight, will have a chance to hear this alongside other new material.

    Strhess Tour dates
    with As I Lay Dying, Himsa, and Remembering Never

    7/23 Rex Plex - Elizabeth, NJ* (Hellfest - Main Stage, 8:45 P.M.)
    7/24 Norva - Norfolk, VA
    7/26 Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL
    7/27 Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    7/28 State Theatre - St. Petersburg, FL
    7/29 House Of Blues - New Orleans, La
    7/30 Engine Room - Houston, TX
    7/31 Backroom - Austin, TX
    8/1 Jake's Ballroom - Lubbock, TX
    8/2 Bricktown Live - Oklahoma City, OK
    8/4 Club Xcape - El Paso, TX* W/ Hatebreed, Throwdown, Otep, God Forbid, As I Lay Dying
    8/5 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
    8/6 The Rock - Tucson, AZ
    8/8 House Of Blues - Anaheim, CA
    8/9 House Of Blues - Las Vegas, NY
    8/10 Mesa Theatre - Grand Junction, CO
    8/11 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
    8/12 Ranch Bowl - Omaha, NE
    8/13 Pig Pen - Clinton, IA
    8/14 Challenge Park - Joliet, IL
    8/15 Scene Pavilion - Cleveland, OH
    8/16 Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
    8/17 Headliners - Toledo, OH
    8/18 Forward Hall - Erie, PA
    8/19 The Lost - Syracuse, NY
    Metal Maniacs


    In early 2002, Dave Mustaine suffered a debilitating nerve injury to his arm (literally after sleeping on it the wrong way), bringing his career--and the nearly 20-year history of his band, MEGADETH--to a crashing halt. His prospects for playing guitar again uncertain, MUSTAINE retreated into seclusion, effectively ending the band and leaving behind a ten-album legacy as one of metal's most important, innovative, and intelligent acts. But the story did not end there, and it seemed undeniable that the long, colorful and dynamic history of such a relentless and groundbreaking act could be curtailed so abruptly.

    Now in 2004, The System Has Failed, the tenth studio album released under the MEGADETH banner, is set for release September 14 on Sanctuary Records. The forthcoming first single "Die Dead Enough"--set to arrive at radio on June 26--features a stalking rhythm and urgent riff alongside an infectious chorus and a taste of strings adding texture and depth. Look for MEGADETH--with returning drummer Nick Menza--to tour this fall in support of the album (dates TBA) as well as their soon-to-be-reissued catalog of platinum and gold albums (due July 27 on Capitol Records), which has been impressively remixed, remastered, restored--and in some cases reconstructed--by founder, singer, guitarist and primary songwriter Dave Mustaine to bring it as close to his original vision as possible.

    The System Has Failed is pure, unfiltered, uncompromising MEGADETH. The album is a virtual compendium of everything that made and continues to make MEGADETH one of the most unique entities ever in the history of heavy rock. From opener "Blackmail The Universe," with its classic, chugging riff, to the politically charged, turbulent "Kick The Chair," to the painfully personal "Truth Be Told," this is a record that could only be written by one person, with one singular worldview.

    MUSTAINE selected nearly a dozen songs from some 150 that he had compiled over the years, keeping them under wraps for the ideal opportunity. With members of MEGADETH's best-known lineup (which lasted from 1990's Rust In Peace to '97's Cryptic Writings) either unable to appear due to scheduling issues, or unwilling to meet the demands of MUSTAINE's vision for the record, the singer and guitarist cast away all preconceptions and recruited bassist Jimmie Sloas and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. Co-producing with Jeff Balding, who had engineered Cryptic Writings and 1999's Risk, MUSTAINE took an approach to recording that he found liberating. "I took a real casual pace with this album. We started out working about three hours a night, four days a week. I know this is such a cliche, but it was like being reborn. I don't have three other guys that I'm gonna disappoint if I don't listen to their stuff. I was in there calling the shots and it was a lot like when (the band's first two albums) Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! and Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? first came out. It was me making my music, I had guys in the band listening to me, and I was the boss."

    One amazing surprise for longtime MEGADETH fans would have to be the presence of original guitarist Chris Poland, who played on those first two albums and contributed lead work to nearly every cut on The System Has Failed. "It was so much fun having Chris come down and play," says MUSTAINE. "He's a great person and there's a reason why we took a fork in the road back then. When he came in and listened to this record, I didn't know what to expect from him. I didn't know if he was gonna listen and say, 'I'm not digging this,' or whatever, because he's all into his jazz-fusion stuff. But he gave me a really great compliment, because he said somewhere, 'some of you guys are gonna have to break out your slide rulers, because this is definitely Rust In Peace-type music.'"

    1990's Rust In Peace, MEGADETH's fourth album and possibly most successful after '92's Countdown To Extinction (which charted at Number Two on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart), is held by many fans as the gold standard against which all MEGADETH releases are judged, for its heaviness, intricacy, and tunefulness. "Everybody's wanted me to make Rust In Peace 2, and I don't think I did," says MUSTAINE with his usual candor. "But I think what I did was make an album that was a natural progression from Rust in Peace."

    That progress is evident on The System Has Failed. "Back In The Day" delves into one of MUSTAINE's many influences, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, with its galloping guitar work and frenetic tempo. Album closer "My Kingdom Come," meanwhile, sounds like no other band out there. Its doom-laden, sinister beginning gives way to another vintage, crunchy MEGADETH riff, before descending into a haunting, almost Eastern finale. Lyrically, MUSTAINE is back with some of his sharpest political and social commentary yet, cooking up a nightmare nuclear crisis in "Blackmail The Universe," tackling criminal justice in "Kick The Chair," and painting a picture of ticking international tensions in "The Scorpion." It's MUSTAINE at his songwriting best, making electrifying, incisive new metal while refusing to stick to any single formula.

    "I think that I've been able to transcend some of the pigeonholing that takes place with a hard rock band," agrees the maestro. "The head of my record company said something to me that really lit a fire under my butt. He said, 'Back when you wrote Rust In Peace, you owned heavy metal. That flag was yours. It's time for you to go back and claim that flag.' I'm excited that there really isn't anything out there that I believe can compete with this record. I think I really have a chance of making a statement."

    That statement will be heard around the world on September 14, when The System Has Failed arrives in stores, and after that, when MUSTAINE takes MEGADETH out on the road for the first time in three years. Fans can expect some surprises as well in the touring lineup. "I can't wait to play again and have it be about fun," says MUSTAINE. "Towards the end, the music became a lot about formula. It became so predictable. I'm looking forward to things being unpredictable, and things being fun and just going for it." The system may have indeed failed, but Dave MUSTAINE and MEGADETH is alive and well and firing on all cylinders.

    Metal Maniacs


    Oakland, CA metal crushers, Machine Head announced they will be co-headlining this year's installment of The Road Rage tour with Chimaira. The summer tour sponsored by Roadrunner Records is a traveling metal extravaganza for some of the label's heaviest acts. This year will include new signees to the label, Canada's, 3 Inches Of Blood and Orlando's Trivium. Machine Head, who recently released their fifth studio album Through The Ashes Of Empires have just returned from a European jaunt. While there the group enjoyed a headlining slot at the UK Download Festival, where they played as direct support to Slipknot, Korn and Metallica. While in Europe the legendary group composed of Robert Flynn (vocals, guitar), Dave McClain (drums), Adam Duce (bass), and Phil Demmel (guitar) shared main stages on the prestigious Rock Am Ring/Rock Am Park festivals as direct support to groups including Evanescence, Iggy Pop and The Stooges and Linkin Park.

    The group's latest album, Through the Ashes of Empires has been hailed by fans and critics alike as an explosive and inspirational call to arms, while earning diverse praise from fellow artists such as labelmate Corey of Slipknot and Lost Prophets. Early Machine Head albums like Burn My Eyes (which sold over 500,000 copies worldwide) became cornerstones in metal for its reinvigoration of hoary thrash cliches into a fiercely combative modern form. While the band has brought these elements front and center in the new album, also imbued are more expansive instrumental sections and soaring melancholy vocal harmonies. Recent features in Outburn, Metal Maniacs, Metal Edge, Guitar World as well a glowing 4 star review from Revolver Magazine proclaiming, "Machine Head blend the evil groove of Sabbath, the ferocity of Pantera, and the dynamics of Eighties Metallica into a singularly vicious vision," only add to the spreading enthusiasm for the band.

    The group cut an initial headlining swath through North America this past spring on their Weapons Of Mass Destructionâ tour with God Forbid and 36 Crazy Fists. However they are excited to head back through the nation with old touring buddies, Chimaira, who previously appeared on the 2001 installment of Road Rage with the band. This affection and respect is mutual as shown in a statement by Chimaira's Mark Hunter, "Saying it is an honor to hit the road again with Machine Head would be an understatement.Not only are these guys family to us, but they are THE best live band out there right now. I just caught their show in LA on the Weapons of Mass Destruction tour and it was so good it forced a 10 year pit retiree to put his gloves back on one more time and fuck dudes up. It was that good!"

    8/3 Cleveland, OH - The Odeon
    8/4 Toronto, CAN - Opera House
    8/6 Worcester, MA - Palladium
    8/7 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
    8/8 Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
    8/9 Washington DC - 9:30 Club
    8/10 Norfolk, VA - Norva
    8/11 Winston Salem, NC - Ziggy's
    8/13 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
    8/14 Orlando, FL - House Of Blues
    8/16 Houston, TX - Engine Room
    8/17 San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
    8/18 Dallas, TX - Trees
    8/20 Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
    8/21 Detroit, MI - Harpo's
    8/22 Columbus, OH - Al Rosa Villa
    8/23 Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
    8/24 Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Club
    8/25 Minneapolis, MN - Quest
    8/27 Lawrence, KS - Granada
    8/28 Denver, CO - Gothic Theater
    8/30 Phoenix, AZ - Marquee Theater
    9/1 San Francisco, CA - Slims
    9/3 Ventura, CA - Ventura Theater
    9/4 Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues
    9/5 Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
    Metal Maniacs


    HOLLYWOOD (July 23, 2004) – Industrial’s hardcore PRONG will soon release the video "All Knowing Force" from their 2004 release Scorpio Rising world-wide. Get a sneak-peek of this monster video on their official website www.prongmusic.com. It was shot in Binghamton, NY live at The New Cheers Pub, on their recent U.S. tour and edited by UMTV Productions.

    Be aware of Scorpio Rising - the ultimate Prong sound of the new century. This is the definite soundtrack for the year 2004. High quality, totall honesty and all absolutely Prong. The current incarnation of Prong includes singer/guitarist Tommy Victor, drummer Dan Laudo and guitarist Monte Pittman, a longtime friend of Victor and an alumnus of Madonna’s recent Drowned World Tour.

  • THE HAUNTED new album "rEVOLVEr"!

    Sweden´s thrash metal machinery THE HAUNTED now officially reveal the album title, tracklist and release date of the new studio monster: "rEVOLVEr" will be released October 18th 2004 via Century Media Records.

    "rEVOLVEr" tracklist:
    1. No Compromise
    2. 99
    3. Abysmal
    4. Sabotage
    5. All Against All
    6. Sweet Relief
    7. Burnt To A Shell
    8. Who Will Decide
    9. Nothing Right
    10. Liquid Burns
    11. My Shadow

    The album will be released as jewel case CD and limited edition digipak with 2 special bonus tracks, each with a different cover artwork!


  • LACUNA COIL on their way to conquer not only the United States, but world!

    "Comalies", the third album of the Italian sextet, has officially passed the magical 100,000 US-SoundScan mark. This is not just a record for the band, which is playing the US-American Ozzfest throughout the summer, but also for us at Century Media Records. LACUNA COIL is now believed to be the top-selling Italian rock artist of all time, while "Comalies" has shattered all Century Media worldwide sales totals to date, surpassing such landmark releases as Tiamat's "Wildhoney" and Iced Earth's "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

    "We are happy to be the first Italian band on Ozzfest, and we're even happier to know that "Comalies" has been done so well," says LACUNA COIL's front woman Cristina Scabbia. "American Fans have truly opened their arms to us, and we can't wait to perform for them."

    "It's made us proud to watch LACUNA COIL grow over the years," says Century Media President/General Manager Marco Barbieri. "Success couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving band. We knew that once people listened to the group and heard their story, they'd immediately grasp the appeal and see that LACUNA COIL is undoubtedly a career artist whose best is yet to come."

    "LACUNA COIL´s unstoppable worldwide success is a fact that makes all of the Century Family staff really proud", says Century Media´s Head Of A&R Europe Leif Jensen. "The band truly deserves all the praise and attention that they are currently receiving because they are hard working, good people. It has been a pleasure to see them progressing and growing so much throughout these last years! We are looking forward for more to come soon..."

    Nearly 100 commercial radio stations across the USA are playing their smash hit "Heaven's A Lie" and their current single "Swamped". Last fall WAAF-FM (Boston) invited LACUNA COIL to play an acoustic set live on the air and this performance can be heard on the "Comalies" ltd. Deluxe Edition which was released in Europe on July 21st. This limited edition features alternative mixes and edits as well as video-clips of "Swamped" and "Heaven's A Lie", a total of seven acoustic versions (studio + live), wallpapers and modified artwork.

    Watch out for LACUNA COIL conquering not just Europe and the United States but also the whole world!


  • JAG PANZER new album

    Colorado power metallers JAG PANZER just finished the work on their 8th studio album. "Casting The Stones" will be released end of September through Century Media Records, just some month after their current record, the first official release of the legendary "Chain Of Command" album which was originally recorded in 1988.

    "Casting the Stones" was partly recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Studios (Nasty Savage, Death, Cannibal Corpse) with producer Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Savatage) and will feature artwork by Mattias Noren (Evergrey, Into Eternity). It's supposed to be "a more aggressive version" of 2001's "Mechanized Warfare".

    In recent years JAG PANZER has toured with bands like Iced Earth, In Flames and Helloween; their headlining performance in Cologne in 2003 was honoured as the best concert of the year from premier heavy metal magazine Rock Hard. 2005 JAG PANZER will play at the 10-year anniversary show of the Bang Your Head Festival (http://www.bang-your-head.de) in Balingen with bands like Motörhead, Twisted Sister, Doro, Gamma Ray and Nevermore.

    To abridge the waiting time to the new release, founding guitarist Mark Briody sends this message to the fans of JAG PANZER: "'Casting The Stones' is coming out GREAT! Chris (Broderick) has delivered some awesome layered and complex songs complete with some intense rhythms. My songs have much more harmony guitar work then my previous writing..."

    Check out some photos from the recording & mixing sessions on the band's web site: http://www.jagpanzer.com.

    JAG PANZER "Casting The Stones" - tracklisting:
    1. Feast Or Famine
    2. The Mission (1943)
    3. Vigilant
    4. Achilles
    5. Tempest
    6. Legion Immortal
    7. Battered & Bruised
    8. Cold
    9. Starlight's Fury
    10. The Hearkening
    11. Precipice

  • DREAM EVIL: confirmed as support act for the Saxon tour!

    With the recently released masterpiece entitled "The Book Of Heavy Metal" DREAM EVIL conquered thousands hearts of steel!!! Fans all over the globe keep bangin´ their head to the immortal anthems of the new record! Now it´s time to witness this great band LIVE on European stages. Don't miss them!!!

    If you still don´t know DREAM EVIL, simply check out the video clip of the title track "The Book Of Heavy Metal" on http://www.centurymedia.de / "download section".

    Rock Hard Magazine, event. & metaltix.com presents:
    SAXON "Lionheart Worldtour 2004 / 2005"
    Guests: Dream Evil (SWE)

    22.09.2004 Kiel (D) Halle 400
    24.09.2004 Osnabrück (D) Halle Gartlage
    25.09.2004 Druten (NL) Maas En Waalhallen
    26.09.2004 Filderstadt (D) Filharmonie
    28.09.2004 Köln (D) E-Werk
    29.09.2004 Bremen (D) Aladin
    30.09.2004 Neu-Isenburg (D) Hugenottenhalle
    01.10.2004 Sint Lievens Houtem (B) Cultureel Centrum
    02.10.2004 London (UK) Astoria Theater
    03.10.2004 Cardiff (UK) Coal Exchange
    04.10.2004 Wolverhampton (UK) Wulfrun
    05.10.2004 Glasgow (SCO) King Tuts
    17.10.2004 Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
    18.10.2004 Oslo (N) Rockefeller
    19.10.2004 Gothenburg (SE) Trädgarn
    20.10.2004 Stockholm (SE) Klubben
    21.10.2004 Malmö (SE) KB

    Booking by ICS

    Ticket Hotline (D): 04627-183838


  • CARNAL FORGE - On tour with Pro-Pain!

    After the release of their new killer album "Aren´t You Dead Yet?" end of June, Swedish extreme thrashers CARNAL FORGE will finally hit the road September 2004! Here are the dates:

    On Tour with Pro-Pain
    13. September 04 (DEN) Copenhagen Stengade 30*
    14. September 04 (D) Köln Underground**
    15. September 04 (B) Wachtebeke ´T Kasseiken**
    16. September 04 (UK) Bradford Rio**
    18. September 04 (UK) London Underground**
    19. September 04 (F) Longlaville Elza Triolet**
    20. September 04 (NL) Nijmegen Doornroosje**
    21. September 04 (NL) Weert Bosuil**
    22. September 04 (NL) Zwolle Hedon**
    23. September 04 (NL) Alkmaar Atlantis**
    25. September 04 (B) Vosselaar Biebob **
    * With Do or Die
    ** With Disturb

    Booking: Metallysee Agency

    Jari (guitar) comments the upcoming tour as follows:
    "Finally we hope that the bad luck concerning cancelled tours has come to its end. And we hope that everyone that has waited for so long gets the chance to come and see us live again.

    We also want to take the chance to thank all our fans that has supported us thru the ruff times, a big HAIL goes out to you. See you all on the road for some furious metal nights.

    Cheers, CARNAL FORGE"

    Here´s a quote for the band´s latest effort "Aren´t You Dead Yet?":

    "How can these Swedish guys make this? Every time anew they present a great piece of music to the world of metal - and this with a very high standard of quality!" 6 / 7 - Metal Hammer (D)



    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records today confirms October 19 and November 2 as the reissue dates for Emperor's four genre-defining albums. Wrath of the Tyrants, In the Nightside Eclipse, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, and IX Equilibrum, all currently out of print in the US, have been reworked with additional bonus footage and material unavailable on both European and US-licensed versions.

    In documentary style, each of the four recordings have been enhanced with live and studio footage. "Wrath of the Tyrant," being part one, "includes very rare, exclusive footage of pre-Nightside rehearsals plus live outtakes from our first tour (in support of Cradle of Filth, 1993)," says guitarist Samoth. "In the Nightside Eclipse," part two, "includes edited material from a live show in Oslo for the song "Towards the Pantheon," as well as various other clips from live recordings in 1997."

    "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, starts off with a band interview on Finnish TV talking about Anthems and then various live clips from 1997-98, including cool clips from the Dynamo Festival," continues Samoth. "Part four, IX Equilibrium, starts off with a clip from the No Mercy Festival tour and then follows us to the US for our first and only headline American tour in 1999." IX Equilibrium concludes the four-part enhancement series with a clip from the Mystic Festival in Poland, the final Emperor performance.

    Emperor, featuring vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn, drummer Trym with Samoth, formed in 1991. Their recordings have sold hundreds of thousands worldwide with their impact on the black/extreme metal ranking them as one of the genre's most influential. Respected by musician, fan and critic alike, Emperor recorded their final album, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise, in 2001, shortly thereafter announcing they were disbanding (with Samoth and Trym continuing on in new band Zyklon; Ihsahn contributing to his ongoing band project Peccatum). Kerrang's Dom Lawson called Prometheus, "a staggering masterwork; a fitting testament to the musical genius."

    Earlier this year Candlelight reissued Thou Shalt Suffer's Into the Woods of Belial. The album pre-dates the official birth of Emperor and marks the first time the record has seen proper US release. On August 24, Candlelight will release Emperial Live Ceremony; the dvd version of the band's only official live recording. The 70-minute, high quality universal-zoned dvd was filmed at London's Astoria Theatre. Additional Emperor titles available from Candlelight include Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath (2cd Anthology, released 2003), Emperial Live Ceremony (cd, released 2001), Peccatum/Strangling from Within (cd, released 2001), Peccatum/Amor Fati (cd, released 2001) plus Zyklon/World ov Worms (cd, released 2001) and Aeon (cd, released 2003).

  • BLOODBATH The Nightmare Continues!

    Swedish brutal death metal butchers BLOODBATH have finished their new killer album "Nightmares Made Flesh"! After the departure of vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth), BLOODBATH researched intensely among befriended musicians and can now proudly announce their new line-up entries of vocalist Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) with his heaviest, most intimidating vocal delivery ever, and drummer Martin "Axe" Axenrot (Witchery, Satanic Slaughter), replacing now-guitarist Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Infestdead), who played the drums on the previously released "Breeding Death" EP (2000) and the debut album "Resurrection Through Carnage" (2002).

    Guitarist Nyström comments the release as follows: "After being resurrected through carnage our nightmares made flesh! This time we promise the world an even more brutal and varied piece of real and pure death metal. Take the outstanding performances by the new members Axe and Tägtgren into account and BLOODBATH will prove no longer only to be a tribute to death metal; but also death metal's very own elite."

    "Nightmares Made Flesh" will be released September 27th, 2004! Please keep an extra eye on the limited vinyl edition, which will be released on the same date as the normal CD!!!

    Bloodbath - "Nightmares Made Flesh" CD / LP (45:19)
    1. Cancer Of The Soul (3:33)
    2. Brave New Hell (4:03)
    3. Soul Evisceration (3:38)
    4. Outnumbering The Day (3:15)
    5. Feeding The Undead (4:04)
    6. Eaten (4:19)
    7. Bastard Son Of God (2:51)
    8. Year Of The Cadaver Race (4:33)
    9. The Ascension (3:52)
    10. Draped In Disease (3:59)
    11. Stillborn Saviour (3:39)
    12. Blood Vortex (3:31)

    Peter Tägtgren - Vocals
    Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström - Guitars
    Dan Swanö - Guitars
    Jonas Renkse - Bass
    Martin "Axe" Axenrot - Drums