Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King (Century Media Records) - Back
Forming in the late eighties under the banner 'Necrosis', Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy have undergone many changes through-out their career but their determination to strive forward has helped them build a reputation worldwide as one of the greatest technical death metal bands of our time. In 2007 original vocalist Lord Worm left the band for the second time (although there are conflicting reports that he was fired) and the search began for a new vocalist who could not only handle the bands back catalogue but who could also take Cryptopsy to the next level. The bands long awaited follow up to 'Once was Not' was recently released and new demonic vocalist Matt McGachy does an amazing job. Furthermore the band also added keyboardist Maggie Durand to the band, which has helped enhance the band's sound and made them a more unique death metal act. The opening track 'Worship your Demons' will kick you in the face! What an amazing track to kick off the album with! I have always been impressed with the sheer speed that this band can play and they certainly demonstrate that on not only the opening track but also killer tunes such as 'The Plagued', 'Anoint the dead', and 'The Headsmen'. Two tracks that I really enjoyed and can assure you, you will be smashing your head along to will be 'Leach' and 'Bound Dead'. The production and mixing for 'The Unspoken King' is very good but I would have liked to have heard the keyboard work a little more, it seems to be drowned out by the overpowering drums and guitars for most of the album. I am once again a huge fan of the extreme drumming work by Flo Mounier and the solo efforts by Alex Auburn and Christian Donaldson are flawless. 'The Unspoken King' is not an album for the faint hearted; it is heavy, brutal and aggressive in every sense of the word. If you have enjoyed the band’s past work than you are going to love their new album. 'The Unspoken King' is out now via Century Media, grab your copy and 'Anoint the Dead'!


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney -