Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains (Sound Riot Records) - Back
Ghost Machinery is a special delivery of neo-classical heavy power metal for your acutely tuned ears. “Haunting Remains” is the debut from this Finnish trio. Aggressive and melodic riffing are keys elements to this band. Power, progressive, and neoclassical metal are spread throughout the songs. You might find yourself comparing things to Malmsteen, Helloween, Hammerfall, Dream Theater, and Stratovarius. These thirteen tracks last well over sixty minutes and there isn’t anything bad on the disc. All songs are at least decent musically, production is good, and as a band Ghost Machinery work well together. They aren’t exceptional, but solid through and through. On a little side note, there is a Cover of "Out In The Fields" which was originally written by Gary Moore…I hope you know who that is!! In addition to that, Ville Laihiala (Sentenced) did lead vocals on that track and Mikko Myllylä did all guitars. It’s a respectable cover, works well with their style. Power metal fans don’t hesitate to check this out; it should be amongst your interests. I’m looking forward to more from Ghost Machinery, hopefully in the near future.

Rating: 79