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August 17th, 2004
  • MASSEMORD song for HALLOWEEN 9 is complete! The cd is on its way to California. The title of the song is "Myers' revenge". To get infos about HALLOWEEN movies check the only official website www.halloweenmovies.com


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records today confirms August 10 as the long-awaited release date for the new album from Sweden's Entombed. Inferno w/Averno is the eighth studio album from the three-time Scandinavian Grammy Award nominated five-piece.

    Recorded at famed Atlantis Studios in Stockholm (Abba, Lenny Kravitz), Inferno w/bonus US disc Averno was produced by Entombed and Per Gunnerfeldt (best known for his work with The Hives, (Int) Noise Conspiracy). The album finds Entombed in unmistakable raw form and features some of their best material to date. All Music Guide says, “Entombed proves that its latest musical incarnation is no less dangerous than any of its previous work; a monolithic, guitar-heavy set with lyrics that shake you to your very soul.” Kerrang adds, "Entombed remind us all exactly how amazing extreme metal can be."

    Released in Europe during 2003, Inferno w/Averno’s US release is an impressive 2cd package that features a wealth of extra material and enhancements not available on the European export. With fall US touring plans already in the works, it is going to be a widely exposed album and year-long priority.

    Dating to 1987, Entombed were one of the first to champion the early sounds of European death metal; a title they still retain today. The band, however, with record sales worldwide in excess of 500,000 units have never been one to rest on their pedigree or highly regarded credentials. Inferno w/Averno, album line up featuring vocalist LG Petrov, guitarists Alex Hellid and Uffe Cederland, bassist Jorgen Sandstrom (now departed) and drummer Peter Stjarnvind, finds the band delivering an album that is both classic and contemporary and one that crosses standard extreme/aggressive boundaries.

    Track listing for Inferno w/Averno includes: (disc one) Retaliation, The Fix Is On, Incinerator, Children Of The Underworld, That’s When I Became A Satanist, Nobodaddy, Intermission, Young & Dead, Descent Into Inferno, Public Burning, Flexing Muscles, Skeleton Of Steel, Night For Day, (disc two) When Humanitys Gone, There are Horrors of 1000 Nightmares, Random Guitar, Retaliation (video edit), Albino Flogged in Black (video edit), Retaliation (Enhanced Video), Albino Flogged in Black (Enhanced Video).

    Candlelight Records, with offices in Philadelphia and headquartered in London, is distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution; in Canada by PHD Canada; throughout the rest of the world by Plastichead Music Distribution.

  • Transmission 0 US Release Date Set

    Philadelphia: Go Kart Records today confirms August 24 as the US release date for the debut album from Netherland-based aggressive metal/hardcore band Transmission0. Simply titled 0 (Zero), it is the band's first introduction to stateside audiences as previously related projects and recordings have been primarily unavailable for most US music listeners.

    An impressive recording that is expected to firmly launch the band's US profile, 0 was completely created (recorded/mixed) at the band's own Behind Green Door Studios in Tilburg, The Netherlands with guitarist Mischa van Rodijnen serving as both album producer and mixer. "At first it didn't look as if we would ever really start this band," says bassist Dave van Beek of the album and the band's early formation. "After the break up of our former band (Reveal), Mischa and I decided we wanted to start a dark, heavy and atmospheric band. And it took us three years to get everything to our liking in place."

    Originally planning to work with small European indie Garden of Exile Records, Transmission0 switched paths earlier this year when recordings by the band were received by long-respected US label, Go Kart Records. More known for punk rock, in which the label is home to The Meatmen, Buzzcocks, G.B.H., Lunachicks, Ten Foot Pole and the recent reissue of Pigmy Love Circus (featuring Tool drummer Danny Carey), the two agreed to align together. Three months of work would find 0 completed and ready for the worldwide stage.

    "I cannot express really how happy I am with the result, especially considering we have done it all on our own." says van Beek. "We didn't have a producer or really expensive studio equipment. It was just us and the stuff we had at that moment. We are really proud of this album."

    To first time listeners, Transmission0 is best likened to a mix of Isis, Neurosis, Mastodon and Cave-In. The band seemlessly steers from the highly charged and fast album opener "Journey" and "San Miguel" to the somber and hypnotic "U-Boot." Their musical ying and yang finds comfort in the mixing of opposites - once passive then chaotic.

    Completed by keyboardist Michiel van de Avoird, drummer Bart Waalen and guitarist Leon de Goot, Transmission0 have crafted an impressive first recording. Track listing for 0 is confirmed as: Journey, vs Vampire, San Miguel, **, The Return, U-boot, Dust Like Sand, Ether, Serenity, ***.

    Go Kart Records is distributed exclusively in the US and Canada by Koch Entertainment and Plastichead Music Distribution for all European territories.

  • The band SABBATARIAM (death prog) has Recorded a cover from the Music "To Hell With the Devil" by Stryper. www.sabbatariam.tk



    "John 5 is an underrated guitar Giant. It's rare to hear a musician fuse various styles and create a unique blend and brand all his own. It takes balls but that's what's needed to be truly original."
    -Steve Vai

    HOLLYWOOD (July 13, 2004) – John5 is best known for his tour-of-duty with the controversial Marylin Manson. "I had a great run with Marilyn Manson. It was a lot of fun and it was a really great experience, but I've got a lot of other stuff going on. I'm busier now than I was on tour," explains John5. A lot of stuff going on indeed. While playing with famed guitar guru Les Paul in New York, Paul gave John5 some good old-fashioned advice. He told the player to venture out with his monster playing ability and go solo. Influenced by Les Paul’s advice, John5 is unleashing solo project aptly named Vertigo.

    John5’s signature brand of crunching metal & Delta dynamite pickin has been a long time in the making. At 7 years old, John5 picked up the guitar and was influenced by all the sounds his father and radio subjected him too. “My Dad listened to country and bluegrass, which directly influenced me. I used to watch Hee Haw and loved the guy on the banjo. Of course KISS was another defining factor in my playing. I love it all,” exclaims John5. Vertigo is the bastard child of this intriguing combination of influences.

    Vertigo is deemed caustic and aggressive, but the disc also covers a range of diverse music, far detached from Manson's style, including bluegrass, jazz and classical. Rearranging 100 year old country standards like Sugar Foot Rag and Sweet Georgia Brown, John5 recorded these treasures pursuant to a younger generation being a cross between heavy rock and aggressive country. "I'm so f---ing proud of this thing," John5 said. "Marilyn Manson's music is somewhat limiting, so I sometimes felt like I was watching a porno movie and couldn't get off. It was really frustrating. Now I feel fully satisfied." Vertigo is his first release under his own name and marks a return to John5’s roots as a guitarist. It is also the first instrumental guitar album of his career.

  • SHADOWS FALL new album out in September!

    Something wicked our way comes! SHADOWS FALL have completed the recordings of their highly anticipated new album "The War Within". The release date for the follow-up release to the successful "The Art Of Balance" offering is now confirmed for September 20th, 2004 via Century Media Records in Europe. "The War Within" was once again produced by Zeuss (Hatebreed, etc.) in the Planet Z Studios and the featured 10 new songs easily stress why SHADOWS FALL will no longer remain the "scene’s best hidden secret" in Europe but instead will actively be part of the final breakthrough of the "New Wave Of American Heavy Metal" movement over here as well. Remember where you read it first: This band is about to become huge!

    SHADOWS FALL - "The War Within"
    (to be released in Europe on September 20th, 2004)

    1. The Light That Blinds
    2. Enlightened By The Cold
    3. Act Of Contrition
    4. What Drives The Weak
    5. Stillness
    6. Inspiration On Demand
    7. The Power Of I and I
    8. Ghosts Of Past Failure
    9. Eternity Is Within
    10. Those Who Can Not Speak

    After relentless touring all over the globe, SHADOWS FALL recently destroyed Europe together with their label mates God Forbid as well Chimaira and Killswitch Engage as part of the "New Wave Of American Heavy Metal" Tour followed by killer shows at Pressure Fest in Germany, Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, With Full Force Festival in Germany as well as a great club show with Fear Factory, Chimaira and Ektomorf in Cologne, Germany.

    After finishing the European activities, SHADOWS FALL will directly continue as headlining act through a lengthy North American tour dubbed "Strhess Tour" (http://www.strhesstour.com) with supports As I Lay Dying, Himsa and Remembering Never.

    Stay tuned for more SHADOWS FALL news soon!!!


  • LACUNA COIL Enter official Austrian charts & more!

    We are proud to announce that our Italian Gothic Rockers LACUNA COIL have entered the official Austrian single charts on #36 last week and have climbed up to #22 this week with "Swamped", the second single of their highly acclaimed album "Comalies". Don’t miss the limited deluxe edition with bonus CD of "Comalies", so 2CDs for the price of one incl. previously unreleased material: alternative mixes and edits, acoustic versions (studio + live), video-clip enhancements, wallpapers + modified artwork).

    Also, check out the following link http://www.mtv.com/onair/mtv2/headbangers_ball/ to watch an acoustic live performance of “Heaven’s A Lie“ on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball.
    After a successful US-Tour with P.O.D. the band is gearing up to embark on this year’s Ozzfest starting July 10th.


  • UNLEASHED new album & new song on centurymedia.de!

    All hail the Swedish Warriors!!! It shouldn’t be necessary to introduce this outstanding flagship of true Death Metal with thousands of words. "Sworn Allegiance" is the band’s seventh studio album since their foundation in 1989 after the demise of the legendary band Nihilist (the remains of which went on to form Entombed) and once again UNLEASHED managed to release another brutal, fast, groovy and catchy monster that simply shows no mercy. "Sworn Allegiance" is embedded in a massive production mixed by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios and mastered by Peter In de Betou from Tailor Maid Productions (Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Katatonia, etc.).

    Song highlights definitely are the blowing opening track "Winterland", "Destruction (Of The Race Of Men)", the new live anthem "Metalheads" ("We have the most faithful and dedicated fans in the world. Catch Unleashed live and see for yourselves! Death Metal…by fans…for fans!" says Johnny) and "The Longships Are Coming", which deals with one of UNLEASHED's main topics, the ancient Viking godfathers, of which Hedlund says: "Lindisfarne is said to be the first evidence of a Viking attack in the year of 793. One can only imagine what it must have been like for the monks in the monastery when they realized what was coming their way. Praying to God for help didn’t help much…"

    You will have the chance to see the mighty Vikings at the Party San Open Air in Bad Berka, Germany. UNLEASHED will headline the Festival on Friday, August 13th (!) and will convince all of you once again with their massive live performance. Into Glory Ride!!!

    More words from Johnny:


    Our brand new album "Sworn Allegiance is out on Century media Rec. the 26th of July. This is our offering to all you metalheads around the world who appreciate and live for the highest of art....DEATH METAL! We are looking forward to meeting you at the party-san festival on the 13 th of August. You can be sure Unleashed is ready to KILL! Nothing less.

    Johnny & Unleashed

    As previously mentioned, "Sworn Allegiance" will be released on July 26th, 2004 through Century Media Records. Visit http://www.centurymedia.de for a special pre-listening of the album’s opening track "Winterland". Onward Into Countless Battles!!!

    Fredrik: Lead Guitar
    Johnny: Bass & Vocals
    Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
    Anders: Drums
    Photo by Olle Carlsson

    Tracklist "Sworn Allegiance":
    1. Winterland [3:03]
    2. Destruction (Of The Race Of Men) [2:55]
    3. Only The Dead [3:58]
    4. The Longships Are Coming [4:09]
    5. Helljoy [3:05]
    6. Insane For Blood [3:58]
    7. I Bring You Death [3:19]
    8. Attack! [1:40]
    9. CEO [2:25]
    10. One Night In Nazareth [3:11]
    11. Praised Be The Lord [2:24]
    12. Metalheads [3:13]
    13. To Miklagård [3:40]
    14. Long Live The Beast [3:22]


  • TURISAS unleash "Battle Metal" on July 26th, 2004!

    Our freshly signed Finnish warriors TURISAS are ready to raise their swords on July 26th, 2004 for the release of their overdue debut album "Battle Metal". TURISAS were formed by Warlord Nygård (vocals, etc.) and Jussi Wickström (guitars, etc.) in 1997 in Hämeenlinna, a small city right in the heart of the pagan forests of South/Mid-Finland and named after an ancient Finnish war god.

    "Battle Metal", wonderfully produced by Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Morgul, etc.) at Sound Suite Studios in France, offers the most precious ingredients of epic Viking Metal, almost sounding like a mixture of bands such as In Extremo, Falkenbach, Nightwish and Finntroll, in case you need some rough stylistic hint. Hard to imagine? Well, then please dare to risk an ear with the title track "Battle Metal", to be found on http://www.centurymedia.de

    No matter if you are into orchestral tunes, mighty choirs, medieval atmosphere or pounding metal, "Battle Metal" has it all, showcased in the its most powerful combination! Frontman Warlord shares his feelings about the debut album with us as follows:

    "Finally, after years of work we have something to present to all the people who have stood by our side so far and to all the ones to whom TURISAS is/will be an interesting newcomer. "Battle Metal" is - as almost all debut albums tend to be - a collection of songs written during a six-year period between the founding year 1997 and 2003, but it doesn't suffer from the usual unevenness common to most debuts. From the first second to the last, "Battle Metal" is powerful orchestrations, catchy folkishness and the glory and the brutality of the battlefields - all bound together by an open-minded approach and pure progressiveness. This album is definitely something fresh in the whole scene and we hope you will find it as powerful and inspiring as we do ourselves."

    The first press reactions in Germany speak for themselves:
    "Keenly strong and breathtaking" (Rock It!)

    "This wild horde paves their way through the battlefields of this world directly into the ears of all fans of the medieval times." (Sonic Seducer)

    "... a well done debut, which should assure the band a place in the hearts of the Pagan- and Viking metal fans." (Zillo)

    Also the cover artwork, done by the talented Swedish artists Niklas Sundin (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, etc.) is one of the best seen to date within their scene. Like mentioned before, just check out the song "Battle Metal" on http://www.centurymedia.de.
    The battle is just about to begin, so grab your sword and join the ranks of TURISAS marching for war!

