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April 6th, 2004
  • DOWNSET To Unleash New Album On North America


    downset. is geared up to unleash the long awaited 4th album, "Universal", April 20th on Seattle-based Hawino Records. The band just completed 11 blistering new songs, and has been performing sporadically as they return to the top of the amalgamated world they created over a decade ago.

    Founded in Los Angeles in the late 80's as part of the thriving hardcore scene, downset. has evolved into an icon of sorts. As the original blenders of rap, funk, hardcore, punk, metal, and socially aware lyrics, they drew influences from Black Flag to Black Sabbath, Public Enemy to Bob Marley.

    Becoming a huge draw, the industry took notice and they caught the attention of Mercury/PolyGram Records and released their self titled debut in 1994. Vocalist Rey Oropeza, guitarist Brian Schwager, bassist Rico Villasenor, and drummer Chris Lee perfected their unique, in your face assault of rap/rock fusion, as their pounding street anthems, along with artists like Rage Against The Machine and KoRn, helped to pave the way for the hip-hop/metal explosion of the late 90's

    In 1996 the band delivered "Do We Speak A Dead Language?" and won praise for being "LA's best kept secret" (LA Weekly, February 28, 1997) and Guitar School raved that the band "delivers a pile-driving mountain of Sabbathian riffs, and harsh militant vocals, taking rap metal to its meanest, heaviest and mangiest heights to date" (April 97). The band tore up the festival circuit including Reading and Roskilde, and toured over 25 countries of the world with all their contemporaries, including Pantera, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer, as well as a well-deserved spot on the inaugural run of Ozzfest.

    As efforts for their third album became frustrating due to contractual entanglements from its label’s merger with Universal, the band underwent internal changes and in Oct 2000 the band returned with a new label (Epitaph)
    and new album “Check Your People”.

    Tearing up the main stage on the “Tattoo the Earth” Tour alongside Slipknot, Hatebreed, Slayer, Mudvayne, and Sevendust, and the Massive Distortion stage at P3, as well as jaunts with Soulfly, Fishbone, and Metallica helped reconfirm the bands place among the metal elite, and increased their rabid, ever-growing fan base. Sandy Masuo of the LA Times lauded their ability to go "from vehement punk rants to spoken word lulls" and "combine the blustery and balmy elements for a more dynamic attack"

    Their reemergence marks the strength and integrity that has been held high in the eyes and ears of fans and believers. And while their previous efforts have sold close to 300,000 copies worldwide, "Universal" is set to follow suit. Tracks like "Forever", "All Crews", "Black Glock", and "Jumpin' Off", showcase the uncompromising anger and gritty reality downset. fans have learned to expect.

    More information: www.downset.net



    HOLLYWOOD (March 23, 2004) – Catch downset. unleash at the Whisky-A-Go-Go Thursday, April 8th. This is a one-night-only limited edition show with Anthrax. This show is sure to sell out.

    downset. will preview live their new long awaited album “Universal” hitting the stores on April 20th on Hawino Records. The band just completed 11 blistering new songs. Their reemergence marks the strength and integrity that has been held high in the eyes and ears of fans and believers. And while their previous efforts have sold close to 300,000 copies worldwide, "Universal" is set to follow suit. Tracks like "Forever", "All Crews", "Black Glock", and "Jumpin' Off", showcase the uncompromising anger and gritty reality downset. fans have learned to expect.

    More information: www.downset.net


    Mudvayne's Third Studio Release Follows Up Their RIAA Gold Certified Albums
    The End of All Things to Come And Debut L.D. 50

    New York, NY - After opening for Metallica on the band's Summer Sanitarium tour, Mudvayne spent the holidays recuperating before starting work on the quartet's third, as-yet-untitled, Epic Records release.

    Scheduled for this fall, the upcoming album follows the success of Mudvayne's first two albums - L.D. 50 and The End of All Things to Come - both of which were certified gold. Singer, Chad Gray; guitarist, Greg Tribbett; bassist, Ryan Martinie and drummer Matt McDonough recently rented a ranch in northern California and converted its multi-stall garage into a makeshift studio where they are working on new music.

    Despite the relaxing backdrop, the band is pushing itself hard and has already written half of the music for the album. Establishing clear goals for each song has been the key to Mudvayne's quick results, McDonough says. "It's a strange contradiction, but it can be very liberating to set limitations on creativity as long as you don't let those limitations define you," he explains. "It frees up a lot of creative energy when you stop pulling an idea in fifty different directions and start pushing it in one."

    It only took Gray a few days to finish lyrics for the first song - a track that encapsulates the undisclosed meaning behind the album. "I spent my time off thinking about the themes we wanted to explore on this album," he says. "When I got to California, that first song just came pouring out of me. It really is an overview of what the album is about."

    While the band is characteristically mysterious about the ideas behind the new album, McDonough says the music will reflect a refinementof Mudvayne's complexly structured hard rock balanced against more melody than any previous album. Martinie adds "Our goal for the third album is to make music that pleases us because if it makes us happy then the rest will take care of itself."



    NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. – Canadian female metal band Kittie has been holed up in the isolation of Longview Farm Studios in Massachusetts for three weeks working on its third full-length album, “Until the End.”

    “The studio we are recording at is on a farm,” said drummer Mercedes Lander. “At night you can hear the horses walking around in the stables, which are located directly underneath us.”

    Though lacking in nightlife, recording in a secluded area has enabled Kittie to concentrate fully on the recording process with little distraction from the outside world.

    “It’s kind of interesting because we have nothing to do but focus on our music,” Lander said. “Since we’ve been here we have left the premises maybe three times in three weeks.”

    The three-week recording period – though seemingly short for some bands – has been more than adequate for Kittie to lay down the tracks. “This is the longest we have ever had to record, so there seems to be plenty of time to accomplish exactly what we need to do,” said guitarist/vocalist Morgan Lander. “The atmosphere is really laid back, and they have made us all feel right at home here. There is a lot of history behind this place, so we were confident we could endure the horse flies for three weeks.”

    Bassist Jennifer Arroyo echoes Mercedes Lander’s sentiments: “We can completely focus on our music…and the smell of horse sh*t is completely charming!”

    “Until the End” is scheduled for a summer release on Artemis Records.


  • SINPHONIA Re-united

    The dark progressive metal band Sinphonia have officially reunited. The Danish band with female vocals are in the process of writing material for a summer recording of a demo to present the material to new labels. Expect a style darker and less progressive than the previous two albums (out on Lucretia Records International), but still very much in the Sinphonia vein.

    Homesite: www.sinphonia.com
    Contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  • TRIBUZY's new band

    Tribuzy is in the studio recording the pre production of his first as yet untitled new band's album. The album written by Tribuzy, Frank Schieber (ex-thoten) and Gustavo Silvera (Nordheim) will have 11 tracks and a possible interactive track still unconfirmed!

  • The trial "Catholic church against ANCIENT CEREMONY-vocalist Chris Anderle" has, after it got delayed in January, been dated now for 26.05.2004 at the Landgericht Trier. Possibly a solution outside the courts will have been found til then, the lawyer's of both parties are currently working on this.

    The band is rather pissed off with this soap opera in the meanwhile and now is concentrating on finishing the new mini CD "P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all (Ruf-Mord)". The highly controversial album, which is observed by German censorship authorities already before its release, hopefully can be unleashed on Irond Records in June.

    Massive live presentation through open air festivals and club shows all over Europe will follow.

    Source: Andevil Booking

  • Bassist Jeff Pilson (Dokken) has replaced Jimmy Bain in DIO - Pilson previously worked with the group on "Strange Highways" and "Angry Machines". Metal Update

  • Guitarist Mykus has joined bassist / vocalist Cronos and drummer Antton to form the latest incarnation of the legendary band, VENOM. Metal Update

  • Former Black Label Society bassist, Steve Gibb, has been added to the lineup on guitar for CROWBAR. Metal Update

  • E-FORCE: recently married, mainman Eric Forrest (Voivod) has moved to France necessitating a lineup change - the new band is: Eric Forrest (bass, vocals), Lewis Leveque (drums), Denis Rousell (guitar) & Yann Ploquin (guitar). Metal Update

  • BEYOND THE EMBRACE, longtime friend and bass player Adam Gonsalves has decided to leave the band to pursue other interests - he will stand in for the May tour, however, if a replacement is not found. Metal Update

  • TORTURE KILLER has completed its lineup with bassplayer Torniainen. Metal Update

  • Drummer Dave Simeone (Eldritch) has been recruited to sit behind the kit of SECRET SPHERE. Metal Update

  • Guitarist Adam Lovett (Lazarus Machine) has joined the fold of .30 CALIBER - Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal) will record and produce the band's debut release. Metal Update

  • ABORTIUM has parted with bassist Lord Macarbe, so he can concentrate on his main band - vokillist Glen Savage will take over until a suitable bassist can be located. Metal Update

  • Zakk Wylde (Ozzy, Black Label Society) will make a guest appearance on the forthcoming FOZZY album "All That Remains". Metal Update

  • Due to personal life changes, SLAVES ON DOPE has decided to go on indefinite hiatus - Frank, Rob, Kevin and newcomer Andrew W. have launched a new project called All For Fame. Metal Update

  • TESLA "Into The Now" entered the Billboard Album Chart at 37, selling over 31,000 copies in its first week. Metal Update

  • RICHARD CHRISTY known in metal circles as the drummer for Iced Earth, Death, Control Denied, Leash Law, Tiwanaku, etc., Christy is in the running for a position as Stuttering John's replacement on The Howard Stern Show. Metal Update

  • JUDAS PRIEST has begun working on the new album with producer Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson). Metal Update

  • STEVE RICHARDS, founder of No Name Worldwide and manager, mentor and friend of many bands including Hatebreed, Mudvayne and Slipknot, died last Sunday after battling brain cancer. Metal Update


    LISTENABLE records is delighted to welcome in their ranks the highly respected death metal band INCANTATION! The band has become a pillar of the underground scene during their fourteen year career. Never compromising on their infamous music style, INCANTATION are coming back with their original brand of obscure and opressive death metal. The band has entered Mars recording compound in Cleveland Ohio on March 5th to start work on their new Opus and 8th full length album Decimate Christendom for an early July 2004 release date. This new album will show the band in full shape and will undoubtly turn the masses to their intricate, malignant, dark world. INCANTATION are confirmed for this year FUCK THE COMMERCE VI open air festival from 29 to 31/05 in Neiden / Germany. Metal Maniacs

  • SIX FEET UNDER update from Chris: "Hello to all you freaks! Just wanted to inform you guys and girls first hand what we've been up to and what's planned for six feet under over the next few months. First off id like to give a big thank you to Full Blown Chaos for a great first leg of the Kings of the Road Kill tour we completed at the end of Feb.-you guys are cool as hell and we wish you the best of luck. Also thanx to all the fans for all the die-hard support on that tour it was a great run. We would also like to give a big thank you to all the European SFU fans who beat the feces out of each other every damn night on the tour we just finished up over there. They were some of the most brutal shows we've ever played and are looking forward to coming back over there for With Full Force and Summer Breeze festivals this summer. Also thanx to Fleshcrawl and Criminal for doin' the shows with us. We also have a tour planned for November in Europe, more on that later. We have found some time in between touring to get in the studio and mix the audio for the new live DVD we will be putting out this July called Live With Full Force-the footage was filmed at 2003 With Full Force festival in Germany in front of the largest crowd we've ever played in front of. It shows the band tearin' it up in front of about 40,000 people! It's all coming together great. Video editing should be done next week -it'll definitely have a different vibe than Maximum Video and Double Dead, but it will include a bonus audio CD with 5 live songs as well as one new studio track. We used the song Bringer of Blood from the footage to put together a video clip for Headbanger's Ball, which aired this past Saturday. I'm also really psyched about this upcoming leg of the Kings of the Road Kill tour which is due to kick off in about 10 days, the line up on this one is brutal, lookin' forward to seein' all our good friends out on the road…

    When we return from the tour of the states we will be entering Morrisound Tampa and the Hit Factory Miami studios with Chris Carroll to record Graveyard Classics 2. Cant really say to much about it except its gonna be intense and different and total SFU. Looking at an October release date.

    --and lookin' forward to seein' you all real soon. " - Barnes
    www.sfu420.com Metal Maniacs


    Philadelphia: Sweden's Katatonia have confirmed as one of the headliners for the second annual 6-Pack BWBK Weekend. The festival will take place June 4-6 at the Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio. The performance marks only the second time Katatonia will appear on US soil.

    Vocalist Jonas Renske says, "we're so excited to come back to the US. It's been four years since our last (and so far only) visit. We have released another two albums since then so we have plenty of material to choose from. I hope that people are looking forward to this as much as we are."

    Katatonia, together now an incredible 13 years, have recorded six full-length albums plus an array of mini-cds and singles. Terrorizer once said of the five-piece, "as with so many truly special bands, Katatonia are purveyors of an understated kind of grandeur that has long outgrown all or any generic restrictions."

    Having completed numerous tours of Europe, most recently a tour with long-time friends Opeth, Katatonia have performed but once for US fans, as part of the 2000 Milwaukee Metal Fetival. Their performance at 6-Pack Weekend, expected to feature material from the band's latest album for Peaceville Records, Viva Emptiness. Released in 2003, the album was recorded by Renske with guitarist Anders Nystrom at Soundtrade Studios in the band's hometown of Stockholm; mixed at Studio Kuling A with Jens Bogren and additional editing by Dan Swano at The Room in Orebro, Sweden. Album art for Viva Emptiness was created by Travis Smith.

    Katatonia's Viva Emptiness is in stores nationwide now. The band is currently working on their first dvd, planned for release later this year. Metal Maniacs


    NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. – With just three weeks to make an album, Kittie, producer Steve Thompson, and engineer Ian Hatton retreated to Longview Farm Studios to record an album with a live in-your-face feel.

    “Making this record was definitely a challenge because we had three weeks to record an album that should take two months, but nonetheless it has turned out amazing,” said Thompson. “The basic tracks on this record were recorded onto two-inch analog tape. We then transferred those tracks onto protocols HD. We did very little digital editing. There were no click tracks used either.”

    The members of Kittie embraced the opportunity to record live in the studio as a unit rather than the piecemeal recording process that many producers use. “I loved how we were all able to play all together everyday to record the songs,” said bassist Jennifer Arroyo. “I’ve never been in a situation like that and I think it’s the way to go because of the feel you get. I feel it translates onto the track you’re recording when you are all in there together.”

    “It gave us a sense of accomplishment, rather than working with tons of puzzle pieces,” said vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander. “Also, doing things as naturally as possible, using as little digital editing as possible, gives it a raw, real vibe.”

    The band recorded on a near-12-hour-a-day schedule, taking advantage of all the space the studio offered. “We were able to put the amps on a stage,” said Hatton. “That meant that we could quickly switch between guitar setups. We had Jennifer’s bass rig set up in a hallway and we had an additional rig set up for distortion in the gym.”

    Added drummer Mercedes Lander: “Since we had a lot more space to work with, we used a lot of different room sounds to get what we want out of the recording.”

    Kittie’s “Until the End” will be released this summer on Artemis Records.


April 4th, 2004

    Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Watch Them Die

    5/02 Jester’s Pub – Fayetteville, NC
    5/03 Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
    5/04 Downtown – Farmingdale, NY
    5/05 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
    5/07 Knitting Factory – New York, NY
    5/08 Club Liquid – Providence, RI
    5/09 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
    5/11 Pop’s – Sauget, IL
    5/12 Reverb – Cedar Falls, IA
    5/13 Vnuk’s Lounge – Milwaukee, WI
    5/14 Oasis One-Sixty – Chicago Heights, IL
    5/15 Ranch Bowl – Omaha, NE
    5/16 Rock Island – Denver, CO
    5/19 Key Club – Los Angeles, CA
    5/20 Galaxy Theater – Santa Ana, CA
    5/21 Mason Jar – Phoenix, AZ
    5/22 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM

    Metal Maniacs


    THE CROWN: R.I.P. - Sad news from The Crown: Today, the 7th of March 2004, we, the dudes of The Crown, have decided to call it quits. I'm sure every member in the band can still come up with 10 reasons for continuing and 10 reasons for giving up, but after some heavy consideration we have decided to finally find out what life is like without playing in The Crown.

    It's been a blast writing/performing together all these years, taking this band to levels that we never even knew of. Also getting to know other people in other bands on the road has been amazing. Seeing new places and getting to see and hear new, great bands has totally blown us away - we sure had our share of fun!

    Too many tours gone bad due to not at all professional tour arrangements is maybe the main reason for giving up. (We do indeed have stories about tour managers/agencies and the business in general; the best ones would surely make a best-selling book...) Coming home from tours with empty pockets, equipment falling apart and having a pile of bills on the doorstep is simply 'horns down.' Paying the bills with tour memories and floor scores is just not possible. We do love standing on stage but we don't know much about the business part, and that's a bad combination. Trust me on that one.

    The timing for giving up now is both good and bad: Bad because Possessed 13 is an incredible album that deserves some decent touring, but I guess all professional booking agencies have their hands full as it is. Good because we decided to not sign a new deal with Metal Blade, and now that we finally have Crowned in Terror (Crowned Unholy!!!) sounding like it was supposed to, the timing is superb.

    We made 6 killer albums, we did stuff our way, and we sure as hell paid our dues.Or as we say to conclude usual setbacks: 'We came, we saw and we fucked up!'

    So we want to thank our fans for the support: you people made it last for 14 years! Thanks to Metal Blade, thanks to all bands that we've shared the stage with. Our apologies to the festivals that had us booked for the summer of 2004.

    And last but not least: thanks to our girlfriends for putting up with us through the rehearsals, gigs, studio sessions and tours!" - Janne and The Crown www.thecrownonline.com Metal Maniacs


    w/ Bury Your Dead and On Broken Wings
    4/02 West Palm Beach, FL Spanky's

    w/ The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings
    4/03 Augusta, GA The Plus Eight
    4/04 Baton Rouge, LA The 415 Club
    4/05 Victoria, TX Mario's Ballroom
    4/06 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
    4/07 El Paso, TX Club 101
    4/08 Albuquerque, NM The Launch Pad

    w/ The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings, THE HEAVILS
    4/09 Los Angeles, CA The Knitting Factory
    4/10 Corona, CA Showcase Theatre
    4/11 San Diego, CA The Epicentre
    4/12 Phoenix, CA Mason Jar
    4/13 Ventura, CA Majestic Ventura Theatre

    w/ The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, THE HEAVILS, Misery Signals
    4/15 Portland, OR Paris Theatre
    4/16 Seattle, WA Studio Seven
    4/18 Salt Lake City, UT Albee Square
    4/19 Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre
    4/20 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
    4/21 St. Paul, MN The Lab 4th Street Station

    4/24 Des Moines, IA Hairy Mary's
    4/25 Chicago Heights, IL Oasis One Sixty
    4/28 Girard, OH The Dome
    4/29 Cleveland, OH Peabody's

    4/30 Niagara Falls, NY Palmeri's Metal Maniacs

  • KING'S X Tour
    4/23 Springfield, MO Murphy's
    4/24 Little Rock, AR Juanita's Cantina Ballroom
    4/25 Atlanta, GA Smith's Olde Bar
    4/27 Birmingham, AL The Nick
    4/28 Nashville, TN Exit Inn
    4/29 Charlotte, NC Amos' Southend
    4/30 West Springfield, VA Jaxx
    5/01 Farmingdale, NY Downtown
    5/03 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
    5/04 Pittsburgh, PA Hard Rock Café
    5/06 Seaside Heights, NJ The Saw Mill
    5/07 Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights
    5/08 Attleboro, MA Jarrod's
    5/09 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar
    5/10 New York, NY BB King's Blues Club
    5/12 Toronto, ON Club Rockit
    5/13 Ferndale, MI The Magic Bag
    5/14 East Dubuque, IL The Arena
    5/15 Chicago Heights, IL Oasis One Sixty
    5/16 Saint Paul, MN The Rock
    5/18 Sioux Falls, SD Oaks Convention Center
    5/21 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
    5/22 Phoenix, AZ Mason Jar
    5/23 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues Sunset
    5/24 Porterville, CA Charlie's Engine House #5
    5/25 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge
    5/27 Tucson, AZ The Rock Metal Maniacs


    Relapse Records recording artists MASTODON have begun the recording of their forthcoming full-length album, entitled Leviathan.

    MASTODON is recording at both Robert Lang Studios (NIRVANA, PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, FOO FIGHTERS) and Litho Studios (DEFTONES, SOUNDGARDEN, BOTCH) in Seattle with producer Matt Bayles. Bayles, who previously worked alongside MASTODON on their critically acclaimed Remission album, has also worked with artists such as PEARL JAM, THE BLOOD BROTHERS and ISIS. Leviathan will be mixed at Robert Lang and is slated for a Summer, 2004 release date via Relapse. Advance song titles include "Naked Burn", "Iceland", "Hearts Alive", "Seabeast", "Iron Tusk", "Blood and Thunder" and "Megalodon".

    Drummer Brann Dailor comments, "I think the new material is a natural progression for MASTODON. Some of it will be more direct and some of it will be a lot more complex. People are going to be surprised by some of the technical aspects of it, but it's also very catchy. (When we're writing new music), as long as we feel the hairs standing up on the back of our neck, we know we've got something." www.MASTODONROCKS.com Metal Maniacs


    THE END RECORDS are proud to announce we have entered a worldwide deal with the artistic melodic dark metal band, LILITU from Atlanta, GA. The band is entering Ledbelly Sound Studio to re-record rhythm guitars and began final mixing. Mastering will be done at Glenn Schick Mastering and artwork to be provided by acclaimed artist, Daniel Long. The album to be entitled, The Delores Lesion, will contain 8 tracks and tentative release is June, 04. The band will also appear at this year's BW&BK fest in Cleveland, OH. www.lilitu.ws Metal Maniacs


    On Saturday, March 6th I was able to confirm a new guest for the Within The Mind tribute to Chuck Schuldiner: Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth) will perform drums on at least one song for the tribute. Sorry that I can't give any more details at this time since we did not decide on a track just yet.

