Slugnut - All The Splendor And Rot (Independent) - Back
“All The Splender And Rot” is the sophomore release for Slugnut. Just like their first CD, this one is self-produced. When bands produce their own music, some don’t get the full potential out of the recording. You don’t have to worry about that for this album. These guys will thrash your mind! There are tons of great riffs to mosh to. Think of groove driven, speed, thrash maybe with a hint of death and black metal. A variety of bands come to mind, including Soilent Green, Crowbar, Pantera, Slayer, DRI, Obituary. Musically the songs are generally catchy over the 40 minutes and 14 tracks. It has a punk beat which keeps this release up-tempo for the most part. Slugnut writes music that gets your foot tapping and head banging. If you are a metalhead it wouldn’t be hard to like this. It’s aggressive as hell and every song is solid. It’s hard to think of anything negative, maybe that there are songs under 3 minutes; some shorter tracks. Actually, those songs are just as good as others. What else can I say, they do everything right.

Rating: 85