    Line up:
    Warlord Nygård - vocals, alto-, soprano and sopranino recorders, programming, additional percussion (shaman drum, tambourine, shakers etc.)
    Jussi Wickström - electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, double bass
    Tude Lehtonen - drums and percussion (djembe, udu, congas, bongos, electric percussion)
    Antti Ventola - synthesizers, piano, vibraphone, Hammond organ
    Georg Laakso - electric and acoustic guitar

    TURISAS “Battle Metal” track-listing:
    1. Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus (1:28)
    2. As Torches Rise (4:51)
    3. Battle Metal (4:23)
    4. The Land Of Hope And Glory (6:22)
    5. The Messenger (4:42)
    6. One More (6:50)
    7. Midnight Sunrise (6:14)
    8. Among Ancestors (4:02)
    9. Sahti-Waari (2:28)
    10. Prologue for R.R.R. (3:09)
    11. Rex Regi Rebellis (7:10)
    12. Katuman Kaiku (2:22)

  • INTO ETERNITY European Tour confirmed!

    The word is widely spread out there: The Canadians INTO ETERNITY are without any doubt one of the first newcomer of this year. The Century Media debut album "Buried In Oblivion", released past February, convinced press people worldwide as well as devotees of progressive Power Metal and heavy Death Metal tunes. After successful shows at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany, the infamous Gods Of Metal Festival in Italy and several club shows in Germany together with Naglfar (please check the statement from the band below), we just received the confirmation for an extensive European tour in October. INTO ETERNITY’s fellow countrymen Kataklysm, Graveworm from Italy and German Mystic Circle will complete this package. Dates will follow soon.
    Tim Roth (Lead / Death Vocals, Guitar) is thrilled:

    "We are really excited to be heading back to Europe to support "Buried In Oblivion". Into Eternity has toured with Kataklysm in Canada and the USA and they are a great band. We have to thank them for going to bat for us and inviting us on this tour! It will be cool to meet Graveworm and Mystic Circle as well. I'm sure we'll have a blast in the tour bus travelling Europe! I hope the fans are ready for a hell of a heavy package! Metal!"

    The band recently shot a video for the song „Spiralling Into Depression“ which was commented by Jim Austin (percussion / death vocals):

    "It was a great success! There were about 200 people at the gig and for only 5 days notice that's pretty damned good. The crowd really got into it too - screaming the words to the song and jumping around and going crazy! The production crew said the shoot went extremely well, too, and they are anxious to edit it and put it all together. See ya."
    And here we go with the before mentioned statement from the band about their latest European shows:

    "Hello Everyone....
    Well, we made it back from our tour in Europe. It was a brutal flight to get there and it took at least 20 hours of travelling. Melanie and Century Media picked us up at the airport and took us to a 4 star hotel. After check in we made it to the Rock Hard Festival to see Exodus, Gamma Ray and others. It was a cool night. Our first show was on Day 2 of the Rock Hard Festival. There must have been about 5000 fans there. We played as hard as we could and I think we won over the crowd. After the show we did a signing session and after 1/2 hour the fans had to be told it's over. I feel bad for everyone who didn't get something signed. The fans treated us so well in Germany. Also the press was extremely cool as well and have really supported "Buried In Oblivion".

    After a day off we started our mini-tour with Naglfar. They are from Sweden and extremely cool guys. We bonded instantly with them, as they share the same sense of humor as us. They are a brutal Black Metal band. Our first stop was Hamburg. The city has a ton of history to it like a lot of Germany does. It was a small show, but the fans packed in really tight and enjoyed the show. It was 120 degrees onstage. We also got to hang out with Mike from Rage. He was a great guy as well. Next stop was Berlin. The show was cool and fans showed up to support both bands. I was a bit worried at first, but the crowd did arrive and were great to us. Our hotel was across from the Berlin Wall, so we got photos of it. The one problem was staying up all night drinking with Rob and Marcus and Andreas from Naglfar. My stomach was sore from laughing all night. The tour manager was surprised to see us up at break fest. We said we wanted an early start! I don't think he believed us.

    Osnabruck was the next gig. It was supposed to be a 4 hour drive, but it turned into an 8 hour drive because of crazy traffic and construction. The club was nice though. It was small, but everything was all done in marble. The show was really good and the label staff came and watched us. Actually we even took an encore, even though Naglfar was headlining. After the show we said our good byes. It was sad to see the Naglfar guys go. Hopefully we'll tour with them again soon!

    Now off to the Airport to catch a flight to Italy. We ran into Rage again there and talked to them the whole flight down. Italy is an amazing country. The weather is perfect and the people are beautiful. Again we stayed in a 4 star hotel. The Gods of Metal Festival must host 20,000 + fans. It was our biggest show to date. The show itself was a lot of fun! The only time I got nervous was when I looked over and saw the guys from Nevermore and Symphony X watching us! After we played we hung out backstage and meet all the bands. Our dressing room was by Anathema, Judas Priest, Rage and Symphony X, so it was good company. One of the coolest guys there was Jason Bonham. He is a guy who is already well off but he's still out there touring. You got to respect that. I had a long talk with him and he was a real gentleman. Also hanging out with Nevermore was a real treat. They put on one hell of a show!

    All in all it was a great time. We have to thank the fans, press and Century Media for treating us so well away from home! We hope to see everyone out on the road again!! Keep it Metal!" Tim


  • CARNAL FORGE new quiz game and great quotes

    Again CARNAL FORGE offer their fans the chance to win some cool stuff by doing a brand new quiz game on their website. You can win a signed "Destroy Live" DVD, a signed promo for "Aren't you dead yet?" and a compilation CD with the Japan bonus from "The More You Suffer" called "Bullet proof god material". Just check the "Fan Area" on their official website http://www.carnalforge.com, where you can also find photos from CARNAL FORGE´s appearance at Sweden Rock Festival 2004, studio pics from the recording of the band´s latest killer album "Aren´t You Dead Yet?" and a lot of other nice features. The last day to enter for the quiz game will be August 31st 2004.

    Here are some quotes and results of the band´s new effort "Aren´t You Dead Yet?":
    8.5 / 10 – Metalius (D)

    "How can these Swedish guys make this? Every time anew they present a great piece of music to the world of metal – and this with a very high standard of quality!" 6 / 7 - Metal Hammer (D)
    83 / 100 – Burrn! (Japan)

    “This is melodic death metal at it's best. Forget the soft sounds of Soilwork and In flames and forget everything you know about the mainstream genre Carnal Forge are here to show us all how it is done.“ 8 / 10 - Inside Metal (D)



    Philadelphia: Pro-Pain are in the finishing stages of planning their upcoming video shoot for album track "Left For Dead" from their latest album, Fistful of Hate. Released April 6, the album has made firm initial sales footage in the US and continues to sell well in anticipation of the band's return to Europe for another round of tour dates this fall.

    "Left for Dead" will be in filmed on various locations throughout Sarasota, Florida where several of the band members have long made their residence. The clip is expected to be completed and serviced to national and regional video outlets in mid-to-late August, just in time for the band's appearance at the annual World Series of Metal in Cleveland, Ohio. This year's fest, booked for August 28 at the Scene Pavillion, is expected to feature fifty bands including Six Feet Under and possible performance by Mushroomhead.

    Since release, Fistful of Hate has found high acclaim with both fan and media outlets. It is without question the band's heaviest and most aggressive album to date. Vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil says, "Fistful Of Hate is without question our strongest production and contains some of our best work. It's nice to know that we still have the same drive and passion about our music 12-years post inception and we hope that our fans share in our enthusiasm."

    Formed by Meskil (ex-Crumbsuckers), Pro-Pain released their debut Foul Taste of Freedom in 1992. The record was an instant success and has since soundscanned over 60,000 units. Successive albums, The Truth Hurts (1994), Contents Under Pressure (1996) and Propain (1998) saw sales growth continue with combined album sales in the US breaking 100,000 units. The band's last four albums were recorded for Spitfire Records: Round Six (2000), Road Rage Live (2001), Shreds of Dignity (2002), and Run for Cover (2003).

    Pro-Pain will return to Europe for additional touring in support of Fistful of Hate during the month of September and are actively pursuing US touring opportunities for late fall and winter.


    Philadelphia: Candlelight Records today confirms October 5 as the US release date for the new album from Norway's Red Harvest. Internal Punishment Programs is the sixth album from the aggro industrialists.

    Norwegian Grammy and Alarm Award nominated, Red Harvest have been releasing records near a decade, with much of their material still out of reach of US fans. This, however, has not stopped the accollades this five-piece have received from outlets big and small. Previously working with Relapse (via license from Nocturnal Art Productions), Internal Punishment Programs unites, for the first time, the band with Candlelight for the Americas.

    Recorded at Subsonic Society Studios in Oslo and mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom, the album is already confirmed for feature story coverage in Metal Maniacs and the newly published Decibel Magazine. It is expected to be a growing and action-intensive year for this talented and highly revered band. A video for album track “Anatomy of the Unknown” has already been filmed and is expected to hit national and regional outlets in mid-October.

    Unlike any of their peers, Norway’s Red Harvest truly are in a class unto themselves. More than mixing industrial and the most extreme metal, their music surgically units the two with such precision and intimate detail it is, for lack of better work, staggering. Where Blut Aus Nord (Candlelight, The Work Which Transforms God) travels the outer regions of a similar musical atmosphere thus blurring the dotted line, Red Harvest drive a stake right through it. Digital Metal said “no death metal band has ever created something so frighteningly disturbing and modern with this level of proficiency,” on review of Red Harvest’s 2000 release, the genre-defying Cold Dark Matter. Two years later DM would go on to further say, “when it's all said and done it's the sheer vitality and inventiveness Red Harvest exhibit that deserves more than a celebratory gesture. In fact, Red Harvest have no equal.”

    Track listing for Internal Punishment Programs is confirmed as Anatomy of the Unknown, Fall of Fate, Abstract Morality Junction, Mekanizm, Symbol of Decay, Teknocrate, Synthesize My DNA, Wormz, 4-4-1-8, Internal Punishment Programs.

    Candlelight Records, with offices in Philadelphia and headquartered in London, is distributed exclusively in the US by Caroline Distribution; in Canada by PHD Canada; throughout the rest of the world by Plastichead Music Distribution.


  • MEGADETH former bassist Dave Ellefson has filed a lawsuit against Dave Mustaine seeking $18.5 million in damages for allegedly cheating him out of royalties and backing out of a deal to turn the Megadeth franchise over to him when the band broke up in 2002. Metal Update

  • GLENN DANZIG has announced that this fall's package tour "Blackest Of The Black 2004" will be the last Danzig tour - also on the bill are: Doyle (x-Misfits), Mayhem, DevilDriver, Death Angel, Eyes Of Fire. Metal Update

  • Drummer Tony Laureano (Nile) has been drafted by DIMMU BORGIR as session drummer for the Ozzfest gigs. Metal Update

  • ROTTING CHRIST has parted ways with guitarist Costas on good terms due to personal reasons

  • Guitarist Sym has been added to the CONSPIRACY A.D.lineup. Metal Update

  • Bassist Scott (Rock) Rockstead has replaced Pete Stone in BRICK BATH. Metal Update

  • The new band, PITCHLINE, features vocalist Jim Kjell (Gardenian) and guitarist Glenn Ljungström (In Flames, Dimension Zero). Metal Update



    Thanks to its best-selling week yet, Comalies, the third album from the Italian sextet Lacuna Coil, has officially passed the 100,000 SoundScan mark in the United States. This is a landmark achievement for both the band – which is performing on Ozzfest’s second stage throughout the summer – and their label, the Los Angeles-based independent Century Media Records. Moreover, Lacuna Coil is now believed to be the top-selling Italian rock artist of all time, while Comalies has shattered all Century Media worldwide sales totals to date, surpassing such landmark releases as Tiamat’s Wildhoney and Iced Earth’s Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    “We are happy to be the first Italian band on Ozzfest, and we’re even happier to know that Comalies has done so well,” says the group’s front woman, Cristina Scabbia. “American fans have truly opened their arms to us, and we can’t wait to perform for them throughout the summer.”

    “It’s made us proud to watch Lacuna Coil grow over the years,” says Century Media President/General Manager Marco Barbieri. “Success couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving band. We knew that once people listened to the group and heard their story, they’d immediately grasp the appeal and see that Lacuna Coil is undoubtedly a career artist whose best is yet to come.”

    Lacuna Coil’s American breakthrough was the result of relentless touring, organic radio success, heavy video airplay and a sound that has been acclaimed by Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and virtually every rock publication of note. Throughout 2003, the band toured with such well-known artists as Opeth, Danzig, Type O Negative and Anthrax. Immediately prior to Ozzfest, the group completed a two-month North American theater tour with P.O.D., Blindside and Hazen Street.

    On the radio front, the smash hit “Heaven’s A Lie” and current single “Swamped” – both R&R Active Rock Top 50 success stories – were warmly embraced by nearly 100 commercial stations across the country, including such tastemakers as WAAF-FM (Boston). Last fall, WAAF invited Lacuna Coil to play acoustically live on the air; the performance can be heard on a special double-disc edition of Comalies released earlier this summer that also features newly recorded acoustic renditions of four fan favorites, the radio edits of “Swamped” and “Heaven’s A Lie” and the stunning music videos for the tracks, both directed by Patric Ullaeus (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir). Earlier this year, the “Heaven’s A Lie” video scored the #1 spot on Fuse TV’s viewer-vote “Oven Fresh” program, besting such famed acts as Britney Spears, Pink and Maroon 5, while the MTV2 Headbanger’s Ball world premiere of “Swamped” was accompanied by a live, televised acoustic performance, the first since the seminal program relaunched last year.

    In addition to Ozzfest, Lacuna Coil – recently voted “the next big thing” by readers of Metal Edge magazine (who also named Scabbia “female performer of the year”) – will be playing “off-fest” shows throughout the summer. The group will also deliver in-store acoustic performances at select Borders Music locations in August. That same month, the soundtrack for the forthcoming Sony Pictures film Resident Evil: Apocalypse – which includes “Swamped” – will be released. Meanwhile, Scabbia will be spotlighted in the following month’s issue of Stuff magazine.

    The flagship label of the Century Family, Century Media Records was founded in 1988. Its American branch opened three years later. With nine offices around the globe, the label employs more than 150 people worldwide. Featuring a rich catalog of such influential acts as Iced Earth, Opeth and Stuck Mojo, the label’s leading artists today also include Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Nevermore. Distributed domestically by Caroline, Century Media’s American branch has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. In fact, Comalies’ achievement marks the second time this month that one of the label’s releases has crossed the 100,000 threshold; the other was Shadows Fall’s 2002 recording, The Art of Balance. That group’s new album, The War Within, will surface this September.


    featuring Dropbox, second single tops rock radio charts

    TOUR IS TOP 10 for 2004

    July 16, 2004 • New York, NY - Multi-platinum rockers, Godsmack, adds yet another feather in its radio cap, bringing the total of rock hits to over ten. From the certified gold, acoustic album THE OTHER SIDE (Republic/Universal Records), the second single, Touche, topped all the radio charts this week as the most added track at Modern & Active rock formats. The song was co-written and recorded with Lee Richards & John Kosco of Dropbox, a new band which is frontman Sully Erna’s first signing to his new Universal imprint Realign Records. THE OTHER SIDE, produced by vocalist Sully Erna and mixed by David Bottrill (who produced Godsmack’s 2003 chart-topping, platinum-selling album FACELESS), is the first-ever acoustic album from the four-time Grammy-nominated Boston rock group. The disc, which features acoustic renditions of Godsmack hits and three brand-new tracks, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and garnered rave reviews from coast to coast. Its early success was driven by the widespread support and interest in the catchy and sultry hit single “Running Blind."

    Touche, with its tribal rhythms and haunting vocal harmonies by dueling singers, is a brand new song as unique as the circumstances under which it was created. Already partly written when the Dropbox guys joined Godsmack in the studio in Hawaii where they were recording THE OTHER SIDE, the lyrics were penned by Erna & Kosco sharing their perspective on life's challenges. As for the vocals, Erna says "It was the first time I had ever sung with anyone else and we had a lot of fun trading off on verses and harmonizing on choruses. John is an incredible singer and the connection we had working together really comes across in the song."

    Dropbox came together after Erna introduced Lee Richards, Godsmack's original guitarist, to frontman John Kosco, and together they formed a band with a deep reverence for the classics. Their recently released self-titled debut, an explosive album of sprawling melodic rock features the song "Wishbone" which has made its own in-roads at rock radio. The band is currently on tour with Drowning Pool and Flaw.

    Taking a break between legs of the bone-crushing and sold-out Metallica tour, Godsmack will resume its rock assault in arenas around the country on August 16. In a climate of what Billboard recently called "one of the worst concert seasons in years," the Metallica / Godsmack tour, according to Pollstar, is #8 among the Top 100 Tours so far in 2004.

    Tour dates on sale are as follows:


    Mon 8/16 - Saint Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
    Tues 8/17 - Fargo, ND - Fargodome
    Thurs 8/19 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
    Fri 8/20 - Milwaukee, WI - Bradley Center
    Sun 8/22 - Moline,IL - Mark Of The Quad Cities
    Tues 8/24 - Peoria,IL - Civic Center Arena
    Wed 8/25 - Ft Wayne, IN - Allen Co. Mem Coliseum
    Fri 8/27 - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
    Sat 8/28 - Chicago. IL - Allstate Arena
    Mon 8/30 - Ames,IA - Hilton Coliseum

    Wed 9/01 - Valley Center,KS - Kansas Coliseum
    Fri 9/03 - Austin.TX - Frank Erwin Center
    Sat 9/04 - Lubbock, TX - United Spirit Arena
    Tues 9/21 - Cleveland, OH - Gund Arena
    Fri 9/24 - Columbus,OH - Schottenstein Center
    Mon 9/27 - Green Bay,WI - Resch Center

    Sun 10/10 - Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
    Sun 10/17 - Washington, DC - MCI Center
    Tues 10/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
    Fri 10/22 - E Rutherford, NJ - Continental Arena
    Sun 10/24 - Boston, MA - Fleet Center

    Fri 11/05 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
    Tues 11/09 - Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Civic Center
    Sat 11/13 - Atlanta, GA - Gwinnett Center
    Sun 11/14 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Arena
    Tues 11/16 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
    Sat 11/20 - San Antonio, TX - SBC Centre


August 9th, 2004
  • Drummer Nick Menza has rejoined MEGADETH and is currently learning material from the forthcoming album "The System Has Failed" due on September 14. Metal Update

  • Jorg Michael (Stratovarius) has replaced Fritz Randow on drums for SAXON's upcoming tours and the next album dubbed "Lionheart" - Randow has left the Saxon to pursue other projects but may rejoin the band in the future. Metal Update

  • MISERY INDEX guitarist Bruce Greig quit the band - former guitarist/ vocalist Mike
    Harrison (featured on "Overthrow" and the "Commit Suicide Split") will be filling in on all dates in the United States and Europe from the July 21 date in Buffalo through Hellfest. Metal Update

  • Drummer Mark Cross (Helloween, Metalium) has been added to the WINTERS BANE lineup. Metal Update

  • SINGLE BULLET THEORY original guitarist Doug Rush has been replaced by Carlos Alverez (Shadowdance). Metal Update

  • ATREYU "The Curse" debuted at #32 on the Billboard Top 200 selling 34,145 copies in its first week. Metal Update

  • In the wake of the success of DEICIDE's "Scars Of The Crucifix", the legendary Florida death metal band has re-signed with Earache Records for a worldwide two album deal. Metal Update

  • Galy Records are very proud to announce the addition of ECLIPSE ETERNAL to the roster. Their epic black metal with heavy hitting symphonies will prove that they are not just another black metal band. We are convinced that Eclipse Eternal will contribute to the music scene by bringing something new and innovating. The band's debut album Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire was produced by Glen Drover (Eidolon) and mastered by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond). Look for it this October.

    Eclipse Eternal's vocalist Voldamares Gollum had this to say about the signing: "We are proud to have joined forces and become a part of the Arsenal of Galy Records. We are honored to be in such elite company. Beware the time of Transformation for it is near. The troops have gathered, the storm is coming, the unholy blackened empire has arisen from ashes."

    "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire" track listing (in no particular order):

    01. Desolation Forms My Mind's Eye
    02. A Knife In The Dark
    03. Sacrifice Love To The Gods Of Hate
    04. Murder Of Art
    05. Awaken Ye Lords Of The Dark
    06. Infested With The Human Disease
    07. The Eternal King From Below Doth Arise
    08. Heralds Of The Apocalypse
    09. Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire
    10. Storming The Pearly Gate
    11. Heavens Burning In Hell's Embrace
    12. Requiem For The Fallen


  • AUGURY's much anticipated album entitled Concealed will be released September 7th. Augury is powered by Patrick Loisel (ex-Kralizec) on vocals/guitars, Mathieu Marcotte (ex-Spasme) on guitars, Dominic "Forest" Lapointe (Atheretic, Quo Vadis) on bass, Etienne Gallo (Neuraxis, ex-Disembarkation) on drums and Arianne Fleury takes care of choir and soprano vocals with her delicate voice. This first opus packed with memorable melodies and technical death metal insanity was produced by Yannick St-Amand (Neuraxis, Despised Icon) with the help of Jean-François Dagenais (Kataklysm, Misery Index).

  • Visit GORGUTS brand new website created with dedication and patience by Ed Van Koppen ([email protected]).


  • The twisted metal act UNEXPECT took Toronto's latest Northern Lights Festival by storm. The band's live performance made a huge impact. They were without a doubt the revelation and highlight of the festival alongside headliners Melechesh. Thanks to Unrestrained! and Inertia Entertainment for putting together such a memorable event. You can read all about Unexpect in their latest interview with Unrestrained! at http://www.unrestrainedmag.com/u24nlf.html


  • FEAR FACTORY Engulfs America with Trademark Cybernetic Fury on Summer Headline Tour

    Drummer Raymond Herrera-helmed Mischief Invasion Soundtrack In Stores August 8

    The pioneering entity known as FEAR FACTORY is on a rampage. Having completed a spring run on the Jagermeister Tour with Slipknot & Chimaira (with Hollywood Reporter deeming their set “crushing”) and causing jaws to drop with their groundbreaking debut release for Liquid 8 Records Archetype, the band is primed to ignite America on their upcoming headline tour.

    Harnessing a style many have emulated but none have duplicated, FEAR FACTORY’s latest offering, Archetype was received to exceptional sales (moving over 100,000 units and debuting in the Billboard Top 30 Chart), radio success and critical praise. Computer Games Magazine: Now Playing says, "Fear Factory is at its productive best." FHM Magazine attests that the return is "Heavier than ever!" Metal Edge Magazine cites it as "One of the most important albums of the year." Modern Drummer heralds the album as a “sonically fearsome return.” And Revolver Magazine calls it "Raw and ripping."

    Archetype’s debut video “Cyberwaste” topped the CVC Rock/Alternative Charts is still in recurrent rotation on Fuse TV’s Uranium and MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball programs. FEAR FACTORY recently filmed a video in downtown Los Angeles for their new single “Archetype” under the direction of Cesario “Block” Montano and acclaimed film director Michael Alan Kahn, notable for his work on such films as Die Hard, Die Hard II, Lethal Weapon 2 & 3, and Se7en. The radio single for the track is currently charting at Active Rock.

    Now, the band is ready to take their inimitable technically-proficient presence to the next level with a full headline tour (with Sworn Enemy and Mastodon in support), which kicks off July 25th at the Hellfest Festival in New Jersey. Drummer & videogame guru Raymond Herrera is visibly excited about the prospect: “The Jagermeister tour was amazing; we had a great time with the Slipknot and Chimaira guys. Now, on our headlining tour, fans will get to see the full Fear Factory experience.”

    When not shredding stages with his inhuman drumming technique, Herrera also supplies music & sound effects to films & videogames via his own company Herrera Productions. His latest project is conceiving the soundtrack to Mischief Invasion, the fourth entry in the popular Mischief ‘reality’ street racing film series in conjunction with Techademics Films and Liquid 8 Records. The soundtrack will be released on August 8th. FEAR FACTORY is no stranger to the world of film soundtracks, as the band’s music has been featured on such blockbuster hits as Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Freddy Vs. Jason, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Herrera approached Teckademics to create a soundtrack for Mischief Invasion, as he was awestruck by the wild antics contained in the film. Likening the movie to “the Cannonball Run of 2004,” Herrera was immediately inspired and collected an assortment of cutting edge and innovative artists to compose full-throttle material for the soundtrack; some of whom whose work had previously appeared on the Emmy-winning series Sex In The City and the films XXX and National Security. Herrera and FEAR FACTORY guitarist Christian Olde-Wolbers also composed four tracks for the release; in addition to including a new remix of the band’s latest single “Archetype”.

    Herrera Productions brings a wealth of experience to capturing the road raging energy of racing, having provided music and effects for such videogames as Carmageddon (for PC), Test Drive 5 & 6 (for PC, PlayStation, & Dreamcast), Demolition Racer (for PlayStation), Test Drive Off Road Wide Open (for PS2 & Xbox), RalliSport Challenge (for Xbox), and the forthcoming games Test Drive Crosstown (for PS2) and Gran Turismo 4 (for PS2, PC, Game Cube & Xbox). On Thursday, July 15th, the Half-Life Radio Show on the GameShout Radio Network is airing for a two-hour FEAR FACTORY special and interviewing live with Herrera to discuss the band’s innovation and evolution.

    FEAR FACTORY’s headline tour dates include:

    Tuesday, August 10th - Milwaukee, WI - Rave Ballroom
    Thursday, August 12th - Minneapolis, MN - The Quest
    Friday, August 13th - Davenport, IA - Quad City Live (Pigstock Festival)
    Saturday, August 14th - Bellefontaine, OH - Zane Shawnee Caverns
    Sunday, August 15th - Chicago, IL - Metro
    Tuesday, August 17th - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
    Wednesday, August 18th - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
    Friday, August 20th - Phoenix, AZ - Marquee Theatre
    Saturday, August 21st - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
    Sunday, August 22nd - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues

    FEAR FACTORY; creating music for tomorrow, today.


  • Here are new tracks for the next TANK album "STURMPANZER":
    Baghdad City
    Before The Eyes Of The World
    Lianne's Crying
    We Are The Dead
    Four "O" Below Zero
    Which Part Of Fuck Off Don't You Understand
    The War Machine Don't Stop
    Unleash The Filth Hounds
    Healing The Wounds...
    The Hunger
    45 Summers
    All the best, Oleg.

    Visit TANK 'This Means War' Website for more info:

  • MALEVOLENT CREATION Explain Cancelation For Turkey's Rock The Nations Festival!!

    Our appoligies go out to the Turkish fans who came to see us perform in Istanbul on July 4th this past sunday at the Rock The Nations Festival only to find out we were not playing. We would of been there but after providing the promoter with the correct ticket information for all 5 band members more then 3 month's ago no ticket information ever arrived. After many attempt's to get the ticket info it arrives in an e-mail without a ticket for our drummer Dave Culross.With no response from the promoter about getting a ticket for our drummer Dave we had no choice but to stay where we were. Trapped in a German hotel for 4 days until we could fly home on July 6th. Still have not got an explanation to why this happened but hopefully we can try this again next year because we heard that we missed an amazing festival. To make matters worse our London, England show on June 23rd at the Underworld was also cancelled because mother nature was an angry lady that stormy afternoon. We left for England from France at 1:30 pm on a ferry boat that normally takes 1 1/2 hours across the sea to England. Of course, a brutal rain storm with 70 mile an hour winds causes all ports for the ferry's to dock to get closed and we are stuck on a ferry for 10 hours before the ferry can dock. (What can I say? We are fucking cursed! Believe me, it was no fun watching people vomiting from sea sickness for 10 hours.) Once again, sorry to all the fans who showed up at both these shows only to be let down, but sometimes shit happens. We promise to return later this year in support of our new album WARKULT. WARKULT is out now in Europe and will be released July 27th in North America on Nuclear Blast Records." Phil - Malevolent Creation. Metal Maniacs

  • RWAKE's new album If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die is now available and is absolutely amazing! They just completed a full US tour with Alabama Thunderpussy. www.rwake.com Metal Maniacs

  • CREAM ABDUL BABAR and Kylesa have a mini-tour of Florida that starts this week. Kylesa will then keep touring during the months of August & September. Look for a Cream Abdul Babar 2xCD to come out on Public Guilt Records later this month. It contains all the out of print material before the Catalyst to Ruins full-length. www.creamabdulbabar.com Metal Maniacs

  • Look for MEATJACK to be touring Fall 2004. www.meatjack.com Metal Maniacs

  • Look for SWARM OF THE LOTUS to hit the road again in fall. SOTL also just released a 7-inch picture disc on Reptilian Records. www.swarmofthelotus.com Metal Maniacs

  • Look for the long awaited new STINKING LIZAVETA album Caught Between Worlds to be released on At A Loss Recordings Fall 2004. Look for a US tour to occur right around then also. www.stinkinglizaveta.com Metal Maniacs

  • UNPERSONS are currently on a full US tour for the months of July & August. Unpersons also have a new CD EP coming out on Life is Abuse Records (Dystopia, Tarantula Hawk etc.) this month. Metal Maniacs

  • DANZIG frontman Glenn Danzig allegedly got into a scuffle with NORTH SIDE KINGS singer and frequent SOULFLY collaborator Danny Marianinho following DANZIG's performance in Tuba City, Arizona Saturday night (July 3). The following is Marianinho's official statement regarding the incident, as sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

    "Before crazy rumors begin to spread I would like to explain what happened:

    "NORTH SIDE KINGS [www.northsidekings.com] were to play with DANZIG last night in Tuba City, Arizona. To make a long story short the whole show was a disaster and a few bands got bumped off. Mr. Danzig (or his management??) refused to push back the original scheduled time slot so NORTH SIDE KINGS and RAPID FIRE would have to play 'after' his set. Whatever — we agreed to play later because we drove 6 hours and didn't feel like going home without playing.

    "Needless to say, as soon as DANZIG was finished, the venue turned on the lights and DANZIG's crew and the staging company began to take the stage apart almost instantly. I confronted Mr. Danzig backstage while he was signing autographs and told him I thought he was an asshole because of his 'rock star' attitude and no consideration towards the FEW other bands that got bumped off tonight. In a fit of rage he turned around and slammed me into the wall yelling 'Fuck you, motherfucker,' trying to be a big, tough guy in front of his fans. I, in self-defense, punched him in the face, knocking him out as he was attacking me again. He went down, bleeding from his mouth, eyes rolled back, and in shock that he got knocked to the floor so quickly.

    "A friend happened to tape the entire incident and this is all documented. Many witnesses saw him attack me, and I did what any man would do.

    "It was unfortunate that this went the way it did — and I hoped Glenn Danzig learned a valuable lesson tonight: Do not lay your hands on anyone unless you can handle what may happen.

    "I apologize for nothing, except for the poor little kids that had to witness this big asshole get his ass kicked in a matter of seconds..." [Source: Blabbermouth.net] Metal Maniacs

  • CONSPIRACY A.D. welcome a new member in the band. Sym is a very talented guitar player and the band is very happy to welcome him.

  • “BLACKEST OF THE BLACK” TOUR 2004 Announces Fall Line Up and Last DANZIG Tour

    HOLLYWOOD (July 9, 2004) – The Fall bill for "Blackest Of The Black" 2004 Tour has been announced. It will be "DANZIG" w/X-Misfits Band-mate "DOYLE" in a guest set, original Black Metal Legends "MAYHEM", "DEVIL DRIVER" featuring former Coal Chamber front-man Dez Farfara, "DEATH ANGEL" Reunion (S.F. Death Metal Legends) and dark newcomers "EYES OF FIRE".

    “Blackest of the Black” organizer Glenn Danzig had this comment "At least in the foreseeable future... this will be my last tour. It seems like I have been touring my whole life and I want to take some time for myself and do many of the things I've always wanted to do, like direct my first feature film, which I will be doing this next year.”

    As this may be the last show for Glenn Danzig to tour as DANZIG, he explains about the show and line-up with former band-mate Doyle. “So, to do this right, I invited DOYLE to join DANZIG on Stage at "Blackest Of The Black" for a ‘Special Guest’ MISFITS set. This is the first time we will be performing on stage together in 20 years. It's the closest thing to a MISFITS Reunion anyone is ever going to see!” DANZIG will be supporting their new album “Circle Of Snakes” on sale August 31st, 2004. This year’s "Blackest Of The Black" looks to be an Epic and Darkly monumental event. Tickets will go on sale July 25.


    w/Special Guest DOYLE(x-MISFITS)
    DEATH ANGEL (Reunion)

August 7th, 2004
  • As some of you know LOW GEAR has broken up and want to thank everybody, especially the street teamers in Kansas for thier loyal support. A new band is in the works from former members Chris, J, Muck and Goat with the newest addition of Brad, formally of Diesection, on drums. A new website will be announced as soon as a new band name has been decided. Until then, a new lowgear website will be up soon and you will get all the news on ex-members and their new bands at Lowgear.net.


  • Outlandish aggression of the utmost honor is once more brought to the world. SEAR BLISS rally back to olden time victoriously and successfully with their newest composition "Glory and Perdition." Seek out this collosal Black Metal record at this instant, or be left everlastingly on the battlefield for the vulture's banquet. Glory and Perdition: Well produced, fast Hungarian Black Metal with trumpet and freezing atmosphere. Features Atilla (ABORYM/MAYHEM) on some moments. I HAVE SEEN THE BIRTH OF TIME!!!

  • Gaahl of GORGOROTH has appealed his 18 month prison sentence for allegedly beating up a 41 year-old man in what the "victim" called a ritual attack. Metal Update

  • After a ten-year hiatus, Boston's thrash pioneers WARGASM will reunite to unleash their unique brand of power metal on Saturday, September 18th at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA. Metal Update

  • ICED EARTH guitarist Ralph Santolla has officially left the group to join the Sebastian Bach band. Metal Update

  • Earlier this week, VADER was involved in a serious traffic accident after finishing up the first leg of touring - fortunately nobody was injured. Metal Update

  • Season Of Mist has confirmed that rumors that Mayhem has left MAYHEM and
    Attila Csihar (Aborym) has joined are untrue. Metal Update

  • UNHOLY GHOST has parted way with drummer Lee "Aantar" Coates (Diabolic). Metal Update

  • ORATORY drummer Pedro Cabral has returned to the fold replacing Joao Rodrigues. Metal Update

  • If you think Fozzy is the only thing funny in metal, you've got another thing coming - drummer RICHARD CHRISTY (Iced Earth, Tiwanaku, Leash Law, Death, Burning Inside) has landed his dream job replacing Stuttering John on the Howard Stern Show - Richard wishes to thank the whole metal community for their support. Metal Update

August 4th, 2004

    HOLLYWOOD (June 30 , 2004) – BLS will hit the main-stage, full guns blazing, starting July 10th in Hartford, Connecticut and will continue for 26 shows. Joining BLS is the much-anticipated Judas Priest reunion, featuring Rob Halford; Metal Godfaters of Metal Black Sabbath, metal titans Slayer; Norwegian black-metal maniacs Dimmu Borgir; and Superjoint Ritual (featuring Phil Anselmo of Pantera).

    At this OZZfest, BLS will have their new release available “Hangover Music, Vol. VI” on Spitfire Records, released April 2004. Hangover Music, Vol. VI is an emotionally fueled work of genius, mixed with brilliant piano concertos and guitar solo mastery that has become Zakk Wyldes signature.

    OZZfest Tour Dates:

    Aug 5 - Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Music Center
    Aug 7 - San Antonio, TX - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Aug 10 - Kansas City, KS - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Aug 12 - St. Louis, MO - UMB Pavilion
    Aug 14 - East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theatre
    Aug 17 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Center
    Aug 19 - Cleveland, OH - Blossom Music Center
    Aug 21 - Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center
    Aug 24 - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center
    Aug 26 - Camden, NJ - Tweeter Waterfront
    Aug 28 - Pittsburgh, PA - Post Gazette Pavilion
    Aug 31 - Raleigh, NC - Alltel Pavilion
    Sept 2 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Amphitheatre
    Sept 4 - West Palm, FL - Sound Advice Amphitheatre

  • All members of WITHOUT FACE are now back in Hungary and they're hard at work on the follow-up to the acclaimed "Astronomicon" album. I should be provided with demo material soon, so more news when I have it.

  • EPHEL DUATH have postponed their plans to record this year, stating that they need more time to develop their ideas without rushing things. A blow to their many fans, but I can assure you it will be well worth the wait!

  • FOREST STREAM, the awesome blackened doom Russians will be recording their follow up to "Tears Of Mortal Solitude" before the end of the year. Expect the most majestic and tearstained album EVER! The band is also planning a tour of Russia and former Soviet republics for early 2005. With any luck this will spread to Western Europe too.

  • FRANTIC BLEEP has very nearly finished their album. Only some vocals and mixing to go. I have to say it sounds fucking great so far. The band also sent the proposed artwork, which is frankly astonishing! I have blood surging to my groin at the very thought of this release (a novelty at my age, let me assure you).

  • THE END RECORDS are proud to announce we have signed a wordwide deal with the acclaimed US act, NOVEMBERS DOOM. Hailing from Chicaco, IL NOVEMBERS DOOM have established themselves through the years as one of the top doom acts in the world and possibly the most prominent one in North America. The initial release will be a re-issue of the last full length "To Welcome the Fade." It will contain a bonus CD with unreleased material such as live songs from our tour with The Gathering, the entire and long out-of-print EP "For Every Leaf That Falls," as well as some other possible surprises. Look for it in stores everywhere this October.

    The writing process for the 5th full length CD is complete, and will be recorded in October 2004, for an early 2005 release. The early plan is to once again utilise the talents of Grammy winning Neal Kernon for the final mix of the CD. Entitled "The Pale Haunt Departure" it will contain 8 songs, at close to an hour of music. Tracklisting in no specific order: The Pale Haunt Departure, In the Absence of Grace, Dark World Burden, Swallowed By the Moon, The Dead Leaf Echo, Through a Childs Eyes, Collapse of the Falling Throe, and Autumn Reflection.

    Plans are still in the works for a live performance to be pro shot for a DVD release in 2005. The band has lots of old footage, and some great handheld camera shows from the last tour, so the bonus material will be plenty. A video shoot for the new CD is also being planned, and possibly something containing old material compiled of old handheld camera clips to also be included.


  • DESENSITISED's second MCD "Bought Beauty" has been released by Grodhaisn productions as a split CD with the French band Peach Her.

    Desensitised also shot a video for the song "Black Gold" in cooperation with Lowlife Media (www.lowlifemedia.net), which can be downloaded from their site www.desensitised.nl

  • Emerging initially in the '90s and after multiple line-up changes and stylistic re-definitions, it was their classy 2002 album "Everblack" that garnered MERCENARY worldwide praise and attention. The Danish band developed a name by mixing elements from both epic Power Metal and progressive passages with melodically aggressive Thrash/Death Metal rhythms.

    Their multi-layered vocals that range from clean signing to extreme shouting give the band a unique edge, always suitably supported by walls of atmospheric keyboards. Developing their trademark sound a step further, MERCENARY have managed to create a very own and challenging metallic style with their new album "11 Dreams", to be released August 23rd through Century Media Records in Europe.

    Guitarplayer Jakob Mølbjerg comments on the newly signed deal as follows:

    "We are extremely proud and honoured to be able to announce that we have entered a multi-album worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Signing with the label has always been a dream for us - not only as a label but as a statement that Mercenary has entered a new rank in the world of Metal Music.
    Century Media Records is and has always been a stamp of approval and quality and we will make our very best efforts in every area to live up to this compliment shown to us by The Century Family!"

    "11 Dreams" comes with a crystal clear production courtesy of Jacob Hansen(Hatesphere, Invocator, Raunchy, etc.), stylish artwork by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Arch Enemy, etc.) and includes a surprising cover version of Kent's hit-single "Music Non Stop".

    Fans of stand-out bands like Nevermore, Angel Dust, Evergrey, Into Eternity and others along those lines will nod with approval about the extremely high quality offering delivered by MERCENARY.

    Check out the album's title track "11 Dreams" online at this location to get a taster of the great things to come August 23rd."

    Mercenary -"11 Dreams"
    1. Into the Sea of Dark Desires (1:05)
    2. World Hate Center (4:59)
    3. 11 Dreams (6:51)
    4. reDestructDead (5:47)
    5. Firesoul (7:36)
    6. Sharpen the Edges (5:35)
    7. Supremacy v2.0 (8:12)
    8. Music Non Stop (4:12)
    9. Falling (6:56)
    10. Times without Changes (2:58)
    11. Loneliness (7:38)
    Total time: 61:51 min.
    Produced by Jacob Hansen
    Mastered by Peter "Ziggy" Siegfredsen


  • After the great success of "Walk across fire" and the first show in USA, the italians MERENDINE ATOMICHE are back in their "music for life headquarter" to produce the new album. They decided to take a year to do it. They are gonna back in recording studios in summer 2005. This choice came up for take care to all the parts of the production and try to pull out from themselves all the best they can. The name of the album, the track list and the name and place of the studios will be announced in late 2004. Inside you'll find other special guests like in the last album.

    During this period the band will play this summer in a couples of festival.

    A new version of the web site is on line where you can find everything about band and where you can also talk and write about many other things who is part of Merendine Atomiche life. Go to check it!