Enthrope - Silenced Earth (Independent) - Back
It’s only been a short couple years since the formation of Finland’s Enthrope. Shortly after all the members were inserted into the fold they headed for the studio in late 2006 to record an EP for a spring 2007 release. Another year has passed and once again Enthrope has a new EP “Silenced Earth.”

Enthrope’s melodic death/dark/ doom approach has a great deal of atmosphere, which sets the mood nicely for the “Silenced Earth.” While being melodic, they also have their heavy intense moments that show a bit of a thrash influence.

The band’s atmospheric approach has much to do with the synths. They use them liberally throughout the composition to enhance the vibe and dynamics. At times it is quite pleasing for the listener. Also contributing to the listener’s pleasure are the passionate leads that sweep you away. When combining these two elements you find yourself easily enjoying the arrangements. The drums help keep the intensity up along with adding the obvious heaviness that is common in many darkened metal bands. Vocally at times the style used seems somewhat familiar. They aren’t all to dissimilar to Fernando’s death vox and whispers from Moonspell. I’ve always liked his stylings, and a similar approach here works well with Enthrope’s music.

“Silenced Earth” has left a lasting impression on me. While the 3 tracks and over 17 minutes isn’t the best I’ve heard within the genre or bands that are akin, Enthrope do hold their own. The “Silenced Earth” has now awakened!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins