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A bunch of album reviews have been added today. Our featured review for the month is the Judas Priest disc "Nostradamus". An instant classic! More are on the way! Later...METAL!!

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Judas Priest - Nostradamus
(Sony BMG/Epic Records)
" amazing, operatic metal masterpiece..."

"...Rob Halford has once again outdone himself vocally..."

"...a healthy balance of calming classics and rip roaring metal..."
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Daylight Dies
Daylight Dies have been mesmerizing metal heads for several years now and there is no sign of them slowing down. Over the last couple years they have played shows with legendary bands such as Emperor, Moonspell, Katatonia and Candlemass and have made a name of their own among the best in metal.

Continuing on their success of their 2006 release "Dismantling Devotion" Daylight Dies went to the studio to record their new album "Lost To The Living" in the...
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February 5, 2008
The Palladium - Worcester, MA
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From The Dungeon
Updated 4/23/08
Want to find out current and upcoming releases that you should know about? We will randomly update these when we see something worthy of noting. Some of these will have links to web sites where you can take a listen to future releases or at least find out more about the band and release. Release dates are in parenthesis.

May/June, 2008 Update:

Opeth - "Watershed" (6-3-08): "As if the world could possibly wait- but I doubt it. Opeths' 9th studio release is due out in June thru Roadrunner Records. This newest offering will feature the debut's of new drummer, Martin Axenrot (also with Bloodbath and Witchery) and new guitarist, Fredrik Åkesson (formerly of Arch Enemy and Tiamat). Watershed features 7 tracks, a near-hour following. There is also a limited edition release around the same time that will feature 3 covers. Prepare yourselves..." and

Ihsahn - "angL" (5-26-08): "Renowned as the voice of Emperor, a black metal legend, Ihsahn spews forth his 2nd solo album. The new album, angL, is just over 45 minutes in length and will have 9 tracks total. Guests on this release are Lars Norberg (from Spiral Architect and Satyricon) who plays the bass on the whole disc and Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth and Bloodbath) who sings on "Unhealer". This is to be an exciting progression from the 1st release!" and

Mourning Beloveth - "A Disease For The Ages" (5-13-08): "Germany's Prophecy Productions will be handling the release of Mourning Beloveths' 4th album as of May 13th. There are 5 tracks set forth along the way of almost an hour of epic Doom metal. Meaning.... about 10 to 12 minutes average / song. If some of you readers are new to this band, think older My Dying Bride with a more guttural, aggressive attack. From Ireland, this is Mourning Beloveth!" and

Stormlord - "Mare Nostrum" (5-23-08): "Perhaps the greatest black metal band from Italy, the Stormlord returns on the 23rd of May. Album #4 is described as a collaboration from their 1st 2 releases and will feature 9 total tracks. A label called Locomotive Records will be issuing this release. It's entirely up to you, but in my honest opinion, Stormlord should not be ignored by any extreme metal fan!! Check them out on their myspace page..." and

Moonspell - "Night Eternal" (6-10-08): "Portugals' dark metal lords are set to release their 8th album or 9th if you include the re-recording of their early works released just last year. This album is presumably darker, but a nice counter to their successful Memorial album. There are hints of pretty much everything from their past works and some previously untouched horizons as well. Expect a US release on June 10th and a European release in mid-May. 45 minutes, 9 tracks total..." and

* More to be added as time goes on, so check back on occassion if you'd like some newer ideas!
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