    Anyone wishing to see a bit of the session that was completed a couple weeks ago with Richard Christy should go to the Within The Mind site: www.deathtribute.com and navigate to the sounds page.. there we have posted two brief Quicktime movies from the session. Though the quality is poor you can still get a sneak peak into what's happening with the tribute. In the first clip you will see and hear some of Richard's drums going to tape live from the perspective of the mixing console, complete with a scratch guitar track being played by myself. In the second, the point of view moves to the live room where you will see Richard and laying down tracks with me once again supplying a guide track, though you will only hear drums as the guitar is only heard in our headphones and at the mixing console. You will need Quicktime player, available for free download on the net.


    ~James Murphy
    Metal Maniacs

  • DEICIDE with

    09.06.UK NEWPORT @ TJ'S
    13.06.BL WAARSCHOOT(eeklo) @ MIAMI
    14.06.D T.B.A.
    15.06.DK ARHUS @ VOXHAL
    18.06.NOR OSLO @ JOHN DEE
    20.06.NOR TRAVEL
    21.06.FIN OULU @ LOOP
    26.06.FR TRAVEL
    30.06.FR T.B.A.
    01.07.SP IRUN @ TUNK

  • After leaving Osmose, THORNSPAWN signed to Agonia Records for 2 albums deal. The band will enter studio in September to record their new full-lenght album and an European tour is planned for January 2005. In the meanwhile Thornspawn has just released 12\"gatefold LP with their both demos. The LP is released in limited edition of 666 handnumbered copies via Agonia Records. Split 7\"EP of Thornspawn & Necrovore will be out in the late march. More news should be expected soon.

  • ARMAGEDDA recorded in November 03, at Necromorbus Studio, their 3rd full lenght album entitled: Ond Spiritism - Djefvulens Skalder. The album will be released during April / March on CD/LP/PIC LP. During next a couple of days will be available new T-shirts of Armagedda. There are also scheduled for the nearest week: re-release of bands 2nd demo with bonus tracks as 10\"MLP as well as re-release of Armageddas debut album on white 12\"LP and limited picture disc edition. Lay out for this release is currently designing by Eric Masicotte known for example from designing covers for the last Darkthrones album.

  • GHOULUNATICS will release not one but two albums at once. Both CD's will be available from Galy Records and the band on April 9th, and in stores across Canada on May 4th. Sabacthany is the title of their 4th studio album, the second CD is called It's a Live!

    The live CD will be available as a mid-price CD so it will be sold at a lower price then a regular one. This special price will be in effect at all times and not just for a limited time only. It's our way of thanking everyone who supports the band and the label.

    Sabacthany was recorded at Wild Studio by Yannick St-Amand, mixed & mastered at Wild Studio by Pierre Rémillard. It's a Live! was recorded on Halloween 2003 in Montreal Canada by Mathieu Bérubé, Mixed & Mastered byYannick St-Amand.

    Sabacthany track listing:

    01 - Beastial Behaviour
    02 - Ashes to Ashes, Costs a Lot
    03 - Alone With the Seasons
    04 - Sabacthany
    05 - Wind up Dead
    06 - Axe, my Deadly Friend
    07 - Nothing More
    08 - Two Legged Disease
    09 - Fresh Meat Without Chemicals
    10 - Mr.Reggid's Garden
    11 - Grave Concern
    12 - Roadkill Parade
    13 - Right to Pass



    WORCESTER, Mass. – The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival has finalized performance days for the bands scheduled to play the two-day show on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1 at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass.

    Friday's headlining bands are Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, God Forbid, Every Time I Die, and As I Lay Dying. Other bands scheduled for Friday are A Perfect Murder, All My Sins, All That Remains, Burnt By The Sun, Bury Your Dead, Byzantine, Crematorium, Ed Gein, Found Dead Hanging, From A Second Story Window, Full Blown Chaos, Glass Casket, Mortal Treason, Most Precious Blood, Nora, Reflux, Since The Flood, The Autumn Offering, The Bled, The Judas Cradle, and The Red Chord.

    Saturday's headlining bands are Iced Earth, Children Of Bodom, Bleeding Through, Zao, Throwdown, and Terror. Other bands scheduled for Saturday are Between The Buried And Me, Black Dahlia Murder, Cannae, Cattle Decapitation, Darkest Hour, Diecast, Embrace Today, Evergreen Terrace, Evergrey, Kataklysm, Love Is Red, Martyr AD, Misery Index, Misery Signals, Norma Jean, Pig Destroyer, Scar Culture, Scarlett, Soilent Green, Speedkillhate, The Comeback Kid, Through The Discipline, To The Grave, Twelve Tribes, Walls Of Jericho, Watch Them Die, and What Weapons Bring War.

    Tickets are available at all Strawberries Music & Video stores, by calling (800) 477-6849, or online at www.tickets.com. The cost is $30 for Friday and $35 for Saturday or $60 for a two-day pass.

    Now in its sixth year, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival – held at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass. – has been lauded as one of the best heavy music festivals in the United States. "If you decide to go to only one fest this year, this should be it,” Revolver magazine wrote. Last year’s festival sold out more than a week before the show and was the subject of features on Fuse TV’s “Uranium,” MTV2’s “Headbanger’s Ball,” and Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Hard Attack.”


    “Slightly Amped Tour” Exclusively On ITunes

    HOLLYWOOD (March 18, 2004) - Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society & iTunes have teamed up to offer fans an opportunity to download music from the “Slightly Amped Tour” recorded in 2002 at Westwire Studios in Allentown PA. This tuned downed acoustic, sometimes electric performance is a rarity. This offers Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society fans another side of the band seldom seen or heard.

    The new Black Label Society album "Hangover Music Vol. VI" on Spitfire Records will be released on April 20th, 2004. Hangover Music Vol. VI is an album that will change all preconceptions about Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society. Hangover Music, Vol. VI is an emotionally fueled work of genius, mixed with brilliant piano concertos and guitar solo mastery that has become Zakk Wylde’s signature.

    Expect the first single "House Of Doom" to hit airwaves sometime soon.



    Hollywood, CA (March 18th 2004) – The label Horizon–Italy has recently released an unapproved album titled “'Burning House of Love.” This album is not approved by GREAT WHITE. Rather the band condemns this release and asks all fans and friends to not purchase this album. They feel that the label is insensitive to the victims of the fire and are trying to capitalize on a tragic situation. This type of practice is called repackaging; Record Companies take previously released songs, put on a new cover with a new title.

    The band and their Attorneys are working on stopping this release, as it is being sold under the GREAT WHITE name without GREAT WHITE'S permission. GREAT WHITE wants to apologize for any discomfort this may have caused, as they found out about this release much the same way as the fans – via the internet. It was of great shock to the GW camp.


    Hollywood, CA (March 18th 2004) – For the first time in 10 years, original members, Erik Turner (guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass), Joey Allen (lead guitar) and Steven Sweet (drums), are back together again.

    It didn’t take “VH1’s Bands Reunited” to bring back Steven Sweet and Joey Allen. “It’s been strange to play the music after ten years,” explains Sweet. “I think it’s the right time to be back. It’s not just reuniting band members, but the start of something new.” This surprising announcement comes on the heels of the recent addition of dynamic front man Jaime St. James (Of Black n’ Blue fame).

    The members of WARRANT are charged up and looking forward to an exciting future that is sure to include touring and recording. WARRANT fans will be thrilled hearing songs from the first three records, DRFSR, Cherry Pie & Dog Eat Dog, that have not been heard live in 10 years.

    With Steven Sweet’s return, WARRANT has bid farewell to their friend and Brother, Mike (The Sack) Fasano. The band wishes him nothing but the best of happiness and success in the future.

  • Drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Spiral Architect) has joined the fold as touring drummer for DIMMU BORGIR. Metal Update

  • Bassist Sandor de Bretan and drummer Rob Falzano have been named as the new rhythm section for ANNIHILATOR. Metal Update

  • MISERY INDEX drummer Matt Byers has decided to part ways with the band in order to "move on and do other things in life" - former drummer Kevin Talley will be filling in for upcoming Albany, NY and Brooklyn, NY shows only - the search for a permanent replacement is underway. Metal Update

  • CALLENISH CIRCLE has recruited Spike (Stormrider, Form, Speedica) as session drummer for upcoming gigs. Metal Update

  • PARADISE LOST has decided to part company with drummer Lee Morris due to personal and musical differences. Metal Update

  • THERAPY?: Martin McCarrick (guitar, cello) is no longer a member of the band - all future recordings and live work will be performed as a trio. Metal Update

  • Drummer Gilles Delecroix (Gronibard, Warscars, Belenos) has been added to the ABORTED lineup. Metal Update

  • Vocalist Troy Daniels (Streets, Taken By Force) has replaced Ripper X in DREAMZFATE. Metal Update

  • ISENGARD bassist Janne "Goat" Tillman has left the band for family reasons. Metal Update

  • SINPHONIA, the dark progressive metal band has officially reunited and is in the process of getting a demo together. Metal Update

  • Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) are slated to make guest appearances on the next ANGRA album due later this year. Metal Update

  • FEAR FACTORY guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers has a Signature series 7 string model coming out from Jackson Guitars. Metal Update



    HOLLYWOOD (March 18, 2004) – Hangover Music Vol. VI is an album that will change all preconceptions about Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society. Hangover Music, Vol. VI is an emotionally fueled work of genius, mixed with brilliant piano concertos and guitar solo mastery that has become Zakk Wyldes signature.

    Preview it here: http://www.spitfirerecords.com/e-cards/BLS-Hangover

    Track-listing for the album is as follows:1. Crazy or High
    2. Queen of Sorrow
    3. Steppin' Stone
    4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    5. Takillya (Estyabon)
    6. Won't Find It Here
    7. She Deserves A Free Ride (Val's Song)
    8. House of Doom
    9. Damage is Done
    10. Layne
    11. Woman Don't Cry
    12. No Other
    13. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum cover)
    14. Once More
    15. Fear


    "A Weekend of Crisis"
    Sat April 10 and Sun April 11

    Saturday April 10... Crisis will be shooting a video for "Blood Burden", track No. 6 from their upcoming album Like Sheep Led To Slaughter, set to be released May 25th on The End Records. Director of the vidoe will be Darren Doane ( Deftones, AFI, Thursday. Nile) - www.DarrenDoane.com, and the shoot will take place in downtown L.A. CRISIS REQUESTS YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS VIDEO. All friends and fans please go to www.CrisisSite.com, click on the CONTACT button and get in touch, and the details will be forwarded to you.

    Sunday April 11.. Come celebrate the resurrection of Crisis with a FREE SHOW on Easter Sunday at the Whiksy, "Whisky Under Siege" brought to you by MassAttack Radio and Musicians Institute.ALL AGES.

    Doors 4:30
    CRISIS 9:30
    Hostile Groove 8:30
    Sixty Cycle Burn 7:30
    Trigger Point 6:40
    Imbrue 5:50
    Crucifix Doll 5:00

    www.CrisisSite.com Metal Maniacs


    ABORTED have split with their drummer Franck who's been in the band since the early days as vocalist Sven comments: "Some of you might have seen it coming, but yes, we have parted ways with longtime skinsbeater Frank. The reason of the break up with Frank is mainly due to musical reasons, he is a great guy and we wish him the best of luck in his further musical & non musical carreer. Who the replacement will be will be announced soon. Dirk (drums on Goremageddon & the Haematobic EP) will be filling in on the European tour with Cannibal Corpse."

    On another note, ABORTED are releasing a maxi fully packed miniCD entitled : The Haematobic recorded with Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR..) at HANSEN studios in Denmark and it's a bloody f**king massacre !. It's undoubtly the band's most mature and rounded up songs so far while keeping the sanguine flavour of their latest and extremely succesful album Goremageddon!. Also included is an amazing rendition of ENTOMBED classic "Drowned". This miniCd will be issued in Europe on April 29th. Some copies will be sold in advance on their tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and KATAKLYSM in early April .

    The tracklisting will be as follows :

    1-Gestated Rabidity
    2-Drowned (entombed)
    3-Voracious Haemaglobinic Syndrome
    4-The Sanctification Of Refornication
    5-Parasitic Flesh Resection (live)
    6-The Holocaust Incarnate (live)
    7-Meticulous Invagination (videoclip)
    8-The Saw & The Carnage Done (videoclip)
    9-Parasitic Flesh Resection (live video)
    10-The Holocaust Incarnate (live video)
    11-Eructations Of Carnal Artistry (live video) Metal Maniacs

  • First it was only a rumour, now it's official: Bass player Frank Bello has decided to leave ANTHRAX! This is the band's official statement on the matter: "Due to internal reasons, Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING) will be temporarily handling bass playing duties for ANTHRAX on their upcoming tours of Japan and Australia." ANTHRAX will play this tour as headliner together with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and SOILWORK. The band's next release will be the live DVD Music Of Mass Destruction, due in April. Metal Maniacs

  • Bay Area thrashers DEATH ANGEL have announced the final tracklist of their upcoming album The Art Of Dying:

    1. Thrown to the Wolves
    2. 5 Steps of Freedom
    3. Thicker than Blood
    4. The Devil Incarnate
    5. Famine
    6. Prophecy
    7. No
    8. Spirit
    9. Land of Blood
    10. Never Me
    11. Word to the Wise

    The record will be released on April 26th. Metal Maniacs

  • Finland's symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH have announced the complete tracklist of their upcoming album Once (due in June):

    1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
    2. Wish I Had An Angel
    03. Nemo
    4. Planet Hell
    5. Creek Mary's Blood
    6. The Siren
    7. Dead Gardens
    8. Romanticide
    9. Ghost Love Score
    10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
    11. Higher Than Hope

    Three other new tracks - "White Night Fantasy," "Live To Tell The Tale" and "Where Were You Last Night" (ANKIE BAGGER cover) - will be released as single B sides. Metal Maniacs

April 1st, 2004



    The extraordinary live show of the progressive metal band Queensryche is captured on the new DVD 'The Art of Live' scheduled for release by Sanctuary Records on April 20, 2004.

    'The Art of Live' was filmed in summer and fall 2003 on Queensryche's tour promoting the Sanctuary studio album 'Tribe.' The summer tour was a co-headlining run with Dream Theater.

    Vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarist Michael Wilton, guitarist Mike Stone, bass guitarist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield perform Queensryche classics, the finest 'Tribe' songs and a cover encore of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" featuring Dream Theater.

    The songs on 'The Art of Live' include: "Tribe," "Sign of the Times," "Open," "Losing Myself," "Desert Dance," "Great Divide," "Rhythm of Hope," "My Global Mind," "Roads to Madness," "Della Brown," "Breaking the Silence," "The Needle Lies," "Best I Can" and "Won't Get Fooled Again."

    'The Art of Live' was shot in black and white and is presented in full-screen picture format with 5.1 and DTS audio options. Bonus extras include an "on the road" travel documentary shot by the band members themselves, as well as backstage footage.

    VH1 Classic is sponsoring Queensryche's headlining U.S. tour in spring 2004. Joining Queensryche on tour is vocalist Pamela Moore who will perform her "Sister Mary" character's vocal parts when the band plays songs from its legendary 'Operation: Mindcrime' album. The dates include:

    Thursday, April 15th - Detroit, MI - State Theater
    Friday, April 16th - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
    Saturday, April 17th - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
    Sunday, April 18th - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
    Tuesday, April 20th - Verona, NY - Turning Stone Casino
    Wednesday, April 21st - Glenside, PA - Keswick Theater
    Thursday, April 22nd - Boston, MA - Avalon
    Friday, April 23rd - Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Casino
    Saturday, April 24th - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
    Sunday, April 25th - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
    Wednesday, April 28th - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
    Thursday, April 29th - San Diego, CA - Viejas Casino
    Friday, April 30th - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
    Saturday, May 1st - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues


  • KOTIPELTO - New single, new album and show at Wacken Open-Air 2004!

    On April 26th, 2004, two years after his absolutely overwhelming first solo-album “Waiting For The Dawn”, famous vocalist Timo KOTIPELTO presents his second, highly anticipated release “Coldness”. After the surprising split with his long-standing companions of Stratovarius (with whom he is still performing some more European festival shows these coming months), this sophomore record brilliantly shows the vast diversity of his songwriting abilities and vocal skills. “Coldness” was recorded by Janne Wirman in the Beyond Abilities Studios as well as by Tero Kostermaa in the High and Loud’s ELK Studios and the famous Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, where also the mixing (Mikko Karmila) and the mastering (Mika Jussila) was done. Matthias Norén, also known from his works for bands like Into Eternity, Lost Horizon and Evergrey, delivered artwork which perfectly fits to the atmosphere of the album. Additionally the album will contain the video-clip for the song “Reasons” and a “Making Of” for the video-shoot and the album's studio-recordings as nice enhancements. Advanced to the release of "Coldness", the CD-Single “Reasons” will street in Europe on March 22nd, offering finest Hard Rock with catchy hooklines on its title track and in addition the songs “Seeds Of Sorrow” (album version) as well as the non-album bonus “Vizier” (extended version of a track originally featured on KOTIPELTO's debut "Waiting For The Dawn").

    KOTIPELTO will perform at Wacken Open Air 2004 - Look out for a bombastic show! http://www.wacken.com

    KOTIPELTO is back - the wait is over!

    KOTIPELTO - "Coldness" CD:
    Line Up:
    Timo Kotipelto - Vocals
    Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom / Warmen) - Keyboards
    Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius) - Bass
    Juhani Malmberg (Tunnelvision) – Guitars
    Mike Romeo (Symphony X) - Guitars
    Mirka Rantanen (Thunderstone / Tunnelvision / Warmen) - Drums
    Track Listing:
    1. Seeds Of Sorrow (4:08)
    2. Reasons (3:47)
    3. Around (5 :23)
    4. Can You Hear The Sound (3:21)
    5. Snowbound (4:34)
    6. Journey Back (3:40)
    7. Evening´s Fall (3:56)
    8. Coldness Of My Mind (3:37)
    9. Take Me Away (3:31)
    10. Here We Are (6:23)


  • BORKNAGAR - New album!

    Here we go! The recording process of the long awaited sixth studio album ”Epic” has been completed. The album will be realeased in June or July 2004. ”Epic” features 12 new Songs, including one instrumental track, and won´t dissapoint anyone who is into this fantastic Norwegian band. Vocals once more were done by exceptionally gifted singer Vintersorg, who released another solo album through Napalm Records a couple of weeks ago. The band parted ways with bass player Tyr in a friendly manner before recording his parts of the album. All bass parts were done by drummer Asgeir Mickelson. Last weekend BORKNAGAR entered the studio to start the mix of ”Epic”. More news coming soon!


  • PASSENGER - Working on new material

    Just after finishing a successful European tour with their label mates Lacuna Coil, Moonspell and Poisonblack Sweden’s PASSENGER have entered the studio to attack recordings to their yet untitled album and follow up to 2003’s self-titled debut album. Read what drummer Patrik J. Sten (ex-Transport League) posts on their website:

    “We started recording drumtracks for 12 new PASSENGER songs Monday February 9th got done Wednesday 11th at noon. We moved on to the rhythm guitars in the afternoon and finished them up on Thursday 12th. The recording has been very fast so far and the sound is amazing. The recording of the tracks has been done at Studio Fredman where I work and we probably gonna do some tracking at Phlat Planet where Anders (Fridén – vocals, In Flames) works, since both studios are in the same location. We have not yet decided where or with whom we are going to mix it, but we feel that we have to try something new for this one.”

    Challenged by the smashing response to songs like “In Reverse” or “Carnival Diaries” PASSENGER will head for a more stripped down sound with their new material. “The songs feel heavy and more direct, but still with the typical Passenger vibe. We are very confident about the material and can’t wait to go out there and deliver it live. Till then, Cheers!”

    Like on Passenger the line-up will be completed by 3rd steady member and riff-god Niclas Engelin (Gardenian) on guitars as well as Håkan Skoger (Headplate) who’ll support the band for their studio-works.

    Watch out for a release and more shows in fall!


  • LACUNA COIL / GOD FORBID - Confirmed for Ozzfest & more

    The fantastic LACUNA COIL and our Melodic-Thrash-Core break throughs of the year, GOD FORBID made it on the 2004 Ozzfest billing!

    Appearing on the 2nd stage along with Slipknot, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, Bleeding Through, Every Time I Die, Unearth and two more artists yet to be confirmed. GOD FORBID are happy to present their brand new, already released album “Gone Forever” („... the first Metalcore-Highlight of the year” - Visions, Germany) on this tour. Main Stage artists will be Ozzy, Judas Priest, Dimmu Borgir, Slayer, Black Label Society and Superjoint Ritual. The Ozzfest tour will start July 10th 04 and ends August 10th 04.

    Because of the above mentioned Ozzfest and a confirmed tour with P.O.D., taking place from May 1st 04 to June 20th 04, LACUNA COIL had to cancel their festival dates in Europe. Read the statement from the Italians:

    “We’d like to apologize to all of our fans and all the promoters who were expecting us at the European festivals and gigs this spring/summer. Our rising success in the United States has given us the opportunity to tour with P.O.D. and join the Ozzfest 2004, so we won’t have the pleasure of being with you as previously planned.

    We’re really sorry about this and we promise that we’ll do our best to come back to see you again soon.” - Lacuna Coil

    Tourdates can be found on http://www.centurymedia.de

    More info:

  • ORPHANED LAND - Worldwide success!

    With the release of the highly acclaimed new record “Mabool - The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven”, which is already released, ORPHANED LAND surely released the first highlight of this year. The national TV in Israel broadcasted an interview with the band and visited them at their rehearsals. Fans in the Arabic countries were interviewed for the TV feature.

    The worldwide press is totally amazed about the record and praises the record mainly because of the perfectly done combination of oriental atmosphere with diverse metal tunes. Just take a few hours to drown into this precious piece of music and get familiar with one of the most outstanding bands these days. Vocalist Kobi sent us a statement from the Middle East:

    "Hello everyone! We are very excited with the release of our new album after a long awaited 7 and half years! It's like a dream came true! We are working hard on the launch party and show in Israel at 7/3 and we hope soon to get a tour or some dates for festivals. The reactions from the fans and the press are unbelievable, don´t miss to join us on board of the ark of ORPHANED LAND!! See you all very soon!"


  • UNLEASHED - Headliner @ Party San Open Air / new album

    The mighty Swedish warriors UNLEASHED will headline the Party San Open Air in Bad Berka, Germany. This constantly growing event is totally dedicated to the extreme sounds in the metallic universe and offers a devastating billing for this year. UNLEASHED will enter the bloody stage August 13th 2004 to present a complete headlining show to their fellowship. Besides Unleashed great acts like i.e. Dismember, Misery Index, The Crown etc. will perform in Bad Berka. Onward Into Countless Battles, Vikings!!! These days the band is working hard on their yet untitled new full-length record. Here´s an update from the Unleashed camp:

    “This record is the most intense, brutal and aggressive record in the history of the band. We will leave no one alive, take no prisoners, and if you can't stand some of the worst hell there is out there......DON'T GO NEAR THIS RECORD!

    But if you live in the same world as we do,....REJOICE DEMONS!” - Johnny & the boys


  • ARCH ENEMY - Antwerp rescheduled!

    After the cancellation of the latest Shows (due to sickness) in Osnabrück, Essen and Antwerp, there´s now a good news: The Antwerp show has been rescheduled to March 11th 2004. The venue of course remains the same: Hof Ter Loo. We got this info from the management / band:

    "We would like to clarify that the forthcoming UK shows in Leeds, Birmingham (did already take place -CM) and Exeter are UNAFFECTED by any cancellations at this time. Also, we are really pleased to announce that with the help and support of the Belgian promoter we have already been able to reschedule the show at Hof Ter Loo in Antwerp for next Thursday (11th March).

    ALL TICKETS for the Antwerp show on Friday WILL still be valid for the rescheduled show - we sincerely hope that all the fans already holding tickets will still be able to come. Obviously, for those of you who can't make it, refunds will be available from point of purchase, please call the BOX OFFICE on +32 14 61 64 31 for any further information, or if you have any questions..."

    For all the Fans in the North of Germany there will be also a new chance to see this great band live in action. ARCH ENEMY are confirmed for the Wacken Open Air 2004.


  • HASTE - Guns n Roses Tribute & more

    After extensive touring throughout the US with the likes of Boysetsfire, Bleeding Through, Hey Mercedes and more, our Southern stars HASTE slowed down in their hometown Birmingham, Alabama. They used their stop to relaunch their website on the new address http://www.hasterock.com.

    Also, they start working on a follow up to the highly acclaimed The Mercury Lift album according to guitarist Nick Brunson:

    "We've been hanging out at home the past couple of months trying get our shit together here and writing some new songs. So far the new songs are rockin' if I do say so myself. They are very reminiscent of stuff on “The Mercury Lift” but they are nothing like it at the same time. We like 'em and hope you will to."

    In the meantime you can go and check out their tribute to LA's sleaze-dinosaurs on the compilation "Bring You To Your Knees: A Tribute To Guns N Roses" (out on US indielabel Law Of Inertia Records http://www.lawofinertia.com). HASTE are doing a fine version of "You're Crazy" while their label mates GOD FORBID are thrashing "Out Ta Get Me". Other artists on the compilation are The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Unearth, Death By Stereo, Bleeding Through and more of the best US whatever-core acts.



    The Third Opus, Featuring new Vocalist Alan Nemtheanga from Primordial is completed and will be released in Digipack before summer 04 on code666. This is a turning point album, finally with a monster Production and a new vocal approach, the band is now starting a brand new era with no limits.



    After 3 long years since "The Dark Blood Rising", the wait is over! Swedish Industrial Black Masters are in Studio to record not one but 2 Albums! "Infant Sacrifices" and "Vengeance" are the working titles and a release date through code666 is expected for this Autumn/Winter.


    UK noise black metallers "The Axis Of Perdition" signed a contract with code666 to release the next album scheduled for early 2005. After their debut "Corridors" on Rage Of Achilles records, the Post-Apocalyptic Duo is working on the second album.

    The band takes their inspiration from the ugliness decay of their urban environment, integrated into a darker and more nightmarish dimension of twisted post-apocalyptic mayhem. The reflect this in their sound which a combination of harsh, violent passages, and discordant, ugly guitar work reminiscent of the classic early 90s black metal sound injected with an extra dose of misanthropic disgust, with their penchant for sinister dark ambient/industrial soundscaping, topped off with some of the most bilious, unconventional vocal outpourings that the scene has been subjected to.



    Aldo Nova’s 1982 debut (with “Fantasy”) features alternate version
    of “Foolin’ Myself” single (previously unreleased on CD)

    Warrant’s 1989 debut, DIRTY ROTTEN FILTHY STINKING RICH (with “Heaven”) and 1990’s CHERRY PIE both feature previously unreleased demosNew liner notes essays confirm ’80s place in history as all three titles arrive in stores April 13th
    on Epic/Legacy and Columbia/Legacy

    “Aldo Nova offered the perfect bridge between the melodic AOR of the ’70s and the hair band movement of the ’80s. The ten tracks were ripe with big hooks and polished production, while the lyrics focused on themes of love, lust, loss and longing, all future themes of the pop-metal genre.”
    – from the liner notes written by Bryan Reesman

    “Credible music is often lauded for its inherent honesty. But Warrant, often slammed as ‘posers,’ never really pretended to be anything other than what they were: a bunch of guys playing rock music, getting rich, and having a good time.”
    – from the liner notes to Cherry Pie written by Brian Ives

    The glamourization of all things ’80s continues to dominate the culture wars with a vengeance – from VH1 to the local fashion mall, from video rental stores to the mouse-clicks of eBay snipers around the world. Exemplified by the rags-to-riches sagas of musicians who freely gave their souls to the forces of hard rock, the glory of the ’80s lives on in the Metal Masters Series launched three years ago by Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music.

    From provincial Montreal – by way of Beatlemania and New York’s legendary Power Station recording studios – came ALDO NOVA, the self-titled 1982 debut album from the multi-instrumental whiz kid who scored a Top 5 Rock hit with his first single, “Fantasy.” This expanded edition, which includes a newly commissioned liner notes essay by Bryan Reesman and an alternate version (previously unreleased on CD) of Aldo Nova’s follow-up single, “Foolin’ Yourself,” will arrive in stores April 13th on Epic/Legacy.

    At the other end of the decade (and the continent) came the first two albums by Warrant, one of the most outrageous bands ever to survive the Sunset Strip. Expanded editions of 1989’s DIRTY ROTTEN FILTHY STINKING RICH (source of the all-time #2 anthem, “Heaven,” plus two previously unreleased demo tracks) and 1990’s CHERRY PIE (with its back-to-back Top 10 hits, “Cherry Pie” and “I Saw Red,” also with two demo tracks) contain separate newly commissioned liner notes essays written by Brian Ives, a regular contributor to VH-1. The two titles will arrive together in stores April 13th on Columbia/Legacy.

    Rowdy and raucous, with attitude to spare, Warrant and Aldo Nova proudly join Legacy’s Metal Masters Series, inaugurated in 2001. The maiden releases in the series comprised expanded editions of Balls to the Wall by Accept (from 1984), Metal Health by Quiet Riot (1983), Final Countdown by Europe (1986), and The Best Of Britny Fox by Britny Fox.

    Born Aldo Caporuscio in Montreal, he did not pick up a guitar until his early teens, but an obsession with Jimi Hendrix was enough to turn him into an overnight prodigy and local favorite. Mastering rock and jazz, as a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, singer, songwriter, and producer, he went on to acclaim in the role of George Harrison in a 3-year Beatlemania run onstage. The exposure led to a publishing deal with ATV Music, who signed him to a 3-album deal with Epic’s Portrait subsidiary. The icing on the cake came with Tony Bongiovi’s Power Station mix of Aldo’s debut album.

    Certified double-platinum on the strength of the memorable hit single and MTV staple, “Fantasy,” the ALDO NOVA album set his career in motion. He became a much in-demand session guitarist and arranger (credits ranging from Michael Bolton to Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” and their Young Guns II: Blaze Of Glory movie soundtrack) and songwriter (including Blue Öyster Cult’s “Take Me Away”). Still active as a top-flight producer and a songwriter, he recently produced Celine Dion's 2002 comeback album, A New Day Has Come, and co-wrote its title track; and also co-wrote the chart-topping hit for “American Idol” star Clay Aiken, “This Is The Night.”

    ALDO NOVA (EK 85993, originally issued 1982, as Portrait 85287) Selections: 1. Fantasy • 2. Hot Love • 3. It’s Too Late • 4. Ball and Chain • 5. Heart To Heart • 6. Foolin’ Yourself • 7. Under the Gun • 8. You’re My Love • 9. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You • 10. See The Light • Bonus tracks: 11. Foolin’ Yourself (alternate version previously unreleased on CD).

    The original lineup of Warrant – vocalist Jani Lane, guitarist Erik Turner, guitarist Joey Allen, bassist Jerry Dixon, and drummer Steven Sweet – emerged full-blown from Los Angeles in the mid-’80s, ready to conquer the world. They lived up to all expectations on their double-platinum debut album, DIRTY ROTTEN FILTHY STINKING RICH, which spent more than 15 months on the chart and spun off four Rock hit singles and videos: “Down Boys,” “Heaven,” “Big Talk,” and “Sometimes She Cries.” History repeated itself as CHERRY PIE struck double-platinum again, with a 14-month chart run pushed along by another quartet of Rock hits and MTV favorites: “Cherry Pie,” “I Saw Red,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and “Blind Faith.”

    Although rock trends changed over the course of the next decade, Warrant continued to please their fans with non-stop touring and new albums in 1992 (Dog Eat Dog), ’95 (Ultraphobic), ’96 (Belly To Belly), ’97 (Live ’86-’97), ’99 (Greatest and Latest), and their most recent album, 2001’s Under the Influence. On February 16th, Warrant’s official website announced that Jani Lane had left the band to pursue a solo career. At the same time, original guitarist Joey Allen (who left in the early ’90s) has returned to the lineup, which includes Turner and Dixon, along with singer Jaime St. James and drummer Mike Fasano.

    DIRTY ROTTEN FILTHY STINKING RICH by Warrant (CK 86742, originally issued 1989, as Columbia 44383) Selections: 1. 32 Pennies • 2. Down Boys • 3. Big Talk • 4. Sometimes She Cries • 5. So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law) • 6. D.R.F.S.R. • 7. In The Sticks • 8. Heaven • 9. Ridin’ High • 10. Cold Sweat • Previously Unreleased Bonus tracks: 11. Only A Man (Demo) • 12. All Night Long (Demo).

    CHERRY PIE by Warrant (CK 86743, originally issued 1990, as Columbia 45487) Selections: 1. Cherry Pie • 2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin • 3. I Saw Red • 4. Bed Of Roses • 5. Sure Feels Good To Me • 6. Love In Stereo • 7. Blind Faith • 8. Song and Dance Man • 9. You’re The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised • 10. Mr. Rainmaker • 11. Train, Train • 12. Ode To Tipper Gore • Bonus tracks: 13. Game of War (Previously Unreleased Demo, recorded 1988) • 14. The Power (Demo recorded 1991, from the Gladiator motion picture soundtrack, released 1992).



    ADDICTION from Bologna (Italy) joined Ephel Duath in the Aural Music Management roster. The First step of the new collaboration is the signing of a Multi-Album Recording and Publishing deal with UK Legend EARACHE RECORDS!

    The band recorded the new album "Break In Life" and are working now on the Video. A release is expected before the summer, stay tuned!


  • Amaranth Recordings A&R Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), announce new signings.

    "We are proud to announce that Electro-Dark-Wavers Soundbyte are working on their debut full length album scheduled on Amaranth Recordings. Soundbyte is the new project of Trond Engum from the mighty 3rd and The Mortal.

    The band's sound, as you can imagine thinking to past experience of this artist, is extremely personal and ambitious. The mood is negative, cutting and cold, the style is refined and detaching. There will be an exclusive aura of cult around Soundbyte, a single listening of this upcoming opus will be enough to figure out the respect and the admiration that we feel for this band.

    Upcoming news from the recording studio:

    "We are happy to add that the Psychedelic-Post-Wavers Act Noir have joined our rooster.The band fuse together a sophisticated use of electronic patterns, a groovy and pulsing rhythmic section, a liquid use of the guitar evoking some Pink Floyd soundscapes and an amazing dark voice with reminiscences of David Sylvian, David Bowie and Iggy Pop.The structures of the songs have a prog appeal and the result of this (contrastating?) influences is extremely fluent and catchy.Their debut full length album "Automatisme Psychique" will be one of the Amaranth's issue of this 2004.

    Finally, we inform you that for reasons connected with label's artistic choices, that would cause an excessive delay, the scheduled debut album of Festen will not be released on Amaranth, but Davide Tiso will follow the band's interest as their manager.

    Amaranth Recordings is a sublabel of Aural Music.


  • THE CROWN: the deathrace kings have called it quits - according to an official statement: "Too many tours gone bad due to not at all professional tour arrangements is maybe the main reason for giving up." - fans can look forward to the band's final release "Crowned Unholy" a revamped version of "Crowned In Terror" featuring original vocalist Johan Lindstrand. Metal Update

  • PISSING RAZORS guitarist Matt Difabio has left the band to focus on Single Bullet Theory. Metal Update

  • INTO ETERNITY bassist Scott Krall has left the band for personal reasons - Troy Bleich (Dirtbred) will fill in for upcoming tour dates. Metal Update

  • Ville Laihiala (Sentenced) has taken over as lead vocalist in addition to his guitar duties for POISONBLACK. Metal Update

  • DISLIMB has broken up - former members Rob Lesniak and Mike Connors are in the process of writing material for a new band called All Hope Is Lost. Metal Update

  • Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation) has joined TRAIL OF TEARS as a fulltime member - as a result of this and a general disagreement about future plans, the band announced that Cathrine Paulsen has decided to leave the band. Metal Update

  • Kjell Arne Hubred has been added as CREST OF DARKNESS' second guitarist for upcoming live shows. Metal Update

  • New York's Brad Mader (All Out War) and Scott Murdick (Negative Outlook) have teamed up in Tampa Bay with fellow New Yorker Shawn "Freek" O'Boyle and local southerner Brian Jensen to form MUST. . .NOT. . .KILL. Metal Update

  • DREAM THEATER last weekend, to celebrate their 15 anniversary DT played "When Dream And Day Unite" in its entirety - for the encore, the band was joined on stage by former vocalist Charlie Dominici and former keyboardist Derek Sherinian. Metal Update

  • Savatage's mastermind has dubbed his new solo project "JON OLIVA's 'Tage Mahal" in the interest of having a more creative moniker. Metal Update

  • TWISTED SISTER is re-recording their multi-platinum album "Stay Hungry". Metal Update