Skyforger - Semigalls Warchant/Asinslauks (Folter Records) - Back
This is the Latvian band’s long out-of-print demo recordings from 1997, which have been remastered for better listening and repackaged for more coherent eyes. Skyforger have also recorded 4 new tracks noted as an EP to accompany this reissue. Basically, the first 7 tracks (the demo of Semigalls Warchant) are extreme pagan metal pieces and the final 4 are more folk-oriented (Asinslauks). Skyforger’s sound has certainly gone full circle since their beginnings, but still noticeably similar in style. The vocals are really the biggest change, but are still very much folk/pagan. The rest of the band’s sound is still very much intact from its early years, except for the use of more traditional instruments. There are more guitar solos and better drumming, even a more heavy metal feel at times also. It's similar to the evolution of the bands Månegarm and Cruachan, mixed together so-to-speak to make clearer a sort of close resemblance of Skyforger's sound nowadays. If you have a knack for traditional / pagan metal, this reissue is an excellent starting point for you! Hail to the Heathen gods!

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell