Daylight Dies - Lost To The Living (Candlelight Records) - Back
Only two years have passed and it seems like an eternity since “Dismantling Devotion” graced us. But alas, Daylight Dies' 3rd opus awaits! "Lost To The Living" presents nine new pieces of material and clocks in at around fifty minutes. This is probably their most intelligently diverse album so far. The metallic layers are thick with melancholy and many of the choruses are quite catchy. It's like a band that once excelled under a particular genre have now expanded into much deeper foundations. Sort of a catch 22, but completely unmistakable nonetheless. Any kind of style you want to throw in their direction would never truly define them. Doom, death, progressive or just dark? Daylight Dies' 3rd release contains all of this and more. One of the best tracks I have heard them do is "At A Loss" (track 5), which is triumphant and depressing all at once. The main riffing could almost be mid-paced black metal, while the chorus is some of the most mournful doom I have heard. "Woke Up Lost" is another nice track with acoustic guitar & clean vocals. Very good vocals that could only be compared with Jonas Renske (Katatonia). Ditto on "Last Alone." Speaking of Katatonia, the words of "Brave Murder Day" could easily be muttered on "A Subtle Violence," which also contains some very intricate drumming. Make no mistake, though, this is a very personified sound. Much more to the point... original. The whole album thrives on an atmosphere that keeps every song flowing, so to speak. Beautiful is a nice term for this album as well. “Lost To The Living” will set a new standard in melancholic metal. But more blatantly still, is that Daylight Dies should be right at the top of the metal throne alongside few others!!! Masterpiece!!!!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell